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L'Air Du Temps Nina Ricci Image

Nina Ricci

L'Air Du Temps   

154 Reviews

Aromatic, Floral, Fresh, Powdery, Spicy. Created in 1948, L'Air Du Temps is as powdery soft as it is enchanting. This floral fragrance has notes of bergamot, gardenia, carnation, jasmine, may rose, orris, and vetiver to produce an ageless fragrance that represents the feminine ideal.

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Aromatic, Floral, Fresh, Powdery, Spicy. Created in 1948, L'Air Du Temps is as powdery soft as it is enchanting. This floral fragrance has notes of bergamot, gardenia, carnation, jasmine, may rose, orris, and vetiver to produce an ageless fragrance that represents the feminine ideal.

  • BARBARA HOWE09/07/2016

    Great product...

  • DANIELLE12/29/2014

    Excellent perfume have been using it for 30 years

  • CORINNE11/09/2013

    This remains my all time favorite scent (the only one I've been able to wear without incurring a severe headache) and it is my trademark scent.

  • MERRILY04/26/2012

    I've worn this and Shalimar since 1968 and love both. I was surprised at the great price and the fact that it arrived in TWO days!

  • GABRIELLA01/22/2012

    Great product, great response time, great everything!

  • BRENDA01/20/2012

    When my nephew was really young, my sister bought herself some L'Air du temps. My nephew told her that she smelled like "Aunt Brenda", and she hadn't even realized she had bought the same scent that I wore. It was priceless!

  • SHARON12/30/2010

    I received my first bottle in 1968, purchased in St. Thomas, The Virgin Islands. It is my signature. We're married 41 years now.

  • MNDWLKR07/21/2010

    This fragrance invokes a vision of a most beautiful moonlit soft summer night on a balcony with a beautiful woman wearing an elegant gown overlooking a cypress tree-lined garden.

  • PAM02/15/2010

    I've been wearing this since I was 18 and have received more compliments from both men and women than with any other parfum. When I couldn't find the larger bottles of eau de parfum in this area, I emailed Nina Ricci in France and they said they no longer make that size bottle. What a shame!!

  • LILO02/12/2010

    If you think this fragrance is too old for you it probable is. Go to Big Lots and I am sure you will find something that just suits you.

  • BUN IN THE OVEN02/04/2010

    If February-March could be captured into a scent, it would be L'air du Temps. It smells like Winter changing into Spring, finding the one your soul loves, and the mysterious misty-eyed smile worn by a woman awaiting the arrival of something very precious when the seasons change back again from Autumn to Winter. Haunting, lovely, clean and sweet without inducing nausea. Perfect for Me and Baby!!

  • FAN12/19/2009

    I've worn it for thirty-five years--never tire of it--get compliments always from men, women, children. It's fresh and elegant.

  • SJWG09/19/2009

    If you can smell your own perfume all day, it would explain why others avoid you. They should not be able to tell you are in the building by opening the door! As this comment list shows, a given scent is not enjoyed by everyone, and will sometimes even have a sickening effect. Estee Lauder does that to me- can't handle it. Whether you work closely with children or adults, be considerate! I do NOT appreciate being trapped with someone reeking gloriously whether I like the scent or not. A little tease of scent does more for the pleasure of your company than billowing vapors..

  • SJWG09/19/2009

    If you can smell your own perfume all day, it would explain why others avoid you. They should not be able to tell you are in the building by opening the door! As this comment list shows, a given scent is not enjoyed by everyone, and will sometimes even have a sickening effect. Estee Lauder does that to me- can't handle it. Whether you work closely with children or adults, be considerate! I do NOT appreciate being trapped with someone reeking gloriously whether I like the scent or not. A little tease of scent does more for the pleasure of your company than billowing vapors..

  • SJWG09/19/2009

    When it's good, it's very good; when it's bad, it's horrid. We are all different so- best to test to see what your skin does to it before you invest. Be wary of hot deals. Pull up your socks, and buy at full price from a source that won't have bought a carload of old or ill-concocted batches to sell cheap. I have thought the EDP is better than EDT. Most recently I also have been disappointed by a lingering peppery trace that seems a new thing- and perversely sometimes it seems cloying. Perhaps that is from buying cheap.

