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Jovan Sex Appeal   

30 Reviews

3.0 oz COL Spray
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  • ZEPHYR12/12/2012

    This lives up to its' name. A guy I worked with used it and it is one of the nicest guy scents I have ever smelled. The name seems kinds of corny, but in this case it is appropriate.

  • CARL BURTON10/28/2010

    jovan sex appeal is mysterious and intrigueing by far one of the most complicated and best smells ever

  • CARL BURTON10/28/2010

    jovan sex appeal cologne is so good beleive me

  • CARL BURTON10/28/2010

    jovan sex appeal is a intoxicating smell and rival the other cologne by far the best ever

  • LIZ06/13/2010

    This stuff is straight up herbs and, just pure herbal smell. If you were to take old spice minus the warmth and added herbs, that is what it smells like.

  • ANDY09/06/2009

    i dont know what to say this stuff is so old and it still smells good, its a great scent to wear anytime

  • ANN MOWREY06/17/2009

    I absolutely loved this perfume. I was so disappointed that you discontinued it that I made a special trip to Chicago to buy the last of the last. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! Nothing compares with it.

  • JIM01/20/2009

    Jovan is owned by Coty. I went to their website at: clicked on "Contact Us", and sent them a message about how much I miss my Andron. You folks who miss it as much as I do might want to contact them as well...

  • JIM01/20/2009

    I used to wear Andron Cologne. I recieved more positive comments about it than anything I have ever worn. It was a pheromone based cologne, and I now wear Realm for men. Although it is also a pheromone based cologne, I don't get the same reactions.

  • HANDSOME12/27/2007

    nice , clean , refreshing everyday cologne.very good. and surely very masculine. im using the 7th bottle of this cologne now and never get bored with it. its awsome and not expensive as well .

  • JOSEPH10/29/2007


  • JUDE C12/13/2006

    Now this is what a real man is supposed to smell like. This stuff does not smell cheap, even though price wise it is. Reminds me of the Third Man by Caron, very masculine and long lasting. For the price this stuff is awesome, I got the aftershave too, it is top notch. For me to even compare it to Third Man, says a lot because that is the second best edt of all time, after Ungaro III, which is from another planet. Sex Appeal is perfect for a night out, very sexy stuff. Take my opinion, because I have owned over a 100 edts and colognes. This may only be a cologne but it is super strong.

  • IZZY10/07/2006

    Something different, too spicy! O.K. I guess. This is a hyped up version of Obsession.

  • JASON BOURNE04/04/2006

    Without knowing what the fuss is that previous reviewers write about I bought this cologne out of curiosity and wow! I am amazed. No doubt it is very affordable BUT it is of very good quality I must say. The smell reminded me of a cross between the disappointing TSAR and the immaculate Versace L'Homme. Those who gave this a low rating are unfair because if you ignore all the prejudices and take it for what it is - i.e. a great smell then you won't be disappointed, trust me. If it had been classed in the expensive category I would have given it a 4 but this is definitely a 5.

  • COWEN03/19/2006

    I wore this cologne when I met my husband and was very disappointed when it was no longer available. Please bring it back.

  • MAUREEN01/09/2006

    the cologne is not what i am looking for. the perfume is the one I'm interested in.. It had a fragrance that drove men wild! Ihave not seen it since 27 years ago. it was a sample , and it was 2.00 . I want that one. the original oil perfume. please , i have waited long enough. please bring back the rich original formula. ill pay the price...

  • SIRSMELLSOGOOD01/01/2006

    How arrogant and conceited of Jovan to refer to this as "sexual" or "appealing". Not the most attractive scent out there- it has a punguent spiciness that turns the stomach. This is another one of those dust-collecting pharmacy shelf colognes. Stay away.

  • SAM WALTON11/10/2005

    Just took delivery (It's going straight back) of Jovan Sex Appeal. Awful smell, reminds me of Jovan Musk, and that's terrible. As with any fragrance bought after reading other people's reviews always remember Caveat Emptor.

  • JOE06/14/2005

    Bring back Andron!!! I'm not sure of the statement that it attracts women, but it is the only cologne that has ever been good for me. The fragrance is mild, not overbearing and last all day. BRING IT BACK !!!

  • EDDIE12/06/2004

    I like the aftershave/cologne splash. It's my favorite mass market scent. A really good anytime charmer at an excellent price.

