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117 Reviews

A floral, powdery scent that combines modern olfactory textures with material sensations of purity to produce a poetically powerful scent linking city and nature.

Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDP Spray + 1.7 oz Body Milk + 1.7 oz Shower Gel
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Giftset - 3.4 oz EDP Spray + 2.5 oz Body Lotion + 0.50 oz Mini Spray
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1.0 oz EDP Spray
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A floral, powdery scent that combines modern olfactory textures with material sensations of purity to produce a poetically powerful scent linking city and nature.

  • JOYLERY12/21/2019

    I love my new purchase of Kenzo 'FLower'. It smells fresh and light and flowery...

  • CHERYL01/19/2019

    My favourite fragrance at a very reasonable price.

  • ANNA04/01/2016

    Worth every penny! This perfume lasts longer on me than most others and smells amazing. It's floral but not flowery and sweet but not sickly. Lovely.

  • NJ POLICEGIRL11/09/2014 new favorite scent. I also work at a police department where I am the only female. As soon as each officer stepped into the building, they all came looking to find out what it was that smelled so good. Each of them asked me what I was wearing and actually wrote it down so they can buy for their girlfriends and wives. It smells a bit overwhelming at first, but within minutes it turns into this beautiful, light, very fresh scent....that apparently the men love. And so do I...

  • SHAZ04/12/2012

    Beautiful perfume, lovely gift set, bought for my daughter's 15th birthday

  • LYNN GB WI02/03/2012

    Flower by Kenzo

  • LYNN GB WI02/03/2012

    shower fresh scent!

  • MEMO03/10/2010

    I bought this perfume last weekend and the more I use it the more I like it. I love the way it smells after I have worn it awhile. Just lovely.

  • TRINIGAL01/08/2009

    I've been using flower for a while and I must admit,it feels great to have heads turning & noses sniffing everywhere I go. The shower gel is utterly divine and the mini perfume just enhances the scent further. I wonder what the Kenzo Oriental & Winter flowers fragrances smell like.

  • RHONDA11/13/2008

    has anyone tried Kenzo Winter Flowers? I just love Kenzo Le Parfum in the red bottle...Hope Winter flowers is just as nice.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/12/2008

    Hi again. I found the ingredient I am smelling is not banana but lychee fruit. I am not to familiar with that. The ginger is the note that had me confused as well. All and all this is a VERY interesting scent.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/12/2008

    Hi again. I found the ingredient I am smelling is not banana but lychee fruit. I am not to familiar with that. The ginger is the note that had me confused as well. All and all this is a VERY interesting scent.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/10/2008

    I sniffed this today on a sample blotter, and I just was intrigued. My 16 year old daughter said no way, but I was not sure if I liked it or not....! Does anyone else smell a banana scent thrown in there? This is one I may have to try on my skin and see what the deal is. I normally like dark, deep orientals and i love love love vanilla based perfume if done well, so this was a curve ball. I am not even sure I like the bottle either. Intriguing is the best word I can think of to describe this scent.

  • KAY12/20/2007

    I have to say I love this scent. I sold Lancôme for years so I was always a Tresor” or Poem fan, also channel # 5 is an old stand by. I would always go and try new scents at the other counters but they would tend to overwhelm me. I just wish the base of the sent would last a little longer on me but, I always get complements when I wear it.

  • D09/30/2007

    got a sample of this, and while it has some pretty notes, it is also just too powdery for me. but i'm sure it would be very pretty on some people.

  • BARBARA W06/28/2007

    Way too much "powder" on the drydown. This starts off very pretty, but that powdery drydown ruins it for me, as it does in Shalimar and Samsara.

  • CLAUDIA04/17/2007

    Like Irene, I too, was on a cruise, looking for a new scent. After spraying Flowers I wasn't sure, but the scent kept taking me back to the gift shop. After an afternoon of fighting with myself, my husband bought 2 bottles for me and I've never been happier with him. It's a great summer fragrence

  • IRENE04/04/2007

    My last cruise, I went to perfume and ask the girl for something new. She asked what I wore, I like Paris YSL, Design and Wings. She she recommended I try Flower by Kenzo. I spray some on and at first, wasn't too sure. Went back to my stateroom. And I kept smelling it and it softer and nicer. After an hour I went back to buy 2 bottles. I just love. I was afraid I wouldn't find and glad I did. My honey loves my daughter loves. When I wear people notice. Love it Love it, Love it.

