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Vanilla Fields   

93 Reviews

Created by Coty in 1993, Vanilla Fields is an elegant, oriental, woody fragrance. This fragrance is a blend of natural notes from vanilla, jasmine, violet, bergamot, ylang-ylang and mimosa. A perfect choice for casual wear.

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Created by Coty in 1993, Vanilla Fields is an elegant, oriental, woody fragrance. This fragrance is a blend of natural notes from vanilla, jasmine, violet, bergamot, ylang-ylang and mimosa. A perfect choice for casual wear.

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  • JUDY11/28/2015

    I love this subtle vanilla fragrance. I have sensitive sinuses and skin and struggle to find a fragrance that smells good and does not aggravate my sinuses or skin...

  • CATHY DAVIDSON08/27/2014

    I've worn Vanilla Fields since it first came out in America and I love it, my husband does too...:o)

  • CATHIE CAUCHI12/02/2013

    An oldie, but still a goodie. A fresh, long-lasting fragrance. Old fave.

  • LJUDMILA06/10/2013

    Lovely smelling perfume, Would make a great gift.

  • CRISTINA LOVE11/12/2012

    Hey there everybody looking to buy Vanilla Fields! I loved the fact that the package came in just 12 days and I was surprised to find the same scent and lovely perfume I was used to 18 years ago! The scent is the same, lasts less than the perfume because it's a cologne, BUT the scent is the same and I would buy this again in a blink if they still going to have this in the future! Please Galaxy Perfume, keep this product on stock!

  • CECELIA A. WILLIAMS10/12/2012

    I love this perfume, but am saddened to hear that it is being discontinued.

  • SANDI07/18/2012

    I love this perfume and was so relieved to find it on this site - I don't know what Coty stopped selling in shops. galaxy delivered it without any problems and in good time

  • ROXANN BUTTS07/15/2012

    I love vanilla fields I love the way it smells it has a very good smell plus it is inexpensive this is another great perfume that I love by coty I see a lot of customers gave it 5 stars I give it 5 stars too can't wait till I buy me a bottle of vanilla fields I ran out of it so I am looking to buy another bottle thank you coty for this great smelling perfume.....:-)

  • CECELIA A. WILLIAMS05/11/2012

    I am very pleased with the perfume. I used to buy it at Wal-Mart, but they were always out of the product. I'm happy to be able to order in larger quantities on the internet.

  • SHARON MCINTYRE04/05/2012

    only place I was able to find this product which is my favorite scent

  • TERESA02/08/2012

    This is my signature cologn! I don't wear anything else, so when I found this online here I was super excited! Perfume Emporium had what I needed at price I liked and sent it on time just as described.

  • CECELIA A. WILLIAMS02/03/2012

    I was pleased with the service that was presented with this product especially since I always bought the perfume at the store, but the past few times that I wanted to purchase the perfume, they did not have it in stock.

  • BARBARA01/15/2012

    As do many other long time users of Vanilla Fields, it is my favorite and being that I am a migraine sufferer, it is the only cologne that I have found that I can tolerate the scent and it does NOT trigger a headache!! Also, I get many compliments -- my "signature" scent! :-)

  • JUNE HOLLAND01/14/2012

    A christmas present for my daughter,we have been unable to get any for a long time.A great suprise she was very pleased. A word of caution order in plenty of time it comes from America, but well woth it.

  • MANDY PROWSE12/25/2011

    Fantastic to finally get the perfume i used years ago. Will buy again!

  • NORMA J BROOKS12/19/2011

    I have consistently used Vanilla Fields for at least 20 years. I still gets compliments (even from strangers) and how they like the fragrance I'm wearing and I always tell them, it's Vanilla Fields. I was running out and the store where I always purchased it stopped carrying Vanilla Fields. Then someone suggested I google and see if there is a way to order online. I did and I did and it was very easy to do so now I am all set!!! Thank you.