  • LISA08/22/2009

    A favorite for years...I found a solid parfum in a gold-tone case about 10 yrs ago, and have never seen it since. It was a really nice delivery of this scent. Its so light and flowery you really need the edp or parfum to make it last...the edt is just not the same at all.

  • MISS LAVENDER05/07/2009

    love...Dreamy and wistful with that lovely rose and carnation note. The scent is clean verging on soapy spicy floral...the perfect woman for this fragrance is feminine, soft, kind and gentle. She reads good literature, drinks tea, wears chiffon in summer and soft knit sweaters in winter. Ageless and timeless and suits all seasons. I would give it 12 stars if I could.

  • ORCHIDFLWER03/03/2009

    This is not one of those "hey look at me, come hither" perfumes. This one is sort of...above it all. I love it, but it has never been nor will ever be a huge man pleaser. And some days....thats just perfect!

  • KAREN09/25/2008

    It is wonderful, I have used it for 40 years. I continue to get many compliments.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/11/2008

    I adore the carnation note that rather blasts you in the face. You either normally LOVE carnation or hate it. I love it. Then the disappointment of that darn gardenia comes shining through, like the class clown that tries to get too much attention. I like the bottle to. I wish I liked gardenia or white florals more, but this is def. a classic and lady like, elegant scent.

  • ATALANTA04/26/2008

    L'air du temps" , perfect, the same fragrance from the beginning until it vanishes, gently and subtly... But could anybody tell me news about the exquisite "Farouche" ? Or it disappeared foe ever ????

  • JULIE04/15/2008

    My husband gave me L'Air Du Temps the first year we were married and it's the only fragrance I've worn since (in 28 years)! I've had many compliments on it over the years.

  • JAN02/12/2008

    I've been wearing this beautiful fragrance since I've been 10 years old. My best friend's mother had the large (real) lalique bottle displayed on her dressing table. My friend and I would pour it on every chance we could. Well, forty years later, it is still my favorite scent and my 24 year old son's as well! It's light, feminine and simply perfect!

  • PATRICIA12/17/2007

    I've worn this and this alone since my early 30's and always have men and women alike tell me what a wonderful fragrance I have on.

  • SERAFEENA08/22/2007

    I heard this was the original Windsong. So I tried it. When I applied it, it had a lovely "whisper" of Windsong to it. Then in five minutes I can't smell anything. I'll stick to Windsong

  • HASN'T CHANGED06/29/2007

    I recently wrote the Nina Ricci - France site, and they wrote back and emphatically stated that it is still the original 1948 version. It has never changed. I do think the parfum has a wonderful smell. The toilette isn't as true.

  • SWJ06/14/2007

    This is a classic fragrance made with mostly natural ingredients. All the comments about it being for grandma are ridiculous. Did you ever think how old your grandmother was when she began wearing it? She was probably your age! Some scents transcent time - they never grow old. This one qualifies!

  • LONDON06/09/2007

    I really liked this perfume when I first smelled it years ago, but after wearing it for a couple of months, I hated it, it made me nauseous. When I smell it now, I'm embarassed, it's sooo old ladyish. Slightly cheap. The lotion is alright, less concentrated.

  • GALA04/13/2007

    I have always loved this scent. When I was younger I couldn't afford it and used Windsong instead which smells very much the same. I always have a bottle of this on my dressing table along with White Shoulders. Feminine and fresh.

  • ANGELA03/30/2007

    I got a sample vile of this back in 1984 about the time I met my first boyfriend. I wore it quite often at that time. After he was killed in an accident, I remember wearing it to the cemetery every saturday. I hadn't worn it in years but bought a bottle of it last year and wear it quite often now. I got a great deal on it last week as I was going to purchase a refill bottle for my white dispenser. I got the refill with matching shower gel and lotion for only 35 dollars at sears. When I smell it, it takes me back to my youth.

  • CHARLOTTE03/20/2007

    In this day and age of heavy too sweet, WAY overpriced, sickening scents, this should be a RELIEF for anyone! Ladies, take a whiff of this and see what perfume is supposed to smell like. This is as fresh and lovely as it was when I was give my first bottle at the age of 16. Thank goodness some of the old ones are still around. I am sick of trying to fine a "new" one that does not give me a headache. I am going back to the good stuff. If you are old enough to remember what that is,join ,me.