  • ALCHIMIE02/14/2007

    I bought it, because every time I smelled it, I liked it so much but was afraid It wouldn't work out for me. I like unique scents, and finally I had to buy it. I use it sometimes, like it very much but not for an every day fragrance. I still have my favorite ones that I wear more often. But sometimes I just can't resist not to smell like flower!

  • ~SEXXYREDD~01/25/2007

    Oh my goodness.... This stuff has way to much powder for my taste... just recently bought jungle l elephant by kenzo ... and love it to death ... and i've heard that kenzo is an all around great perfume maker so i went local to see if any place around here have any of kenzo's other fragrances and found flowers...very disappointed ! but i see many others love it to each it's on i guess...just dont like all that powder :(

  • JENNA01/03/2007

    Wow!!This new version is fabulous. I like the original okay but this is so much deeper and it's spicey. I hope PE gets it soon because it's $70 full retail. Try it if you get the chance. Cheers!!!

  • CLAIRE12/02/2006

    whenever i spray the perfume, everyone that comes into my office says that they can smell parmoviolets, the hubby thinks that its a very clean smelling perfume and he always knows what sort of mood i'm in when i arrive at work by the perfume i'm wearing!!! Guess what? he loves the flowers because that means that i'm in a very good mood.

  • MELANIE11/27/2006

    I so adore this fragrance it makes me feel sexy inside & out. Wait till you try the new one,Kenzo Oriental,it's definitely to die for. Happy smelling,girlfriends,and thanks for the message Sue C!!

  • GREEKGIRL10/19/2006

    I really love this fragrance, not sure if it has almond in it, but thats what i smell everytime i wear it, but unfortunately hubby does not like it at all, wont say what he thinks it smells like, but i love it so ill just have to wear it when hes not around.

  • SUE C09/07/2006

    Wait till you try the new Amour by Kenzo. It's gorgeous, rich, warm and sexy. It contains notes like cherry blossom, jasmine, white tea, vanilla and rice steam! The opaque bottle comes in three different colours depending on which size you buy. Very innovative.

  • ALCHIMIE08/19/2006

    I've smelled it before... I was at my friend's house and her mom had it. I thought it smelled different, very unique, it was reminding me of something from my childhood. My grandma had those little, antique, perfume bottles with poppy drawn on them and they smelled just like the "flower" perfume. I wasn't sure if I should buy it or not but every time I went to the perfumery store I kept on smelling it, I kept on thinking about it... something just made me want to smell it and think about my childhood... Finally I said to myself - I'm just gonna buy it... and I did, yesterday. I sprayed some on and... I felt so beautiful, it made me feel so gorgeous and special. I felt sooo good smelling it on my skin, I bought it because I liked that the scent reminded me my childhood but wouldn't think it would work with my chemistry... and now it's like it was meant for me! Very unique perfume but every woman should check it out first since it's sooo different, and see if it works for her the way it does for me! LOVE IT.

  • LUSI05/06/2006

    It can be nice when you smell for the 1st time. But it in the pass of the time it can give nauseas... and after all, you realize it smells of talc !

  • LAURA05/05/2006

    I always wear this to work and the guys are like dogs sniffing out the building for me. Weird huh? Even my co-worker keeps hounding me down to buy this fragrance for her! I tell you,this is by far the,the sexiest scent ever created for all of womankind,Yo!!

  • MAGGIE03/24/2006

    I simply adore the tall slim, pearl white box with stunning red packaging inside, all to reveal an elegant and individually unique bottle of parfum. A gorgeous journey of antisipation as a striking red poppy emerges .... How divine, as is the fragrance it contains. 'Flower' was presented as a Christmas gift from a generous friend who remembered my admiring comments. A rich expression of strong orientals envelopes the wearer in a wrap of warmth ...the sensual women. Delicious expressions of Bulgarian Rose, White Musk and the destinctive French Vanilla exude Feminine Class. An irrisistably smooth blend of soft sweet florals with the unforgetable linger of amber with an almond suprise. I like to wear my 'Flower' in the evening, especially on those warm sultry nights. Just a few light spray's on warm clean skin and a mist to walk through as you've finished dressing. It's a quality not quantity experience, less is best or you will overpower the unsuspecting nose.

