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Elysium was created by Clarins in 1993. Elysium was inspired by nature and was quoted as being "a celebration of the gifts of nature at their purest". This floral, fruity scent opens with top notes of jasmine, honeydew, dewberry, linden blossom and ylang. Also blends Rose, Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Papaya, Musk, and Cedar.

1.7 oz EDT Spray
SKU 2232
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3.4 oz EDT Spray
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5.3 oz Body Lotion
SKU 7028
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Elysium was created by Clarins in 1993. Elysium was inspired by nature and was quoted as being "a celebration of the gifts of nature at their purest". This floral, fruity scent opens with top notes of jasmine, honeydew, dewberry, linden blossom and ylang. Also blends Rose, Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Papaya, Musk, and Cedar.

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  • LORINDA12/01/2013

    I LOVED this scent! It was my signature scent! So fresh, so clean and feminine!

  • PEGGY DUGAS04/02/2013

    This was my all time favorite perfume and the only one where people would stop me to ask what I was wearing. I just bought some"Flash" by Jimmy Choo thinking it might work...NOT! Please rethink bringing this wonderful scent back!!

  • GINNY QUINCY12/18/2012

    OMG, you must bring this back! this was my most favorite perfume of all.. i love, love, love this scent!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  • SUZANNE BOWERS10/12/2012

    Clarins....PLEASE bring Elysium back. It is the most beautiful fragrance, it's sexy, sophisticated and emotional...yes emotional. When I wore it back in the 90's everyone commented on it. I could walk into a room days after wearing it and still smell it's hauntingly beautiful scent. I will buy it for myself and my daughter so again, PLEASE bring it back.

  • KATHLEEN07/24/2012

    I Would also love to see Elysium back on the shelves. It was my all time fav K

  • LORI04/24/2012

    Please, Please, Please bring this fragrance back. My search for anything like it has left me empty for years. This was a beautiful scent!

  • LEE04/18/2012

    The best fragrance ever. Please bring it back. Can't find anything close!

  • ELYSIUM12/20/2011

    It is my mst favorite scent. Please bring it back.

  • TAMARA MARTINEZ12/15/2011

    I am so gutted this perfume is no longer in stock or made. I hope Clarins will bring it back! London

  • TRUDIMC11/20/2011

    I *really* miss this perfume - I've never found anything like it, and I have bought so many 'dud' perfumes over the years, desperately looking for something like it - PLEASE bring it back!

  • CATE11/07/2011

    Please, please, please bring back this utterly beautiful perfume - my absolute favourite.

  • BARBARA DALE10/05/2011

    Elysium is my favorite perfume. I am so disappointed that I cannot purchase it in stores any more. I hope it is not discontinued entirely.

  • TERESA 06/22/2011

    I totally agreed with everyones messages, Elysium it's my perfume of all time I love it and when I met my husband besides falling in love with me he fell in love with my perfume too!

  • KAREN06/13/2010

    please bring back my elysium it is the only perfume i really like

  • ANITA 12/09/2009

    Whenever I used to wear Elysium, I was told that I smell like a million dollars. Actually I felt like it when I wore it. SIMPLY THE BEST SCENT IN THE WORLD. I am quite prepared to pay a million bucks for it!!!!

  • ANDY03/01/2009

    I have been suffering since Clarins stopped producing this fragrance and have had to order various substitutes, none of which come close to Elysium. I got my sister hooked on it and now she's suffering too. As an Elysium junkie, I cannot explain how wonderful this fragrance is. I would give up every other substitute fragrance if I could just get one bottle of Elysium!!

  • MELLOINE02/24/2009

    My Favorite Perfume of all time. The current Scents that Clarins offer are geared towards the same young people who purchase Paris Hilton products. Elysium is a perfume for women who know what we like and can afford to buy what we want!!

  • MICHELLE12/20/2008


  • COCOESSENCE12/12/2008

    I absolutely Love's so soft and,I always receive compliments when i wear it....Clarins needs to bring it BACK!!

  • NABEELA A12/09/2008

    When my mom worked for Jacobson's *no longer around* is when I found this wonderful smelling perfume. I was so sad to find out they no longer sell it in stores. This is one of the best perfumes around in my opinion. Please, bring it back..

