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Citrus, Oriental, Sweet-Ambery. Created in 1987, Moschino is a refined, oriental fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of coriander, gardenia and carnation. Blended with notes of nutmeg, vanilla and amber, Moschino is recommended as a evening fragrance.

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Citrus, Oriental, Sweet-Ambery. Created in 1987, Moschino is a refined, oriental fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of coriander, gardenia and carnation. Blended with notes of nutmeg, vanilla and amber, Moschino is recommended as a evening fragrance.

  • MOSCHINOLOVER01/19/2019

    I love this perfume, always have and am very pleased...

  • ANN 05/30/2017

    ...Love this perfume.

  • HAPPY04/26/2017

    I love my Moschino!..I am always asked what fragrance I'm wearing!...

  • MARSHA MASON08/11/2015

    I get compliments on my scent.

  • LU IANNANTUONO04/03/2012

    Love the perfume. Very satisfied with the perfume and I received the perfume quickly after I made the initial order.

  • KATHERINE KOSCUK01/09/2012

    It is a lovely perfume. My sister bought if for me first and I love it. So, I ordered more and will also make sure I have a bottle of it. My daughters wear it, my sisters also. They get compliments always and asked "what kind of perfume are you wearing".

  • KATHERINE KOSCUK01/09/2012

    This perfume is lovely. The price was reasonable. I am extremely happy with the service and hope to deal with this company again.

  • LYN11/14/2010

    I am finding this very hard to purchase lately. I wear it all the time so need to know if it is discontinued!

  • REBECCA2U01/22/2008


  • D.C.04/05/2007

    Must de Cartier,the new one in the clear bottle.Exactly the same on the drydown!

  • BAD GIRL03/17/2007

    Moschino Moschino is spicy, exotic, sweet, powdery and absolutely seductive! My husband is not a fan of perfume but he really likes this one a lot. Yes, it is strong so apply with care.

  • GREEKGIRL02/25/2007

    Sorry to fans but thatswhat i think of this one, my niece has it and i hate standing near her when she has it on, its way too strong and very BORING.

  • ANGIE04/29/2006

    I smelled this twice, and it is potent, & not girly or too sweet like all the other stuff out there now, but would I wear it? I don't know. It was a little soapy or something in it wasn't that attractive to my nose, but that doesn't mean it's not good. So points for not being a sugary & teenage scent. (surprised anyone liked it then)

  • REBECCA02/20/2006

    I'm not sure how I feel about this's very heady and can be too much even for night. Sweet, heavy, and a bit cloying. It would give me a headache I'm sure if I wore it. Still perfumes like this leave an impression, it stands out and on it's own.

  • ANEZKA01/25/2006

    Wonderful, warm and sensual fragrance. I adore wearing it. It's one of my big favourites.

  • KRISTIN M.12/27/2005

    I wasn't sure if I would like this or not in the begining based on the description but I got it anyway and am glad. It is spicy and good. To me, it is very well balanced...with my chemistry at least. I don't get compliments often on my perfume but I did with this.

  • CJ DOYLE12/02/2005

    I just got my first bottle of this WOONDERFUL stuff, and I have to say this really has to be my all new fav. It's out of this world sexy, not too-too strong and a Good spicy scent. Can't wait till my hubby comes home to see his reaction to it.

  • ADORA04/18/2005

    Very fragrant, pleasant lasting scent, wear in all day, even though it's slotted for evening wear. Love It!

  • BEKKI11/28/2004

    certainly for evening fragrance. it has a deep amber scent which is strong and lasting. not the type for daytime wear but it certainly would leave a good impressoin when your in a date. it siuts women in the late 20's sice it signifies maturity and confidence.

  • CINDIE09/03/2004

    This fragrance is deep, rich and sexy. My boss at the time who I could not stand actually gave me a compliment of this perfume. I could not believe it!!! I love wearing this in the winter. This is a classic. Great perfume!

  • MANDIE11/16/2003

    I purchased a mini of this fragrance and it smells very nice, fresh, warm. I am now going to purchase a large bottle:) The smell dries down to a lingering patchouli, which I love.

  • PAT YATES 10/02/2003

    I love this fragrance. I have people ask me all the time what I am wearing. It is all I have worn for years and will continue to wear.

  • ANDREA06/19/2003

    I wore this 10 years ago and I loved it. I didn't know they still make it.

  • CAROL NAZZARO04/16/2002

    People stop me to ask what fragrance I'm wearing! The latest one was a waiter who was waiting on us.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    very very peppery

  • SHIRLEE12/27/2001


  • DIANE07/31/2001

    I have been wearing Moschino for the past 5 years and love it. It appears that the formula is a bit different within the past 1-2 years, a lighter spray that disappears quickly. Everyone asks what I am wearing.

  • PAT CRAY07/10/2001

    I absolutely love this perfume. I have had people follow me and ask what I was wearing

  • SERENALEAH04/08/2001

    Moschino is a delicate and delightful powdery, subtle floral. But much to my dismay, it's not long-lasting. This is a wonderful, soft and feminine fragrance, but it's staying-power leaves much to be desired. I would reccomend trying it first, to see how body chemistry influences this scents longevity on the skin.

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