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Calvin Klein


41 Reviews

Contradiction was created by Calvin Klein in 1997 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of pure pepper, rose, satin wood and sandalwood. The top notes are rose, bergamot and jasmine. The middle notes are vanilla, cedar and moss and the base of the fragrance is sandalwood, musk and oakmoss.

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Contradiction was created by Calvin Klein in 1997 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of pure pepper, rose, satin wood and sandalwood. The top notes are rose, bergamot and jasmine. The middle notes are vanilla, cedar and moss and the base of the fragrance is sandalwood, musk and oakmoss.


    excellent product .I have been using this product during the past seven years.

  • BUCKEYE_STATE01/09/2012

    I used this once and threw it away - this is not the same mixture. It seems as though it has been reformulated somehow. The "top" notes are correct - spot on for the original fragrance. However, after 10 minutes, it becomes apparent that they have switched to some cheap smelling musk base that I can't stand. Will never purchase again.

  • LISA10/31/2009

    a pretty perfume, the kind you'd take home to mother. Sweet, vanilla-y but not as choking as Vanilla Fields can get. I prefer a little more uniqueness, edge, or some complexity but this one is kind of boring. It would have been 3 stars "average" but the bottle is one of my favorites & decent longevity.

  • TRACEY07/19/2007

    The other of CK's best (the first being "Truth"). A more unusual scent; chances are good that you won't run into a dozen other women wearing the same thing in the course of a day. But where to find it...

  • COLLEEN02/04/2007

    I have worn this since it was first introduced and cannot find a scent to equal it. I receive so many compliments on it.

  • GAIL12/29/2006

    Bought the fragrance about 4 yrs. ago and just found out it was discontinued. I have fallen in love with it. Couldn't find it in dept stores. It's breath taking.

  • NASTASSIA08/08/2006

    My father got this a while back, and I remember trying this on. To me, I thought at first it was men's cologne, because it was so strong and masculine. Maybe it's just me, but at least when I wore it, everyone knew what it was, because only a few people wore it. Then it got popular, and while it smelled good on some people, it didn't for others (I was glad that it smelled good on me!). Oh well.

  • ANGELIQUE05/21/2006

    Absolutely enchanting ... when worn by someone else. Seems to smell better on other people than it did on me.

  • CLT05/16/2006

    It seems to me that this is similar to Allure. Contradiction was launched one year after Allure. Escape was launched about one year after New West came out and was a big hit. But it all started when he copied the notes of Must de Cartier in his Obsession.

  • FROFRO01/14/2006

    Another great scent from CK. (Don't mind me, I'm a CK fan - he has a way of creating complex, pleasant fragrances and keeping the prices reasonable.) This for me, too, is a "mood" scent - I wear it when I'm in the mood for it (hence, bottles last forever). As with all CK fragrances - use sparingly. A little goes a LONG way.

  • SONDRA08/11/2005

    I used to wear it, and gotten a lot of compliments. I'm upset because a lot of the stores do not carry it anymore.

  • AIISHA02/26/2005

    It's a nice, soft vanillic-musky scent. Refreshing, not too sweet, but not very unique in my opinion. I still miss something.

  • JOYOUS02/08/2005

    I made the mistake of getting this perfume for myself and was oh so disappointed. The scent goes away after 5 minutes or so. I use it as air freshner now.

  • BEBE02/02/2005

    no doubt. passionate. alluring. perfect balance. contradiction condraticts nothing. very nice.

  • MAHOGANI82112/18/2004

    I must have waisted hundreds of dollars on perfume, the latest ones out, and all and usually dont finish the bottle. Contradiction is the one out of mabey 3 that i finished and continue to use. A beautiful, smell great for a independant woman, its different and thats what attracts me, i dont like to smell like others. I highly recommend it. Great for all yr around

  • SHARRIE12/04/2004

    a fragrance that grows on you, really love it there are no contradiction about contradiction

  • DENISE10/10/2004

    don't like this one at all,i smell like i spilled vanilla extract on myself,if you like vanilla perfume this is the one for you,personally it is getting me sick

  • MAGGIE09/13/2004

    I'love it and my friend loves too, i'm getting it for her birthday.

  • LINA09/10/2004

    I like Floralorientals (I can't stand pure Orientals) and this is a good choice for me: slightly sweet, warm but not too strong, sexy but not over-bearing. IMO it is a nice and feminine fragrance of quite a good quality (unlike the most of the newest perfumes that smells all alike - very cheap and synthetic). I dont't like other CK fragrances, but I like this one and Truth for Men.

  • PAULINA03/19/2004

    I am surprised that so many women like this scent. I think it´s terrible, I felt ill as I smelled it.

