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Paul Sebastian


130 Reviews

Design was created by Paul Sebastian in 1985 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of honeysuckle, spicy carnation, citrus, warm musky notes and rose. Also contains orange blossom, lilac, gardenia, and musk.

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Design was created by Paul Sebastian in 1985 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of honeysuckle, spicy carnation, citrus, warm musky notes and rose. Also contains orange blossom, lilac, gardenia, and musk.

  • SUSAN REINHARDT10/07/2012

    I like this scent almost as much as I do Casual by Sebastion. It needs to be layered to stay with you though, that is why I ordered not only the perfume, but the powder and the lotion. It is very close to scent of Casual, but not quite. I just wish I could get the powder and the lotion, but it is so hard to get now, since it is no longer being manufactured and I think the scent may weaken if it is left in warehouses too long.

  • HELENE08/03/2012

    There are people out there who r saying only older women should wear this.....I'm 62 and I've been wearing this perfume for almost 35 years. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't get compliments on it. Mostly men. I always wore it in the office and the guys would come over to my desk to make sure they could get a whiff of perfume. I absolutely love it, have never tired of it and as u can see I've been wearing this since I was in my late 20's.

  • BRUCE CHYKA01/08/2012

    Please keep an adequate supply of this product. My wife uses this perfume and likes the body wash and lotion. I try to buy them in the gift set but you are often out of stock.

  • STEPHANIE11/28/2011

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this perfume!!! It is the only one I wear. I get ALOT of compliments on it. I am always asked what I am wearing and told I smell wonderful!! I would not know what to wear if they discontinue this scent!

  • TRACY11/12/2011

    This is the only cologne that I wear. I have allergies, and I can wear this scent and it is so soft and subtle a fragrance that only those who come close to me can smell it. When they do, they always ask me what I am wearing and tell me I smell wonderful. I hope they continue to make this wonderful cologne. It has become a part of who I am, and I love it so much.

  • SANDRA V12/23/2010

    I love laying Design with shower gel,body lotion and then perfume , I get nothing but compliments when wearing this perfume the only problem I seem to have it's not available in stores any more.

  • MARGO06/09/2010

    I get so many compliments when I wear Design. I can wear other fregrances but only when I wear Design do people ask me what are you wearing? I love it, and basically the only fregrance I wear. For those of you that think it is Horrid, it must be your body chemistry.....

  • KATHY T04/16/2010

    Would'nt wear anything else!

  • HEATHER06/27/2009

    I have been wearing Design for the last ten years.. (only thing my husband likes) also the only perfume I have ever worn where strangers come up to me and say how good I smell...And a few men in my poker league who actually say wow do you have design on. For a man to know the name of a perfume.. Its great.. The initial sparys are a bit strong.. But about two hours later its a beautiful soft, sweet, sultry smell..

  • MRSST02/05/2009

    Design: How It Is Meant To Be Worn…… Design is not a center stage fragrance. There are too many other wonderful scents that would fit a night out on the town nicely and much better than Design. Design is a slightly fruity (citrus) floral blend. The initial spray is very bright/floral and stands out. A little goes a long way. They dry down is very pleasant, soft powder and hint of peach. This is best for a daytime date (due to the sweet, standout factor) and maybe even the office if used sparingly. I personally like it for the above listed uses.

  • DMARIE12/17/2008

    Design smells better it is sweet compared to Sung.They don't smell similar to me all I know is Sung smells dated kind of smells just like all the other perfumes like Paloma Picasso,Mackie,etc. Design is a little dated but I still wear it there is something in it that has a sweet smell on top of it being so strong.But I like it alot.

  • SUSAN11/21/2008


  • KENTUCKY-LASS09/15/2008

    I ordered this, because someone recommended it! Well, I won't be taking her advice again! This is too strong, and it smells cheap. I think I will stick with Cashmere Mist, and use very little. Design might be OK to take a barn odor away, but the animals would get sick, so don't try it. Giselle, I agree with you, Design is a sickening scent.

  • BEV JANSEN05/04/2008

    I bought my mom DESIGN back in the 80's. To this day it's her favorite. Strangers stop her and compliment her! It's amazing. It's like a men magnet. I find myself using it and I get compliments. It's an amazing lil' potion with a powerful scent, luv it! I hope its around forever. A++

  • DMARIE04/07/2008

    Lovely and very unique! I can say that of all the perfumes I have worn this one lasts all day. And I sprayed it on one of my coats and it is still on there and I sprayed it on there 2 weeks ago!

