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Christian Dior

Dolce Vita   

107 Reviews

Dolce Vita perfume was launched by the design house of Chistian Dior in 1996 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine perfume possesses a blend of magnolia, rose, cinnamon, peach, apricot, and bottom notes of vanilla and sandalwood.

3.4 oz EDT Spray
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Dolce Vita perfume was launched by the design house of Chistian Dior in 1996 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine perfume possesses a blend of magnolia, rose, cinnamon, peach, apricot, and bottom notes of vanilla and sandalwood.

  • PERFUME NEWBIE12/25/2012

    First time I smelled this fragrance...don't know why it took me so long. It is enchanting and I loved it. In the drydown it reminded me of another fragrance and that's Burberry Classic is the round bottle which has a creamy, buttery drydown. I don't really like the Burberry that much, but Dolce Vita totally makes it work. You do get a hint of wood, vanilla, floral, musk and it's incredibly good.


    Thankyou very much. I have been using this product since 1994

  • TINA T-P07/11/2012

    I have worn Dolce Vita for many many years, and was disappointed when it disappeared from the brick & mortar stores - but it's been available on-line ever since - and I've gotten it from PE many times. This time, they sent me the wrong size, but have indicated that they will be sending a new bottle (the right size) and said I could keep the tiny bottle because of their mistake. I LOVE this fragrance and I'll be a loyal PE customer now for sure! Great job on the customer service PE!!!

  • MRS L12/02/2010

    Christian Dior should be ashamed of himself! Loyal customers who have constantly paid excessive amounts of money for this perfume for it to be discontinued. NOT HAPPY

  • LIVING THE GOOD LIFE10/06/2009

    Great perfume - have used it for years. I stock up when I see it somewhere for a reasonale price. Lately, the price has gotten ridiculously out of hand. It's still distributed in France - so if you know anyone over there - you can have them send you some.

  • LIZ06/26/2009

    I agree it is rotten that companies discontinue our favorite frags. Perhaps Dior will eventually re-release Dolce Vita and the Eau. I'm hopeful because Dior seems to be re-marketing Diorissimo and Miss Dior. And if they don't get around to bringing back Dolce Vita, an interesting subsitute might be Hanae Mori Butterfly. I happened to have an old mini of Dolce Vita and tried it on -- the top note is aquatic, unlike H.Mori, but the DV's drydown is quite similar to Hanae Mori. I know they're not the same, just similar, and Hanae Mori is a fine fragrance in it's own right.

  • JUDI W*02/19/2009

    Does this come in EDP? Because I got the EDT, and it does not smell like the scent I smelled before. Do they make it in the EDP? I do NOT like the EDT at all, nauseating. I remember it smelling woodier & richer, what I got smells like a medicinal mess. I'm so disappointed, because I bought a bottle for my sis, when it first came out, and it smelled delish, but this stuff, NOT!!!

  • PANDABIRD02/04/2009


  • PAT FROM NEW JERSEY12/12/2008

    Love Dolce Vita! I get compliments frequently like - 'you smell great'! 'What are you wearing'! It has such a fresh, clean scent. I don't leave the house without a splash on...

  • KIMMEE11/18/2008

    This perfume drives the men crazy!

  • PAULA10/10/2008

    I've been wearing this for just four days but it really is gorgeous. Just one skirt is enough for me and I keep getting a whiff of it throughout the day. Lemony, creamy and uplifting - just great.

  • VAVIEW10/03/2008

    I want Dior to BRING IT BACK! I've been exclusively wearing Dolce Vita since '97, adoring the powder and constantly getting compliments. I NEVER got compliments on anything else...and I am 54 years old. I am scrounging every place I can to find it and I am enjoying every drop I wear and dreading the day wirh it is all gone....

