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Windsong Prince Matchabelli Image

Prince Matchabelli


75 Reviews

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  • LIZ10/15/2013

    Beautiful perfume...

  • BLONDIE09/24/2013

    Fresh, elegant, lovely and unpretentious. In my opinion, great for day, evening any season, anytime. Not my only one, but I do love it, and I defend it as a quality frag, because I have worn the entire spectrum.

  • PETE BALDWIN12/27/2012

    My wife was shocked when I gave her this perfume, she hadn't been able to get it for 30 odd hers. I scored maximum brownie points!


    I am a 65 year young woman who first started wearing Windsong when I was 17 years old. I loved it so and had many complements on it. Then for some reason it was lost to me in the stores. How happy I am to have found it again. I love it.

  • JUDY HAGUE09/11/2012

    This is an old personal favorite, have been wearing this wonderful fragrance for more than 45 years. Thanks for still stocking it.

  • CAROL BONNEY08/29/2012

    I recently purchased Windsong by Prince Matchabelli. I use to buy this perfume a very long time ago untill I could no longer get it. It is still the same beautiful perfume, and I have people ask what perfume it is when I wear it. I really love it.

  • GRANDMARY01/12/2012

    Love this Windsong. It has been MY fragance for almost 50 years. I bet if the company would do a little sprucing up and marketing it could be a No. 1 in no time. Best on the market but the company has degraded the packaging as well as watered it down somewhat. Bring back the original and please make it more available. Even my 2 1/2 year old pup wears Windsong. She gets Windsong at Christmas just like I do. Please do not let it go by the wayside in favor of all the "celebrity" fragrances. Windsong has a wonderful reputation as well as a good following of people. I know even I could get it back up in the ratings by good marketing. I can even walk down the street and someone will say "Windsong on my mind" and tell me his mother, wife, sister /etc wears Windsong and he loves it. Greatest single fragrance ever made. Please do something to bring it back so it is more easily found.

  • MICKEYTICK02/04/2011

    Windsong was my first grown up perfume. It is still my favorite. So hard to find now, so when I do find it I usually buy several!

  • ARDENARY01/20/2011



    When they decided last year to put beautiful Windsong in plastic spray bottles! I noticed this around holiday time last year that Parfums de Coeur can't even bother to market nice gift sets at Christmas- they've cheapened this scent by putting it in gaudy plastic. What a shame! I would certainly plunk down money for the original scent in the crown bottle! So very sad what they've done to a classic...

  • LARA10/07/2010

    I smelled it on a card, long ago, and liked it-- then I smelled it in the bottle and about puked! Headachy, stinky and sickening!

  • LIZ06/20/2010

    I love this perfume-it's so flowery and fresh. Mind you, it's strong, so just a squirt or two will last and last. Reminds me of middle school days- imagine running through a wildflower meadow on a warm spring day while its misting a light powdery rain on all of the blossoms-that's windsong!

  • EDNA WATSON05/06/2010

    My husband brought me WINDSONG when I was in the hospital following tne birth of our 3rd son--18Aug1962. I have used it since. My room, closet and clothing always smell so fresh. I have had many people ask what I use--that I smell good. I love it.

  • BLONDIE04/17/2010

    I think I'm going back to this for summer. Have you smelled some of the newer things out there? This is an old high school fave from way back and have always liked it. Also, and sick and tired of spending $70 or $80 for a so so scent. Agree with post that L'air does not smell the same now. I wore it back in the day too and it was much spicier and richer. Now it smells like Windex. This has changed too as most of them have due to ingredients no longer being available. But, Windsong is much closer to the original.

  • PETE12/22/2009

    I am very disappointed that I can't find Windsong Perfume or Body Powder. My wife looked forward every Christmas for these under the tree. They could at least make a supply for the Christmas season. By the way, I haven't heard their Ad " All my girls wear Windsong" anymore. They must have a bunch of PINHEADS in marketing.

  • GIGI09/18/2009

    37 yrs ago it was popular...I cannot wear reminds me of my morning sickness 37 yrs ago

  • JOANN HILGERT09/16/2009

    It seems a shame that women do n ot realize that every body chemistry reacts differently to fragrances..I too have had fragrance disappopintments, it is not the fragrance! but your bodys reaction TO the fragrance. This would seem obvious by the # of women who love it and the # of yrs they have worn it. I have always thought it was more of a winter scent myself....