  • BLONDIE03/20/2007

    I have had many fragrances in my lifetime, but this is the only one besides Joy that I absolutely never tire of. There is nothing about it that ever offends. It is right for every age, every occassion, every season of the year..Honestly, I cannot imagine a more perfect choice for a signature for anyone who is looking for one. Loved it for 30 years.

  • SHARON02/26/2007

    This is without a doubt the most wonderful scent ever made. I wear it, bathe in it, have candles made with it, use it in the dryer ( take a linen hankie, spray it with EDT and throw it in the dryer with an unscented dryer sheet)and using the same method put it in my lingere drawers. It is my signature scent and has been for 30 years. My son says whever he smells it he thinks of times when I have cradled him when he woke from a nighmare and the scent alone comforted him. He is now 24 so I would say this fragrance has created a lot of memories for a very long time for very many people.

  • MARY01/30/2007

    For old and young, timeless, classic, feminine and lovely; I have been using it for 30 years; plan to use it 30 more!!! Lets hear it for Old Ladies!!!

  • NICOLE12/30/2006

    I'll agree with those saying it is somewhat "old-fashioned." It is-My grandmother used to wear it, and it reminds me of being a little girl. I certainly wouldn't wear it during the day or casually since I am 18 years old, but it would be a lovely, sophisticated scent for at night, a wedding, etc...

  • SHARON12/19/2006

    Worn it since I was 16. Never met a man who didn't love it as much as I do. Even if they hated it, it wouldn't matter to me. I adore it!

  • JULIETTE12/12/2006

    A fragrance that is somehow floral, yet spicy. One of the top fragrances in the world...complex, sophiticated...yet soft. I wore it exclusively for a while. It is however a fragrance that many women can't seem to "pull" off-I think it might be the complexity of the fragrance.

  • GREEKGIRL08/03/2006

    When i think of a true french perfume, i think of this one, its spicy and sexy and smells very french, also Nocturnes from Caron and Paris YSL are others that come to mind for their parisian aromas, my hubby bought this one back from overseas for me, so it also holds special memories of that time. Love it always.

  • SHERRY BRANHAM07/24/2006

    I had a sitter when my children were very young. I visited her some 20 years and her married daughter dropped by to visit. She called to her Mom and asked if I was there. She remembered my fragrance.

  • MICHELLE07/24/2006

    I'm 38 and have worn this fragrance for years. I love that it goes on fresh and light and then, throughout the day, the scent seems to warm up. It is great for day and night wear. This will always be my signature scent

  • ANGELIQUE07/02/2006

    This has a very soft scent; it's soft and creamy like a body lotion. It's nice, but at times I find it just a little too creamy for me. Sometimes I yearn for a little something extra just to take that creaminess out of it. In saying this, however, I can't really fault it. It does smell soft and feminine, and it's scent lingers in the nicest way possible, but a little less cream and a bit more tang would do the trick for me.

  • RITA06/28/2006

    Maybe it's me, but I find it smells slightly of cloves and that puts me off although I have to say it smells nice on some women..........

  • SMILEY :D04/14/2006

    Hi everyone!! To me it's a rather unpleasant perfume, which I usually smell on old people. But the smell also has some kind of oldness, datedness in it. Too sharp, too sour, too peppery. I can always notice if someone wears this and try to get away from her as much as I can :). I am very surprised that so many of you so much adore it and find it the best perfume in the world coz I cannot see anything great or special about it. Weird, coz for some reason it is one of the fragrance classics...howewer I guess it's one thing that is really great about it for sure: the bottle design! lol ps.: if you want a truly fabulous, feminine and delicious fragrance from nina ricci try premier jour!! You cannot go wrong with that one!!

  • JUNE04/14/2006

    I've been wearing this fragrance for 35 years. My Grandmother gave me my first bottle when I was 16. I've tried so many others, but always come back to this one. It is my absolute favorite. I honestly don't know what's not to love about it.

  • PIA03/20/2006

    I remember the TV ad in the 80's and the song"L'Air du Temps,something is in the air,L'Air du Temps,lovely savoir faire".La la la........ Beautiful ,gentle,ladylike carnation fragrance.

  • LEELEEYA03/19/2006

    nice fragarance, although little strong when you first apply. Very French smelling perfume. Lasts a very long time and a little strong.

  • DEBBIE03/02/2006

    It is the most wonderful fragrance for any age, I have been using it for over 30 years.