  • JOANNAH08/23/2008

    Your comment truly scares me. It's plenty available over here in one of our largest chains called Matas. So because it's so readily available, it hasn't occured to me, to ask if it'll be discontinued. I've only just become hooked on Dolce Vita. I want it to be my signature fragrance so I ironically have to use it sparingly right now because we don't have a lot of money. The thought that it won't be available or at least won't be available in this formula, really, seriously, upsets me!

  • JUDI W*07/26/2008

    Well, I bought a bottle of Azuree Soleil on Ebay. Don't like it after all. (after all my griping of it being discontinued) I also bought a small sealed bottle of Dolce Vita off of Ebay, and honestly, it doesn't smell as good as it did. Don't know why, so it's sitting there, not being used. I'm really getting frustrated with my purchases of late. I once smelled Dolce, a few years ago, before they discontinued it, and it was lovely. Very sexy, now...I don't know what to say. Enjoy, if you do...

  • ALLYSA05/22/2008

    This fragrance smells like midnight poison but i prefer midnight poison compared to this one because i think there is something wrong about the ingredients of Dolce Vita where sometimes it smells lil bit moldy.

  • LEEYA05/03/2008

    I absolutely LOVE this perfume! Its floral/fruity/spicy/woody/vanilla combination is just mouthwateringly perfect. I don't like orientals that are too spicy & this oriental, with its sweet cinnamon note perfectly complimented by succulent peach & apricot, gives it just the right amount of kick. For me, Dolce Vita conjures up images of 60s movies & life & love on the Italian Riviera. Like the Fellini movie of the same name, this one's a classic. This is one perfume that every true-blue oriental lover should have on their dresser. Though, if the rumours are to be believed (that Dior has decided to discontinue it), then generations of women to come will never know the pleasure of wearing this marvellous scent. What a shame. Goodbye, dear friend. You will be forever missed :(

  • ORCHIDFLWER04/11/2008

    This one attracts men, Its very strong at first...go easy, alittle goes along way. The longer it sits on your skin, the better it gets.

  • LINDA03/01/2008

    Please bring Dolce Vita back to the stores. I'm tired of looking for it on the net. I can't tell how old it is and every bottle I get smells a little different. It's the best perfume ever.

  • JUDI W*01/17/2008

    I really can't stand what is happening in the perfume industry in the past few years. Alot of them are discontinuing good fragrances that alot of women love, for whatever their reasons are. They also offer "limited editions", and get women hooked on them, and within a year, you don't see them. That is so frustrating & manipulative, it makes me angry. I always was drawn to this fragrance, but never got on board with it, until I smelled it lately. By the time I went back to get it, it was sold out, and I was told it was "discontinued." The same with Azuree Soleil Skinscent, by Estee Lauder, no more in stores. What a crock!!!!!

  • PERFUMEJUNKIE01/14/2008

    A beautiful strong sexy fragrance. So sad that it has been discontinued. Good things sure do not last long.

  • JOANNAH12/25/2007

    Has it always only been sold as a 100ml EDT? Thought I'd read that you can buy it as a 50ml EDP. I'm pretty sure that my MILs bottle is smaller and an EDP. I liked it when I tested it at her place. Hub just bought me a 100ml EDT. It was relatively expensive so I really didn't expect to get it this year. I really do love this one but I don't feel I can afford to use it as a daily fragrance. I think it can be used both as a day or evening fragrance even though it's listed as a day fragrance.

  • JOANNAH12/20/2007

    If I could afford it! I was so excited when I first read about it, I loved it when I sampled it at my MILs. I usually tire quite quickly of a scent so I am building up a collection to choose from but this would certainly be one of the most worn fragrances, if I could just afford it!

  • SUZANNE10/14/2007

    Dolce vita has been my signature perfume for 20+ years. Why can't I find it in any of the department stores? The same story for Channel 22.

  • OLGA10/04/2007

    Try Feminite du Boise by Shiseido. It is spicy but not too strong, quite mysterious and gentle. Lots of woodsy notes, too.

