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Lucky Brand

Lucky You   

80 Reviews

Lucky You for Women is a youthful fragrance driven with comfort. So versatile, it's the type of fragrance you never get tired of wearing. Ruby Red Grapefruit and Crushed Green Leaves create a fresh, breezy aura while Blue Poppy and Star Jasmine infuse an elegant femininity. Its vintage pink glass bottle evokes a soft hue to this lovely fragrance.

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Lucky You for Women is a youthful fragrance driven with comfort. So versatile, it's the type of fragrance you never get tired of wearing. Ruby Red Grapefruit and Crushed Green Leaves create a fresh, breezy aura while Blue Poppy and Star Jasmine infuse an elegant femininity. Its vintage pink glass bottle evokes a soft hue to this lovely fragrance.

  • SALLY07/23/2015

    I love this scent and use it often. I find the scent to be good for any occasion, even on lazy days at home. It makes me feel good every time I spray it on. I will continue to use it for as long as it is made. It has been my choice for at least 11 years now. ...

  • MIRIAM01/16/2014

    ... Musky, sweet scent that's great for daytime use.

  • JANE02/10/2013

    Love the fragrance have ordered it befor and will continue too.

  • RLH07/05/2009

    This was my first perfume, its innocent and heady give into a sweet and deep 3rd notes. I now have a collection of 20 some and if i have no idea which to wear this is my fall back. Definitely a youthful fragrance.


    I bought this fragrance (for like the 10th time) and the clerk said "Oh, your daughter will love this". I am a 65 year old woman and I love this fragrance~

  • MALLORY06/14/2009

    I'm sorry for those whose chemical make-up has a bad reaction with this perfume. It smells amazing. But hey, some really expensive and otherwise great smelling perfumes didn't turn out for me either.

  • JANE01/26/2009

    I love this stuff. I found it at a garage sale originally and absolutely love it. My fiance is always telling me how good I smell. When I write him letters while he's away in the Navy he asks me to spray them with it. :)

  • SHANTELLE11/18/2008

    And I still love it!! :) Just bought a new perfume called Enchanting by Celion Dion and didn't like it as much as Lucky You. I thought that perfume was light at first until I sprayed more on me when I got home. Enchanting is a little too strong for me, or maybe I just need to get use to it. lol But, I should go back and get another bottle of my fav. perfume though. Lucky You is one of the best perfumes out there, I think!! I can never get tired of wearing it!! Glad it's still out there in stores!!

  • AUGUST12/30/2007

    i thought something with a name as (lucky you) whould smell relly bad but wen my bf of 3 years bought it for me i fell in love all over agin my mom,stepmom,and all my girl friends wear lucky you all the guys are constly hitting on us for that!!!!!!!!!!

  • AUGUST12/30/2007

    i never thought i whould like it but wen my bf bought if for me i loved it now i wear it all the time I LOVE IT

  • SHER12/19/2007

    i enjoy this scent for everyday and do get compliments when i wear it i dont select a scent from an age bracket but by what is pleasing


    Love this scent but it fades away really quick. It has no staying power. I really like it too.

  • SUZETTE02/02/2007

    i can see y mature women wont like this...well it is a youthfull scent..a little sweet at first but the drydown is warm and casual..i usually wear this in a cool weather or at night..

  • KATHY09/29/2006

    I wasted another six dollars on a sample bottle of perfume that I had to throw out. This one is just so disgusting in my opinon. Too musky and fruity smelling for a grown woman. I could see how young girls could possibly like this one.

  • JES O.05/23/2006

    Lucky you sure is lucky. It is my everyday perfume, we found each other a few years back and it was like love at first smell. Mind you, Its not the only perfume i wear but, its the one i wear most often. You can say that it is my signature scent, i love it! I work at Meijer and everyday i get tons of people complimenting and asking me on my perfume, from male to female, employees to customers and from kids to grandmas. I'm known in meijers an air freshener because of it. People smell me coming from a mile away and boy do i smell good enough to eat. Its a very special perfume with a scent that is the perfect marriage of whatever it is composed of. Its fancy, decadent and still within my budget. It has a longlasting scent which puts a smile on mine and many others faces and makes the atmosphere more appealing to your senses. I am very lucky to have found lucky you.

