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Passion. Annick Goutal Image

Annick Goutal


12 Reviews

Annick's personal fragrance expresses her spirtual passion and love of life with a sophisticated blend of tuberose, jasmine and vanilla.

3.3 oz EDT Spray
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Annick's personal fragrance expresses her spirtual passion and love of life with a sophisticated blend of tuberose, jasmine and vanilla.

  • GUERLAINIA03/22/2003

    As are all Annick Goutal fragrances--I find them all Overly precious, sour smelling and unwearable.

  • M.J.03/01/2003

    Yet another Goutal fragrance that I cannot stand. It is one of the strongest, overwhelming fragrances I've ever smelled. Everyone that I know totally agrees.

  • KIM02/10/2003

    You can buy this at Saks Fifth Avenue also - I's very nice.

  • CARELIA02/04/2003

    Gardenia it is a very sophisticated scent,different but classic, it is a scent for a lady with a good taste not afraid to stand out. I recomend it.

  • KIM02/02/2003

    Does anyone know where I can find this one????? It's my favorite Annick Goutal fragrance. Also, anyone know what Folavril smells like - I'm dying to know.

  • MIA01/03/2003

    I think AG Gardenia Passion is very similar to Marc Jacobs, which one would you prefer?

  • TINA12/30/2002

    You can still get it at some Nordstroms...I love the scent too!

  • LILY B.12/23/2002

    Does anyone know whatever happened to Annik Goutal's Gardenia Passion? Is it still being made? It is a lovely scent, please if anyone knows anything post message here,I'm down to my last sample vial!

  • THERESA03/25/2002

    I've sampled all Annick's perfumes that appealed to me when I sprayed them on a card throughout the past few years. I've used Eau d'Ciel up until a few months ago when I tried Passsion again. This time the scent is completly different to me and I love it. It has a wonderful Jasmine tone with a spiciness after the dry down. It has vanilla which I typically abhor in any frangrance. If I can smell vanilla there's no way I'll be able to wear it. For now this is the one for me. I'm finding it hard to occassionally wear Eau d'Ciel. Does the scent change with our body chemistry over time or does our perception of the scent change? By teh way, if you're thinking of trying the Passion body creme be aware that it is very strong. I bought a tube and ended up mixing it with unscented lotion. It worked fine, helps it last longer and makes it tolerable. The straight creme would give me a headache.

  • NOMOREPASSION03/25/2002

    It is very old-fashioned, a bit cloying and has nothing with today's sensibility. I can imagine my grandmother wearing it, but I' can't find anything very special in it. Very boring fragrance.

  • CHLOE02/24/2002

    I use the word sensuous! very subtle, It smells exactly like gardenia's. It reminds me of neing out in an open field of flowers

  • H.02/17/2002

    Don't know them all, but I wear Grand Amour and it's BEAUTIFUL!

  • CAROLINE02/13/2002

    I've tried this fragrance twice. The first time, the tester must have gone bad from being in the light so much because all I could smell was this dirt smell. The second time I tried it,at a different store, I could smell the floral aspect of it but it still had that "dirt" undertone. I was really disappointed because I wanted to like it! But I just can't imagine walking around smelling like I've been playing in sand all day.

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    It really smells like my idea of a flower. The jasmine is quite spicy(black pepper).

  • ADRIANA11/18/2001

    Annick Goutal's Passion is strong and warm fragrance (tubereuse -jasmin-vanille). It was the favourite, signature fragrance of this remarkable woman and artist. It is warm, sophisticated and feminine fragrance.

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