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Bvlgari Blv   

96 Reviews

This icy-hot fragrance for the frankly feminine female combines surprisingly chilly notes with warm chords reflecting her passion. Icy vibrations of ginger are unconventionally mixed with the freshness of wisteria, intensity of musk and depth of sandalwood on a feminine base of flax flower and warm vanilla.

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This icy-hot fragrance for the frankly feminine female combines surprisingly chilly notes with warm chords reflecting her passion. Icy vibrations of ginger are unconventionally mixed with the freshness of wisteria, intensity of musk and depth of sandalwood on a feminine base of flax flower and warm vanilla.

  • ELENA D08/02/2014

    This is a favourite perfume of mine. ... It is a unique scent, something that can't be said of too many perfumes. It is a harmony of cold (ginger) and hot (musk, sandalwood) notes. It appears a bit sharp at first but then mellows into a very, very feminine scent that never becomes too mellow or middle-of-the-road.

  • DARRSHANJVORAA01/30/2010

    a pretty one and it lasts a long time nice one to own.

  • CHRISSY B.10/28/2009

    This really works with my body chemistry, it's warm and heady with a cool, icy undertone. Just a very beguiling perfume. How is it warm and icy? Lol. I don't get it but I know I can't stop smelling my wrist when I wear this one. Love love love it. Definitely not a for everyone type perfume, one size does not fit all. It's more of a going out fragrance though I'll admit I wear it during the day, but strictly only in cooler weather. It's definitely not for the meek. Lol. But seriously, this smells great on me but not so great on a friend of mine so you'll want to test to make sure it matches your chemistry. Try it though. You might like it.

  • DARRSHAN03/28/2008

    do give some time after spraying this fragrance as it develops beautifully on u. perfect evening wear scent. class

  • PERFUME NEWBIE12/13/2007

    This scent doesn't attack. There's a nice, smooth class about it, feminine and unassuming. Gentle, slightly powdery, creamy, a tinge of sweetness. I didn't like the dry down, hence the 4 stars.

  • GREEN FAIRY09/12/2007

    I purchased a bottle of Blv around a year ago, spritzed it and immediately hated it. Loathed it. Well, I kept the scent, mostly because the bottle is so marvelous. Imagine my surprise, this morning, when I thought perhaps I'd give it another try. I approached the bottle cautiously, since my last encounter with it had been one of complete olfactory distress. I managed to spritz exactly ONE drop on my wrist, sat down at my vanity chair and waited for the dry down. I was puzzled by the onslaught of bergamot and ginger together and wasn't certain I liked it. I decided to wait a bit more. I sniffed again and smelled something lightly floral against the ginger/bergomot spice. I still wasn't sure I liked it, but went ahead and spritzed myself with it - it was already 7:00 a.m. and I had to drive 85 miles to get to work! It was more a knee-jerk reaction to the time than a real desire to wear BLV. I also saturated a cotton pad with it and stuck it down in my bra. Why I did that with a scent about which I was unsure, I'll never know - but perhaps the universe was speaking to me? It's 7 hours later and I'm discovering that this scent is oddly beautiful. It's become more and more lovely the longer it "ages" on me. The dry-down has been complete for several hours and a sensuous creamy vanilla and sandalwood and something else is wafting up from my cleavage and it's extremely decadent as it offers a scent image of eastern bazaars and heat shimmering from desert sands. A very definite sense of self and one's own style is necessary to wear this scent with credibility. Otherwise, it will be out of place on you. It's very sophisticated, sleek, warm, elegant, sensual and above all...arresting. Not for the faint of heart.

  • VICKY06/03/2007

    Bvlgari really different from what I had in mind...because of the notes I thought is was sweet ...something similar to Lolita Lempicka...but I was wrong...Is really nice but not the kinds I thought...At the beginig Im sured I could smell something citric ...the when it dryed down...some chocolate mixed with flowers.. its easy to recognize in some momments a note that all Bvlgaris perfume have in common in my opinion of course!

