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Christian Dior


125 Reviews

Dune was created by Christian Dior in 1991 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of amber, wallflower as well as watery notes of the fresh, cool sea air.

1.7 oz EDT Spray
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Dune was created by Christian Dior in 1991 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of amber, wallflower as well as watery notes of the fresh, cool sea air.

  • LAUREL SACCO08/10/2017

    I love this perfume. It's been my favourite for many years...

  • JIM08/12/2014

    My wife will not use any other but Dune,she says she gets more compliments with Dune then any other she ever has worn

  • LAUREL10/29/2012

    I know Dior fragrances are so popular and are always expensive. I used to wear them in the 70s but tried them later and they didn't appeal so much. Dune is the exception. This is more mellow and its dry down is so good.

  • LARISA07/18/2012

    A beautiful fragrance perfect for cooler weather.

  • TOPAZMOON1106/21/2011

    Dune is such a marvelous fragrance, I can't believe some of the comments, below. It's an amber scent which fades out into a sweet, clean scent, like you've been outdoors with suntan oil on! Since Dune is no longer carried in the US, it's become even more intoxicating and alluring to me. The other day I went perfume shopping at Neiman Marcus to see if I could find a replacement and nothing would do. Forever Dune- I wish they would bring it back!


    I literally could not give this one away. A friend gave it to me, I brought it to work nobody liked it. had to through it out!!!

  • MARSHA LEE03/23/2011

    There are not many fragrances that mesh well with me, but Dune parfum is the best. I discovered it on a wonderful young woman who was in labor, about to give birth, and I was entering the room to help with the delivery. Her mom had just brought the perfume from an airport in Belgium. She was wearing the fragrance, and my first question (after I figured out all was well with the babe and mom, was to get the name of that great perfume. That was the beginning of my need to have that perfume. Please tell me why the perfume is so difficult to get. Unfortunately the EDT smells like DDT on me. PLEASE< PLEASE allow us plebes to continue to purchage the parfum. Thank you Marsha Lee

  • EP12/10/2010

    Maybe the perfume that hits big when we're coming of age is the one we will always remember as our favorite, I don't know. I just know that I love Dior's Dune. It was my signature scent when I was in my twenties, and I still adore it now. Mileage will vary, but on me the dominant note is the amber, which is nicely balanced by the soft florals on application, and the salty sea note that becomes more noticeable on the drydown. It works very well with my body chemistry, even now, and it brings back such wonderful memories for me. If it ever gets discontinued, I'm going to have to stock up.

  • DARLENE 10/10/2010

    I have been using this fragrance since 1994. A friend & I were out recently, & 2 different males @ 2 different places came up & asked what perfume I was wearing. That's actually how I discovered it, by smelling it on someone in a crowd & asking what it was. Happens frequently to me when I'm wearing Dune. It is becoming more difficult to find, however. I hope it never gets discontinued. Lots of popular fragrances make me nauseated after awhile. I've been out of Dune for a week & won't wear anything else til I find it again. Help!

  • DEBBIE 12/31/2009

    love it hard to find and people love it on me very clean smelling please don not get rid of it

  • DEBBIE10/03/2009

    This is the best perfume I have ever found that I can wear with my alergies I love it but cant find it in stores anymore,Please dont get rid of it I love it and so does people who have smelled it on me

  • AMBER03/04/2009

    I love this scent. Bought it as a gift to myself for Christmas. For some reason, it smells very musky on me - which is great. Hope they keep making it!

  • LEE11/24/2008

    the perfume is wonderful:however the EDT smells like bug spray.

  • BLONDIE11/23/2008

    the only scent ever to remind me in the least of Dune is Chanel's Allure, but though Allure starts out in a similar way, on me the drydown is not as good as Dune. Dune keeps is lovely scent start to finish. No need to bother looking further, it's the best of it's kind imo

  • JAYNE VANDERPOOL08/24/2008

    I tried Dune and immediately thought oriental- like Samsara. I was disapointed and had my fill of orientals. However, after about 45 minutes, the drydown was almost opposite of my first impression. It turned into a clean, crisp almost cashmere scent that did remind me of the ocean, afterall! I was really pleased. Dune is unique because most fragrances have an initial freshness and then dry down into heavy basenotes. Dune does just the opposite, in my opinion.