  • P. THURMOND12/14/2011

    Mmen do love Vanilla Fields and ask me for the name of my perfumme ! If your man dosen't ask you for your fragrance name, he probably dose not care for your fragrance. This one is truly a clean one

  • H.01/29/2011

    You have GOT to wait for the drydown on this one. Didn't like this one at first ... but then I would ask women what they're wearing because they smelled so good ... and they would say Vanilla Fields. You can grab a bottle for $9.99 in one of the discount drugstores. Take a chance ... it might work for you too!

  • SHERYL PERRIEN05/04/2010

    Ladies, If you have many air-borne allergies like me- grasses, trees,leaves,certain weeds - let me tell you I have tried all kinds of perfumes in my life and I always end up with vanilla fields-After menopause and such your body chemistry changes and you cannot wear the same old, strong stuff and I could wear this before and after the big M- and it didn't change on my skin.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/20/2009

    Vanilla fields! I will ALWAYS have a bottle of this in my arsenol of fragrances :) I first treated myself to this perfume back in 1993 when I rode my bike with my then 1 and a half year old baby girl in the bike seat all the way to Gibson's Pharmacy in Billings, MT to purchase a bottle. I loved this so much because it smelled EXACTLY like Casmir by Choppard to my nose which I had sniffed a sample of that came in a magazine I had purchased. My kids still prefer this to this day (My "baby girl" is now almost 18 :) and my son is 11) and they comment on how this just smells like mama to them. So sweet. I suggest spraying this directly on to the skin and not "in the air/walk through" or on your clothing. It is strong and lasting, and in the winter, I like to squirt a bit on the part in my hair/scalp. You will catch a wiff of it now and then but it is not overpowering. I also find this is an excellent scent to mix with other very insensy type fragrances that may be lacking in vanilla. I think this would mix well with Must de Cartier, By, Nu, and some other Bvlgari perfumes. I will never forget one of my first fragrance loves, and how my kids always asked me to spray a bit on their teddy's before bed so they could smell their mama all night. Cheers!

  • CLJ03/21/2009

    this fragrance is worn by someone i work with. i think she has it piped through her shower; she literally smells the entire building with this awful scent. if only people would use a light hand with ALL their perfumes. why do most modern scents have to be so "in your face"?


    I seems to enjoy this in cyles. I like it for a while then tire of it and give it away. Now it's back in my fragrance rotation to stay! It's a very light vanilla with warm woods- that's how it comes off on me. One spray on my chest quite a while- even in just cologne strength. This is one I would enjoy spraying on my sheets after a stressful day in order to unwind.

  • KATHYP09/15/2008

    I have been wearing Vanilla Fields from the time it came out on the market. I get the most compliments on it. I only use a little and it lasts through a 10 hour work day. Only problem I have is finding it in stock. The best scent ever made. I love it.

  • BARBARA W07/10/2008

    Vanilla Fields is very artificial smelling. I cringe when people compare this to my beloved Casmir...there is NO similarity.

  • MYRNA MESTAS06/30/2008

    I love your perfume, the pnly complaint I have is that I can not find it anywhere. When I do wear it alot of people both men and women ask me what kind of perfume do I have on. They all say it really has a really good aroma. So now that I found it on the inernet I quess I will be ordering it here.

  • MELANIE05/21/2008

    Wow,how low can you go when it comes to the consumer's choice. People fail to realise that not everyone can afford all those expensive fancy shmancy scents & quite frankly,I think vanilla fields still ranks up there with them. I also think that for your perfume to smell great,one needs to take A REALLY GOOD SHOWER,(no quickies,people) and use SPARINGLY. Nuff said.

  • JULLIEFRUIT03/12/2008

    I see this a lot a garage sales. It usually opened but only spray once. That's indicator how good this stuff is NOT!

  • REBECCA03/10/2008

    Some people have a retarded sense of what perfumes is.. If you love perfume, you have to be willing to test and try perfume at any price. Vanilla fields is one of the best affordable perfumes made. I have smelled some incredibly expensive perfumes and they were disgusting. So just because you slap a name brand on it and charge alot of $, doesn't mean it's good. I have seen more designer scents discontinued from lack of sales than the lower prices perfumes. Vanilla fields is classic, a soft vanilla based oriental.