  • GRETCHEN04/09/2006

    When I sampled this one it immediately transported me back to my jr. high/high school days when Electric Youth was THE scent to wear. To me, Lucky You smells quite similar to that...I've looked to see if I could compare the notes of each scent, but I can find no info on Electric Youth- but some scents are permamnently etched in your brain. To me the scent will always remind me of a girl who would douse herself with Electric Youth after sneaking a smoke in the girls bathroom at school...Lucky me to remember this...ugh!

  • NIKKI03/03/2006

    A really pleasant fragrance-not overpowering. It smells a lot like a tangerine fragrance I loved, but it was discontinued. Nice, refreshing, and great for casual use.

  • IVY02/21/2006

    the Lucky Brand Fragrence is my absolute fav. it smells so good and my boyfriend loves the smell of it too. the mens lucky fragrence is also my fav on man.

  • SAVANNAH01/31/2006

    This perfume makes me think of Britney Spears' song "Lucky" for some reason. It smells really good and pus me in a happy go lucky mood. So yeah..even tho this perfume's been out for awhile it is still awsome and i wear it almost every day every1 loves it espicially guys.

  • NATALIE F01/06/2006

    I was really surprised when my boyfriend pick out this purfume. Because i do really really like it. And Now i want to go buy a bigger size bottle.

  • AMY12/13/2005

    I first tried Lucky You when someone was passing out samples at my undergraduate college. I wore it consistently for a couple of years and sporadically after that. My most recent bottle has gotten stale now, so I don't wear it anymore. It is smells very juicy to me, but mixed with sweet-smelling flowers. Youthful. One thing I have found is that men seem to be drawn to it. I guess it lives up to it's name. ;) It's my fiance's favorite, and he always hints that he'd like me to start wearing it again.

  • HATTIE11/28/2005

    my friend gave me some when before we went to see a movie, and my boyfriend could not get enough of it . . . i think that in itself is a pretty good reason to wear it & it smells so GOOD!

  • GARDENIANGEL10/29/2005

    This smells good on some people, just not on me. I've complimented others who wore it, but when I tryed it, it almost gave me a headache. It has a floral smell that is real heavy.

  • SHERIDAN10/26/2005

    Lucky you is not my signature fragrance, but its still a nice fragrance. It can be a little strong, so I use the perfume sparingly or I just stick to the body wash or scrub, followed by the lotion. That way the fragrance is light, and is still noticeable, but its not overpowering to others.

  • ASH09/25/2005

    I love this, I wear it regularly. I've actually had people comment on something smelling good and then they realize it's me!

  • KIMMI09/18/2005

    At first the cute pink bottle caught my attention.. I LOVE pink! And then my husband and I smelled it, and we can't get enough of it.. it's like an aphrodisiac to him.. I, of course, wear it all the time now!

  • DIANE07/22/2005

    Lucky you is a pretty good fragance. i like it! specially because my boyfriend gave it to me, but definitely is not one of my favorites. You should give it a chance!!

  • DEEVEE06/11/2005

    It might be marketed for the younger generation but even at 35 & above, I can't help but add it to my fragrance wardrobe!

  • REGINA04/26/2005

    I Love this perfume . I wore it on my wedding day and it was simply wonderful.

  • EBONY LOUDD03/09/2005

    Man that perifume smell so dang good, i love that perfume, im gone wear it out. That perfuem is one of the best perfums i ever smellt, matter fact, that might be tha baest one i have smelled. That's tha good shit!

  • KELLY02/15/2005

    This is surprisingly good despite the cheap price tag (in comparison to Bvlgari Omnia & DK Black Cashmere), all of which I bought at the same time. It's fresh, sweet and wearable on all occasion. Yum!

  • CHRISTINA02/02/2005

    I got this in a set of 5 mini's for christmas. I thought, ok it's been out awhile, but I hadn't tried it before. I was surprised that it was so girlie and fun, but feminine and sweet, not too strong, but very flowery fresh. It's kind of clean, like a shampoo to me. It's still sold in department stores, so it definately has alot of fans I suppose. I like my little bottle, but might not go out to buy a larger one. Maybe if the price was knocked down more.

  • AMANDA01/22/2005

    i have this stuff and my boyfriend LOVES it he wil litterally sit htere and sniff me..... i have not heard anything bad about it from people who were around me only good sutff aside from my mom who doesnt like hardly anything (literally) that has a scent i dont think it smells cheap or musky like i have read on here.... guess it depends on the person who wears it

  • MARY11/28/2004

    I love this scent... it smells sweet, but not too girly, its a light scent that doesn't offend sensetive people I LOVE IT!

