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Estee Lauder


89 Reviews

Cinnabar is warm, mysterious, endlessly appealing spicy scent. Jasmine, Orange Flower, Clove and Patchouli blend intriguingly into an intense, sensual experience.

1.7 oz EDP Spray
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Cinnabar is warm, mysterious, endlessly appealing spicy scent. Jasmine, Orange Flower, Clove and Patchouli blend intriguingly into an intense, sensual experience.

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  • NELLANA01/02/2017

    Love this perfume. Have we rn it for years and always Someone will compliment me on it. I especially like it because the scent stays "true" on me. ( Doesn't turn brassy)

  • GINGER MARTIN12/13/2014

    Exotic and mysterious.

  • JEAN BETT06/23/2013

    I love it's spicy fragrance.

  • NONI RIXON02/26/2013

    I found the website easy to use and the provision of service excellent, swift and efficent

  • SHELAGH01/01/2013

    A beautiful perfume that takes me back in time quite heady , perfect for that special night out .

  • IRIS08/09/2012

    i have been wearing this on and off, and on and off again. now i am back. this is a keeper, it really is my siginature scent. it last all day and into the the night. it last on my clothes, long after i've washed them. i open my closet door and the scent of Cinnabar just hits me in my face, but in a wonderful way. i pray that my soulmate will love this just as much as i do. i had 2 bottles and i gave them away!!! what was wrong with me??!!! i could just kick myself! i didn't though, we all make mistakes. but this perfume is no mistake. try it, you just might like it. blessings!

  • MARIYN 12/14/2011

    this was the first time i had ordered from galaxy but was pleased with the service i recieved you get updates via email of your order and the delivery was very quick

  • CHERYL11/07/2011


  • MRS. BOLDEN11/03/2011

    This is the ONLY perfume I ever wear, around my husband and always.

  • KARINA08/29/2011

    I have been wearing this scent for over 30 years. it is the only perfume I have ever had many compliments with. I have tried others over the years and always go back to cinnabar. In my opinion it smells just as good as it always has. I love it

  • CATHY02/15/2011

    Thank goodness; it wasn't just me and my nose... I thought it was different. I am so disappointed. Used to be my signature fragrance- now it smells... well, not so good

  • KATHY WARD08/27/2010

    i can't find it anymore, i have worn it over 25 years. when i found it at an outlet mall, it smelled like it was ruined, can it get old?

  • VICKIE HARRIS08/27/2010

    I've been wearing Cinnabar for about 30 years now, and it is the only perfume I will wear. I make sure to spray it in my hair so it will last all day. My hair is very long, so it lasts longer than most. I love how it mellows, and is different for every wearer.

  • MKD05/04/2010

    I wore this scent for 20 years and also thought I was crazy but looks like they changed the formula and I hate it. Any way to get bottles with the old formula?

  • BLONDIE04/17/2010

    It has changed. Dry down was once yummy is now musty and awful. Too bad.

  • KG01/07/2010

    20 yr user, just bought new bottle, smelled different, researched and found this site, yes, totally different, thought I was crazy! Now smells like scented maxi pad yuck.

  • JEWELS11/21/2009

    My sig scent is Aromatics Elixier, but I recently tried Cinnebar in the store, and now I see they have changed the formula, so how do I know where to get the original formula?

  • TRACIA09/18/2009

    This smells heavy and dated. Like the 80s in a bottle. Absolutely nauseating and suffocating. Most perfumes that I don't like I can at least tolerate on someone else. Not this one. I hope never to be within a country mile of anyone wearing this.

  • VESNA08/29/2009

    I remember many years ago while I still lived in Europe I approached one woman in the public washroom and asked her for the name of the perfume she had, I was fascinated. I would like to get back to it again and I've checked all the big stores in Toronto. Anyone knows where I can fiond it, or order it for Canada? Thanks.