  • ANNIE05/07/2008

    It took me a while, but I finally fell in love with that bottle of Dune that someone gave me. I think it is one of the more unusual fragrances I've ever known, way ahead of its time actually. It's difficult to classify but, yes, it is evocative of a beach - a salty dry windswept dune with wild beach flowers and driftwood and salt air, which is not the odor of suntan lotion (gardenia & coconut?) that people usually consider "beachy". I think I must acquire a new bottle of Dune. :-)

  • JANE04/22/2008

    Dune smells so yummy, I get loads of compliments and I always feel fresh and crisp with this frangrance. I especially love the body lotion, but it is hard to find!

  • AVIGAIL02/04/2008

    I dont like sweet perfume usually, but this one has something fresh... and I adore this perfume. I would be happy to know if there is perfume like dune/ reminds dune/ or with the quality of dune? thanks

  • AVA01/02/2008

    The ONLY perfume I wear. I began wearing this fragrance in 1994. I had to buy it while visiting Washington, DC, as it wasn't available in our local department stores. Dune is a magical scent that has become my personal aromoatherapy, plus I always receive lovely compliments when I wear it. It's Dior's best fragrancy. I love it!

  • CARMEN12/19/2007

    I have worn Dune since it first came out. I still love it. I have so many people asking what I am wearing and their comments are allways - that it smells sooooo good. I hate that Dior has stopped offering it retail but it is great to find it here.

  • SHANNA12/13/2007

    When I first started dating my husband I was wearing this he always said I smelled soooo good. Now, still wear it & he still loves it. Goes great with my chemistry. I havnt found anything he likes as well so i'll stick with this forever!!!

  • GLORY10/16/2007

    i enjoy scents that are strong... but not too strong. this one made me gag and had my nose burning. if you want something a little spicy and heavy without being offensive to anyone else with a nose, try COCO Mademoiselle.

  • JUDI W*03/30/2007

    I live in Florida, and the beach smells better than this. This to me, smelled harsh & sharp. The only reason I would like this is because, at it's different, and not sugary, flowery, or fruity. Other than that, just okay

  • ALLYSA03/13/2007

    This fragrance has the same type as L'instant de guerlain pour homme. The scent is sweet and spicey for the top note but I think this fragrance is more suitable to be included as oriental flower type of fragrance.

  • ANNIE03/02/2007

    I've changed my mind. Dune has finally grown on me. Or maybe my chemistry is different and it smells better on my skin. There is an initial almost anise-like sweetness at first that gives way to a dry, dune scrubby saltiness (truly dune smelling, not suntan lotion). The drydown is still my least favorite part, as it is a bit too dry for my taste, but the sweetness of the amber saves it from turning sour on me. All in all, I think Dune was ahead of its time when it first made its appearance. It's an underrated fragrance, imo. If you're in the mood for a change from girly/floral/fruity fragrances -not that there's anything wrong with those, of course - ;-) - then you might enjoy trying this one. Someone mentioned they liked the body lotion in this better as the edt was a bit harsh. I think I might spring for the body lotion as an alternative way to wear Dune.

  • SERENITY02/17/2007

    I adore Dune. It's inviting, warm, sensual, and dreamy. Never mind the reference to the ocean, though I love the name Dune (I just like saying it- lol). I don't think it reminds me of the ocean at all, but that doesn't take away from the lovely scent. It's a scent I enjoy wearing in cold weather when you want to feel cuddly and warm in your cowl neck sweater and pearl earrings. I guess that makes it an elegant scent? I know that it's not a teeny bopper type of scent for sure. This is a sophisticated one. Something in it evokes a trip down memory lane and daydreaming. Why? I don't know. It just does. =) It's similar in style to Hanae Mori Butterfly, Dior Addict, or Amarige (with a flatter edge).

  • SARAH11/20/2006

    Mysterious, not sweet... Definitely a scent with personality... Expensive and gorgeous...

  • STACE11/14/2006

    Please email me on where I can find the original Parfum...the toilette and spray don't come close! [email protected]

  • IFY |NWADIGO09/20/2006

    I used it seven years ago and i had 4gotten about it but this afternoon a friend gave me a 100ml bottle as a gift and its still stand out from the crowd of perfumes

  • PAZZO09/18/2006

    I love l'eau dissey for summer and also light blue by dolce and gabbana.U r right dune wld be too much for summer, but is perfect for fall.Even tho mine is a edt it lasts longer than some edps do on me.Also using a light hand for dune is recommended as otherwise it is too overwhelming.

  • MARA06/01/2006

    Annie, Please do not sniff Dune from the bottle. I can not stand the initial smell. However, it changes completely after a few minutes. It becomes one of the nicest fragrances ever. Try it. I think you will change your miind. It is heavenly.

