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Chanel No. 5 Chanel Image


Chanel No. 5   

272 Reviews

Chanel No 5 is the first perfume in the floral-aldehyde group and the first by the quantity of aldehydes in its composition (another legend says that the Ernest Beaux's assistant overdosed the aldehydes in the composition by mistake). The top notes are composed of aldehydes, bergamot, lemon, neroli and ylang-ylang, the heart of jasmine, rose, lily more

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Chanel No 5 is the first perfume in the floral-aldehyde group and the first by the quantity of aldehydes in its composition (another legend says that the Ernest Beaux's assistant overdosed the aldehydes in the composition by mistake). The top notes are composed of aldehydes, bergamot, lemon, neroli and ylang-ylang, the heart of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and iris, while the base is created of vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla, amber and patchouli.

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  • CHARLOTTE CROWE03/11/2015

    I have about six favorite perfumes but they all come in second when compared to Chanel No. 5. Chanel No. 5 was introduced in the 1920's and is still going strong. Expensive, but it's a luxury I pay up for gladly. Congratulations on such an exceptional product. Brings a smile to my face with every spray!

  • RUSSELL ROBERTS02/12/2015

    very nice perfume, good for any occasion.

  • LARRY TOOLEY06/10/2013

    This perfume is the highest quality.

  • PAT BUGENHAGEN11/20/2012

    This has been a favorite of mine for years. I will always buy it when I need it. The fragrance make me feel very happy, it is so beautiful and intense,

  • CAROL09/11/2012

    Sensual with a hint of innocence...seductive yet alluring...a beautiful fragrance, not easily forgotten. Wore it in my youth and love it still to this day....given to me by my lifelong love...

  • TOMMYC09/09/2012

    I have looked for hours trying to find the No 5 Cologne but to no avail. I first bought the love of my life #5 Colognel back in the early 70's and she wore it on special occasions. I must say it always turned me on. We had our 1st Child in '69 and three years later we had our second. We had 10 children in the next 10 years and 11 months. The cologne did as it was advertised. I have bought her a bottle every time she needed another and she loved the cologne. The last time I bought it was about 4 years ago in a Chenel shop. I wasn't able to purchase the Cologne but did buy what I thought was the correct #5, according to the person at the shop. My wife states it is not the same. I agree. She still used it because she thinks it still turns be on. We were robbed on a recent trip of her luggage and her bottle of #5 was in the bag and she had only used a quarter of it. Our 45 yr anniversary is coming up and I need to replace it but don't know where to start? Can anyone help? Thank you

  • HARRY DAVIDSON06/28/2012

    As a man Chanel No 5 is one of the great perfumes. Sadly many modern perfumes are constructed to appeal to women, but don't smell that good to men. Chanel No 5 presses all the right buttons (along with Cabouchard, Bal a Versailles and others). When you take a lady out to dinner, if she is wearing this stuff she has already contributed some ambience.

  • CARYL WARREN02/02/2012

    Great item. Fantastic to be able to purchase on line especially when item is unavailable in stores where I live.

  • HOLLY09/04/2011

    Amazing. My X bought Chanel No. 5 for me several years ago, and now I buy it. I always get complements on how nice I smell.

  • GOLDIECHICK08/01/2011

    The pros of Chanel No. 5 is that it is a most memorable fragrance with a distinct smell, but don't put too much on or it would be overpowering. The cons of it is that is way too expensive, and I can't seem to find any "imitators." I was at an affair earlier this year where they were giving out free Chanel No. 5, but I never got it because it was meant for the young girls and not for adults like me, and I felt a little disappointed. Another pro is the mass ad campaign. I grew up among perfume commercials on TV, and when I was a kid, Catherine Deneuve was the lady pitching this product. She had all of it - beauty, sexiness, sultry voice - and she sold it well. Younger actresses like Carole Bouquet and Nicole Kidman would follow as the decades went on, but Catherine did it the best. My other favorite perfume commercial growing up was Jontue, and a deep-voiced male announcer pitched it with that one attention-getting word enough to sell the product - "Sensual." Use the word "sensual," and get a baritone, male or female, and I'll grab the product. Luckily, Jontue was available and affordable for me, but no more now. There will always be Chanel, and now it is a venerable 90 years old, but despite the smell, I still can't afford it.

  • BLONDIE07/11/2011

    As to these posts here and there on this board that these classic scents are "old lady", I can only say this: The Mona Lisa is old too, but you do not see them putting her in storage and replacing her with an Andy Warhol. Scent is neither young nor old. Fashion is what dictates, especially to those with no clear sense of self. True, scents are associated with their time, some more than others, and as we all know, the sense of smell is directly connected to memory. But please, do not knock these older classics only because of when they were created. If you love them, wear them deliberately and with pride. If you do not, wear what you please. I hear fruit and cotton candy is popular among the "young" these days. If that's your thing go for it. But watch to see how many of those scents are still around when YOU are 50!

  • ANNIE04/13/2011

    I've had a love/hate relationship with No. 5 over the years (a little over 30 yrs to be exact), and I've tried nearly all formulations available to me over the years: edc, edt, edp, parfum, vintage versions, Sensuel Elixir & Eau Première, body lotion, body powder. Each of them seems to be a slightly or not so slightly different formulation. So my 1st piece of advice to anyone looking to understand this fragrance is to try different formulations. There's bound to be one that will be *the one*. Having said that, I confess I go on and off with No. 5. Sometimes the edt is brilliant, sparkling, cool, drying down to a lingering sweetness. Other times it seems cold, metallic, sour, and dries down to...nothing at all (where'd it go?!!). Same bottle of scent, but different impressions. Maybe it's due to diet and/or hormones, the weather, who knows. It's very strange. The parfum extrait is my favorite version, but it's the most pricey of course. I used to think the edp was too potent, but lately I'm thinking I may try that again for its big sweet florals. I love aldehydes, the soapy & fuzzy coolness of them. And if you don't like that quality then I would say No. 5 is probably not for you. However, No. 5 is an ever-evolving scent. It's always changing. So if you don't like it this year (or this month) try it again another time, or in another formulation. You may change your mind, either because the formulation has been tweaked, or because your own body chemistry has changed. The fragrance industry calls No. 5 "le monstre" for a reason. It inexplicably endures throughout history. I think this fragrance will be in production until the end of time, or until the end of commercial fragrance production. It always seems to change, and if your body chemistry is always changing, too, they may not always converge at that sweet spot. But when they is really heaven. Just my humble thoughts here. :-)

  • CHRIS03/26/2011

    To those of you who are unhappy with their Chanel No.5, you must remember that the quality of a scent may vary greatly depending on the grade of the product. The best quality is, of course, parfume (pure perfume). The pure perfume does not only possess the most concentrated scent but also scent stabilizers. The "diluted" scents (eau de perfume, eau de toilette, etc.) are not stabilized. And because they are not stabilized, they will often degrade upon contact with human skin (human skin has the body's own oils which will react with the essential oils in the product). I am certain that those of you who found Chanel No. 5 "stinky" and "overpowering" have encountered one of these "diluted" scents. Unfortunately. Always buy pure perfume. I know it is more expensive but you can always find the product in smaller volumes (e.g. 0.08 oz and even 0.05 oz)

  • DORIS02/11/2011

    I got my first job in 1958,and I bought Chanel #5 with my first paycheck I think it was cologne. It was in a black spray bottle, and I think I paid $12.50 for it. Still love it and though it is a lot more expensive, I will continue to buy it. It is my favorite of all time.

  • ROSIE02/03/2011

    Why is the description page for Chanel No. 5 describing Chanel No. 19 this needs to be changed perfume emporium pronto - shame on you!!!!

  • DARRSHAN J VORAA10/28/2010

    well after completing 5 bottles of 100 ml each edp of no 5 i only hav to say that this is outstanding and modern classic outstanding well the highest sale as on datye no doubt about it absolute quality and luxury together

  • NIKI10/10/2010

    I don't know how someone can hate this perfume. The scent is great for an evening out.

  • PAULA09/10/2010

    Those of us that can wear Chanel No. 5 love it. If you don't smell good in it, then don't wear it. I don't understand the negative reviews. Like one reviewer said, go out and buy yourselves some Brut. As for me, I will take Chanel No. 5, thank you.

  • LISY05/20/2010

    This stuff to me smells like something that my grandmother would wear. Gzzz it's almost as bad as the one called knowing!

  • CC12/02/2009

    There are currently four concentrations of No 5 - The Parfum (1921), The Eau de Toilette (1924), The Eau de Parfum (1986) and the Elixir (2004). The Parfum is the original 1921 formula. The Eau de Toilette, created in 1924 has powerful top notes of Ylang-ylang and Neroli together with aldehydes. The heart notes are dominated by Grasse Jasmin and May Rose Absolute, and its basenotes are Bourbon Vanilla and Bourbon Vetyver. The Eau de Parfum was created in 1986 by Jacques Polge. This was made as a "modern" version of No 5. If you spray it on your arm, you will detect a citrus note up top. Then, after the nice aldehydic start and floral heart comes a clear whiff of Polysantol, the oily and prodigiously durable synthetic sandalwood - the same sandalwood drydown of Samsara (Guerlain). Some people don´t mind about this, while others take the opinion that such a latecomer synthetic has no business being in a 1921 idea - it´s as if Ben Hur wore a Rolex during the chariot race. Personally, I like the edp just as much as all the other concentrations.

  • VORAA11/27/2009

    the best and fav of many many including me. the only scent to be sold massively as on date

  • MASCOTA08/15/2009

    They changed the ingredients, and it does last on me about 15 minutes. I know the old , original Chanel

  • KAT05/04/2009

    No. 5 was originally released in three strenghts: Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne. In the late 80s, Eau de Cologne was discontinued and Eau de Parfum introduced.

  • ROSEY01/06/2009

    The EDT version is the the best, but the secret is to use sparingly in a fine mist. If you use too much you will be dissapointed

  • VICTORIA10/24/2008

    This is one of the most wonderful fragrances ever ,the older the better it cannot be beat.

  • ANNA MARIE09/23/2008

    I was able to obtain a vintage bottle of this. It was kept in the metal refillable holder, so sunlight has not renderd it rancid. It is a dream! It is the eau de toilette and it wears all day long and then some. Positively beautiful SCENT! I also have a brand new bottle of the edt, smells lovely but doesn't seem to have the lingering power nor the deep beauty of the much older perfume.

  • JILLAINE08/25/2008

    Anyone have any word on when this new version will finally be re-released?? For those of us that love the fragrance, but it just doesn't work well with our chemistry... I'm hoping this will be it!

  • DIANA08/19/2008

    Atrocious! This is not the real thing! There is a distinct overpowering strong odor to this perfume, recently purchased. I will *never* purchase another product from this co. I feel their line is not authentic.

  • ANNE08/11/2008

    The body cream is just beautiful. You don't need much because it's so rich. There is no pampering quite like this.

  • ANNE07/03/2008

    I can see why a lot of people would avoid Chanel no 5 because of all the hype. But it is worth a try if you are just seeking understated beauty. If you want people to glance back over their shoulders as you pass, wondering what that lovely, subtle fragrance was, this is for you. I admit though that I prefer the EDT over the EDP.

  • ME AGAIN06/11/2008

    This is my every day signature frag. I wear it in every season and I just love it - all forms body lotion, EDT, EDP, and parfum. It works for me. I wear Coco EDP or parfum when going out at night. Both are my favorite scents that work on me.

  • TALKGIRL05/12/2008

    My husband bought this for me for Mother's Day, because my old bottle of it turned. I was so upset when I put it on!!! They definitely changed the formula. The stuff stunk so bad I had to take another shower to wash it off! I wish company's would stop messing with a good thing by reformulating fragrances!!!!!

  • RACHEL04/23/2008

    this is definitely for old people. like your great grandma or grandma. i am 27 years old, and i bought this perfume online without an idea what it smells like, i think it's ok if im 80 years old. i dnt know why many people love it.

  • TRACY ANN04/19/2008

    I agree with "One Gentleman", in today's society of "Hollyweird" there simply is no class, just trash with their drugs and alcohol re-habs along with D.U.I.'s that are now the "in" thing. So very sad we have lost the glamour(as well as talent)of a time past, which this classic scent will continue to remind me of. It is my "signature" perfume and many a gentleman have complemented me on it. My husband buys it for me every anniversary.

  • SUSAN- TX04/16/2008

    I discovered Chanel N0.5 when I was 16 years old. I was wearing Emeraude, and decided I needed a "grown-up " scent. After hours at the perfume counter in the Westroads Mall ,in Omaha, I decided on Chanel No.5. I will never forget the look on the older saleslady's face... I knew what she was thinking. How could such a young girl afford such an expensive perfume? I paid cash for my very first bottle of Chanel No.5 cologne. most of my babysitting money I had saved up for months. I still spray it on generously everyday.I am 45 years young and loving it!!!! God bless Coco Chanel

  • SHWETA04/01/2008

    Oh goodness....this is such a skin scent. The elixir is the drydown of No.5 which warms up and blends with my skin. Its so much better than the edt or edp both of which leave just powder and are short lived. I have always loved No 5 but it just didnt have chemistry with my skin. If thats the case with you then definately give the elixir a go!

  • BELLA01/22/2008

    Smells natural on my soft pinkish pale skin. As if this is how I was meant to smell. Not overly refine or sophisticated. Just natural beauty. I have been told that I smell clean and beautiful. No 5 never fails to bring compliments and mostly from men (of all ages). Luckily, I will never understand the bitter relationship that some of you have with No 5.

  • FOR LINDAW01/08/2008

    Did you buy the EDT or EDP. If you got EDP take it back and swap it. It never has smelled as good as the lighter version.

  • BLONDIE01/08/2008

    I am so glad to hear someone finally unravel this mystery for me. This is the first fragrance I ever remember wearing. When I was a little girl in the 1950's my aunt would dab some of this on me when she put hers on. My whole life I've loved this scent but I do not remember either EDT or EDP from back in the day. It was as I remember called "cologne". It came in either a spray bottle or a square splash with a black cap. I do believe that the EDP did start much later because all I remember was the cologne which was what most people wore, and the actual perfume in the tiny bottle. I don't remember when the EDT came along. The old cologne is no longer made and I am assuming the closest to this is the EDT. I have also always preferred the lighter form of this scent while in others I like the stronger. However, I also prefer the EDT in Coco. I think the EDP in No. 5 just has a heaviness to it which it does not need and never did. I am fascinated to hear that the lighter version was what Chanel herself preferred. Thanks for sharing. I will always love this scent. It's forever.