  • OLGA10/04/2007

    Hold the bottle by the cap and put it under the stream of hot tap water for 15-20 sec. Then quickly use paper towel to dry and simultaneously twist the cap. Make sure the hot water doesn't touch the cap, or it will also expand thus making your efforts futile :-) This is how my dad opened an old perfume bottle that my MIL had on her vanity forever but coulnd't open.

  • LAURA LONG07/15/2007

    I was given a mini botle and can not open it to save my life...if anyone can help...let me know.

  • SYLVIE07/14/2007

    As we all can see, this fragrance has very good reviews. I really tried hard to like DOLCE VITA. I love the name, the color, the packaging, the bottle, DIOR and your reviews, dear PE-ladies!!! But unfortunately the fragrance is not what I expected. The head notes smell beautiful - but the drydown is not sexy enough for my nose. The drydown is very important for me! I miss some erotic ingredients and depth. I inhaled deeply but there is no depth! Maybe I miss spices and amber? Hard to describe. The drydown is IMO too simple - I miss complexity. Staying power is only so-so. - DOLCE VITA is not me. Bottle design is cute and well rounded. Better than the juice... Greetings to all, Sylvie.

  • SARAH01/06/2007


  • COLLEEN01/04/2007

    Whenever my daughter picks up my coat or a sweater I've worn she hugs it and says"I love the smell of Mom". Everyone who wears it makes it there own scent.

  • DANA12/20/2006

    Just by picking up the bottle and smellng it I knew I would love it on me. I sprayed it early in the morning with a long day of work ahed. It stayed with me all day lifting my spirts I cant explain what it smells like theres nothing that comes close with the combination of scents. Its amazing not heavy what so ever. Its on my #1 list!

  • SEXY KITTEN10/06/2006

    this is a wonerfully sweet yet fresh fragrance...I walked around with this on for about 2 hours and I though I liked it, the pepper in the formula wouldn't die down...that was the only thing I wasn't crazy about...the rest is gorgeous but the peppery part was enough for me not to buy it...but on others it smells divine.

  • BARBARA W07/22/2006

    Try Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant. It's a wonderful winter scent - warm, spicy, smooth, but no vanilla. Fantastic lasting power, too! Other options are Opium, Cinnabar, and Black Cashmere by Donna Karan.

  • GREEKGIRL07/17/2006

    hi Diane, I just sent in a post on Madness a few minutes ago, isnt it GREAT i think its a great evening scent, but i like wearing it daytime as well, Dolce Vita smells woodsy to me also but with a little cinnamon thrown in, I luv it, and it has great lasting power also.

  • DIANE07/05/2006

    When I first apply Dolce Vita it has a chemically scent on me. Very hard to describe. It almost like a woodsy-cleaning agent. Then it settles into a deeper woodsy scent which almost resembles pencils. This may sound like a bad rating, but it isnt. This scent is very intreging and mysterious. The woodsy aspect is what I identify most with it.

  • DIANE07/05/2006

    For a spicey perfume that is very unique, try Maddness from Chopard. Not everyone can wear it. Maybe you will like it.

  • CATH05/12/2006

    hi have you tried ARMANI MANIA, PRIVATE COLLECTION, CLINIQUE WRAPPINGS,MISS DIOR CHERIE AND THE NEW GOLD COLLECTION FROMM JADORE- TO DIE FOR! i would suggest dior addict which is a first class evening perfume but it has vanila, good luck!!!!

  • VIVI03/29/2006

    If you like spicy winter scents you might try Burberry, the classical one, or Nu by YSL

  • BLUE SWEDE03/23/2006

    I have been looking for a scent to use for evenings as well as cold weather - in other words something a bit stronger and "spicy" without being oriental. I tried Dolce Vita and I liked it the first few minutes when it had a sharp but still "warm", aromatic smell. Then it turned very sweet and vanillic and some notes reminded me of Amarige by Givenchy - a perfume I can't stand. Can anyone recommend a yummy scent, sharp but warm with less or no vanilla in it? Thanks!