  • GISELLE12/23/2006

    This used to be my signature scent in my early 20's (I'm 30 now), but I can't wear it anymore. Something in it just makes my tummy churn (probaly the ginger). I passed it onto my baby sister, who also wore it for a few years until something made her sick, too. I still think it's a lovely, high-quality and sophisticated scent, and I enjoy smelling it on others. This fragrance revolves around notes of ginger, wisteria and vanilla. If I could compare it to a shape, it'd be a circle. It doesn't seem to go from top to bottom, like most fragrances, but rather, round in circles: ginger-wisteria-vanilla-ginger-wisteria-vanilla ... and round it goes :o).

  • HOLLY11/14/2006

    loved this perfume ! personally i thought it smelt abit like baby powder ! very femmine definatly would this again ! defenatly turned heads and had a fair few compliments !!!! xxx

  • RAJUL07/02/2006

    i have observed that i fall for certain fragrances but they are not all the sense, some make me aware of their fragrance as an add on to my self which while being a fragrance i admire still leaves me more myself and relaxed when i wash it off ! this one does not leave a trail but is so comforting and pleasant all the while that by the end of the day you turn and look at it as you would a friend you've spent a very pleasant day with and have grown more fond of by the end of it !!

  • ANNA06/25/2006

    I have been perfume shopping for close to 1 month now...wish i had known about blv before. I love this fragrance but will have to use the body cream for extra staying power.

  • SMITTEN06/20/2006

    Unfortunately I have to say this one doesnt work for me. The musk is all my chemistry will allow to come out of this bottle.. BUT- PERFUME EMPORIUM- Keep up the great service and thank you for offering mini's for sale in so many varieties!!

  • *BARBARA W06/10/2006

    ...who tells me I hate the fragrances I actually end up loving! LOL I've reversed my opinions on several fragrances these past few weeks, and BLV is one of them. Now I think it's wonderful, and I think I know why. My boyfriend tried the men's version and I FLIPPED for it!! Incredibly sexy! He bought a bottle and now it's one of my favorites on him, along with Bvlgari Extreme. Sooooo, I thought I'd give my mini of the women's version of Blv another try...and voila! I love it now. This is such a *truly* unique and different smelling perfume that I think many women just don't know what to make of it initially (including myself, obviously). Now I appreciate its charms...the ginger melding with the subtle florals and spices makes it almost addictive. It's creamy and rich yet still manages to behave itself and be subtle, so you could wear this to the office and not offend anyone. Blv was my first introduction to the house of Bvlgari, and I've since tried others in their line, and I'm truly impressed. Quality and class define their products. Well done!

  • MERELEIGH05/28/2006

    I am so glad I found this board. Thanks to all you wonderful people I have been able to expand my perfume collection and try things I haven't thought of trying! My only complaint is that sometimes I read posts that accuse others to "have their noses checked" or things like that. It is a recurring type of post, but truly, if something smells bad on somebody, or to somebody, it just DOES. I personally would like to hear if it does, and why somebody dislikes a fragrance. If somebody says "Too powdery! It reeks! Ugh!" then I would say to myself, "Powdery? Hmmm. I've got to check that one out! " lol On to the scent BLV by Bulgari. I must say it is truly a different type of scent. If you are drawn to classics and ONLY classics, you may not like it. You have to give it a chance. First, it sprays on very icy fresh, with definite ginger vibes. Yes, almost masculine, but feminine just enough where you will not wash it off. It is not very citrusy, but more gingery/spicy. There is little sweetness to start with. Then, it settles down and softens to a slightly floral, powdery, and ever so slightly aquatic scent. After a few hours, it warms considerably, and gets creamier as the day wears on. Not a heavy vanilla type scent, but creamy nonetheless. If we could smell through the computers, you would really be able to understand. My suggestion is to wear it once, all day, and periodically check on it. It quickly became my favorite, but upon first smelling it, I didn't know what to think of it. I was puzzled. It does work with my chemistry, and I have never ever recieved so many compliments. I had a lady tell me she wanted to sit next to me just so she could smell me, lol. It is not overpowering, but it does get you noticed. I hope you try it, and enjoy it!

  • LYNNE05/04/2006

    This scent is just plain weird! Even when sprayed out of the bottle into the air, its very odd! (So it is not just reacting with my body chemistry!) The only way to describe it is that it is sort of a cross between dirty, unwashed body odor and a disinfectant cleanser!

