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86 Reviews

Created in 1996, Organza celebrates the source of femininity itself - it rouses the goddess in hiding in every woman, by revealing her purity and elegance, but also her sensuality. A floral, oriental and woody fragrance Organza perfume combines the freshness of sap, honeysuckle and rosewood with the voluptuousness of gardenias, poppies and more

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Created in 1996, Organza celebrates the source of femininity itself - it rouses the goddess in hiding in every woman, by revealing her purity and elegance, but also her sensuality. A floral, oriental and woody fragrance Organza perfume combines the freshness of sap, honeysuckle and rosewood with the voluptuousness of gardenias, poppies and tuberoses and the intensity and timelessness of amber and nutmeg.

  • CLAIRE03/02/2016

    ...I love the "warm, deep " fragrance of the purfume. I have worn this purfume for about 15 years and never get sick of it.

  • CAROL L. UNDERWOOD08/08/2013

    I liike this fragrance very much. I've used it since the first time I tried it. I've had many people ask me what I was wearing because they liked its scent.

  • ZC10/13/2012

    Good product

  • SUZANNE 01/03/2010

    Don't they know not to mess with a woman's Scent? I am sick about this...I did find that Givenchy has put out a new one, but it appears there are differnent fragrances in it? I am afraid to order it...sticking with what I KNOW is fabulous! I can't wear just 'anything'. I've worn this since it first came out and I can't be without it. why do they do this to us?????

  • DEEANNE09/24/2009

    If you are looking for this, I have seen many many listings for it on EBAY-good prices too! I did read that it has been discontinued-so if you can find it buy it now.

  • ROSE M.09/17/2009

    This perfume has only gotten me one WONDERFUL compliment after another. There is nothing else I can wear that comes close to this scent. Why not reconsider bringing it back. There are so many of us that are hooked on it. PLEASE!

  • LAURA04/01/2009

    I want my fragrance back. I have been happily wearing this fragrance from the first sample that came out in my magazine. When a customer is a repeat customer for the same fragrance and constantly ask to order it, and they don't, I think this is the true reason businesses go bankrupt or out of business. They think they know what sells, but not by listening to the customer. Well Elder-Beerman lost my business completely the last time I requested that they order it, and I let them know why. I don't shop at JCPenny's for the same reason, they stopped selling fragrances. There are plenty of stores to buy from, but when they stop on a product I constantly buy and request it time and time again, I am done with that store. I don't need much, I just want my Indecence back! You see these little ads that say similar fragrance like Givenchy, give me a break.


    I purchased this product when I smell it on a tester in some woman's magazine and have been wearing it since, about 8 years now and I have no desire to change fragrances, ever. I love it on me, my clothes, my bedsheets, I love it for me. And it is a plus to be complimented by both genders on the beauty of the fragrance. I am sick and tired of everytime I find a product I love, the company decides to stop putting the product out. Who the hell are they to do this. Don't these company's that carry this product care what a repeat customer wants. Our Elder-Beerman store cares volumes of different fragrances and they also carry different fragrance by Givenchy, but they stopped carrying Organza Indecence. I don't want any other fragrance! What's a woman to do? My husband has looked everywhere too for this, as he adores this fragrance on me! There is NO COMPARISON to this scent.

  • BARB02/06/2009

    Please tell me someone will have the good insight to continue this fragrance. It is the favorite of all favorites. Never a time worn without compliments. Where have all the business-minded people gone? Does not anyone remember "Give the customers what they want" not to mention "THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT"? All these women taking the time to post these responses cannot be wrong about such a valuable product for a woman. GIVE IT BACK TO US!!!!!

  • MONIQUE01/07/2009

    An unforgettable scent. Women and men stop me in lines. Men who work with me have asked me for the name and I have actually given them a little tester spray for travel. They want their wives to smell as good as I do at work. What a compliment. I truely don't understand why on earth they would discontinue this, and leave organza in production. Indecence seems so high in demand. Who makes these decisions. Look at the number of women in love with the scent and begging for a new release. Has anyone heard any news regarding a new launch?