  • JOANN HILGERT09/16/2009

    I am with Sharon Montana...have been trying to find the creme perfume for years now... have worn this fragrance every fall/winter since H.S. sophomore (1959!)

  • SWJ06/07/2009

    I wear both, and in my opinion, L'Air du Temps has changed quite a bit in recent years. I think I prefer the "poorer version" - Windsong. It seems to smell like it did in the 70's and 80's when I began wearing it. And regarding the beautiful crown bottle - I wrote the company and suggested they market that again. They wrote back, stating the cost was prohibitive.

  • C. POOLE05/28/2009

    A poor woman's L'Aire de temps. I wish they still made the body powder. Also, I would love it if the original bottle was brought back. It was so pretty.

  • PAMELA05/13/2009

    I Just love Windsong....its a sexy scent that follows you all day...My guy contest that it does stay on his mind.

  • SWJ04/25/2009

    From Parfums de Coeur Prince Matchabelli online: Before we acquired the Prince Matchabelli company in 1993, the scent had been altered slightly, then we went back to as close to the original as we could with the ingredients that are available.

  • JULIE03/17/2009

    I too haved used wind song in high school as well. This perfume stays with you all day. Love it.

  • ORCHIDFLWER03/03/2009

    I have always loved this scent. Its not the most sophisticated, the most expensive or even very chic anymore...but there is something enchanting about it. Alittle like L' Aire Du Temps. I do get a carnation top note.

  • NANCY VONDER01/22/2009

    I got windsong from good friends.They were on holliday's in America.about 30 years ago.but it's pity that we can't by it here in HOLLAND.iT IS A VERY GOOD PERFUME.

  • LIZ12/01/2008

    This is fresh and light. It brings back memories of middle school. It's a timeless scent-I just love it. It has a slightly powdery-floral smell and the price is very reasonable.

  • SHARON MONTANA11/03/2008

    Please I'am despartely making a plea for your windsong cream perfume product. Please send me an email at Please send me some samples or something.

  • JAKQUA10/18/2008

    I agree with the postings from ladies who state how good some of the old standby/drugstore type perfumes are, it's just that nowadays, sometimes, we get a "name" it a celebrity or a fashion company confused with actual quality. BUT those of us that are perfume addicts know better!!! I have to say, I had never purchased Windsong and never planned to, but, as I was doing my monthly shop and sniff in a major department store, I was given a sample of a new perfume called Waterford by Listmore. I sprayed it on after I got home and it smelled soooo good, I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist. Then, out of nowhere, it came to me...."haven't I smelled this scent before???" And a few hours later, I realized....I think this smells like Windsong. So the next day, I ran to my neighborhood drugstore and sprayed a spritz on my blouse and there it was...the same wonderful scent that costs over $50 in a department store, right there in an over 60 year old fragrance that has been under my nose all my life. You don't get that lucky with every department store fragrance, just let me make that clear but I was glad to be able to feel that, this time, I have found the same quality. I don't know if any one will agree with me, but the more I smell Windsong, it also starts to remind me a bit of Tresor by Lancome???? Just my thought, does anyone agree?

  • BORN4MD06/16/2008

    Launched by the design house of Prince Matchabelli in 1953, WIND SONG is classified as a refined, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of florals with fruity, green middle notes finishing with hints of musk and amber.

  • BLONDIE05/31/2008

    I was fortunate enough recently, to find a bottle of this on the internet in the old original bottle I remember from high school circa 1971. It had obviously been kept in a drawer out of the light. It is totally full probably never used and in perfect condition. I am telling you that I had almost forgotten how good this stuff used to be. I was skeptical that it would be any good after all this time, but oh wow, is it ever! If you are lucky enough to see this on ebay or wherever take a chance on it. You will be able to tell because of the bottles. All of the old Windsong bottles went away when Parfums decour bought it out. The stuff they put out to day has obviously been tampered with to the point where it is not worth the gas to try and go find it. But the original? I defy anyone to go into a store today and find, at ANY price something this lovely and perfect. One whiff and I was right back in my high school days. Riding in my best friend's Corvette convertible with the top down and the Myrtle Beach breezes blowing through our hair. This will forever remind me of those great old days, shagging at the Pad (beach club) to all the great old beach music tunes, my first drink, first cigarrette, (and mostly my last) first taste of freedom, boy was it sweet. Maybe not for everybody, but it will always have a special place in my heart and if I can find it, on my vanity right next to my favorites of today. Let the perfume snobs say what they will, I love this fragrance.