  • RACHEL SAUL03/05/2004

    wonderful. my favorite!! it's sexy, but not over-bearing.

  • BONA01/04/2004

    got this as a gift ... love it!

  • HOL11/03/2003

    I like wearing this one to work... the scent lasts all day.

  • LISA09/24/2003

    Finally-a clean yet spicy fragrance. The EDP isn't too overpowering, and has a nice dry-down. I love it!

  • INES09/05/2003

    Not bad, but not very complex scent. Warm, sweet ( it reminds me of Allure but not so much vanilla in it, and has some similarities with Tresor, too, but it is more simple, not so rich...). Warm, soft, not too offensive, but not very special in my opinion.

  • MABEL05/09/2003

    I don't like many fragrances and Contradiction is one of the few that I like.

  • ALIZUNA04/24/2003

    If you like Allure, Burberry, Adriene Vittadini, Cashmir, Hanae Mori, ALl About Eve, even Poison .. you will love Contradiction ... or may be only me ... but definitelly you will love it !

  • CHRYSTINA04/17/2003

    It smells just like it's name. CONTADICTION has a sharp pungent flower scent with a deep sophisticated undertone. Dosn't smell as soft and feminine as other perfumes but has it's own unique modern smell. I highly recomend it for the independent women --can be worn at the work place or even going out. WARNING: u can infact apply too much of it(overbearing) It does however last a long time. It's worth it's weight in gold!!!

  • LALA04/12/2003

    if u like this cool i just thought it was alittle strong and dull...

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    Most perfumes have at least a few others which are almost clones, however this is not the case with CK Contradiction. I am a very avid perfume wearer and I've smelled probably over 1000 perfumes in my lifetime and can't think of any that even slightly resemble this perfume. If you are looking for something unique so you won't smell like everyone else this is your scent. The best I can do to describe it is that it is not to sweet, but rather a dark, musky (in a good way) smell. I wear it to work because it smells sophisticated but not too overpowering. Watch out though, can be overdone. Only complaint is about the shape of the bottle. The top is way too oversized and it always slips out of my hand trying to take it off.

  • LEAH02/12/2003

    This is a sexy fragrance that has staying power. The pepper and musk notes blend well and don't overwhelm the olfactories.

  • LLOZ02/03/2003

    I think this is the best of Calvin Klein fragrances. It is sexy and alluring. Pretty easy to wear.

  • FRED11/26/2002

    i had an affair with a married woman who wore this perfume. she had long hair and she used to spritz it on her nape and let it linger on her hair. It smells really sexy and lust-inducing, especially after it reacted with her skin and her perspiration.

  • TAMAR11/20/2002

    Gentle, light and fruity. Definitely a day-time summer ware which is great for me because I live in a hot country. Very agreeable scent. Gave it four out of five because it doesn’t last long enough.

  • LAURIE09/21/2002

    Great scent...not to overwhelming but just enough to get noticed!!

  • JANA07/31/2002

    very refreshing . i used to wear guess and i have a hard time finding it . this perfume is far better and much easier to find. i love it and more importantly my husband does too.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    Simular to Aluure, but sweeter. Too much candy-like

  • SULEMAITO03/23/2002

    lovely perfume.

  • FANI03/20/2002

    I love this perfume! I wear it from morning to evening because it seems to smell fresh and sexy and the same time. My friends and boyfriend love it too. It's also perfect for any season, winter or summer!

  • GINA03/07/2002

    I can't believe I bought this perfume. It's sweet & warm but definitely not my type. After using a few times, I passed it to my friend.

  • LYNNE01/24/2002



    this is one of my favorites i also wear dune but this one is very refreshing especially when its hot and i like to wear dune when its cold

  • L.K.09/27/2001

    Smells like Raid......icky!

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    not too strong. sweet and wearale by lots of people i think.

  • JEN06/24/2001

    By far one of the best on the market. I usually only wear Aqua di Gio, but this one is my new favorite! love it! (the body polisher is even better!)

  • JACKIE06/02/2001

    I like this perfume. I don't think it smells too masculine at all.

  • DANA05/27/2001

    This is definitely not his best's a little too woodsy and ambery for my liking - almost like a men's cologne.

  • ELISE04/27/2001

    I love this fragrance. I wear it mainly at the office. I guess it is like a "contradiction" because it's very light and fresh despite it's ambery appearance. Great bottle too! Buy this perfume. I highly recommend it!

  • JODI03/14/2001

    Great perfume! It lasts throughout the day. When I get home from work my husband says "you smell great!" and this is after only putting it on in the morning, although I do think it's a little pricey.

  • ANGELICA12/23/2000


  • PERFUME ANALYST12/03/2000

    Too expensively priced for what it offers.

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