  • SEXY KITTEN07/19/2009

    I can't remember what the specific ingredient is that many of these old perfumes have but it is harmful and the perfume manufacturers need to remove it from their scents. I too revisited some older scents and found them to be quite different as of late.


    I used to love this and Opium. They have both changed and now are both wretched! I agree with the other person it does smell like a urinal.

  • CLAY06/26/2009

    You need to try Hové "Flame"'s *very* close to the pre-reformulated Cinnabar, but maybe even better! You can find it at

  • BRENDA05/21/2009

    cinnabar is the best and it last a long time.

  • TULSAGIRL03/11/2009

    I have worn Cinnabar since I was 9 when my grandmother gave me a bottle - I cherished it. I have worn the scent so long that when I walk up behind people I know they know it is me. It is sultry, sexy and most men ask where they can get it for thier wife.

  • DISAPPOINTED02/28/2009

    Write the Estee Lauder company and complain...they need to know how many loyal customers they have lost!

  • SWJ02/28/2009

    Please write the Estee Lauder company online and complain about the "rebalancing" they are doing to almost all their fragrances. An Estee Lauder rep wrote me and admitted they are doing this. I have complained numerous times. At the Estee Lauder counter last night, the sales lady said she has had some complaints as well. I've worn ESTEE since 1991, but won't anymore. Hopefully, the changes they've made will hit them in the pocketbook.

  • WILDFLOWER01/26/2009

    Instead of using my old Cinnabar up and switching to another brand, I have decided to stay with the new tamer Cinnabar. Here is the reason: I went shopping around to all of my local department stores within the past week, to try and find something new or old that I love enough to wear as often as every day. I have a local Macy's, a Boscov's, and a Bon-Ton where I live, so I had the opportunity to test a somewhat large variety of scents. I tried all the new ones and re-tried all the old ones. I can honestly say that I was very disappointed. Many of the perfumes I used to like turned on my skin almost immediately, and the newer ones that I did initially like either mutated into something totally boring or just disappeared completely within 1 and 1/2 hours, just as I noted in my previous review. I can honestly say that for me, and my body chemistry, the Cinnabar is still my best choice. What I did notice, after wearing it for a couple days is that the staying power still exceeds anything else I have tried. In past, Cinnabar has always dried down with more cinnamon and spice on me, where now, it dries down to sandalwood and a little bit of spice. But I do like sandalwood and it is really starting to appeal to me very much! My husband did comment on it smelling good. I believe I still love it enough to wear every day. I do hope that if they have reformulated it, that they are done now and will leave it alone.

  • EILEEN01/24/2009

    I have used Cinnabar for 20 years; it is my scent. My sister also uses it and it smells completely different on her. I need to buy some, and am alarmed that it has been reformulated. I will try it, but now I am wary. The old Cinnabar gets 5 stars plus in my book. Like any good perfume, it needs to be applied sparingly. I will try the new and repost.

  • WILDFLOWER01/24/2009

    I have 2 bottles of Cinnabar. One is from summer of '07 and 2nd is from 12/08. The '07 bottle smells so much more potent and rich. It smells delicious. The '08 bottle smells lame next to the '07. I tried them on my two wrists and the difference was right there. The reason I even did the smell comparison is because when I got the new one, I thought it smelled different. My daughter even said that she detected a urine smell in the new version. I guess I'll just use up the '07 bottle and then find a replacement. I agree with so many other posters who say that the perfume companies are destroying the classics and sending us running to find other perfume choices, only to be disappointed with all of the cloned boring scents, and the nice ones that have lasting power of one and a half hours at tops. What a disgusting waste of money and time trying to find a good one! I am definitely disappointed with Estee Lauder for changing the classic five-star Cinnabar into something that I wouldn't buy ever again.