  • ME04/18/2008

    if you had smelled the original version, you would've probably loved this vintage fragrance. you smelled their updated, stinky version, more than likely.

  • ME04/18/2008

    was beautiful. i sure wish these companies didn't feel the "need" to always update a beautiful scent.

  • ED02/09/2008

    I gave my wife (then my girlfriend) Windsong on our first Valentine's Day in 1974. It is still an annual tradition; but I too miss the classy crown bottles. It will always be my favorite fragrance. Absolutely love it.


    According to internet search Windsong Prince Matchabelli (Parfums de Coeur) USA 1953. Olfactive family: Floral. Olfactive Description: Mandarin Orange Leafy Green Floral (Rose, Jasmine, Carnation, Ylang-ylang) Sandalwood, Ambery Sweet Musky. Yet another description, this one from Top Notes: Bergamot oil, coriander, lemon, neroli, tarragon. Middle: Clove bud oil, Jasmine, orris, rose, rosewood ylang-ylang Bottom: Amber, benzoin, cedar, musk sandalwood, vetiver. Also another factoid from Windsong is a 29.1 % match with Nina Ricci's "L'Air du Temps." Enjoy!

  • TOM12/16/2007

    I had one date with a girl 25 years ago; she wore windsong. I've never forgotten the girl or the perfume.


    I would love to see Windsong in the crown bottles again. It seems in a bygone era- companies cared about the presentation of their perfumes. They were in beautiful velvet boxes, and the bottles were works of art. (Don't believe me? Look on ebay where people bid like crazy just for the old empty crown bottles- they're collector's items now!) It goes without saying that the scent smell good! I wish companies would bring back more class to their presentation!

  • VIKKI10/09/2007

    I love vintage fragrances, but this one I really wanted to like. I thought it was my body chemistry that was making this fragrance smell sharp and unpleasant, then I sprayed it directly onto my clothes and it has the same sharp smell, I wish I could like this but I don't, I like toujours moi alot better that fragrance is soft and feminine. sorry.

  • JULIETTE06/13/2007

    I can't seem to forget your, your windsong stays on my mind. Picture summer days, bike rides, long romantic dresses...and windsong

  • LEELEEYA04/28/2007

    I love it so much. Just a little will do. It smells refreshingly clean. I am curious when did it come out, and why is there no detailed history on it like other perfumes?

  • BELLAMIRA04/26/2007

    It is beautiful and timeless, and reasonably priced, and smells expensive although it is not. Great buy for mother's day.

  • MICHELLE02/01/2007

    I love this stuff, especially the body spray. I never get tired of it. It always smells so fresh, clean, and light. The price is great, too!

  • MELINDA12/16/2006

    What happened to Windsong? A friend of mine says it is not in the stores anymore and is desperate to find it. I'm just curious. Thanks

  • JULIETTE12/12/2006

    Very like Lair du temps in combination with Chanel 5. Classic, romantic...and of course a scent that is "hard to forget". Even on the box..."I can't seem to forget you...your windsong stays on my mind". Well, worth the price.

  • GALA12/01/2006

    This was my high school scent also. It smells very much like L'air du Temps. Fresh, clean and very feminine.

  • SERAFEENA10/30/2006

    One of the best, sweet,clean, "pretty". I think I've received the most compliments on this perfume. Not too $$ either

  • CHARLOTTE04/01/2006

    This is one of the all time greats in my opinion. It is also one of the most underrated fragrances of all time. I think because it is one of the less expensive ones, it gets overlooked, but for those of you out there looking for a classic and yet sexy -- and it IS sexy -- scent, give this one a try. I agree that this scent, like Joy has been altered and not for the better, but it is still very nice. Those of us who wore the original would know the difference because the dry down is not as nice, but new users would never know it. It's still wonderful. Great scent for everyday and especially in the summer time when you don't want anything heavy. It is never loud or offensive. Try it!

  • PIA03/26/2006

    I need to revisit this lovely scent for nostaligic reasons.Wind Song is similar to Nina Ricci's L'Air Du Temps.which is it's softer and gentler sister.