  • AIMEE01/03/2008

    Ryan, I don't know for sure but what you say sounds easy to believe. #5 is the only fragrance in the world that I love better in the form of EDT as opposed to more "pure" concentrated forms. My friends who wear it feel the same. I don't think that is coincidence.

  • MAYA12/25/2007

    I’ve been wearing CHANEL No 5 since I was 13. My Grandmother gave my Mom a bottle of pure perfume at least 3 times a year. My Dad didn’t like perfume on my Mom so the perfume sat untouched in the bathroom closet. I decided to try it and have been wearing it ever since - I am now 58 - my husband just loves the scent and “turns” him on. It may have been something that attracted him to me - we’ve been married over 30 years. Remember everyone who doesn’t like NO 5 may not have the right body chemistry or your body chemistry may have changed over the years. For all the men that can’t stand the scent on their girlfriends you may want to think twice before you leap. If you want an “old ladies” fragrance try White Shoulders.

  • RYAN12/18/2007

    I was in Nordstrom a few weeks ago and the very knowledgeable (sounding) sales lady told me that the EDT form is the closest to the true vision that Coco Chanel wanted. She told me that the EDP version was not even created until the early 1980's, that from 1921 up until the early 80's the EDT was the only thing being sold, other than maybe the pure parfum. Does anyone know if this is true? I was totally shocked when she said the EDP version didn't get released until almost 60 years later.

  • MARGARET DONOS12/17/2007

    Chanel No.5 is truly a classic fragrance. I can't beleive all the negative comments posted about it here. Go out and get some Brut or Worn Leather or whatever. I'll take No. 5.

  • LINDAW11/20/2007

    I bought some of this recently and it has changed! It used to smell devine now it almost makes me sick to smell it. It isn't the same I used to wear for sure, please bring back the old perfume because this stuff almost stinks! I'm very unhappy with this smell such a shame!

  • LAURA10/20/2007

    Hi, I have been able to find the No 5 sheer moisture mist online from a place in Japan. They make different products for the asian market. I will see if I can find the website and post it. Not only did they have it but it was a little cheaper because I bought 4 bottles and there was no tax or shipping!

  • LEANNE10/18/2007

    No luck finding the Sheer Moisture Mist . I went out and sprang for the Pure Parfum today. Not even close to the radiant , fresh smell the moisture mist had. I am so bummed out !

  • MERRY10/12/2007

    I agree with Dianne. I loved and now miss this, the lightest of the forms. I'm still happy to be a No. 5 wearer, but the cologne was the best.

  • AIMEE09/29/2007

    I agree. I loved the Moisture Mist. I've been told it has been discontinued but if you find it, please post the whereabouts of it. Would love to have it!

  • LEANNE09/20/2007

    Where can I get the Sheer Moisture Mist ? I loved that formulation of #5. it was much cleaner and more youthful. Can't find it anywhere and the gel thing they make is just palin gross- way too sweet.

  • JOANNAH09/17/2007

    The 22 is much more impressionable to me than the 5 which I have to say just doesn't work with my skin. My skin rejects a lot of top brand scents and strangely can make scents that smell awful in a bottle turn quite pleasant on my skin. I always have to test and wear for a while before purchasing because I never know what the scent will do on my skin

  • DS09/16/2007

    I was confused b/w no.5 and i sampled both b4 buying one...n amazingly...though it wears better than no.5....but believe-u-me...i wore in the afternoon..cooked food....slept with it(no.5) all night n i cud still smell it the next morning...while coco was gone..... though i loved the way coco smelt on my skin....i wud label it inaffective...both r goood...but no.5 is a better each his own!

  • ME09/14/2007

    This is just out and I bought it from a highend retailer. It comes in a huge bottle - 5 oz. and it is the dry down of no. 5 in a light form. A bit more citrusy than the elixir or the EDT. I really like this version of No. 5 esp. for hot days. I'm a No. 5 fan. It is prob. my sig. frag.

  • PERFUMER09/13/2007

    I just love this one. Esp. the EDT, sensual elixir, and dry oil spray. This really works for me. It takes on a flowery musky dry down. I don't get any powder. Has anyone tried the new Premier No. 5? Saks just started carrying it this month.

  • JUDI W*08/29/2007

    I sprayed this in the air, a couple of weeks ago. Haven't smelled it in decades, being that I'm obviously older now, I have a better appreciation for it's quality. Would I wear it? Probably not, but that doesn't mean it's not good, just not my type of fragrance. It always reminded me of a very sophisticated woman in a Chanel suit, which is definitely NOT me.

  • YU NING07/17/2007

    I've used Chanel N5 and fall deeply in love with it, the scent has a strong personality in it, though it has a powdery smell but it doesn't have the strong floral fruity smell llike most of other perfumes do, which make it so special, hmm.. i'll say Chanel N5 worth the money! it will be my favourite scent ever!

  • LONDON06/09/2007

    Love it, My Mother's all time favorite. Like cinnamin, and not powdery, or old ladyish. The best of all the classics. I can't handle hardly any perfume. But, I'll wera this one. It's a miracle, it smells that good!!

  • DARRSHAN06/07/2007

    well i have used 2 bottles and also pure parfum, its good but even i think whats so much hype about it , its just a classic fragrance like other companies, the price is not worth for no5, only the initial notes r good the dry down is very powdery.

  • JACE05/25/2007

    It smelled exactly like babypowder to me. I don't understand the hype at all. If you want to smell like this, then save yourself a lot of money and buy babypowder then dowse yourself in that.

  • BLONDIE05/12/2007

    Onboard totally with the poster who spoke about these latest commercials. I think they are over the top and made like mini-movies to show off Kidman more than Chanel. I like Nicole Kidman fine but would not have chosen her as the face of Chanel No.5. She is too edgy IMO. Far better would have been a truly classic beauty like Halley Berry or Brook Shields. This will never be a scent to attract kids. I just think the chose Kidman because she still resonates with the under thirty crowd. She has something for sure, but not what it takes to be the face of Chanel a la Catherine Denevue. Just my opinion.

  • JAMES R.05/03/2007

    I just think that people are too wrapped up into the "chanel" name. It's okay, alot of high end fashion good do go out of style and No. 5 is one of them. It smells like baby powder with a hint of flowers and a splash of white diamonds. This perfume is more for old ladies who try and pull that powdery dried flower smell.

  • RYAN03/26/2007

    I know this message board is reserved for the legendary Chanel No. 5, but there is no Chanel No. 22 board, so I thought I'd post a quickie here. Just purchased no. 22 and I LOVE IT!! It shares some similarities with no. 5, but in my opinion, is much better. There is a tiny amount of floral meshed very well with a clean, soapy scent lightly touched with incense. Incredible. Don't get me wrong, Chanel No. 5 will always be a timeless creation, but if you want something just as great, if not better, try and get your hands on some Chanel No. 22!!!

  • PAJULI02/21/2007

    This was a great perfume years ago...but with all of the new and wonderful scents out today ,why stay behind in the dark ages........?

  • SERENITY02/17/2007

    I tried this again at a different department store, just to make sure I knew what I was talking about in my previous post. It was like night and day. I think the one I tried before had gone bad, because this second try smelled like something completely different. I can say now, having tried a bottle that smelled proper, that Chanel No. 5 does live up to its reputation of being the classic scent of a true lady. I have since purchased some samples and I reach for them when I want to feel elegant and sophisticated. I have also fallen in love with No. 19. Try them and let them mellow on your skin for about 30 minutes. Nice surprises. And please note that a little goes a long way, so just apply to pulse points instead of bathing it the whole bottle. Enjoy.

  • THERESA02/06/2007

    I guess I'm a lady with the "It" factor. I love the smell and many men and women want to know what am I wearing. Comments such as, you smell soooo good! I always reply "Thank You."

  • SEXY KITTEN02/05/2007

    I've tried this on myself and smelled it on others and ohhh boy it's not good...In my opinion, Chanel seems to have issues creating perfume...they're either too grassy and cat-peeish like #19, too chemical like #5, or too "hit you between the eyes" like Coco... a few years ago I was looking for a new perfume and asked my husband what sort of scent he might like me to get...he said "why don't you get something classic like chanel #5?" (even though he'd never smelled it before)He came with me to the dept store and I let him smell it... he thought it was one of the worst scents he's ever the end it was a toss up between samsara and angel

  • LINA01/12/2007

    I have never been especially fond of No. 5 but it was GREAT on some women I knew, believe me - warm, soft, somehow "intellectual" and sensual at the same time, so sophisticated. Recently I tried the new Sensual Elixir and it seems nice, softer, more modern: a clean and sophisticated fragrance. There is also the new collection in the NO.5 bath range: new body cream, lotion etc... Anybody tried?

  • SERENITY12/30/2006

    I don't get this one. I know many women love it and think it is a classic, but to me it smells like someone mixed together a thousand cheap perfumes, and reduced that concoction to a concentrated form. Didn't like it. Maybe it smells much different on others.

  • ONE MAN'S OPINION12/15/2006

    There is no scent more appealing than the aroma of this magical perfume suspended in the air around an elegant woman on a cool, crisp evening. It recalls a time, before the present era of tattoos, body piercings and foul mouths - when ladies had class.

  • VERONICA12/13/2006

    LOL! Greatly amused by the various comments on this perfume. Used to wear nothing else when younger it smelt wonderful. Doesn't smell the same on me any more. I think the answer is that it is one of those perfumes that really does react with your own body chemicals. As it has been said over and over again it smells different on every single woman. Just as an aside I had friend smelt fantastic-she used No19. However, when I tried it it smelt like a cat had peed in the grass and I'd rub myself with it-absolutely and totally disgusting!!!! Think all channels must be similar-whats wonderful on one is cat pee on another. As for the Stinky old ladies? Probably it smelt wonderful on them when they were young too, or it was the perfume to wear then and just doesn't suit them now. Try jazzing your mum's up lads buy them something new and exciting-Givenchy Very Irrisistable probably good light one for older mums who love chanel.

  • JULIETTE12/12/2006

    Chanel #5 is great because in many ways it truly smells different on every woman. It is classic, it is elegant and even at times "dramatic". Coco Chanel created a classic a zillion years ago that is still one of the favorite perfumes in the world.

  • JAN12/05/2006 must not think of your mother very highly if your would compare her favorite scent to that of a "stinky old lady." If she knew you felt that way about it (her) she would probably rather you buy her nothing at all. You could have just said you don't care for it. Period. Shame on you.

  • PAULA10/28/2006

    I first purchased the Elixir as it seemed to smell alittle different than EDT/EDP. I have to use alot to get it to last and I thought the dry down smelled like Musk. I then purchased the Body Lotion in the Seduction Collection to give staying power to my Elixir and it really smells like Musk. I am really tired of Musk as it was in everything I wore for years. Kinda wish I had of gotten another fragrance now even though Chanel #5 is nice.

  • VALISSA10/25/2006

    is amazing!!! after reading your review I ordered it. Thanks for suggesting it!! I used to use Chanel No.5 years ago and I love how this is more soft and subtle.

  • DAVID10/13/2006

    I've got to agree with Guiseppe, No. 5 smells like stinky old lady. I buy it for my mother because she likes it.

  • MARA10/06/2006

    This is just not for me. I haven't found any Chanel perfume that I think smells good. The drydown on all of them is just okay. There are much prettier fragrances around.

  • KELLY09/28/2006

    I'm in love with Chanel no. 5 Sensual Elixir. If you haven't tried it, you need to. I used to use the EDT, but now I find it to be too strong (but not as bad as the EDP). The Elixir is much softer. It's in a light peach 1.7 ounce glass bottle. I got a sample in the mail the other day and I fell in love. Two days later I bought some and gave my remaining EDT away.

  • TRISHA09/18/2006

    I love Chanel #5 soooooo much. Have Metal by Paco Rabanne anyone want to trade?

  • SONYA09/13/2006

    Hi Aimee....I know exactly what you want ,and I can suggest a few numbers.Try Noa Fleur by Cacharel and also V by Valentino. Another one you might like a lot is the signature Vera Wang by Vera wang.Their typical quality is that they are modern florals, with a little less sweetness than Chanel 5 or baby Phat Goddess.They have good staying power, and please try them on your skin and not on test strips.Hope this helps :-) happy hunting!

  • GIUSEPPE09/10/2006

    I've had my eyes set on a lovely young lady at work for a long time. When I finally worked up the nerve to approach her and ask her out, I smelled an awful, powdery and musty scent emanating from her. She smelled like a powdered elderly woman wearing clothes that had long been stuffed in a wooden drawer, with some kind of chemicals dusted on them to keep them germ-free. I'm not sure this makes any sense, but it is exactly what I envisioned. Needless to say, I was completely turned off, but also curious to know what awful scent she'd been wearing, so I told her she smelled great and asked what it was. Yep, it was Chanel 5. Just horrrid! Ladies, beware: If a man ever asks you what you're wearing, it may sometimes mean he finds it awful and that he's just curious to know what it is. I've seen it happen many times! If you like Chanel 5, wear it for your own enjoyment because sexy it is not!

  • DIANNE09/03/2006

    I really, really miss it. Hate everything else. Don't understand why it isn't out there anymore.

  • TARA08/23/2006

    This is such a popular scent, and yet I am not thrilled. It is okay but not more. Plus it fades really fast on me, even when I apply a huge amount. I have other favorites. Not this. Coco is better on me.

  • CHRISTOBELLE08/16/2006

    actually have found that it's got a bit of spice in it. Such a unique fragrance in it's own right. Sigh... wish it wasnt worn by everyone. I read someone elses post about wearing it in the summer and so right.. the spice comes out more.

  • SUMMER 08/14/2006

    this is the epitome of class and's the bombshell marilyn monroe:indeed it is all she wore to bed!!! it's the essence of a timeless classic...

  • DEB08/10/2006

    Anybody know what happened to the Sheer Moisture Mist? Did they discontinue it?

  • LAURA08/08/2006

    I can't wear the eau de toilette or the parfum. They both are too powdery. The eau de cologne spray or splash was more of a floral, it didn't have the sickening sharp powdery smell. I really miss it!

