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Estee Lauder

Youth Dew   

223 Reviews

Created by Estee Lauder in 1953, Youth Dew is a refined, subtle, oriental fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of warm rose, geranium, and amber. Accompanied by moss, vetiver and sandalwood. Youth Dew is recommended as an evening fragrance.

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Created by Estee Lauder in 1953, Youth Dew is a refined, subtle, oriental fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of warm rose, geranium, and amber. Accompanied by moss, vetiver and sandalwood. Youth Dew is recommended as an evening fragrance.

  • L. R04/13/2017

    great product, great price

  • JACQUE S04/14/2015

    I have used this perfume for almost 29 years as an everyday one. Most people will still say what a beautiful smell...

  • MARIA NOBRE08/03/2012

    Youth Dew was my only euau de parfum since 1968,I still have some bottles! Now,reading this youth Dew is finished!!! and the propblem is that I never found anything similar!!!How sorry I am!!!!

  • IRIS11/03/2011

    this has changed, I promise you. it is watery, almost tea like. and it stinks!


    In 1968, I was a secretary in an ins. co., 22 yrs old. The men in my office gave me a gift set of YOUTH DEW for Christmas but all I remember is perfume and a small bottle of bath oil in the set. I got married in April of that year, 30 days later my husband was sent to Vietnam. Back then, all we had to communicate with was letters, everyday. On each of his letters (I had to number them so when he'd get a bunch he could read them in the right order) I put a tiny dot of the bath oil in an inconspicuous spot or two (or three) on them. I'll have you know to this very day, (we are 64 and 66 yrs old with grown and married grandchildren) if you walk up to him, right out of the clear blue sky, and hand him a piece of paper, a handkerchief, or ANYTHING with YOUTH DEW on it, he'll say, without the least hesitation, that's what you used to put on my letters when I was in Vietnam. That was over 43 years ago. It must have left an impression on him (ya think?) so I'm going to treat myself (and him) to some Youth Dew. I never bought any, but now I'm going to.

  • BRENDA O'DRISCOLL09/20/2011

    This has certainly changed for the worst. I have been using this for years and now very dissapointed I have now to choose another perfume; Wish I have read your review before purchasing.

  • MRS. B06/21/2011

    I went to Dillard's on yesterday to see if per chance they had the original Youth Dew, you know, the unchanged one? Any way, I get there they did have the original!!! The unchanged one!!! I was so happy to know this. I did call the Estee Laurder Company and the one lady wasn't even aware of there being any changes to Youth Dew. Any way I pray that the origingal Youth Dew will stay just that, original. It is an EXCELLENT perfume.

  • MRS. B06/20/2011

    What a sad, sad, day when they changed this perfume. I did change, it is not as strong, the scent does not hold nearly as long as before, and the smell is really, shall I say; unpleasent? It is. I did call the Estee Laurder company to see why they would mess with a wonderful perfume and the gentleman said that the government put in some kind of action for them to change a certain ingredient in the perfume. I've been using Youth Dew for 6 years up until now. Makes me wonder, what was in it that it had to be removed?

  • MARA02/01/2011

    I notice so many people criticize Youth Dew for being over-powering - and it is if it is sprayed directly on you from the bottle. The secret to Youth Dew is to spray the fragrance into the air and simply walk through the fine mist. This fragrance is STRONG!!!!!! If you use it as I described, compliments will surely follow you. One of my husband's favorites. It smells sooooo good!!!!!!

  • KARLENE PRESTON12/06/2010

    A very close friend smelled wonderful wherever she went and Youth Dew was her signature fragrance. We lost her several years ago but this fragrance will always remind our family of her.

  • CHEE-CHEE11/21/2010

    there's nothing youthful about this dew. it is GROSS. YUCK!!!

  • MRS. BOLDEN06/28/2010

    I am back with Youth Dew!!! Why did I leave in the first place? Because it had bad memories with it. But you know what?! God fixed that for me! I was wearing RED but I have grown tired of it, got kinda weak after a while. I just hope and pray that my husband will love Youth Dew, just as much as I do. It stays on a really, really long time. I had worn it for 6 years previously and then I stopped just a few years ago. I started back with it on this past Sunday, June 27th., 2010 and a lady said to me in church, "that smells good!" I went to Macy's on this past Saturday, sprayed it on and I said to myself that I will start back wearing this again. I sprayed on my Youth Dew this morning after 07:00 and it is now 18:33 and the scent is STILL going strong! God is so AWESOME in how He does things. Who knew that I was going to back to Youth Dew? Who knew? God knew. I thank you so much for this website to where we are able to write our thoughts feelings about our perfumes. I will let you all know what my husband thinks. Thank you, and God bless you all.

  • GINA STARCH11/22/2009

    I love. Youth dew this is all l wear

  • CAROL10/14/2009

    For all of you who hate Youth Dew, let me tell you my experience with it. Just today I was at a fine restaurant with a friend and a man approached me at our table, stooped down and said, I promise I'm not flirting, but you walked pass my table and I had to tell you that you smell fabulous! Now Please tell me what fragrance you're wearing so I can get my wife some. Please write it down for me. THEN, after we left the restaurant we went to a CVS pharmacy, upon checkout the guy behind the counter said, I hope this doesn't bother you, but, my gosh you smell good. I constantly get compliments with this fragrance. Men love it and so do I.

  • FRAN10/14/2009

    It is a timeless and nostaligic fragrance. With the cool weather I am wearing it more and more. It is a very classy fragrance, rich, and will evoke a mysterious mood...similar to the way youfeel ifyou wear Shalimar or Opium. I love it. I want to try the body powder and lotion.


    This stuff is wretched. I smell this I think of someone with no class, no taste no sense, no brains. This smells like an old lady and a funeral all crammed in a bottle. Not good.

  • BD05/12/2009

    It's taken me a while, as a collector, to get to the vintage Lauders. It's really a treasure that they are still available as they give us a window into the beauty of vintage perfumery. I recently came across an EdP and parfum Youth Dew sample and was astounded at the simplicity and quality - rich, ambery and warm. One must assume the negative comments are from less sophisticated noses used to bubble-gum sweet modern feminines. Youth Dew is the real stuff.

  • MEDEA03/28/2009

    i first introduced to youth dew when i was 14 ywars old. in spite of that i was teenager i used it and everybody was charmed with this scent. i still use the youth dew when i spray it i feel that i am a successful smells rich.

  • MIAMIGIRL03/24/2009

    Don't know what is wrong with the sense of smell in the women hate Youth Dew but noticed it is just a small percent. I have worn Youth Dew since the 60's and every time I wear it I get compliments from women and men alike. It is such a classic fragrance.

  • SUSAN 02/04/2009

    Such a great fragrance! When wearing this I feel so special and sexy. Everyone I come in contact gets closer and sniffs! If you don't like it, it's your body chemistry, not this fragrance!

  • SUSAN BARGER02/04/2009

    Every time I wear YD, I am complimented, by women of all ages, and by every man that gets within sniffing range! If you don't like YD, it is your body chemistry changing it. In the 20yrs. I've been wearing it, I never met a man that didn't want to get closer for another whiff!

  • LONDON 01/31/2009

    My Mom LOVES this perfume, but is the one perfume she wore, I could not stand. I just ordered it today for her. I'm close to 30 now, so maybe I'll finally see why she likes it so much. I Love patchouili. Although I didn't like it when I was younger, I can see why people say it stinks. Love it now, however.

  • GAIL12/16/2008

    The most heavenly Scent Ever. It is no longer available where I live. Help. It is not available on the Este Lauder Site either

  • ME12/08/2008

    I just love this one and it is priced so great. I bought the $45.00 holiday gift set which inclues 2.5 EDP, a bar of YD soap, body powder, and a small tube of body lotion. I also love the deodorant in the roll on. This scent is my winter H.G.

  • KAREN12/02/2008

    Back in the 60's while in high school a company made a beautiful floral stationery in pink and also blue. It was similar to onion skin or the old air mail stationery and came with matching envelopes. It was scented with Youth Dew. In my high school it was the only paper you used when writing letters to your friends/boyfriends. I still have an empty box that it came in I use for keepsakes. The fragrance is timeless. Didn't realize I could still buy the fragrance, thought it had been discontinued years ago. I'm asking for a perfume and powder set for xmas!!

  • LIZ12/01/2008

    This is some powerful stuff. Just one spritz is needed. Not really my sort of perfume-but I'm sure there are some ladies who would wear it well. I suggest testing it out first-don't make a blind purchase. It's not a perfume that would work for everyone.

  • CALLIE11/07/2008

    I adore this scent. It's vintage gorgeous and they don't make 'em like this anymore. I do believe it is the kind of scent that will shock you if you like girly light marine noted fragrances and soft sweet airy scents. However, if you are strong independent woman who knows exactly what she wants- you will just fall in love with the dark exotic complexity of this perfume. For perfume connoisseurs ! Never ever discontinue Youth Dew, please !

  • COOKIEBEE09/17/2008

    My mom used to wear youth dew (she switched scents). When I smell it, I am reminded of grandmas and molasses cookies- both wonderful things- although personally, I wouldn't wear youth dew.

  • ANGIE09/16/2008

    It's interesting, that when I was younger, I could saturate myself in the most heaviest of scents & love it. Now that my chemistry & health have changed, not so much. I still like a fragrance with "punch", but can't handle something too potent. I remember, when I wore it, it was similar to "Tabu", but better, and could knock someone over if applied to heavily, but I poured it on anyway. I smelled it recently, & it still smelled good.

  • COOKIE08/31/2008

    My mom used to wear Youth Dew. It reminds me of grandmas and molasses cookies-both great things- but it's not something I'd wear personally.

  • MS DIVA08/16/2008

    After reading some of the messages that were posted, I thought I'd wake up some of these ladies that don't know a good thing when they smell it. Youth Dew is wonderful. It smell so fresh. It only takes a very little to put on. It stays on all day. Unlike fragrances that you pay enormous amounts for, this fragrance will last you for months when using approriate. I highly recommend anyone of any age to try. You want be sorry.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/11/2008

    I purchased the body cream for my mother for christmas last year, and she loves it. It is more subtle than the perfume. I love the story behind Youth dew, though....Estee Lauder thought that ALL women should be able to afford fragrance and priced it very Low and originally sold it as a bath oil. Is that "sister-hood" or what!? It is very intense and I can only picture wearing a TINY (Seriously TINY) squirt on the nape of the neck or small of your back.

  • DEE-DEE LANNING06/05/2008

    This stuff makes me think of a funeral home. Flowers, death, embalming fluid and old ladies. Not something I care to remember.

  • MYRNA WITTLIN06/04/2008

    the moment i smelled youthdew in 1964, i was in love with it. i think that estee lauder made their fortune on this aroma, and then went into other products. there is nothing like it. just that color brown turns me off. use only a small amt and it will be subtle, not overwhelming. myrna wittlin, rego park, ny

  • ANNIE05/14/2008

    I used to not be able to wear this (too strong!), but as I've matured I find I can wear more Estee Lauders than I used to. I was at an Estee Lauder cosmetics counter the other day and gave Youth Dew another try after all these years. It is a spicy fragrance that smells so good to me now. It actually smells a little sweeter to me than it used to - I don't know whether the formula has been changed a little to appeal to more modern tastes. A tiny bit is all you need. Youth Dew will be my next full bottle purchase. Youth Dew Amber Nude by Tom Ford is ok, but I like this old original one better.