  • SUE C09/10/2008

    If enough people write to Clarins and ask them to relaunch Elysium, they may do so, even if it's only at Christmas, like they do with the Chanel boutique perfumes.

  • ELIZABETH COLE09/28/2007

    This perfume can never be replaced- hope they kept the formula- a true marketing faux pas

  • KAREN11/07/2006

    I wore this fragrance on my wedding day and I am so upset that this is discontinued, however, I have managed to get some online and it is the real thing. Brings back some beautiful memories, such a subtle, elegant fragrance.

  • MIKE05/02/2006

    I have not been able to find anything quite like it. How could they discontinue such wonderful scent. Hunting for something similar. So sad.

  • JACKIE 210/23/2005

    This is my ALL-TIME favorite perfume! I am SO sad to see it discontinued, I will never buy anything else from Clarin's until they bring it back, just the same as it was, NO CHANGES! I have worn Elysium since I was 19, ten years of wearing the same perfume and I am expected to change? Not nice Clarin's, RUDE!

  • PIA04/13/2005

    Vonni, glad you agree with me about this fragrance, I thought I got ripped of buying on line and got a reject bottle. I am assuming the bottles we purchased were made ten years ago when Elysium was being marketed so it has been sitting around and the formula has aged and weakened, maybe exposure to heat and sunlight in the warehouses where the products are stored? Who knows , but it is still a pretty scent unique in its own way. Gracie, there is no need to bring your mother-in-law into this posting of opinions on fragrances. So you think this scent "sucks" and you dont like your mom-in-law, so what does that have to do with the price of eggs? Suppose she were to read your post here what would she think of you then?

  • BRINN126903/19/2005

    Clarins...please don't stop making this! My alltime favorite. Summery,light, it!!

  • VONNI03/12/2005

    I agree with Pia that this fragrance has changed. It used to be more intense somehow. Now it reminds me a little of the drugstore fragrance Le Jardin.


    My stupid mother in law wears this crap. She sucks and so does this perfume.

  • SUE C11/12/2004

    This lovely fragrance has disappeared from stores in Australia. If you like this one, try Laura by Laura Biagiotti. It too is a soft dreamy fruity/floral for spring and summer.

  • LEANN11/01/2004

    I love it an Order 3 bottles about twice a year, men luuuuuv it and im the only one I know who wears it, probable why it was discontinued.

  • BECKY09/27/2004

    Elysium is the only perfume I will wear. I was so upset when I found out it was discontinued. I just tried to order some off of the internet. I hope I don't get an e-mail saying sorry unavailable! Any ideas if they are bringing it back???

  • LELSEY09/05/2004

    It is my signature fragrance!! I'm so upset that Clairins has pulled it---everyone that knows me (including my grandchildren) know my fragrance! I even wrote to Clarins and received a reply from France--but noa truthful answer, unfortunately. I'm quite sure their discontinuing to produce it is either due to the inability to obtain or the price of one of the ingredients. What a shame for them to pull such a money maker. Their new fragrance is smells like fly spray!

  • YVONETTE GARRETT09/01/2004

    This is the best perfume that my nose have smelled.My uncle bought this for me when i was 13yrs . I never forgot the name or the smell , today i'm 23 and I still can smell that perfume. You should reintroduce it to everyone.

  • KMS05/21/2004


  • PIA04/22/2004

    I first tried this delightful fragrance on a shopping spree with my ex sister-in-law who was a perfume addict. She favored anything from Clarins, makeup, skincare and fragrance. She first sprayed it at the Clarins counter at Macy's and I thought how fragrant and beautiful it was. She purchased it along with another hundred dollars of eyeshadow and lipstick. She was visiting from down south with her husband , my husband's brother at the time(fall of 1994) and my guest bedroom were they were sleeping smelled wonderful but nothing compared to how it smelled on her. Recently, I thought of her and Elysium came to mind and I just had to get it and try it for myself. Has it changed, has anyone else noticed how light and vapid it is now? Not as aromatic as it was or maybe i got an old bottle(1.7 oz for $20.00). I really want to wear this scent , maybe layering would help? Any ideas? Thanks.

  • MICHELLE04/12/2004

    Same for me, I have been wearing this perfume since 1993, I love it!!! Especially in the summer. Please keep making it.