  • DIANNA 01/08/2006

    the old fragrance was much better...they should not have changed the formula of the 70's

  • GRETCHEN12/31/2005

    This was my older sister's signature scent in high school. Don't know if she wears it still. I recently bought a mini of L'Air du Temps and didn't realize how similar they smelled. I think after this bottle is gone I will buy Wind Song...and maybe I'll buy my sister a bottle for old times sake. Very femine and refreshing, a good scent for spring time or anytime you need a pick-me-up!

  • BARBARA12/15/2005



    Well you all, I have been wearing Windsong Perfume, since I was 12 yrs old and I am still wearing it and I am 62 yrs old now, just the other day, a very younger fellow, asked me what I was wearing and told me how great I spelled, I have always gotten compliments on Windsong. My husband and now my grandsons give me Windsong for birthdays, etc. I guess for the younger generation all this very exspensive perfume and loud fragance is for them...don't know, but for me, I will wear my Precious Windsong.I have to add that when I was 12 yrs old, my brotherinlaw gave me a beautiful bottle of Windsong and this was many years ago, some 50+.......Somehow my bottle got lost, but guess its that Windsong memory......

  • SUE AGAIN11/12/2005

    Not everyone can wear every scent. Some scents smell bad on some people. Most scents smell funky on me but....Windsong smells grrrrrreat!!

  • SUE11/06/2005

    I have worn Windsong for as long as I can remember wearing perfume and I am 65. Don't make it so hard to find and bring back the 'perfume'. I like the cologne but the perfume is better.

  • CHARLOTTE09/26/2005

    Wore this in high school in the 70's and is still a favorite today. IMO there is no better scent for everyday, especially in the summertime. Reminds me of summer beach trips, beach music and dancing the shag in Ocean Drive!! (for non-Carolinians, that was the mecca of party animals in the 60's and 70's) Hahaha! This one is a true winner! Hope it never goes away.


    This fragrance has been around for many years and I think it will always be a timeless scent. My mother wore this scent many years ago and I just went out and purchased the Deodorant Body Spray at Walmart and it is just as I remembered. A timeless classic....

  • BEV06/05/2005

    my HS boyfriend always bought this for me--not surse if he liked it or is mom just suggested it. I liked it when I would spray it into the air, but on my it simply smelled soapy. Ugh.

  • VICTORIA02/02/2005

    I, too, wore Windsong when I was a teenager. I still like this scent, it is fresh and not too sweet. Not as complex and interesting as my favorite perfumes, but lovely (and reasonably priced) for day wear!

  • SAL12/09/2004

    This stuff smells like some kind of rancid bug spray, for sure, mixed with hair spray for good measure. And it's in such a pretty box! They should package it in a box with a picture of a dead fly on front.

  • JODIE09/07/2004

    Horrendous. Truly nasty. I would only wear this if I were going on a trip by foot across country and knew that I wouldn't be able to find my way back. I would simply follow the trail of dead bodies from my odor left behind a few weeks prior.

  • VIXIE08/11/2004

    This fragrance has been a perennial favorite of mine for many years!! It is feminine, but with a sexiness that has gotten me many compliments from the guys-many times!

  • BECKY08/08/2004

    I have worn this fragrance since I was 16!! I have had many, many compliments--especially from the guys!! I truly hope it is always available!

  • TAMMY07/25/2004

    My mom had a bottle of this when I was a teenager and I would sneak a couple of sprays of it before heading off to school. Then I got my own bottle and I wore it quite a lot. Just purchased another bottle of it and I still love it. Brings back some great memories of a wonderful time in my life. Wind Song is a beautifully classic fragrance.

  • DIANE06/25/2004

    In 1995 at 14 I watched "The Bridges of Madison County." In the movie Francesca (Meryl Streep) is wearing Windsong. Robert Kincaid (Clint Eastwood) comments on her lovely fragrance. She replied "It's Windsong." He nuzzled her neck and whispers "wonderful." This absolutely inspired me to buy the perfume. My grandmother went with me, and she told me that Windsong was very popular in the 1950's. She said she used to wear it, and it reminded her of the "good old days." I have to admit, that it has a dated fragrance. Some of you who prefer a contempory fragrance might not be impressed by it, but for an old soul, and an old-fashioned gal like me, it's absolutely divine! It is mystical and magical...very classic and very ladylike. I enjoy it to this day. I hope that it remains on the market, because there is a certain nostalgia for Windsong. The scent is sultry, and at the same time, innocent. I know that I will always hold a special place in my heart for "Windsong."