  • GERALDINE B. WYMAN10/14/2008

    I love this and now I can not buy it anymore I am so bummed. Why would they do this. I always get a compliment when I wear this. Any chance they might change their mind. Thanks for letting me vent.

  • DENISE09/30/2008

    I just noticed your post. Why take it so personal? My comments were about Organza and not about Organza Indecense which I happen to like. I am not a moron that doesn't know how to apply perfume.

  • JULIE04/17/2008

    Just noticed your post. I have both Jungle & Brit Gold. Love Jungle, I'm on my 4th bottle, but I do not like the Brit Gold. It's just sitting in my cabinet. There's something in it, that doesn't sit right with me, it has some similarities to Indecence, but to me, not as nice. (OI has more vanilla in it, which I like)

  • TRINIGAL02/25/2008

    Organza is quite a nice perfume. The bottle design is not all that appealing to me but i really have to wonder about panayiotis' posting. Sir/ma'am,whoever you are,i think you have the wrong website here. We're rating fragrances,not car parts!!

  • PANAYIOTIS02/14/2008

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  • IRIS01/18/2008

    I just bought the mini today, and I like it. I've been looking for a new signature fragrance for quite some time now, and I think that I've found it. Blessings!

  • ARLENE09/17/2007

    As for running to the shower to wash Givency Organza Indecense off? I can't imagine why you would feel that way. This perfume is the most seductive, yet hidden and not overcoming as for smell that I have ever worn. Maybe you soaked yourself in the perfume. Remember spray into air in front of you and walk into the perfume. Anyway, I can't seem to find this brand anywhere here in Chicago and I would love to know where to buy.

  • DENISE08/06/2007

    This is the first time that I had to dash off to the shower and wash a perfume off me. It made me feel ill. Definitely doesn't agree with my chemistry.

  • MAHOGANI82105/26/2007

    hi mara if u ever read happen to browse thru the message board again im just now responding to ur message.(finally) yhea what i find is that when u find that special scent you know it, just like when u fall in love. Its only ONE. and let me tell you , if u like organza then u should wear it for a week and see how u feel , its last long, not to overpowering and it priced well... stay in the oriental woody family it seems thats what u like,.

  • DEBBIE04/30/2007

    Organza Indecence was the best... I agree with several here the Indecence is so different then Organza. But such is life...

  • GREEKGIRL04/01/2007

    Hi girls, see you all love indecence just as i do, but it has been discontinued unfortunately, if you want an alternative, you could try Kenzo Jungle l' Elephant as it has a similarity to Indecence and also ive heard that Brit Gold is also similar, havnt tried Brit yet but planning to, let me know how you go or of any others you may find similar, see ya, Helen.

  • JULIE03/28/2007

    Organza, when I smelled it when it first came out, it smelled a little different to me, then now. I smelled this the other day, and major flowery & heavy. Yucka doodle! If you guys like it wonderful, but it smelled like old flowers to me. Like Indecence better too Sandra!

  • AMY03/25/2007

    although this is not my favorite, people tell me i smell good and ask what i'm wearing all the time. i wore it few times for my boyfriend who bought it in the first place but i ended up giving it away to co-worker. i like ysatis and amarige more

  • SANDRA12/26/2006

    very disappointed they are no longer making it. I've worn this scent for years and received so many compliments.Very sexy smell. Love love love it !!!!!!!!!!!

  • LV11/22/2006

    The funny thing is that I didn't like Organza when it was released back in middle 90's... It was too full, too rich, too sweet for my tastes. Definitely, like many reviewers have said, sort of a 'mature fragrance' (but not 'old lady' - it is 'mature' but full of life, rich, bright, luminous)...I tried it again the other day and I like it a lot more...probably because the market is full of crap!!! So, when you smell something like this you know that you have finally smelled a good quality perfume. Lasting power is very good, unlike todays fragrances. Use with a light hand and enjoy! Very feminine and ladlike fragrance!