  • MAYA05/22/2006

    Why not try Eau des Merveilles Perfume by Hermes... I'd say it's perfect for spring/summer warmer weather... very similar to Dune but way lighter... I think you'd like it :) Best of luck!

  • DIVYA03/29/2006

    I am trying to find a good scent for the warmer weather coming up. I absolutely adore Dune, but can see that a lot of people think that the scent is a bit too strong. For those, who like me, enjoy Dune during the cooler weather, what do you prefer to use during the summer? Thanks very much!

  • DIVYA03/29/2006

    This scent is my keeper. Probably best for the winter, since it's on a bit of the strong side and I'd feel nauseated in the summer. For the cold weather, however, it is splendid. Very seductive, inviting, and spicy.

  • RAJUL02/22/2006

    among the the sea,breeze,woods,countryside flowers,wind,rain.......etc fragrances that remind you of the elements....... this is not among my the similar category i prefer....truth by ck, eau de rochas, eden by cacharel,caleche by hermes.Dune.......NO.......also it has a bad association to my mind......evokes not so good memories.

  • SUZY02/13/2006

    this smells strange. very SALTY!!! when I sniff my wrist I feel like sniffing the sea! but I wanna smells like woman!

  • CAROLYN02/13/2006

    Fin Dune way better for winter than for summery warm weather. Also dont find it aquatic. It is a warm scent, that is why I like it better in cold weather.

  • BETH02/02/2006

    Dune is not my favorite. I just can not get that Wow feeling when i wear it. Too bad. The lotion is actually better on me than the perfume spray. It is a bit smoother and less sharp on me. The weird thing is that Dune perfume has a synthetic or chemical or weird effect for me.

  • ANNIE01/28/2006

    Someone kindly gave me a bottle of Dune and I wanted to like it, tried to give it a fair shot. I do sorta like it in a weird way in that I just want to sniff it from the bottle, but not actually wear it. Because after a while, I want to wash it off. I don't get the fresh, ocean air notes at all. I do get a sense of saltiness, and a rather harsh I-don't-know-what. It's bit nose searing at first. Maybe it's just too strong for me, as some others have mentioned too. It reminds me of Calvin Klein Truth. Dune is not for my chemistry obviously. I'm glad that there are so many other choices! :-)

  • MARION01/15/2006

    No matter which perfume I try I always end up back with Dune - so many men compliment me on it, and never on any other one, and my friends say it was made for me - it is pure sex in a bottle.

  • MARIA11/06/2005

    I have been wearing Dune since it first came out. As long as they make it, I'll be wearing it. Husband loves that I wear it also.

  • *MAYA*10/07/2005

    Hi there, I just wanted to say that I agree with you. Dune is for anyone of any age. Just enjoy it. My sister wore this when she was about 20... besides there is no age requirement when buying these bottles ;) You wear the perfume not the other way around!

  • SUSAN10/05/2005

    Dune certainly must smell different with different body chemistry!! I get compliments from strange men in the GROCERY store!! even...Ask Will C.about how Dune affected him...I LOVE it!! Very sexy. I had to be away for awhile and couldn't get husband sent it to me on stationary b/c I missed the scent so much.

  • KISSYSTAR09/26/2005

    My fiancé's mom wears this beautiful scent and I could not imagine a more perfect fragrance for her!!! Dune is so serene and harmonious; yet even though she is the most upbeat and outgoing person I know this is totally her! It just melds into her personality and softens and settles her. But the part where this fragrance is like you are on the beach, is by far the best part of it... She goes to the Caribbean at least 3-4 times a year and so I think that when she is at home away from the beach (we live in Canada), this still reminds her of the fun of the ocean, sun and the waves. I am so happy that Dune is still here, I will always know what to buy for her birthdays or Christmas :)

  • BRITTNEE09/20/2005

    this one has been described as an older woman's sophisticated perfume, but I love it and I'm only 22. I do not think it is aquatic like the description says, but warm and ambery instead. Perfect for cool weather and fall/winter. It is my "Holiday perfume". Definitely one of Christian Dior's best.

  • ROBIN 09/18/2005

    Take this with a grain of salt -- you know, different body chemistries, and all -- but to all of you who find Dune just horribly aggressive and peeyoo-y, you've got company!!

  • LIA09/01/2005

    I sampled this and asked my husband what he thought. He really liked it so I bought it. But, I just cant find the same enthusiasm as my hubbie. I think it smells sort of weird on me, but not bad.

