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Created in 1982, Trussardi for women is a refined, woody, arid fragrance. This feminine scent contains a floral, fruity blend with low notes of sandalwood and patchouli. It is recommended for evening wear.

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Created in 1982, Trussardi for women is a refined, woody, arid fragrance. This feminine scent contains a floral, fruity blend with low notes of sandalwood and patchouli. It is recommended for evening wear.

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  • SUSAN05/25/2010

    Have been using this perfume for years. Discovered it when living in Sicily.People comment on it all the time.Love it excellent!!

  • DEBORAH06/15/2009

    When my brother was in the military roughly 25 years ago, he brought back a bottle of Trussardi for me. I loved it so much. Now that I've found this site, I am going to order some. It is absolutely fabulous!

  • PYRA12/11/2008

    Trussardi is warm lovely scent. It gets even better the longer you wear it. I love it1

  • ANNA MARIE09/24/2008

    This is very unlike what is popularly sold today at perfume counters. I bought this based on the comments I read here and I am not sorry! This is very, very sexy and only for mature women. So rich and elegant too.

  • PERFUMEJUNKIE07/17/2008

    Well, no wonder. Like most great scents, it was created in the 80s. I have this in EDT and yet it has great staying power. And I get compliments from both men and women when I wear it.

  • DIDI06/06/2008

    I have just bought a 100 ml bottle. I am very happy I did. I am a bit hesitant to wear this in warm weather as it it a bit strong, but it is perfect in humid and cool days. I have received compliments every single time I wore it and everybody asks what it is. I am a perfume freak and I like to pick strong and unusual scents, but I am pleased to say that this is by far the best and the most 'feel-good' scent I have used. It is very sophisticated and staying power is amazing, without giving you or the others around you a headache. I can't wait to purchase another bottle. It is a perfume you can wear all your life and never get tired of. Love it!

  • SYLVIE01/15/2008

    Dear PE-ladies, yes, yes, yes: "Trussardi" is a hidden gem from the 80's!!! Highly recommended!!! Excellent and refined fragrance. A must try if you like aromatic, exotic and strong chypre-scents. No fragrance for beginners.

  • LUCETTE11/01/2006


  • DEE01/09/2004

    Just got this one. It goes on way to strong for me, but after 5 to 10 minuets it drys down to a very very inviting lovely scent. No one will smell like you. I have gotten a lot of compliments. Warning a little goes a long way, which is great because it will last longer than scents you have to bath in.

  • LESLIE12/29/2003

    Is "Trussardi" the same as LaDonna Trussardi?

  • ELONA03/27/2003

    This perfume is gorgeous. Very sophisticated and womanly. Not a little girl scent.

  • EMILY12/25/2002

    My father gave me a Trussardi perfume for Christmas, and it is probably the best present he ever gave me. It´s really a lovely fragance.

  • MARIANNE12/05/2002

    Just got back from Europe where I bought a few bottles, haven't worn this since 1992, but back then this was my signature fragrance. It is so unique and superior, feminine. Let me tell you that any man back then when I was dating a few wanted to jump into bed with me. They swear I am the woman of their lives, and a few still say it, upon meeting them again just for talking when I went back. My finacee since I came back, now too...somehow when I wear this, I make a very lasting impression on men, and now I can't get my fiancee off of me, ever since I wore it, even if I don't wear it at the moment he's crazy about me. There must be something in it. Everything goes according to my way, and people are a lot nicer too when they smell this on me. It is a miracle one.

  • WINNIE08/15/2002

    I first purchased Trussardi when I was in Greece. Its not that easy to find and I love it. Great Price


    looking for Her Light by Trussardi

  • PAMELA AUSTIN04/09/2001

    would like to order trussardi,action for women it was a product in 1989

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