  • KITTY01/01/2009

    I was given Cinnabar as a gift just after my 17th birthday. I wore this in high school over thirty years ago. I'm now in my 40's and just for nostalgia, purchased a bottle this past Summer. After I sprayed some on my wrists, this scent transported me in time and for a brief moment I was back in High School. I remember wearing Cinnabar in the winter...walking home from school and smelling this divine fragrance in the air around me. I could smell it in my long hair and my white fur coat. It was a lovely memory to capture if only for a few moments. I did not expect to experience this but I am thankful for the memory. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find the lotion...I don't think Estee Lauder manufactures it anymore. During the holidays you may get lucky and find the lotion and fragrance in a gift set. I know the 70's seem like a long time ago but classic fragrances transcend time. Some posts describe this as an old fragrance, but I can assure you I was only 17 when I first experienced this lovely perfume and now in my 40's, it has not lost it's appeal. Cinnbar is exotic, alluring, provacative and mysterious. I hope Estee Lauder never stops making this.

  • SCENTOLOGY12/10/2008

    I love the fragrance!! I've used this fragrance for 30 years and I'll continue to do so. It seems to me that it isn't as strong as it used to be, but it still has staying power!!!

  • MELANIE11/17/2008

    Hi nevashnee,I have a few favorites here if you'd like to try them. Pleasures exotic and the original pleasures are always a hit with me for casual wear but if you're looking for something for a night out try the following: Mont blanc femme individuelle,J'adore by christian dior,Kenzo Amour or fifth avenue by Elizabeth Arden. Cinnabar is way too stong for me but I hope the above suggestions help.

  • MELANIE11/11/2008

    Hi nevashnee,i have a few faves here if you'd like to try them. Pleasures exotic and the original pleasures are always a hit with me for casual wear but if you're looking for something for a night out,try the following. Mont blanc individuel,Kenzo flower oriental or Amour,or perhaps Delicious by gale hayman and J'adore by Christian Dior. Cinnabar is way too strong for me,but I hope my suggestions have helped you. Good luck.

  • M.E.10/02/2008

    I love this one. It is great in cooler seasons. It will stay with you all day long and then some. The lotion is good too if you can find it.

  • COOKIEBEE09/06/2008

    I love, love, love, love cinnabar. This spicy, sensual, warm and exotic scent is my alltime favorite! You wouldn't believe all the compliments I get- from 25 year old men to 80 year old womeb, and everyone else in between. Even my fiance is turned on to cinnabar- my "cinnamon" perfume, he calls it, Hope Estee Lauder never discontinues its best fragrance.

  • COOKIE08/31/2008

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Cinnabar! It's my favorite scent of all time- warm, spicy, exotic, sensual. I get so many compliments, from 25 year old men to 80 year old women- and everyone in between. My fiance is now turned on to it- he loves my "cinnamon" perfume. I hope Estee Lauder never discontinues it.

  • NEVASHNEE07/25/2008

    i used to use royal secret, now i use cinnabar. i like to wear a perfume that when i walk in i will like to be noticed. Any other suggestions.

  • LUCI07/25/2008

    I have used Cinnabar for years, it had been my scent. I recently purchased a new bottle only to find Este Lauder changed the formula. I talked to product development about this and they confirmed. Why would any company change something personal like this. I am very sad. Cinnabar now smells like a cheap imitation that sickens me to smell it.

  • BARBARA W07/24/2008

    I know what you mean about adding another spicy scent to your collection. Sometimes I think I'm crazy when I look at my perfumes and see mostly "spicy orientals". Just bought yet another bottle of Casmir, for example. Sometimes I deviate and try something fresher, but I can't get enough of my spicy scents and will always try a new one. Still like Cinnabar. Did they tweak Opium again? Say it ain't so! I've got my bottle of pure parfum, and I'll never buy the EDT again. Also absolutely loving my Black Orchid, but that is so heavy I'll have to wait until fall to wear it in public. Have you tried the new Gucci in the brown bottle? Very nice. Take care!

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/10/2008

    Hi judy. we seem to enjoy the same type of scents as I have noticed via the message boards. If you want to try this ( I know this sounds odd) I highly recomment tipping your head over and squirting it on your hair. This is the way I have taken to wearing my cinnabar. I think it can be very overpowering if not used carefully. I wore it to a dinner party last fall and people kept inquiring as to what the fragrance was. It is so different. So rich. I highly recommend! It brings back memories of my aunts when I was a teenager in the 70's!