  • CHRISTOBELLE08/06/2006

    I totally agree with you. Some fragrances that I have loved, suddenly dont seem to suit me anymore. That is probably natural and as we change so do our tastes. I used to have signature frangrances when I was young -- I would have just one fragrance and wear it for several years... but no more. I like Chanel 5 now but only wear it sometimes and dont put too much on... Also the more popular frangrances are just worn by so many people.... I actually prefer to mostly wear unusual fragrances that I havent really met on others, even if they aren't exactly my perfect "signature scent". I have to say I dont have a signature scent anymore and have really given up trying to find one. Now I look at it like colour and clothes... depends on the day and how I feel and is an expression of me that day or that year....

  • CHRISTOBELLE08/05/2006

    I think this is a fragrance that women love more than men. Partly because we have all smelt in on others..... which is part of the problem. (Like the way you smell Coco Mademoiselle everywhere you go now!! However nice a scent it may be, 10 years from now we will all associate it with this current time -- and all the people we now know who wear it religiously.) No. 5 does have a little too much powder for it to be perfect for me, but still and all, it is unique -- I dont think its a dimestore powder fragrance. Certainly doesnt smell like all those gazillion floral scents out there now. Just bought another bottle and I use it sometimes..... I agree though with others, with Chanel the perfumes and the toilettes do not smell the same.

  • LINDY07/27/2006

    I just bought a new bottle of #5 and it has changed! It doesn't smell like it used to, it smells cheap compared to what it used to smell like. I am so sad I could cry. I feel sorry for all of you that never smelled the good stuff!

  • FRAGRANTONE07/23/2006

    I love No 5, but never wear it as it is my mother's signature scent. To me this scent is comfort and love. I think it smells nice on most women, but certain women just make it their own.

  • AIMEE07/16/2006

    Thank you so much for your comments! I am still experimenting with #5 as well as others and I reflected on your ideas as I enjoyed #5 today. I wore it out to dinner with my husband. I wore a simple black sundress and a wrap and I caught a hint of it every so often. I have to say that today was a good day with it--made me feel elegant. I do think it has a quality about it that almost transcends traditional olfactory stimulation. I think it has a sort of phermonal level of appeal. Perhaps this is why it is not one that begs for comments, but rather just makes people feel good, whether they are aware of it or not. Maybe it is also why I cannot simply let it go.(Just my theory.) Thanks again for your responses. I've also been enjoying 24 Faubourg (not always easy for me to wear because of its sweet white flowers), Jo Malone's Vintage Gardenia, Flower Bomb, and Jean Paul Gaultier. I have so many others, but these are front and center right now competing for attention with that ever-present classic square bottle with the number on the label!

  • ALLISON R.07/12/2006

    I understand your concern. Chanel no. 5 does smell powdery. In my opinion that isn't a bad thing, and it is a classic. A fragrance I think you are lucky to have. It doesn't have to be your signature, just a fine addition every woman who loves perfumes should have. I will suggest Vera Wang and Michael Kors as possible candidates for signature scents. They are both booming, rich florals with staying power. Good luck!!!

  • RAJUL07/08/2006

    this is the 1st perfume i ever tried i think...... i was a kid (3-4 yrs old ) when i would go up on my toes when my grand parents or my mom would be about to use this perfume before going out for a play or some formal function. 2 dots would be pressed under my ears and satisfied i would go back to my toys and allow them to go out without me! in those days i only ever saw pure perfume concentrates being used. it was much later that the concept of spraying fragrances came about. my mother had her favourite perfume sprays but chanel 5 will always remind me of my early childhood years. i did use the eau de toilette myself several years later but for me it remained best as a walk down memory lane........

  • DIANE07/07/2006

    I totally agree with what you write. I also wanted to like No. 5, but it did not work out. I have been rather obsessive in my continual search for the perfect perfume. When I reached over 30 bottles in 2 years, I came to the conclusion, that there is not 1 perfume that will always be perfect for me. My taste keeps changing. Some perfumes I totally love at first, turn into ones I no longer like and they sit unused. Perfume can be very addictive. Constantly searching for "That" scent. It is sort of like getting a High from the experience, but the experience is not necessarily reproducable each time. Depending on which mood I am in or what the weather is many factors can alter my perfume experience. Sorry that I dont have a solution for you. Actually, I would love a solution also. Oh well!

  • ROB07/06/2006

    Aimee, I couldn't help but ponder your message for awhile after I read it. Here is my opinion in a nutshell: I say, if you like it, GO FOR IT! In all honesty, Chanel #5 is certianly one of the best out there, and it should be worn by those who appreciate it, (which, clearly you do) and go for it! Dont worry what anybody else says, and look at it this way, somebody told you that you smell like baby powder, well, would they rather you smell like body odor? Forget them. Wear what you like, forget what anybody else thinks. If you and your husband enjoy it, thats all the matters!

  • AIMEE07/04/2006

    Okay, I admit it: I have a love/hate relationship with this fragrance. I've posted to this fragrance board twice before--once a 3 and then a 5 for Chanel #5. I want to love it, I really do. But then, when I wear it, my husband hints that he has smelled much better on me and no one else really notices, except the other day when someone at work told me that I smelled like baby powder! I don't want to smell like baby powder! I am enchanted by the mystique but I think the reality of this fragrance lets me down. What to do? I am on the quest for the perfect scent and it still eludes me. I have well over one hundred bottles and I go back to this one, but then alas, I am disappointed. Couldn't agree more with one of the previous writers who expressed similar sentiments that it is a pity if this is the best out there! I have become so jaded with so many fragrances. I have a keen sense of smell and I am very fussy to say the least. I want the perfect one. I want it to be sexy, clean and easy to live in all at the same time. I want it to exude sheer elegance. Where is it? I fear that it is not #5 after all. So sad. Any ideas, readers?

  • ROB07/02/2006

    Hello everybody...I know alot of people who wear this perfume...and alot of them say it is "masculine drydown" or "it smells a little masculine" What does everybdoy think? Would love to hear the thoughts and opinions of Chanel lovers! Thanks!!

  • M06/09/2006

    i own a ton of perfumes, all of which i love, and i feel like every bottle i get is one step closer to that perfect, most beautiful fragrance, that i would love enough to wear every day for the rest of my life; but, when i realise that No. 5 is the world's top perfume, which women really do commit to for life, it makes me feel like i will never find my "one." this is really it? this smells exactly like perfume in every negative aspect, it doesn't invoke any emotional response, it isn't warm, or cool, or soft, or sharp. it just smells, that's all. and this is the best the world has to offer? kill me now

  • KRISTINAH06/02/2006

    I couldn't agree with you more. And it brings to mind old spinster teachers in highschool.

  • LINDA05/29/2006


  • LINDA05/29/2006


  • LUSI04/29/2006

    Very intense and chic, but definelly not sensual one me. I think that more impressive than the fragrance itself, is its status.

  • KARANN04/26/2006

    to review this frag. It's love or hate all the way. It works devinely on me and smells soft and pretty. No sharp edges just sweet and smooth. I've had lots of wonderful compliments while wearing it. this fragrance will go on for a very long time!


    This is a wonderful scent by Chanel #5. If you haven't tried it, then I encourage you too. In my opinion, its better than Chanel #5. Has lasting staying power without being overly fragrant.

  • NASTASSIA04/09/2006

    My mother loves Chanel No.5...I can't stand it! Before I started developing my own sense of smell (about 9 yrs old), I would spray this scent on any of the clothes I wore. Before long, the forever lingering, overly sweet scent would give me a headache and made me nauseous, though I didn't know why back then. Still to this day (over 12 years later), she still has bottles of Chanel No. 5...and a grin, because she knows I won't touch her stuff AT ALL. Funny thing is, my sister won't either...and they both enjoy those heavy, sweet scents.

  • ABIGAIL04/05/2006

    Most fragrances are just ok to me. There's only one I've tried that I hate- Chanel #5. Like many I read about here, I tried it on because it is so talked about. I almost threw up. My poor husband had to wait for me to wash it off (it took several good scrubbings) before we could eat dinner. It was so overpowering...I'd rather just smell like soap. Maybe this one is extremely sensitive to body chemistry, I don't know, but DEFINITELY try it before you buy it.

  • CHARLOTTE04/01/2006

    Channel No. 5 was my first perfume. My mother wore it and would dab it on me. I have continued to love it all my life, though my signature scent later became, and still is Joy. For me No. 5 is like slipping into a favorite old sweater. I love it on rainy days. I still think it is one of the most glamorous fragrances ever. It leaves a faint trail behind you that is alluring and haunting. The ones of today hit you between the eyes like a sledge hammer! Actually, I can think of very few scents created since 1970 that I have ever liked. Guess they all forgot how. Oh well, as long as there is Channel, Joy and L'heure Bleu, the world is a beautiful place to be!

  • JK03/18/2006

    A Kelly bag was made for, and carried by Grace Kelly in several movies as well as real life. Watch Dial M For Murder and her brown Kelly Bag is a popular prop in that movie. Grace Kelly also wore Creed perfumes.

  • VELMA02/28/2006

    Love Chanel No.5. It was Marilyn's favourite and now it's mine. Just a whiff takes you back to that magical classic time where fur, diamonds, and a spritz of No. 5 made a lady.

  • LA LA PRINCESS02/24/2006


  • LA LA PRINCESS02/24/2006


  • TAPDANCER7802/16/2006

    This is the most beautiful, elegant perfume ever. I wear it all the time. The body lotion is even better than the perfume!

  • GREEKGIRL02/02/2006

    I must say when i first tried this fragrance i did not like the drydown (was a bit musty) but after persisting with it i found that its a very beautiful fragrance i see why so many women luv it now, but sadly it does not last all day as with other edps.

  • SHESACHARMER01/27/2006

    Everytime I wore Chanel No. 5 my boyfriend thought it was men's cologne and started interogating me about where I had been! Guess it's not for me.

  • KERRIE01/16/2006

    Chanel #5 is one of the best smells I have smelt.I was going out and forgot my parfume ICE and Tommy which both smell really Great, but I did not have them on I stopped by the mall to buy some other parfume,well I came across Chanel # 5 and it was the most wonderfull smell I came across, unfortunatly it was out of my price limit at the time so I used the tester, needless to say it lasted alll night and I could still smell a little bit in the morning, which was nice to wake up to.Well anyways I will be buying my first bottle of it this weekend(the large bottle) excited to be getting it.

  • SASHA01/09/2006

    It has always been bestseller and will always be. Beautiful and very special, envelopes us in elegance and mystery:)

  • REA01/08/2006

    See Chanel 5 smells so so good on some women but OMG does sit ever smell terrible on others. This is where the major controversy comes from. This ladies unfortunatelly is just not one of those scents that will smell good on all of us. For me this is an increbidle smell that I've been fortunate enought to be surrounded by women on whom this smells fabilous. I however do not wear it, does not work for me. So I will gladly smell it on others and enjoy it that way and wear and love the ones that work for me. Guess we cannot have it all, but should be greatful for the ones we can have like Prada, Nirmala and Kingdom, three that generally smell terrible on most other woman out there.

  • AIMEE01/08/2006

    I've always respected Chanel #5 and have wanted to love it on me. After being somewhat bored with it because I had not received compliments, I gave it an average rating back in May. Since then, I gave this scent a rest over the summer months and tried it again this fall. Am I ever glad I did! I don't know what happened, but it is now my favorite fragrance. Oddly, I actually like the Eau de Toilette better than the Eau de Parfum or even the parfum. I'm using the sensual elixir at times and almost always the creme velours. A spritz of the eau de toilette and I smell elegant and appropriate, no matter where I am going. I am receiving positive feedback too. Another great thing about #5 on me is that it is not pervasive. It leaves just a faint trail and is detectable during a hug or side-by-side encounter. It is never up front and brash. Today, I noticed that the scarf I've been wearing inside my coat now gives off a pleasant whiff of it. It's not one of those scents that cause people to breathe in your fragrance with every molecule of air. It leaves people wanting more.

  • KAT01/02/2006

    This is still one of my all time favorites - wore it in my teens and still wear it in my 40s. It IS a timeless, beautiful fragrance. So beautiful.

  • JAKQUA01/01/2006

    I noticed back in '02 you posted a message stating you were looking for an alternative to Chanel No. 5. Well, I have recently ran across a fragrance that I feel is very similar to No. 5 and it is much less expensive. The name is Rose Noir and it's sold on this website. I don't think you or anyone else who tries it will be completely dissapointed if you are a Chanel No. 5 fan.

  • PERFUME PERSON12/21/2005

    I love this scent. The No. 5 soap is excellent. I use the soap then layer the No. 5 satin body spray - light spray oil and then use the EDP or EDT. I use the EDP in the winter since it is stronger and heavier and I use the EDT in the warmer months. I actually like the smell of the EDT better out of the bottle. The dry down of the EDP is good but it takes a bit to settle to the dry down. This is one of my faves and I always get compliments. I think this scent smells different on everyone. Not all can wear this one, consider yourself lucky if you can!

  • DONNARAE12/18/2005

    I sent you an email, Kathy. I'd love to trade you my Lovely for your Chanel no.5. I'll even throw in a Red Door mini.

  • KATHY12/16/2005

    Sounds good. I have wanted to try Lovely, nothing to lose here.

  • DONNARAE12/15/2005

    Still wanna trade? Not an equal or fair one, I'm afraid, but I did buy Oprah's hype about Lovely and it's not for me-too much lavender.

  • SUMIRE12/15/2005

    Hmm out of curiousity I decided to test this one out due to the claim that it's "the only thing Marilyn Monroe wore to bed" and "most famous perfume in the world." Well to be honest I don't see what the big fuss is. The scent was nothing special, a bit unpleasant actually. Smelled liked cheap baby powder, a smell that's NOT very appealing to me. I wonder if all Chanel's other fragrances are like that... I'm afraid to try after this one.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC12/10/2005

    Waaaaay too costly for a bottle of 'POWDER'! I recognize this is a classic which my very own mom used to wear. I will state its a nice scent but its all talc in nature! Ladies u can smell the exact same without having to spend ++$$ by getting urself a can of talc. You are paying for the name only here.

  • JESSI12/09/2005

    At a department store I sprayed it on a card and it smelled like cheap baby powder. I thought maybe it'd smell better on my wrist so I gave this so-called classy perfume on me. On my wrist it smelled like a mix between an old-lady's clothing and baby diaper wipes. Ugh, definently a NO for me. I'm usually one that perfers really mature scents but this just doesn't do it for me.