  • JOJO11/18/2004

    i can't believe young people like this scent! it is very musky and has a nasty powdery dry down. i read the reviews and firgured it would smell fresh and fruity, but this was SO not the case! don't buy this if you're not a fan of musk/powder.

  • INDERIKA09/19/2004

    Lucky You is fabulous. I have it in the body mist. It's both sporty and romantic. I also like the fact that it is a great year round fragrance. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, it smells just as nice.

  • MIKE08/13/2004

    I know the perfume is fairly cheap and used by way too many people. But, theres something about it that I find rather intoxicating. Whenever I catch a girl wearing it, I immediately notice it and find myself breathing through my nose just so i can keep smelling it. I personally think its a great scent.

  • IRENE08/04/2004

    I think this perfume has a very nice and original scent. Some people might think that it does not smell for a long time but this is because u get used to the smell and can't smell it on yourself anymore cause u are used to the smell already but other people can still smell it. However everybody does get tired of smelling the same perfume all the time that is why u should wear different perfumes so that u don't get bored. That way u try different perfumes and don't get tired of the perfumes u love. Anyways Lucky You Rocks!!!!!!!!:)

  • MAMABEAR06/14/2004

    Remember, ladies, that the scent might be wonderful in the store or on your friend, but your own body chemistry can change it to something totally different! This doesn't make the scent good or bad. Try it before you buy it. I love certain scents but they turn to mustard on me...

  • LESLEY05/20/2004

    I love this perfume. It may wear off quickly, but hey if you smell that bad, take a shower! It has a light smell, which most other perfumes I've smelled, smell like an old lady. I think it would be a great perfume for anyone, just depends on your taste.

  • MARI05/04/2004

    Very sweet smelling. loved it in the store but 4 hours later smelled more and more like rubbing alcohol- that cheapy giveaway. alot of other people seem to like it here though.

  • DANIELLE04/25/2004

    cant really describe just have to say that i love it! best perfume ive ever owned, perfect for anytime, anywhere. compliments from everyone.

  • MMMMMMM04/12/2004

    This perfume is amazing! I can't get enough of it and neither can my boyfriend. I go through about 3oz a year because I wear it almost everyday! It lasts all day and after a while you can't even smell it on yourself anymore, but OTHERS can! It's such a soft, girly scent with a flirty fun thing attached. Like I said, my boyfriend loves it and is constantly sniffing me where I put it on. So get creative in where you put it girls!

  • ANDREA03/22/2004

    i love the smell!!!

  • DIANNA03/11/2004

    I asked a guy before i bought it unlike most of the girls that waste their money on stuff they dont like

  • LUCKY YOU-WEARER02/14/2004

    Makes me want to go to Vegas!

  • DIANE01/18/2004


  • LORI12/22/2003

    Very clean,refreshing smell,I love it!

  • TRISTAN12/09/2003

    My Boy Friend,(Brad) loves it...

  • RACHEL11/24/2003

    it totally rocks it so attracts men!!!

  • HONDA GIRL11/16/2003

    It smelled good when I first tried it on. But after I bought it and brought it home, it stunk on me. So I returned it.

  • FIMA11/02/2003

    wears off quickly. i initially thouht it was pretty but after wearing it a few times, i learned the error of my ways. very teenage.

  • ERICA10/16/2003

    Cheap chemical musky grapefruit. Terrible.

  • ELISA09/24/2003


  • LISA09/20/2003

    I'm almost out of this one and will have to get more soon-it smells great, my husband thinks it's very sexy. I don't get tired of it.

  • TIFFANY08/25/2003

    This perfume is like a natural pheromone! I have never had so many people compliment me on a scent. It is wonderful!

  • ANLA07/12/2003

    Lucky You is a very delightful, and spirit-lifting scent. It's definitely for casual or slacking purposes, and most people would say it's worth it. Every fragrance puts you into some type of mood spell. This one puts you in a delicate feminine one. ;)

  • ROSE07/07/2003

    Bar star scent for Bar star girls.CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!

  • LALA04/12/2003

    this is a okay frgrance but u dont have to have it bcuz its disapointing as well the scent is just old smells like every other wannabe perfume out there thumbs down :(

  • JEANNE03/01/2003

    I decided to try this cuz the description sounded like the kind of perfume I like. It is a soft, kinda sweet, non sophisticated smell. When it drys down, which is what I judge a perfume by, is very sweet, innocent, candiesh type of smell. I like it.