  • MARA11/20/2006

    I, too, have probably spent over $2000.00 attempting to find a "signature" fragrance. You are so lucky that you finally found yours. I can't seem to find one that I want to wear all the time. My mood dictates which of many I need to wear at the time. I will say, however, that Organza and Ysatis are two of my favorites. But, I have many others.

  • MAHOGANI82111/12/2006

    ok , I finally after spending about 2000.0$ on perfume thru out the yrs, i found my signature scent. Ladies, i put it on 7pm last night it is now 8 am, and it still smell so beautiful, hah, now thats perfume worth buying, its great.

  • MARA10/07/2006

    Hi, Allison, If you want an elegant green fragrance, I recommend Private Collection by Estee Lauder. It is very luxurious. You will either love it or hate it. As for Organza, it is a winner. One of my all-time favorites.

  • ALYSA09/26/2006

    this fragrance almost has the same type as shalimar Guerlain but I believe Guerlain is still better than this one because it smells more oriental. Organza top note is so nice and mysterious, the bottom note is more likely usual feminine fargrance.

  • LUSI08/28/2006

    This is an elegant and classic fragrance, not subtle at all, but very nice to wear. Love to feel this smell on me and also get many compliments. A good choice for evening, day by day and for romantic use, cause even it is classy it is still sensual. I am a bit tired from the "unique" and extravagant prefumes, so Organza is one of my favorites now.

  • JUDY07/31/2006


  • JANICE07/17/2006

    I have never had so many compliments on a perfume. Everyone loves the scent.

  • TARA07/02/2006

    Organza is a beautiful perfume. It does not last too long on me, but the composition is very nice. It is feminine and sexy in a smooth way. It is not loud.

  • ALICIA04/07/2006

    WHEN I FIRST OPENED THE BOTTLE I WAS like gross, then i put it on and it smells pretty good

  • BIANCA12/20/2005

    I agree with another reviewer on the 'moldy' smell. I like floral orientals but this one smells funky on me.

  • KAREN12/07/2005

    This is to let you know that I as well as my husband love the smell of is liked by everyone I meet and they must ask me what I am wearing as they tell me that they love the their to all that don't love's great and I am so glad I got it for Christmas 3 years ago...I won't be without it. It's so pleasant and I think it's great...Thank You Givenchey for making such a great fragerance..

  • BRENDA12/03/2005

    I love Organza, I came upon it about 10 yrs. ago in Dallas. Have never found one that works better on me. Men and women always say, "What is that you are wearing?" You smell great!! They say they always know when I am at work. The staying power is great, one application in the morning and it lasts all day without any touchup.

  • MAYA11/04/2005

    Hi Allison, maybe you should give Extravagance a try. I know that not many people on this site are too crazy about it, but there is just something that makes it really awesome. Personally I don't even like scents of that kind (green-like), and yet Extravagance is really nice. Both me and my sister really like it. Try it and hope you enjoy, Maya

  • KRISTOPHER10/18/2005

    My ex wife wears this as her signature scent, it is almost as beautiful as she. It is a scent that lingers and plays in your mind. The best ever scent, wear it only if you want people to remember you...

  • ALLISON R.10/15/2005

    This is a wonderful scent. On me, it smells very floral, light and whispy. I want a perfume like this one only with a green note, rather than an earthy oriental one organza has. Any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

  • MAYA08/25/2005

    Ok now that we have that out of the way... Really this has got to be one of the most annoying scents out there! That is all I have to say! Just annoying!

  • LJ07/11/2005

    Smells similar to Chanel Allure. Not bad but it has this sharp chemical note when dries down.

  • KATIE05/18/2005

    Every time I wear this scent, someone notices and compliments me. I do agree, however, that the fragrance fades very quickly.

  • LOISPOL02/13/2005

    I wear Organza during the daytime. It is a warm scent and not over-powering. I would say it is a very refined and classy scent. It is a nice addition to my collection.

