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Good Life   

40 Reviews

Ambery, Vanilla, Warm. Created by Davidoff in 2000, Good Life is a refreshing, oriental, floral scent. It's fragrant nature explores essences of tuberose, plum, carnation and jasmine. Blended with notes of honey, vanilla and sandlewood, Good Life is recommended as a casual fragrance.

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Ambery, Vanilla, Warm. Created by Davidoff in 2000, Good Life is a refreshing, oriental, floral scent. It's fragrant nature explores essences of tuberose, plum, carnation and jasmine. Blended with notes of honey, vanilla and sandlewood, Good Life is recommended as a casual fragrance.

  • MARY02/17/2011

    Very smooth and rich. Love wearing it in winter, but you can wear it anytime. Lovely oriental. Cool Water doesn't work on me. I gave away my bottle to a friend. But Good Life definately does.

  • MARA01/20/2010

    I walked into a perfume shop and purchased this, unsniffed, because it was on sale. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised. What a nice oriental fragrance. It feels like you have just received a great big hug. This is not my favorite fragrance, but it is right up there among the ones I really really like.

  • MARA10/18/2009

    I am really enjoying this fragrance. IN my opinion, it is much better than Samsara. It seems to be softer. I highly recommend this one. One of my new favorites. Luscious.

  • MZZBEE04/21/2009

    I Love this fragrance! I get sooo many compliments from men and women; whenever I go to the doctor the nurse always says . . "You are wearing that good smelling perfume again! It is hard to find in stores now; so I get it on line.

  • ZIZO12/31/2008

    I bought this fragrance for my gurlfriend and she loved it on the spot. Guyz, whachu waiting 4. Get her a bottle now now

  • NICOLE04/30/2008

    this fragrance is perfect. Smells delicious, sweet, spicy and so feminine. the staying power is very good. more then 6 hours. I have my methods for testing and I am telling you, it stays there, even if you think it does not.

  • GREEKGIRL03/07/2007

    I agree it does smell like Samsara but with some honey thrown in, lovely.

  • TARA08/18/2006

    I appreciate this lovely oriental. It does remind me of Samsara, although it is totally different. Hard to explain. But it is a true oriental the way I like them.

  • DIANE07/07/2006

    I enjoy wearing my Goodlife. It is an oriental IMO and it works well with my chemistry. The staying power is moderate.

  • LUSI04/25/2006

    Thats an average fragrance, not a very special one, but it's a "safe" perfume for any ocasion. It doesn't last over an hour. Althought, this is my favortie Davidoff fragrance.

  • SHORTY03/12/2006

    WELL...... what can i say, i waited so long to able to smell goodlife..and when i finally did i was disappointed! I mean it's not horrible euphora.... that is a horrible perfume! I guess it just wasn't what i expected. I like davidoff's other perfumes..coolwater and echo...I fell in love with those, but i just didn't like goodlife! As much as I wanted and tried to I didn't. I guess it just wasn't for me!

  • AMY11/16/2005

    i bought this one based on all the rave reviews and i definitely have to agree it is a winner. smells great and scent is long lasting. highly recommended it!!

  • LAILA08/25/2005

    Was visiting a friend and used her bathroom. Noticed that she had a bottle of Good Life on the dresser which was empty. But, I could still manage to smell the scent. I had always admired this womans taste in clothes and her general style. She is very refined and classy. Anyway, I thought wow, if she like this scent so much to finish the bottle, it must be good. She must wear it a lot. So, I bought a bottle. It is well worth it! Good Life is very sensual and skin-like somehow. It is creamy and mellow in a classy way. Elegant, good composition. I give it 5 stars!!

  • LISA05/31/2005

    Well, what were they doing, D/C this in the U.S. and launching Echo? Echo is another boring fruity floral to me, but Good Life is a rich floriental with a sweet fig note. I love it. It radiates warmth and good times.

  • MARY12/25/2004

    Bought this in Switzerland. It is sophisticated and unique. Kind of hard to describe.

  • MARTIE07/28/2004

    An all around good fragrance. I get compliments on this one. I like it best as a spring/summer scent. The amber really blends well with the fruits and florals in it. It actually makes it a "warm" summer scent as opposed to many of the "cooler" ones (if that makes any sense). The lotion is great too and makes the perfume even better while bringing out the freshness of the scent. Definitely an optimistic, warm and happy scent. Bought it while vacationing in Miami about 4 years ago so it reminds me of that vacation when I wear it!

  • CARLA12/30/2003

    Its nice for the office and sure to get you complimented

  • LATYSHA12/12/2003

    I was all set to go to a live concert where Usher was performing but I did not have a clue as to what perfume was popular these days. So my cousin showed me her collection and I became hooked on good life. It remained on my clothes throughout the concert and I had guys sniffing in my direction!

