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Chanel No. 22 Chanel Image


Chanel No. 22   

41 Reviews

Chanel No. 22 perfume was presented in 1928 to a world yearning for lightness to dispel the gloom of difficult economic times. Coco Chanel had already introduced beige and white in her home design, and her utterly simple White Look in couture was to set the style for the coming decade of the Thirties. So it was natural for Chanel No. 22 perfume to more

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Chanel No. 22 perfume was presented in 1928 to a world yearning for lightness to dispel the gloom of difficult economic times. Coco Chanel had already introduced beige and white in her home design, and her utterly simple White Look in couture was to set the style for the coming decade of the Thirties. So it was natural for Chanel No. 22 perfume to be a brilliant, white, shimmering fragrance epitomizing romance and joy. The heady bouquet of white flowers (Jasmine, Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang and Rose) is gentled with aldehydes. The scent develops sensually, moving through Vanilla to Incense, spiked with a touch of Vetiver.

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  • LORENA12/06/2011

    This product was discontinued about three years ago. I called Chanel just before it was totally gone and they found several bottles for me in California. Just have a couple left, and will miss it. It was the nicest fragrance I ever used, and I have used quite a few over the decades!! I remember telling them they should have dropped Allure instead.

  • JANET03/28/2011

    Yes, Chanel 22 is available in Chanel boutiques only, very costly, about $200.00, but if you want it, you can still get it, though limited. I found a tiny mini bottle on EBay and bought that. Beautiful fragrance, should be reissued. Don't buy old bottles. You can't trust the scent.

  • SARAH02/06/2011

    Yes, the original lovely Chanel 22 has been discontinued. Chanel has reissued it but with only a similar formula and part of the Exclisive collection. You can find Chanel 22 both the new and the actual on Ebay but be prepared to pay almost triple in some cases or used bottles which are several years old (I have been told the old smell wears off after about 30 minutes and then smells like it should). Recommend, if going to Ebay to "buy it now" as it's one hot item...with good reason.

  • CLARISSA01/20/2011

    Does anyone know if the original bottle had cork surrounding the top? An old bottle of Chanel No. 22 cologne has turned up that is surprisingly fragrant with deep (maybe concentrated) florals that are mesmerizing. What a find!

  • SUE C11/09/2008

    I have a bad feeling this wonderful perfume has been discontinued. It has disappeared from shops and websites totally. Has anyone seen it in Chanel boutiques?

  • JOAN NYC02/17/2007

    I am sad to say that the new edition of Chanel 22 is totally different from the original. It is very nice but NOT THE SAME. Why do these companies do this?

  • SUE C11/22/2006

    No.22 is my favourite Chanel perfume. I also have Petits et Mamans by Bvlgari. Other powdery florals you might like are Flower by Kenzo, and perfumes with a cashmere note such as Cashmere Mist by DKNY, Very Valentino Gold, and MaxMara. Ralph Lauren's Safari also dries down to a lovely powdery finish and is very long lasting.

  • TRISHA HERBERT10/13/2006

    I love this smell, I love chanel, and when abroad buy some, very expensive but you get what you pay for and its worth every penny. Along lingering smell as it matures on the skin it get softer and more aluring

  • MARY05/06/2006

    Has anyone used the No. 22 body lotion? I love the fragrance, but haven't tried any bath products. I ask because I've tried bath products in the past that either 1. don't smell anything like the fragrance (e.g., Arpege shower gel -it's better than the EDP/EDT) or 2. turn into a vaguely unpleasant, chemical, after-smell over time (e.g., Petits et Mamans body lotion). Any information would be appreciated. Also, can anyone recommend any other good "powdery" scents? I love Petits et Mamans EDT by Bulgari, for example.

  • FRAN03/14/2006

    I just love this fragrance. I tried the edt, but have never tried the edp. It is a gorgeous powdery floral and it is THE powderiest of scent! Very haunting and mysterious but clean and innocent at the same time.