  • REBECCA08/13/2005

    Sandra Bullock is reputed to wear this fragrance- it may be her signature scent. I personally have worn this since I was 15. And like most people wear the fragrances I like because they work well with my chemistry & make me happy, regardless of what celebrities use. I just think it's interesting to see that a famous person wears some of the stuff that i have.

  • CINDI06/18/2005

    Dune is one of those perfumes that people either LOVE or HATE. I happen to fall into the first category. On me, Dune is fabulous! It starts out bold and brazen, then dries down to soft and sensual. It is a very passionate and seductive scent and I receive many compliments when I am wearing it, both from men and from women. Dune is DIFFERENT... it is not your ordinary "run of the mill" perfume that everyone is wearing. It makes a bold statement, so don't expect to blend into the crowd if you are wearing it. It will definitely get you noticed, one way or the other! One of my faves, especially when I'm feeling a "sexy little bad girl" streak coming on! ;)

  • KELLY05/25/2005

    This one is one of those you either love or hate. Unfortunately it didn't work for me. It is strong, very ambry and warm. I didn't detect any cool sea air at all. It is intriguing in a flash, but overkill when the smell lingers. Glad I could resell it.

  • TAB05/02/2005

    I am wondering if anyone else thought Dune completely changed a few years ago. I wore nothing else for years after it first came out. There was not one single day that I did not get a compliment on it. My husband loved it. I know 4 other women who bought it & loved it too after smelling it on me. Then suddenly it changed. I thought maybe I had a "bad bottle" if there is such a thing. The girl @ the perfume counter said it was a change in my body chemistry. However, all 4 women who started using it after me thought the same thing & they quit buying it also. It started smelling like bug spray to me!!

  • TAYANA04/12/2005

    This perfume is everything but is so sweet it is sickening

  • JENNIFER03/16/2005

    I have never in my life got more compliments then when I wear Dune. guys are always asking me what I have on so they can by it for there girlfriends/wives. I've tried others just to mix it up but always regret it. This perfume was made for me.

  • BEBE02/22/2005

    the warriors fragrance. strong an d bold. crystal pure. enticingly delicous. great bottle. attraction not promotion. great lotion. very nice.

  • SHARRIE02/03/2005

    dune on the wild side. madness in passion. wild. crazy love. road romance. perfiume of the warrior. wonderful.

  • JACKIE02/02/2005

    the thing about Dune is that you have to give it some time to fade, it is too strong at first, but once it fades a little, it is fantastic

  • MARY01/02/2005

    Just bought the body lotion and love it. I notice some rose note in the body lotion that I dont detect in the perfume. Anyway, it is very nice!

  • TEXAS GAL12/29/2004

    Ladies, I love this fragrance. It's me. I guess I'm lucky that my chemistry and this fragrance compliment each other. I want to continue wearing this forever!

  • MARIA12/29/2004

    I love this fragrance! I've received many compliments from other women asking me what I'm wearing. I like the fact this fragrance doesn't work for all women; it makes us unique. Will wear this forever.

  • MARIA12/29/2004

    I love this fragrance! I've received many compliments from other women asking me what I'm wearing. I like the fact this fragrance doesn't work for all women; it makes us unique. Will wear this forever.

  • MARY12/25/2004

    I got a sample of this and my husband really liked it, so I purchased it even though it was not the typical kind of scent I usually buy. Wow am I glad I got it. It is wonderful. Uplifting and calming. Gives a nice positive feeling. Good mood perfume!

  • LAURA D12/07/2004

    I remember a few years back I was driving down a lone highway in the middle of summer,late one night and before I knew what hit me,a stench arrived in my nostrills that actually burned the hairs in them. My eyes starting watering and I felt material in my stomach desperately wanting to free itself. I became light headed, and sweaty. There, in my headlights was what appeared to be a smashed lil furry black and white animal. Yes folks, it was a skunk. And when I smell Dune, I long for that night on that lonesome highway.

  • GRACIE12/02/2004

    Reading some of the other comments I've come to the conclusion that your chemistry depens on wether you like Dune or not. I used to have a boyfriend who loved it.. on me. He said that one time his supervisor was wearing it and asked for his opinion and he told her it was not a good option for her. I am now married and my husband loves it too. So if he loves it on me I love it even more...

  • GRACE12/02/2004

    I have a sensitive nose and I was always looking for something that smelled good but not too strong and not too sweet... then I found DUNE, it's Perfect!!!... especially when it starts to fade. I've used it for years and I don't think I'll change it.