  • MAIRE01/29/2006

    It actually does last, but I think maybe on oneself you stop smelling it. Maybe thats why sometimes women wear tooooo much perfume. They stop smelling it on themselves and think no one else can smell it either. Same comments have been made about Creed. And I can tell you my husband wears it and I have to reassure him, no honey believe me, I can still smell this!! A woman I work with wears L'air du Temps and it seems incredibly lasting. Nice comforting smell that is warm and a clean floral at the same time and has some spicey geranium. Makes me think of my old first grade teacher who was lovely!

  • LYNN R01/03/2006

    I think this is one of the lovliest perfumes on the market. I would recommend it to anyone. It's very light and clean.

  • KATHY01/02/2006

    I discovered this one almost 29 years ago, right after my first son was born. My how time flies! For that reason this brings back nice memories. The problem with this perfume is that it seems to have waaaay to much alcohol content in it, no staying power. I always noticed that men seemed to be taken aback by this one, not sure why. I didn't over use but I think with all the alcohol it came across as sharp for the time that you could smell this one.Too bad, this could of been a classic had it been made better. I do love the fragrance though, but quit buying it years ago.

  • DENNIS12/29/2005

    That is who I am reminded of whenever I catch a rare whiff of this scent on an unsuspecting female neck. Not many women wear it in the throwaway 2000's, sad to say. If you're going to wear this scent, buy it in its truest form, the parfum extrait. It has a way of melding with the skin's body oils to create a warm, soapy loveliness on whoever wears it.

  • MAYA12/09/2005

    This is yet another 'classic' I would never be able to wear due to the overload on carnation note... For me carnation either makes it or breaks it... and in this case it kills the whole thing. I know, I know there are many, many women who love and wear this scent BUT I am not saying anything about that. All I am saying is that for me this is one of the most dreadful scents out there. Not is it only a floral but the carnation is so predominant the whole opening just falls apart for me... Just not my thing...

  • *BARBARA W*12/02/2005

    This is my aunt's favorite perfume, and I smelled it on her all the time growing up (and didn't like it), so maybe it's a bad memory thing...but I just can't like this one. It's way too sharp and flowery for my taste, but if you like that kind of fragrance, you will probably love this one! Just please use a light hand...

  • KATHY Z.11/04/2005

    I have loved this scent for 30 years. I love the spiciness for the fall season. A classic. Beautiful and feminine.

  • CHARLOTTE09/26/2005

    For those of you who comment that this is too spicy, try Windsong. It is a drug store perfume now, but back in it's day it was considered very nice. It is also an oldie but goodie. It has very similar properties to du Temps, but not so heavy on the spice and the dry down is extremely soft and sexy. Either one of these perfumes are the best for daytime or summertime, especially in hot climates. Wore them both in my youth in the 70's and still love both today.

  • SUE C09/16/2005

    This fragrance was designed for young women but is now a much loved classic and can be worn by any age if you are feminine and refined. My great Aunt aged 91 wears this beautifully, she is attractive, active and seems to go to more parties than I do! L'air du Temps is unique for its subtle but delicate blend of spices, always makes you feel beautiful and is lovely as a wedding fragrance. It is very French and has remained a top-seller for a very long time. I come back to it every few years because I love its uniqueness and the glamourous packaging, often changing, is always a treat. No wonder it is popular as a gift. If you are not at all ladylike or refined this scent will not suit you.

  • D.J.08/16/2005

    i recently posted a rating on lolita lelmpicka. at the time is said i just loved it, but i must add since that posting I am going to say just one thinkg. It just doesnt last on me. Then passing a woman at the mall i got a whiff of nina ricci and said to myself. why bother with other scents. this has been a favorite of mine for years and guess what, I'm going right back to it. Its just so good to smell it. lol

  • SUSAN07/23/2005

    In these times of so many excellent choices I continue to choose only this one, not so simple a fragrance for myself. Never wear a scent that does not remind you of your gender and highest purpose. Fits me perfectly.

  • FRAN FINE07/14/2005

    I like the fragrance don't get me wrong but it does not last. Smells great for about 15 minutes and then its gone. No wonder they are discontinuing it. Its a shame but people want bang for their buck nowdays. And a fragrance that you have to keep reapplying is not a good value no matter how great it intially smells.