  • TAYA03/23/2006

    I would definitely recommend the red bottle as opposed to the clear one. It is more powderly and the flower notes are better balanced. My mom, on the other hand prefers the clear bottle.

  • RAJUL02/19/2006

    this one is a pleasant enough perfume which draws compliments when worn .....for its freshness....... but somehow it doesnt blend with the body's chemistry the way my favourites do. this one smells the same as when you first spray say if you spray it on a handkerchief........ where the frgrance does not change into the sexy bewitching aroma that is unique to each individual !!

  • LAUREN01/30/2006

    I love this fragrance!! It just makes me feel good, and keeps my spirits up! My husband really likes it and I got compliments from co-workers, so this may be my scent!

  • MAYA12/02/2005

    Hello ladies, I have a question regarding if this one in the clear bottle is the same as Flower Le Parfum by Kenzo in the red bottle. I really like the Flower in the clear one and notice that the notes are very similar if not exactly the same to the one in the red bottle, however, I also noticed that there is almond note mentioned in Flower Le Parfum by Kenzo and I am really looking for that, but at the same time I cannot smell that note in the Flower with a clear bottle... it's more like powdery, velvety roses -- really nice but no almonds! Any comments would be GREATLY appreciated. Many thanks, Maya

  • ALLISON R.10/05/2005

    I sometimes worry in the morning after spraying Flowers, that it may become to heady. My body chemistry agrees with this scent, because it turns into a lovely vanilla rose. I can say that it is a signature, but I don't like that concept. Having a signature scent, is like saying "I've had chicken and rice every night for dinner, for the past twenty years" That is the definition of boring to me. I like this one though, enough to wear it a lot.

  • JSTAGRL09/13/2005

    Someone had described it like baby oil and I can totally smell the association with it as well as the texture but it's really nice and powdery, something that's not going to hit you right in the face or offend anyone....just right for spring and summer.

  • KAREN S.07/29/2005

    I think it smells like Bulgari pour femme -both divine violet rose scents to me. Anyone agree?

  • NANCY06/19/2005

    I found this scent to be a little overwhelming, I found I didn't like to close to my nose, lower body wear only: behind knees and at ankles.

  • EMMA BOVARY05/19/2005

    Mine is the EDT, which is all that they had in the duty-free shop. I would have prefered the EDP because of the stayiing power. To me, it is a very clean fragrance. I like it and will wear it for summer. It reminds me of shampoo..which one, I can't remember.

  • KRISTIN M.05/08/2005

    EWWW way to rosy for me in the begining but the dry down is better...still not going to be a favoite for me.

  • JOAN B05/08/2005

    I had never used a fragrance like this one before. I like sophisticated and oriental perfumes, but on the last cruise I kept going by the perfume shop and kept using Flower every day. I ended up buying it and I really love it. I guess everyone should try a fragrance for a few days before purchase, I know I have loved scents and then hated them in a week or two.

  • COQUILLAGE05/05/2005

    Flower's packaging was beautiful in a minimalistic way, but the scent inside is as un-flowery as possible. Very strong, masculine smell. Reminded me of a guy's colonge.

  • COURTNEY02/23/2005

    This one is absolutely fabulous. Rosy and Feminine, without being overpowering. When my man brought it back for me from Spain, I immediately preferred it to Eternity Rose Blush, which is what I had been wearing. It may take some getting used to for women who are accustomed to more amber-based or spicy fragrances. But it's just beautiful, and it makes me feel classy, beautiful, and loved.

  • KAREN S.12/18/2004

    I like this but not as a signature -relaxing , soft; no hard-nosed statement here! Violets yes personally I love them though I can see why some folk find it grannylike. I think there is a similarity to Bvlgari here: Maybe the rose violet tea oriental trip thing?