  • *BARBARA W05/04/2006

    You must like ginger to wear this fragrance. It's about as predominant as the licorice note in Lolita Lempicka. I have a mini of this, and occasionally am in the mood to wear it, but I must admit most of the time I find the ginger just too much.

  • LIZ04/18/2006

    blu is not a fader girls. It is subtle and easy to forget you have it on. try wearing it on your shoulders (very few sweat glands there) it won't get distorted by your body chemistry there.

  • ROSÁRIA03/26/2006

    Hi there! Amy, I also have BLV and agree with you, although it's a nice fragance, it doesn't last. I also have Omnia which in my opinion is much better than BLV and last for hours, you can feel the smell even after your clothes are washed. If you want a long lasting perfum from the House of Bulgary, try Omnia. I'm almost sure you'll love it.

  • ANNIE03/04/2006

    I tried Bath & Body Works white tea and ginger shower gel and lotion and found that it also dried down very "man's cologne" on me. So it could be the ginger in Blv that I am equating with mannishness. And yes, that note is quite tenacious, as a prior poster mentioned. Try before you buy on this one. Probably an individual chemistry thing.

  • ANNIE03/04/2006

    Nice fragrance, very pleasant, but I think it smells more like a man's cologne. I'm sniffing it now on my wrist after having applied it hours ago - so no lasting problem. Not that I mind men's fragrances, sometimes I borrow my husband's when I'm in the mood for that, but I usually prefer a more decidedly femme scent.

  • LAIKA02/18/2006

    this essence is great, is soft and strong at the same time, elegant, fress, makes you feel comfortable, clean, elegant and especial

  • AMY02/13/2006

    i have this one and bvlgari pour femme and although i love both scents, it fades away pretty quick. still it's worth trying!

  • AMILIA02/12/2006

    this is a fragrance I usually wear on Mondays! It wakes me up just enough to get myself to the office. Puts a smile on my face and makes me feel more alive. But did I mention SEXY? Yeah it makes me feels sexy too early Monday mornings when I can barely function. I'm a big time sleepy head on the weekends and BVL makes Mondays bearable. Thank you BVL!!!

  • EMMA02/06/2006

    I really do love this perfume sooo much but as other have said it doesn't seem to last very long so you have to keep re-applying it. But you should try it for sure!!

  • RAJUL01/22/2006

    this is a lovely fragrance....... not overpowering but very much there. the kind of fragrance you search for on yourself towards the end of the day.......... and it quietly whispers to you,'im very much here..... i have'nt gone anywhere'.

  • VIVIAN P01/20/2006

    When I first sprayed this on my wrist I honestly thought I had purchased the mens version of BLV by mistake. A nice smell, but definitely a bit masculine. This only lasts a few minutes though. Soon the lovely floral notes appear and on drydown it becomes slightly powdery...something I don't normally like at all but in BLV it works. wish it had more lasting power though.

  • SOL01/18/2006

    It´s such a sexy but yet cool enough scent it makes you feel attractive instantly! I really don´t like those perfumes that just scream out musk and vanilla but this one is just perfect, it´s sophisticated. You´ll get that special person´s atention for sure! ;) this guy I´m dating just loves it and always has something to say about it, he even tried it on himself!

  • MATUSHA01/12/2006

    When a fresh energy and mysterious meeting the heat of the sensuality you get BLV for Woman, a flowered perfume, with spices in an Eastern tradition.

  • SATINA12/25/2005

    Ah Ladies this one is fantastik for any occasion. It's sexy and hot and cool and creamy and smooth. Try it I love it :) And let me tell you about the complemets I get wearing this! It looks like everyone loves it on me!

  • KITTY12/17/2005

    I've been using BLV for a very long time. It's the only fragrance I didn't get sick of mid-bottle. I've finished many bottles and have kept coming back for more :) To me it smells strongly of ginger.

  • *BARBARA W*12/07/2005

    This perfume is strange...part of me loves it, part of me doesn't. I think the ginger is a bit too much on my skin...kind of makes me crave sushi. :) But, it is interesting...if it works with your chemistry, I think it could be quite nice.