  • LIZ03/17/2008

    This is a very strong scent..personally, I'm not a fan, but if you do like it, I would suggest just a light seems very concentrated.

  • JULLIEFRUIT03/12/2008

    This reminds me of a funeral home. It reeks of decaying flesh and carnations. It's definetly an old lady scent. Its not good by any stretch of the imagination.

  • MALIN01/16/2008

    An older sister intruduce me to YD in the 60s, and I continue to wear it in 2008. This is a perfume for winter wearing, and the lady that wears it signifies class, taste, and refinement. It smells rich.

  • GLENDA12/23/2007

    This stuff is awful, it really reeks. I can't stand it and neither can 99.9% of the rest of the human race.

  • BUNNY12/12/2007

    I used to work with a women from Cuba whose family was deported by Castro in 1959. She told me they were permitted to leave with what they wore or could carry, she wore Youth Dew bath oil like parfume during her exodus. She also wore it daily to work in our busy medical office. You know when you watch CSI and they are at an old crime scene where the body is rotting or when they are performing an autopsy and pass a small vial around and place drops of some strange product under their nose so the cadaver smell is minimized? That small vial must be Youth Dew. I am not kidding. Put this inside your garbage can to deter dogs and raccoons from entering. On a positive note, this scent is never ending, one drop will last hours, days possibly years. Because it is so concentrated I have yet to figure out why EL keeps making it. You can literally take years to go through a bottle. This scent is opressively heavy and spicy, somewhat manly and dare I say dykish.Buy this for the person you hate.

  • IRIS12/04/2007

    I used to wear this for 6 years, not any more. Some how my body chemistry is different now. My new signature sent is Ciara. It is so much softer and prettier. Blessings and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  • PATTI11/28/2007

    Senior citizen are you crazy?? Ive worn it in my 20s and men have actually came up to out of the blue to compliment me

  • BLONDIE10/29/2007

    Well, it's that time again. The first nip of fall is in the air and I have my Youth Dew sitting out and handy. Say what you will about this one, it keeps one coming back. Agree with previous posts that it is very body chemistry sensitive and most people just wear too much. Just a spritz is all it takes and lasts all day. Smells delightful, no awful disappointing drydown like so many of the overpriced scents on the market today. This was made back when perfume was still an artform. This is the smell of rich and classy. I could easily believe it was originally created for a Russian princess. Happy Holidays!

  • AIMEE 09/23/2007

    I wore Youth Dew in college and the young man I dated at the time loved it--so did I! After awhile Youth Dew fell out of favor with me. I don't think it smelled as wonderful on me and I believe that I was influenced by so many who said "It is an old lady's fragrance." Well, I've been out of college for 26 years and I am no old lady! I recently tried it again and it smelled to me as it did when I enjoyed it all those years ago. I am going to keep wearing it as a staple in my fragrance wardrobe. It is elegant and refined and I must stress that a light hand is required to apply this correctly. Just walk into it! I think that too many of us American women bathe in our fragrances and then wonder why they smell so strong. Less is more. I also enjoy Samsara, Chanel #5, Miss Dior Cherie, Coco and a handful of others. As for the other 100+ bottles, I just enjoy the bottles. I also think that there are too many fragrances made today that are not worth the cost of their packaging. There is a lot of cheap gimmicky trash on the market that one has to sort through to find any new ones worthy of wearing.

  • BARBARA W07/21/2007

    I love heady orientals, but Youth Dew is just too much, even for me. I've tried to like it over the years, but just can't. I'm envious of all of you that can pull this off!

  • JUDY BERG07/13/2007

    The only perfume I will ever wear. The best scent ever goes with my body scent perfect. I love all Youth Dew Products.

  • ANGELIQUE06/16/2007

    This is a just a big bottle of HEADACHE. It's WAYYYYYYYYYY too strong and overpowering. My mother used to wear it - glad she doesn't another more.

  • PAZZO05/15/2007

    I like both versions of the perfume.But somehow now i prefer the amber nude more than the original.May be becoz i'm a chcocoholic and the dark chocolate note in amber nude is so delicious.Not sweet, but very intriguing,and amber mellows out in it making it so heavenly.

  • JONNA04/28/2007

    This perfume is simply one of the best. It is not insipid like the new perfumes. Although I am very young, (31) I wear this with confidence. I always feel special and sophisticated like a star when I wear this perfume. For real women only :-)

  • GRANNY04/20/2007

    I have worn Youth Dew since I was 17 and received a bottle as a graduation present. I love it. It is the only perfume I wear that doesn't cause me to have allergies. I am very disappointed in the fact though that the blue spray bottle has been discontinued.

  • YOUTH DEW GIRL04/06/2007

    I received Youth Dew for my 16th birthday 40 years ago. It is the only perfume I wear as all others give me a headache. Not a day goes by that I do not receive a compliment on my fragrance

  • BLONDIE03/18/2007

    I do like this one but have to be in a certain mood. Mostly a winter one for me. Also like Cinnabar the same way.

  • SEXY KITTEN02/15/2007

    I can't say I care much for this scent...I'm sure it's lovely on some...however, to me, it smells like rotting fruit soaked in whiskey...that being said, it's a mood/place perfume...I just need to figure out the mood and the place...sheesh!

  • JEANETTE11/30/2006

    This was the very first perfume i bought as a teenager many moons ago.It has always remained a firm favourite with me.

  • MARA11/17/2006

    I read Estee Lauder's biography. When she was not allowed to place her perfumes in a France department store (because the French thought Americans could not possibly make perfumes) she purposefully broke a bottle of Youth Dew on the floor in front of a perfume counter. Women would come in and ask what fragrance they smelled. Youth Dew was the first American perfume sold in France as a result of this. The actress, Joan Crawford, claimed that she met and married the president of Pepsi Cola as a result of wearing Youth Dew. He absolutely loved it and met Joan as a result of how good she smelled. Interesting, huh? Guess I'll have to try this one.

  • SUAN SMITH10/12/2006

    I first got introduced to Youth Dew when I was 19years old. "It was love at the first sniff". I never tired any other perfume, henceforth. Thirty years have passed I am still using youth dew by estee lauder.

  • AIMEE10/04/2006

    I just tried Tom Ford's version and I must say I like it! I'm going to have fun with this one this fall and winter. It is very soft and yet hints of the original remain.

  • KIRSTEN08/23/2006

    This is my favorite winter scent. It's great because it's not super trendy. People will compliment you on your scent with this one. It is strong, so don't overdo it! It's worth every penny!

  • BLONDIE08/23/2006

    This is the best one in years for Estee Lauder. A triumph. Tom Ford needs to get hold of several others, such as the nauseating Azuree and the sickening Knowing and Spellbound.

  • GWENDOLINE08/10/2006

    Hello folks My husband bought me Youth Dew in 1962 I was just 17, and I fell in love with him and Youth Dew and both have been in my life since then ,a love affair to last a life time and I have cheated on neither.44 years later the love story continues. xxxxx

  • ALCHIMIE08/10/2006

    I do own a lil bottle of a parfum, its strong, my God! I think that if this is too heavy, Youth Dew Amber Nude is the great one for Ya' gals! What I love bout Youth Dew is the dark chocolate nore. I smell it and it was listen in ingredients list as well. Oh my God, this dark chocolate note hipnotizes me!!! So yummi yet bitter, so magic and mysterious n sexy!!!!!!

  • BABYDOLL06/30/2006

    Ladies of ALL ages ,who love Youth Dew....wear it! and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, be yourselves,be bold and unique,be the women you all know you are! Youth Dew is not for the faint of heart and never will be!

  • IRIS05/26/2006

    I will be a forever Youth Dew woman. This frangrance was made for me.

  • RENEE05/15/2006

    I looove this spicy seductive fragrance. The original is so much better than the Amber Nude. This classic scent is for a woman who knows who she is .

  • LYNNE05/14/2006

    If you don't like the strength of Youth Dew, then try just using the Powder. It is much more subtle and light yet it lingers well. And everytime I wear it I get comments like: Muuummm! You smell SO nice!

  • SYLVIE04/13/2006

    Well, I tested Amber Nude today. It smells pleasant and nice. It's a GREEN-spicy-oriental with some leather notes in it (only the drydown is similar to the old version). I find Amber Nude a cross between classic Fendi and classic Youth Dew fragrance plus some new notes. I think Amber Nude is a chypre-oriental. It's a good concoction and some women will like it, but the legendary Youth Dew is matchless, ladies!!!

  • SYLVIE03/24/2006

    Hi Maya, thank you very much for your great Amber Nude-description. Asap I will test the NEW "Youth Dew" and then I will post a little review. Greetings from Germany to Canada. All the best, Sylvie.

  • SYLVIE03/24/2006

    Dear Taninha, thanks a lot for your nice message :-). You are very welcome. The internet and Perfume Emporium are great!!! You are from Brazil and I live in Germany. What a distance!!! Thanks to the internet we can read our reviews regarding nice fragrances! Have fun and enjoy perfumes. Happy sniffing!!! Best wishes, Sylvie.

  • GREEKGIRL03/15/2006

    this brings back lovely memories of my teenage years i never owned a bottle but me and my siblings had bought this for my mum for mothers day and i can still remember that beautiful aroma , i think this was my first perfume love and mind you mum didnt get to finish her bottle of it as me and my sisters did! after reading these posts here i am starting to really miss that aroma so im gonna have to revisit it very soon.

  • PAZZO03/02/2006

    It smells like a lighter younger fresher version of the original.It's nice, but i still prefer my youth dew, has more character and is longer lasting on me.The new version is more for teens.I love it tho, but have only one complaint - can't smell it on me after the 1st few hrs unlike the original.

  • TANINHA BRAZIL02/26/2006

    it was love ... intense , mysterious , womanly and back then , i was just 17 ... way too strong for brazilian weather ...who cared??? not i !!! a little went and still goes a long way ... here in brazil , i long for any rainy day , winter , and elegant evening ( when i just know the a.c. will be on super high !!!)... i'm a scorpio , and my middle name has been mystery ever since i found out the true nature or should i say the endless facets of being all woman )and am now 35 yrs.old !!! anyway , love to read your posts ... you voice your opinions so nicely !!! and you have amazing taste as well !!! kisses from brazil, tania.

  • RAJUL02/19/2006

    i tried this one when i was a teenager and i remember finding it a bit serious and heavy.......a classic i was probably too young to appreciate !! i wore it but did not identify with it then. am curious about my feelings towards it now...... i feel i may certainly like it better...... its been too many years since i first tried it.

  • RAJUL02/19/2006

    i tried this one when i was a teenager and i remember finding it a bit serious and heavy.......a classic i was probably too young to appreciate !! i wore it but did not identify with it then. am curious about my feelings towards it now...... i feel i may certainly like it better...... its been too many years since i first tried it.

  • ROSIE02/13/2006

    Just love this fragrance, that is the original classic version. It's divine, hope they don't stop selling this as I absolutely hate hate hate the new amber nude it makes me feel really sick at first sniff!!

  • ANN02/10/2006

    I have used Youth Dew off and on for years. It is the one scent, that when ever I use it. I always with out fail get comments about. "What are you wearing, that smells so wonderful.

  • LIS02/02/2006

    Youth Dew is so strong and smelly that it closes up my throat and makes me gag. I can alwasy tell who is wearing it by looking for the oldest person in the room. I think it is cute that ladies are still wearing the perfume of their youth, but this stuff is so cloying and smelly I've actually had to go outdoors to get away from the stink.