  • MOLLY11/09/2007

    Lovely fragrance,but please apply lightly or it will overpower you.I only applied to one pulse point and it lasted all day.

  • PAT11/02/2007

    I personally love it on my GF, but she hates it. I think it's a matter of taste, but also how your nose takes in smells. I am a country boy, and am around a lot stronger scents--lol. So, for me, it's not so strong as others claim it is. But for my GF, who is more urban, she isn't used to being around "nature" like me, so she is very sensitive to it. She only sprays on 1-2 spritzes of it, and it's still very strong. The only thing I don't like is the lotion; it doesn't smell as good as the perfume itself. I also think the design of the bottle is a little generic; they could've used nicer material for it. The cap is always loose and it's this generic plastic stuff, not to mention the lettering is always poorly done with fake gold inlay. For the price, it could've been done with more quality. Other than that, I like it.

  • KRIS11/02/2007

    My BF boasted about some "special" perfume he smelled on a couple of women, and finally I probed and asked him what it was. He gave me the name "Design," of which I never heard of. I decided to be nice and purchase it myself. My Lord, it smelled deplorable on me. My mother smelled it, and she hated it, too. Like it or not, you cannot argue the fact that it is terribly strong and overbearing. Someone posted that it smelled like the strong Avon generic perfumes from the 80s and earlier. That is exactly what I thought of when I initially tried it. If they made a veil version of it, it might not be so bad. Granted, each person's chemistry is different, not to mention each person's nose is going to receive the scent differently. I continue to wear it here and there, not only for his sake, but for investment's sake, and I have gotten "used" to it...I honestly think it is one an older woman should wear; it is too strong and "overkill" to even spritz more than once on yourself. It burned my eyes and gave me a headache. I wore it one time to a nightclub, and I started to spray myself, and this lady wrinkled her nose and stomped away, disgusted. I knew she hated the scent. Folks, just heed the warning that although you might like it, it IS a very strong scent to take on! You're taking a risk of offending many noses.

  • LBZMOMMY10/16/2007

    she wears Design and it smells great on her but I can put it on and it smells horrible and the dry down gives me a headache thats out of this world! Good for some bad for others, try it first!!

  • AIMEE09/13/2007

    After all the years Design has been on the market, I've just now given it a fair chance. I am so pleased with this clean, sophisticated fragrance. My husband likes it too.

  • JOANNE07/11/2007

    A day does not go by that I don't get a compliment about my perfume - and I've worn it for 20 years.

  • JACKIE06/09/2007

    I've been wearing Design for 15 yrs. and never tire of it - it just smells so pretty. I hope they never stop making it!

  • LEELEEYA05/13/2007

    Yes, I love Design and wear this on many special occasions, and I get compliments on it. It depends on chemistry, too as well, so different strokes for different folks.

  • MARLYS03/27/2007

    This fragrance is extremely dependent on body chemistry as it dries down and develops. I think this point is clearly demonstrated by the either/or and black/white reviews for it on this page. On me Design is lovely and soft. Every person I encounter when I wear it compliments me from my 20 year old daughter to my boss who hates all fragrances on principle. When my daughter tried it, it was cloying, loud and overblown. If we hadn't used the same bottle within seconds of each other I would have sworn she had a bad bottle of it or had used something else entirely. The fragrance was unrecognizable on her but quite pretty and muted on me. I truly believe that, with Design, chemistry counts. Design is readily available in national discount stores. My experience has been that the bottles I sampled in those stores were often old bottles (battered boxes and dusty bottles) and that the fragrance from these discounted bottles lacked the freshness and lasting power of the Design I purchased on this site and at department stores.

  • TONY T02/18/2007

    anyway i ordered the men's version and somehow got the women's. i figured what the hell and sprayed it on my wrist. very toxic and overbearing were my initial thoughts and then the drydown was a bit more tolerable. very oriental but i think obsession is better. i will be exchanging soon since only a woman over60 should wear this one. my mom is 57 and she does not like it either.

  • PAJULI02/16/2007

    I get more compliments on this than ANY other perfume...The majority rules!

  • GISELLE02/11/2007

    Try Joy be Jean Patou. And please, staty away from this! You may think you smell good, but most people think you smell terrible.

  • GISELLE02/11/2007

    Don't wear this. Have you any idea how tacky you smell? This is the epitome of the 80's, in a a BAD way ... Really!

  • MARY ALICE02/09/2007

    I have loved this fragrance for years. I love the particular florals in it and, on me, the lasting power is phenomenal. This perfume really agrees with my body chemistry and never fails to elicit compliments. The body lotion is wonderful and is a good way to achieve the fragrance in a more subtle way. It smells a bit like Marc Jacobs to me,without the expense.