  • PATRICK11/28/2004

    Every time I smell this perfume it repulses me, no matter who is wearing it. That brings me to the conclusion that it doesn't suit any skin type or anyone. I know that smell is a subjective thing, but personally Dune reminds me of Calvin Klein's 'Obsession for Men', with hints of rotting fruit and burning rubber. There are many better perfumes out there, avoid this one.

  • PERFUMEFANATIC10/12/2004

    I really didn't like this one. It's musty and has very "dark" smell. It isn't fresh enough.

  • MARY K. 10/01/2004

    What in the world is this stuff? I can't stand it....way too masculine smelling to me. Only my opinion though...glad others like it (well, as long as they aren't too close to me).

  • RAVEN08/06/2004

    Men go crazy when I wear Dune, its one of the 5 I buy regularly, for those of you who don't like it, mail it to me, I will gladly take it all..I hope they never stop making it...

  • NAT07/22/2004

    I love it, I wish i could bathe in it. Guys are crazy about it too. the most sensuous fragrance I can think of..

  • ELENA07/15/2004

    The Dune is different, yes. Some people hate it, some adore it. But that's exactly what I like about it: it has a CHARACTER. I'm kinda tired of all "unisex" and "suitable for everyone" fragrances. It's soooo 90s. So please, if you don't like it, just don't wear it. Let others enjoy this smell. Cause all people are different too (thank God!).

  • ANDREYA06/07/2004

    I love It! I have been wearing it for years and it has become my signature fragrance.

  • AUSSIEGAL05/14/2004

    Haha the post above my previous post is such a contrast to mine lol.. Isnt it so cool and interesting how different scents smell and react differently on different skin. Its what wearing perfume is all about, we can all find our own special perfume to love. wouldnt it be so dull if everyone wore the same perfume and all smelt the same... zzzzz boring

  • HEIDE05/10/2004

    Christian Dior ought to be sued for creating such a pollution as DUNE. It is one of the most HORRIFIC scents I've ever come across!!!!! I nearly passed out!!!!! Stupid me for even thinking of purchasing this scent just because of a friend's suggestion!!!

  • AUSSIEGAL05/07/2004

    Ive been collecting perfumes since I was 16 (now 44) I have 4 drawers full of many different bottles ranging from Joy to cheap musk oil lol. Ive never worn a perfume more than 1 day in a row, changing every day. I sprayed Dune on myself in a store when it first came out and couldnt stop smelling it, I now wear it almost every day. Ive never loved a perfume or felt so comfortable in one as much as I do in Dune.

  • SAMIUN04/30/2004

    I am a big perfume fan, Dune too is one of my favourite. Very lingering.

  • CHLOE04/29/2004

    This smells divine when my sister wears it, but on me it just smells so-so. It does get better after a couple of hours though.

  • DIMMA GREECE04/28/2004

    I don`t like it on me,don`t like it from the bottle,but it`s DIVINE on my sister. So 5 stars for Dune for tnhe sake of my baby sister!!

  • SOPHIE04/14/2004

    I liked it at first, tried it when it just came out. It is very distinct. I know Dior ment it to be very different from other perfumes, that's why it is kind of etheral. But.... to my mind, it is too strong for women, especially younger ones. This fragrance is kind of masculine.

  • MAX02/19/2004

    I'm sorry but i really dislike this one. It is soooo over the top. Along with CK one this has to be my least favourite.

  • LISA02/17/2004

    I'm sorry, but this stuff smells like bug spray. It's just not for me.

  • SUE C02/13/2004

    I know it's a best seller, but I find it too dry and masculine. Lucky you if it works on your skin and suits you, it's still a quality fragrance, if not for everyone.

  • AMERICAN WOMAN02/05/2004

    I have been wearing Dune since 1992 when my daughter gave me the bottle she didn't like. I threw everything else out. It gives a subtle scent that lasts forever. I get so many compliments.

  • MYSTIQUE AVALON01/08/2004

    This is not a light, sheer, summery fragrance, it just pretends to be one. Although the scent comes on as light and fleeting, it lasts forever on me. Just handling the bottle of shower gel scented my hand for hours! I wears this when the weather turns brutally cold and frigid, and the scent is warm, light, stubborn and very close to the skin.