  • MARI9811/11/2005

    I am really wondering how for some people this fragrance doesn't seem to last. On me, I can smell it all day long, without reapplying. And BTW, yes, I LUV BLV :-)

  • LAURINHA11/07/2005

    This scent is soooo perfect! Not strong, but lasts and lasts; original; can be used anytime of the day/year. I love to buy many fragrances at the same time, but this is one I always buy when I finish a bottle.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE10/19/2005

    Once again, another lovely scent that fades much too quickly. I have also tried Blvgari's Omnia and Omnia Crystalline, both of which also fade very quickly. Is this the nature of Bvlgari fragrances? I would have rated BLV excellent if it had some staying power.

  • MAYA10/12/2005

    In my previous post I said I'd have to wait for winter to arrive to wear BLV again but I guess fall will do. I just love it! Long lasting and creamy!!! I applied in the morning and could still smell it in the evening - works for me! For those of you who think it does not last -- give it a try now in the cooler weather, I think it will work better for some reason! As for those who think it's too musculine I just don't get it... I get so many complement on how feminine the scent it... Of course this is not your flowery type of feminine fragrace, but that's what makes it so unique and fabulous anyway! The comment by MARIAJO somewhat disturbs me for what it is... To compare one mastepiece to another is one thing but to compare a fragrance like this to Picasso's Guernica is just a sad display of someone's lack of knowledge when it comes to art history. That painting suffering at its worst and chaotic violance towards humanuty, animal world, architecture... The painting itself is done is black and white to

  • SUE C09/23/2005

    I liked this one at first spray but after a while found it quite tenacious, and slightly masculine and had to wash it off. Whilst it is modern and fresh, it is surprisingly strong so take care, don't buy it unless you still like it at the end of the day.

  • MARIE08/09/2005

    I love the way this smells, but the scent just doesn't last on me. Too bad, because I really love this.

  • VICTORIA08/03/2005

    Steep price tag and it smells like men's cologne. I thought at first my nose was playing tricks on me but then my husband asked me why was I wearing men's cologne! Talk about nuts! Its pleasant enough scent-if you are a guy!

  • MAYA08/02/2005

    I got this one last winter and loved wearing it, but for some reason I find that I just don't feel like wearing this one during the hot summer months at all. I guess once the Canadian winter starts again I will go back to it...

  • MARIA05/29/2005

    I have tried so many other perfumes, but this is the only one which I cannot forget. Switched to others in between but I still come back to BLV in the end.

  • XEE05/25/2005

    It's not offensive, it's just non-descript, unbold, it could be from any decade, from any fragrance house (including cheap ones), it actually reminds me of Charlie the 80s cheapie or Yardley or something, for chicks who wear plastic bangles. It smells 'dark' and blunt without an identity. I'd even rather Bvlgari pour femme, much as it's quite extreme.

  • PATTY 04/22/2005

    This perfume has a sweet addictive smell and everywhere you go people will notice you in a good way, because the smell is great !

  • VANILLALION02/10/2005

    Saw this advertised as a "Winter" scent. Disagree-wonderful for all year round-Also think it could be unisex. Didn't last as long as some scents, but I just reapplied. No big deal.

  • SHARRIE02/02/2005

    a very attractive addition to my collection. great. the cobolt blue bottle is beautiful the scent matches. wonderful.

  • LIZ01/27/2005

    I too was underwhelmed when this first came out -- that might be because I never actually wore it for a whole day. I had some sample vials that sat in a dark cool drawer for a few years and after reading all the rave reviews, I decided to give Blu a second chance. It really is one of the great ones. That aromatic floor cleaner effect is what first hits you right out of the bottle, perhaps it's the sandalwood or the ginger, but that fades and for the rest of the day you have a very soothing and elegant fragrance. Blu's drydown is comparable to Anna Sui, but the middle notes have more depth, more subtlety. Overall it is a very subtle fragrance. If you don't like it, it's possible you have a compromised olfactory sense. No offense, naysayers, but really, have your sense of smell checked. There are lovely understated notes in this fragrance that make it exquisite.

  • TRINITY01/09/2005

    the best perfume I´ve ever had. You should also check out the new one (OMNIA).

  • K12/31/2004

    Beautiful, fresh smelling but sexy. Never overpowering. I wear this often and always get compliments. I can't imagine anyone not liking this. Has a somewhat powdery smell to it. Utterly feminine. I heard this was being discontinued. WHY! Has anyone else heard that?