  • IWM03/13/2006

    I must say that this is one of my favorite fragrances, because although whe you first put it on, it smells quite strong and overpowering, as it dries down, it turns into a sophisticated womanly powdery scent, that makes you feel clean and sophisticated. I get compliments every time I wear it

  • SNIFFJUNKIE11/09/2005

    I can only find 2 things in Chanel 22 line here on perfumeemporium. Know any other sites I can find?


    I was also not impressed by no 22. it smelled like some fairly pleasant but forgotten floral soap in my grandma's bathroom. Pretty bleh. But bois des illes sounds wonderful and I want to smell it one day, and shame they don't always sell samples online. The online blog bois de jasmin has some wonderful things to say on it. It was made in 1926 by Ernst beaux and "Bois des Iles is a scent that awakens my nostalgic yearnings. Its beauty has the same melancholy effect as a walk through the autumnal forest—the soft light diffused through the golden canopy of branches, the bittersweet scent of decaying leaves, the awareness of the autumnal transience...Beaux composed a feminine fragrance that emphasized the strength and darkness of woods, a traditional masculine domain...The genius of the composition lies in weaving dry woodsy accords with hazy sweetness of a floral bouquet refracted through the aldehydic prism...The drydown of Bois des Iles contrasts wonderfully with the cold medicinal breeze in its top notes and hints not only at the presence of beautifully carved sandalwood ornaments, but also a plate of freshly baked ginger bread emanating its luscious spicy aroma..." Gingerbread and fall leaves! Now there's a dream perfume...

  • ANONYMOUS06/01/2005

    Hi Mary L. From what I have seen, Bois des Iles is the Chanel gardenia edt. and also the Une fleur de Chanel edt. They are both limited addition by Chanel. I have both of the fragrances and love them, I also have Chance, Coco Mademoiselle, and N" 5 by Chanel and soon I'am getting Allure by Chanel, they are all gorgious fragrances. Good luck & Happy sniffing.

  • REESE05/26/2005

    This could take over my No. 5. I've never tested No. 22 until today and it smells similar to No. 5 but fresher somehow. I love it!

  • CHARLOTTE05/20/2005

    I think this is one of Chanel's best. It smells better when sprayed on your skin, than just sniffing the bottle. I can see why Coco invented this formula during the depressive 20's - it is very uplifting. It is a chemistry perfume. It smell very nice on me and awful on my friend. Recommend testing it on yourself first.

  • FRARGANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    Delighted with this scent! I love the sweet ambery notes. Another gorgeous fragrance that has made it to my favorites list!

  • BEBE02/22/2005

    something missing. the parfume. lotion heaven. had to get it elsewhere wasnt happy but love it. very nice.

  • ANA COLOUTHON01/27/2005

    Bois des Iles' top notes: aldehyde, bergamot oil, coriander, petitgrain; middle notes: jasmine, lilac, orris, rose, ylang-ylang; base notes: amber, musk, opoponax, sandal, tonka, vetiver. Hope this helps.

  • LOUISE01/17/2005

    My apologies to the venerable Coco Chanel, but this fragrance just doesn't work on me. I used to work with a gal who wore 22. It smelled great on her, so I bought myself a bottle. It smelled horrible. I couldn't stand it but had to wear the fragrance because, well, because times were tough and I just couldn't afford to throw it away. Many years later (17, to be exact) I tried Chanel 22 again. Same reaction. Hey, if it works for you, that's great. It just doesn't work on me. The only Chanel fragrance that does is No 5. I can't stand Coco, either, and have a bottle which I plan to give away. Times aren't as tough as they used to be in my budget---LOL. Try Arpege. It's a winner.

  • CHLOE.F.PUFF01/03/2005

    certainly not for me - it smelled like a combo of soap and gasoline and it was ever so strong. Mr. Puff didn't care for it either. chloe's sticking with no. 19.

  • SHARRIE12/04/2004

    im hooked for life with chanel no 22, awesome, the even numbers blend in the best, oh to be 22 again

  • JOSIE11/18/2004

    Mysterious white flowers and incense - one of the most unique fragrances I've ever smelled. It's fascinating, beautiful, and haunting.

