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Baby Rose Jeans Versace Image


Baby Rose Jeans   

28 Reviews

Baby Rose Jeans was created by Versace in 1995 and is recommended for office wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of mandarin, violet, sandalwood, and vanilla. Also contains top notes of Mandarin, Freesia and Neroli combined with fragrant florals of Violet, Iris, Hyacinth and Lily of the Valley to comprise the heart of the fragrance.

1.7 oz EDT Spray (Tester)
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Baby Rose Jeans was created by Versace in 1995 and is recommended for office wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of mandarin, violet, sandalwood, and vanilla. Also contains top notes of Mandarin, Freesia and Neroli combined with fragrant florals of Violet, Iris, Hyacinth and Lily of the Valley to comprise the heart of the fragrance.

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  • BRJGIRL!01/04/2018

    My perfume arrived promptly,neatly packaged.This is my signature scent its soft not overpowering.

  • VICKY10/31/2006

    Since I was a little girl I have wished to have BaBy rose because a friend used to have it as a present from her parents (they had bought it in the US) and she hated it and never used it till it was old and smelled like alchool. Why she dindt gave it to me? jaja...Its not easy to find..I finally got it im waitting for it to arrive!

  • FAIRY CHILD12/21/2005

    "Baby Rose opens with refreshing top notes of Mandarin, Freesia and Neroli combined with fragrant florals of Violet, Iris, Hyacinth and Lily of the Valley to comprise the heart of the fragrance. The base of Baby Rose dries down into a subtle melange of Vetiver and Sandalwood with an infusion of Vanilla. In a signature Versace Jeans bottle, Baby Rose is as pink as candies and optimism." I'm not a pink person, but the right kind of pink is good. I'm very innocent at heart but I'm steel on the inside; I'm like a kitten who loves to be cuddled but knows how to use its claws and hates being messed with. That's what Baby Rose is for me. In the bottle, it is the sweetest floral mix you'll probably ever smell that WON'T make your head spin or make you sneeze--like walking under a tree when the magnolia blossoms have fallen after the rain, then walking into a kitchen full of fresh oranges. On my skin, it's like a pleasent hard-candy floral that dries down, not chemically at all, to a whisper of petals and citrus. It's like being kissed by a child at a carnval.

  • THE TEMPEST12/14/2005

    It took me quite a while to warm up to this scent, but it has definitely grown on me. It lingers on your clothes for hours and creates an aura of sweet and scrumptious scents. It's almost like lying in a ocean of soft red rose petals, topped with marshmallows and dusted sugar!

  • MAYA11/25/2005

    This was on sale at our local grocery store so I gave it a whirl while I shop... but the problem is that well, I sort of could not really smell it at all. But what I did smell was somehow musty smelling and reminded me of some sort of rose water very weak and very faint... nothing there for me... Not Horrible just non-existent and that is why I rate is as low as I could...

  • MARI9810/28/2005

    Not very good...Staying power was OK, it lasted pretty well. I could smell mostly roses mixed with powder, but in a old-fashion way...

  • ^_^10/14/2005

    the scent is so light and perfect if you want to evoke a cute image... It will not offend anyone as it smells like a baby..Baby Rose Jeans is a wonderful smell of clean baby(the pleasent scent of baby powder) captured in a bottle :)

  • TONI07/22/2005

    I must be the only person on these boards whose baby rose scent faded from after about 10 minutes. I bought this fragrance after seeing all the glowing reviews. I DO like the scent, but on me it fades very fast, I am very disappointed )-:

  • BEKAH02/26/2005

    I like it. It is not a sophisticated smelling perfume; however, it would be ok for everyday wear. It is refreshing, not typical.

  • LEIGH12/28/2004

    I recently got versace baby rose jeans for Christmas.. i love it.. its such a young sent and it sends me!

  • CAMERON12/21/2004

    i got it from a friend of mine as a christmas gift, and i love it! it is definitely my favorite fragrance of all time! baby rose jeans is, with no debate, one of the better versace scents! it smells so good, every time i smell it, i want to eat it!