  • JULIA11/24/2006

    I got this perfume for free because at work they were going to throw away a bunch of perfumes and this was one of them. it smells very feminine and classic. it is sweet and warm. i like the dry down better than its initial scent because it gets softer the longer you wear it. I don't know anyone else who wears it and i like how it smells on me. my advice about this particular perfume is only use a small amount. it is nice but quite potent!

  • MOUNTAINROSIE11/18/2006

    One thing I learned from my days as an Avon rep was how to put on a fragrance. All Eau de Parfum, eau de toilett, etc have solvents that hold the fragrance in liquid forms and then evaporate when sprayed. One must spray.... BUT DO NOT RUB YOUR WRISTS TOGETHER!! The act of rubbing mixes your personal body oils in with the essential fragrance oils and changes the scent. Not only that it can actually rot.... creating a stinky smell. So... spray and wave... never rub. Personally, I love this fragrance.

  • LYNNE04/21/2006

    Design is the most fabulous, captivating perfume I have ever worn. I can't believe I have not found it until now!! Everything else I am giving away. I suffer from smell headaches too but have learned a trick when putting on scents. Buy some surgical masks at the drugstore and wear one while you are spraying. You can use them over and over and with cleaning products. Also, if you have an exhaust fan in your bathroom or home turn it on while you are perfuming. Don't take mask off until the scent has had a chance to dry down a bit. I think it is the spray and chemicals in the air that start the chain reaction. Design has never given me a headache using this procedure. Also, I fill my perfume sample bottles that come with a stopper and small glass bottles with Design using a tiny funnel...I can dab on and avoid the spray altogether and can grab one to carry in my pocket or purse. The body lotion is great and is helping my dry scaly hands. It smells good and it works. Design is feminine, unforgettable and downright intoxicating and you won't end up smelling like a grapefruit, apple, watermelon or a bar of soap. You'll smell like a many of the modern scents smell like men's after shave to me!! My husband went ape crazy over it. Need I say more?

  • KATHY03/28/2006

    OMG!!!I rated this one too fast. It smelled wonderful at first; what happened in the next hour is beyond me. I got this musky stench on my wrist.. It is a mystery how this could, go from great to BAD.

  • KATHY03/27/2006

    I just bought a mini of this and it is very pretty. Not strange or over bearing like 99 percent of the fumes out there nowadays. In my opinion, this is a sexy scent.

  • LEELEEYA03/14/2006

    I love to spray this beautiful just-got-out-of-the-shower-scent in my hair, and wrist. I also combine a little Stella McCartney, and Magnolia by Liz Taylor, but just a little of each, ummmm and do I get comments. Love all three of them!!! Does anyone esle spray more than one perfume on, and if so which ones?

  • MAHOGANI82101/28/2006

    Ok, love the musky notes, feminine scent, almost perfect.Ive been looking for a sig, scent and found it, this perfume has been out for years, so I knew it had to be something special.I brought a big bottle today, and love it....very fancy smelling feminine all the way. I smelled it on someone and i fell in love with the clean/unique smell, last all day although u may not smell it.Ive spent tons of $$$ on perfume and all those real exspensive ones and all the new ones out are not always what they make them to be, this has been out over 10 yrs. LADIES that should tell u something... GO FOR IT!!

  • RYAN T12/25/2005

    I grabbed a bottle of Paul Sebastian's design for my mother this christmas. My mother tried it on and my father also caught a whiff of the perfume and agreed with my mother that it smelled great. I got passed the bottle and spritzed a small amount on my wrist just to see what I thought. When I spritzed it on, it did not smell overly floral like other perfumes do. Design in my mind had alot of demension to it and the dry down was pretty consistant with it's first application without alot of change. The nice thing about design is it may not be the most mellow perfume out there, it is not so overpowering. Ladies, when you put this on, a little bit goes along way. If any guys happen to be reading this, this may be a perfume to buy for your lady too.

  • MISTY11/30/2005

    This has been my absolute favorite perfume for over 10 years now!! Afriend of mine in high school wore it all the time, so I finally asked her what it was. I asked for this at Christmas time that same year, and have worn it ever since. To this day, I get compliments on it, and have had alot of women ask me what perfume I use. One friend of mine "tested" mine a couple years back, went home to her husband and she said it drove him crazy!! There are other perfumes out that I really like, but none have compared to Design. I love the smell of it and it never tires with me!!