  • OK10/05/2004

    I sort of got bored but i know of two men who i remember passing comment of how much like this one so...a man magnet i think.

  • HEY JUDY...09/25/2004

    I wonder the same thing. I have some perfumes that I think smell just absolutely fabulous and I drown myself in them. Yet, I hardly get any compliments anymore. But, sometimes when I just try one on from the dept. store and it ends up smelling yucky... why then someone will compliment me. It's really puzzling and frustrating darnit. Let's lead a revolt!!

  • JODIE09/03/2004

    This smells pretty, but is not something you can wear every day. A friend of mine wears it so I would never buy it; she is very much a pushover and insecure. So this fragrance reminds me of that type of person now. It does smell ok though.

  • EVELYN08/31/2004

    This has become my signature scent I cannot live without....

  • JUDY SMITH08/17/2004

    I first smelled Flower by Kenzo aboard a cruise ship. After smelling it, I just had to have it. I am getting close to running out and I was getting panicky as I have not seen it anywhere in Canada. Now that I know I can buy it on the web I feel much better. The only thing that bothers me, is that although I adore the scent, I do not get compliments when I wear it. I wonder why? Is it not strong enough on me or does it not last on me? Hummm don't know, oh well I love it!

  • SPRING_FEVER07/29/2004

    It reminds me of a doll. I can't express how much I love this perfume. It's the best I've ever had and I've tried many.

  • FIONA07/17/2004

    this scent is great for the cold weather, it is sweet and very soft.

  • SMILEY06/26/2004

    It is a nice, feminine, powdery and very sensual scent. I always notice if someone wears this. I would definitely buy it if it wasn't the signature perfume of my classmate. The only bad point is that so many people wear it,too popular:(

  • H.05/31/2004

    Violets ... think that's what some don't like ... not a common scent ... I like it though ... but just got it so will have to wait to see if the compliments come ... hope so ...

  • ROXY05/29/2004

    i got the perfume as a present an what a great present it was! i absolutely love it!

  • NEL05/04/2004

    Pleasure by Estee Lauder to flowery, do not like neither of them.

  • BETH04/30/2004

    This is too powdery for me (and whenever I wear it one of my cats makes a bad face and leaves the room!) but the bootle makes a great decoration!

  • CHLOE04/29/2004

    I think this is one of those 'love it or hate it' scents. I loved it from the moment I tried it on a few years ago, and it has remained one of my favourites. I love the powdery smell, but I can understand that this may conjure up images of old women or babies for some people!

  • JAYDEE04/18/2004

    This scent is absolutely yummy.

  • JENNA04/10/2004

    I honestly think it is gorgeous

  • ERIKA04/04/2004

    As soon as i smell it i became addicted to this fragnance:) Its sweet and flowered but its not very strong like other sweet scents:) Try it its wonderful:):):)

  • CATHERINE03/19/2004

    I have quite an exstensive collection of parfums and aide from DG light blue & Hugo deep red - I believe Flower is my new fav - young yet mature and it really lasts the day . Young and old 'Kenzo' hit it on the mark.

  • MICKEY03/18/2004

    My mom bought me the large bottle. It was very sweet of her, but I dont know if I like it yet. I have worn it twice to work and noone has commented as they usually do. If I decide I dont like it at least I could use the bottle for decor.

  • SUE C03/15/2004

    this perfume smelled sooo good at first. I thought that this would be me signature scent. Well after 30 minutes it was horrible it reminded me of glad air freshner. Maybe it just my bodies chemistry......

  • DONNA03/12/2004

    Flower smells too much like thank you.

  • JILL03/07/2004

    Devon Violets. Talcum Powder. Soft floral, but strong and lasting. Delicious, like Parma Violet Cachous.

  • JILL03/03/2004

    There seems to be mixed opinions on Flower. Personally I love it, but can see how it might be thought of as an old lady's scent: It smells of violets, which was an old-fashioned favourite in England, but it has much more depth than a simple floral. (Reminds me of Parma Violet scented Cachous which we chewed to sweeten the breath). Powdery but unusual Summer fragrance of good quality. (Smells nothing like the poppy on the bottle- why a poppy)?