  • JUDI W*05/05/2008

    Never tried this one, smelled it a couple of months ago in Macy's, but didn't put it on my skin. I don't know, maybe you would, did they do something to Opium? I bought a bottle off of Ebay (sealed) and it doesn't smell as good as the bottle I had gotten a couple of years ago. I would have to try Cinnibar on my skin, but I'm not sure if I want another strong, spicy scent. I have Fendi (ruined that one) Prada, Opium, KL, Obsession, don't know if I need another one. I don't know what I like anymore, too many have been tweaked, and I'm tired of buying them, and seeing they don't smell the same. Hate that!

  • IRISHLASS04/20/2008

    I love Cinnabar. It is difficult to find. It reminds me of Tabu and my daughter laughingly says they keep it way in the back of the store just for "little old ladies". It is a powerful scent, to be used lightly and most men comment on how good I smell.

  • ORCHIDFLWER04/11/2008

    This scent is a train wreck. Strong and cloying, without a hint of complexity that Opium has. I would only wear this if I wanted to be Alone. Forever.

  • BLONDIE02/09/2008

    I love this scent. For posters who say it is too heavy, try the lotion. It is just enough and lasts all day. Agree with posts who say apply sparingly. That means one light spritz. the dry down on this is just wonderully wearable all day long.

  • SISI12/06/2007

    It is very surprising.When you look the small,simple bottle,you can't imagine the smell. Its very exciting.First its like opium but then it will be different with spicy and feminen smell. Its heady so I wear it before 1 hour when I go off the house. Very,very sexy.

  • HARLEY-MAMA12/04/2007

    I would suggest the following: Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, Youth Dew by Estee Lauder, Mauboussin by Mauboussin, Must De Cartier by Cartier, Shalimar by Guerlain and Coco by Chanel. These are some personal favorites of mine but, I think you would like a few if not all of them. I like Cinnabar too. I'd say Opium is my favorite out of the one's I have mentioned but I enjoy the others as well. Happy sniffing!

  • KERRY12/02/2007

    My mum currently weras cinnabar but wants to try something new but similar, can anyone help with recommendations

  • NICOLI10/26/2007

    I smelled this on a lady in the doctor's office one day, and while this is a strong scent, it is very intoxicating. This is a fall/winter fragrance as many have stated. Smells lovely, but a little is all you need.

  • CJ10/23/2007

    Love it, love it! This is my signature scent for fall and winter, and the compliments never stop coming. BUT I'm also careful to apply it with a light touch. Very heady fragrance!

  • MISS J10/15/2007

    i have worn cinnabar for yrs. started when i was in high school sneaking a squirt from my mom's bottle on the way out the door. she always knew because the scent was still there when she came home from work. but i didn't care because of all the compliments i got at school. now i am 20 years older,and buy my own. i still get compliments on it today, especially from my husband who only buys estee lauder products for me. they always go well with my body chemistry!!!

  • JESS08/08/2007


  • BARBARA W07/21/2007

    Finally had a chance to sample Cinnabar, and it's delightful! I can see the comparisons to Opium, but Cinnabar is much easier to wear. Opium is the Mother and Cinnabar is the little sister. Spicy, cozy, and delish. Would be great around the holidays.

  • LISAANDTHEWORD07/16/2007

    Didn't like at first. Dry cinnamon incense(like head shop), (oops put on heavy) washed it off right after. Still there! Then I liked it. Sweet but not foody, wow, long lasting, more of a mello spicy after opening. So now I love it, sprayed very lightly.

  • NILLA12/21/2006

    i usually love spicy orientals, but not cinnabar. it's very "mature" smelling, and way too strong on me. it nearly knocked me down at first sniff, and i only sprayed it once on my forearm! i guess i just don't have the right chemistry/personality for this fragrance. if you like spicy scents, try kenzo jungle. it is much softer than cinnabar.