  • MAYA02/02/2006

    Story --- Youth Dew Amber Nude is the first collaboration between designer Tom Ford (Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent) and prestige brand Estée Lauder. ‘With this fragrance I’ve taken Estée Lauder’s existing vocabulary and tried to reduce it to its purest, most iconic form, making it fresh, modern and contemporary. (...) My goal was to take the glamour, the history, the quality and the spirit that is Estée Lauder, and work within that to create a collection for today’ says Tom Ford. The fragrance, that comes with a limited edition make-up collection is a sophisticated update that reflects the designer’s startling and sensuous vision of beauty Perfume description --- Tom Ford says he ‘took the original Youth Dew fragrance, and changed it slightly’. The topnotes are freshened up by ginger and grapefruit. The powerful floral, spicy heart of the original has been highlighted with a black rose note. Smooth woods replace the strong original woody notes. And amber balms melt with dark chocolate, that replaces vanilla. Top note : Gentian flower, Magnolia, Ginger, Fresh Tea, Grapefruit Middle note : Red carnation, Jasmin, Ylang ylang, Spices, Black Rose Base note : Amber balms, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Patchouli heart, Dark Chocolate I know I am in love with this... Just give it a chance even a little one ;)

  • MAYA01/26/2006

    Hello ladies, I too thought that perhaps this could never work.. (leave classics to be classics, this is why the ARE CLASSICS), but Tom Ford just does no wrong in my books ;) I REALLY, and I mean REALLY love the new reformulated scent. Furthermore, in my case it makes a classic, (that I loved for years on others), more wearable for me personally, (so now I too can enjoy and bask in its glorious scent). I know that this may disappoint both of you, but I would give it a try... never know you might have yet another one to add to your collections. I have ;)

  • KATHY01/14/2006

    I have been wearing Youth Dew since I was 20 years old. I am always receiving compliments on just how wonderful I smell from men and women.

  • CKMIAMI01/03/2006

    Its wonderful. The Amber notes are def. there, but there is a crystal clear, fresh note that makes it more wearable than the original (which was always a bit overbearing to me). There is less patchouli in this and hints a bit of Obsession and YSL's Nu (also a Tom Ford creation). I love it. Smokey, but again, a light, crisp note that lifts it up. Only complaint: it doesnt last NEARLY as long as the original which would linger on your clothes even after they hung in your closet for weeks.

  • ROXOLANA12/29/2005

    I favor modern fresh floral fruity scents and this one is way too spicy and old fashioned for me. This one would give me a headache.

  • KATHY12/09/2005

    This one might of been OK during its day..But even then it was kind of heavy and musty smelling, but not bad.. . .I bought a new bottle and just threw it way..Time for this one to retire. It smelled very masculine to me. Little smokey too.

  • KYM11/30/2005

    When i was a young teenager I would "borrow" my mothers youth dew, I couldnt help it! It smelled wonderful! I,m 40 now and it still smells "wonderful" the sent stays with you forever.

  • MRS. POSEY11/28/2005

    Over this past Holiday weekend, I went into the Dept. Store and tried the Youth Dew Amber Nude and it really, really stinks. It is green in color and it reminds me of another of Mrs. Estee's frangrance, but I can't remember which one. I will stick to the original, I can only pray to God that they won't mess the original up. The Amber Nude gave me an instant headache.

  • JAN11/19/2005

    When I was a young mother, a lady held my baby girl in church and told me later, she could smell my perfume on my baby. That was 42 years ago this month. What a sweet memory. I wear it from time to time, just for old times sake. Many happy memories, including an old boy friend who noticed when I wore something different after not seeing him for twenty five years.

  • SHERI11/18/2005

    One of the worst fragrances that I have smelled. It is something that elderly women wear. The perfume fills a room and stays with you.


    I'm glad that Estee is keeping Youth Dew and making a "modern" version--seems to be the right way to keep the old and bring the new! There is also going to be an "azuree" collection (no new frag). I want to smell both of these side by side, how do folks like the new version?

  • MRS. IRIS POSEY11/15/2005

    You've put me at rest. I am truly, truly, a Youth Dew fan and have been for many, many years now. I will smell the "new", but I will continue to purchase the original. It's a classic it should never, ever be changed. Thanks again!!!

  • REBECCA11/11/2005

    Just some info about the new amber nude. It's not going to replace the original at all, just a new addition for tom fords's line to E.L. With notes added to the top, magnolia,ginger,fresh tea,grapefruit and bare skin accord. Middle notes added are black rose,jasmine and ylang ylang. Base notes added:amber, vetiver and dark chocolate. The patchouli is still there in the dry down. There are a 2.5 oz, a solid perfume, and a purse spray. The line will also have makeup to buy, they resemble the youth dew bottle. All in "amber" color choices. I read that they wanted to retain the youth dew smell, but that it can appeal to a different group possibly. That they would not consider it "old".

  • *BARBARA W*11/10/2005

    Hi Sylvie! I've just read that the "new" Youth Dew will be called Youth Dew Amber Nude, and it looks like it will be packaged in the same bottle! *gasp* I read that Tom Ford is cutting the fragrance "in half" and adding things like grapefruit and dark chocolate to the formula. *double gasp*. Amber Nude is also going to be a LOT more expensive. I agree with you that re-formulated classics tend to be a disaster. I just hope they never get rid of the original Youth Dew. It's always a horrible thing to replace a well loved classic.

  • SYLVIE11/08/2005

    Hi Barbara, thanks for your interesting brandnew info. This is very important to all Youth-Dew-fans. I hate, hate, hate "reformulated" masterpieces. I hope the reformulated Youth Dew will come in a new bottle-design and packaging, so we can see the difference! Thanks again and I hope you will enjoy your first Youth Dew. It has so much power - you need only a tiny bit :). Happy sniffing...

  • *BARBARA W*11/04/2005

    Just read an article in Vogue that Youth Dew is going to be "reformulated" to reflect a new "modern" patchouli fragrance. I've never smelled Youth Dew, but based on all the reviews here, I've just ordered a big bottle hoping I'll love it. Better stock up before they change it!!

  • JAN10/31/2005

    My mother followed a lady all over a department store in Calif. until she got the nerve to ask her "what she was wearing." It was Youth Dew. That was in the very late '50's or early '60's. That then became my signature fragrance. I gave it up about 20 years ago. I recently saw an old male friend who greated me and said, "You've changed your perfume." Then he said, "I miss it." I may wear it again when I see him.....just for old time sake.

  • SYLVIE10/08/2005

    Hi dear ladies! I'm a huge fan of Youth Dew (and Opium). See my reviews here. It makes me happy to read all the new and good reviews for Youth Dew, especially the good reviews from the younger user!! Youth Dew is no mainstream-fragrance. If you wear Y.D. you will smell unique, individual and very sexy. I'm a very nostalgic and romantic person and I love the legendary "old" perfumes. They are so special, complex and unforgettable!! For me: Memories in a bottle!!! Happy hunting and sniffing. Sylvie.

  • MRS. IRIS POSEY10/05/2005

    I know now, that without a doubt I will be forever with Youth Dew. I don't know why I continued to search for right perfume, when Youth Dew has been there "right under my nose". My husband of 17 years and our children love this frangrance on me. I've been with Youth Dew for almost 5 years now. It has a strong rep., it has been around since 1953. It mixes well with my body chemistry. My husband and our children know where I am; (just in case they loose me). I would give Youth Dew 20 ********************, if I could, oops! I just did!!!

  • DARLA09/26/2005

    Years ago the only scent I wore was Youth Dew, then discovered new fragrances. It must be over 20 yrs. since I last wore it and then saw a brand new bottle at a yard sale a few days ago so decided to try it again. Aaaaah, so glad I did! The key to wearing this scent it a little goes a l-o-n-g way.....use sparingly!!

  • CHARLOTTE09/24/2005

    I wore two scents in high school, Youth Dew and Windsong and i still love them both. My mother-in-law started wearing Youth Dew shortly after my husband and I got married so I kind of had to lay off. Also, did not like the way it smelled on her, really musky and awful, but my husband says it smells wonderful on me. This really is a very body chemistry sensitive fragrance, but on the right person it is heavenly and unforgettable. I am wearing it again mainly as my winter scent. I also love L'heure Bleu. These new scents leave me cold. Either too strong or too watery. Youth Dew is just right!

  • DANA09/22/2005

    Discovered Youth Dew! I have many perfumes and many of the newer perfumes have a synthetic quality to them that I dont smell in Youth Dew. I appreciate the pure quality of it and the gorgeous composition. This is a sensual scent worth discovering. By the way, I am young, and do not feel that Youth Dew is for older ladies!

  • BRITTNEE09/20/2005

    Several of my friends think I'm crazy for loving this perfume because they think it is for older ladies. However, I think this perfume is as feminine, soft, and ladylike. Sort of like a grown up version of baby-powder. With all the retro fashion, why not wear the perfume to match?

  • DREW08/21/2005

    i love youth dew.not well known here in italy, but very tasty.i prefer using it on autumn and winter days.good on rainy days, cold nights when you can use it on scarves and makes me fell warm and woody, like being in front of the firelight and smelling some pine wood's a perfume i love wearing with brown and caramel clothes.i would never use it in summer days..i love winter.i have no problems with the amount of youth dew i spritz..on me it's never overhelming.probably it's my skin chemistry.used also the cream and can't wait to try the bath oil..i heard it's the first formula the perfume arrived to the pubblic.very smart of was her way to allow all women to wear it without spending a fortune and the price is very appropriate today as far.good dew

  • MARK08/19/2005

    Recognizing the vast differences in body chemistries, preferences, etc., I still must share my one-star rating and its reason. When I was 13, I had my tonsils out. The volunteer who came to my room wore Youth Dew in massive doses. It was harsh, overpowering, and made my eyes water. To this day, I experience an urge to be sick when I smell it on anyone. The remark about losing nose hairs when encountering it nearly made me fall out of my chair. So true!

  • JAN08/09/2005

    I recently saw an old boy friend who hugged me and said, "You've changed your perfume. I miss it." He was refering to the Youth Dew I had warn 25 years ago. I headed straight for the department store and purchased the same bath oil that I wore 25 years ago. When i saw him again, she said, "That's it. That's mine." Ah, the memories. Like stepping back in time. I will never be without it again. The new scents (and I have tried many), just don't compare to the wonderful, classics.

  • JANICE07/30/2005

    My mother has worn Youth Dew for at least 40 years and it smells wonderful on her. But I borrowed it while visiting and it went SO BAD on me that I had to use alcohol to neutralize the frangrance. If it works on you, though, it's heavenly. She always tried to buy it in the blue bottle, said the fragrance stayed true for longer. Is the blue bottle even sold any more?

  • MRS. IRIS POSEY07/30/2005

    Can you believe it?!!! I'm back with Youth Dew!!! What happened, you may ask? Well, I'm glad you asked, I went out into this HOT weather we are having and the Opium didn't last NEARLY as long as the Youth Dew does on me. Granted, every body chemistery is different. But some how God just doesn't want me to spend a lot of money on perfume. Youth Dew cost me just $23.00 whereas Opium on today cost me close to $70.00. To me this really isn't being a good steward over God's money. "Please forgive me Lord."

  • MRS. IRIS POSEY07/30/2005

    I just needed to say, sorry to all of the loyal Youth Dew fans. I am no longer a Youth Dew user. I have switched to Opium. My awaking was on July 27th, 2005! And it smells so good!!! I thought that I would never use any thing else. But as I have gotten older in this life, we as humans can make a mistake and I did. I will never go back to Youth Dew....sorry!