  • GINA02/19/2004

    I have also tried the Le Parfum and think it is even better than the original which I didn't think would be possible. Le Parfum is a "warmer" fragrance and a little more exotic. Try it!

  • CRISTINA02/11/2004

    i just bought a bottle of "le parfum'and I have to admit this is delicious...I have a strange skin so that all the luxurious fragrances I tried and I tried a lot of perfumes but no one comes close to Flower...for me...le parfum is a little sweater but I like it and has the exact staying power on me like Flower edp.(not longer,or i cant smell it longer...who knows..)anyway,a lot of people compliment me on this new one...try it...Kenzo is a only problem is that a lot of women will wear this sooner than I can imagine...

  • GINA01/23/2004

    I have only recently discovered Flower and I have to say it is now my favourite. It is unusual and very distinctive. The parfum lasts for hours.

  • CARLA12/30/2003

    Despite the name its not overpowering and is long lasting nice to wear on a romantic date too!

  • JANET12/22/2003

    I love the bottle, but the juice inside is abominable. Very artificial sickening flat cold scent.

  • LAURA C.12/12/2003

    I absolutely hate Flower and I absolutely love Le Parfum. I think Geisha would smell like this. Pretty japanese sword shape too.

  • MILENA12/06/2003

    I've got Flower as a present few days ago. My first impression was BABY OIL! Could it be from Kenzo? I mean after really strong "joungle" perfumes!? At first I was suprised, and then I sprayed it on my arm. And I had a problem. At first it smelld really nice, but after few minutes smell was too sweet, so I decided to take a shower. After shower it was still on my skin, very soft and not sweet at all. I will probably buy a shower gel. I think that Flower is for very young girls-I mean to be their first fragrance. For me (22) this is too much sweet.

  • HOLLY12/02/2003

    I bought this because I LOVE L'eau Par Kenzo. I spent more than what I should have to try it out, and boy was it a mistake. The smell is too sharp and it reminds me of dime store perfumes I used to get as a kid. I think I'll stick with l'eau par Kenzo from now on.

  • NORA11/28/2003

    Well, I tried Le Parfum. It is a bit better than the EDP but not something for me. Too sweet-powdery...

  • LANEY11/27/2003

    Just got a small sample, based on the positive reviews here. Can't wait to get the full size. Such a unique fragrance! It fully captures your attention, without assaulting your senses. SOOO soft, but seductive, as well. I know I will be enjoying this fragrance for a long time to come. Hubby likes it, too :-). I actually love all the Kenzo fragrances. With so many of the new fragrances smelling SO much alike, it is fun to experience fragrances that break the run-of-the-mill boundaries. Kenzo Rocks!!!

  • NORA11/18/2003

    I don't like Flower EDP but I'm very courious about the new Flower-Le Parfum (in a red non-transparent bottle). It is different, as far as I've heard, more Oriental type (with amber, vanilla and almond notes), warmer and softer than EDP!? If anyone tried it, please send a note!!! I heard there's body oil,too, in this new Le Parfum edition.

  • FIMA11/10/2003

    This reminds me of the perfume my elderly next door neighbor wore. It has a powdery, overly, floral scent. I don't think their is anything distinctive about it. It also lasts a long time: I put it on before going to sleep and upon waking, I could still smell it clearly.

  • VANILLALION08/28/2003

    I own a LOT of perfumes but this will be a favorite. Very clean and fresh femine scent with just a note of powderiness. NOT "old" as some have said-quite young and long lasting. Draws lots of compliments!

  • LAURA08/19/2003

    i agree with you.This perfume is not a bit feminine,also i think this smells horrible on alsmost everyone ,its so artifical . My favorites that i wear are; Angel, escada collection, dolce & gabbana, happy by clinique,organza , and hot courture.

  • CLCLEATHER.COM07/07/2003

    I bought this perfume for my wife from Brazil Duty Free and she loves it! Actually I love it more when she wears it! It is very sensual and quite romantic. A Must buy.

  • BECKY07/05/2003

    I have been wearing this wonderful fragrance since discovering it on a trip to Europe nearly three years ago! I loved it then and I love it now - so do so many men that compliment me on my perfume!!!