  • ANNIE12/16/2006

    Trying to say Opium is better than Cinnabarr is crazy, did U all forget what smells divine on 1 person, may smell like manure on someone-else. I've used Cinnabarr sparingly for over 20years,i'm in my 40's now, my Husband loves the perfume because it's not sickly sweet smelling.Ladies, i've had more men than women compliment the smell of this perfume, but if it doesn't suit your skin makeup, don't wear it.

  • BORN4MD12/13/2006

    i love both opium and cinnabar. they are both great scents. and i believe one is not better than the other. they are unique and both have their own beauty.

  • BORN4MD12/12/2006

    ...but, just like so many other intoxicating, and lovely, scents...please go easy on it. a little goes a long way and the dry down is incredible.

  • THEA11/30/2006

    Janelle-I would imagine ANY scent--even one formulated by the gods themselves--would turn sour to one who's just had a heart attack. That Not exactly a helpful critique you presented to others about Cinnabar: "If you get a heart attack, you may no longer like it." And Lisa--you say Cinnabar smells "cheap", but then you admit you were hoping it'd smell more like "cinnamon sticky buns". A perfume that smelled like cinnamon sticky buns? Now THAT'D be cheap! By the way, the meaning of the word "Cinnabar" has nothing to do with "cinnamon". Yes, there is a cinnamon note IN the scent, but its name has nothing whatsoever to do with "cinnamon." It's a word that refers to the soil that Chinese lacquer is made out of. Chinese lacquer...the Orient...Cinnabar is an ORIENTAL get the drift, eh? In my opinion, perfumes have become a little too literal lately. Now we get to enjoy too-literal perfumes as well as too-literal movies, too-literal "books", and too-literal "ideas". Well, I say "Bleech" to THAT. But Cinnabar...Now there's a great perfume.

  • KAYE11/12/2006

    This has been my fav. scent for 40 years! And, having grown up with it, my darling grandkids refer to it as "grandma's perfume' ! When they smell it on someone else, they immediately think of me! Just a little bit goes a long way...that makes it last longer!, and it is sooooo yummy~!

  • JANELLE11/11/2006

    Had this in 1983, It was OK until I had a heart attack and had to lay in the hospital, with that smell going up in my nose. Now I can't even get close to it with out wanting to throw up

  • MSDELI10/17/2006

    I am not really sure how you can compare Opium and Cinnabar. They are totally different styles. Opium is more of a soft and fuzzy scent. My mom used to wear Cinnabar but it is too strong for my chemistry. Turns kinda sour on me.

  • LISA09/26/2006

    I love cinnamon/spicy scents but this one just smells like a cheap, stinky version of opium...very sharp and acidic...not the warm cinnamon honey bun scent I was expecting..too bad...I had such high hopes

  • WICKEDONE08/31/2006

    I have been wearing Cinnabar. I don't wear anything else. I continually get compliments on how good I smell - often from complete strangers! I can't smell it anymore, I suppose because I am so used to it, but I absolutely LOVE the attention I get wearing the fragrance.

  • SEVENTHSIGHT07/25/2006

    Every Christmas for 25 years I got this from my husband. He loves it. The original body cream with the gold flecks was to die for but alas it is no longer sold. This smells like Cinnamon Honey buns to the 10th degree. I do believe the original Cinnabar smelled better as did the original body cream.The new doesn't have that ember spark the original possessed.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD07/22/2006

    Being that I have a girl, it is only fair that I bring home something for her now and again when I add a new entry to my collection.Im not always sure what she will like, but Im sure what I would like on her.Recently, I went to Winn Dixie to rent a Rug Doctor for my carpet.They didnt have all the accessories I needed, the mature lady who was assisting me smelled damn good.Being a fragrance fanatic, It was no problem asking her what was she wearing.The fragrance seemed sweet to me.She told me Cinnabar.I had heard of it,but couldnt think of the designer which will usually impress,although I didnt call the fragrance outright.(which is very impressive) Anyway, I didnt rent the Rug Doctor, but I found a very nice and affordable fragrance for my girl the next time I purchase myself a bottle of cologne.She will appreciate it.