  • GAYLA03/10/2006


  • SUZY02/13/2006

    I like it. It is NOT old-ladish at all! It very feminine and pretty ... and MUCH MUCH better than Eau de dolce vita, which I find being really strange.

  • RAJUL01/22/2006

    this scent is ok but not memorable or distinctive........ would not want to repeat it. not one that will haunt you or linger on your mind long after you've finished your first bottle !

  • WENDY01/14/2006


  • MARGARETA01/13/2006

    I am not fond of the EdT, it´s too strong and sweet for me. But I absolutly adore the soap! I have used it for five years now, and I will not change to another! And it is so good for my skin, too!

  • DESDEKID11/05/2005

    Although it is a sweet smell, it's far from intoxicating, it just makes you want to sniff it all the time. I bought one EDT yesterday and I sprayed it on my wrist and I just couldn's stop smelling it all day long. It resisted my afternoon shower, and I reaplied it in the evening (I'm an addict now) and the next morning I was still feeling it. My boyfriend likes it, he said I smell like candies :) Just yummy!

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE11/03/2005

    I bought this because a client had it on, and it smelled fabulous on her. Plus I could smell it the entire time we were together. Unfortunately, the EDT I bought doesn't last long at all! So I'll have to check with her and see if she bought the parfum, or layers an EDT with body lotion. Would have rated this excellent if it had some staying power on me.

  • KAREN10/24/2005

    Is it just me and my chemistry or is there any one else who feels this perfume has a sweaty smell,very rare. I have asked a lot of my friends to smell this perfume without saying anything about my personal opinion and all of them thinks the perfume smells delicious.

  • CT10/10/2005

    If you still have some DV left, try a peach shower gel to give your skin a base to help the fruity notes along. Also, I heard that taking extra vitamin c helps to normalize your skin's PH. If any of the above doesn't work, try Guerlain's new Shalimar light or Lancome's Tresor. Test them in the dept store before buying to see how they intract w/your chemistry. Good luck:)

  • PETUNIA09/08/2005

    I used to love dolce vita, but...I've recently had my hormones "scrambled" by surgery, and it no longer smells the same. Has anyone else had this happen? Anyway, the fruity notes now do not agree with me. Any recommendations? (Have I lost my mind?)

  • M08/20/2005

    Dior perfumes in general suits my body chemistry very good irrespective of category. This one was an exception. I thought, beacause lasr week when I was wearing it, it was quite different, not as strong and cloying as before. I think I applied too much earlier. The scent is´nt easyn so you have to be careful and also give it a chance and try it several times under different conditions ex different wheater, seasons and also remaind that your personal health at the time you wear a perfume influences. I also like Feminite de Bois by Shiseido which is stronger and have similarities with D V. It`s also difficult and you have to apply just the right quantity.

  • MEOW-MEOW08/09/2005

    It's plain and simple---Dolce Vita will always be my favourite. It brings back all the lovely memories i have had. :-)

  • SAMMIE08/05/2005

    This light feminine fragrance is enticing to men. My husband loves it. I always get compliments when I wear it. It is clean yet warm and enticing. To really get the most out of it you must layer it with the lotion. Ladies at work liked it so much they went out and bought it for themselves. A couple of them said it didn't smell the same on them and didn't have the staying power. However, on me, it is pure harmony.

  • BECKA07/08/2005

    I love this scent and so did my husband. He thought it was a sexy scent and keeps smelling me

  • SANDRA06/13/2005

    I really like this one but still there are some days when I just can't tolerate it because it seems too strong so I have to switch to something more calming like Fantasme form Ted Lapidus

  • JILLIAN04/23/2005

    When I smell Dolce Vita, I do not smell the notes of "apricot," "rose," or "peach." To me, it smells either like a strong alcoholic beverage or chemicals. Not for everyone.

  • CHERYL03/02/2005

    Without question the most femanine I have ever used.