  • KATHY12/07/2005

    Would any one be interested in swapping a 3.4 clear bottle of Chanel No.5 for something else?I have only used this 3 times and this is just not for me! I hate to see this sit and collect dust, since I know the person that bought this for me spent a great deal of money on it. You can not even tell it has been used and I still have it in the original box.I hate Vanilla scents and Musk scents..I hate Casmir and Absolu by Rochas and Arpege and the likes. I love Red Door and would love some thing in the category of Tea Rose and that sort. I also have a bottle of 1.75 Estee Lauder White Linen, can not even tell this one has been used eihter. This is too sharp for me.

  • REBEKKAH11/27/2005

    This perfume is such an adored classic. And for good reason, it's from the House of Chanel. But recently while watching television, a very annoying & stupid commercial came on for this. It starred, of course, the current No.5 "girl", Nicole Kidman. It was a very tacky, and poorly directed ad that made me cringe. It was like an outtake from the movie "Moulin Rouge" that came out a few years ago (which I love, because I am a Kidman fan). It made me so uncomfortable. I was like what are the advertising people at Chanel thinking. This is a high-brow perfume and it deserves to be treated as such. Shame on whomever greenlighted that commercial! You need to look elsewhere for inspiration, because THAT is not going to motivate anybody to purchase this. Thanks for hearing me out!

  • KATHY11/22/2005

    NO, I really don't appreciate this overly sweet, out dated scent at all. And I hope you aren't next to me in line at the grocery store while you have this on, baby!

  • SABS11/18/2005

    It's those aldehydes, baby that give chanel no 5. that signature musky powderyness that either you love or hate- mystery or a musty mess--well haters, hate if you will but No 5 deserves its verneration %100. It's a classic, like a black leather Kelly bag--it may not be your style but you can appreciate it.

  • MARIA11/02/2005

    What I believe we have here is a case of "the emperor's new clothes". This fragrance is a dated and unintersting one, a boring powdery scent that is past it's prime( if it's a powdery type of scent you are looking for there are many others that far surpace this one).But women keep buying it, thinking if so many others are purchasing and wearing it, it must be special. Few people are willing to stick their necks out and admit what everyone else must already know, but doesn't want to say out loud. That this scent is a dated, unintersting powdery one, not befitting the hype it is afforded. I really am amazed that so many women continue to wear this when there are so many other more interesting scents to call their own.

  • KATHY10/31/2005

    Does any one remember the dime store powder, from say Coronet five and dime? It was in various colors, with no real specified scent, it was just a sweet talcum powder scent. That is what this reminds me of. It also smells overly sweet like that sicky sweet perfume Avon used to sell, Sweet Honesty. Every time I spray this on my wrists I end up washing if off. I am going to have to find some one who likes this stuff and give away the large bottle that I have of it. I really tried to wear this. I am just amazed that women actually pay the price they do for this. I am glad mine didn't cost me one red cent! Too sweet and powdery and sugary.Nothing sexy about it.

  • JAN10/31/2005

    I hear this was Marilyn Monroe's favorite. Well, to each his (or her) own. We all know perfume smells different on different people. As for the classic's, they are wonderful, but I prefer Shalimar and Fracas to this. One thing for sure, the classics are here to stay. Clavin Kline, and some of the others are like a splash in the pan. I love the tried and true.

  • KATHY10/25/2005

    I, like others, have anticipated trying this perume for years! This so called elegant and sophisticated and classic scent. I can't say that I hate it, but I don't love it either. The inital spray, which has a light citrus scent smells great, but after about 30 minutes or so it dries down to a powdery boring scent. I am not against powder, unless it is baby powder, yuck, this doesn't smell that putrid. But, all in all, I have to say that this perfume is probably over rated. It left me feeling flat!! Not an elegant or sexy perume, could possibly be a head ache waiting to happen. Will stick with Red Door.


    Chanel, what a slinky cat you a rolls royce, but powdery, elegant and mysterious and dignified all at the same time. Chanel no 5 has always been one of my faves, it is what drew me into loving perfume in the first place. something about that powedery-ness is so mysterious, luxirious and artistic-it's more of a dressy, soothing scent...but slinky though it may be some girl told me chanel no 5 has musk from tiger glands--please don't tell me they have to hurt poor tigers to make one of my favorite perfumes!--they don't need to hurt tigers or other animals for the sake of scent (please let me know if you know of any others)

  • BRITTNEE09/20/2005

    This one will never go out of style. It is a simple, one-deminsional powdery fragrance. To me it smells similar to cover girl original pressed powder.

  • SANDY09/17/2005

    this will always be my favorite perfume, i have them all from gucci to burberry nothing tops chanel no. 5! it is a classic and soo nice

  • MICHELLE08/28/2005

    I've been a No. 5 wearer for about 2 years now, and I'm *well* past my teens :) It is a fascinating fragrance, but it doesn't last long at all. I'm reapplying at least 3x per day (and I'm sure Chanel's accountants love that). Further, the bottom of my refillable case will not stay on! And, the No. 5 body powder: the last two cases I bought, the powder puffs literally fall apart right away! Please!!! For the price, the packaging really sucks, the scent is too short-lived, and I certainly don't like their new celebrity spokeswoman. So, I'm in the midst of renewing my love with Halston by Halston--warm and sexy fragrance, classy designer, groovy history, and not all the hype and priciness of No. 5. Sorry, Coco.

  • REENIE08/28/2005

    This has to be one of the most over-rated perfumes on the market. For the extortionate amount you will pay for a bottle of this, you might as well go out and purchase 100 bottles of talcum powder... at least, that's what it reminds me of! I just can't understand the fuss about it, it's so... ordinary... makes me think of

  • ALEX08/23/2005

    I'm 17 and love this scent along with Ma Griffe, its light and sexy. I think whether or not its old lady is a state of mind, if you are young an d sexy the way you smell will be young and sexy too, Youth Dew is an old lady perfume...Chanel No. 5 is timeless!

  • SYLVIA08/17/2005

    I purchased the Chanel No 5 sensual elixir. It smells heavenly! I only wish the scent lasted long. It fades after a couple of hours. I'm not sure if the perfume is longer lasting but the elixir is short lived.

  • PERFUME PERSON08/16/2005

    I really recommend the elixir. It is soft and in a gel form. You can put it anywhere on your body. It is great for summer. I'm a huge fan of No. 5 EDP. Has anyone tried the satin spray? This fragrance does not work on everyone, but I'm lucky it works for me. I'll always have a bottle of this around.

  • DARLA08/10/2005

    It cracks me up that certain scents are categorized as "old-ladyish" and No. 5 seems to be one of them. HELLO?? Are you forgetting who imortalized this fragrance? None other than Marilyn Monroe and she was NOT an old lady when recommending it. This is truly a classic scent, which is why it's equated with age, but one that will last forever and evoke the best in those who wear it. Truly awesome!

  • ALLYSA08/06/2005

    This fragrance smells like powder.Besides that I'm sure this fragrance is an oldies fragrance, I don't understand why people include this fragrance as legendary fragrance.There's nothing special about this fragrance, nothing,nothing at all. I'm sure there are fifties or more fragrance smells 5 times better than this old fragrance.

  • TIKI08/03/2005

    it is definitely not made for the young and inexperienced girl. When I was younger, I thought it smelled like insect spray but now (I'm 33) I love it on me. I for some reason love the EDT more than the EDP. Not sure why but I'd love to get the straight perfume. Teens and young women should stick with the Brittney and Paris fragrances.

  • D'INDONESIE07/25/2005

    My mum just bought it and i tried a bit on my wrist. It made me sick from that morning to the next morning, because it settled there so strongly. I don't like the smell-not the top,middle or even the end notes. It reminds me of some insect-killer-liquid.everybody may love #5 but this one is defenitely not for me.

  • LOUISE07/23/2005

    I find that it is one of the few perfumes that last on me. It is not too sweet as most florals tend to be nor is it too overwhelming or acidic as many older fragrences are. That said, it obviously can't work with every person's body chemistry. My boyfriend loves it, but nearly had a stroke when I showed it to him in a perfume shop because of the price. Wearing it just lifts my mood and makes any occasion a special one.

  • MICHELE06/14/2005

    I've worn Chanel No 5 since I was 14 yrs old. Nothing has yet to compare, plus it drives the men wild. It truly is the scent of a woman.

  • SANDRA06/13/2005

    I got this perfume as a gift, it really smelled like strong & cheap perfume when first opened it. I wore it several times but only twice I can remember really liking it, you have to be in a special mood to wear it.... not for everyday wearing...

  • AIMEE05/25/2005

    I want so much to enjoy #5. I've tried every form of it--from perfume to lotion, cream and eau de toilette. I have never received a compliment and my husband tells me that I smell like an old lady when I wear it. It do not like to think of fragrances in these terms so it is very disappointing. I guess it just does not become me. I still appreciate it on others and I love the story behind it.

  • KELLIE05/05/2005

    I wanted to like this. I thought for the price it has to be good. On me it has a harsh smell. I can smell it clashing with my skin. The drydown still had that sharp smell to it. I've tried several chanel perfumes and none of them work for me.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    One of the first fragrances I ever bought as a young woman. I felt so grown up when I wore it. At 47, I still love it, although it's not an everyday scent for me; rather it's one that I reserve for special occasions now. P.S. The EDT doesn't last too long on me. The EDP is much stronger, and interestingly enough, also smells different than the EDT. It's more heady and deeper whereas the EDT is lighter and more floraly on me.

  • NIKITA 04/26/2005

    To me this smells like Caress or Safeguard soap which is not a bad thing. I would recommend something by Guerlain instead.

  • SARAH04/26/2005

    It's more class than some people can handle. The fragrance is hypnotic and wonderful. It's glamour refined in liquid form.

  • LILLY04/09/2005

    I got it as a present from a friend and i wanted to return it when I smelled it. It made me sick and now it is just there as a deco.

  • GRETCHEN04/06/2005

    My mother used to put this perfume on on Sundays for church... She had to hide it from me because I wanted to put it on and be grown-up too! Unfortunately, perfumes bother her now and she can't wear it.There is nothing wrong with the classics!

  • BEBE02/22/2005

    the strongest link. a fusion of lovely notes. WOW. blessed by the great mother earth. inspiration cant explain. very nice.

  • CHRISTOBELLE02/20/2005

    I like this, its different, but a little too powdery smelling for me. I can see why it has stood the test of time. All the right elements, unique rich scent, classy bottle, the "chanel" name -that is what you have to admire about channel. just saw DK's newest and it comes in an apple! not a very expensive looking apple either! And don't get me started on those bottles that look like phallic symbols....

  • MISS PRAIRIE02/17/2005

    Just because it's Chanel Nº5 and the best selling parfum of all times doesn't mean everyone has to like it, in fact, there are much better parfumes out there, ever tried Van Cleef & Arpels' or Chanel Gardenia? I find them exquisite and very suitable for any ocasion.

  • MEEKO02/15/2005

    I have an unopened small bottle of Chanel that has been in my mothers lingerie drawer for more than twenty years. She gave it to me and now I am wondering how good the scent is. I can smell it, but unsure if it will be wearable once I crack the seal. Anyone know? Thank you.

  • LOISPOL02/13/2005

    Chanel No.5 is my all time favorite perfume and it is truly a classic scent. My mother wore this scent and my children bought me a huge black refillable spray of this when they were small. I have so many fond memories associated with wearing Chanel No. 5. It lasts and smells unlike any other perfume on the market. I feel "rich" wearing Chanel No. 5.

  • SHARRIE02/02/2005

    nothing so sweet as no 5 . dancing days are here again.awesome and delicate, a rare treat . wonderful.

  • FOR THE LOVE OF MY LIFE01/27/2005

    I am looking for ANY online source that can get me real Chanel no 5 eau de Perfume, at 2.5-3.5 ounces, spray or not, for my Wife-very special anniversary.. I am looking to spend not more than 50-90, as I am also working on other little special gifts. Any and all info helpful. Thanks very much, God Bless.

  • LISA01/25/2005

    Chanel no. 5 has a feminine, pretty and almost "powdery" scent. It's timeless and sophisticated. Although, not my very favorite, still nice.

  • PIA01/16/2005

    I had three men smell this fragrance on 6 women at a party and they all hated it. The only scent worse than no.5 to me is J'adore which I got as a gift for Christmas this year. It'll give you a major headache!

  • KATIE01/09/2005

    I have many Chanels, my favorite being Coco Mademoiselle, but the fact is I love all of them! Never cheap, synthetic-smelling or out of style. As for Chanel #5, I like to think if it worked for Marilyn it'll work for me! "Sexy" never gets "old", as some might try to argue this fragrance to be. As with any fragrance, if it doesn't work for you, don't wear it, but please do give all Chanels a chance, especially one as classic as #5.

  • TEE01/09/2005

    Beautiful. It's classic scent is for the woman who wants only the best. There is no other...

  • ROSE M.01/04/2005

    This is a classic. Will outlast all of the new Kool Aid fragances that have sprung up.

  • DONIA12/30/2004

    I love it; always have. My boyfriend adores it. It's like being bathed in beauty, and only smells better and better as you wear it.

  • KELLY12/30/2004

    I love Chanel No 5. I've used it since I was 16 and keep coming back to it. It is literally the only thing I wear to bed and it's sensually comforting. I'm not sure how to describe the smell (sweet & warm to me) but I know there's nothing quite like it. I do believe parfums do either work with or against one's body chemistry. But for me, Long Live No.5!!

  • LYNN12/23/2004

    Ok, I don't know if it's just me but I hate this scent. I'd heard so much about it, so I decided to test it out at the mall. Well my smile faded. It smelled really sick, and I wanted to throw up. I just didn't see the appeal. P.S., no offense to long-time fans.

  • ELIZABETHANNE12/12/2004

    There's a reason why this perfume has been so popular since 1921. It's powdery yet anything but wimpy. And it's just plain classy! Much better than the proliferation of "Light, fruity, fresh" scents in recent years. And the eau de parfum is much better than the eau de toilette.