  • MRS. POSEY06/28/2005

    Thank you for your message. I have been wearing this wonderful sent sence 2001 and I will not wear anything else. My husband just loves this Youth Dew and our daugthers too. I am now 41 and I really don't consider myself as an "old lady", I am however aging gracefuly and I am looking and smelling good while doing it.

  • LOUISE06/19/2005

    I used to think this stuff was horrid, like many of you who've posted messages. I would just sniff the tester at the mall and say "Ewww!" However, wanting to be a more objective, well-infomed lover of fragrance I sprayed some lightly on my neck one day at Marshall Field's because I wanted to give it a more fair shot, and it was divine... it made me feel like a 50's movie star all day (I'm not an "old lady", either -- I'm 28). I really like it and I think that you ought to all just TRY it for a day and if you still hate it, fine -- but don't just sniff the bottle and cross it off your list. It's got a huge following for good reason!!!

  • JOYE05/03/2005

    I recieved a big bottle of this from my mother-in-law years ago. I think it is absolutely THE worst stuff I have ever smelled. I still have the bottle and can't even find anyone that is willing to take it.

  • SYLVIE03/20/2005

    What a classic fragrance!!!! How nice to see all these good comments :-). Youth Dew is a miracle!!! Women will always have a love or hate relationship to this fragrance, because it is such an unique, extreme and strong scent. A perfume with edges and character - wonderful. Youth Dew is the "mother" of Opium, Cinnabar, Obsession and all the other great spicy-oriental fragrances. Thank you Estee Lauder for this bold and excellent fragrance.

  • MRS. POSEY03/10/2005

    My husband is back from communting back and forth and is home to stay. When he came home he said "what is that beauitful smell?" I said "it's Youth Dew", and he said, "no, it's you!" I won't ware any thing else. Youth Dew is "our" frangrance!!!

  • MRS. DUFFEY02/22/2005

    To answer your question about Youth Dew in the Summer time, Youth Dew smells just devine in the Summer. It's not too strong either for the Summer. It still makes me feel beauitful and wonderful. I LOVE Youth Dew.

  • SABRINA02/15/2005

    i just love this scent!!!it's not important what a girls age is because i think that every woman wants to feel sexy and sensual sooner or later!this is the one scent that i can refer to as me.just that smell of patchouli lovely!you must try dolce gabbana and l'heure bleu also love coco madmssll.I only wish that they sell the youthdew bathoil here in belgium.can I juse youthdew in the summertime???

  • SARAH02/15/2005

    I wanted something sophisticated and sexy to wear to work or a night out - youth dew did it for me and does it for my hubby too! I've never received so many compliments in my life from people I know and strangers whenever I wear this scent! Definitely not just reserved for the older ladies!

  • MRS.D.02/14/2005

    On this past weekend, I tried Boucheron and after an hour or so, I developed a headache. I don't know why it is that I am trying to get away from Youth Dew when I know deep down in my heart, Youth Dew will always be for me. My girls always know when their mommy is around and they know which room of our home I was in last. It last a long, long, time. I love this stuff!!! My husband loves Youth Dew too, so that's it! My search is over, Youth Dew will be the frangrance that I'll be burried in. I give Youth Dew a perfect 100%.

  • LOISPOL02/13/2005

    I still love Youth Dew althogh it has been a long time since I have worned it. I love smelling it on other people. Brings back fond memories. I am going to start wearing it again when I am in a Youth Dew mood!

  • EMERALDGIRL02/09/2005

    Youth Dew smells like "whoa, lighten up on the scent!", not "fresh and clean" Youth Dew? Hate it admit it, it should be "Old Lady"

  • SABRINA02/08/2005

    i just love this scent!!!i finally i found my scent!i'm 27 so i believe that it is not the age of a woman that is important but if she wants to be and feel sexy and sensuel.i think every woman want to experience a nice and soft and warm scent that go's well with her skin chemistry.please also try l'heure blue and dolce and gabbana,hiris and narciso rodriques for those sensuel sexy days,these are my al time favorits also i love the edt from chanel nr 5 because it smells just like sweet coconuts on me.can anyone tell me if you really can't were youthdew in the summer?

  • ALDIE01/02/2005

    I've been wearing Youth Dew for near 40 years. Throughout this time, I've tried other scents, but I always come back to Youth Dew. I guess you either love it or hate it. I love it.

  • IRIS12/21/2004

    My husband David loves this perfume. Every time he smells it on me, he smiles. I love to see him smile! I will never use any thing else.

  • LAURA12/07/2004

    Strong enough to euthanize a horse. Or can be used as smelling salts for someone who fainted..that is, if they want to wake up puking.

  • CHANNIE10/25/2004

    The worst smelling perfume I've ever smelled. I got it as a gift from my mother-in-law and it was disgusting. Stinks. Not to mention that awful dark brown color that stains your clothes. My advise, do not waste your money. The only person I can imagine wearing it is an old lady who doesn't have such a good sense of smell. Definitely not for a young beautiful woman. Not even for an older beautiful woman because it's not beautiful at all.

  • LIZ10/02/2004

    these reviews can be a bit silly, but I just want to say, Youth Dew is the only Estee Lauder fragrance I really do like. It has complexity and a lovely rich incense quality. Don't wear it in the summer though, it is strictly for cold weather.

  • CINDY09/28/2004

    In response to those who gave Youth Dew a poor rating -- they don't know what they're missing. I've been wearing Youth Dew since I've been 16 and am now 46. My grandmother wears Youth Dew, as well as my sisters. It is a scent that stays with you all day, and only a little is required. I have a tray full of other perfumes (which are probably rancid because I never use them). Youth Dew is a timeless classic and I hope Estee Lauder NEVER stops making this wonderful stuff.

  • MAMACITA09/14/2004

    If this is the smell of old ladies, bring it on! I have found this to be absolutely heavenly, sensuous, rich and warm, long-lasting and mysterious. I love that I don't smell myself coming and going, and that people are amazed when I tell them I am wearing Youth Dew. My 11 year old daughter went to my dresser and picked up and said, "What is in this beautiful bottle?" I can only hope that they never change one note of the fragrance, the color or the beautiful classic shape of the bottle, because I never want to be without it. All you "young" ladies who marinate yourselves in your watery florals and then say Youth Dew "stinks" need to learn how to apply a true lady's perfume.

  • SANDY09/07/2004

    I too have been wearing Youth Dew for years. When I first started I didn't really give it much thought -- but after so many compliments, especially from men, I knew I was into something good. Some have told me they bought this for their wife but it didn't smell the same - I think it depends on who's wearing it. Apparantly, my chemistry and this perfume are a match! Perhaps that's why some of the other folks haven't had as positive a reaction. But if you really haven't tried it, give it a shot for at least a week and see what happens! I love it!

  • DIANE WALES09/01/2004

    Been wearing it for twenty odd years, always have compiments from both sexes.

  • SHANNON08/28/2004

    I received a small bottle of this as part of a gift set. I understand the appeal of classic vintage fragrances, but cannot for the life of me understand why this one is still being sold. I could not detect anything appealing about this fragrance: heavy, overpowering, almost medicinal. I couldn't even bear sniffing the bottle let alone wearing it! Extra points off for the incredibly ugly bottle & brown colour. This one should have been taken off the market ages ago.

  • SYDNEE08/27/2004

    The description states that Youth Dew is an evening perfume. Please grant your co-workers the nasal courtesy of saving this scent for "evening, sit at home alone" wear only. One of my co-workers wears this scent and I swear I loose nose hairs every times she enters the office.

  • BETTY C WILCOX08/18/2004

    I have worn Estee Lauder Youth Dew since I was 21 years old. I'm 59 now and certainly do not feel at all stuffy when I spray it. It makes me feel special because SO many people,especially men, have said," I love the perfume you're wearing. What is it and where can I buy it? I'd like to get some for my wife (or girl friend)". Dozens of women have asked me the same thing so I KNOW I smell good. There is one thing you MUST NOT do if you wear Youth Dew. Don't spray on as much as you would the Walmart perfumes. That's what a lot of people do and that ruins the effect!! Youth Dew is strong and can be overwhelming if you spray too much. Spray a LITTLE bit on your neck and wrist and it will stay with you all day and through the night. Never spray twice in one day. I think the ones who didn't like this perfume have made that very mistake. It made me feel like a lady at 21 and still does after using it for over 30 years. I've tried lots of others and thrown away a lot of perfume over the years. Oh, by the way, my daughter uses it and her daughter uses it and we all three love it. Try it again and use my suggestion and I think you'll get a better result.

  • KATIE08/09/2004

    Youth Dew doesn't smell at all youthful; not in the bottle, and not on the women I know who wear it. It reminds me of a VERY proper church service, pipe organ and hats and the whole nine yards. Perhaps it does smell nice on some women, but I think the majority will find it too stuffy and overwhelming.

  • MARIA08/06/2004

    You are very sarcastic & disrespectful of Sr. Citizens.Someday you will be an OLD LADY too & I hope you smell just like "Youth Dew". IT STINKS!

  • IRIS07/30/2004

    Thank you Sylvie and Annie for defending OUR Youth Dew!!! It is because of WOMEN like us, we can appreciate the beauitful things that life has to offer. I've been wearing Youth Dew for over 3 years now and I will not use anything else. I've tried to ware other perfumes, but NOTHING comes close to Youth Dew. It is my signature sent.

  • SYLVIE07/28/2004

    A breathtaking, wonderful nostalgic, shameless sexy, ultra-feminine, spicy-oriental scent! Unbelievable staying power. No fragrance for beginners or shy women. If you like modern, light, cool, watery, white flowers, synthetic fragrances like Chance, Mademoiselle Chanel and all the other new "hightech" scents: PLEASE STAY AWAY from this deep-dark-brown delicious juice!!!!!!!

  • ANNIE07/28/2004 very very obviously...this perfume (all perfumes really) smells different to everyone. Some people love it...and it must smell good on them. Some people hate it and it must not smell good to them. So WHAT???!!!!! It's good to have the perfume rated I guess, but since senses of smell are so subjective, how can one make an informed decision even partially based on these reviews? And to top it off, some of the reviews are downright nasty, which indirectly (or directly) insults all those who find they love the fragrance, or that it smells good on them, or they have received compliments when wearing it. Children must be writing those reviews because the immaturity of comparing a scent that some people clearly love to cat urine or some other disgusting odor is just plain juvenile. Lighten up people! Everyone has different tastes! That is what makes the world so beautiful, even if YOU don't see the beauty in the same things. My goodness!!

  • CHRISSY07/22/2004

    One of the nicest things about the Estee Lauder company is that when a fragrance is in the stays in the line. This scent is one case where I think that should be reconsidered. I cannot believe that this stuff even sells. It is so strong and horrible smelling..not to mention the ugly bottle and color. I am a big Estee fan..but this one I would never ever reccomend to anyone. Not even someone I didnt like to much.

  • REBECCA06/27/2004

    This, like all perfumes is not for everyone. It is dark,and rich. Can be heavy on some people. I'm sure those that referred to it as "crap", would know what that smells like. LoL Because they usually wear the poorest quality out there. If you don't like it, then come up with a more educated explaination ladies! I always like to see women who try different things, and don't stick to the same generic (used by millions) perfume. Anyway, this is great. And if your grandma used it,then she must know something about perfume. XOXO

  • JIBBIE4906/24/2004

    Wonderful exotic perfum that men will notice. A classic fragrance for a classy lady.