  • BEBE02/22/2005

    touched by its loveliness. the true lady scent. nice. vibrations are high. echoes passion. wear it anytime. classic. very nice.

  • MARY12/31/2004

    In my last post I forgot to mention the woody notes. Gives a special forest, deep feeling. One thing I appreciate about Dior perfumes is the quality. I buy lots of perfume and there is a difference in the composition (to me). Dior perfumes have good ingredients I think. not cheap ingredients ( I dont refer to price but quality).

  • MARY12/31/2004

    Christian Dior simply makes great perfume. Dolce Vita is wonderful. I like the pepper notes and the softness at the same time.

  • SHARRY12/23/2004

    it's the perfect scent for winter, goes perfectly with the crisp scent of snow, i absolutely adore it

  • YVETTE12/17/2004

    This perfume is one of the best. I went crazy looking for it at the store & found it online. I love it is a nice soft smell. I will be buying at least 3 beofre they really discountinue the item which I hope it doesn't good work Chrisian Dior. Doce Vita is Magnifico

  • SHARRIE12/04/2004

    comfortable, hopeful, better to the senses, touchs me in the wind ,

  • SHANNON11/09/2004

    Normally I really like Christian Dior fragrances, so I decided to take this one for a test drive. It smelled really strong and awful when I first sprayed it on (almost a pine-cleaner scent). I was hoping it would soften into a more citrusy scent, but it didn't happen. Instead a very heavy overpowering vanillic/spice scent hovered over my skin. Not sure if vanilla is even an ingredient, but that's what it smelled like on me. Something about the late stages of the drydown also reminded me a bit of Guerlain's L'Instant - a scent I dislike. This might be a good one for those who like heady deep scents, but I'll stick to CD's lighter floral scents instead.

  • LLL10/15/2004

    This is a fragrance I fell in love with right away: I sprayed it on my wrist and HAD to have it! KAYLEANA, you must have smelled a bad bottle--there is NO WAY Dolce Vita could be described as flat and putrid!!!! Just not possible--this is one of the livliest, sparkliest fragrances I have ever tried--and I have tried A LOT of perfume. Just delicious!!!! If you like luscious, gentle fruits and woody undertones in your fragrances, this is for you!


    this is one of the best fragrances I have eveer used. always proud to wear it.

  • JODIE 09/02/2004

    Something about this scent is so comforting. I love it--although it tends to be strong. Definitely a classic on my dresser. I always go back to it year after year.

  • JANET LYNN06/30/2004

    I just discovered this fragrance. For a while I could not remember what it reminded me of, but I finally remembered. Denuda by Emmanuel Ungaro (hard to find). Only I liked Dolce Vita much better, as it had a slightly more sophisticated oriental note. So I bought it!!! I am not usually taken with sweeter fragrances. I am a die-hard Chanel girl and I wear Coco, Coco Mademoiselle, and Allure. I do like florals but only when they have some oriental and vanilla notes. For that reason I also wear and like Addict by Dior, Glamourous by Ralph Lauren, and Magie Noire by Lancome. If you like the type of fragrances I am wearing, you might also like Dolce Vita. It may just be a different but interesting complement to your other fragrances. After all, who wants to buy things that are too similar (such as Coco Mademoiselle and Chance... too similar).

  • BETZ06/11/2004

    Absolutely wonderful. My sister and I both wear it but it is no longer for sale in our area. I need the body lotion and talc. Help!

  • SOPHIE06/11/2004

    I have a co-worker who uses Dolce Vita, she has darker skin than mine and Dolce Vita smells totally different on her-- much stronger and woody. And I bet she uses a lot of it. If you use just a bit of it, it will produce a peachy fragrance. And you will save. It can be very sweet, sunny, passionate and cheerful. It is Italy in a bottle, not an old lady!