  • SHARRIE12/04/2004

    le cream de la crop chanel no 5, awesom, the mothership of chanel, sensual and enchanting, 5 is one of my lucky numbers

  • JULES11/21/2004

    The new Sensual Elixir is AMAZING. I've always had mixed feelings about Chanel #5. Tried it a few times, but found it quite strong for everyday use, especially. But the Elixir has me hooked! It dries down to the most sensual soft scent that just feels warm and cozy, without being too strong or offensive. Hard to describe but its sort of vanilla and sandlewoody in a warm base, but a bit different from the original. It's like a "skin" scent of the original. Anyway, I can't stop smelling myself. My BF loves it and guys keep coming up to me to be close to my "scent". Try it!

  • JOSIE11/18/2004

    Chanel No. 5 makes me feel confident, and irrepressibly stylish. I can wear it with tall black boots, or high heels; a black lace dress or jeans. But it always makes me feel like I'm wearing a veil of elegance. I also feel a sense of history and a connection to all the fabulous women who've worn this throughout it's many years of well-deserved popularity. Chanel No. 5 is synonymous with classy and sexy.

  • NICO11/14/2004

    I love Chanel 5, just because it is very powdery, and it smells very old fashioned, and I love "old" perfumes. But I can't understand why it is considered to be sexy, in my opinion it's just because of Marilyn, 'cause this perfume smells so clean, it could be used by a baby!!! Obviously, that's subjective!

  • GEORGIA11/07/2004

    I received this last year in the cologne form, and I really like it. I want to get more for the holidays and since I have never tried any other forms, what would you ladies suggest. Is it better to get the parfum. Thank you.

  • HOLLYWOOD BLONDE11/03/2004

    Chanel No.5 is Hollywood's classic scent. Marilyn Monroe, my icon, set the stage for this wonderful mixture. Its such a great product. I'm only 19 and I've been wearing Chanel No. 5 since I was 14, I love it and wouldn't trade it in.

  • CAT10/24/2004

    I love the EDP, but has anyone tried the new Sensual Elixir? I just saw it at the counter. I'm curious.

  • ELIZABETH09/27/2004

    It goes on like a hot leather glove and dries down to a warm, clean, woody smell that draws people in and keeps them there. It calms me down when things get stressful and reminds me of everything good about my life. What more could you ask for in a fragrance? As I said in my last post, ten years ago it was powdery and musty on me and I believe this is what some of you perceive as an "old lady" smell. Thankfully my chemistry has changed and now this crowd-pleaser of a perfume (and it is, despite the strong dislike it generates in some) likes me :)

  • ANA B09/15/2004

    Two words: marshmallows & acetone. It belongs to a large category of perfumes which pull off the feat of being both harsh and sickly. It's not my chemistry, it's the smell - even sprayed into the air. A case of so many people dragged into so much hype over so much time. There are scores of vastly underrated, superior perfumes out there. No disrespect intended to genuine fans - if it works for you, OK.

  • STEVIE09/13/2004

    I have worn this since I was 17. I tried others, but always came back. The soft scent is warm, comforting, sensual, and very personal. I have been complimented on it for thirty + years!

  • DI09/12/2004

    Chanel No 5 is losing its reputation as an older woman's fragrance - too bad! I've always loved its fresh, sweet scent and consider it one of the best kept secrets in the perfume industry. I'm thrilled by the compliments I inevitably receive while wearing it - whether dressed casually or out for the evening. Chanel No 5 is a scent I discovered in my teens (although I could not often afford it then) and now it is my exclusive fragrance!

  • NICOLE09/08/2004

    The scent of a life time.

  • MARCI09/03/2004

    Oh, I totally agree with the 20-something Chanel No. 5 user! What's there not to like about this awesome and wonderfully pleasant scent? NOTHING! It just keeps on giving, year after year .... it's a total pleasure to wear this fragrance, and guess what? I'm only 15 .... & a customer for LIFE!

  • S.J.08/31/2004

    Ok, I am in my late 20's and I am sick up to my eyeballs of the term, "Old Lady Smell" with every perfume that is older than 10 years. I am not an old lady yet, but I enjoy and receive many compliments from wearing older scents. If everyone wore some of the newest, youngest fragrances we would all be smelling like granny smith apples and fruity peebles cereals. Come on - and stop comparing some wonderful, timeless scents with insults to older women. Chanel No.5 is a wonderful beautiful scent for all generations and ages. There is a reason it is still one of the best selling perfumes.

  • KRIS08/31/2004

    Still popular after all these years....this will be a classic forever and with good reason. Even with a name like Chanel, it wouldn't be around this long unless it was outstanding. I can't even describe this fragrance because it is so well balanced that there isn't one note that stands out above the rest.

  • PELIN08/22/2004

    Marilyn monroe's favorite perfume.She wore nothing but chanel no.5

  • NEL07/24/2004


  • JULIE07/22/2004

    This was my very first perfume. When I was a little girl it was a dream for me to have one bottle from this great perfume and later I got one. I liked it so much.

  • DANIELLA07/21/2004

    My grandmother smelled like Chanel, cigarettes, and whiskey. I loved her, but I don't want to smell like any one of those things!

  • NEIL07/20/2004

    All these fuffy, light, "cucumber/melon" scents will come and go but Chanel #5 will go on forever. A classic for a good reason!

  • ADRIANA07/14/2004

    I don't know if I am the only one who has noticed this, but I have two bottles of chanel 5. The edt and edp, they both smells quite different. The edp is a bit more powdery and warm, while I find the edt to be more artificial smelling and not quite as powdery. The hairmist also has that tangyness at first but then settles in the the nice chanel 5 scent of the edp. Great smelling never the less, but there is a difference in smell

  • RICHARD J07/14/2004

    its not as bad as the Elizabeth taylor perfumes but this one sure is dated, if your over 50, rich & retired you might like this one. On the other hand if your young looking for something fun look elsewhere please.

  • ELIZABETH06/27/2004

    It all depends on your chemistry. Ten years ago Chanel No. 5 smelled powdery and musty on me; perhaps this is what some of you perceive as an "old" smell. Now it's warm and woody, calm and clean - what I wear when I'm expecting an ugly, stressful time ahead, or when I want to feel gorgeous. Quality will out!

  • MICHELE06/21/2004

    I don't care too much for the Chanel No. 5 perfume, but the soap and the Hydrating Body Mist are heavenly. If you like the perfume you'll love those two. The soap "lights up" your bathroom. Just try it, you'll love it.

  • VICTORIA06/03/2004

    As for it being for old women, then I guess MARILYN MONROE doesn't fit into this category because that was what she used. She was ask once by a news reporter what she wore at night when she went to bed, Her comment was: "Nothing but Chanel No.5". So much for your stupid comment about it being only for Old Rich Women. LOL

  • JR05/28/2004

    I used to wear this fragrance until my boss asked me what that was that smelled like cake. I know it's considered a classic fragrance... but I think it's out of style.

  • STEVE05/17/2004

    I am a straight male, and this cologne/perfume is awesome. It really doesnt smell like a womens fragrance. I dont care if its made for women, i like it and wear it all the time. I wish they would take it out of the pink bottle though. A black bottle would be cool. Or blue even.

  • KRISTIN04/30/2004

    I have worn this perfume since I was a small child. Only one I can wear; others smell like Raid. Heavenly, pleasant perfume!

  • LULU04/11/2004

    I have tried to buy this so many times, and so many times I end up returning it because it just turns on me! I can wear the powder, the soap, etc., just not the perfume or spray. However, I can wear the voile which is simply wonderful, especially layered over the no. 5 body powder in the summer.

  • MAX03/24/2004

    This perume is the one i go back to. I love the shower gel i love the lotion. I want to purchase the bath oil as i here this is lovley too. Pricey but worth it for me as it delievers.

  • PATTYCAKES03/17/2004

    I love Chanel 5. Never get tired of it!

  • JAMES03/15/2004

    Eeewww....the real perfume smells like....old women....but get the shower gel! My mother has it and it smells luxurious! Truly what Chanel No. 5 was meant to smell like...sweet.....and sexy....but not too heavy and "old"

  • JERRI03/13/2004

    I can see how this is a classic but it still seems that just because of how old it is and the fact that it is by Chanel makes people buy it. there are loads of better fragrances this one is for old rich women. they are the only people this smells good on.

  • ELENA02/25/2004

    Every X-mas I get a gift set with Chanel #5. This is the only one my husband likes on me.

  • SUE C02/24/2004

    I know a bottle of this is sold every 5 seconds, so it has lots of fans. I've tried it several times in shops and the top notes are beautiful and floral. However after an hour the smell is very sour, like stale perspiration and I have to wash it off. A girl at work used to wear this and I grew to really dislike it on her as well. There may be an ingredient that doesn't suit me.

  • ANNEMARIE02/09/2004

    First, a few years ago I didn"t like it at all, but now I really like it, even bought the bodylotion!! It's a very feminine scent.

  • KIM02/04/2004

    I love love love this perfume - it's so elegant and classy.

  • LINDA E.02/02/2004

    Class Act. You have to be a lady to be able to wear this.

  • JANE01/30/2004


  • HERMIONE01/03/2004

    I wanted so badly to like this fragrance. The reputation alone is so elegant, sophisticated, and classy. I bought it and tried to wear it several times. Then I realized it just plain stinks. I wonder how many people are wearing it just so they can say they are wearing Chanel no. 5.

  • NOAH12/18/2003

    I totally love Chanel nr 5...truly a scent that is very special! I also love Bois des iles from Chanel...does anyone know this and adore it like i do?

  • CHRISTINE12/09/2003

    I was always wondering why ALL the Chanel fragrances smell abominable to me and even if I make effort to try on I have to wash and wash off before seeing any response from others. frankly, they assault my senses. I love Guerlains and this 'allergetic' reaction had never occured. Any specific ingredients responsible for this? because of leather? too aldehydic? response would be much appreciated. thanks

  • SARAH11/18/2003

    I love this. My grandmother wore this, my mother wore this and I wear it. It's sexy and dignified - what you wear when you have arrived.

  • SHERI11/06/2003

    If it wasn't a classic then it wouldn't have been around since the 1920's! All the thousands of women who've worn it over the last 80 years can't be wrong. Definitely a romantic and classic fragrance. Love it!

  • GAYLE WILSON11/06/2003

    Simply the best of the Channel Line. It was designed by a woman for women. This is the one for the sophisticated female. Of all the Channel line, I'll only do #5.

  • BRANDON11/01/2003

    It may be a classic but it smells like old, rich women. No man will find this sexy.

  • ELLA10/31/2003

    By far my absolute favourite fragrance - Chanel No. 5 is elegant, understated and refined.

  • NICO10/27/2003

    I find it wonderful but I cannot understand why people find it so sexy and why it should drive men wild: I find it so pure, and clean, and delicate, it's like wearing talc: that's what I like in it!

  • DENISE10/23/2003

    The Edt and Edp smell VERRY very different. Anyone who says this has an "old ladyish" smell must have wiffed the edt. because it is all aldehydes- and quite harsh. I havent been lucky enough to smell the pure perfume form, however i can tell you that the Edp smell very nice. It is quite strong at first spray - but after it settles down its a nice powdery scent - for those who like powdery. Very ladylike and sophisticated

  • LINDA 10/23/2003

    My husband bought me Chanel for the first time for Christmas 3 years ago. He said it smelled very nice and had been around for years so it must be good. I like it. Some people don't. So, I don't buy it for them and they don't buy their favorite for me. Everyone is different. Isn't it that way with everything? Doesn't that make the world exciting?

  • ASHLEY10/04/2003

    Chanel No 5 is definetely not for me. A bit too old, somehow

  • CHELE09/27/2003

    Chanel No. 5 is a wonderful, classic scent. However, it tends to give me a headache if I wear it too often. The fragrance stays with you, so that you don't need to reapply it throughout the day.

  • DIANA07/14/2003

    The original and still one of the best.

  • PAM07/11/2003

    I think #5 is the best perfume in the world, but it doesn't last a minute on me. Can't wear it. It disappears right away. I've just started wearing Sublime. Also floral/aldehyic. Does the dry down smell similiar to Chanel?

  • VANI06/22/2003

    one of the most beautiful scents ever.expensive but worth the money

  • VANI06/20/2003

    i love this one

  • LEE06/15/2003

    this perfume has intolerable smell. I tried it on at least more than 3 times in the last 10 years and finally decided it is not for me. I don't know what is so good about Channel's perfume. I also have Channel's Allure but don't like it either! Clinique's Happy is my favorite

  • MYLAAN06/04/2003

    This fragrance may very well have the best sillage of all perfumes out there. Overdone, it's nasty, as most fragrances are. But used sparingly, it's intoxicating. There is a reason why it's still a best seller after all this time.

  • HOPE06/01/2003

    Ms Monroe was once asked what she wore to bed and responded Chanel No. 5. Need I say more?

  • JOYCIE05/25/2003

    This one will never die. The men adore it. It's intoxicating. The other Chanel scents can never compare....Another good scent is Touch by Fred Hayman and Ysatis by Givenchy...just my very humble opinion..these are keepers

  • JOY05/22/2003

    Chanel #5 is not for everyone. I have not worn it for quite a while, but just put in on, and indeed it's wonderful. I like the EDP; it doesn't stay strong on me. People say it's for older women, but it's not just the over 60 crowd that wear it, believe me! It's timeless, especially for evening.....very sexy.

  • GOLDENLADY05/07/2003

    I enjoyed wearing Chanel No 5 for years, but I have moved on to what I think are more modern smelling fragrances. This will always be a classic, though. I just wore it too much and am over it.

  • SALI05/01/2003

    Atleast that's the Chanel N5 product I like the most because it's the one I smell the most florals in. Chanel N5 is a powdery smell, not very flowery even though it's classified as a floral. It's understated, feminine and stylishly all-occasion, very long-lasting in all its forms, and I like both parfum and EDT, although I wear the parfum. I would say it's a soft fragrance, although some people (like my husband) detect a 'needle up the nose' effect, which I don't. Incidentally, my husband is crazy about N5 and says it's one of his favorite women's perfumes.

  • MARTHA04/25/2003

    I have worn many different perfumes over the years- mainly always preferring the spicier scents! I recently tried Chanel No. 5 however and loved it- I found it to be a very soft, classey and feminine scent! I had heard recently that the Late Princess Diana wore Hermes 24 Farbourg perfume- so I tried this one as well! I did like the bottle - but to me the scent was no nicer than Chanel No. 5 - yet was much more expensive! I have also tried Allure and find that it seems to last longer than Chanel No. 5 and I was wondering why- as I understand that it is a milder scent! I would appreciate any comments on my observations on these perfumes!!