  • KAT07/02/2003

    it's different, very strong, powdery, but clean smelling...I like clean and powdery...yeah like baby wipes :)

  • JELENA06/08/2003

    A friend of mine bought this perfume in the winter and wore it every day. I liked it - at first. It's quite particular and you certainly won't smell like everyone else. It is sweet and powdery and floral - as advertised. Only, after a while, its sweetness/powderyness turns into a sweaty sort of BO-ish smell.... so, advice: little goes a long way.

  • MELISSA S05/12/2003

    All right, so the truth is that I love this perfume. But as soon as my 20 year old daughter smelled it, she burst out laughing -- "it smells just like diaper wipes, mom!" Now that she has mentioned it, I realize that it does. I still love the scent, but not the association.

  • KATHY G.05/02/2003

    Based on Flower's description ( "A floral, powdery scent that combines modern olfactory textures with material sensations of purity to produce a poetically powerful scent linking city and nature."), and the raves posted here, I sent away for a sample of Flower. Thank heaven I only ordered a 90 cent sample, and not a bottle! IMO, this is a harsh, headache inducing, unappealing and unfeminine perfume. From its description and from what others said, I expected a scent called "Flower" to be either soft, or maybe have some sweetness, or be feminine and powdery smelling. Flower is none of those things ( to me, anyway). As soon as I put it on, I was sorry. It was all sharp edges and notes that were very "cold" and harsh, including the floral ones. If some perfumes give you a headache, stay away from Flower! If you like warm, "cuddly", soft edged fragrances with either sweet floral, citrus, or spice notes, don't even think of this fragrance. Maybe Flower just doesn't mix with my chemistry ( and I did wait for the dry down, but it didn't improve matters any), but the bottom line for me is that I just can't stand this fragrance. Just so you know what I do like, I own and wear: Burberry's London, Lolita Lempicka, Escada Collection, Angel, Destiny, Herve Leger, Hanae Mori's Butterfly, Clinique Wrappings, and Marc Jacobs. Most of these are "warm" fragrances, with the exception of Destiny and Wrappings. But Destiny is so soft that I can't even smell it on myself, although others do and rave about it, and although Wrappings is also a "cool" fragrance, it has a delightful "sparkling" top note that Flower doesn't have, and a refreshing sophisticated citrus-y scent. I understand that many posters love Flower, and it probably just isn't for me, just as my choices may not be for them. But I have to be honest in my review, just as others pan fragrances that I love because they don't work for them.

  • OANA04/10/2003

    I tried this fragrance and loved the sharp flowery ellegant Kenzo smelled on me. And it really is longlasting, in a very pleasant manner, not overempowering, not hard. People arround me could feel it without getting any headache. Great for office wear, goes with my business outfit.

  • SMELLHAPPY04/04/2003


  • NAT03/31/2003

    Not bad but not that good either. Nothing special, not outstanding at all -to me! Try it first.....

  • ALEX03/22/2003

    It is very strong and some of the flower notes are absolutely unbareable. On the positive note for those who like it - it is very longlasting. I couldn't get rid of the smell even after several showers!

  • TATIANA03/18/2003

    I really love this fragance, because I've got a huge problem: Almost all the perfums stay on me just a couple of hours. With Kenzo flower I can smell myself all day long, without any trouble of being sad because I smell like nothing. Apart from that it's a very popular fragance, and everytime I put it on me everyone says: WOW! You've got Kenzo Flower, I just love it!

  • JAN02/19/2003

    Love it! Lifts my spirits & makes feel totally feminine. Scent not overpowering.

  • LIL-LOLITA02/05/2003

    sensi ..does anyone feel the same?

  • INGE02/03/2003

    Awful. Old. I like a slightly powdery smell in perfumes, but this is disgusting. Cloying. Heady. Ughh... :-( *#@%+& 100 % ughhh!!!

  • SHERRYELL01/26/2003

    First really different & beautiful fragrance in a very long time.....

  • LINDA12/11/2002

    I just returned from Paris where I smelled this scent on various women: on the Metro, in museums, in shops or just walking down the street. It smelled so good I had to get it. The scent is powerful yet discreet.