  • KAYLEANA05/20/2004

    This is the last one I will buy based on the comments posted here. Most of you are dead wrong on this. This is putrid, it is old lady in a bottle.Not yummy not beautiful just plain sharp and flat at the same time. Terrible.

  • MINNIE MOUSE05/02/2004

    I love it!! It reminds me of spice cookies and french toast. My skin really holds the cinnamon..... Great for autumn.

  • JILL03/17/2004

    Was surprised to see that there are no citrus notes in Dolce Vita, as I was sure I could smell lemon in there. Lovely, lively, lasting fragrance (oo! an alliteration) which becomes more complex and interesting on drydown. Reminds me of mediterranean holidays; the sun & the fragrant pine trees.

  • NANCY BREEDEN02/08/2004

    I started using Dolce Vita when it was first introduced in the U.S. and now it is getting almost impossible to find. Please tell Dior to keep it coming, it's great.

  • AMANDA02/08/2004

    This scent when put on my skin reminds me of nice tropical greeny fern. I don't use it often, but a strange thing is that sometimes, particularly in a very dry winter day, I have a sudden urge to wear it! Probably because it gives me a kind of warm feeling and at the same time a fantastic spicy 'edge'.

  • SHARON01/14/2004

    This definitely depends on a persons chemical makeup. It just keeps getting better through out the day. It takes about 20 minutes after applying it for the full effect.

  • SHARON01/14/2004

    This is one of the FEW I can wear. I get wonderful comments from everyone when I wear it. I can't find it in Montana. Any help?

  • EDWARD12/29/2003

    I don't understand. Why in the world would Christian Dior discontinue this product here in the states? I know that my wife is not the only woman that uses this stuff, not to mention the fact that Dolce Vita has this particular "effect" when used correctly. Take that However you want. Also, there is no other fragrance that even comes close to smelling like it.

  • SOPHIE12/18/2003

    This fragrance strikes me as rather strong but some people who can't stand other fragrances, like Dolce Vita. Guys like this smell. It has a clear peach note... besides vanilla. Vanilla emerges at the end, while peach lasts throughout the day. It better suits people with fairer type of skin.

  • LEOA10/26/2003

    This is DIOR! So they don't hold back the punches with the concentration power of this scent! When I purchased this scent and brought it back to the office, I did a test spray, just one spray! And an employee started hacking to my horror! So I haven't worn it in almost a year. I will wear it with caution! It's is a powdery womanly scent.

  • LENA10/11/2003

    Fruity-powdery, sweet scent...but more chic and elegant than recent fruity, sweet scents (produced in past year or two)... It is kind of - I don't know how to say it - "dry scent", if you know what I mean (maybe from its powdernes). I can recognize the same vanilla notes that Dior later put into Addict. But Dolce Vita is classier scent than Addict. A "happy", "sunny" scent. It has something of "dolce vita", indeed. To be used with care - I believe it could be horrible if put too much! (And the bottle is so sweet, of course!!!)

  • ABIGAIL09/27/2003

    I adore it. Because I have a coworker who can't stand scents (but my office is nowhere near hers) I try to minimize how much fragrance I use at work. Imagine my surprise one day when she complimented me on Dolce Vita, which I would have assumed the fragrance-sensitive would dislike. The bath gel and lotion are more subtle but equally delicious.

  • GINA09/14/2003

    Of all the scents I have ever worn, this single scent is the one I consistantly received compliments for; good taste is the exception, not the norm

  • YJ06/29/2003

    I just can't stand the smell. Eau de dolce vita is so much better on me.

  • DENISE04/22/2003

    The alcohol in this is too much to handle for me, but it's not as bad as the furniture store smell... Too bad I cannot detect the fruits and flowers in it.

  • SALI04/22/2003

    I've never gone through an entire bottle of any fragrance so fast till DV. I could just drink the stuff. It's complex but friendly, youthful but not too young: fresh-spicy-woody-floral with just enough peach and vanilla to sweeten up the ultrafeminine bouquet. Citrus top notes give it verve. DV is sprightly and languid at once--perfect for bipolar me.