  • JAZZIE12/20/2007

    I about fell over I went into a Marathon Gas Station and they were selling Vanilla Fields and Ledy Stetson! I starting laughing, I know this stuff is bad and albeit tacky. But you know its got to be really bad if they are selling it at gas stations.


    People stop you when you have this fragrance on so they know never to buy it themselves. Its soo gross and disgusting. I am glad it is disappearing so I don't have to get whiffs of this vile stench anymore.

  • KATHYC07/20/2007

    I've been wearing Vanilla Fields for several years now. I love it and my husband doesn't want me to wear any other fragrance. Since I've been wearing it people, both men and women, have actually stopped me as I'm walking down the street, browsing in a store or grocery shopping, to ask me the name of the perfume I'm wearing! I tell them the name and I tell them that it's the least expensive perfume I've ever bought but it's the one on which I receive the most compliments. For as long as I've been wearing Vanilla Fields, it has never failed to elicit very favorable responses from men and women alike. The only problem I have now is it's getting harder and harder to find in our local stores.

  • SYLVIE07/17/2007

    Dear Annie, thanks for your kind message. I love the romantic stories behind legendary, "dated" fragrances. Still today you can sometimes find a famous "nose/perfumer" behind the name of some inexpensive, drugstore fragrance... I'm also a collector of vintage Guerlain perfumes. I'm very skeptical when it comes to the new Guerlain scents, the new Coty-fragrances (celebrity stuff to make money) and the new Dana products. Francois Coty's ideal/motto was to give all women the possibility to buy a beautiful fragrance with high quality for an inexpensive price. So all women out there had the chance to smell nice and lovely, not only the rich ladies. The house of COTY in these days are not the same as it was, when Francois Coty was alive... But to make a long story short: Wear the perfume YOU like and adore. Even if its a "cheap"/drugstore or a luxurious/expensive/"niche"-scent. Happy sniffing, Sylvie.

  • ANNIE05/17/2007

    Hi, Sylvie, I enjoy reading your reviews. I love how you stand up for Coty! :-) I think that people often "expect" an inexpensive scent to smell bad (myself included), and so that's what they get. But if they did a blind side-by-side test of inexpensive fragrances with the more costly ones, some of us might be surprised by which scents we are drawn to.

  • ANNIE05/17/2007

    I just discovered Vanilla Fields. I bought it at the drugstore in a three-for-$9 sale (I also bought Emeraude and Sand & Sable). I agree that it's STRONG at first spray. I admit that I also thought it was cheap and horrible. But I gave it another try yesterday, gave it time to develop on my skin, and I fell for it. It made me think of the nicer aspects of Annick Goutal's Songes, actually, but much better on my skin than Songes, which I can't wear. I think it is the combination of jasmine and vanilla that is Songes-like. Anyway, Vanilla Fields is not a true vanilla pod scent. Rather, it is a sweet, creamy, sheer, floral-oriental with an impression of sweet vanilla cream. I was so surprised by how much I like this. I have made it a project lately to try the Coty fragrances at my local drugstore. So far, I think they are terrific value, much better quality than other drug store brands (Dana, et al.).

  • GRETCHEN03/23/2007

    I own quite a few of Coty's scents and felt that I hadn't really given Vanilla Fields a fighting chance before I judged it. I still feel that my beloved aunt reallly douses herself in this- one spritz on me is plenty- I actally like to spray it on a cotton ball then dab it on my pulse points. It's a creamy floral vanilla- I don't find it to be an overly "foody" vanilla, if that makes any sense. I think the jasmine rounds it out nicely. Very reasonably priced- especially on ebay.

  • LISA02/03/2007

    I was pleasantly surprised with this scent...I got a gift set for a great price and I found it to be full and rich smelling without being overpowering...great everyday scent...sweet, soft vanilla and florals beautifully put smells really nice mixed with Angel as well...

  • CHRISTIAN GIRL11/08/2006

    I always see this perfume in the drug stores so I bought a small bottle, and when I sprayed It on the first thing that came to my mind was a bathroom freshner. I waited for It to dry down to see if it would change in a pleasant way but it did not. This perfume smells cheap. I am happy I only bought a small bottle, now It is sitting in my bathroom as air freshner.