  • ANNE06/30/2005

    From the messages posted, it seems that this scent evokes a lot of memories. There is something old-world about it, make no mistake. But that's okay; it just depends on your persepctive. I've just bought an EDT spray and there is certainly is a difference between this and the dab-on mini that I also have. The spray has a synthetic smell to start with, but it settles down. Has anyone else noticed this kind of difference between sprays and splashes?

  • BUNNY06/23/2005

    Hey I had been reading the posts about finding fab fragrances at Big/Odd Lots and I found this one. I loved it! It really works for me!

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    Had this scent as a young woman, and tired of it a bit. Just rediscovered it again at age 47, and am enjoying it again! The scent turns rather powdery on me, which is not my favorite part of this scent, but I still like it.

  • KAREN S.04/22/2005

    Sorry I know it's a popular classic but it makes me feel bad pyschologically! Maybe I encoutered a horrible teacher when little who wore this as it triggers horrible feelings... It's certainly recognisable as an old perfume thankfully not so popluar these days! Isn't it funny how the sense of smell is so entwined with emotion?

  • DOLLY04/08/2005

    My mom likes.. I don't I f I want to smell like powder... I'll just will take the beby powder of my nephew & wear it.

  • ROSIE POSIE03/29/2005

    This has been my signature scent for the past thirty years and I don't feel dressed unless I'm wearing it. Whenever I meet anyone else who has it on I revel in its delicate sweetness. Unlike some perfumes, it is never overwhelming but remains like a delicious subtle surprise for anyone getting within a certain range. I have always received regular compliments from friends and strangers alike on how nice I smell. I've tried other perfumes from time to time (Chanel No. 5, Amarige, Bellodgia) but this is a scent to love for a lifetime. I never tire of the pretty yellow packaging either.

  • CHRISTOBELLE02/20/2005

    You don't have to be a "non-feminine" woman to think this smells oldfashioned. My husband said "Smells okay, but old". There are many new perfumes that i don't care for, smell too synthetic, etc, or just like more of the same of all the other stuff out there. I do like this perfume and it holds a special place in my memory.

  • SARA02/16/2005

    This perfume is not dated it is an absolute classic. Many aggressive women may not like it, but if you are sophisticated and femanine it is just for you. This perfume is my favorite. My brothers fiance gave it to me when i was young and i crave it.

  • GRACE02/03/2005

    Bought EDT and find it synthetic-smelling and dated. Ok, but dated. I dislike the sharp, spice note that dominates after drydown. Can barely detect individual flowers...except carnation perhaps. Is EDP and parfum very different to EDT?

  • MOIRE02/02/2005

    Interesting that some people get offended by your saying that this perfume smells old fashioned or "dated" to you. I think it is one of the loveliest of perfumes AND it also smells oldfashioned to me.

  • CHRISTINA02/02/2005

    hmm. I still stand by my comments. this perfume, whenever it was created, smells lovely but old fashioned now. Dated if you will. Fashions do come and go, and this perfume has lasted a long time, which proves it has quality. AND it was extremely popular in the 70's. I still think its lovely. just would go for something else now. sometimes its time to change that hairstyle girl!

  • PERFUME LOVER12/30/2004


  • SARA12/29/2004

    This perfume is great for all ages. I love the soft dreamy scent. This scent suits a woman who is sexy & sweet, not aggressive. If you want a perfume that will not fade in and out of style get this one.

  • SHARRIE12/22/2004

    magick in the air. a dreamers dream come true. ahead of the times. dreamy. wonderful. s shadow of angels wing around me.

  • DIANNA12/16/2004


  • ROBIN11/19/2004

    Based on descriptions here and elsewhere, I was sure I'd love it. So I bought a small bottle unsniffed. It had that same "old fashioned" note that Chanel #5 has...not sweet, not flowery, just kind of chemical and unpleasant. Too bad.

  • KAREN10/20/2004

    This is lovely-smells a bit like "cherry lips" sweets. Has a wonderful effect on my husband!

  • LYNNBEE10/15/2004

    No wonder I like this fragrance so much and have for years! Like me, it too is "lovely but dated"

  • NATALIE10/10/2004

    It just smells like soap. Nice bottle design, but the fluid inside just makes me sick.