  • RHONDA11/15/2004

    Please bring it back-- My Husband and I have searched for years also, and would buy it all the time again. There has never been another cologne like it.

  • DAVID08/17/2004

    My Favorite. Bought a lifetime supply just incase they remove it again...

  • ROSEMARIE WOODS04/09/2004

    I hope that Jovan makes this cologne available again. It's my favorite scent from the past and miss it very much! Thanks!

  • SONIA NICHOLSON04/09/2004

    Please make this available to the public soon. It's my favorite scent and I miss it so much!!!

  • JOE01/15/2004

    yes gwen, i had it 20 yrs ago.i dont think it smells as good as the older stuff. they cheapened it they do to all the colognes now.well mostly all

  • SANDEE GANNON11/14/2003

    I have also been looking for Jovan Sex appeal to no avail. I've tried to find a similar scent but there is any price! This was the best fragrance and reasonably priced. why did they stop making it?

  • GWENN11/13/2003

    Smelled it over 20 years ago and still remember how fresh and clean it smelled.

  • PAUL07/26/2003

    Everything has its time and place in life! Andron is discontinued for years now....It time to act like grown ups and move on and maybe grow a little in the process!

  • LAURA 07/25/2003

    hi barbara , they did have a sex appeal for women , it came out in 1976 , and i am trying to find a bottle of it to no avail .. it is very light and springy with a touch of sweet , i loved it , laura

  • RICHARD06/15/2003

    Indeed, they made a huge mistake when they discontinued making this product for men. (actually for women!). I never in my life have had so many women comment on any cologne as I did when I used to wear Andron. My wife and I have searched for another cologne for years now and have never really been fully satisfied by the scent of any other as we and many others were with ANDRON!!! Bring it back!!!

  • BARBARA05/17/2003

    Why is there no sex appeal for women? only men???

  • BARBARA FERNALD05/11/2003

    does anyone know where to get sex appeal i used it 15 years ago and have been looking for it ever since please e mail me at if you have any info on it

  • JOE03/27/2003

    IS it for women or men whats the deal here?

  • ARNOLD R.03/26/2003

    Here's a novelty -- an actual review of the fragrance! (Rolling eyes) Sheesh... ANYway... I had seen this stuff for years, and never checked it out. With that stupid cheesy name, and that beyond satire 70's packaging, I assumed it would be awful. With my imagination running riot, I was sure it was all floral and tawdry and over the top, like Jovan Musk gone rancid or something. But it's not like that at all. It comes across as a very clean smelling, "barbershop" kind of fragrance; like something the barber slaps on you after you get a shave and a haircut (two bits!). Low key. Masculine. Terrific longevity as well. Really suprising stuff, for such an inexpensive fragrance. Good idea to have a bottle of this around for an "every day" cologne -- perfect for work, casual, etc. Get a bottle of it... if you don't like it, give it to your dad. He'll thank you for it!

  • DEBORAH03/21/2003

    I also used this perfume about 15 years ago. It's fabulous. Does anyone know where I can get it now? It used to be in hot pink packaging.

  • COLLEEN02/08/2003

    I have the same question as shelly-- does Jovan still make "Woman" for women?

  • JACKIE02/05/2003

    I also am looking for a great fragrance that I used to buy 12-15 yrs ago. Is it still made and available...SEX APPEAL FOR WOMAN

  • SHELLEY B03/25/2002

    about 12 years ago they made Sex Appeal for women--I have not been able to find it anywhere, does anyone know if it is still made and where I can purchase? thanks!!! shelley

  • FRANK03/21/2002

    What happened to this men's fragrance???? It was an awesome fragrance in attracting the women!! Bring it back, then let me know, and I'll be back!!!

  • JANICE MANUEL11/08/2001

    jovan really needs do make andron for women again. why did they stop making it. I loved that perfume. and so did everybody (men) that walked by me. Stupid Mistake for Jovan. But if sex Appeal is the same I will Buy it.

  • B.A. PRINCE09/21/2001

    Are these fragrances the same? Seems that when one disappeared, the other showed up!

  • C.V.03/13/2001

    I've been using this cologne for almost 20 years. The promise that is written on the outside of the bottle that says "you will be able to attract women AT WILL" ....well, it works. 20 years of thumbs up from this dude.

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