  • SEXY KITTEN09/29/2006

    this was not that great on me...loved the vanilla though it was a little on the sticky sweet side...the flowery bit was a little too tangy for me...even though this is not my favourite scent what I will say is that it stayed true the whole time I had it fleeting top and middle notes

  • SYLVIE07/11/2006

    Hi Lin, I have L'Origan (created 1905!!!!) in my collection. Without the internet, this was a hard-to-find-fragrance for me! L'Origan is the "grandmother" of many famous orientals and a must-have for collectors. I love L'Origan. Here a description: "TOP Note: Bergamot oil, Coriander, Mandarin, Peach, Pepper. Middle Note: Clove, Clove Bud oil, Jasmin, Orchid, Orris, Rose, Ylang-Ylang. Base Note: Benzoin, Cedarwood oil, Labdanum, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla." - I'm a huge fan of legendary, old-fashioned fragrances created by Coty, Houbigant, Dana, Guerlain, Caron etc. Some of the old fragrances are ultra-feminine masterpieces. Ignore the inexpensive drugstore-price!! Close your eyes and inhale!!! I like also L'Aimant and Emeraude by Coty, and Ambush and Tabu by Dana. The perfumer ("nose") Francois Coty was a genius. I'm a romantic person and I appreciate "dated" fragrances. Very nostalgic!!! Happy sniffing, Sylvie.

  • LIN06/25/2006

    A wonderfully smelling alternative is "Vanilla Fantasy" by Parfums de Coeur. It is not over-powering at all. Usually found at drugstores and also online.

  • LIN06/25/2006

    My grandmother wore this scent practically her entire life and the memories of it are wonderful. I think it came out in the early 1900's. Does anyone have an opinion on L'Origan?

  • GREEKGIRL04/14/2006

    I saw this the other day in a gift pack on sale and thought Id give it a try because of all the comments here, as soon as i smelt it from the bottle i thought this smells very much like Casmir (like Sylvies post) i put it on and it is almost identical to Casmir and also has very good lasting power, seeing it is so much cheaper than Casmir I know what im gonna buy from now on, exellent fragrance.

  • COMMENTATOR04/12/2006

    Sorry it smells strong and cheap as told to me by my mom when I sprayed this rank stuff on. So, never again would I offend anyone by wearing this fragarance.

  • SYLVIE12/21/2005

    Although I'm not a fan of Vanilla Fields (smells very similar to the expensive Casmir by Chopard!!), I agree that some drugstore fragrances can smell very good and "expensive" too. All the famous, legendary "old" Coty fragrances were sold in drugstores! This was the idea of Coty! Many luxury high-end-price-fragrances do not smell better!! To make a brand new perfume famous, is all tough, very expensive and clever marketing strategy! I remember that inexpensive Vanilla Fields was a very popular top-seller when it came out. So many women loved it!! If you are self-confident enough, you will wear the fragrance you love. Try to forget price, ad, bottle and make your own decision. Happy sniffing!

  • BIANCA12/16/2005

    You know, what's with the snobby comments? I think because this is made by Coty and is a drugstore perfume people become all snobby and stuff. This is a nice perfume. It's not offensive. It smells great without being a sickly sweet vanilla--the jasmine balances it out. It's not even heavy. Bottle this under a name like Chanel or Boucheron and people would be like 'this is great'. Quit the snobbery people.

  • MILADYDOYLE12/05/2005

    If your a Female Dork and want to smell like one, this is your scent. Smells cheap and messy.

  • BETH11/11/2005

    When I was in 7th grade, Vanilla Fields came out... or at least I became aware of it. This dirty, drugged out girl sat next to me in my math class and I swear she wore vanilla extract instead of perfume. This smell reminds me of the throw-up feeling I had EVERYDAY in my 7th grade math class... PEEEWWW!

  • LALA10/11/2005

    I like the smell of Vanilla Fields, but it is easily over done.

  • GRETCHEN04/06/2005

    I have an aunt who wears way TOO MUCH of this- I don't like it to begin with, very cloying and heavy.