  • N.C.09/06/2004

    I sat next to a girl in my college class who wore this. I finally asked her for the name, never heard of it before. It is a very beautiful fragrance, and I have never smelled it on anybody before which makes it unusual. I am putting it on my x-mas list. I don't think of little old ladies when I smell this, I think it is a lovely overlooked and forgotten perfume.


    I just bought my first bottle of lu air du temps, and I fell in love. This is the prettiest and most clean scent. I just love the smell of this perfume. It is so femine and fresh.

  • MELISSA JILL08/04/2004

    This is my all time favorite fragrance and it has been since I was 16. I'm 27 now and although I've tried all kinds of fragrances from L'Artisan, to Diptyque, to Guerlain, to Chanel ,to Caron, to etc., L'Air du Temps is still my very favorite. I don't think of it as strictly an older persons scent. It's just so easy for me to wear, this one! It's peppery carnation blended with rose, faint jasmine, and then the slightly bitter dry down to sandalwood is just (sigh) perfect for me. Those who love the foody, fruity or trendy scents will likely be disapointed here. It does smell like the "classic" that it is. Perhaps that's why people think it smells "old". Most classics do have a little age on them don't they? :-) I often wonder why so many people think of "old" as an insult anyway! If L'Air du Temps has been around this long there must have been something done right! If you like spicy florals, and particularly a carnation note, try it! You might love it too! If you're like me, you'll wear it and sigh.

  • VALERIE08/03/2004

    I love this sent, my grandmother wore it when she was alive and I remember her everythime I wear it. It is a nice evening fragrance that is timeless...

  • CHRIS07/28/2004

    I''ve got news for you - this fragrance debuted in 1948, not 1970. Why not read the wonderful descriptions provided here by the Perfume Emporium before making an incorrect comment?


    I worked with a co-worker who wore this fragrance. She smelled soooo wonderful. This is a classic smell that will never go out of style. I will purchase this fragrance for myself. I am honored to wear such a timeless fragrance!

  • CAROL05/25/2004

    This scent has been a favorite of mine for years. Very pretty, soft and makes me feel special. I feel very confident, feminine wearing this one.

  • CHRISTINA05/23/2004

    this was a lovely perfume and I wore it in the 70's, when it was fresh and new. a totally airy, light but warm sent. I realize different perfumes smell differently on people, but it is hard to imagine someone saying this one is overpowering. I still love the smell of it, but it feels too dated to me, because it was such a popular scent then. Perhaps it is a little synthetic, compared to the way most perfumes smell these days, but it is synthetic in the way White Linen is- another one I love that also feels a little dated to me. But both of these are memorable perfumes that were fresh, new and unique when they were created and very loved.

  • MRSMYSTICHIPPY05/12/2004

    I got my first bottle of L'Air Du Temps for Christmas when I was 18. To this day, I associate that smell with Christmas and it never fails to make me feel good ")

  • LAURA04/08/2004

    My Mother has worn this all my life. I think it smells so beautiful and clean. It makes me remember when she used to rock me before/after my naps when I was a small child. Even though I am almost 22, it still brings me a comforting feeling. I will forever associate this fragrance with my wonderful , loving mother. When I hug her I just breath her perfume in. Whenever I miss her I go to the perfume counter and smell it, it makes me feel she is right next to me.

  • NEL03/07/2004

    Hi CAT, you are right that L"air du temps is changed,i was just surfing the net and i found ( L"AIR DU TEMPS GOLD ) must be new,i have not smelled it yet.

  • NIGELLA02/06/2004

    The most important thing to know about fragrances: never base your opinion of a fragrance on what it smells like after 5 minutes. This does come across deceptively spicy at first. Let the fragrance develop on your skin-this can take over an hour depending on the weather and your skin type. The drydown is so soft, warm and gentle. You'll see!

  • AVA02/04/2004

    Is anyone aware of of the formula for L'Air du Temps changing? I received a perfumed insert with a credit card bill a few months ago stating that the formula had been changed to make it lighter and crisper. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke...

  • CAT01/29/2004

    A few months ago I received an insert in one of my credit card statements for the "new" L'Air du Temps - it said the fragrance had been slightly changed. Is anyone aware of this? The paper was scented with the "new" formula and it did smell a little lighter. This can't be true! I love this fragrance! It's so unique.