  • M04/18/2003

    I have pure perfume, but I don't like it. To "heavy" for me. It is not bad...

  • LALA04/12/2003

    i liked this its strong but its mature & sexy

  • CAROLEENA04/10/2003


  • GUERLAINIA 03/24/2003

    There is a reason why year in and year out, Chanel No 5 is still the best selling fragrance in the WORLD. My grandmother wore it, and it still smells as fresh and lovely to me today as when I was little. Young women today are heavily into "foodie" fragrances and aquatics. Powdery fragrances and feminine florals are sadly considered demode. It's sad to me that young women today denegrate some fragrances as "old ladyish" In fact, fragrance tends to smell better on older women. There isn't all that hormonal activity i.e. "body chemistry" to alter the true essence of a fragrance.

  • D.A.03/12/2003

    ...Chanel 5 is Chanel 5. Good.

  • LOLA02/28/2003

    Movement and scent...What a rush for the senses!!!

  • SOFTFLUFFY02/26/2003

    very exspensive but made for the lady of distintion

  • GLORIA02/25/2003

    I knew there was a reason I kept reading your posts (and of course your sisters!) I am a fellow dancer. My first love. Cannot imagine living without dancing. It would be like breathing. And, why breath without perfume? Life would lack so much passion. What are your favorite perfumes besides Opium and Must?

  • MARYMAGS02/24/2003

    I am mature and old enough now to appreciate n5 for what it is and it is very classy and pretty. But my mother wore this and my childhood was not the best and every time I smell it, my whole body tightens up , I feel like a little girl again and very vulnerable and very insecure. Its takes something like opium , poison, or a good stiff drink to pull me out of that mode. Funny how I can see my mother often and never feel that way, but let me smell her perfume, which she wears once every other year, thankfully, and I am an emotional train wreck. Scent is powerful, ladies, be a good person when you wear yours, and even when you dont.

  • ABBY02/19/2003

    With a lot of fashions coming in reminecent of the 1920's through 1940's... I thought it only appropriate to seek out a scent with the same flavor. I think a lot of people think the scent seems old simply because the idea of whats sexy and classy has changed variably through out the years. Simply put Chanel No 5 is sweet, warm, and innocent. If it does smell like our grandmas I dont know why that would be such a bad thing... they lived in that era as bright young classy women themselves, and to tap into that past with a scent is very cool. It may be vintage, but it is so in the best way.

  • MAYA02/13/2003

    I am soooo with you on this !I am hopelessly ruled by my nose and disgustingly proud of it...Happy sniffing!

  • CHRISTINE HALL02/09/2003

    Thanks so much for your response. ALL the perfumes you mentioned are in my arsenal. I am really passionate about Chypres & Dry Woodsy/Leather scents - they tend to be the ones I go back to again & again. I just can't live without perfume & good aromas. They pervade every waking & sometimes even sleeping hour of my life! Basically I just find perfume a big life enhancer & it makes an ordinary day into something so much more special!!

  • TJ02/06/2003

    Lola you are right on!!! #5 is the only one I wear, I am 38 years old and have tried all of the others but #5 is the best, classic and sexiest smell in the world!

  • SIDNEY02/02/2003

    This is a clasic fragrance and I sometimes wear it. Men for some reason do not like it, my boyfriend claims that I smell like an old lady and my father thinks I smell of hospital cleaners. I still continue to wear it since I like the scent, but I do prefer the fresh green musky smell of Chanel #19 and that is the perfume I grab the most. Fragrance is just very personal.

  • KELLY02/02/2003

    This is the perfume Marilyn Monroe wore. It's *very* sexy...

  • DEVIN02/01/2003

    This may not be a popular opinion, but this is a very dated and "old-smelling" perfume. I say dated not because of it's age, but because of the way it smells. Shalimar is older but doesn't smell it. This does smell like an "old woman" to use the cliche. The aldehyde component is very strong. Not one I'd want to smell on my woman. Coco would be a far better choice.

  • MAYA01/30/2003

    Hi! I don't know agent provocateur, but Cuir de Russie is a chypre floral animalic blend.It smells arrid and leathery,with a slight floral hint. Many see it as a masculine scent, but I love it.It is reminiscent of old tanned leather goods,exotic spices and dried flowers...A bit like what you might find in the luggage of someone who travels the world for a living!To me it's comforting and sexy.I just wish Chanel would make a line of body products to go with it! You might notice a slight bitterness when you first put it on,but it is really well balanced with the spices. It makes the whole composition rugged,as well as antique and special.L'Artisan parfumeur has very interesting scents,(Passage d'Enfer and Mechant Loup are great),but I find that they aren't very long lasting.If a scent does not come with a line of products to layer with, it should at least come in parfum concentration.At least for me...You sound like you are researching chypres.Have you tried P.Picasso? It's Aphrael's favorite chypre.Peace!

  • ARIANA01/27/2003

    Chanel No. 5 is not my favorite, and I can understand what some of you mean when you say it is oldfashioned. But definitely there is SOMETHING in this perfume. I always get compliments when I wear it (very rarely) like: "Wow, what a nice smell!" when I enter the room. Similar to Lola's experience I remember a very stylish, elegant, kindhearted lady who wore this perfume, and it was very warm, soft and tender on her. I know that perfume can create our image, but somehow we ourselves can create image of a perfume, too. If you connect one scent with someone you don't like, with someone vulgar or agressive or something like that, you won't like the perfume either. But if you remember a nice person you'd probably like her perfume, too. Of course there is a difference in quality between perfumes, depending of how there are made, and I agree that today we are "flooded" with cheap fragrances of a low quality. Anyhow, I think that Chanel 5 is a classy fragrance for a stylish woman. What I don't like in it is too much aldehyides, and I must say that my husbandt don't like it! But there are many women who wears that with such a class and I can't smell this aldehydic notes on them at all!!!

  • CHRISTINE01/26/2003

    Do you contribute postings to other message boards where I can read moe of your review & thoughts. It's the best entertainment. Also,there are so many perfumes I would love to ask your opinions & thoughts about. eg Agent Provocateur, Cuir de Russie, L'Artisan Parfumeur.... Please let me know

  • ALEX01/10/2003

    It's true I am a man and I would never date a girl that wore this GARBAGE!

  • ZALE01/03/2003

    It has a powdery clean smell but it reminds of wax on my skin. I had a co-worker who wore and it was lovely on her. It's a classic but not for everyone.

  • DEBBIE12/31/2002

    I received a bottle as a gift last year, didn't care for it too much but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't wear it to get rid of it - it completely changes once it's been on for a couple of hours - now I love it and will NOT wear anything else - nothing else compares....

  • APHRAEL12/31/2002

    Hi!Your post made me smile...Oh,the evil tricks chemistry plays on us, mortals!My sisters and I all love #5, it works for us...But on a friend,who shall remain nameless,this seemingly beautiful composition turns butt- nasty!It takes on a rancid bitterness that is reminiscent of sour organic material,peewww and get me outathere!!!!! Have you tried #19, and does it work for you,or does your system simply reject Chanel? (that can happen,Ralph Lauren is a major culprit,for me) Happy new year!

  • SID12/30/2002

    This is a timeless classic more geared for the mature woman. This has been my mothers favorite scent since I can remember. Not for anyone, a bit to strong and old fashioned, but it's great for women who love classic scents. I recommend this for evening and I do like wearing it when I am going somewhere special.

  • LOLA12/29/2002

    We are all virgos,from late august. But I think our nack for controversy has more to do with being triplets. If you knew the number of people who tried to shove us into a neatly preconceived mold... They dressed us the same,so we used the opportunity to play wicked identity tricks on them.They insisted we were one and only,so we showed them the devastation caused by the "triplet elements".We had to be confrontational to the end,because so many assumed they new what we were,you know,you've seen one,you've seen them all...Of course,we are identical triplets,there are eary similarities. But way deep down,we're so different!I think,also,that the idea of triplets was very much like a freak show,back then,in France,and we got teased a lot. Maya was the one who rebelled first,and the most. I tried to anticipate and prevent things from happening.Aphrael showed an uncanny talent for undetected retribution!But we shared the same womb,at the same time,we shared the same birth experience,and i don't think those ties will ever be cut.Nor should they. Anyway-Because we also share chemistry,we ALMOST always agree on perfume.Many people believe that we gang up on them,but that's not true.Our opinions on perfume are genuine,and when it comes to protecting each other from verbal assaults,well,wouldn't you?...Peace to you,Christine,and happy new year.

  • LUCIA12/28/2002

    I share the same feelings as Sheryl about this fragrance - it does feel old for my 25 years. I got the EDP and the body lotion for Christmas and thought it was a wonderful gift. However, I found out I don't enjoy wearing either one of them. My husband didn't like them either - he thinks it smells like an unventilated drawer.

  • CHRISTINE12/21/2002

    I know this is an odd query - what zodiac sign are you. I love reading you & your sisters comments & points of view BTW. Majority of times I agree with you & the times I don't - well, no matter because it is stimulating & always informative & never ever dull.

  • LOLA12/20/2002

    I disagree,but I think I understand: Perfume and memories make some interesting opinions!! If,like you,I'd had to put up,as a kid,with a nasty-mean old cow that drowned herself in #5,I wouldn't be able to stomach it either... But I was lucky enough to have,as my very first ballet teacher,(I was 3),a wonderful,kind, beautiful young ballerina who spoke softly,corrected my form gently without judgement,and loved to laugh... She wore #5,and she smelled as beautiful as she was...So to me,#5 is drop dead gorgeous, kind hearted,classy lady who introduced me to what would later become my passion and my profession...Memories...

  • SHERYL P.12/20/2002

    I really tried to like this scent, swiping my mother's bottle while I was in between fragrances, but I felt old for my 20 years wearing this. Nice scent for some, but just not me.

  • MARY12/17/2002

    This stuff reeks of little old kindergarten teachers!!! Too overpowering and totally gross! Most men positively HATE it!!!

  • MAYA12/16/2002

    We would,if the "new" stuff out there had any quality to it! But, unfortunately,it does not...and that is,I'm afraid,reflected in all the fragrances you mentioned: Cheap liquid formulated to cut cost to a minimum and rake in a maximum profit through deceptive marketing. PEW...

  • DANNY12/14/2002

    This is way to over rated. It isn't that great it is just that it was one of the first huge perfumes and it's a good 1920 or 1930's scent but it surley would stop in the 80's no people still wear it and aren't willing to try something new from the 70's to today like Ralph, Glamourous, J'adore, Addict, Giorgio, Lauren, Chance, Mat;, White Diamonds etc. so go and try something new!

  • ANN12/11/2002

    I bought a bottle of N°5 today. I must admit that I expected a lighter, softer fragrance. I first sprayed it on my sleeve and I was dissapointed big time. I thought: "Yuk, so much money for something that smells like hair spray!" But then I sprayed it on my hand and the scent became softer and much more sofisticated. It became more powdery and flowery, a bit like Nina Ricci's l'Air du temps, but classier and hipper. I really like the way it smells on my skin. I do find it a typical perfume for winter. It's too heavy for summer. Oh, and since there is a lot of discussion about perfume and age on this page: I'm 24.

  • LOLA12/07/2002

    Great minds think alike,I see...Last night,on a whim,I decided that my post workout shower should be scented with #5. The soft,powdery, musky scent was just what I needed to feel happy and relaxed.On me it is not sweet at all,and the woodsy base is quite intense,yet the whole blend manages to stay soft and gentle and last forever.I know some people don't care for it,but to me, #5 smells all woman. It is not an "in your face punch" of a fragrance, it's what I reach for when I need subtle,yet indelible femaleness.It's just right.

  • MEGAN MARSTON12/05/2002

    Hello~I've known lots of men who love the smell of Chanel No. 5. In fact, I have a test for potential suitors. If the man likes the smell of Chanel No. 5, I automatically know we will have a great deal in common. If he does not I don't pursue dating the man. The scent of Chanel No. 5 is intrinsic to my identity and I definitely want a man who appreciates the fragrance and symbolism of Chanel No. 5.

  • MEGAN MARSTON12/05/2002

    I wore Chanel No. 5 all throughout my teenage years. In highschool, I thought it was the epitome of feminity and glamour. I stopped using Chanel No. 5 in 1998 because I was in college and wanted to experiment with hipper perfumes. However, last Sunday evening, I dug out my old bottle and it still smells lovely! Chanel No. 5 is the essence of femininity.

  • DANIELLE12/03/2002

    This perfume is by far the most tried and true perfume since it was introduced many years ago. It will always be #1.

  • KATARINA11/29/2002

    Few years back, a woman walked in front of me, wow, she smelled really great, so I ran after her and she was kind enough to confess that it was Ch#5. Following few months I just talked about it...I wanted it, but it was kinda expensive. My 19th birthday was coming up, and SURPRISE, two of my guy friends collected money and bought it for me as a present. I was out of my mind. One of them said,"There you go, but why do you like this, it smells like grendma's breath, yuk ?" I laughed at him. I wore it couple of times, but it began making me sick. I was shocked and disappointed. Finally I gave it to a friend.I'm 27 now; I still love to smell it on other women. I just can't wear it :(???

  • MAYA11/27/2002

    I don't know how old or young you are,but there is a way for anyone to enjoy #5.The actual fragrance can be way too much on those whose chemistry is bursting with brand new and eager hormones.But you can fiddle with the bath and body line.I love the #5 soap for the shower,followed by the satin body spray on wet skin,pat dry and that's it.If you want a little more,top it with the powder.The end result will be whisper light,powdery,musky,but definitely not too much.Of course, there is always the possiblity that #5 just isn't your thing...Personally I don't enjoy it much in cold weather (smells too harsh and dry),but for some reason,warm temps and humid air (Like summertime in some parts of the world) really bring out the soft muskiness of the scent,and it works for me (I'm 37).

  • ANNE11/27/2002

    this is not the scent of flower but just a smell of used clothing. And has a lot of bad reputations from men. Ever heard of any compliments from men??