  • LISA06/18/2004

    I love Youth Dew and I've been wearing this frangrance for 3 years now. And I don't plan on using anything else.

  • KIM05/22/2004

    I discovered Youth Dew in high school and have worn it since. A fragrance that lingers, a fragrance that is noticed. One of the best.

  • MRS. D. DUFFEY05/07/2004

    My husband just loves this stuff. He is the reason that I ware it, also I love it too!!! He knows where I have been, the frangrance just lingers a long, long time, which is what we love! I love my husband, and I love Youth Dew!!!

  • VAVA VROOM05/04/2004

    I'm 40 and have worn this fragrance since I was 14. The problem is that most people dont know how to put on good perfume. You have to mist it and walk into it and/or mist your clothes NOT saturate your person with it. I continually am stopped and asked what I am wearing (scent) and complimented profusely. But really a perfume has to work with your body chemistry and this one is fabulous for me. I wear other fragrances too but this one most and I dont label fragrances day or evening but do sometimes differentiate winter and summer. This one I wear all seasons.!! Try it and the cream too.

  • NEECHI05/04/2004

    An important concept with this fragrance is that a just a little dab will do it. You don't need a lot of it. I am an African-American woman in my mid forties and it is my signature fragrance. I have worn it for the last 25 years. Men and women alike compliment me on how it smells on me and how great my skin is, especially the men. I alternate between the perfume and the body cream. It is wonderful for the skin. It's fresh, romantic, and not at all over powering -- if you know how to wear it!

  • CHLOE04/29/2004

    I normally like fragrances that are often described as 'old fashioned' or 'grandma-ish', but this one just doesn't work for me. It smells (and looks) like natural perfume - yuck

  • PAZZO04/28/2004

    I absolutely love this perfume.I know there r many who just hate this, but go to the estee lauder site and see that this is the 1st perfume gift set to be sold out for mother's day.So I guess there r more people who love it than those who don't.


    Thank you all, I think I found my perfume after all! After reading all your messages, since I was in search of a "new" perfume (ever since Guerlain discontinued "Mahora" in Europe, and since I was in the right age category (between 50-60yrs), I definitely made up my mind not only to buy Youth Dew but keep it for my signature perfume as you all so characteristically say (and all these without having tried it yet). Iam definitely going shopping the day after tomorrow, and I hope the body oil exists in Greece, otherwise I will have to make do with the perfume only. I am sure I will not be dissapointed thanks to all your comments because I know it is going to be just as I like it: very strong and long lasting!!!

  • IRIS04/26/2004

    I love Youth Dew and I've been using this wonderful frangrance for over 3 years now. My children know where their mommy have been because of the rich sent. Youth Dew is for ANY woman who wants to feel beauitful ANY time of the day or night, it's so long lasting too. The body cream is excellent too!!! I can't say enough about Youth Dew, I will say this though, I will use this perfume for the rest of my life. This is my signature frangrance. Be in prayer for the Lauder family too, in the loss of Mrs. Estee Lauder.

  • ELLIE03/14/2004

    they need to destroy this one! whoever thinks this is good must be... very old. this bottle as well as other estee lauder ones are so strong. you will smell much better with walmart brand. would you pay for this bottle and smell like death by estee lauder?

  • DENISE03/06/2004

    I just love the clean smell of this perfume and I weat it all of the time. People are always complementing me on how good I smell.

  • DONNA03/02/2004

    One of the best perfumes of all time!

  • SUE C03/02/2004

    You're funny! I remember trying this one in a department store when I was very young, and nearly fell over from the shock of something so disgusting and couldn't imagine anyone buying it. Maybe those over 100 with no sense of smell left. Or Madonna who goes for anything vulgar and tacky! Give it to your worst enemy for Christmas.

  • MARY02/03/2004

    I" just read the messege about the perfume smelling like concentrated spit, this person has not wore good perfume before, I class it with dior and other classy scents, get a life

  • FRANCESCA01/24/2004

    I rediscovered this fragrance, it is absolutely beautiful. It has a lovelly powdery dry down. Madonna wears it apparently and she has very good taste. It is not a common fragrance. Very romantic and definately noticed. It think I also purchased it for nostalgic reasons also, besides smelling oh so wonderful!

  • CARAVAN01/01/2004

    I used to wear this years ago, as I love spicy orientals. Thought I would give it another shot at the EL counter. Well, the inital whiff was delicious and I was so happy, but the drydown was such a huge disappointment! Way too powdery,the spice was gone, and it just smelled dated and uninteresting. Not an offensive smell, just not on par with the more complex orientals on the market. Try Omnia by Bvlgari for a spricy one, it is the best.

  • BETH12/19/2003

    That's the problem Josh, it lingers.

  • JOSH12/06/2003

    Maybe women should be more interested in what men like, not what other women like. Youth Dew is classy soft, subtle,enticing, mysterious,lingering & wonderfully UNFORGETABLE, and absolutely the sexiest fragrance on earth! It is the scent of a woman! I am 27, and I don't think that is old. My girlfriend (26) has always worn it and we have been dating 2 years. We are getting married in June. She is a model, so she she must know something about being attractive. When she is off on a shoot, her fragrance lingers all over the house, and I can't stop thinking about her.

  • JOANNE 11/14/2003

    I have been using Youth Dew for almost 10 years and I can't begin to tell you how many compliments I receive. Cabdrivers, co-workers, relatives, friends, and the list is endless. Youth-Dew is a wonderful fragrance but like all fragrances it is not for everyone. I use the Youth Dew bath oil as a body perfume. I use just a dab on my pulse points and it lasts throughout my 8 hour day. I love the rich amber color to say nothing of the spicy aroma. Long Live Youth Dew!

  • TONIE10/23/2003

    That's exactly what it smells like. I knew someone who wore this fragrance and although she was a lovely woman, I would hate to see her (or should I say smell her) coming! I have not seen anyone I like this fragrance on. WHY IS IT STILL AROUND?????

  • SHIRAZ10/22/2003

    is because so many women say they can't stand it. Incidentally, I've never had a negative comment from men, on this one, it's always been huge raves. And it's always so easy to get because apparently, not many wear it so it's always in stock. But... it does have its cult following, because, whether people agree or not, it is a very distinctive frag that requires the right chemistry backed up with the most ballsy attitude to pull off. So obviously, it's not for everyone...

  • JUDY09/26/2003

    Well this one has been around forever and I remember it from when I was a little girl. I recently took my daughter to a department store and sprayed her with it as a joke, no usually there are guys all over the place following her around like sad little puppies, but after I sprayed her with this brown liquid I think that they were actually laughing at her and running away. I feel bad that I ruined her chance to have guys adore her for the day but I guess that's the price to pay for a little fun.

  • JANET09/21/2003

    I have been wearing this perfume for over 30 years and it is a staple for me....simply my favorite.

  • JANNINE09/14/2003

    Oh, now I found out it contains a lot of patchouli. That has to be the stench I detected. I absolutely LOATHE patchouli. It reeks to me.

  • JANNINE09/14/2003

    There is nothing subtle about this fragrance. I had read the description, and the purported "fruity/spicy/oriental" notes sounded great to me. But then I tried it and it really smells like old ladies. Maybe it clashes with my body chemistry. Strange because I usually wear the strongest, spiciest perfumes available. But this one was overwhelmingly garbage-dump-like.

  • JANICE09/09/2003

    This fragrance is my signature. I have used nothing but Youth Dew for many many years. I get compliments really often and most of the time from men that want to buy it for someone they care about.

  • GIPSY QUEEN08/25/2003

    ...Always generate strong comments, but too often people make the mistake of assuming that if a fragrance is strong, it is bad. Not true! Also not true is the assumption that if a perfume was not created in France and doesn't cost an arm and a leg, it sucks. Come on, now... Youth Dew is pure genius. It's a well balanced spicy oriental with a slight herbal edge and a beautifully balanced base of woods, amber, musk and spices. It's also a diabolical, bewitching scent with strong evil tendencies! Put on too much and it will turn on you while making you the laughing stock of the gallery. Its seductive power lies in the subtlety of your approach to it. I mean, who likes to be slobbered on by an overbearing bulldog on a first date? So go easy. Very easy. One little tiny squirt below the chest area is more than enough, then give it 45 to 60 minutes to settle down. Oh, and smokey eyes + natural, shiny lips wouldn't hurt to complete the effect.

  • MARTHA08/18/2003

    I have always loved Estee Lauder Perfumes- as one cannot purchase them at just every store- at least here in Canada! I wore Youth Dew many years ago- when I was in my twenties- and loved it -but later I turned to the more modern ones of this line! I realized- after I read Rachel's comments - that I too had such good memories of Youth Dew! I received more compliments from wearing it and Cinnibar- than any other perfume- and I have tried many over the years! I agree with Rachel that Youth Dew is a bit softer than Cinnibar- but still has that very distinct and special aroma! I am now in my fifties- I guess I am thus considered an old lady- but a Rep from Estee Lauder explained it best! She stated that it is not that older women wear Youth Dew- as so many on this site are stating- it is that they have liked it since they were young as I did - thus continue to wear it when they are older as well- Chanel No. 5 is another Classic and an example of this theory! She also told me some of the most modern and sexy movie stars- who are not old either- wear Youth Dew! I once sent a letter to someone and just had my Youth Dew on my wrists the normal way- when they received it- they commented how they loved my perfume -as they could actually smell it on my writing paper! I think that I shall stay with this one from now on - as often it is the case -that the older ones are the better ones!!

  • JULIE07/14/2003

    Okay, okay! I'll admit, Youth Dew is not one of my favorites, but it would be nice if everyone could refrain from insulting each other based on taste in fragrance. This should be a fun, non-offensive site! And to address the question of scent: I'm using products and enjoying scents now that I never would have considered ten years ago -- so don't assume that you won't say to some woman one day in the distant future, "What's that lovely perfume?" and hear her reply, "Why, it's Youth Dew." It can happen!

  • MYLAAN07/09/2003

    Mmmm... Luckily, most of us don't spend our time with our heads stuck in watery garbage cans, so really, we wouldn't be able to make such a comparaison... I am wearing Youth Dew, today, and have already heard 2 compliments on the scent. So I guess... My garbage can smells better than others?


    this one looks and smells like rancid garbage water

  • MYLAAN06/26/2003

    This old VS young stuff is ridiculous, absurd and stupid. And OMG, what a pitiful lack of imagination to describe a fragrance. The Y.D formula is old. The fragrance is timeless because it's good. If anyone wants to compare me to an old fossil because I wear it, fine... But would that be before, during or after their boyfriends spend hours following me around in the gym? I'm 38.

  • ANONYMOUS06/17/2003

    I agree with your post 1000%, however... I have seen the tasteless comparaisons made several times, and I have seen intelligent responses like yours, too. Funny how no one wants to be reminded that one day, they too will grow old. (if stupidity doesn't kill them, first!) It always looks as if it's not really the fragrance, they have a problem with, but the aging process itself. Since ignorance is obviously bliss, these empty headed creatures must be living their lives thoroughly intoxicated! Mmmmm... I think I'll wear Youth Dew, today and freak out a few of them: School's out, hunting season is open, ha-ha!