  • JANESE03/06/2005

    Did not realize you guys hated this so much. I think it is good and its really cheap. I get mine at Stoltz's with Gracie's Discount. 5 finger.

  • JULEE01/20/2005

    Wow i just bought some yesterday. It IS very strong. You have to just use a touch of it. And you must enjoy the aroma of vanilla mixed with wood! lol

  • TONI12/04/2004

    I got this as a gift, cologne and lotion,and to tell the truth, I wasn't all that crazy about it. But as soon as I put it on, my husband said "That stuff you have on smells so GOOD!" What is it?!" He kept sniffing me all night. It must have something in it attractive to men but which escapes me LOL

  • CHANNIE11/08/2004

    Oh Lord! What have they done. I ran to the store and got it just like I said and It was awful. It was so strong and way too sweet. Either they changed it drastically or I have trully outgrown it. Either way, I wont be wearing it ever again. It's going back to the store pronto..ewww Nasty!

  • JEN11/03/2004

    I confess--I am a perfume snob. I love my "Joy" and my Chanel No. 5. I don't like the idea of drug store go crazy over this scent. I read somewhere that in a smell test this was ranked by single men as the the number one sexiest smelling perfume. So...I'll wear it.

  • CHANNIE10/30/2004

    Great fraagrance! I used to wear it as a teenager and got lot's of compliments. A lot of vanilla scents are way too sweet. This one has the perfect balance of sweet and feminine.Young but not teenie bop young. I don't even know why I stopped wearing it.. my bottle disappeared. I think hubby lost it during a move to our apartment years ago but thinking about it brings back fond memories and I am going to purchase a bottle tomorrow. You can't go wrong with it.

  • NICOLE10/04/2004

    This was voted the best classic scent under $30 in allure magazine for the best of beauty issue in oct.2004. Very surprising,so alot of women must LOVE this perfume to get that vote in. I love it too, it's a great fragrance, and affordable!

  • CINDIE09/09/2004

    I sprayed this in Walmart today, and nearly gaged and choked to death from this fragrance. It smelled to strong and overpowering. But, I guess it does smell nice on some people, it's definately not for me.

  • KIM09/07/2004

    A man stopped me in the grocery store a few years ago to comment on how great I smelt. I have worn so many expensive perfumes and never get a compliment but this one will do it every time! At the end of the day i can still smell it and cant smell expensive ones for 5 minutes. So please dont pass this one up thinking that its junk like I used to. One day just for the heck of it I bought a $3 bottle during a christmas sale and have been going back for more every since.

  • SONYA08/28/2004

    I really like Vanilla Fields. It has the right blend of vanilla and floral notes (so you don't end up smelling like a cookie). It really lasts and a little goes a long way. I didn't care for the lotion though. It had too much of the floral and didn't smell like a match to the perfume. Because it's a little sweet, I wouldn't wear it every day. But it's great to wear every now and then for a change of pace.

  • PIA08/27/2004

    I have just discovered what this fragrance reminds me of...Boudoir by V. Westwood which I have and cannot bring myself to wear. Vanilla Fields is much much nicer, less sweet and cloying and a lot less expensive besides it was the original, I think V. Westwood tried to make something similar but more of a Vavawoom type of scent and came up with her Boudoir. I love the V. Fields but cant stand Boudoir as much as my husband who gave it to me wants me to wear it, when I do i cant wait to wash it off.

  • DAPHNE07/29/2004

    This has a lovely vanilla scent, but, it is very oily. When you spray it on, don't have anything on! It stained my tank top, and I had to change before going out to a restaurant. I will wear Vanilla Musk until I can find another vanilla scent I like better that does not stain or drip down the bottle side after spraying. Too bad.

  • REBECCA06/22/2004

    This perfume is great,and surprisingly lasts for a cologne! It's so warm and comforting. Very approachable for others. Kind of draws people to you...especially men (if you want that to happen). If not,then don't wear it. I'm so curious as to why some people hated it so much on here...I'm just glad it smells good on most women! It's delisciously creamy,with a bit of floral.


    This stuff is horrible. It really does "hurt" your nose, it leave a painful memory litterally. I can't stand it.