  • MILENA12/01/2003

    In 1992 this used to be No.1 for me. I used to adore this scent. Few years later I liked 1881 by Cerruti. Right now I adore 212 and Allure. As you can see I am not using spicy scents anymore. And this is TOO MUCH spicy for me now. I still have one bottle of Dune and I spray it once a month just to finish it as soon as possible. And when I spray it on, I get soo many compliments that I feel really bad because I don't like it anymore.

  • CHRISSY11/24/2003

    I tried to like this one ..but I don't think its anything special.

  • ANN11/20/2003

    I loved the scent when I sniffed the bottle but when I sprayed it on, it soon turned into a faint smell of something sweet, sour and warm, Not for me, this one...

  • COLLEEN 11/05/2003

    This is my favorite in my collection. I always come back to this. I love all the tones.

  • PERFUMENUT'7811/04/2003

    Just Love It!!! I own the minature size-all I can afford at this time. Just hope Dune never gets discontinued!

  • TRICIA10/22/2003

    Everywhere I go I get compliments on this fragrance. I love the way it smells on me.

  • MARA10/05/2003

    I have to put on Dune at least 30 minutes before going out. I absolutely hate the top notes. But, once it dries down, it is the most glorious fragrance of them all. I love it and would recommend it to one and all.

  • TODD07/17/2003

    Please email me at [email protected] if you know how to purchase the authentic dune perfume, not cologne or eau de toilette.

  • LISA06/28/2003

    Men just love it!

  • ABRIL06/23/2003


  • MURKI06/09/2003

    I think I've worn everything! Smells nice, but not addictive enough for me. A guy I dated really loved it on me.

  • CRISTINA06/09/2003


  • JOY05/28/2003

    Not good for me; another dud Dior fragrence

  • KATHLEEN05/06/2003

    My girlfriend wears Dune, and i find it to be sensuous and romantic. I love the fresh smell and hope she never changes her perfume. Absolutely wonderful smell!

  • NORA05/05/2003

    my favorite

  • ANDREYA03/28/2003

    Love it. I`ve been wearing it for a long, long time and I never get tired of it.

  • M03/14/2003


  • JULIA03/08/2003

    When I´m depressed, it helps me to be happy.

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    I wore this perfume over the holidays with my sweety he just loved the way I smelled the whole time. I like the fact that it's not too sweet, but rather darker fragrance. Use sparingly because a little goes a long way. Another good thing about this fragrance is that it wears well. Does not change over the course of a day.

  • OLATZ02/03/2003

    I agree with SID. I smell chemicals too! Just add it to the long list of chemical scents of the 80s that rival the smell of bug spray.

  • YVONNE02/03/2003

    My impression about Dune is very similar to S.F.'s message (1/12/03). This is not a summer scent in my opinion, it is not "marine" and "oceanic" as described. It is a warm scent, ambery-type, a bit spicy and cloying. For me it is very, very similar to Lancome's Poeme which is to me one of the most boring fragrances in the world. On the other hand I was so pleasantly surprised with alcohol-free Dune Sun (Lola mentioned it in her post). It is very sexy and soft, different from this original Dune, and I quite like it.

  • MARINA01/24/2003

    I have been wearing dune since i was 16... i am 21 now and still recieve many compliments..... aside from the fact that I can no longer smell it on my self or others... it has become my trademark and i adore it.. and as many have told me it is wonderful to be remembered by... because this scent will always remind the people around me of me......

  • CK01/17/2003

    I have tried many perfumes and this one gets the most compliments for me. I think body chemistry has much to do with it! Fragrance is very personal. NO chemicals are in the sent on most people - I read through the comments - one has to keep in mind what is good on one person is lousy on another! Good luck!

  • SANDRA01/16/2003

    dune is the best!!!!

  • S.F.01/12/2003

    I don't know why this is described as an acquatic fragrance where one can smell the sea air. I think it's spicy and it smells a tad like chemicals and should be worn for the fall and winter since it's a warm type of fragrance. I do not wear it, but I buy it for my mother when ever she runs out since it's her favourite. If some one is looking for an acquatic sort of fragrance try Moschino's "OH"!

  • SID01/03/2003

    I smell chemicals!

  • MICHELLE12/30/2002


  • VICKI12/27/2002

    i love it my fav.

  • MIIST12/27/2002

    Yes, this is very spricy and fruity to me too. It's one of those perfumes that is instantly recognizable on everyone who wears it. I usually don't like amber perfumes as they tend towards offensive bottom notes, but this one is a nostalgic treat. It's one of my mom's favourites and I am reminded of her when I smell it.