  • KRIS12/29/2004

    I tried BLV a few times and never really cared for it. But, I was given a bottle of BLV Notte pour femme for Christmas that I think is wonderful. I'm glad that I received it as a gift because I probably never would have given it a chance. This version has chocolate and vodka and is so warm and sensual. I like that it doesn't smell like cake, vanilla, or candy even though it is slightly sweet and warm. This is a really nice winter evening scent.

  • MRSL11/11/2004

    My husband wears this in the men's fragrance. I loved it so much, I tried it. Excellent choice. My husband loves it, which in my eyes is a good thing !!!

  • JT11/06/2004

    In my quest to find a new winter scent, I decided to try on BLV once again. I'm sure glad I did. Not only do I like it SO much better than before, I also don't smell powdery notes very much (like I did in my previous post). So, I guess my new discovery is a good one! The ginger makes it such a unique scent. I love it now!! One thing I am concerned about is that a lot of posts say that it does not stay on very well. Well, as long as it is stronger than Omnia I won't complain! I will most likely buy this one.

  • JT10/14/2004

    I like the top note of ginger. The drydown is too powdery smelling for me personally. I have to say though, that considering I usually don't like this type of smell, BLV is not a bad one. If you tend to like "powder" scents, try this one. I heard from a major department store that they are going to be discontinuing it soon though.

  • PAZZO10/06/2004

    Just one complaint - doesn't last , for it's price it should go a long way,but other than that it's very refreshing and different from the others out there.Can be used in all seasons.Must be the icy hot thing in it.

  • KATIE09/12/2004

    Everytime I wear this I tend to get lots of compliments, although most don't have a clue what exactly it is that I smell like. They all say, "Oh, you smell sooo good!" and ask what it is. Of course, then I don't want to tell them b/c I don't want everyone rushing out to buy a bottle and smelling like me!

  • JODIE09/02/2004

    This is a charming, light, elegant, soft, sexy fragrance. One of my all time favorites...but it is very light so you need to keep applying.

  • KELLY06/17/2004

    I love this fragrance, it smells so good on me. It starts out fresh and drys to a nice warm scent. I love all Bvlgari fragrances. I don't think they make a bad one. Very classy yet fun!!!!!!!

  • HIR06/05/2004

    This one is my favorite for the moment. It smells so nice and clean on me. I spray it on in the morning after having shower and I feel so refreshed. Then as the day does it dries down really nicely, warm and powderly. I'm so in love with Blv!!!

  • SANDRA05/24/2004

    its so expensive but you really like the smell its a special day everytime you used it

  • KAMILL05/04/2004

    i can't say its bad scent .no, not at all. but i went with a flow of descriptions, tried it quickly in the store and bought a small (25 ml ) version. i like it but i can't seem to detect any fresh or clean notes in it!!! it is soooo warm and powerful, it reminds of a heated JPGaultier classique because of the ginger in it. when i spray too much of it i get a bit dizzy. would not even think of wearing it on a warm day - might pass out becaus eon me is just too strong..

  • KIRAN04/07/2004

    since i purchased this perfume i forgot to use anyother.nd now its almost going to finish.i gotta get new 1 again...its good

  • PRIMADONNA03/27/2004

    I bought this just because of it's descrip. and it is one of my favorites now. It's fresh and powdery at the same time, extremely feminine.

  • AMBER03/09/2004

    I like this one. It has a citrus note in it, which I usually dislike in a perfume, but not this time. There is a warm note in this scent that makes up for the harshness of the citrus. It's warm, sensual, yet fresh and not overpowering. It even has a woody note in it. My bf likes it. And it has great staying power. However: I bought the purse spray and it didn't work all that well. Better buy a big bottle!

  • BELLE02/02/2004

    This is great! It actually has a clean, fresh smell on me. It starts out cool fragrance, then warms a little(vanilla, musk), but not too warm as in spicy. Even though it has wisteria in it, it doesn't really smell floralish! It's a unique scent. I haven't tried Blv Absolute yet, but I hear it is the cooler, icier version because it has more ginger in it. It might be nice, but I like the Blv. It's supposed to be the warmer version of the two. Absolute is concentrated (more intense) also.