  • KATIE06/17/2006

    This is a big, bold "knock 'em dead" scent. Spray it sparingly and wait for the compliments to flood in!!

  • DOLLYANNE06/12/2006

    Oh my! Did EL reformulated this one? I recall it smelling delicious, soft but with strong presence. Now all I can smell is cat litter.

  • BABYDOLL06/07/2006

    opium is more fruity whereas cinnabar is more incense.Opium ,Cinnabar and Coco are the greatest orientals of all time!

  • KATHY05/24/2006

    And none on that awful sweet vanilla in this one. However, this really isn't my type of fragrance, but, it is very long lasting and you will get your moneys worth if this is what you like.

  • DOLORES12/30/2005

    I have used only Cinnabar for over 22 years as it is one of the very few scents that doesn't clog my sinuses. On my body chemistry it lasts a long time with just one short spray. While traveling I like to take the Cinnabar lotion, which I use sparingly, instead of perfume spray in case of breakage. My husband and grandkids like the scent.

  • GWENDOLYN10/30/2005

    The first thing that pops into mind when I think of Cinnabar is SO STRONG. This is definitely an evening fragrance & should be worn with a light touch; it is sooo intense - very sensual but not at all subtle. I wore this back in the early 80s (I was in my early 20s) and it became my signature scent at that time (I remember a guy telling me he knew I was coming into the room because he smelled my Cinnibar first! Now I can't handle it ... too strong ... funny how your taste for fragrance can change over the years! If you like really spicy exotic, this is the one for you!

  • CHARLOTTE10/03/2005

    Cinnabar has a drydown that is delightful and very stable. Opium dries down to an almost sickening scent on me and continues to become more so as the day goes on. Cinnabar is delicious from beginning to end. My husband LOVES it!

  • BLONDIE09/29/2005

    I simply LOVE this scent for the fall. I always keep some and the first cool day I use it. It signals the change of season for me. If you have not tried the body lotion, PLEASE treat yourself to that when you can find it. It is heavenly!

  • ROBYN09/18/2005

    I smelled this perfume on a female co-worker and knew what is was right away, even though I hadn't smelled it since 20 years prior - unforgettable! a must have!

  • PATTY09/07/2005

    Men DO love this - I was once asked by a male many years my jnior - "Wow, what IS that jungle-juice you're wearing" - said with obvious admiration!

  • CHRISTA09/01/2005

    I agree that this fragrance is one to use in the fall/winter time. I think it smell sexy! Like the other posts....easy on the dosage, we ladies want to smell good not cheap!

  • MIMI08/20/2005

    This rich, spicy scent is beautiful in the fall and winter. Smells intoxicating outside on a crisp cold day. Easy on the dosage though, a little really screams out. Excellent if used properly.

  • PERFUME JUNKIE08/20/2005

    Grace, I completely agree. This is indeed a more affordable version of Opium (which I simply adore). Cinnabar is also good. Not for the timid ones, though. It is very oriental.

  • LEE ANN08/17/2005

    I have worn both and I swear Opium is better. I have a bottle of Cinnebar but once I am out I WILL NOT NUY ANOTHER BOTTLE OF IT. UGH. I won't wear Opium again either. Both don't smell good on me and gives me a big headache!

  • GRACE06/20/2005

    Cinnabar is a sweet, affordable version of YSL Opium, in my opinion and never fails to generate compliments on me. Lasts all day and smells amazing from beginning to end. Love it.

  • REBECCA02/22/2005


  • CK09/26/2004

    I agree with the previous writer that this is a generation younger than Youth dew. You have to give it to Estee, they have made some very good fragrances over the years. I'll tell anyone who is loves perfumes, that Estee Lauder is a collectable purchase! I also got my first bottle of Cinnabar in 1979! Very spicy! Orange! Incense! And exotic!