  • DONNA01/06/2004

    This is the one scent combined with a honey scented perfume or oscar de la renta that will draw people to you. Men Luv this smell!!! Vanilla is soft and sensuous and it lets people know..theres a lady in the room. This is one perfume that I will never stop wearing. I get too many compliments. I don't wear it everyday but it's a top choice of mine, especially when I want to smell good. Anyone who doesn't like the smell of this perfume hasn't got a clue about scents.

  • ARLENE12/20/2003

    I was at church one morning and it came to the part where the priest tells everyone to share the sign of peace. As I did so,a sort of cute guy just gave me a hug in front of his wife/girlfriend and fell in love with this scent. I think she was pissed when he told me he loved it. I don't know what her problem was, except it's jealousy on her part but I'm glad I wore this one. It's really my money's worth.

  • MANDY11/06/2003

    She wore this perfume during this summer we went together 24/7. It smells sweet....but sexy. It's wonderful, but it can be overpowering. Not good on everyone but still smells nice in general.

  • PIA10/02/2003

    This fragrance brings back great memories of the early ninetees when America and the rest of the world were a lot more innocent . I do not use it much now but someday I may go back to it just for the good memories. Anyone try Vanilla fields Winter yet?


    This stuff is just flat out GROSS! Don't give it as a gift unless you hate the person. If I recieved this crap as a gift I would take it as an insult. I really think it's a cruel joke that this stuff was created. Its just to disgusting.

  • MELANIE07/26/2003

    I love this one,it makes for the ultimate Christmas gift as well as Valentine's. This is sure to be a hit with the guys.

  • AMANDA 07/12/2003

    the smell of vanilla fields is the most beautiful i have ever smelt

  • MELISSA05/12/2003

    can't wear this one, although I adore vanilla. I dilluted it with water and spray my pillow at bedtime. Helps me sleep, The bottle is pretty, too.

  • LALA04/12/2003

    i love this one vanilla fields is a down to earth fragrance, not too over powering great for a gift

  • SNOWFIRE39703/15/2003

    smells wonderful in the bottle but after I have been wearing it for a short time the fragrence fails and becomes too woody for my taste

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    I am not into putting people down personally just becaues they like a fragrance I don't care for. I'd just like to say that I have a bad association with this perfume because it seems there is a certain class of people who wear this. I am from Houston Texas and most of the wearers fit a certain social group. Most of them were those who get drunk in ice houses and wrench of cigarette smoke. In fact even on the rare occasion I smell this on a non-smoker I still smell smoke just by association. I think it smells kindof cheap.

  • JENN11/11/2002

    I love Vanilla Feilds. It brings back old memories and sees to turn on all the right people. Very soothing calming and seXy!!!!


    I love it!! It has powerful long last sent. It makes me smell sooo good. My hubby loves it.

  • CECILIA10/04/2002

    I love this perfume. My boyfriend loves it too. Does anyone know where I can find this in a shower gel? Also, I hear there is a summer and a winter version of this, does anyone know about that? As for you fussy people who keep putting this perfume down. Get off your high horses. This does not smell cheap, rubbery, or funny. It smells good if it goes with your body chemicals. Too bad it doesn't smell good for some of you, but that's no reason to get so nasty, just don't use it. Those of us whose body chemicals it mixes well with appreciate it.

  • GRACIE09/20/2002

    This stuff reeks, I got some as a gift. It hurts my nose too smell it, I hate being near someone who has it on. It really reeks and does smell cheap. It sort of reminds me of cheap pipe tobbaco and rubbing alcohol. I just can't stand vanilla scent since this crap. I really don't like it. Vanilla is good for cookies but not as perfume. Way too sweet and very annoying.

  • PAM09/03/2002

    I like this perfume. I'm surprised that I could find a perfume that I like that isn't expensive. My quesion is-Does anyone know when Celine Dion's new perfume is coming out? She is supposed to be in partnership with Coty and I am curious. Thank you.

  • TAPDANCER7808/24/2002

    I wore Vanilla Fields in high school after learning about it from my best friend. Smells good but it's a "young" sweet smell, in my opinion.