  • KEAHI01/21/2004

    I think bvlgari makes some of the most unique, beautiful fragrances out there, which is perhaps why I'm not overly enthusiastic about this one. On my skin, this smelled like ginger ale. It could be worse (I like ginger ale), but this wasn't exactly the celebration of "unconventional femininity" I was expecting. Not a total waste however, just kind of boring.

  • LISA12/23/2003

    I tried a sample vial and I am soooo tempted to rush out and buy it even though I shouldn't. It's incredible and so original. Very sexy but not overpowering, it's actually quite hard to describe. Some how it's soft, warm, sexy but fresh and exhilarating at the same time. I guess that's what they mean by Icy/Hot. Great job, Blvgari!

  • DELAINA12/10/2003

    Tends to drive the men wild. Very sexy scent durning intimate moments

  • MARION12/01/2003

    It has a character (originality), but nothing particularly appealing to the sense. As others rightly say, a bit like after-shave. It wouldnt have a negative impact on others, though.

  • ALEX11/23/2003

    it`s really a lovely perfume and amazing

  • JERRY ATRIC09/30/2003

    Here at the home, this one's all the rage on Bingo Night. They weren't kidding when they said it was like Icey Hot - it smells just like it! Unlike the harsh minty notes in Ben Gay, BLV has a just a simple whisper of minty fragrance before the heating action sets in.

  • SMILE09/11/2003

    One of my favourite pefumes!Bulgari-stunning,unforgettable,freshly! I love it!


    everone askes me what I'm wearing it's wonderful !!!!

  • MARIAJO07/11/2003

    BLV BY BVLGARY IS LIKE PICASSO'S GUERNICA.............. a masterpiece!!!!

  • AMY06/26/2003

    This is one of the sexiest scents. I feel so feminine and sexy when I wear it!

  • INGRID06/08/2003

    Sorry, I don't believe that Bono ever wore this perfume (this is a women's fragrance!). I believe that he found something more masculine and better for himself. I never liked BLV a lot. I can't even describe it - it is such a strange mixture, a floral with artificial almost plastic notes. And I strongly dislike this intensive blue colour!

  • LEMONVIXEN04/30/2003

    I have read in the past that Bono actually wore this. It figures since' he's so sexy ....

  • SZARADA04/23/2003

    I'm using this now. I like it very much - it is sweet but elegant, the scent is quite original and not similar to anything on the market. However, this is not my dream perfume beacause it fades too fast.

  • AMEILLIA03/29/2003

    this sent is nice, opens with a fresh ginger, citruse smell then gets a little more floweryyet with a sharp under current...mellowes to a powdery subtle very flowery spicy soft sent

  • LUCIA03/07/2003

    This is such an elegant fragrance ... it's subtle and lingering. I used to wear it a few years ago, now my baby sister is all grown and loving it, too. Blv doesn't smell like anything else out there. The opening is fresh because of the ginger notes, and the drydown is a beautiful mixture of wisteria, musk and vanilla. I think Blv has become quite popular within the past two years - I myself know six people who wear it. Very subtle.

  • FAY02/25/2003


  • CRISTINA02/04/2003


  • SIDNEY02/01/2003

    I smelled this at Sephora and I though it smelled of a disinfectant and men's after shave mix. How strange that Bulgari would put out such a strange and unappealing scent such as this.

  • MARIETTA 01/05/2003

    After letting the fragrance settle, I could have married myself!

  • HAUTEST12/31/2002

    This is an elegant, feminine fragrance. At first this fragrance has a lemony scent, although there are no citrus notes in it. It then dries down to a powdery soft scent. I'm not crazy about the powdery drydown. However, it makes for a nice fragrance to wear to the office.

  • REEM12/24/2002

    I believe it's all about your skin chemistry. I was not too thrilled with it when I put it on,,kind of reminded me of johnsons and Johnsons baby shampoo...however once it's settled...its very nice. It has musky undertones,,so if you like musk,,it's definately for you. Also very soft (powdery) and very fresh, Makes you feel feminine, clean and doesnt overpower you with floral smells. A great one for work or play!!