  • MARY12/29/2004

    Organza fades very fast on me. I went 3 different times to try it, but each time it is too light and fades too fast. The smell is nice but the staying power is too weak.

  • MAN11/13/2004

    Definitely my hot favourite of feminine scents and I know what I'm saying cos my girlfriend has so many of those precious spray bottles on her shelf:) It turns me on on other women too but smells just the best on my princess' body. She wears the Organza perfume for big nights out and sprays her naked body all over with Organza body mist for those special hot moments of togetherness :)

  • MARIE 10/15/2004

    There is only one "problem" with this scent..;-) I am afraid it is becoming too popular, due to these perfume and fragrance forums.. Which is great, to have these forums to share and know about them all.. But, I am concerned one of "my" signature scents may just be one for so so many others.. *shrugs Just a thought..;)

  • MAXXX09/16/2004

    Organza is a lovley fragrance. The dry down on me is wonderful. I am so pleased with it. I am going to try Incedence next. It really is gorgeous. a must have

  • BARBARA06/06/2004

    Seductive, elegant, serious, mysterious, complex, deep, wise.

  • SUZANNE05/08/2004

    I got a sample of this when I bought Organza Indecence and I tried it on today. Thank goodness I was just hanging around the house because within an hour I was in the shower, washing myself clean of this scent! I have no doubt that on many people it smells really nice (the description of the fragrance sounds lovely and intruiging) but alas, on me it smelled sickly-sweet to start with and the dry-down (or as much of it as I could tolerate) was thin, sharp and sour. Interestingly, Organza Indecence smells REALLY PRETTY on me! Sweet, luscious and lovely! Isn't body chemistry a mystery!

  • CRYSTAL04/15/2004

    This is gentle, warm, and classic smelling. Some might find the tuberose a little strong and apricoty at first but the drydown is sensual and soft. I see it as a cross between Parfum D'Hermes and Kenzo Flower/Ylang et Vanille type fragrances.

  • SUNNY03/21/2004

    Absolutely beautiful! This scent has class and sophistication written all over it. Not to mention, I love how it smells on me. This scent deserves five stars and cut out to be a classic.

  • GINA02/22/2004

    Received a mini bottle of this perfume as part of a gift. Delicious! Sweet but not too strong and very feminine.


    I think BRITTNEE ought to have a seat and stop doing flips long enough to relax and smell a pretty scent *s Well, we all have our preferences but most of my dime store fragrance experiences happened before age 25 or 30. Of course theres no time to stop learning*s I cant imagine anyone not liking this scent. But, of course, im partial, its my favorite*s

  • SIMBA02/08/2004

    This stuff is an absolute have for all the women out there. My own mother wears this stuff and I do intend on getting her another bottle when hers is done. Two thumbs up!

  • ROZEE01/03/2004

    I got this scent as a gift...and every time I wear it, men go crazy! I wore it one night and a girlfriend's husband made her buy it ~ after the scent lingered in the car I rode in that night. More than a few impulsive men has asked: "WHAT is that scent ?!" after I have worn it. This is is MAGIC for me !

  • MELANIE01/02/2004

    First off,happy new year all!! I did not get to do any christmas shopping but at least,I got me a new year's gift of Organza. I just love this warm spicy aroma,it kinda reminds you of the smell of eggnog at christmas. This is truly the best perfume ever made and i sure hope it's here to stay.

  • ALIREZA12/27/2003

    well, I cant say it smells bad cause it does not. But I can say I wouldn't like it on my girlfriend who is 22. But I just LOVE this perfume when my mom puts it on. SO i would say this is a perfume for women in their 40's and 50's. or women who wouldnt mind if their husbands put on Brut!

  • DAN12/04/2003

    The scent is absolutely irresistable!

  • FRANCIE09/23/2003

    I've received many compliments on this fragrance.

  • MELBA09/14/2003

    I did not know what the name of this one was,because i had a sample and had used it frequently. I loved the spicy notes and its lasting power.

