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Christian Dior


21 Reviews

Fougere, Green, Woody. Designed by Christian Dior in 1997, Dune for men is a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of fig, black currant and sage. Blended with notes of sandalwood, sage, cedar and basil, Dune is a recommended daytime fragrance.

3.4 oz EDT Spray
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Fougere, Green, Woody. Designed by Christian Dior in 1997, Dune for men is a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of fig, black currant and sage. Blended with notes of sandalwood, sage, cedar and basil, Dune is a recommended daytime fragrance.

  • DEEZNUTZ06/11/2008

    I have to admit that I bought this one "blindly" after reading some favorable reviews. I really had little idea what to expect, apart from a "unique" scent that I could use in my summer daytime collection. Great fit. I was very much happy with the result; Dune has to be smelled to be truly understood, as it's not like most smells out there today. If you're looking for a fragrance that's due to draw compliments (it smells GREAT and most people seem quite unfamiliar with the scent,) then go with Dune.

  • ADAM12/27/2007

    I love this fragrance - it is sweet but not irritating - sweet but not overwhelming - sweet and pleasant - the notes are well balanced - what I really mean as I keep mentioning sweet is that it is not bitter and citrusy - it is quite original - a great all weather perfume. I say all weather because some fragrances on the market are best suited for cold weather only (unfortunately)!

  • D.C.03/11/2007

    I discovered this by accident-it smells great on me,I am a woman.I always get compliments on it.But it fades a little too soon,so I give it 4 stars.

  • ERIC09/13/2006

    Dune is a very fresh and sleek smell. It is remindes me of the cologne classic by Banana Republic but better. It doesnt last very long but it definetly does the job. Women compliment me on how well i smell all the time, so i guess that is a very good sign! An excellent investment!

  • PIERRE07/28/2006

    This terribly unclassy scent smells like cheap chocolate cake with raspberry jam.

  • TURKISH01/03/2006

    It is the first perfume I ever bought and I really like it. Though it is a strong fragrance, it doesn't make feel dizzy but freshens up. Should strenghten with deodorant or shower gel because it is not very long-lasting

  • PEPE LE PEW03/10/2005

    It's good. Not great. It's a casual scent for summer or spring. When I wear it, it sort of smells like the beach when everyone has tanning ointments on. Or a fresh field with a cool subtle breeze in the air. It's a good casual scent. Definitely not romantic or a club scent.

  • W.B.01/28/2005


  • TUM01/17/2005

    Weird at first but it gets better and better and best when dries down

  • ME11/15/2004

    Gorgeous! a friend of mine used to wear this all time and I'd be constantly sniffing his neck...a very addictive kind of smell.... mmmmmmm

  • HIR06/05/2004

    I love this so much!!! My mum used to wear this fragrance and I'd always thought it smelt great. It's so fresh and warm at the same time. I gave this to my bf for his birthday and he loves it! I love having someone wearing this around me, it reminds me of my mum who now lives far away!

  • TOMMY A04/17/2004

    It smells a bit strange on me, so i cant use it, but seems to be nice on many others.

  • JEFF11/18/2003

    Smells like an old moldy basement. Can't find anything good to say about it. Smell blech when it goes on and yuck when it dries down.......Pass.

  • FERNANDO10/20/2003

    I bought Dune and I think it is a very good cologne. It has a very pleasant, woody smell that reminds me of mountain air and temperate woods. Unfortunately, and it is the first time it has happened to me, it totally disappears on my skin after one hour or so. I always spray some on my wrist and I can feel nothing after two hours. I wonder if it happened to anybody else or if it is my type of skin or something. Because Issey Myake lasts 24 hours on me and other colgnes usually lasts for several hours. Also, someone said that Dune is gross and stinks but that is not the truth. Dune is not too exotical or one of those love or hate colognes. It is a safe buy, a pleasant scent and it is just too bad it doesn't last on me. :-( If anybody else thinks Dune doesn't last long, please write!

  • LINK10/19/2003

    very nice and very differerent from so many medicore to boring colognes, this one stands out. It's good stuff!

  • A SPARE09/27/2003

    This stuff is terrific. If your looking for a very refreshing and woody fragrance this is it. It's somewhat hard to describe but it reminds me of nature and the smell of maple trees. This is underated and overshadowed by Fahrenheit which is still my favorite but this is better for daytime wear and weekends and stuff. Try it out

  • FRANCOIS09/14/2003

    Dune by Christian Dior is a great cologne. Most folks don't seem to understand that every fragrance suits the person that wears it in a different manner. Dune smells great on me. Several people, in malls etc, have complimented me for its wonderful smell, and asked what it was. Fragrances react differently to our skins chemical composure. This is true, but so many people are unaware of it.

  • DONNA07/12/2003

    this perfume stinks . Its a horrible perfume and does not suit any decent man at all.

  • GILAD04/26/2003

    Excellent !

  • MARIUSZ02/09/2003

    Great scent especially when use it on summer time. Very long lasting. One of my "must have". Dior is one of my best perfume designer. Try it and buy it! No risk!

  • KATHLEEN ANN02/23/2002

    Dune has a Very Nice Scent to it...Nothing like Draakar though, but still is Good to Buy for Men...

  • JOLENE08/04/2001

    I like this fragrance for men a lot! It's a fresh Oriental, Woodsy cologne.

  • RYAN07/09/2001

    This is THE autumn fragrance. It's scent goes right along with the changing colors of the season.

  • TATIANA05/29/2001

    I gave this EDT as a gift to my husband and he likes it a lot. It's a fresh, not overpowering, lavender-grassy scent. Not as strong as say, Drakkar Noir and definitely more elegant.

  • EMILY04/23/2001

    When Dune was first introduced, they had some ads in the magazines with the usual "scratch and sniff" item. I was immediately hooked. I don't wear perfume or cologne as a rule, but I went out and bought an outrageously large bottle of the stuff that very week. That was 8 or 10 years ago. Still hooked.

  • DONNA HOLCOMB03/12/2001

    Ok..... One day, I asked my husband to go alone & buy me perfume. I wanted a fragrance that he alone chose & he brought home Dune. Of all the fragrances he had to choose from, he chose Dune.

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