  • TAMMY01/20/2004

    Love it, compatible with allergies,my signature scent

  • D12/26/2003


  • ABIGAIL09/28/2003

    It was several cuts above dime store (does anyone remember those?) cologne at the time and very popular with young girls. I would be amused to smell it on an adult woman today.

  • LIZ S06/20/2003

    love this fragrance always get asked what i am wearing get compliments from men and women

  • LALA04/12/2003

    leave this one alone give it to granny bcuz its meant for her instead

  • BERTHA JACQUES04/07/2003

    Last time I bought this perfume, was 15 years ago, which is my #1 favorite since I was 14 years old.

  • LYNDA02/19/2003

    I've been wearing Wind Song for a very long time. I will only buy Wind Song. I get compliments from men & women. The fragrance is fresh smelling.

  • OLATZ01/30/2003

    This is so classic and very retro. I use to wear it in college and was so glad to find it again recently. What's so nice about it is that it is sexy and classic at the same time.

  • LISA11/29/2002

    I cannot believe anyone would wear this awful perfume. It smells like a mixture of cheap hairspray, flowers, beer, and cigarette smoke mixed together.....absolutely horrible

  • MARI09/05/2002

    This fragrance is nothing more than a cheaper version of "L'air du temps" by Nina Ricci.Don't get me wrong,Windsong is a good perfume and it wears well but there is no originality in's very much like an imitation.They virtually smell the same way,the only differences are that L'air du temps costs much much more and it also lasts longer.If you like the soft and feminine scent of L'air du temps,but still don't want to spend so much money on it,they Windsong is for you.

  • PJ08/02/2002

    I have worn Windsong since I was 16 years old. I am now 44. It is the only perfume I will wear. I receive many compliments from people. I get asked " What are you wearing?" I love this stuff!!

  • L.05/29/2002

    .....the best perfumes have often been around for a while, and Windsong is no exception. An old and much-loved classic; also much more affordable than a lot of fragrances out there. Sure wish it still came in the old "crown" bottles.... those were the days :-)

  • TRACY04/19/2002

    And runny nose. But I had a friend that it smells delicious on. It has an awful lot to do with body chemistry, so I won't beat on this one too badly.

  • MISAKO TAKAMURA03/31/2002

    I live in Japan.I visited Garland Texas in 1974.My friend gave me Windsong.I loved it. I am sorry , it's hard to get in Japan.

  • H.02/26/2002


  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    Used to have a friend who wore this and didn't care for it then.

  • ALEXIS01/27/2002

    Great to wear if you're going camping. It definitely keeps the bugs away (and just about anything else.)

  • OLIVIA01/27/2002

    I can't believe anyone would actually wear this stuff!

  • KELLI01/18/2002

    If you are looking for the perfume, you might try Prince Matchabelli website. They have an online store. Good luck!

  • ROB MANGUS12/20/2001

    Is Windsong produced as a perfume anymore?

  • MRS. MARY LEWIS11/08/2001

    This is the only fragrance that I wear, the smell is unique on me. I get compliments from strangers, the only trouble is I can never find a store that has it.

  • PHYLLIS10/28/2001

    I really enjoy the scent of Wind Song, and have for nearly forty years. A true classic fragrance so reminiscent of the sweeter fragrances of it's time, the 1950's. The others have disappeared, somehow, but I hope that Wind Song will never be discontinued.

  • NONI09/07/2001

    if i had a dollar for every women who had to overcome her aversion to perfume after smelling this stuff back in the sixties oh well.

  • STEPHANIE08/26/2001

    I know this will sound strange to some, but I think this stuff smells like mosquito repellant!

  • VIVIAN CENTUNZI07/30/2001

    Have used windsong since I was 16. Like the perfume better than colone. Also liked Beloved, need to bring that one back.

  • J. PADLEY06/20/2001

    Bring back the Perfume. It last so much longer than cologne---even a lot of cologne.

  • SUSAN LEWIS05/20/2001

    If used windsong for 30 years. Please start carrying it.

  • ELEANOR BALCOM03/28/2001

    Please get this perfume in your group. Thank you

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