  • ANN09/02/2003

    One of the most sensual perfumes I've ever owned. When I wear it, there is not a man who doesn't at one time or another asked me what it is. Men love it; I love it.

  • LORI 07/13/2003

    I got this along with Indecence. I love the Indecence but Organza does have something that reminds me of cheap perfume. And it's not that different from all the others. I gave mine to my Mom, who loves it.

  • JOY05/07/2003

    Organza and Amarage cannot compare to the beautiful scent, Ysatis by Givenchy.

  • VINCE 04/28/2003

    As if a woman's neck could not be made more beautiful... this fragrance makes me want to nuzzle close to her and never leave. Far and away my favorite!

  • ANN04/12/2003

    I bought a gift set and I got it home and used it twice before taking it back because it had a peculiar scent on drydown. A couple of weeks after I had returned it, I wore a sweatshirt that still had the fragrance lingering on it, and I thought that maybe I had been hasty by returning it. I ended up buying the same gift set--1 oz. EDP with 3.3 oz. body veil--again yesterday. I thought I didn't like it, but I was hooked! I love it!

  • BE694204/10/2003

    what a name it comes so close to just husband can't get enough.its is so sexy

  • BRITTNEE03/17/2003

    This is the most boring of givenchy's fragrances. Smells like a bazillion other overpriced generic scents sold under designer names. Has a rather strange dry down smell of cheap dollar-store aerosol perfume.

  • DEBI03/13/2003

    this is unbelievable.... men are attracted to this instantly nothing comes close

  • CATHERINE02/03/2003

    What a beautiful perfume! Lovely, feminine, sweet and sexy-I love it and my boyfriend agrees :)

  • MIA01/15/2003

    I got a sample of this stuff and it was stinky....very old, moldy smelling, like a sweaty sock. Makes a great gag gift!

  • DEBBIE01/02/2003

    This is the one of the nicest perfumes around. I notice that most perfumes tend to lay flat on my skin. Or if they do break down on my skin, it's quick and it fades. Organza though has personality like I never knew a perfume could have. Floral, woody, spicy. Perfect harmony! And it lasts........

  • IDA11/17/2002

    Excellence at it's best

  • ANITA11/09/2002

    Use the sample and then forget about it. Loved the sample I was given, but when I bought the bottle, I had to end up selling of ebay. Too strong and make me nauseated.

  • ROBIN10/10/2002

    It's #1 men constantly ask what are you wearing? very sexy, and luring

  • NICOLE10/09/2002

    Super.. Enticing, addictive, each ingredient in it smells good. The bottle is pretty, original. Has all qualities to become a future classic.

  • SUE09/22/2002

    Absolutly love it

  • KATHY09/13/2002

    This isn't my favorite, but Ladies this will catch you a man's attention everytime you wear it properly.

  • MADELINE08/30/2002

    Yes, please send me that excellent source for perfume oils to and thank you!

  • STORMY08/24/2002

    Hi Madeline...You should try an oil for staying power. If you need help on where to find them let me know and I'll send you an excellent source.

  • MADELINE08/15/2002

    This is a beautiful, warm, and elegant fragrance. I love the way it smells when I first spray it on, but unfortunately it looses its lushness and dries down to a boring bread type smell on me. My Quelques Fleurs does the same thing on me...a chemistry issue, I suppose. Any suggestions on perfumes that stay true would be appreciated.

  • LAURIE08/01/2002

    I started wearing Organza shortly after it was introduced and never went back to anything else - ever! I get so many compliments on it from both men and women. I love the subtle elegance and will continue to wear it as long as its around.

  • SOPHIA07/08/2002

    I got it as a present for my roommate. She absolutely loved it, and so did a male friend of ours who decided to get it as a present for his girlfriend. Then I got it as a present for my sister. Now I am really jealous, because I'll have to wait until they finish their bottles to buy one for myself! It smells exquisite and it's very distinctive - if you smell it once you will recognize it forever. There is a floral note in the dry-down (it might be iris, but I'm not sure) that makes it very recognizable and addictive. Another great feature (in my opinion) - although it doesn't smell too strong up close (I hate "stinky" perfumes) it leaves a heavenly trace behind the wearer. When I came back from work late I could always tell if my roommate has gone out because of the lovely Organza scent still lingering in the air.