  • KATHLEEN12/08/2002


  • MANDY11/29/2002

    It is THE BEST smelling perfume I've found in years. Very modern, long lasting and everyone will compliment you on the fragrance!

  • JULIE11/16/2002

    Floral and powdery, the top floral note reduces to a vanilla aroma that keeps your mood lifted all day.

  • MILDRED ATTAKORA10/19/2002

    God i love it, wow it just make me feel like a lady wow!!!

  • KATHLEEN09/30/2002

    Powdery and Pretty! Makes me feel like a princess as I spray this on!

  • JANE09/15/2002

    I love it, it lasts, and it comes in an attractive bottle too :)

  • ANDREA07/18/2002

    Simply amazing!!!!

  • SB07/15/2002

    I don't usually like flowery perfumes. This one I love!!!

  • INES06/25/2002

    I agree with China. I like powdery, soft scents, too (Flower was described like that), but I was very dissapointed after testing it. It is VERY synthetic scent, as China said. I can't wear it. Very unpleasant smell!!!:(

  • NURSE PEBBLES06/11/2002

    A beautiful summer fragrance..flowery but soft and a wondeful powdery smell to it too...makes feel oh so feminine..

  • JM06/03/2002

    Roses, old wallpaper, cotton balls and antiseptic packaged and marketed as if it is new

  • ROSE05/26/2002

    Powdery and pretty and soft I love to wear soft and powdery scents and Flower is special!

  • CHINA05/15/2002

    I bought Flower by Kenzo because I loved the ad and the description, and the bottle! But it was way too strong for me, and there's a synthetic smell that I could not tolerate. I tried to wear it, I wanted to like it; a man even complimented me on how great it smelled! But I just could not take the smell, something about it didn't agree with me. Oh well, another trial without testing first that failed...

  • NICOLE05/09/2002

    I was looking for a flowery and powdery scent. Just by reading these comments, I found what I was looking for. Just bought it. Perfect for me. Reminds me of Parfum de Lune (when it's dried down) that I was wearing in the 80's. Also similar to Ombre Rose. But Flower is more refined of course.

  • FANI03/20/2002

    I absolutely love this perfume! It's so perfect, like baby's powder. People at work ask me what I wear, they like it too. And the bottle looks great on the dressing table! And I can still smell it on my wrists at the end of the day!

  • FIREMAIDEN03/13/2002

    I love it!!!! I has a confident scent that is not sickeningly sweet or overpowering. And it has just the right amount of powder and flower. Kenzo can have all my money!

  • SHAWNA02/03/2002

    This one is really growing on me. I think I have to buy it!!

  • JENNIFER01/30/2002

    I discovered this perfume while on a trip to St. Thomas and fell in love with it instantly. My husband can't keep his hands off of me when I wear it.

  • BENNIE01/25/2002

    I found this on the Carnival cruise ship Spirit Dec. 2001. I was first attracted by the bottle, then also liked the fragrance. And my boss is not allergic to it like several others I've worn.

  • STEPHANIE01/23/2002

    I think this is a very unique type of fragrance; it's quite light and not at all like the classic scents like Chanel, etc. It's a floral, obviously, and it includes rose, vanilla, white musk among others. I think it's so different that it's almost weird, but not in a bad way. This is not one I'd like to wear regularly, but I bought it for the cutesy bottle and don't much care what it smells like.

  • NIKKI01/08/2002

    This smells like Lutece by Houbigant which I wore in high school in 1985.

  • CINDY L01/06/2002


  • PERFUMELANG01/03/2002

    I just adore the scent of Rose and violet with White Musk.Flower is very fresh and just right not too heavy great for Spring/Summer.

  • AL11/29/2001

    It's a very delicate perfume but i find I have to spray it on again after 2 hours because the fragrance fades away too quickly.but I do like the powdery sweet smell

  • JANIS10/21/2001

    I love Flower, Everyone at work comments on it how nice it smells, I will be using this perfume a long time :)

  • AMY09/14/2001


  • HRBETTYBOOP08/29/2001


  • GQ EDITOR07/05/2001

    Makes me BECOME a magnet to her, weekens my knees, and makes my mouth water.

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