  • DIANE02/22/2004

    Same here.... I have been wearing Elysium for 8 years and get at least 1 complement a day on this fragrance - it is incredible. Please keep making this Clarins, PLEASE!

  • FIONA12/04/2003

    i would like to order the elysium perfume, however, i live in western australia and not sure how to order as the shipping details are only for residents in the US.

  • MSBADKITTIE11/30/2003

    I've been wearing Elysium for 10 years. It's my scent, the only perfume I wear. I found out after my last few trips to the Clarins counter that it's being discontinued! At least that's what I've been told by the Clarins people. I will be incredibly disappointed if they stop making it. I get stopped all the time by people asking what my perfume is. the guy at 7-11 on the corner goes insane whenever i walk in, taking deep sniffs and telling mw how great i smell. Please, Clarins! Don't stop making Elysium!

  • RUBY RHODES08/28/2003

    I have been looking for this perfume for ages! I first bought it for my Deb in high school (6 yrs ago) and haven't seen it in the stores since. Weird, I live in Melbourne, Australia, I would have thought we'd have it! This is my 'party' perfume because it gets me in the mood to do so!!! I agree with everyone else... Thank god it's on the internet... I have found the love of my life again... Go Elysium!

  • LILITH05/29/2003

    I was hospitalized a while back and smelled it on a nurse... It was magical! Calming, gentle, beautiful! Sampled it on myself a few weeks later... Not good. I just hate when that happens! But that nurse sure made a painful moment a little nicer!

  • ROSHY05/02/2003

    for anyone who loves this fragrance:) clarins has a new fragrance. e-mail me and i will tell u more about it and how to get it :)

  • SHIRLEY03/26/2003

    I just love the fragrance, it is just so HARD to find, and I also love the powder and the lotion and bath gel, and I can't find any of those.

  • JOCELYN01/14/2003

    I don't live in TN, but Elysium can be found in department stores, at the mall, for example. You need to find a dept. store with a Clarins counter. By the way, their skin care products are excellent in my book.

  • KARELL11/23/2002

    I love this perfume, it's so fresh and delicate and all the people tell me, they love it ;-) But I have many difficults to find it in Canada....

  • SUSAN11/11/2002

    I have been wearing this earthy scent for years. Still love it!

  • NURSE PEBBLES09/13/2002

    This perfume really had no scent at all and faded very very quickly with what little scent it had...a miss in my book

  • BETHANY07/14/2002

    A really different, fresh, soft floral. Smells like a beautiful perfumed soap. A great antidote to all the heavy, overwhelming smells out there. Liked it. :-)

  • YVONNE06/04/2002

    My favourite perfume and I cannot find it in the UK. Does anyone know who sells it in England or who may ship it to me? Thx

  • DOROTHY03/11/2002

    Most perfume's give me a very bad headache. I was in the store one day and I asked this lady what she had on because it was a very beautiful smell. I've been using it for 5 years and it is very hard to fine. Thank heaven's for internet. If it can be found in chattnooga, tn. please let me know. Thank you Elysium.

  • MIRELLE12/30/2001

    This really is one of my favorites, although it's getting harder to find in stores. It's very clean, light and floral with a little fruit in the heart notes and a little weight from wood in the foot note. It's perfect for Spring and Summer, and I use it as one of my "work" fragrances year 'round because it isn't overpowering. I hate when women are drenched in perfume - no matter how lovely the fragrance. This one will never have you being the "over-perfumed woman" at work or elsewhere!

  • BRIGITTE11/17/2001

    I've used it for many years and i still love it. I wear it during summer time.

  • CATARINA08/22/2001

    Nice and fresh. Green with soft floral notes. Something along the same lines as Calyx, by Prescriptives, but a lot cleaner and much nicer.

  • DANA05/27/2001

    Enchanting scent. Very floral and green with a certain distinctness. People usually buy a bottle after trying it on! Hurry up on this one because i no longer can find it in stores.

  • JACKIE03/15/2001

    I can't believe there aren't any comments about this wonderful scent!!! It has been one of my absolute favorites for about 5yrs now. I bought my first bottle in St. Thomas so (of course) I always associate it with summertime - it's a very light & airy fragrance. I've gotten lots of compliments on it!!

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