  • ERICA11/02/2003

    at first whiff, it smells sort of like a grandma perfume. but after a few minutes it smells *so good.* i smell my wrist all day. it's a warm and inviting smell.

  • MELANY10/14/2003

    Fabulous - I wear it for all occassions and always get compliments - I love it!

  • PERFUMEADDICT09/24/2003

    I just finished a bottle of this. I received several compliments. It is a nice, soft scent that is very feminine but not overpowering. I enjoyed it.

  • NAKEDCITY06/13/2003

    If you like them really heady and you're not shy, then this is right up your alley...

  • SHEILA05/27/2003

    I love this fragrance. Everytime i wear it, i mean EVERYTIME i receive compliments on it. One night i had 8 different people tell me how wonderful i smelled and where they could get some! I have Never received more compliments from any other perfume i have worn. I Love My GOOD LIFE!

  • LILITH05/25/2003

    A yummy, good girl fragrance... The kind one loves to smell, but not the kind to stir up the senses beyond the acceptable. A "safe" scent.

  • SHERE'E05/15/2003

    This is another parfume like Tiffany that is not for trendy people. It is a very sophisticated and addicting scent. I am running out and in need of another bottle.

  • CHERYL04/17/2003

    i get complimented everytime i wear it.

  • MELANIE03/29/2003

    This stuff is so powerful,i get a little high sometimes. I think they should change the name though because it's better than good,if you know what I mean.

  • VANESSA02/04/2003

    A beautiful scent I always get compliments on.

  • MAYA11/27/2002

    That's exactly how I feel about Angel!...I kinda like this one though I wish it had a bit more lasting power...

  • LYNN10/22/2002

    GAG, Gag...........puke!

  • BETHANY08/14/2002

    Really good smell; warm, inviting, feel-good type of smell. Definitely liked it so I purchased it at a good/inexpensive price. Unfortunately it has no lasting power. You would have to spray and spray all day to make this one last. I like it too. Bummed........

  • APHRAEL07/22/2002

    This one smells like a hug. A nice, long,comforting hug from someone very special that you haven't seen in a long time. It also smells like the end of a nice,relaxing,super sunny day,after the total body massage,before the hot cocoa.Nice.

  • BERNICE07/22/2002

    I love this scent, one of my favorites, it just smells delicious!

  • ANNA05/31/2002

    I difinitely like it....the only thing I find is that the scent doesn't last as long as I want it to(or at least I don't smell it). Not an overbearing scent, even overdoing it is not too strong. A great summer scent.

  • LOLA05/12/2002

    yummy,so take a deep breath and enjoy.not my favorite,but nice,and certainly never offensive.

  • SHERE'E03/22/2002

    Good Life is not to be wasted, it is one of those parfume you hate to use but cant resist. Shere'e

  • MT03/16/2002

    This perfume is good to wear if you want to smell good without the overpowering smell.

  • ELISABETH02/25/2002

    I have to say, this is not a scent I enjoyed at first but now find that I like it very much. It is definitely a "night" scent as it is too heavy for daytime use.

  • BLANCHE12/30/2001

    I just picked up a bottle to whiff it and the scent stayed on my fingers throughout the rest of the day. It isn't a bad fragrance, just not one I'd wear. I think the fig essence in it weighs it down too much...

  • TOURAY12/08/2001

    Doesn't do it for me. Just smells like a green-citrus fragrance, that got off track somewhere along the way.The only way I can describe it is as an inharmonious mixture. I'll pass.

  • EVONE09/29/2001

    Reminds me of a heavier version of Blonde by Versace.

  • AMY07/22/2001

    Too Musky.....smells like a man.

  • MARION07/07/2001

    its a perfume to remember

  • FINELADY02/17/2001

    I bought my husband the Good Life for men for is birthday and bought the Good Life for women for myself on valentine's day 2001 from Perfume Emporium.(he got me roses and chocolate ;) Great price and service and I LOVE the fragrance. Romantic, warm ..not too sweet and it LASTS!

  • DIANNE10/13/2000

    I had been looking over the weekend in Chicago for a new fragrance. I came across several at Marshall Fields that I liked, including Escada Collection and new fragrance called UltraViolet. However, I came back home and was browsing around the fragrance counter and picked up Good Life. I was thrilled!! It is so light and lively! It reminded me a lot of my favorite perfume, Samsara. I bought it immediately. Like I said, it is a lot like Samsara, yet does have a different appeal. It is a definite must try!!

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