  • ALEXANDER06/15/2003

    nice perfume

  • MURKI06/09/2003

    Truly, I am tired of reading how certain perfumes smell like the elderly. Weren't they young, vibrant women once? And these was the perfumes of their day. They still wear them because they smell nice. We need to break out of that mind-set. We need to acknowledge why they are still being worn after all these decades! Something new can smell awful, can't it? We'll all be elderly one day, God willing! And we might still be wearing the perfumes of our youth.

  • EXCELLENT TASTE05/13/2003

    just 2 words for this one: P.U.

  • CAROL05/01/2003

    The best way to apply this perfume is to spray it up into the air and run under the mist. A direct spray onto your skin will will leave too heavy a scent.

  • AURELIE04/08/2003

    I've read about some people's objection to the color of this perfume. Sure enough, it's one of the things that attracted me to it! It makes me think of an age old, secret, exotic potion. It is very potent, so it's important to keep a very light hand, with this, but one has to walk into a room where a hint ot Youth Dew is floating to get taken.

  • ELONA04/07/2003

    I've come to think over the last year or so that the old classics are often the best. So many of the new fragrances are vapid and indistinct. Its kind of hard to argue about the quality of a fragrance that is still going strong 50 years after it came out. To Sid, I think it just shows that grandma has great taste in perfume.

  • PAT04/01/2003

    I was really feeling down until I read some of the comments on here... I laughed until tears fell. This was my first designer perfume I bought after I got my very first job. But not knowing too much about fragrances I thought more was better....this is a strong scent and the poor people I must have nearly killed with my overindulgence with this perfume. I still like it though but not to practically bathe in it.

  • PERFUME LOVER #203/29/2003

    I've had youth dew since my teens and I still find it a pleasure to wear. Just goes to show you how utterly narrow-minded people can be,I mean,come on it's a classic!!

  • GLORIA02/27/2003

    I just got back from the dept. store. After reading these threads I had to try Youth Dew again. I knew not to just spray the tester. I asked the girl if she had a tester of the bath oil which she didn't. I did however use the body lotion. It was wonderful. Then I spied the blue bottle of the perfume from long ago when I first used to wear it. Of course everybody I knew back then wore it. I didn't get to try the body CREAM. The girl said it was like Opium. I can tell a difference but they are similar. No wonder I loved this long ago. I wear Opium now. Anyway, just for the record, the girl said they are reinventing it. Don't know what she meant by that. They also have the EDT out in a gold bottle for it's 50th anniversary! Can you believe it? Anyway, she said people are still buying it. Hey! I do live in South Florida. Why can't I wear it down here? Is it too hot? I think I will go back and get some, I just wanted to try it again. I also tried some Chanel body cream which was lovely .... but guess what I keep wanting to sniff....The Youth Dew. I am sort of surprised I still like it. I just don't like the EDT spray too much.

  • WICHITANANNA02/17/2003

    Still smells great--a classic classy fragrance

  • BETHANY02/16/2003

    Okay, so I was going crazy shopping, trying to find that perfect gift for a super finicky person.....You all know the feeling... ;) I sort of worked myself up into this frazzled nervous state, when along came this women;something about her fragrance relaxed me, made me slow down, breathe deeper. I felt SO much better-LOL! I am usually shy about asking strangers what they are wearing, but I just had to find out what this lovely scent was had tamed my jangled nerves. The lady was very pleased to answer the question-Youth Dew. She was a (I'm bad at ages) but I'm imagining she was a 50 or 60 something woman-who said that Youth Dew had been her "Signature scent since her 20's" and that"She originally started out with the body oil before the perfume was available where she lived".. I know that this scent isn't for everyone (I can't wear it-my body chemistry says NO ;), but it sure was a Godsend for me on a jittery, bad day. Thanks Estee Lauder, wherever you are-your first "juice" really helped me out-Even though I wasn't the one wearing it :)

  • RACHEL 02/14/2003

    I used Youth Dew many, many years ago and forgot about, but always loved Estee Lauder perfumes. They are so rich and full-bodied. I might have begun using it because my mother did, as so many others have. As of late I have been using Cinnabar, another full-bodied, spicy, strong perfume that really makes a bold statement. I decided I needed a change and remembered Youth Dew, and voila, a slightly used (!) bottle appeared on Ebay for for a very reasonable price. Not remembering exactly what it smelled like, and thinking the contents of this bottle may have lost it scent...I imagined it being purchased at an estate sale after sitting around for years... but I decided to try it again anyway. As soon as I opened the bottle I was delighted. I immediately applied it to my wrists and, it was oh, so, lovely, a fragrance with such richness, non of that sweet floral smell that seems so shallow to me. It also had a wonderful powdery smell, not like baby powder, but rich and yet delicate. My fiance noticed how much he liked it as soon as I put it on, inspite of being deeply involved in work at the time!!!....And he is extremly fussy about everything. I like it even better than Cinnabar. It is richer, fuller, just as spicy, and yet smooth, more romantic and less brash. It is a great fragrance for the young, and a great fragrance to grow old with. I love it. I am especially amused and baffled by those who hate it, because there are other perfumes that make me gag and feel like vomiting. We are all unique....and Youth Dew is one perfume that accentuates that!!!

  • SEXY (OLD?) GIRL02/07/2003

    Then your grandma was hot! I have been using it since I was 17, and I was hot and still am!! You should be so fortunate. The men in my life, all of them, love it.

  • RIMA02/06/2003

    This has to be at the top of the list of sickeningly sweet scents. It seems to be very popular with women in my mothers generation. Though, thankfully my mom never wore this awful overrated fragrance. It was with this fragrance that Estee Lauder launched her empire. Who would have thought?

  • JANET02/04/2003

    I love them all and the bath oil is good but the parfum is heaven, once the initial burst is gone it lingers subtly all day, I get nothing but compliments. as for the nay sayers just remember it is your body chemistry and not the scent itself that does not match.

  • MAYA01/24/2003

    I wear Y.D bath oil dabbed on as a perfume, but a while ago i found the Y.D perfume.It is magical!I love the body cream,I keep the lotion for my hands,and the powder is THE best product in the summer.The powder and roll on deodorant is all you need on a hot day,it's just right.If you're looking for the matching soap or gel,it doesn't exist anymore, but a fragrance free gel works well. I prefer to use a patchouli soap that I buy at health food stores,it just complements the notes in Y.D really well.I hope this helps,good luck!

  • PIXIE01/14/2003


  • SID01/11/2003

    My 87 year old grand mother wears this, enough said!

  • 2010WOMAN01/09/2003

    I received Youth Dew Bath oil for Christmas. WOW!! I'm so in love. This is the best smelling stuff. When I smelled it from the bottle I was not really impressed with it but when I put a few drops in my bathwater I thought I was in heaven. I'm so impressed with the bath oil. My question is do the other YD products smell like the bath oil? Which product smells closest to the bath oil? I guess I could wear the oil if I can't find a perfect match.

  • BB12/31/2002

    it would be hard to get into the mood because it smells like my grandmother and the catholic guilt would devour

  • MAYA12/31/2002

    I needed a good laugh,this morning, and reading your post,i sure got it! have you given thought to a career in counter advertising? Have a happy new year!

  • BB12/28/2002

    Oh, yeah, I thought I recognised the bottle. My grandmother wore it and I smelled it on a patient that came in a bit ago. She was anything but youthful. But the smell was so comforting and full of memories. I dont think I could wear it, but I would love to have a bottle to spray on my scarves and head coverings for church. I dont find anything romantic with the scent myself, but I can see how it would be sensual. It would be hard to get into the mood if I had to smell it during foreplay. lol. But I just love it other than that.

  • CHITOWNDIVAUS12/27/2002

    I'll be honest--I went through my Yuk Doo, I mean Youth Dew phase back in the early '80s. My older sister gave me a bottle when I was about 20. It took me three years to empty it--it was so strong that I would spray it in the air and walk through the mist and that little bit held me the entire day!!! Come to think of it, that's why it took 3 years to get rid of it!!! I smell this stuff now and ask myself how I could have worn that smell for 3 years! Smells like rancid cough syrup--really rancid cough syrup!! Now it just reminds me of really old church ladies--kinda like Emeralde (another really old perfume that really old ladies wore and probably still do!) Yuk Doo--not for the faint at heart!

  • SILVIA12/25/2002

    read the title....enough said

  • BETH12/23/2002


  • BB12/22/2002

    all the commotion, goodness, cant wait to experience this for myself.

  • MAYA12/04/2002

    For a few days,now,our Canadian friends up north have been blowing some of their arctic air our way,no doubt to see how we would fare, down here...Well,when the going gets tough,the tough gets...A huge fire in the fireplace,a gargantuesque cup of hot cocoa,and steaming hot bath seasonned with Youth Dew bath oil!I know a lot of you out there don't like Y.D,so please disregard this post,but to those who do like it,and to those who don't know it but are willing to be open minded,let me say that this morning is turning out to be just perfect!The scent is,of course,VERY strong,spicy and long lasting,but when used correctly,it is magical. The bath oil provides a good base for the fragrance,actually on some, that's enough.For a more intense experience,after drying off,I applied more of the bath oil on pulse points,(in really TINY amounts,that's important),and finished with a light dusting of the Y.D powder.I also used the roll on deodorant that comes in the line,but I did not use the fragrance spray.Then I had to go out Xmas shopping,and something funny happened:in a dept store,at the cosmetic counter,a man wanted to buy fragrance for his girlfriend.The salesperson said to him that he should try any of the newer fragrances,she thought they were all very nice,but he should stay away from the "oldies" , especially the ones like Y.D. I was looking at gift sets,and had to come closer to the counter,the man turned to me,caught a whif of my scent,and asked me if he could please smell me better! I said yes, he inhaled deeply and said :"I don't care how much I have to pay,this is the one,it will be perfect on her!" Imagine the look on his face and the salesperson's,(who,no doubt,had hoped to make a much larger comission),when I said this was Youth Dew,and that even if he bought the entire line,he would spend under a hundred bucks.With that,he smiled,and said:" now there is no excuse,I have to go look at rings!" It is true that Y.D was launched quite a long time ago,but if you think of just the date,it's not nearly as ancient as Shalimar,or L'Heure Bleue. And the launching date is not the point,here.The point is that when a scent is good,tried and true,and has withstood the test of time,then the only reason such a scent might not "work" at times is because of chemistry...or a massively heavy hand!Youth Dew lovers all agree on one point: GO EASY!!! This isn't a weakling of a blend,it is a classic blend made of natural essential oils,it is powerful, and makes a statement with only the lightest touch.In the summer,I love Opium.But when the air turns cold and dry,Opium looses its magic on me as it becomes too harsh.This, however,stays warm,spicy and lush all at once,and,as my husband says, has the ability to smell as if the scent came from deep within myself. He finds it deep,dark,and bright all together,and has compared it to deep jewel hued velvet and silk. How could I possibly go wrong with that?

  • RACHEL11/22/2002

    Oh, my god, this stuff smells so bad. Gives me an instant headache, and makes me feel like throwing up. I'm serious, it truely makes me ill.

  • LOLA10/23/2002

    Today,it started to snow,which is unheard of,where I live,at this time of the year.I used my concoction of diluted Y.D. perfume oil all over wet skin,dried off,then put on a light dusting of Y.D. powder.The resulting scent was light,slightly spicy with a hint of musk.About a couple of hours later,I went to a 2 hour long power yoga class (to keep my brain from oozing out of my ears!),and the room was very warm.Suddenly, someone said:" I don't know who smells so incredible,but it sure makes holding those nutty poses a lot easier!" And then,everyone in the class was taking those deep breaths in,which is always recommended in yoga,but people tend to forget,as they are more focused on holding those #@#!!* poses without falling on their faces. And then everyone agreed that if you're gonna be in a closed room full of sweaty,hard-breathing people with heat at about 78 degrees, smelling nice but light is not only polite,it is essential.Then they all begged me to tell them what it was,so I did.And they were all shocked,as most of them had always thought of Y.D as a harsh way too strong horrible juice...I wonder how many of them will be wearing it at the next class...