  • TRUDIE04/17/2003

    This fragrance smells good enough to eat... sweet and spciy all at once. Semlls like fresh baked spice cookies and men LOVE it!!

  • AMARIGE04/15/2003

    i don't like this one. it's too "dark" for me. it's also very heavy. and too masculine.

  • YO-YO03/27/2003

    This is a nice perfume. Warm and feminine and as I can see men like it a lot. Slightly vanilla drydown, warm but not too overpowering. Feminine. And the bottle is so sweet, of course.

  • BERRY02/14/2003

    I've been wearing this perfume for 6 years...since I was 17. It smells very sexy but not annoying or too strong. Strongly recommended.

  • TRILBYNHISS02/14/2003

    You know when you're trying to get through the perfume section of a store with all those pushy salesclerks? Well I got a whiff of Dolce Vita and had to stop. This is one of my favorites of all time. (Lauren is #2)

  • SHERRY02/04/2003

    This is the a most extrodinary fragrance. I adore everything about it. It is sensual.

  • ZALE01/19/2003

    After the drydown smells like a sweet cedar box, very different and has great staying power!

  • SPONGEBOB01/17/2003

    The pepper is so overwhelming. I thought this smelled really gross. Really bitter!

  • MARIA01/14/2003

    i loooovve dolce vita!number 1 ever

  • NORAH12/29/2002

    Is this fragrance now discontinued ???

  • MMC12/04/2002


  • TAMAR12/03/2002

    Madeline I agree with you so much! I love this scent but on me can smell the pepper lingering. However, I have a friend who wears this and she can't understand what I am talking about when I tell her that I can smell pepper.

  • LOLA11/23/2002

    Love the scent,but I have a very bad association with this one,and now everytime I smell it,I freak out. SUUUUUUUCCKKKKKSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TO MADELINE11/01/2002

    Madeline, why don't you try Tresor: sweet, soft, warm, something like Dolce Vita but without pepper which you dislike in Dolce Vita. Dolce Vita is a bit synthetic to me. 3 of 5 for Dolce Vita, 5 for Tresor.

  • MADELINE09/04/2002

    I went ahead and tried Dolce Vita today and found I absolutley love all of the notes...except the pepper. Once again, a great fragrance is ruined by the offensive, sharp note of pepper. I wish I could have this fragrance custom made, sans the pepper. It would then be the most sensual, luxurious fragrance...perfect! Does anyone know of a fragrance like that?

  • MADELINE08/28/2002

    The description sounds wonderful, but so does the descriptions for Must de Cartier and Obsession, which I dislike. Is Dolce Vita a diiferent type of fragrance and what can it be compared to?

  • MICHELLE08/23/2002

    I bought this fragrance a few months back and I liked it a lot, however, I recently added the body lotion and this fragrance became a WOW!

  • A.08/23/2002

    Sweet as a sugar cookie. This scent manages to do what Hypnotic Poison does not: make a nice use of vanilla. This vanilla smells great--not like mildew as some do--and it's accentuated by balanced spice. It's immediately realized by the nostrils as a pleasant scent, although not an especially sophisticated one.

  • LEIGH ANN08/19/2002

    Dolce Vita has a great scent. I would suggest wearing it at night because it is very potent. Also, I think it is more of a fall and winter scent because it is so bold. I first tried it last fall when I was on vacation in Kentucky. AT first I thought it smeeled like a guinea pig cage (like the cedar wood chips), but after a few minutes there was a wonderful scent. I bought a large bottle immediately. The men love it!

  • NICOLE05/13/2002

    The best scent of that kind for me. I've tried Organza, Mahora, Dune, Casmir. Dolce Vita stands out in the flower oriental vanilla perfumes. It is not too overpowering or too sweet. There is just enough of everything. The spicy hint when you spray is remarkable. I feel wrapped in softness, heat, sun, wood.