  • J.D.11/18/2005

    Looking over previous comments, it would seem as though this is a "love it or hate it" fragrance, no in betweens with this one. I am on the "love it" side. I started wearing it because a lady I worked with always smelled soooo good so I asked her what she used. Now I always get compliments on it when I wear it!

  • KATHY Z.10/26/2005

    Loved this scent this past summer. Couldn't get enough. Really lovely floral. Read is supposed to be fruity, but I didn't find the fruity-ness to be at all overpowering. Also not overly sweet. Beautiful daytime scent.

  • LELEYA09/27/2005

    I love this and have been wearing it since '85. I have received compliments from women and men. I wear it and my mom. I always spray it IN my HAIR, and shoulders. Try It!!

  • ADRIANA08/21/2005

    You cannot understand how much I hate this perfume! Everytime I smell it it makes me sick to my stomach. Although it may be a classic for some, there are a lot of better perfumes on the market today for example the Burberry line of perfumes.


    Clearly, I'm not one of the fans...indeed it's light, at first it smells like pretty flowers but there is something very strange and musty in its old mothballs or hairspray...I kept expecting a musky base note...but there was nothing there! not to mention it was cloying. my mom had this, everytime she would wear it my sister and I'd get the same PHEW! reaction! --usually we like her perfume! Thankfully now she wears White Diamonds or Slatkin's lime and Mimosa which are much much better in my opinion. (sorry if you're a fan, I just didn't care for it!)

  • CINDY07/29/2005

    I've been wearing this perfume for years and I think it is wonderful. I've tried others, but always go back to Design. It is so clean smelling and I always get complimented on my perfume.

  • SANDY05/03/2005

    Been wearing for ages. After all day, am told how nice the fragrance. No other fragrance lasts as long. I love it.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    Never fails to get me compliments, and queries as to what scent I'm wearing. It is a fragrance I 've been wearing for years, and is still a favorite! Love it!

  • OLIVIA04/09/2005

    This is a subtle frag, but long lasting. The price is great too. Very nice to wear all year around.

  • TERESA03/04/2005

    Best compliments I have ever had on a spray of any kind, and I have plenty

  • TRACEY J03/01/2005

    I've been wearing DESIGN since I was 16 yrs old and that's been 15 yrs ago. To this very day I still recieve compliments on it. The fragrance last all day. I even got my Mom to wear it.. WAY TO GO :-)

  • MEESHELL02/12/2005

    Design is the best!! Everywhere I go I get asked "What are you wearing, It smells so good!" I get asked by men alot during Holidays, like Christmas and Valentines day! I have been wearing Design now for years and Love it!!!! (I just gotta have it!!!) = ) Meeshell AZ

  • CINDY12/27/2004

    This is such a wonderful fragrance. It stays on all day without needing any touch-ups so to say. You can just barely smell it on yourself a little while after putting it on but others can smell it all day. When I wake in the morning, I can smell it. Wonderful smell to wake up to. Compliments galore!!!!!!!!!!

  • HAAHEO12/08/2004

    Men (and women) LOVE the scent...the only one I have used since 1985!

  • RENAE11/26/2004

    This is a wonderful fragrence--on me. Some people cannot wear it. Luckily for me, when I wear it people are constantly stopping and asking me what I wear that smells so good! Good for a try, your chemistry might just work with it!

  • SHELLY11/15/2004

    I think it's absolutely beautiful. I've have never rec'd so many compliments. People love it!

  • ALLISON FROM UK11/11/2004

    I was given this perfume as a gift and really like the smell. It is one that presents sophistication and perfection and represents strong women of the world

  • JT11/10/2004

    I would have to say that Design is one of the worst perfumes on the market today! I have smelled a whole lot of fragrances out there, and although I'm not crazy about too many, there also aren't too many that I absolutely gag from at the first whif. Well, this is one of them. Angel is another. Dolce & Gabbana (red cap), Hugo Boss Deep Red, and Dior Dune are not too far behind. I'm not talking about skin chemistry here, I just REALLY hate the smell even right out of the bottle. Funny how everyone has such different smell perception though. To each their own.

  • CAROLYNN11/04/2004

    haven't worn any other perfume since wearing design. Love it. Always complimented on it.

  • MARY K.10/26/2004

    Plain nasty! Sorry....only my opinion, but it actually makes me nauseous.

  • JOCELYN09/22/2004

    This is the worst fragrance I have ever smelled. If I ever get close to someone wearing this, I run!! I can't believe people would buy this!!!