  • CAROL06/04/2002

    this was great, everyone says it smells good, but the indecence sucks.. stuck it in back of the closet til some other sucker wants it!!!!!!!!

  • ERIC05/16/2002

    Bought for my mom who asked for it. It smelled so good and she feels sexy again. Didn't care for the Indecense though. But this was great.

  • ALANA HOPE05/03/2002

    I purchased a set of mini perfumes on Ebay mainly to get Amarige and Ysatis which I thought I would love. Imagine my surprise when this turned out to be the only one I really liked. This has a very unique and interesting scent. Try it, I think you'll like it!

  • LOLA04/19/2002

    nicely boring.wear it to see your in-laws.

  • RAJIV04/02/2002

    I recently came across a woman my age wearing this fragrance and it was absolutely intoxicating - I loved it. As a guy, I would want my next girl friend to wear it....very very nice

  • MICHELLE K.02/27/2002

    I purchased a sample from ebay just to try it out because of all the good reviews... and this fragrance is absolutely enchanting...can't wait to get the whole gift set!

  • H.02/17/2002

    Very pretty, soft dry down.

  • JOANNE02/04/2002

    This is a great fragrance. It is subtle, but alluring. It is not overpowering like so many others. It is great for any occassion!

  • MONIA12/31/2001

    this a beautiful sophisticated scent with a touch of sexiness for all occasions especially for the evening

  • CHANTELLE12/29/2001

    I'm organzamaniac, Is like if I got dress and I'm not wearing Organza, I'm naked. That's it!!. Si no pongo Organza en mi, es como estar desnuda!!. Is a great, fabulous perfum, never old fasion!!. In my work everybody have something to said in the mornings, and the best? I smell Organza the whole day!!.

  • MICHELLE12/18/2001

    The products you purchase at perfume emporium and are the real thing. Not every retailer mark up their inventory 100%. I have been a loyal customer of both companies and you can put your trust in them. By the way, Organza is a wonderful fragrance. I highly recommend it.

  • LINDA12/12/2001

    I have been wearing Orzanza for a long time. So I know what it costs. I can't help but wonder at these low prices if it's the real stuff or imitation. Someone who has bought it here and in retail stores please post a message and let me know if it's really Organza.

  • SAADIA11/27/2001

    only because i bought it and it was expensive.

  • MIYAKO09/11/2001

    Actually smelled it on someone, then had to buy it. Was forced to, primarily. It's very attractive.

  • GLORIA09/02/2001

    Fabulous scent!.......I always receive lots of comments from both men & women when I wear this scent. In fact, alot of them want to get up close just to get a whiff.

  • GLORIA09/02/2001

    Fabulous scent!.......I always receive lots of comments from both men & women when I wear this scent.

  • BETH07/22/2001

    Organza is a pretty floriental fragrance. It contains: honeysuckle, amber, nutmeg, vanilla, and gardenias.

  • SANDRA07/10/2001


  • RUBY07/07/2001

    there's something sharp about it

  • SUSAN06/27/2001

    The men love this perfume. They say it smells sexy.

  • EDIE06/23/2001

    A fabulous perfume for any occasion!

  • DAPHNE03/21/2001

    I get asked that question so many times? There is a guy at my job who waits for me just to get a whif of me. Never flirty, just wants to smell the fragrance. I love this cologne.

  • CHANTAL12/29/2000

    Mossy, woody, vanilla come to mind. Wears very nicely in autumn. Somber and delicate.

  • MARY KHILE09/21/2000

    I wear this parfume all the time and I can not believe how cheap it is here. I just paid $85.00 for the same thing there selling it for 60.99. I have so many compliments on this parfume from Men and Women to. Smells wonderful

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