  • MAYA11/23/2002

    Something in BLV doesn't agree with me.Everytime I smell it I get a noseful of ...floor cleaner stuff?! That one's not for me.It probably is a chemistry thing,though,because I have never been able to connect with Bvlgari fragrances.Their jewelry kicks ass,though!

  • JASMINE11/12/2002

    Tried this on and after the first few seconds expected it to be one of those harsh pungeant types churned out since the mid 90s. Was pleasantly surprised by its soft delicate undertones. There's something creamy about it.

  • LABRUJA10/06/2002

    Clever bottle but too wide too use comfortably (I have small hands). Smells like aftershave. Definitely a 'mannish' scent IMO. Not impressed.

  • ARPA08/12/2002


  • MICHIKO08/03/2002


  • APHRAEL07/10/2002

    I've never been a big fan of Bvlgary fragrances,but this one I truly hate.I find it cloying, artificial,much like floor cleanser or disinfectant spray,yuck! And yet I Keep hearing many wonderful things about it.Oh well,this one's not for me I guess...

  • MXZLPLK07/06/2002

    Light and Sexy!

  • ANOUK05/15/2002

    love can not be defined.So does Bulgari blv...

  • CHINA05/05/2002

    I wanted Blv because of the bottle and the description, but when I bought it(I was not able to test it first) I was extremely disappointed. This smelled "Irritating" on me. I tried to wear it several times but it made me feel awful. I don't know about the icy cool and the ginger; on me this perfume was a total failure.

  • EVONE03/27/2002

    I really like this one. I have never been a fan of cool fragrances, but this is clean and fresh. One of my favorites!

  • FANI03/20/2002

    I tried it on as soon as it was released and read the wonderful reviews it received. It was awful, on my skin at least.

  • GINA03/07/2002

    I have never been a fan of 'cool' fragnances....always reminds of men's aftershaves!

  • KAREN01/18/2002

    The scent lasts a long time which I like. You don't have to re-apply. It's a very distintive scent,you can smell the musk more after it dries, I highly recommend it!

  • CAROL01/03/2002

    The best scent around!

  • JESS12/28/2001

    I love it...Every note is FANTASTIC. Definitely me favorite

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Sour; grapefruity; clean; citrusy-floral...2nd time: Grapefruit; mint; slight baby pooh.

  • AIDA12/17/2001

    Impossible...What kind of perfume is that?????

  • D12/13/2001


  • MAI12/09/2001

    I still can't figure out what this smells like...

  • D11/30/2001


  • KENDALL10/27/2001

    Love it!!!! It's very soft and beautiful. I recommend it for people who are allergic to perfume. It will not make you sneeze, promise :)

  • PATRICIA10/07/2001

    This is a very "disturbing" fragrance to me. So artificial!

  • HRBETTYBOOP10/05/2001


  • DEB09/28/2001

    I added it to my fragrance wardrobe along Bvlgari extreme It s soft not to flowery or strong

  • KRIS09/26/2001

    I warmed to this perfume right away because it made me feel all cozy and soft, like I used to feel when I wore Love's Baby Soft back in the late 70s! But this one is obviously more sophisticated. A "comfortable" fragrance.

  • VIKI09/17/2001

    It's definitely almost impossible to describe this fragrance. But I don't find anything sexy, alluring or classy in it. I would never buy it to me or to anyone I know. I was very dissapointed when I tried this scent.

  • CATARINA08/17/2001

    Soft and elegantly sexy. Leaves a lasting impression without overpowering. Dana is right, must be a wisteria person to wear this. I've tried many scents, but this is by far my favorite.


    Thanks for producing a fragrance that is so very sultry and sexy.

  • ELISHA07/28/2001

    This is a great fragrance. I was surprised at the soft powdery quality of the perfume. Its very soft, feminine, and sexy. BLV is a unique and lovely scent.I just discovered it yesterday and it is now my favorite!

  • CAMILLE06/12/2001

    I love this new scent by the house of Bvlgari. I love all of the Bvlgari scents, however this is my favorite. I can't describe it, but it is extremely different from any other fragrance---very cool and sexy

  • DANA05/27/2001

    Strong wisteria scent, must be a wisteria fan to wear it! Utterly beautiful.

  • SELVA03/31/2001

    I fell in love with it.

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