  • MARY L.10/06/2004

    Could someone compare "Bois des Iles" with another woody scent like St. Laurent's "Y" or Guerlain's "Vol de Nuit"? What are Bois des Iles's top, middle and base notes? Thanks.

  • CLAUDIE08/31/2004

    This is a very nice white floral fragrance; maybe not for everyone- but I would not want a fragrance that is. It is quite strong at first but dries down to a nice powdery flroal scent and lasts the longest time. I have had quite a few compliments when I wear it, and I also wear No. 5 which is quite different from it.

  • GENA 08/13/2004

    I chose this scent to be my singature scent. I wear it daily. The flowery smell lingers for a long time. Too bad that it is difficult to find.

  • ANNA06/20/2004

    I put this on and immediately realized it was a mistake. I hoped it would get a little better over a few hours, but it remained heavy, sickly sweet and absolutely nauseating. The worst part was, after one little spray, it was there for good! It took 24 hours and two showers just to get this awful smell to fade!

  • PATRICIA MOTTA05/27/2004

    I have to say this is by far the grossest fragrance I have ever smelled. It's old, VERY musty and bitter. I made the mistake of spraying this one at SAKS and could not wait to wash it off. Even then, the stench would not let go of my wrist. I get nautious just by thinking of it. In one word: Vile.

  • SUE C05/16/2004

    This unique and hard-to-find fragrance is the only one by Chanel that I really like. It is a beautiful soft powdery white-flower bouquet with a hint of spice. It's different and elegant. It's good if you find No.5 too strong and No.19 too sharp and dry.

  • BETH02/09/2004

    I just read the post from Gina, who likes to combine No. 5 & No. 22, so I thought I'd try it. It's gorgeous! It's better than either one alone. Thanks for the tip!

  • BETH02/09/2004

    I like this one much better than Chanel No.5. When it is first applied to the skin, it is rather strong, and even a bit unpleasant. But as it warms on the skin, it develops into a lovely powdery floral. Really pretty.

  • GINA10/05/2003

    yes, there is an EDP for chanel 22, as my initial introduction to it was in a chanel gift pack i received 2 years ago. at a parfumerie in bordeaux i was informed that it was only sold at the chanel stores in NYC and Paris, though I don't know if that's entirely true. i'll settle for the EDT, though! i love wearing a combo of 5 and 22, sometimes 5 and 19 to "kick it up a notch"!

  • JOY06/21/2003

    This scent is different; warm and femine........I really can't wait to try the perfume as the EDT does not last as long as I'd like, but ummmm. I tried it again and really like it..

  • JOY06/18/2003

    The top notes are beautiful. I had put this perfume away [EDT] and would love it a bit stronger. It dries to a powdery floral and is so feminine.....this one's for us girly girls, not unisex! Do they sell EDP or parfum? ummmm, hope so.

  • VICTORIA EDWARDS06/05/2003

    I have recently tried Chanel no:22. It is one of the most exquisitive and beautiful fragrances I have tried in years!!!Please try it .It smells absolutely wonderful.It does actually, remind me of CHanel no:5 but it dries down to this beautiful powdery aroma - there is nothing like it! The perfume I suspect should be truly delicious!

  • JOYCE05/07/2003

    I liked this scent for a while but go tired of it quickly. It's okay, pleasant but not one of my very favorites. Used for weddings they tell me.

  • CHANEL FAN03/23/2003

    Bois des Iles is probably the most mellow woody fragrance I have ever smelt. Cuir de Russie is a very unusual fragrance. Bois des Iles lasts longer on me though.

  • SIDNEY02/15/2003

    My least favorite Chanel fragrance. It smells as the fragrance has goan rancid. It is musty and a bit moldy smelling. This is a strange perfume!

