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Tiger Woods

T Woods   

4 Reviews

3.4 oz EDT Spray
SKU 2715
$40.00 $24.99

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  • PING12/23/2003

    just to clear this up from earlier comments- tiger woods does not endorse TOYOTA he endorses BUICK. way to do your research and be knowledgeable about what you are talking about... Can you really blame the athlete's for trying?

  • SAL05/18/2003

    As if he took time from his busy schedule to whip up the perfect scent to shill to his worshipers! I'll bet the farm he had nothing to do with this other than saying "OK" and surely, surely he doesn't wear it! Anyhow, this scent is nothing special, regardless of the name slapped on the bottle. Not vile, but not good. Enjoy, T-fans!

  • DAWN01/21/2003

    Let's clear up a couple of things. First of all, this is not that bad, but it's not great either. I smelled it at a Perfume Plaza recently. Smells a little on the cheap side. Suitable for younger girls, it smells trendy and clean. I thought it would be far more expensive than it is. If he's going to put his name on something, I definitely think that he played a major role in the way it smells. Sort of a no-brainer, hey Jill! Strange, he's known for fully endorsing and supporting all of his sponsors - Nike, Titleist, Toyota, and so on and so forth. This whole thing with celebs making their own "signature" scents is rather nauseating.

  • JILL01/10/2003

    Chris did Tiger Woods actually go to a lab and create this scent himself? Who is interested in him for his money be they swedish or otherwise is his business.

  • LISA12/17/2002

    Fo reals? He chases Swedish chicks? LOL I find it suprising that he would have created a ladies' fragrance in the first place...Hmmm. Everyone has their own scent nowadayz...kinda like how TV stars used to all have to go out and make a record. Interesting.

  • CHRIS04/16/2002

    He's too busy chasing Swedish chics to take time to make a good perfume.

  • ISA10/29/2001

    I bought this fragrance without having heard anything about it simply because I thought Tiger would have to have found it an appealing scent before assigning his name to it. Since I like a wide range of fragrances from warm and spicy to crisp and fresh, I thought it was probably a safe bet. Well, while I won't go as far as to say that it is a bad scent, I will say that it is an unexpectedly "mature" fragrance - not something you would expect to smell on someone under 50. Not that I think that 50 is old (I am over 30, you know), but it smells like a not horrible, but not-so-great either, carry-over from decades ago. I hoped so much to like this scent, but it reminds me a bit more of hair spray than a nice fragrance.

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