  • MELODY07/31/2002

    I'm running low on the sent I usually wear. I want a new sent, so I asked my boyfriend if there are any he would like to smell on me. He told me one time he smelled this really wonderful sent on one of his women friends, Vanilla Fields. After reading all of this positive feedback, I'm convinced! I'm going to run out and buy it for myself. Thanks!!! :-)

  • TOURAY06/15/2002

    I don't care for Exclamation either, but I like a lot of Coty frags, VF being one of them. I collect and this doesn't smell cheap at all. In fact many Coty frags are of good quality and compostion. Coty is one of the most respected perfumers in history.

  • YVETTE06/06/2002

    This is a very pretty,sweet scent at a very affordable price. It is a good mixture of high quality vanilla scent and jasmine. I don't think it smells cheap at all, it smells good on me.

  • A.06/04/2002

    Something in this scent always smelled faintly of mouldy cooler pads. For the most part it was OK as a fragrance, but discernably cheap. Still, that musty note made me avoid it.

  • BETHANY05/27/2002

    I have been wearing this one for years and I've lost count of the amount of compliments I've gotten on it from men. Don't let the fact that it isn't expensive fool you, it's really good. A "keeper" :-)

  • LISA04/29/2002

    I once bought a bottle, doesn't smell very good on me...but my sister wears it and it's really comforting. I love it on her! As for the other Lisa who posted the message before mine: I LOVE Exclamation. Personal tastes should be respected; there's too much trash talking among you finicky ones here. You don't need to make rude comments just because a nice fragrance stinks on you. Too bad.

  • LISA04/17/2002

    I still cant see how someone can buy that Exclamtion perfume!!! Wanna talk about a bad smell. I've smeleed rotten flowers that stunk better then that stuff. I love Vanilla Fields although get really frustrated with buying the lotions and shower gels in gift pack only form.

  • STEPHANIE04/14/2002

    Coming from Coty, this is pretty damn good!

  • NONI03/24/2002

    still getting over the exclamation fiasco.hard to believe vanilla fields is made by the same company.maybe this was their intention.SMELLS EXPENSIVE.very complex and original.

  • ERIN 03/21/2002

    Unlike a lot of Vanilla fragrances, Vanilla fields is not an overbearing perfume. It is very light, if appliled moderately, and does not give me the usual vanilla headache, as with candles and different perfumes. I love it. And if you find the right store, the price is not that bad.

  • CRYSTAL SCOTT03/06/2002

    This does smell bad,then again I dislike vanilla scented perfumes of any kind

  • KRISTEN02/01/2002

    This is one of my favorite perfumes. Those who don;t like it don't have a sense of smell

  • YUCK01/21/2002

    I don't dislike too many perfumes, but this one stinks! It gives me a headeache and makes me want to throw up! Yuck. Cheap-o and nasty.

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    One of the lightest of Coty's vanillas...Fresh; dry; neutral; wax/glycerine; similarity to a 'rain' scent; light smoke; light musk; undertones of a masculine scent.

  • TOURAY12/08/2001

    Usually an inexpensive perfume smells cheap,but this is one of the rare fragrances of quality. My only complaint is that it does start to stink when too much is applied and smells awful when it has gone bad (I had an experience with a clearance purchase). So don't try to save extra cash, buy it at regular price, off the shelf. A nice, sweet vanilla flower, with green notes.

  • CHRISTY10/28/2001

    This is one of my favorites and I don't see how someone could dislike it.

  • STACEY10/25/2001

    this is an awesome scent i don't like most of them but i love this one

  • STEPHANIE06/18/2001

    This is a great fragrance that gives the uppity expensive ones a run for their money!

  • JAN06/08/2001

    I get the most & best compliments when I wear Vanilla Fields. Even @ the end of the day. I wish the shower gel was easier to get without having to usually buy gift sets.

  • H.05/31/2001

    This is a beautiful scent!

  • NANCY01/04/2001

    I'm allergic to most perfume's that I try, but this one hasn't been a problem for me at all. Plus, it smells *fabulous*!!!

  • PATRICK CORDOVA12/16/2000

    An excellent scent perfect for a woman. A great buy as well.

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