  • LABRUJA10/20/2002

    Ugly, muddy looking stuff in an ugly non-descript bottle with a BadAwfulHorrible smell. There's nothing about it that I don't hate...Except several very good friends that love the stuff

  • SARAH09/18/2002

    i myself can't wear it...but my mom has worn it since the beginning of time, and i love when i smell it on someone else because it reminds me of the most wonderful person-my mom! i always got to keep the elastic bow from the bottle when dad gave mom youth dew for christmas. i like the body lotion though, and the dusting powder. extremely classy scent for real, confident women.

  • ANNIE09/13/2002

    I like the scent of patchouli (in moderation) but not on me. Doesn't go with my chemistry. A lady I used to work with used Youth Dew body lotion, and it smelled nice on her. People always have these strong reactions to Youth Dew, either love it or hate it. The patchouli's why.

  • APHRAEL08/10/2002

    Hey,Natalie,I just read your post, Thanks for the riotous laugh,I needed that! And yes,Y.D by the bucket can indeed turn a room into a gas chamber...That is one blend that demands a light hand.

  • NATILIE08/02/2002

    I must say there is a girl at my office who wears this and I will just say that we all want her dead because she reaks up the whole building. I say if you want to smell horrible why not buy Tabu, it is a lot cheaper than Youth Dew and smells just as bad.

  • MAYA07/31/2002

    WOW,all this controversy and all those passionately opposite comments sure did arouse my curiosity! I'll admit that I had, without having tried it,dismissed Youth Dew as a concoction from the stone age,but then,I started to read all those pro and con battles over it and,well,I just HAD to try. It is,I think,similar to Cinnabar and Opium,except that Cinnabar has a lot more cinnamon and Opium is a tad softer.I believe that Youth Dew has more cedarwood and patchouli in the dry down,and more orange and bergamot in the top notes.I'm not sure about the middle notes,but to me the heart of the scent seems very full and round,where Cinnabar is downright spicy in the middle and Opium feels more aromatic and herbal.Although I would have no problem using Opium in hot weather, the slight bitterness and fullness of Youth Dew tell me to save it for cold,and snowy days.I do like it quite a bit,especially since the body products are sooooo good.

  • TJ07/27/2002

    I wear a very tiny amount of Youth Dew's Bath Oil on my neck and it smells terrific and I get a lot of compliments. If you put it on very heavily, then no, it won't be pleasant-like any good perfume you have to be conservative. Btw...I'm 30. Not old.

  • RENEE07/26/2002

    I've worn this since I was a teenager. I am 37 now . continually I get compliments on how I smell. Strangers literally stop me in elevators, restaurants, etc and comment..ask what it is. Tell me I smell great! Both women and men. Frangrances are a combination of your personal body chemistry and the product so try a tester at the store befor buying.

  • LOLA07/18/2002

    I found the Youth Dew body cream. Ladies by all means,I-N-D-U-L-G-E! It's very thick and creamy,so use sparingly,the scent lasted from an afternoon shower to the next morning,without using the spray.

  • ELLIZA07/15/2002

    friend recently gave me an essential oil called Somalian Rose. it is the sensuous, multilayered, haunting, EXPENSIVE smelling version of youth dew (though it actually costs less) -- haunting, containing at least roses and sandalwood but a number of other mysterious, unparsable scents that will keep you smelling and smelling. i DON'T much like youth dew (my mom wore it) but LOVE somalian rose. it is definately romantic, evening out, sophisticated tastes perfume and people with low perfume tolerance have trouble with it.

  • LUILU07/12/2002

    Even if is incompatible with your body chemistry, realize that a fragrance that has been around for DECADES is no mere flash in the pants. On me this is a light, spicy yet "clean" fragrance. I have the whole line, and LOVE the talc...keeps "private" places sweet smelling all day. Opium is my "signature" scent these days, but I always have Youth Dew, always. I love it and alweays receive compliments when I wear it.

  • LOLA07/11/2002

    Aphrael,you hit the point right on the the nose! As for those out there who feel "compelled" to brand us as old crones and morons just because we like something that you don't,well,enough said...It may be that your own skin composition or even your olfactory system does not agree with some of the fragrance ingredients,that happens all the time.(you should see what happens to me whenever I try to wear Must...Yet it is undeniably a great,classy fragrance of the highest quality). And again,when I wear the DILUTED(sorry,Ralph)bath oil,even on a steamy,sweaty,torrid day,I end up with a whisper-light, lingering aura of oriental,spicy and exotic scent on which I always get compliments. And no,I'm no old crone,and I don't believe I'm a moron either...Smooch to you all...

  • APHRAEL07/10/2002

    Fragrance is like beauty: It is an intimate,personal matter. So,sure,any mass marketed perfume which might be very popular with a number of people could very well make others want to gag,and the other way around,and for a simple difference in opinion some of you out there feel they can indulge in crass and tasteless name-calling? As for Youth Dew,there is a reason why it is still popular and in demand after all these years:There are more Youth Dew compatible skin-chemistries than not. Also,Youth Dew was designed at a time when women knew that when it comes to applying fragrance,less is more.Any perfume,no matter how classy will stink up an entire building if used by the bucket. Youth Dew is a strong,long lasting composition. Painted on,it's awful;used with a VERY light hand, it is delightful. At least I think so...

  • KAILEY07/05/2002

    I think that if you like smelling like an old dying cow that this fragrance would do just fine. I cannot see any justifiable reason to wear this perfume unless you like the smell of death ond old people.

  • IVANA06/26/2002

    I asked a girl at work what she had on & she replied Youth Dew. I could not wait to go & buy one & love wearing it. I get many compliments on it, especially from men. Not for the beach girl crowd.

  • BETHANY06/24/2002

    Hi. Thank you to Vonni and Vanessa for taking the time to explain this fragrance to me. I had to find out myself, so I just tried it. Sad to say that it did not work well with my body chemistry, but oh well-there are plenty of other good fragrances out there. I do however think this one has picked up a bad rep. A woman next to me tried it first, and She smelled Wonderful in it. It's that old Body Chemistry thing again ;-)

  • AUNTGOOEY06/22/2002

    I've loved this since I was 15. I'm one of those who can't stand today's trend to ethereal, airy, light, simple fragrances. When I put on a perfume, I want it to be complex and last, and I want it to have a beautiful dry down period so you can sniff your wrist 4 hours later and smell the wonderful lingering base notes. This is one that will never go out of style.

  • VANESSA06/15/2002

    It smells like incense.

  • LOLA06/14/2002

    it's all in the freedom of choice,baby!you seem like a practical kind of guy who likes it straight out of the bottle.i prefer to play mad scientist with my cosmetics and perfumes...peace!

  • LOLA06/14/2002

    girl,you hit it right on the nose!i couldn't described it any better,that is EXACTLY how youth dew works...

  • VONNI06/13/2002

    Youth Dew is described as "a feminine scent which possesses a blend of warm rose, geranium, and amber. Accompanied by moss, vetiver and sandalwood. It is recommended for evening wear." I like it and wear it, and to me the drydown smells soft and powdery, and a little like myrrh -- I guess that's the amber. It's a very nice fragrance if it works with your chemistry, but it's pretty awful if it doesn't! It's from the period when perfumes were elaborat creations - not a CKOne or other modern "transparent" scent, so don't expect that from it. Test it at a Nordstrom or Mays counter, and give it at least 20-30 minutes to develop.

  • BETHANY06/11/2002

    Okay, I've read all (or most) of the messages on this one. I've never smelled it though. I sometimes like perfumes that are a little different, or outspoken-depending on what kind of mood I am in. What EXACTLY does this smell like? Could someone please explain what the big fuss is about?

  • RALPH06/09/2002


  • LOLA05/18/2002

    to all those who think Y.D is too strong:get the bath oil,mix one part with six parts of an uncented carrier oil(jojoba is a great one),and rub it all over(yes,all over)wet skin.then pat dry.the effect will be more subtle,still very long lasting and since the jojoba oil is so compatible with human skin,it helps the scent of the Y.D bath oil mix with your own chemistery.give it a shot!

  • HOLLY05/15/2002

    Might turn Grampa on with this one!

  • BERTHA BUTT05/05/2002

    Hmmmmm... The color says it all.I've always wondered why this stuff is brown. Now I know why because it smells like something else that is the same color!

  • TRINA05/03/2002

    I was out shopping with my mom and she sprayed this perfume on a card as a joke and told me to smell it as she was laughing! I couldn't believe how utterly horrible it was. I've never smelled a perfume that repulsed me that much. Needless to say, my mom feels the same way as I do.

  • JOHN05/03/2002

    Its gotta be the best - EVER - and always will be

  • TRACIE05/02/2002

    It is so wrong to say that Youth Dew is just for old ladies who can't smell anything. Youth Dew is a fine fragrance. I adore it and I'm only 21! So there!

  • LAETITIA04/28/2002

    I think it is absolutely rude to say that certain perfumes are made for old ladies who lost their sense of smell. It is ridiculous! Above all it proves some people's immaturity. Keep such opinions to yourself.

  • SUE SNYDER04/22/2002

    This is the best estee lauter ever made. I love it!!!!!

  • JORGE04/12/2002

    This is a nice, although too strong, perfume. I find it definitely not suitable for young women. No way. Listen to this man's opinion. This is the kind my mother would wear. Still I like its originality and strength but on a mature lady only.

  • GTHANG04/11/2002

    I don't think it's the best fragrance ever, or anything, but people can have an opinion of their own and it should be respected.I mean, when you think about it, it's just perfume....

  • PAIGE03/21/2002

    I guess I am one of the old biddies who uses Youth Dew. My husband gave me my first bottle some 20 years ago and I still love it to this day. I look forward to a set under the Christmas tree every year. My mother in law says it dates me. I have tried many other fragrances but I always come back to my first love, Youth Dew. I dread the day when they might decide to quit making it.

  • JESSICA03/20/2002

    But I don't like the smell. I'm not into insulting individuals because they like a certain perfume. I'll agree that this fragrance is not suited for the faint of heart. It suits mature brunettes best (in my opinion). But I don't understand how someone can not like Chanel No 5 but like this (as was stated in an earlier post...)

  • SHAWN03/10/2002

    I've worn Youth Dew since my college pal loaned me a bottle before a big night out. That was 25 yrs ago and I've never found another fragrance that is so right for me. I do wish it was still available in the non spray bottle though.

  • LAURA03/07/2002

    My mother gave me a bottle of this for Christmas when I was fourteen; she thought the name was stupid but that the fragrance was irresistible. I agreed. I would get so many compliments when I wore it--it was very grown-up and sexy for a fourteen year old girl. Youth Dew started me on a lifelong love affair with classic perfumes, especially those by Estee Lauder. I'm now 24, and a couple of months ago, I realized my old, long-unused bottle of Youth Dew had "turned". Though I hadn't worn it in a long time, I just couldn't bear the idea of not having a bottle at hand. When I went to purchase a new one, I was struck again by just how wonderful this scent is. I'm wearing it frequently again and I get compliments. To speak to the whole "smells like an old lady" controversy: yes, it's a strong fragrance; yes, one should use caution when applying it so as not to knock friends and family back ten feet; but NO, it is definitely not an "old lady" perfume. It takes a woman with a strong personality to carry it off, though, I think. I'm sure that women who are quiet or passive by nature would probably be better suited to a different perfume. However, that doesn't make Youth Dew "bad".