  • SHANNON12/12/2004

    I bought this on a whim without even trying it- just based on comments for a bit of a change. I love it! It has the same top note as Valentino but is alot easier and softer to wear. this is going to be one of my favourites!

  • TERESA10/21/2004

    I just LOVE this, it DOES have a baby powder scent but it is NOT overpowering, its my signature perfume

  • PERFUMEFANATIC10/12/2004

    This is one of those perfumes which smells good to begin with but becomes too much after a time. It's really too sweet and sickly for me but I can understand some women liking it.

  • JOJO05/29/2004

    i'm always buying perfumes, but i always come back to this scent! it smells, light, sweet, and fresh at the same time! plus guys love it...

  • JO05/05/2004

    smells, light, sweet, warms, and refreshing at the same time! youthful scent... i get a lot of compliments when i wear it!

  • REE06/02/2003

    Baby Rose Jeans in one word is FRESH. Personally, I don't think it smells like baby powder (like others have said). But maybe that's just my nose. It's a fresh, light, sweet scent. Like a very mild, flowery gumdrop!

  • AMY05/17/2003

    This scent smells too much like a child's scent.........not feminine enough for me.

  • LEAH02/09/2003

    I bought BRJ for my 18-year old daughter as one of her Valentine's Day gifts. I purchased it strictly from reviews and the description. I must admit that the scent is better than I expected. It reminds me of a sweet smelling baby powder. light, fresh, young.

  • DEB102/08/2003

    Thanks for the information. She did like the scent, however, I think she would have perferred a more trendy perfume like Glow and BCBG. Anyway, I have been weraing it quite often I love the scent. Only probelm I get a horrible headache when I wear it to work. Allergies!

  • KELLY01/29/2003

    You asked what this smells like? It reminds me of baby powder. Baby Rose Jeans smells so sweet. I'm sure she'll love it! :)

  • DEB112/20/2002

    Because of your glowing endorsements, I ordered this for my daughter for Christmas. It will be her first real perfume. I can't wait to try it! Can someone describe the scent?

  • SUSAN12/15/2002

    I loved this the first time that I smelled it, its like a trip to heaven.

  • KAREN11/20/2002

    Over a year ago I smelled the scent and have never forgotten it. I couldn't find it in stores, I wish I had a credit card.

  • TRINA10/18/2002

    I thought this smelled really nice an innocent. I like the fresh scent. It's good for weekends.

  • TAPDANCER7808/24/2002

    I got the mini perfume in the mail today. The little can and the tiny bottle are so cute! And the perfume has a young, girlie smell to it. This one's a keeper. :)

  • TRACY06/21/2002

    I was turned on to this scent by a girl at work. I saw her spray some and I curiously asked her what tpye she was wearing. Two days later I have some of my very own. It is perfect for a light day scent, but also works good at work..... Versatility!

  • LATARI06/10/2002

    the best perfume around it gets 10 stars in book.

  • JOANNA05/22/2002

    This is the prettiest scent I've ever owned. My mom loved it and ordered some for herself. It even smells sweet on my 5 year old. Cool thing is, it smells very different but equally great on all of us.

  • GAIL04/26/2002

    My oldest daughter's boyfriend brought back a souvenir for my 10 year old daughter from France. It was Baby Rose Jeans. I, mom, immediately fell in love with it. It is very sophisticated, yet not heavy. My Courtney has hidden it from me, hence I am on this website ordering my own...

  • MARIE03/27/2002

    I love it. It is light and fresh smelling. I am usually "tired" of a fragrance by the time I am half through with the bottle and won't wear it anymore. But Baby Rose Jeans has a scent that I will keep using---bottle after bottle!!!

  • MAGGIE09/04/2001

    Sorry. The package is simply terrible. So tacky! Maybe it's too young for me (whatever that means), but I just got turned off by this bottle-in-a-can.

  • DANA03/30/2001

    My first impression of the fragrance was BEAUTIFUL! Very girly and light. The florals are sweet and not overpowering, great frangrance

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