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Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell   

46 Reviews

Launched by the design house of Naomi Campbell in 1999, Naomi Campbell is classified as a luxurious, oriental, woody fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of sensual and warm notes such as Chinese star anise, Italian bergamot, Jasmine and many more exotic ingredients combined to product a fragrance that is both sweetly feminine and more

1.0 oz EDT Spray
SKU 2276
$33.00 $30.99
1.7 oz EDT Spray (Unboxed)
SKU 57062
$41.00 $32.99
1.7 oz EDT Spray
SKU 2277
$48.00 $37.99
2.5 oz EDT Spray
SKU 2278
$50.00 $30.99
6.7 oz Shower Gel
SKU 5812
$25.00 $21.99
6.7 oz Body Lotion
SKU 5811
$30.00 $24.99

Launched by the design house of Naomi Campbell in 1999, Naomi Campbell is classified as a luxurious, oriental, woody fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of sensual and warm notes such as Chinese star anise, Italian bergamot, Jasmine and many more exotic ingredients combined to product a fragrance that is both sweetly feminine and sexy. It is recommended for romantic wear.

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  • SHARON10/17/2013

    I call this MY signature fragrance! I have been wearing this for many years and continue to get compliments from both men and women every time I wear it. I love, love this fragrance.

  • SMARTIECHOCS07/19/2012

    This is an excellent perfume. Often very hard to track down.

  • SHARON05/06/2012

    I absolutely love this fragrance! I have been wearing it for years and always get compliments from both men and women. I'm so glad I found Perfume Emporium because this product is getting harder and harder to find. Please keep it in stock! Thank you!

  • GLENYCE WILSON04/15/2012

    I have been using this for about 12 years. unable to get it in Tasmana Aust....for ages so thats why I purchased on line....thanks

  • DAWN T09/15/2009

    it took me so long to find this perfume and now i got i am so in love with it now i am happy i have it i rate this the great.

  • JESSICA11/11/2008

    Love it, doesn't smell the same on everyone

  • DMARIE08/11/2008

    I can't stand Naomi she thinks she is so tuff! Would never buy this big dildo of a fragrance! Yuck!Double yuck!

  • DOLLY DAGGER08/05/2007

    Paris Hilton, J Lo, Kimora Lee Simmons, now this one? Please, I wouldn't buy anything from these nasty women, especially Naomi. She's the queen beeatch of them all. I don't understand why anyone else would either, but that's another story. To each their own. There's too many quality perfumes out there to bother with these.

  • SARA02/11/2007

    ......but then after few years it is not so nice to me anymore,but this bottle and the smell still reminds me of my teenage age when I loved it!

  • LYNN08/15/2006

    I Love It!! Naomi Cambell perfume is sweet, soft and sexy. Best to put on b4 bed!!

  • BRON08/09/2006

    I have been put off by the bottle (and of course the celebrity), it reminds me of a vibrator!

  • MICHAELA08/08/2006

    I have around 20 perfumes in my collection (I just can't resist all the new beautiful fragrances) but I keep going back to this one. It's warm and sensual, reminds me of curling up next to the fireplace in my favourite angora sweater. Initially sweet and fruity but drys down to a soft and warm, spicy vanilla... Yum, give it a try! =)

  • MARY02/28/2006

    I own 2 Naomi perfumes. This one and Naomagic which is not listed here. Neither of them is good quality in my opinion, when compared to many of my other perfumes. For me they dont work well. And, I feel the quality is lacking.

  • KATHY11/23/2005

    Why are all these supposedly famous womens perfumes sicky sweet crap?? I bet none of them wear their own perfumes. How about it Celine?? Oh yuck!

  • MAURA05/24/2005

    i wasnt even shopping for perfume when i found it, i fell head over heels for it, it was seriously the most romantic, undescribable smell ever...believe me men drool over it..... ;)

  • ISHTAR04/05/2005

    Good god this is shocking. I was recommended this because it is allegedly a floral oriental and I love fragrances from that family. It smells like some kind of novelty scent that comes in a 5yr old girl's bargain makeup/perfume hobby kit. Stay away.

  • LAURA D12/23/2004

    When I started wearing this I started slapping my assisant around! Maybe I just thought she bought it, I dunno...

  • BRIAH12/21/2004

    My mom had gotten me this perfume 2 years ago, but my little brothers broke it! I haven't been able to fin it anywere but I love it so much! It's just so soft and refreshing!

  • RHONDA12/08/2004

    I haven't found a perfume that wasn't so strong. I can wear it anytime. It is almost a powdery scent.

  • JAYSON11/16/2004

    I love the smell, that is the only reason i still love my ex-wife even after havent seen her for complete one year when someone passes by wearing this perfume, past memories flashes back. really love it, would love if anyone could tell me where to find it in INDIA

  • IVANA08/29/2004

    I got it as a present from my mother couse she likes those 'romantic' parfumes I quess. I't realy just is'nt for me - I like fresh scent and this one is just to deep and to heavy for me.