  • SUMMER11/25/2002

    It smells to me like a closet of old women;I don't mean old women are good enough but it's never be adequate for young people

  • DIXIE11/16/2002

    Reminds me of hyacinth flowers, a bit of orange blossom and an undercurrent of baby powder. I love this fragrance. It is the type of perfume that if you get a whiff of, you want to track the person wearing it down to tell them how nice they smell. That is actually how I discovered it! It is part of my collection, for sure. I like it for daytime.

  • LORENA10/22/2002

    Old times were good times? Oldfashioned but sophisticated!

  • GIA09/30/2002

    It may be a classic, but it smells sweet and pungent to me. I associate it with wealthy older ladies who wear a lot of makeup. With the exception of this fragrance and Cristalle (nasty!), the Chanel fragrances are top drawer. Maybe this would smell better if applied very, very sparingly?

  • CAB09/26/2002

    Softly sophisticated--so beautiful!!! This will always remain a truly classic scent.

  • DIX09/24/2002

    As Lola said this perfume really smelled DIFFERENT ON EVERY WOMAN. I personally don't wear it, because it smells very formal on me, and I prefere warmer, more sexy perfumes, but no doubt it is VERY CLASSY and elegant. I like its powdery note,too. I know some ladies who wears Chanel 5, and it is marvellous on them. I wish it was the same with me!

  • CLAIRE I.09/16/2002

    When I clicked to view the message board about this scent I was very suprised by all the controversy/disagreement about Chanel No. 5. I'd be the first to say that some things are just hyped for the name and are not worth it, but I honestly feel this perfume is one of the few products that really deserves its status. Its powdery and very, very feminine. It's the only Chanel fragrance that I like. Enough said.

  • RACHAEL09/16/2002

    I have only smelled chanel no. 5 once, and that was as I was rushing through a department store. Since I'd heard so much about it, I hurredly grabbed it and took a whif. YUCK! Please tell me that I was mistaken in the quickness of the moment. To me is smelled like old fashioned stinky feet.

  • EMILY09/11/2002

    This is THE perfume and I've always wished I liked it. For me, though, it's too strong with too many powerful floral notes. Maybe I'm not as into it as other women because my mom never wore it, so there's no sentimental attachment. . . .

  • MIA09/02/2002

    #5 is one of my favourite. I bought it in my early 20s, wanted to be elegant and classy... but all the comments I received were "what fragrance are you using? it smells like baby power, lovely!" Anyway, I still love it! ;)

  • STEPHANIE08/14/2002

    I have worn Chanel #5 for 30 years.I started wearing it in high school when I was young and hip. I have always recieved compliments on how "wonderful or good" I smell and continue to to this day. Chanel #5 is a classic that has endured since it's creation and will continue to do so. Perhaps those of you who do not like it, just don't have the right chemistry to do it justice!!!

  • LOLA08/02/2002

    ...#5,old?? Puhleeze! If you are talking about its launching date, sure,it's ancient. But the women who wear it tend to be youthful, vital and full of class. And if it does not work for some of you, find something else. Keep in mind that a pair of size 4 Calvin Klein jeans does not fit every woman on the planet,and it's the same for perfume.

  • LOLA07/30/2002

    I wear #5 very often,it's one of my favorite...Recently,I switched to Samsara,but the formula has been changed,and I don't like it anymore sooooo...I'm back with #5,at least for now. To all of you out there who wrote all those negative posts about #5,hey,you are all entitled to your opinions,but what gets to me is when I see all those "old" vs "young" comments. I'm sorry,but to rate a scent as "old" or "young" is simply absurd. The sense of smell taps deeply into our core of emotions,our memory bank etc,so it might evoke memories based on past experiences,but to rate the scent itself clearly means that A)You've never known a youthful, nurturing,hip and fun female role model who wore #5,and B)You've probably known at some time in your life,a dusty old crone who smoked,wore more make up than a drag queen on the prowl,more gaudy baubles than a singles ball christmas tree and drowned herself in #5. But the scent itself isn't old. Actually,whenever I detect #5 on a woman,first I have a hard time recognizing it because this is one fragrance that REALLY changes from woman to woman,second,MOST of the ones who do wear it are elegant ladies of all ages with a good sense of personal style and class. And by the way,when Miss Chanel first comissioned the order for this perfume,she said she didn't want anything that smelled like flowers,or fruit,or anything that could be identified and pictured by the mind,she just wanted it to smell like a woman. And in their natural state,all women smell different.That's why #5 changes so radically,depending on who wears it. You might not like it on yourself,or you might not like it on the other person you smelled it on,but millions of dollars in sales worldwide each year seem to beg to differ.

  • MAYA07/28/2002

    Years ago I was getting ready to meet my (then) boyfriend's parents for the first time. Wanting to make a good impression,I dressed on the conservative side and switched my oriental perfume to No.5,which I thought was more sophisticated than sexy.BOY WAS I WRONG!!! During the whole evening,my boyfriend's father and older brother kept coming way too close,leaning over and(no lie) SMELLING me,while his mother kept making faces and not so subtle comments on how"distasteful it is when the young ladies of today walk around smelling downright sexual like if meeting your friend's folks means it's mating season or something..." Needless to say the whole evening was a total disaster, after which my boyfriend told me that on me,Chanel No.5 turns musky and animalic with just a hint of woods,and that it was chockingly erotic. O.K,so to hell with his relatives,I can handle that. But when he said he couldn't blame his father and brother for behaving the way they did,I threw my drink in his face and dumped him on the spot.Later that week I saw him at work,(first and last time I ever dated someone from work,by the way) I gave him an icy cold shoulder, sprayed the inside of his jacket with No.5 while he wasn't looking and from then on treated him as if he wasn't even in the room. But I never forgot one thing about No.5: As understated a fragrance as it may be,it does have the power to make Viagra look badly flavored skittles.Also with nasty side effects on the heart,apparently. And yes,I absolutely love it.

  • CLAIRE07/23/2002

    i thought this smelled really great but after putting a little on my wrists, my wrists became really itchy and red...wonder what's in it?

  • APHRAEL07/10/2002

    The only one I do not like is Coco Mademoiselle.I love all the others,as each seems to have a place in life's circomstances: Classic,(No.5),sexy(Coco),and so on.Some work better depending on the temperature.(Allure is terrible in the heat,but in december in the Alps,it's fabulous). And I find that No.19 is always right,because it is so light.I just love Chanel.

  • DEBORAH06/26/2002

    As someone who is very sensitive to scents, Chanel No. 5 is the only thing I own. Light, sophisticated, classic. Mom wore it. Grandmother wore it. Now I do... and I'm no old lady!

  • LOLA06/11/2002

    although i wore Samsara years ago,i had completely forgotten about it!thanks a bunch for the reminder...

  • PASCALE PAYNE06/08/2002

    Many thanks Ines for your suggestion ( Tresor). Indeed, I am looking for a floral with warm middle notes and Tresor as an alternative to Chanel no. 5 might just be the ticket. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question. Pascale P

  • GOGI06/08/2002

    Try Guerlain's oriental perfumes: Samsara or Air de Samsara (sandalwood notes), or L'Heure Bleau or Shalimar... Or Dior's Dioressence!? Maybe also Rochas - Alchimie!?

  • LOLA06/07/2002

    i do like N.5.But i am looking for a fragrance with a LOT more musk in it.Not sweet,something very full bodied,with sandalwood and musk in the dry down.any suggestions as to what i could try?thanks!

  • INES06/02/2002

    Pascale, as I understand you like florals with warm notes. Try Lancome's Tresor - it is floriental perfume, very feminine, warm but not too heavy, with some tender powdery notes. When it was produced in 1990. it was immediately called a "modern classic", and it was very high rated as a perfume that is here to stay...It is a high class perfume, not only a trendy scent, and it is nice for all seasons.

  • PASCALE PAYNE05/28/2002

    Hi everyone, I was hoping you could give me some suggestion as for an alternative to Chanel # 5 which I very much love but which appears to give me an allergic reaction ( not commun for me at all) My favorite perfume, Rose de Damask has been discontinued. It was a floral with warm middle notes( damask rose, mimosa, iris, geranium) rather than green ones. My second best of course is chanel # 5, but I get a reaction when wearing it. Many of the florals I have tried so far have an overdevelopped jasmin middle note ( such as First from Van Cleef and Arpels ). Would you have a suggestion for a chanel # 5-like fragance without a strong jasmin or/and gardenia heart note? Many thanks in advance. PPayne

  • LILLIE05/04/2002

    This is the Rolls-Royce of women's fragrances...a powdery, elegant classic, so set apart from "the latest". It is a LADY'S perfume which only IMPROVES as the day goes on. Chanel #5 and Arpege...two TIMELESS just doesn't GET any better than this!!!

  • VI05/02/2002

    I agree with Rose. Now, my daughter who is 22 LOVES Chanel #5. It is definitely NOT an "old lady's scent". So many times I've had to go to her room to get back my Chanel #5 (we KNOW how our daughters tend to "raid" our closets)!

  • VI05/02/2002

    I disagree that C#5 is an "old woman's perfume". Darn if I'm OLD! It is a classic! I LOVE IT! My husband goes crazy when I wear it!

  • DELFINA CURIA04/18/2002

    This parfume has personality... that's what I've been needing!! It's strong..I love it. Simply unique.

  • LAETITIA04/15/2002

    I really dislike aldehyde scents and this one is the scent I absolutely cannot stand. Of course, it is my personal opinion--as you know our olifactory preferences depend on a variety of factors, some of them going back to childhood memories. I understand the allure of this scent but the legends are only the outer layer. Yet, many women are attracted to it, which is not surprising. What I really like about Chanel 5 is the new advertising campaign and commercial directed by Besson. The favorite Chanel fragrance is Coco Mademoiselle.

  • DANIELE04/13/2002

    EDP is much better, sweeter, gentler, than EDT. They seem two different fragrances. You have to taste the both before saying a thing about n.5!!

  • MS. F04/06/2002

    I can easily say that I agree with those who hate #5 and those who love it. I simply abhor the EDT spray it smells almost like pure alcohol to me. BUT the Emulsion de Parfum (Sheer Moisture Mist) smells like heaven. So before you decide you hate it go to the perfume counter and spray on some of the Emulsion, it looks like pink milk in a bottle and believe me it smells COMPLETELY different from the EDT spray. When I wear the Emulsion people at work (both men and women) just go crazy over it. The Emulsion is a jaw-dropping winner.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    l'Aimant from Coty is almost identical, but sweeter/cheaper. You can use this in the bath to safe money!

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    other soft florals with a hint of sice are: Tresor(but fruity), la Perla(bit chypre)and Madame Rochas, the last one is really simular but more powdery, I think nice on older ladies. Chanel 5 is the best, especially in eau de cologne, it is warmer/spicier in perfume, more for winterevenings

  • ELISHA 04/01/2002

    I think Guerlain makes the best fragrances #5 doesnt compare

  • CARLA04/01/2002

    Best perfume ever. I used to listen to all the 'old lady's perfume' comment from the sale-ladies themselves, so I bought Allure instead. But after a while I really had to admit no 5 is so much better:soft, warm, just what a woman should smell like. Other floral aldehydics(?)are:Arpege from Lanvin, but it is stronger, Rive Gauche, but it is more synthetic-ish, Calandre, a bit greener,Je Reviens, Dolce&Gabbana, but I hate it, it is more agressive. Well, I have tried many perfumes but have to admit no 5 is the mother of all modern perfumes

  • JANICE ANN03/24/2002

    I am the same Janice Ann who left the other msg. I had to chuckle at all the "old lady" comments. I used to say the same thing about some perfumes when i was younger, but these unfortunate youngsters do not even realize that most of their "new" scents all smell the very same. Exclamation is the worst and they all smell like that. Ha Ha Ha, guess we all go through that stage...Chanel #5 is BY FAR the best parfum ever created!!!!!!!!!!!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • MARGE03/22/2002

    My message is in answer to Kelly who also loves Chanel #5. It's always been a favorite of mine. She asked to other suggestions, so I wanted to tell her that I also love Red Door, Beautiful and White Diamonds. But, I'll always always love Chanel.

  • MARGE03/22/2002

    My message is in answer to Kelly who also loves Chanel #5. It's always been a favorite of mine. She asked to other suggestions, so I wanted to tell her that I also love Red Door, Beautiful and White Diamonds. But, I'll always always love Chanel.

  • ROSE03/21/2002

    In a class of it's own. Too sophisicated for very young women. Rich, elegant, classy.

  • VANESSA03/21/2002

    Girls, this is not a daytime fragrance. Forget about wearing this for work, especially during business meetings. Those warm and round notes are too strong for that. Try Sublime, instead.

  • ASCHATAN03/11/2002

    The first time I smelled the bottle, I recognized the scent, and I associate it with old. Then I tried it on my hand (because of the Myth) and it changed, for the better I might add. But it will never be a favourite of mine.

  • SANDRA RAMONS03/10/2002

    I am an old lady - almost 50 years now and I used chanel no5 in my youth. It drove men wild. Anyway. after many years and other scents i decided to buy it again - smell unseen. And you're right! It smells fake now. I believe the original used a natural secretion from a certain cat gland (or so the legend went) that can no longer be used because of animal righters. It is not as good but it's acceptable.

  • LESLIE03/09/2002

    one word...STRONG. too strong for me.

  • CRYSTAL03/07/2002

    I know all the women wanna own atleast one chanel#5 in their lives whether they like the smell or not as it's such a 'hype' perfume. But for me it's an old lady's old perfume. It doesn't have that naturalness. Maybe I am not made up for French perfumes...not so natural.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    Different strokes for different folks! I Love #5,,,it's a classic that will never go away!!

  • KELLY02/12/2002

    I love Chanel #5! I'm looking to expand my selection. Any other fragrances similiar to it, or equal to it's quality? Liz is great, but doesn't smell the same on me as other women. :( Like Coco. Mademioselle is great on the bottle, but changes on me. Etc. Any suggestions?

  • EVE01/26/2002

    I've been wearing Chanel # 5 since I was a little girl. I adore it. I remember my aunt would dress up for a date and put on the (I like the Cologne best) would linger around the house. To this day I put it on eveyday. I use to get the cologne in the big bottle but they discontinued it. So I use the EDP 3.4oz. I also love COCO.When it came out in 1981. I use COCO when I go out in the evening becuse it's stronger. Chanel #5 it's lighter for daytime and I get lots of complements of how nice I smell. From old to young.