  • H.01/27/2003

    Thought it was going to be like a lot of others out there ... but there's something different and very nice about Lucky You (it's clean smelling which to a lot of men = sexy) ... a guy complimented me on it and then 10 minutes later said again how nice it smelled.

  • DIANE01/23/2003

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • STEF12/03/2002

    I got this for christmas from a friend. It smelled nice in the bottle, but on me, it was horrible. It gave me the biggest headache.

  • KIM11/29/2002

    Oh my gosh! My boyfriend Justin was so into lucky you! Our relationship was getting boring, but ever since I got Lucky You, our relationship has been on fire! Thanks Lucky!

  • ME*11/11/2002

    I think that Lucky You is a great, clean smell. You should be able to wear it anytime. But be carefull to not put too much on. Then it gets REALLY strong.

  • JAZZY09/19/2002

    I love lucky. The scent lasts all day long. I'll admit, I probably wont wear this one when I'm older, but for right now, it's excellent!!!

  • JENNIFER09/17/2002

    I have so many friends wearing Lucky right now and I don't even think it smells good.

  • AMY08/23/2002

    This smells great! My sister wears it and I always think she smells sooo good! Very refreshing!

  • JENNA07/29/2002

    I love this perfume because it smells young not old like some fragrances such as "Youth Dew". I will always wear this.

  • STACEY04/18/2002

    Oh Lucky Me.....I smell like a cheap hooker! I sprayed this in my office and got everyone sick. Lucky me, I wasted money on this!?

  • ASHLEY04/09/2002

    This is a really sweet smelling purfume! yummy~ one of my favs **

  • CHICKY02/28/2002

    this is the greatest perfume in the world. my number one favorite!

  • KATHLEEN ANN02/23/2002

    I went to buy a bottle of Curve a couple of weeks ago, and the sales women also had me take 2 samples of Lucky You. Well, needless to say, Lucky You is now 3rd on my list of Perfumes I will always buy.

  • DAVA01/30/2002

    this one is pretty good althought its not the best but it does have a great scent to it and any women who was it will say the same if you women like this have you smelled the mens??? who knows maybe this will catch on quick and become a popular one with all

  • SHELLY01/26/2002

    It smells wonderful, I love it. I always make sure I wear it whenever I leave my house.

  • JESS01/15/2002

    If you wear lucky You for Women, smell the mens once. Oh my god. I had a boyfriend who wore it and I wanted to jump on him everytime I smelt him.



  • TOURAY12/26/2001

    Smells like a more floral version of a laundry detergent. Good, natural.

  • SAMANTHA12/12/2001

    I was looking at body jewelry and a hot boy walked up to me and asked me if I was wearing Lucky. When I said yes he started chatting with me!! It lasts and boyz love it!

  • OPHELIA11/14/2001

    Lucky You perfume is such a fresh and clean scent and it lasts all day on me! I love the pink colour of the bottle. Great stuff! and so ..... sensual?

  • LIZ10/18/2001

    lots of other perfumes fade right away, does this stay on for a while?

  • CATARINA10/01/2001

    I hate citrusy fragrances! I think this kind of smell belongs in fruits or house cleaning products only.

  • MICHELLE09/27/2001

    I think this perfume is the best fragrance out there! It's icredible!! And all the guyz just LOVE it!!

  • JEN09/16/2001

    I Love this perfume!! It is great.

  • LINA09/13/2001

    Lucky for you is the best perfume I've ever used. The boys love it and it STAYS ON ALL DAY!

  • AMANDA09/08/2001

    I think that Lucky You is a great smelling perfume and the guys melt over it!

  • *DEANNA*09/07/2001

    I love Lucky Brand Perfume. Everytime that I wear it I get a comment about how good it smells. It is my all time favorite. I am so hooked on it. Go buy it!!!

  • MICHELLE08/23/2001

    This is another one of those fragrances that smells like a lot of other sweet-scented ones. I wasn't really impressed.

  • ELISHA08/02/2001

    Thanks for sharing

  • CHERIE07/14/2001

    So clean and fresh. My boyfriend likes to apply it on my cootchie.

  • DANA 07/04/2001

    This fragrance is nice if you like the musky scent. It fades immediately after you put it on - no lasting power but nice as an after shower spray.

  • JACQUE04/02/2001

    This stuff smells great! It's a nice "light" scent that's perfect for day wear.

  • BRANDI03/27/2001

    Lucky is the best. It is a sure attention getter for guys and it has a powder soft smell too it.

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