  • MARSHA09/03/2004

    I purchased my first bottle of Cinnabar as soon as it hit the perfume counters in 1978. It is a classic! It reminds me of turtlenecks and winter sledding. Has a bold aroma that shouts spicey! I always enjoyed Youth Dew, but felt that was "my mom's generation".

  • CHRISSY07/22/2004

    This is a strange one for me..I actually think its a pretty scent. Especially for the type it is..I dont like Opium....but while its pretty..I would never wear it personally. Too heavy and dated for my taste.If you can pull it off ..go for it Girl !

  • CINDY COUTURE07/02/2004

    I have been wearing this fragrance for over 20 years. I ALWAYS have people ask what I am wearing. The Men LOVE it!

  • ALICE06/27/2004

    I have tried Opium and I don't like it. But, Cinnabar is beautiful and smells so clean and sensual. I disagree that Opium is better or even smells like cinnabar.

  • LLL05/26/2004

    I LOVE Cinnabar. Just love it. Yes, it's an oriental, yes, it may remind one of Opium (which I also love), but it stands on its own, too. It is SO nicely blended and delicious and rich. Gorgeous. It makes me so happy when I wear it. Try it!

  • LAH05/13/2004

    ...wonderful perfume! Cinnabar is such a sexy, fun, happy scent. I gets many, many compliments on it and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes exotic perfumes! One of my all-time favorites!

  • MALLE01/04/2003

    I'm totally in love with this scent! It's the only one i wear besides Chanel's Bois des iles! It's strong,woody and heavenly at the same time. I have never really liked Opium (only on my mum!),so when she was in london she bought it to me and i loved it for the first time i spitz it on! But as one said,use it in little ways...i have to say that with all perfumes...a little does well on those strong scents! I got so many compliments from both men and women! But now i have a problem: My bottle is empty and i have tried everywere here in Denmark but they don't sell it! I've tried to buy it on some perfume sites but they don't order outside their contry or land! So PLEASE...if Rachel from Minniapolis or anyone else can buy it for me and send it to me i will be very happy! So if you don't play trix on me just to get money,then please write to my and we find out how much i shall pay you! Thanx!

  • BARBRA09/24/2002

    I work in a scent free environment, and I have a boyfriend who is allergic to cologne and perfume. This is the only perfume I've been able to wear "undetected", provided I put it on when I get out of the shower - before I towel off. At work I get asked if I've got a new shampoo, and my boyfriend thinks it's a special soap! But, when I wear it, it's a "sure thing"

  • ANNIE09/13/2002

    Cinnabar is a spicy, warm fragrance, but Opium is even better. I like Cinnabar, though, especially in fall/winter. My boyfriend likes the scent. But next time I'll buy Opium.

  • LORRAINE09/01/2002

    I'm completely in love with this fragance,it's intoxicating, especially for men.


    i read the reviews and decided, "this is the kind of fragrance i need for everyday wear", being a little bit unconventional and over-the-top myself. I have in the past used perfume occasionally, but i received this and i couldn't believe how wonderful the scent was, exciting and rich. i use it every day. my fiance, who occasionally compliments me, did so several times in the first few days i wore it and is still complimenting me. i recommend it highly.

  • MULAN08/23/2002

    Does cinnabar come in lotion or shower gel.

  • ANNALISA02/25/2002

    Cinnabar il better than Opium

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    I have a relative who used to wear Cinnabar and smelled fabulous, but it's too cinnamony on me.

  • RUTH01/26/2002

    I hope Estee Lauder never stops making this! I have tried Opium and it just isn't the same. It is an instant aphrodisiac for my husband. I'm 45, but I've had guys as young as my son's high school friends and as old as my dad's comment what a wonderful fragrance it is. They have never done that with Opium.