  • NAT07/22/2004

    I got it as a present for Christmas and threw it away after 1 use. A typical cheap and anonymous smell like so many others around.

  • GEMMA07/08/2004

    I love this perfume, I got it as a gift from my mum and it is amazing. All my friends love it only they sadly dont sell it in Leeds and I got it from Germany, but its worth going somewhere else to get it because its gorgeous. It is liked by many of my mae friends too, and i was told it had a sexy smell too it, an opinion which I very much agree with!

  • MARIA06/13/2004

    got many comments. wish they had a body lotion to go along with it.

  • ANIA05/04/2004

    I'm allready on my 3 bottle.I wore this fragrance on my wedding day. It's sweet, sexy, sophisticated and mysterious. I feel very sexy everytime I wear it.

  • SYLVIA04/21/2004

    I was introduced to Naomi Campbell perfume through a Catalog, and I have been wearing it since. It's wonderful!

  • PULURETTA04/09/2004

    I favor the oriental/ woody scents, however, this one did nothing for me.

  • FIN04/06/2004

    Quite surprisingly delicious and sweet, yet subtle enough to wear in the office. I find the scent really gorgeous. Even thinking that this can be my signiture scent!!

  • NEL02/16/2004

    I just bought naomi and i really love the way it smells on me,i wish it would come in an eau de perfum it would last longer, hope she comes out with the body lotion.

  • ME12/30/2003

    HORRIBLE. If you buy or wear this, you are only following a brand name, not your own brain.

  • MILENA12/13/2003

    I think that they have a same base note. Naomi C. is sweet & creamy & woody; Naomagic is refreshing oriental. To me they smell similar. I don't like oriental perfumes that much, but I prefer Naomagic because Naomi C. is too much sweet for me. And I always get compliments for Naomagic.

  • DANIELA03/31/2003

    I have received nothing but compliments since my mother introduced me to this fragrance. It is absolutely lovely. Is is soft and feminine, great for any age. Try it with the body lotion-you will love it too. Thank you Naomi.

  • MITZI03/07/2003

    I have finally found the fragrance I have been looking for all my life. I would like to share with you all that you can actually buy this at TJ Maxx Can't find the gel or the lotion there, though.

  • LUCIA01/10/2003

    I think Dee Joo has the perfect description for this product. It's okay, but "a little too sweet and too spicy at once" :o).

  • SCOTT12/21/2002

    Can someone tell me where I can buy this perfume from apart from on the internet. I need this perfume, my wife and I love it.

  • KATARINA11/28/2002

    my favorite daywear

  • DEE JOH11/07/2002

    I tried this first in the cover of a Spiegel magazine and loved it instantly. But when I bought it, I wasnt nearly as impressed. Its still nice. Its a little too spicy and sweet all at once. But I still wear it for more casual occasions.

  • AILEEN (SCOTLAND)09/18/2002

    I'm quite amazed by how well this seems to be loved on this mesage board. I am Scottish and over here, due to her intense rudeness to all and sundry, Naomi is not a popular celebrity at all. This is also exclusive to one store only in Britain, so is very difficult to get a hold of and I just haven't had the inclination before. Now, I'm going to buy it online right this minute! I find it really odd that a British celebrity's fragrance is so difficult for us Brits to track down - bizarre! Thanks girls for pointing me to a new scent! - I'll let you know..

  • ALLISON07/26/2002

    I smelled this on a woman on the street. I asked her what she was wearing. It smelled great. She smelt like a big ole ice cream cone. Yum! I've got to get some for myself.

  • ASCHATAN03/14/2002

    ...I think it's called in English (Acorus calamus), that's what this fragrance reminds me of. The saleswoman said it was a special desert flower, though. Who knows...

  • ASCHATAN03/05/2002

    I think it smells a bit like an ice cream parlour, yummy.

  • ADGLEN02/13/2002

    I have been wearing Naomi Campbell perfume for 2 months now, and every time I get compliments and they are all men!!!! I love this perfume!!!!

  • MICHELLE W.01/04/2002

    The Naomi Campbell perfume has an unusual scent, vey different, warm, sweet and SEXY. I get numerous compliments whenever I wear it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. TRY IT !!!

  • KELLYGIRL12/10/2001

    I have been told I smell like a million BUCKS. You go GIRL THANKS...

  • HRBETTYBOOP09/06/2001


  • NAOMI06/09/2001

    No, I am not Naomi Campbell...but my name is Naomi...discovered Naomi Campbell in Freeport...recommended by a young man there....purchased one for me and my daughter in law...have been unable to find it trying to use my last little bit sparingly...the price on Perfume Emporium is great....

  • TRISH 04/15/2001

    The Naomi Campbell purfume has a distinct scent. It's something I haven't grown tired of at all, and still look forward to spraying. I get numerous compliments whenever I wear it.

  • MMM!03/23/2001

    This is a soft fragrance with a little bit of a punch to get your attention! Very sensual and warm with a hint of mischief! You go girl!

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