  • M04/17/2002

    Dolce Vita is a very classy vanilla perfume. I love to wear it.

  • LIZ04/02/2002

    This is one of those fragrances I immediately had to have. It is yummy and delicious. Makes you smell like a wonderful confection!

  • CARLA04/01/2002

    very yummy, I love vanilla and spices, but I do tire very quickly of such fragrances. Used to have a bottle but didn' wear it often

  • JUDE03/18/2002

    It's a wonderful, wonderful fragrance. I'm hearing it's being discontinued? Please tell me it's not true!!!

  • NONI03/17/2002

    it was my habit to just use the bath gel and i was very pleased.until one day i added the body lotion BAD MOVE I MEAN BAD BAD MOVE.too strong i guess for me less is more.

  • DIANA03/16/2002

    Sorry ladies but this is nothing even close to Fahrenheit. I work with these fragrances every day and if anything Fahrenheit is the sweeter scent.

  • PATTY03/13/2002

    Ultrafemenine and mysterious. A WINNER.

  • ASCHATAN03/08/2002

    I tried it in the shop and it really lifted my spirits.

  • JOAN02/26/2002

    Does anyone know where I can find a free sample of this perfume?

  • QUEEN02/06/2002

    I think not. You must have smelled something else?

  • JIL02/03/2002

    Is it me or does this smell like a more sweeter female version of the Dior men's scent Fahrenheit??? Come on ladies... jil

  • MARSHA02/03/2002

    Dolce Vita is a sweet, spicy, woody, and very sensual perfume. I've been wearing it for 6.5 years and will not wear anything else!

  • EILEEN01/31/2002

    I love it. It's spicy in a dry way, guess it's the pimento and pepper. I just wish the fragrance lasted longer on me.

  • CHERYL01/20/2002

    I've been wearing this for 3 yrs now. I get many compliments from friends & strangers. It's getting harder to find lately. Filene's told me they would no longer be carrying it. They said it was more popular in Europe than here. Macy's continues to carry it though. Has anyone else heard the same?

  • VI01/02/2002

    DOLCE VITA smells like cheese???What hell of a cheese!!!

  • JOAN D.12/05/2001

    This one is one of my favorites. I'm baffled by some of the negative responses. It smells great on me. I get compliments constantly when I wear this.

  • VALERIA12/05/2001

    I have the same experience as Mollie!

  • MOLLIE11/24/2001

    Love the bottle -- hate the fragrance -- its just does not smell the same throughout the day...

  • DOLCE VITA09/30/2001

    Dolce Vita is a great fragrance! It's a warm floral with sandalwood & vanilla undertones.

  • VIKI09/17/2001

    I was so dissapointed. It's nothing!!! Don't buy it.

  • LEAH09/02/2001

    lovely fragrance received as a gift wears down to Asian notes. Yummy!

  • MARGO08/11/2001

    I love Dolce Vita by CD. I have liked it since it first came out. It smells great on me. I go through a bottle about every 2-3 months.

  • NURSE PEBBLES07/29/2001

    Have to agree with Ruby...the scent does a "turning"..and not so least on me

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    Dolce Vita is a beautiful, sensual floral. I love the Magnolia in it! I've always thought that this perfume was like happiness in a bottle. It has sentimental value for me. I sincerely hope it hasn't been discontinued because I wore Dolce Vita on my wedding day and on my honeymoon! Now, I reserve it strictly for my wedding anniversary. It smells so good, and I would like to add that it won the Fifi award in 1996.

  • BETH07/22/2001

    Dolce Vita is sophisticated fragrance. It has notes of magnolias, roses, cinnamon, peaches, apricots, vanilla and sandalwood.

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    this smells nice at first, but it seems to turn and doesn't last so well through the day

  • NICOLE02/17/2001

    I have been looking for this perfume in the stores and they said that they sent it back to the company about 6 months ago. Is it going to be discontued?

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