  • LC08/09/2004

    WONDERFUL! Smells romantically sexy and not cheap! One of my favs. I without fail get compliments every time I wear this. Even my girlfriends and women I don't KNOW stop me and ask what perfume are you wearing and wear can I get it. Men comment on this that I SMELL SO GOOD, where can they buy for their girlfriend. It can be a chemistry thing also w/perfume but now WALMART is selling this at xmas time! It is really not cheap smelling though so dont feel bad about the BARGAIN!

  • DONNA07/28/2004

    I have enjoyed Design for years. Most fragrances do not do well with my chemistry.

  • BECKY07/14/2004

    I have worn Design since 1986 and have always received complements. In fact, the girls i coached cheerleading for still comment about how good I always smell and how they always think of competition when they smell it.

  • SANDY05/23/2004

    In the late 80's while on a trip to NY I was given a sample of Design. I have worn it consistently since then. I've tried to find another fragrance that I like as much, but not luck. Receive MANY compliments about how good it smells.

  • KRUSHER05/03/2004

    I have worn this perfume for many years. It smells very clean and I receive compliments on it each time I wear it.

  • CHARLINE05/03/2004

    Been wearing "Design" for years. I have been asked many time what is the name of my perfume. I go dancing a lot. My partners always comment on how nice I smell.

  • DOTTIE04/27/2004

    I have been wearing it for about 10 years and people always ask me what I am wearing especially men, they want it for their wives!!!!!!!!

  • ANETTE04/18/2004

    Seems interesting and unusual but there's something repelling in it. Once in a while - ok, but never on the regular basis.

  • SONYA04/15/2004

    Design is a sweet feminine floral fragrance. I wear it every once in awhile when I want something different. It's to strong to wear every day without getting tired of it.

  • MISSY04/11/2004

    I received my first bottle of Design on my 21st bday, that was 14 years ago. I am still wearing it daily and it has become my scent. People still ask what I am wearing and think it is my shower soap because it smells so clean and not overbearing at all. Men do love it.

  • CAROL04/08/2004

    I was looking for a soft, alluring, feminine scent for years. This is the one. I can't really smell it on me, but I do smell the scent as I pass through a room, and it is so nice, not overpowering at all.I can't believe it's me! Husband likes (the reason I wear it), and likes getting closer to smell. That's OK too. I feel complete when I spray this on..very feminine and sophisticated.I can't wait to try "layering" this scent (bath gel, powder, spray). I can't say enough about this precious scent!!!

  • NEELA02/29/2004

    a cross between White Shoulders by Evyan and Giorgio Beverly Hills. It's got the musk and lilac of WS and the orange flower and carnation of GBH. Not nearly as strong as GBH though. Great in hot weather.

  • PICKY 'BOUT PERFUME12/15/2003

    This scent smells great on ANYONE. It's perfect for a t-shirt, worn levis and heels ensemble. Casual, yet very sexy. I highly recommend.

  • CLAUDIA11/29/2003

    I love it! and received numerous compliments

  • CHRISTINE11/28/2003

    I love to wear perfume. I switch brands from time to time--all good quality. But not one of these perfumes to I get as much compliments as with Design. People always tell me I smell good--men and women. I wear it so much that I don't smell it anymore on myself. I am a high school teacher, and occasionally when a graduate returns to say hi, they will always mention that they loved how I smelled with Design. I think that says a lot for the scent. I just love it too.

  • BECKY 11/08/2003

    My experience is same - many fragrances give me headaches - not this one - been wearing it since 1993. I hope there are no plans of discontinuing this !

  • DENISE10/11/2003

    Design smells almost Identical to Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood. Two totally different names two almost completely identical scents. I SWEAR. I love Boudoir however, so that is why I gave Design 5 starz. I dont understand why nobody else has noticed this too though. Hmm.. maybe because nobody else has sniffed both. By the way - even though they smell the same - prices completely different - Boudoir expesive, Design not so much.

  • ABIGAIL09/27/2003

    I first smelled this scent on a woman in an elevator in a high rise and couldn't wait for her to step off. It was so...strange. Then I smelled some from a tester and decided I liked it. I used it for a while. It still reminds me of a Christmas tree and in excess, has headache potential. But a tiny spritz can make one smell very intriguing.

  • GINA09/14/2003

    With all the raves about this heavy scent, I fail to see the attraction to a scent that knocks you over the moment the wearer enters the room. NO THANKS!

