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Abercrombie & Fitch Woods Abercrombie & Fitch Image

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch Woods   

15 Reviews

0.5 oz COL Mini
SKU 2280
$20.00 $15.99
1.7 oz COL Spray (New Packaging)
SKU 2144
$68.00 $57.99
3.4 oz Aftershave Splash
SKU 3230
$48.00 $39.99
3.4 oz COL Spray
SKU 2143
$49.00 $45.99

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  • BECKY01/18/2012

    I went to buy this in the store last year only to find out they don't carry it anymore. Very happy to find a discontinued item online!

  • ALEX ANDRADE01/19/2011

    Check it out everyone. Ive paid $300 for a bottle of Woods. I recently discovered Halston. It is awesome!

  • TONY09/02/2010

    This stuff has to come back!!! Im like a crack addict..

  • BARRY A08/23/2010

    What? Discontinued! Someone somewhere must have the licensing rights to this to remarket it. Or is it already under a different name? Too good to let go. Gotta find it, I'm obsessed to find it.

  • DUSTER05/31/2010

    Always, the good stuff disappears... I bought my bottle back in 1996 - just finished it! Stopped using it 'cause it reminded me of someone...Got over that crap...Gonna really miss it...

  • BONNIE12/29/2009

    I can't believe they discontinued this cologne!!! I've been missing it for about four years now!!! Please bring it back.....

  • TONIT10/27/2007

    Would alll of you that are peeved that they discontinued this cologne e-mail them and tell them so!!!! click on comments. Maybe they will listen!

  • SANDY10/02/2007

    I absolutely LOVED this cologne. BUT I am happy to say that I FINALLY found a cologne that is so close it gets me excited again. Buy HUGO BOSS - HUGO. You wont be sorry!

  • D12/14/2006

    i have bought this cologne for my brother N law for the past 8 years for xmas! i was going to buy it tomorrow, but i gues not now!!!!! i'm bummed !!!!!!!

  • HUNK MAN12/05/2006

    This stuff is more effective than alcohol!!! I hear they discontinued making it. Bummer dude.

  • KATE10/24/2006

    This is such a great frgrance I am so dissapointed that it has been discontinued by Abercrombie and Fitch. Maybe hopefully they will bring it back by popular demand

  • KELSEY01/14/2005

    This stuff is so great smelling! Makes you fall in love with a guy who is wearing it, no matter who it is.

  • JAIME10/13/2004

    i hate that smell. IT STINKS LIKE CRUD. i hate the clothing line too.

  • A. NONY. MOUS07/25/2004

    This is a woody scent in the vein of Aramis or Fahrenheit, only not quite as strong. I like that.

  • NATASHA11/07/2001

    College boys....mmm mmm good....

  • L~10/19/2001

    This is my favorite Colonge on guys ever...It smells great!!

  • VAMP07/28/2001

    I have a friend that wears this,and damn he smells good.

  • Q05/13/2001

    I have smelled it before and I got to say it is the best smelling cologne ever.

  • DIS05/10/2001

    Will get the women to notice you. :)

  • LAYLA02/02/2001

    My bf wears this--it is the sexiest scent that I have ever encountered.

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