  • MEGAN MARSTON12/23/2002

    My mom and I both wore this in the 1990s. I was surprised to hear Dune described as "oceanic". Whenever I wore it I thought it smelled like cinnamon and apples. In fact, I used to regard it as an autumn perfume--and would only wear it from late August to the end of November. Dune has always reminded me of cooler weather, going back to school, Halloween, and days getting darker earlier. Does anyone else out there think of it as a spicy, fruity scent?

  • MELH12/06/2002

    I can't stand this scent on my skin! Some people wear it successfully, but on me it stinks like strong hay! I hate most Christian Dior fragrances, but Dolcevita which works on my skin!

  • LOLA11/23/2002

    You described it sooooo well! Dune does not remind me of the actual ocean,either,but a nice,long walk through the...dunes,sun baked skin, tangled hair full of salt and sand, bright sun,gentle salty breeze,and a very special someone holding my hand...Last year I found a huge bottle of Dune alcohol-free body spray,and that was a hell of a treat. It's water based and contains glycerin,so while scenting the skin it also makes it sooooft yet leaves absolutely no residue,it was the product I couldn't be without.My husband was VERY appreciative,too! But,all good things come to an end, at least temporarily,and whenever I wear Dune in cooler weather,the magic just doesn't come back...For me this is a fragrance that needs a summery environment to thrive.It's like an exotic plant:It wants warmth and sunlight,or it shuts down.As Allure is my favorite ski vacation scent,Dune is my summer vacation choice.

  • EVELYN11/13/2002

    Dune is really a one of a kind fragrance. Its composition has character to it. It has some intriguing bitter notes built on top of a sweet, ambery base. Dune is called an oceanic fragrance, but it is not the fragrance of the water, it is the fragrance of the shore: the sand, lichens. Just like a walk during sunrise (orange hue of the bottle) along the shore.

  • BETHANY10/25/2002

    I've tried to like this scent 3 different times with no success. I guess it's my body chemistry, this stuff once again (happened with Hypnotic Poison) smelled like the exotic smell of....Wood :(

  • STEPHANIE09/19/2002

    I want some of this for my birthday, which is coming up soon. I love this stuff. Dune smells wonderful, and I agree about it being a very relaxing perfume. It is also very sensual and slightly erotic.

  • MILANIE DIROY08/06/2002

    Its so affordable and the smell is so teriffffic, no need to switch to another perfume.....

  • RITA C07/11/2002

    I can not wear this scent ! It smells like tar on me. Something in it does not go with my chemistry. I can't understand how people describe this as fresh andsexy.

  • CYNTHIA06/03/2002

    I love the smell of this perfume. Everytime I wear it, men compliment my fragrance. Many men have asked what I was wearing, so they could get it for their lovers. Not too many women ever made comments on it.

  • JENNI06/02/2002

    I love Dune. It is my favorite Dior next to Hypnotic Poison and Jadore. It is the most relaxing perfume ever made.

  • BRIAN05/20/2002

    This perfume I got for my gf right after she got herself Jadore. This is not quite as good as JAdore but is still excellent. It is very peaceful, subtle and I can smell that breeze of ocean notes that are in it. It is a nice lite oriental scent that is refreshing. Christian Dior rules.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    Not bad.I received a bottle as a gift, but never really loved it

  • KAY FUNDEN03/21/2002

    My Favorite perfume.

  • LIZ02/26/2002

    This is another wonderful fragrance!

  • LORRAINE02/23/2002

    I have been wearing this scent since it's beginning.It found me not the other way around.It's scent from the bottle was very alluring but body chemistry made it my own.Have received compliments from men and women alike.Body heat intensifies it's seductive fragrance.

  • KAY02/20/2002

    Dune is one of the most unbelievable fragrances, when worn by the right person. I have been used dune for aproximately 11 years, and have received nothing but compliments on this perfume. Even strangers will stop me on the street or at clubs, and they ask me what I am wearing for a fragrance. I Love DUNE!

  • TAMMI02/20/2002

    Whenever I find a scent that I like, I usually stick to it. I found Dune about6 yrs ago and have loved it ever since. I feel beautiful and wonderfully sexy when wearing it! I love it and I am REALLY, REALLY disappointed that it is being discontinued!

  • JIL02/03/2002

    I don't know of any beach/ocean that smells like this! Again I find Dune to be another "odd scent" by Dior. There is some under lying note in this fragrance that just bugs me!