  • OMAHAGIRL07/01/2003

    I started wearing this in 1986. The only cologne that I can wear without triggering my allergies or anyone else's in the office. It is my signature cologne. However, I hear that it is being discontinued. Anyone else heard that??

  • KELBELL05/16/2003

    I think this is a great scent. Why do you think it's been around since 1985?

  • APRIL04/30/2003

    pretty floral perfume...adore it...

  • BARBARA OCONNOR04/01/2003

    Has a lite fresh fragrance. Men and women tell me how nice I smell.

  • DJONES03/29/2003

    When I wear Design, I always get compliments. Both men and women notice the smell. It's wonderful!

  • COLEY03/20/2003

    I have large sample of this perfume and it smells really nice. It smells good on me but I smelled this on a waitress in Las Vegas and it smelled awesome on her.

  • JOHNIE02/13/2003

    A wonderful,mild sent. Used it for years.

  • LLOZ02/03/2003

    This scent is puky. Way to sweet and pungent. I bought the entire gift set. It smells good the first 30 minutes and then takes on a different tone altogether. It gave me a headache and I had to go home and take a bath to get rid of it. I gave the whole set away....Not to anyone I would have to smell however!

  • LISA J.01/31/2003

    I've been wearing Design for 15 years because I love it and I also get a lot of compliments. I do think that it smells different on each person and it depends on their body chemistry.

  • DIANE01/23/2003

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • HI01/21/2003

    I love this Perfume. I get tons of compliments whenever I have it one and my husband can't keep away from me.

  • ANITA01/08/2003


  • SIDNEY01/03/2003

    Yes this is a bit dated and it is strong, but one should use a small amount and not go over board. I have to say this is one of the fragrances that I have received the most compliments from men and women.

  • BB12/26/2002

    I love this perfume. Any perfume can be horrible if you wear too much (and a few are horrible altogether) but then i try to wear only enough so that i can smell it a little and someone getting close enough to me intimately can smell it, like my husband or a girlfriend whisperine something catty to me about someone

  • MARI12/24/2002

    It's been my signature scent for over 10 years...feminine but not overtly sweet. I may try other fragrances but this is the one that has endured over time. People love it on me.

  • LUCIA12/09/2002

    Simply horrible. It has got to be one of the most disgusting smells out there.

  • SLR11/11/2002

    I am a teacher and all of my students as well as co-worker and administrators comment on this perfume. You smell good is a constant, love that fragrance you are wearing.

  • SHARON11/11/2002

    This is the greatest fragrance ever, I get compliments every where I go, I feel like Paul designed this one just for me.

  • MEN NOTICE THIS PERFUME!!!11/06/2002

    Now you KNOW you've found an exquisite perfume when a man notices your perfume enough to actually cause them to blurt out JUST how much they love the way you smell and actually ask WHAT it is you're wearing. Need I say more?

  • KATHLEEN10/30/2002

    So Pretty....

  • SABET09/14/2002

    I must not understand this smell. It's really horrible. And gives me instant head ache.

  • LISA09/12/2002

    Design is my all-time favorite scent. I've loved it since the first time I tried it in the late 80's. Most scents give me a headache, but this one never has.

  • RG09/11/2002

    I've smelt this perfume on people for years and always wondered what it is. I love it so much. Finally I found it.

  • TANYA08/28/2002

    Smells musky, strong and old-ladyish. Bad,

  • JUDITH08/27/2002

    I am so glad I was given a sample before I considered buying this perfume. It pains me to smell Design.

  • GLORIA MORGAN08/25/2002

    I love Design, but was so terribly disappointed recently when I bought the gift set. I knew the shower gel contained that horrible musk, so had planned to give that away as a gift, but to my amazement, the body lotion has also been ruined by the musk. How can such a wonderful product be made so horrible?? I will continue with the perfume, but PLEASE DON'T ADD MUSK TO IT. IT AIN'T BROKE AND DON'T NEED TO BE FIXED. I wish I could find some of the old formula body lotion, as well. Just sign me "disappointed in design"

  • BETHANY08/24/2002

    Super musky,very strong, hard scent to describe. Did not go well with my sniffer or my body chemistry. Not stomach churning or anything, but...Pass.

  • TAPDANCER7808/21/2002

    I bought this perfume after smelling it on someone else. It smelled sooo nice on her. Mmm... But it wasn't as good on me. :( Luckily I found "Baby Doll" by Yves Saint Laurent. :)

  • P08/16/2002

    this has got to be the worst smelling perfume on the market....smells like a hint of terpentine or paint thinner in that mix!