  • SATOKO01/21/2002

    One of my man's all time favorites on me. It's powdery, sharp but sweet floral, sort of different. It's very "alcoholic" when it first goes on, and I grew to love it more than it being an instant love affair. I understand why it's a classic.

  • MIRANDA01/11/2002

    This is a classic fragrance. It always reminds me of my mom getting ready for a night on the town. It is more of a sentimental thing for me- though I think the name "Chanel" will always be a draw. I have read all the comments, and I think Aimee is a little harsh with this won't smell like a maxi pad!Geez!

  • SUNNI12/28/2001

    the best stuff on the planet

  • TRAV12/24/2001

    Kasia, I read your message and hope you'll forgive the intrusion. I read that you're looking for a good light fragrance. If you can find it, Ocean Dream simply can't be beat. Anyone else who has smelled it agrees that it has no equal, it's just so beautiful.

  • DWN12/18/2001

    Thank you Very much for your replies. They have been a big help. DWN

  • TOURAY12/16/2001

    I usually go for the Eau de Toilette. The price is right, and you won't be shocked by a big difference between the purchase and, say, a ad in a magazine. Also, it's not as strong as parfum, so less likely to offend.

  • TOURAY12/16/2001

    Parfum is the most concentrated (least amount of alcohol added) version of a fragrance, this is the kind you dab on, and is most expensive. EDP, (eau de parfum, eau de=water of) is the next highest level of concentration, a spray. EDT, eau de toilette, is the next level of concentration, just above a cologne,which,within a fragrance line, denote the lightest variation. Sometimes there is a noticable difference in the fragrance; but basically Parfum is the strongest and last the longest, then EDP, EDT, and cologne.

  • DWN12/12/2001

    Can somebody tell me what the different products are, so far as EDP, EDT, parfum, etc.??? Thanks, DWN

  • TOURAY12/11/2001

    When I first experienced Chanel #5 I didn't like it at all. I was quite young, and then I came across an add in a magazine,and I could appreciate it much more. I could not resist the allure, so I recently purchased two miniature collections from a Chanel boutique;one as a x-mas gift for my grandmother who wore it and one for me. I still don't like the fragrance at all, at least not on me, and most other women. I don't like COCO either. After these experiences I was sure that I could never wear any Chanel fragrance, but tried Chanel #19 and I LOVE it. It is the name, the fantasy, the icons that have wore it, I think. So if you can't resist buying into the allure, I'd suggest trying some of the others, and would recommend #19.

  • KASIA12/10/2001

    Antonio, you made me laugh! You men have a hard time with us sometimes, don't you!? I hope your wife will be satisfied with COCO - it is really softer than Chanel 5 (but still quite heavy!). Take care with Coco-Mademoiselle for your daughter - it is not very soft fragrance, quite overpowering too! Good luck! By the way - what are your favourites among women's fragrances? I'm asking because I have a similar problem with my husband (but opposite to your attitude): I like light fragrances, and he would like me to wear something stronger, heavier. My rate for both Chanel 5 and Coco: 4. Good fragrances, but I don't wear them - you know why.

  • ANTONIO12/09/2001

    My daughter wears Shalimar and my wife wears Chanel 5. I can't stand either one, but still buy them because I know it makes my family happy. They're too strong and un-feminine for my tastes. Chanel 5 sticks to the laundry even after it's been washed! It's a living nightmare! A sales lady gave me a sample of Coco and I bought a big bottle for my wife as a Christmas gift. It's much softer and appealing to me. I'm hoping my wife falls in love with it and forgets about Chanel 5. My daughter is away for college, so I don't get to smell her fragrance that often. Either way, I got her a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle, just in case. We'll see ...

  • LUCY12/02/2001

    I wonder if any of you knew what "aldehydic" meant before you all read these posts LOL. I love Chanel No. 5!!

  • K.12/01/2001

    You all must have on your mind that all Chanel's fragrances are full of aldehydes (chemical compound with very characteristic and strong smell!). That was characteristic of almost all older fragrances, but especially Chanel's. (Even their newest Coco-Mademoiselle is full of aldehydes!). That is what irritate some people in Chanel's perfumes, but some other doesn't care for it. I personally don't like Chanel 5 very much and don't wear it, but I think it is very classy and ellegant. I used to know some women who wore Chanel 5, and it was wonderful on them: warm, ellegant, beautiful. I don't feel OK with it on me, and that's all.

  • GIOVANNA11/27/2001

    I agree with all those who dislike this fragrance see no reason why they should be attacked. As somenone said, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Grow up. Chanel # 5 is so aldehydic because it was the technique used back then. When this kind of note was "discovered" it became a major trend. Chemists simply did not know how to capture the smell of fresh flowers as they do these days. In fact, this technique is still in development. Nothing wrong with that, they still produced great fragrances, but some of us (myself included) don't like it. I think Chanel # 5 is a beautiful work of art, but if it wasn't for Marilyn Monroe and other beauty icons it would not have become so popular.

  • LAUREN11/26/2001

    I read the comments online and decided to try it for myself. It is sadly not for me, I love the smell on others, and think that like with other perfumes it is a body chemistry issue. I think the scent is classy and alluring!

  • KATHRYN11/05/2001

    I read that Chanel 5 was one of Marily Monroe's favorite perfumes...and she was hardly old and somehow i dont think she lacked beauty or good taste. It is a classic perfume worn by a classic Icon. I love it.

  • CONNIE10/23/2001

    This is the first perfume and only perfume my father ever bought me. He thought it was THE perfume for women of class. He continued to give me gift sets For Christmas, Valentine's Day and my birthday every year until he died. That was over 40 years. My boy friends and then my husband loved it so much that they too gave it to my as gifts repeatedly. I have received compliments every single day that I have worn Chanel No. 5, by men of all ages and women. To understand the magnitude of these compliments I need you to understand that I am speaking of virtually every single day for over 40 years. Can't be beat. I wear the oil on a cottton ball tucked into my bra. It leaves a lovely soft touch of the warmth of the bath oil scent.

  • FRESIA10/21/2001

    I smell like any other healthy woman. I don't like Chanel no. 5 because it's too aldehydic, like most fragrances created at that time. I'm entitled to my opinion, that's what this bulletin is here for. You're just rude and narrow-minded.

  • KATHERINE10/20/2001

    ....Or maybe you just smell old period?

  • FRESIA10/08/2001

    So what your fiancee is 19? I am 47 and think this fragrance is an old smelling stinker.

  • COLBY10/08/2001

    Chanel 5 just like Paris has been around for a long time. I buy it for my fiancee and she loves it. She's 19.

  • JACQUELINE10/08/2001

    Chanel 5 isn't cheap smelling like the dimestore stuff some people are use to. It has class. Enough said.

  • DEB10/04/2001

    I bought it and used it only once or twice . It was not my type of scent. It reminded me of an old lady smell. I gave it to my aunt.

  • KRIS09/25/2001

    Chanel #5 is the only scent I've ever smelled that didn't strike me as potentially offensive to somebody. Maybe I'm associating it with my mom and grandma, but to me it always smells clean, soft, refined, and classy. I wear it when I want to make a good impression, to be thought of as classy. Works every time!

  • DEBORAH09/14/2001

    Chanel#5 in my opinion is the Cadillac of fragrances.

  • SHERRY CARTER09/13/2001

    I love Chanel 5 but, every ingredient (with the exception a vanilla note) is synthetic. It causes a terrible rash or hives if sprayed on the skin. I spray it on my clothes and that works pretty well. Mem follow me to ask.. What is that you have on?

  • SHARON09/11/2001

    I have tried many other perfumes out there, but none of them compare to Chanel # 5. I have been wearing it since I was in High School and have always had nothing but comments on the way that it smells. It is TRUELY A CLASSIC. Why do all of you think that the price keeps going up? It is not because it smells bad.

  • MAGGIE09/04/2001

    Chuck, dear, how old are you? To the rest, #5 is a truly immortal scent. I love it. I cannot believe people say it stinks. And can we please dispense with the idea of "old" vs. "young"? Anyone who depends on a scent, no matter how great, to "be" young or old is in DEEP trouble.

  • SUSAN08/28/2001

    I can understand why this fragrance gets mixed reviews. I love it but cannot wear it. I gives me a terrible headache, and it doesn't smell right on me. Other people I know who wear it, wear it wonderfully. And yes, I have to agree that a fragrance must be wonderful to last this long, and that just because it has been around a while, doesn't mean it shouldn't be popular. I guess on the right person, it can be your signature.

  • LAYNIE08/25/2001

    I have to agree with Allison. I received this fragrance years ago and fell in love with it immediately. It is a true classic and pure sophistication...not some trendy fad that is here this morning and gone this afternoon.

  • ALISON08/25/2001

    I love good old Chanel #5. I don't agree at all with the negative responses about it. Perfumes are only as dated as you want them to be. Following fads is lame. Why not wear classic fragrances like Chanel No. 5? I don't care what anyone says, this perfume still smells great after all these years. It's a bestseller for good reason!

  • CATARINA08/22/2001

    I'm sorry but this kind of smell is just stuck in the past. It just doesn't do it anymore. I'm sure it was great at some point, but enough is enough.

  • JANICE ANN08/10/2001

    This perfect perfume was introduced to me by my older sister over 36 yrs ago. As far as elegant fragrances are concerned it has remained both our favorites after all these years.It brings back total recall of my many events that I splurged to wear it.

  • WAGON83108/05/2001

    Has anyone tried the new chanel no. 5 hair mist? I havent, but cant wait to get to the mall to try it.....

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    Since 1921, this has been the most famous fragrance in the world -- and for good reason! It smells wonderful! As with all Chanel fragrances, it's an extradinary, high-quality perfume. It's very powdery and feminine. I don't understand how anyone could NOT like it!

  • MARY L07/09/2001

    The cadillac of all colognes & perfumes...If you dont like #5, you need a brain scan

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    I agree, this perfume is not for everyone. On the right person it can smell nice - must depend on individual chemistry. sometimes i think it is pretty and sweet and floral. Other times it smells a bit stale to me too.

  • ERIC07/05/2001

    My wife wears this perfume, and I love it on her.

  • PETRA07/04/2001

    I am sorry to inform all you Chanel fans but Chanel #5 smells atrocious. Before you tell me I don't know anything about perfume, you should know that I am an ardent fan of fine fragrances (i.e Bvlgari, Houbigant, Creed, etc); something about this particular fragrance repulses me though. It really mystifies me why women for decades would prefer this perfume; I suppose because it was used by Marilyn Monroe!

  • NOBODY07/03/2001

    taking that you are all here haggling for a cheap bargain, before you say something good or bad to the product or the person who adores, look at yourself and ask WHY YOU ARE HERE. Indeed it is the scent of POWER and ELEGANCE... as a little girl I understood that. At such a tender age I owned a small bottle of it. And I remember I would only wear it on the most special occasions. Then I discovered that it smells like powder, so I decided to just put enough powder on my back you would think I was baking a cake everyday that I go to school. Then wear one drop to church on Sundays. Finally my bottle dropped its last. But I kept the bottle in my school bag, the whole time that I was going to school. For about 14 years it changed from one bag to another. But the power in that one bottle is so strong that everytime I open my bag, the beautiful scent would escape. A wondrous reminder that someday I will be like the fine lady at church, clad in fine matching clothes, cream from head to toe. So what's the moral? Well, it is the perfume for dreamers! Even as a child I learned that.

  • EDIE06/24/2001

    It makes me feel like a true woman. I love to slather it all over myself before I go to sleep! :)

  • KARINA06/22/2001

    I am surprised by the number of negative comments on Chanel #5! Anyone who cannot at least appreciate it, even if it isn't their style, obviously doesn't know what a fine perfume smells like! It is soft, feminine and sensual, and definitely doesn't smell like anything else! There's a reason why it's the #1 selling fragrance in the world!

  • JAN06/21/2001

    Chanel No. 5 smells horrible

  • ROBERTA05/30/2001

    I think its nice, but highly overrated, and definitely not worth the price. Coco, on the other hand, is great and you won't find nearly as many people who'll smell just like you.

  • JILL05/13/2001

    I'm very drawn to this fragrance. But I can understand how it's not for everyone. It's an aldehydic, powdery fragrance. Maybe it's trendy because Marilyn Monroe used it. When asked what she wore to bed, Marilyn replied, "Chanel No. 5". Nonetheless, I think it's a very feminine, soft fragrance. I highly recommend it!

  • ELISHA05/08/2001

    I DO NOT like this fragrance!!

  • MADDY05/05/2001

    because it's chanel, you don't want to get this....because probably most of hte women walking on the street is wearing exactly hte same fragrance(espeically true if you're living in new york or some entertainment center)...i know, i's's the famous No.5...but it's getting too over-rated and the whole cliche thing is getting get over it, get on with your life, and find something that shows a fresher, more delicate side of you:)

  • JAE04/28/2001

    this has got to be the most over rated perfume ever! it truly smells awful and i can't understand how anyone could say it is beautiful. yes it is expensive, and that may be why some women love it, so that they can feel rich and powerful. but the smell is truly sickening.

  • TATIANA03/27/2001

    I don't see anything significant in Chanel No.5. As my husband said: I expected much more from such heavily advertised fragrance. You guys praise it so aggressively that I wander, what on Earth are doing all the rest of perfumes, hundreds of them? Just standing on the shelves and nobody likes them?

  • LILLIE01/30/2001

    If there is ONE fragrance any woman could wear with total confidence, it is Chanel #5. It is a soft, elegant scent, timeless, and totally beautiful. I adore it, and receive nothing but questions and compliments when I wear it, which is daily!!

  • JACQUI01/18/2001

    Are you insane? Obviously you have not smelled this scent on the right woman. I have worn this since I was 16 years old and receive nothing but compliments every single time. Time to see a doctor about the olfactory senses Patrick!

  • GABRIELLE01/17/2001

    this perfume is an example of elegance, class and beauty! Buy it and you won't be sorry!

  • PATRICK A.12/03/2000

    whoever said that Chanel Number 5 does not smell good has to be insane! it is the top-selling fragrance of ALL time, and is the epitome of class, taste, and wealth.

  • PATRICK CORDOVA11/18/2000

    #5 is not a very nice smelling cologne, do not buy it!

  • SOUNG LEE10/03/2000

    is that price correct? for .25 ounce? please email back .

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