  • EILEEN01/31/2002

    This perfume is very different, not dominated by flowery sweetness or heavy spices. Between the broom flower and the vanilla, this is a very warm-smelling evocative scent, very day-time to me.

  • ANNE01/30/2002

    This is my all time favorite, signature scent. I receive SO MANY compliments when I wear it. I usually prefer it as a winter fragrance as it tends to be quite strong. LOVE IT

  • RENEE01/03/2002

    Dune is a very strong scent with my body chemistry. A very, very light touch is all I need to last the entire day. I prefer this one for evening wear, not for daytime/office. It's just a little too strong for that. Use sparingly.

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    I was surprised to smell vanilla and peach! My boyfriend's comments: Sickening sweet; dying flowers.

  • TOURAY12/18/2001

    This is one of my favorites, but I don't like it as much out of the bottle as I do with my own chemistry, weird.I switch every now and then, but I always come back to Dune. My cat likes it on me too;when she smells it on my arms, she licks where the scent is. And she has very refined tastes.:)

  • CHRISTINA11/27/2001

    I've worn Dune since it was introduced in 1992 and though I wear other things from time to time, it's no contest when it comes to my favorite scent. To me, Dune is a musk-like sensual and smoldering, yet spicy fragrance that lingers on the neck and begs for attention. I've literally been hugged by men who've done double-takes afterward because I smelled so good. :-)

  • CHRISTINE11/20/2001

    I find this fragrance terrible. It is like tea with tons of sugar in it. It is not pleasant at all.

  • SERA10/10/2001

    Viki, Dune is an "oceanic" fragrance because it's a scent that was created to remind us of the ocean or a seashore. The ingredients in Dune are very warm, but refreshing at the same time -- like the shore of a beach. Hence the name, "Dune". You know, like in sand dune.

  • LORI09/27/2001


  • VIKI09/17/2001

    It's terrible,stifling, I don't find this "oceanic" component in it.I don't like it. A pitty - such a nice bottle and color, isn't it?

  • NONI09/06/2001

    smells great and most important does not and i repeat does not linger in your sinuses. thank you mr dior.

  • TRACY08/08/2001

    This is a light, reminiscent fragrance, not overwhelming at all. I guess unusual is another adjective that could describe it, but it always puts me in a good mood!

  • CARY07/30/2001

    dune. its not a perfume to be worn in saudi summer nights, that's for sure. the ethereall salt water breeze invoking fragrance is lightly peppered with coral and sandy tones, and brightened by coastal lagoonish beach combing essences that harken to schooling tarpon and passing permit as they drift about one's neckline and pulse points. whether searching for a lost treasure chest in a forgotten cove, or riding a vintage schwin twin two wheeler with a frontal basket filled with red island wild flowers and long myrth stalks on your way to the local ale house, this scent is absolutely about the atolls and frolicking seals, it is wild and uncaptured with a hint of summer arctic breezes which can fill a room once dead and frozen, with warmth and womanly presence. Wear it in a playful way with sea shell prints and white capri pants or adorn yourself for the evening with flowing jungle inspired greens and reds with a dash of floral. Ladies, I loved this scent. You will too. Wear it sparingly and utilize it under the proper circumstances.

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    I like Dune by Christian Dior a lot! I can see why it would be the perfect fragrance to wear to the beach - it's so fresh!

  • BETH07/22/2001

    Dune is an Oriental fragrance with Marine undertones. It's perfect for an evening stroll along the beach. It contains: lilies, peonies, amber, musk and vanilla.

  • KARINA07/19/2001

    A gorgeous scent-so sensual, yet soft and fresh at the same time. There's something "oceany" about it too- hence the name, maybe? One of Dior's most beautiful fragrances. If anyone is familiar with "Sublime" by Patou, "Dune" smells very similar-a sensual, warm floral- but with a definite marine accord that Sublime doesn't have. This one is highly recommended!

  • GARY PANUSKA06/16/2001

    Dune is the only perfume that my wonderful wife Bert ever wears. Sensual and Sexy, and I just love it.

  • DANA05/27/2001

    Wonderfully light fragrance with lasting power. Beautiful oriental fragrance with a bottom note of fresh vanilla.

  • MELINDA03/12/2001

    Dune in the winter for me..Great for the office and sexy nights. Not overbearing at all. LOVE IT.

  • LADONNA HATCH01/05/2001

    I have loved Dune for about 8 years now and I haven't found any other perfume that I love as much as I do it! I get so many compliments when I wear it. It is bold and sensual without being over bearing! Try it,you will like it!

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