  • MADELINE08/10/2002

    This was my signature frangrance from age 16 to 19...back in the mid-late 1980's. I used to receive compliments on it all the time from men (boys) back then. Now my tastes have changed and it just doesn't smell as wonderful to me anymore.

  • THERESA08/05/2002

    when i smell this fragrance, I run the other way. Too much musk!!

  • CAROL W.07/19/2002

    I love this fragrance, it's so different, a clean fresh beautiful scent!

  • LOLA07/18/2002


  • TIGGERROCKS9407/17/2002

    I first received this perfume as a gift in the early 90s from a guy I was dating. He said the scent just reminded him of me. I LOVE this scent but I'm not one to wear just one scent all the time I vary them. Valentine's day of 95 my husband gave a bottle to me (along) with everything else the frgrance was available in (body wash, lotion) and said that this was the scent for me. I love it. It's not to sweet, too musky, or an overwhelming floral. The only time I think it becomes "overpowering" is when a person practically bathes in it. It's the only (forgive the pun) designer perfume I wear.

  • EVONE07/03/2002

    Why is this the favorite with all the over 50 women? I smell it a lot on old women.

  • CHRISTINE06/19/2002

    I absolutely love this fragrance. My husband loves it and buys it for me. I get many compliments when I wear it. It is very feminine, and yet strong, but not overwhelming. It is my signature scent and I rarely will wear any other scent than this.

  • KIM05/16/2002

    Im a perfume lover and searched for years for a signature scent and the search is over! Ive been wearing Design since I smelt it on a friend and purchased it myself back in December and I will never love another perfume the way I love this one. Paul Sebastian certainly captured the perfect fragrance for a woman.

  • THERESA05/09/2002


  • MARIJA03/22/2002

    I have worn this fragrance every day for the past 12 years and will wear it every day for the next 12 years. Not a day goes by that someone does not make a comment on how wonderful I smell. I have even had men stop me and ask if I am wearing Design. These men know what they like. My friends and family call it "my signature scent." Don't ever change a thing about this product.

  • LIZ02/26/2002


  • DEMELZA02/26/2002

    Every time I catch the scent of Design, it takes me back to being eighteen years old. I tie it in as much with the 80s as I do the scent "Camp Beverly Hills."

  • LEE02/25/2002

    Love this fragrance, I've been complimented on it constantly. I've run out and am looking forward to buying more. Nothing seems to have this effect on others like DESIGN. Love it!!

  • MARCIA MAY02/21/2002

    I tried the sample of Design that came in my Macys bill in 1985. I really liked it, but the comments from friends and strangers made up my mind it is the best fragrance ever produced (at least for me). Sixteen years later, it still is my "signature" cologne.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    my sister used to wear this...Ugh! No hugs for her when she wore this cause it would transfer to me. Became a joke between us.

  • MLD02/02/2002

    one of my best friends wears this-all but gags me. it may be that on others it's good? but i've NEVER asked someone what they're wearing that smells good and gotten the answer "design". NOT for me

  • CYNTHIA01/22/2002


  • SATOKO01/21/2002

    As in, Paul Sebastian Hair Products.

  • VANESSA01/19/2002

    This is such a strange smell on me. A weird combination of musks and citrus. I've found it good on other people, though.

  • DIANA01/07/2002

    I have been wearing Design for over 12 years. It is my Favorite summer cologne.Men LOVE it on me.

  • HEATHER12/29/2001

    The first time I smelled design was in 1990, on a coworker. & I loved it! it has a light, pretty, feminine smell & a lot of perfumes give me headaches- but not this one! so I asked what she was wearing, she told me design. So I bought it & have been wearing it ever since!

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Tropical flowers; pineapple upside down cake; cold.


    I have used Design fragrance exclusively for several years. Not a day goes by that someone stops to ask me what perfume I am wearing and that "it smells delightful". It is fresh, light and wonderful. I have never worn a fragrance that I like as much.

  • KERI12/12/2001

    I found Design back in 1990, and have worn it since. All of my friends refer to the smell as my signature. It smells great! It has a clean smell, that is not over powering like some of the things other ladies wear. I have never gone anywhere that someone didn't ask me what I was wearing, they all rave over it. As the others have said "please never stop making this product"!

  • MYRA BURTON12/11/2001

    I, too, would like to buy Design Bath Gel by itself -- I use it way more than the colognes. I would also like to buy the splash bottles of this cologne!