  • TAYA01/23/2002

    Le nuit by Paco Rabanne, and Opium by YSL is basicaly the same thing

  • JUDI01/17/2002

    At the "advanced" age of 50, I have been approached by a "much" younger man in a bar, who then asked "My Gawd, you smell good! What do you have on?" If it'll attract that kind of attention, I'll swear by it!

  • BARB12/30/2001

    i LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!! i hope they never stop making it!!! i think that would be a BIG MISTAKE!!! i've been wearing it for over 20 yrs. and as others say it does get peoples attention. by boss even asked me what it was. it does linger for a very long time. when i moved away from my mothers home she told me she smelled it for 6 months. AND one more comment for the people that don't care for it, it does take a special person to wear it well.

  • DEBBIE10/24/2001

    Cinnabar is the only fragrance in Estee Lauder's line that I can wear. It is an oldie but goodie, though. I find that it is a bit different from Opium, but in the same fragrance family. Opium may be a bit stronger, in my opinion. This would depend on one's body chemistry. Estee Lauder has a purchase w/purchase beauty kit ($45) at Hechts dept. stores. The purchase has to be any of EL's fragrances. The best deal on the fragrance of your choice is when a gift set is available. My Hecht's associate is holding a Cinnabar powder and spray set ($39); the spray is $29.99 by itself. She said that a better set may be available. One fragrance that smells great on other people is Beautiful.

  • MARIA10/19/2001

    Yesterday I tried this parfum and it is really very nice. The only question I have - is there any difference between it and Opium? I couldn't find it.

  • LULU10/17/2001

    be careful who your with when you indulge in cinnabar. it leaves a lasting scent everywhere.

  • NONI10/16/2001

    if you have opium already don't waste your money.

  • MARCY10/14/2001

    Agree with the other opinions on this, but one word of caution........go very lightly with Cinnabar. It's the STRONGEST perfume I've ever had!!! I'd say it's even stronger than Youth Dew. It smells gorgeous when it begins to fade, but just be careful how much Cinnabar you spray on at first. Otherwise people will be able to smell you two blocks away! No joke!

  • PAMLA10/13/2001

    Cinnabar is the one scent,That the compliments flow all day long where ever I go Men & women love it.Whenever I spray & dust myself I feel very sexy. It seduces men minds. It stirs up passon in them. I would like to have this product available more, The soap,powder & spray would make a nice gift basket. Please do not stop making this. you'll ruin my sex life! :)

  • ELISHA09/17/2001

    I saw cinnabar being sold at the Estee counter. I guess they are bringing it back.

  • STEPHANIE09/10/2001

    This is probably my least favorite Lauder fragrance. It kind of reminds me of Opium (which I love) but to me it seems to have some kind of sickening sweet essence to it that I don't find in Opium. Maybe I could appreciate this on someone else, just not on me.

  • KARINA07/22/2001

    This is one of the best fragrances by Estee Lauder, and also one of the lesser known. I love wearing it in the winter time! It's too bad that it's becoming harder to find, even at Estee Lauder counters-I have heard that they are phasing it out, so get it while you can! They used to make a line of bath products to go with it, including a gorgeous dusting powder that was soooo sexy. Sometimes you can still find it at outlet stores-if you do, snap it up! It's even nicer than the EDT!


    this perfume is so sexy i have wore it since i was 16 and now im 32 i love this perfume.its number 1 to me and men love it .

  • GWYN04/11/2001

    A waiter stopped taking orders to ask me what was that wonderful perfume I was wearing. He returned several times to tell me how good I smelled.

  • SANDRA03/23/2001

    I have worn Cinnabar for almost 20 years. Men love it. Women love it. Cinnabar is very spicy and almost intoxicating. I will never stop wearing it. I love it.

  • ANNE12/31/2000

    I must say I once had a young man leave his girlfriend's side to ask me what perfume I was wearing. He was very taken by it, I hope he bought his girlfriend some. I've also had a few people ask what I was wearing.

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