  • SHANNON 03/06/2002

    this stuff is really disgusting...i dont even know why estee lauder still makes it...i guess for the old ladies who have lost their sense of smell....ick.

  • PERFUME LOVER03/05/2002

    To those of you who have read some of the previous posts, and may be a little unsure as to whether you would give this fragrance a try after reading so much negative feedback, let me give you a different perspective! I am twenty-six, and I adore Youth-Dew- I discovered it as a teenager. It's definitely not true that this fragrance is only for -what was it?- "gnarled old bitties"! What, however, Youth-Dew decidedly IS: a deep, sexy,spicy, memorable and feminine fragrance, introduced at a time when perfume-making was still something of an art. As I work in the fragrance industry, I consider myself somewhat qualified to say that Youth-Dew is an exceptionally well-made scent of high quality. If it smells a little strong, it's because it IS: fragrances today are, for the most part, composed of far weaker (and cheaper) ingredients than are the classic scents of the past. A fragrance composed of strong,high-quality natural essences usually requires that you use only a little bit, and this is the case with Youth-Dew. When used in moderation, it smells heavenly! I think women today are so conditioned to respond to today's sexless, generic-smelling fragrances that they often cannot appreciate the beauty of a heavier, more truly sensual perfume. Youth-Dew does not smell "old"-it is a classic, and there's a big difference! Also, whenever I wear it to work (which isn't often, since I think of it as more of an evening scent), the men who come to the counter looking for a gift for their wives or girlfriends never fail to say, "I want to buy whatever YOU'RE wearing"!!

  • TRINA03/04/2002

    I agree with Cynthia.

  • TRINA03/04/2002

    Sooooooooo GROSS!!

  • DEMELZA02/26/2002

    The post "YOUTH? by Cynthia" couldn't put it more succinctly. This is #1 for those in pursuit of the "gnarled old crane" image.

  • G. WRIGHT02/25/2002

    Have been wearing Youth Dew for 20 yrs.; all I get is compliments about how nice I smell; I manage a elderly housing complex & one of my 100 yr. old tenants told me recently that "I smelled good enough to eat". My husband buys it & loves it.

  • CYNTHIA02/18/2002

    Oh hardly. This was the first heavy, cloying, nausea-inducing oil fragrance, originally concocted for use by rich old biddies who'd lost their sense of smell. There's nothing at all youthful about it -- you'd have to age a casket of Youth Dew oil some 50 years to get such a murky, sour, starting-to-go odor. Smells like a funeral parlor to me.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    Still love YD after all these years. Reminds me the era of being in love, my 20 minutes of being slim and getting married to my prince charming!!

  • KAETHE02/02/2002

    I truly believe that Youth Dew is the sexiest smell a woman can wear. How any man can resist it is beyond me. Too bad I'm semi-poor and can't really afford it anymore!

  • SUE ELLEN01/30/2002

    This powdery, feminine scent is surprisingly moderately priced. I'm sorry they discontinued the scented soap and deodorant,

  • MOLLY01/27/2002

    Perhaps you should use Youth Dew!

  • EVE01/26/2002

    your right girlfriend yd is the classic for the classy :-)

  • EVE01/26/2002

    i been wearing it and i think this is so sexy for all the haters maybe you girls just dont know what classy smell is .

  • SUSAN01/18/2002

    This fragrance was very popular when I was in high school, but was very expensive in those days. One day when my aunt came over I asked what she was wearing (it was Youth Dew) and there on the spot she gave me the bottle (now when I think of it, I don't think it is suitable for a young girl). Many years later, I tried to purchase it in Macy's. The saleslady talked me out of it stating it would not be good for a green eyed redhead, it would be better for an olive skinned woman..Imagine that??? Funny but my aunt who was born in Germany was a buxon blonde and handled it just fine. Go figure....

  • VANESSA01/16/2002

    What's the difference between the plastic blue bottle and the other one?

  • CHARLOTTE01/16/2002

    Madonna has been reported as a frequent wearer of Youth Dew. I guess she really is getting old. It's more like Youth Pew if you ask me. Woof.

  • K01/09/2002

    Need to let this one "air out" a little before assessing the scent. It has wonderful staying power!

  • CARLY01/05/2002

    Very, very bad perfume.Not at all for me.

  • GIOVANNA01/03/2002

    I strongly dislike "older" smelling fragrances such as Chanel #5, Joy, 1000, Un Amour de Patou and Shalimar to name a few. One sniff and anyone can tell they're from grandma's good old times. I must say that Youth Dew, despite its older formula, does not fall in this category. It's a beautiful, fresh and well-balanced floral. It's strong at first, but if you let it sit on your skin for a few minutes it becomes so fresh and flowery you won't believe it's the same thing you'd spritzed a few minutes ago. I believe it's the perfect example of a timeless fragrance.

  • GINA12/30/2001

    Joyce, it is my signature as well.. It's a beautiful classy and sophisticated fragrance and when people smell the scent they know I'm near... I can't tell you how many compliments I've had on it... especially from men and I'm a married woman. lol But that isn't the reason I like it... That's just the icing on the cake.

  • GINA12/30/2001

    Youth Dew is definintely NOT for just older women... I've been wearing it since I was twenty three and I am forty now... I think its very classy and sophisticated... To all those claim to NOT like it, make me a deal and let me buy yours very cheap... It would be worth it to both you and me.

  • GAIL (2)12/30/2001

    This is in favor of Youth Dew. I am not OLD and I have been wearing this since my teens. Granted it is not for everyone but no need to get vicious about it ! Every man I have worn it around has LOVED IT !That says something !

  • TONI12/30/2001

    OH MY GOD!!!! I just got this perfume from my boy friend for Christmas. I hate it!! My boy friend said the sales lady said I would love it. Horrible!!!!

  • ANONYMOUS12/29/2001

    As for Youth Dew, it is a gorgeous classic!

  • VARLA12/29/2001

    Why would ANYONE in their right mind wear this disgusting rancid scent???I'm surprised anyone would even think about buying this one.

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    My description: Walking outdoors and smelling burning wood from chimneys.

  • SARA12/20/2001

    A very disturbing perfume.

  • VANESSA12/14/2001

    I can't imagine anyone wearing this. It's awful!

  • K.12/14/2001

    Agree! I am also 26, and have been wearing Youth-Dew since I was 20. It smells mature and sexy, not old lady-ish: once again, the trick is to use it VERY sparingly. When appplied lightly, so that only those who get very close can smell it, the effect is incredible! Most men I've met go crazy over it, because they're not used to women in their twenties wearing anything but those silly air-freshener trendy scents- whereas this perfume has power and sensuality. A classic since 1953 and still going strong!

  • HUH?12/13/2001

    I disagree with you. You're wrong to put any person who likes Youth Dew into the "older people" category. I adore Youth Dew and I'm only 26.

  • BETH12/11/2001

    I share your opinion.Youth Dew is a heavy cloying perfume.As people age their sense of smell decreases. I think that's why so many older people seem to wear it.As for me, I really think it's an awful perfume.

  • ZEKIYE12/10/2001

    I like it but it's strong and frankly I would not have thought of even trying it on if I had not read that Madonna wears it. What I don;t understand is all the intense bashing and reverse bashing etc. It's just perfume

  • EVELYN12/05/2001

    I have worn Youth Dew for several years and have received only compliments. I shall continue to wear it as long as Estee Lauder makes it!

  • TONI FROM CINCINNATI!!!11/30/2001

    As for Youth Dew, I personally do not wear it, but my dear mom does, it smells fantastice on her,yes, memories are abundant and the scent wonderful.

  • KELLY11/28/2001

    too strong.

  • ALI11/27/2001

    This stuff stinks.

  • SHIRLEY BAY11/08/2001

    If anyone wants a new bottle cheap,let me know!

  • SHIRLEY10/30/2001


  • ASHLEIGH10/25/2001

    This is the most revolting perfume that I have EVER smelled, it is soo gross! I can't believe estee lauder even sells it!

  • TONI10/17/2001

    This fragrance brings back so many wonderful memories, my mom wears it and now I due on those special occasions. Warm and homey!!

  • GAIL10/10/2001

    This has got to be the worst perfume ever created. All I have to say is, truely SICKENING!!!

  • IRIS 09/25/2001


  • LORI SCHENK09/20/2001

    I love wearing Youth Dew around Thanksgiving and Christmas. It has kind of a cinnamon-like scent that makes me envision a warm holiday setting.

  • SHADOW09/07/2001

    My Mother has been wearing this for forever and I dunno, maybe she puts it on wierd or something, but it's overpowering to even sit in a car with her. So, to anbody who wants it, have fun but be careful to put it on lightly.

  • SUSAN08/27/2001

    Quite an outstanding fragrance, but a little heavy. Years ago I used the bath oil as perfume, it lasted forever. Do they still make the bath oil?

  • STEPHK08/15/2001

    My mother wore this when I was younger. I did not like it then. It is a scent that grows on you, though. Now I really like this fragrance. It is not right for me, but I always love to smell it on others.

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    Youth Dew is my absolute favorite by Estee Lauder. Having originated in the 1950's, it has survived as one of those well-loved perfume classics. However, I have met several people that don't like it at all. I guess it may be an acquired taste. Because it so heavy, it's more of a winter time or evening fragrance. I generally wear it beginning in the fall when the air is crisp outside. It is very strong, so just a little dab will do! :)

  • KARINA07/22/2001

    I love this fragrance! It is a sultry, rich Oriental, definitely best for night or wintertime. For anyone who thinks it's too heavy, I agree it's not to everyone's taste (it's even spicier than Opium and Poison), but chances are, you're applying way too much! All Lauder fragrances are very concentrated, and this one even more so-only the lightest application is needed-it will last for HOURS! Apply a dab, let the fragrance develop, and enjoy the compliments that come your way! Just to prove how nice it is, here's an interesting fact: The Fragrance Foundation conducted a survey of thousands of men, in order to find out what they considered the sexiest fragrance of all time. The winner? You guessed it, Youth Dew! That's why the ads for it contain the caption "The Sexiest Fragrance Ever"-it's not just a marketing strategy!

  • SUZANNE07/09/2001

    they don't make any 'splash on' Estee Lauder fragrance, that I know of. The body powders and perfumed body creams are lighter. I love them all, but go lightly!

  • KAYE06/22/2001

    This is a beautiful, sweet Oriental classic! Anyone who can't appreciate it, doesn't have any taste!

  • BARBARA06/12/2001

    terrible too heavy smells like something you would wear if u havent taken a bath in a few months

  • YOUTH DEW - 04/28/2001

    I love Youth Dew. It's my all-time favorite. It's very heavy, spicy and sweet. A little goes quite a ways. The best part is the price -its reasonable! Buy some today!

  • JOYCE ANDERSON03/21/2001

    Ive been wearing Youth Dew every day since 1985 - it is my signature - People know I am around when they breathe in the beautiful scent...thank you Estee Lauder


    does any of estee lauder perfume come in splash on and what ones??

  • DIA12/15/2000

    This is a wonderful, underestimated fragrance that constantly is complimented and admired. I only wear this, my daughter only wears this. Try it.

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