  • KELLY12/07/2001

    I found design 3 years ago when I asked a co-worker what was that great perfume she was wearing. Then I ran out and bought the set for myself and love it. This perfume matches my body chemistry. I have worn others such as Liz claiborne, Eternity and prescriptives and they all don't seem to smell right on me after awhile. Design always smells great and I get so many compliments. Please keep making this great scent!!!!

  • CAG11/10/2001

    When my husband bought me this for Christmas, he was hanging his head. He wanted the clock they were offering with this perfume, so he bought it for me.
    Then he said it was not a "bad" fragrance, but after being used to wearing DIVA, JESSICA, and other very different fragrances, this one was a stark change.
    I tried it on and at first, the smell was overpowering. After it settles, it reminds me of the kind of stuff you would wear with the 20's fashions, or Turn of the Century stuff. So, when I dress up with old velvet victorian and 20's style dresses, or some goth, this perfume fits perfectly. I have to be in the mood to wear it though. It has a bit of a baby powder type smell to it but different.
    Here are the ingredients that they list: Contains peach,honeysuckle jasmine,blossom, carnation and gardenia

  • CAROLYN11/08/2001

    I discovered Design after smelling it on a stranger at the mall... asked her what scent she was wearing, went to the nearest dept. store and bought it... loved it for about a week and now it gives me a headache. Looks nice in my collection though.

  • JOANNE10/20/2001

    I've worn Design perfume for years and never stop receiving compliments on it. Don't ever stop making this perfume.

  • STEPHANIE10/19/2001

    I can't say how many compliments that I have received from wearing this, very versitile. I wore this to work now over half the women there wear this (57) women to be exact. Love it, hope they don't ever stop making this one. :)

  • JANICE FULLER10/10/2001

    I would like to purchase shower gel alone. I do not care for the lotion but I have used the cologne for years, tried to change, but went back again. I still have a bottle of cologne but want the shower gel only. Where can I purchase this?

  • FE10/03/2001

    This is a very versatile fragrance. I've smelled it on young girls in high school and found it refreshing and clean. On the other hand I've smelled it on grandma's and found it very soothing and comforting. Either way it's a very sweet scent and pleasing to the nose.

  • NONI09/29/2001

    design is a musky perfume for adult women involved in adult situations.this retraction of my previous statement will come as no surprise to women who wait for the drydown before giving their opinion.sorry.

  • NONI09/28/2001

    musk perfume that you can sell in the better department stores and charge more A LOT MORE. stick with coty,jovan,and ALYSSA ASHLEY.KEEP IT REAL.

  • KRIS09/26/2001

    Very good quality shampoo of course, but still, there's a clean, shampoo-y quality to Design that I've never found in other fragrances. Definitely one of a kind.

  • NANDI NOIR09/04/2001

    I "discovered" Design in 1998 when I decided to purchase a gift set for myself. When I'm wearing Design, I have never failed to have someone either compliment me on how great I smell or how refreshing it is to be around someone who's not wearing an overpowering fragrance. I'll shall continue to be a loyal customer!

  • ALISON08/25/2001

    Design is a nice, pleasing floral fragrance. Not my all-time favorite, but it definitely smells good. I like it.

  • CATARINA08/17/2001

    I was shopping at a clothing store geared to young women and loved the scent the sales woman was wearing. She was a gorgeous brunette with dark eyes and a wonderful tan; she was also very vivacious and apparently quite 'bitchy', too :o). Design smelled beautiful on her. I bought a bottle for myself and it smelled awful on my skin! I guess it was the first time I realized how important body chemistry is when wearing a fragrance.

  • AMY07/22/2001

    Design became my favorite and signature scent a couple of years ago. This is the kind of perfume that gets noticed by everyone. They know when you enter a room. It is such a sweet, addicting scent. I have tried other expensive perfumes, but I always go back to and wear Design the most. If you try it, you will NOT be disappointed. Neither will your Husband, boyfriend or anyone who is around you.

  • CHERYL DU VALL06/29/2001

    I have been wearing Design for years and it has become my signature. The office always knew when I was off and told me they missed the fresh smell that was in the building when I was at work. People always ask me what I am wearing, even at airports. They say it is a great fragrance-not over powering.


    for several I have worn Design years also and my comments echo the last 2 re compliments and "lightness". I was searching for a sweet but not cloying scent which was also exotic...and I have finally found it w/ Design!!

  • JANET06/09/2001

    Design has a light scent that I love. I bought the set that has the perfume, the lotion, and the shower gel, and I use it everyday. I get alot of compliments on it.

  • JEAN COONS05/18/2001

    I have worn Design for several years and I never cease to have someone say what kind of perfume do you have on, or you smell so good.

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