  • KATIE01/23/2003

    hi i work for chanel and u can buy that fragrance from the chanel boutiques:old bond st/sloane st/brompton cross.they sell 4 exclusive frag in these stores to keep exclusivity. maybe if u have a boutique near u if not email me might be able to help. katie

  • CHANEL2201/09/2003

    Edmond Roudnitska stated that Ernst Beaux created several initial samples for Coco Chanel back in the early 20's. She had given him some ideas of what she would like and THAT creation was Chanel #22, a lovely rich white floral bouquet. Mind you, there were only pure parfums in those days and Chanel's edc, edt and edp are quite different. If you want the masterpiece, then you have to have the pure parfum. He also created many others including #19 (different than today's version), Bois de Isle, Cuir de Russe, Gardinia and others. Another sample presented to Coco Chanel was radically different and a experiment with extreme aldehydes--Coco thought it would sell because it was "modern" and that is #5. She was right. BTW,Coco had a bad habit of rewriting history, she had no input to Chanel #5's creation or any others. Ernst Beaux was a renouned perfumer and Mr. Roudnitska stated that Beaux would never have tolerated such interference.

  • MALLE01/04/2003

    I hope that you can understand what i'm saying in my letter..crappy english...but if u know where to buy and can send Bois des iles eau de toilette...and don't play trix on me just to get money please write to me on this email: For those who said that Chanel is old fashioned and for elder's wrong! My sister uses Gardinea (she is 22),my friend uses #5 (she is 24) and i use Bois des iles and i'm 25. Alot of other peeps here in Europe uses Chanel scents (althrough it is mostly Allure and COCO Mademoiselle!)....But for those who like strong woody scents should try Bois des iles....i feel so much greater and more womanlee ehit it on and men seems to adore it!! But now i'm out of please help!

  • MALLE01/04/2003

    This is by far the most precious great woody fragrance to me...i love it from the minute i spitz in on in Paris and bought one bottle at the second! Just so sad that it isn't sold in ordinary Chanel stores and only in a few...i have tried every where to get it again...even called the store in Paris but they couldn't help!! So if there is anyone who can help me,i would love to hear from you! Then we can find out how much i should pay you etc!! I live in Denmark and also tried on but they could't order outside USA! And i miss my perfume so is the eau de toilette..i'm looking for!

  • ANIKA12/16/2002

    Chanel No 22 is a lovely, aldehydic floral composed of many white flowers- orange blossom, white roses, jasmine, ylang-ylang with tones of vanilla in the base. It is unabashedly floral, feminine, and romantic- not loud or overbearing, with a creamy/waxy/classy kind of heart into a soft, powdery drydown. This is my favorite Chanel; Coco is my second favorite. I would suggest trying to find the parfum in No 22 (usually only sold in Chanel Boutiques around the winter holidays.) It is much smoother and hangs together a lot better than the EDT. If you love florals, don't let the other negative posts stop you from trying this one.

  • LOLA11/11/2002

    ...They are all very different blends. I like 22 the least of all,I think Ruby is right in saying it smells like there is something "off" with the scent. Cuir de Russie is a chypre-floral- animalic,leathery,dry and not sweet at all.I like it.Bois des Isles is an aldehylic woody floral,loaded with sandalwood,it is my favorite of all 3. Hope this helps!

  • RUBY08/24/2002

    A close second being Cristalle (chokingly musty and green/floral/citgrus). Chanel No. 22 always smells "off", stale, and musty to me. I can't understand why people like it, but I guess it must smell differently on others.

  • NANCY08/22/2002

    To the person that wrote "have you tried Bois de Isle", a scent I wore forty years ago, I was told that Chanel 22 was its replacement? If this is not so, please post a message.......i want it.

  • EVELYN08/07/2002

    Thanks for your reply. I just ask my friend to get me No.22 from her business trip to Paris. Since that you are a chanel Fan, have you tried the Bois Des Iles, Cuir de Russie or Un Fleur?

  • CHANEL FAN07/28/2002

    No. 22 smells modern, Gardenia is fresh and citrusy.

  • EVELYN07/23/2002

    How about Gardenia? Anyone can discribe it for me? How is it compare to Chanel #22?

  • APHRAEL07/16/2002

    Not Chanel's best work,to say the least.

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