  • SOPHIE12/26/2003

    Just a comment after I read the negative messages here. L'Air du Temps is not for old ladies. It is fresh and young. I fell in love with this fragrance when I was 17, used it for 5 years and then switched to Pleasures and Dolce Vita which just appeared in 1985. I am now 30 and I still love L'Air du Temps (along with Dolce Vita and Pleasures). I think it can be the best first perfume, very tasteful and elegant, never too strong. I think Pleasures is a charming floral smell but it is stronger than L'Air du Temps. I love peonies in Pleasures, while L'Aire du Temps bears a unique note of bergamot which is very rare to find. This is the personality of L'Aire du Temps. It reminds me of Earl Grey tea (also one of my favourites). If you think L'Aire du Temps is too strong/aggressive, my advice is use just one splash on your wrists (pulse points), it will be very delicate and will not be spoilt by perspiration even in hot climates/weather. DON'T spray it (or any other perfume) on your neck or clothes, or hair. L'Aire du Temps is a charming soft fragrance. It is timeless. I agree with all the positive comments.

  • SOPHIE12/26/2003

    L'Air du Temps means The Air/Flow of Time or to be more precise I feel it should be translated into English as the Spirit of Time. The two birds represent the lightness with wich time flies. I think the name and the packaging suit the light-hearted fragrance of this charming perfume. I adore the bergamot notes in it. Feather-light, it can never be inaproppriate or out-dated. This perfume can fly with the time. This was my first French designer perfume, a gift from my Mum for the New Year/ Christmas and I still love it! Back then, it had a cute splash bottle, and I enjoyed it much more than the spray. It is a magnificent perfume! Strongly recommend it to all ages! You'll feel uplifted and really fly with the time if you wear L'Air du Temps!!!

  • LOUISE12/23/2003

    My mom had a beautiful bottle of this when I was little -- it was a white plastic bottle, with an intricate pattern embossed on the sides. It smelled to me like the very essence of grown-up-ness. I don't think I'd wear it myself, but the fragrance always brings back pleasant memories of my childhood, fantasizing about being a beautiful, glamorous woman like my mom. :-)

  • TESHA12/18/2003

    I have been wearing this since the early `70's and although I do wear other fragrance, this is the best, it's light, crisp, sensual, and totally delightful. I give it for gifts and love to get it as one. I must admit I buy it more for myself; for myself, but for my husband who always kisses my neck when I'm wearing it. Merry Christmas.

  • LORI12/08/2003


  • DIMMA GREECE12/01/2003

    One of the first frangrances i wore... I used to steal it from my mom as she never was very excited with perfumes.(but my sister and me were really perfume maniacs!!!) I remember it as a wonderful scent floral and spicy,ending with a nice peppery -powdery note that i adored.I "stole" 2 big size bottles from mom, (given as gifts to her) i bought then myself one or two times.. Thinking of it it`s a pity that i have so many years to wear it .I think i must buy it again. Something that i liked very much in it was that it made me fell really grown up(as i was 17 when i first tried it) but in youthfull way!!!

  • CHRISSY11/25/2003

    This is a lovely scent. Of course it is a classic. Its very soft and feminine. Its not the modern citrusy or ocean inspired type of thing. The packaging is some of the most exqiusite one the market still. Its powdery and soft. If you are the girly girl type you should love this. I always can smell the carnation note in this one. Anything that can endure time and so much competition has to be good.

  • FIONA11/16/2003

    There is an overwhelming choice of perfumes out there and I do wish I could find a more fashionable or different signiture scent, but I keep coming back to this. I love it. Makes me think of spring. It's beautiful and comforting. Don't usually like florals, but this has a subtle spice.

  • RAINFAERIE11/16/2003

    Something 'matronly' about this one; carnations, cloves, Pastilles candy, faintly camphor...dried down very tart and unpleasant on me. Will not buy it again.

  • DOTTIE11/03/2003

    Compliments come easily. Love it.

  • ELLA10/31/2003

    Clean, flowery and fresh with a spicy dry down that lasts all day. I love it.

  • CHERYL10/28/2003

    I have a 1.7 oz bottle of EDT (NOT a spray) which is almost gone. I've searched high & low for L'air in a regular bottle and can't find it. Don't they package it that way anymore? The sprays are used up WAY too fast.

  • MILENA10/24/2003

    Sorry, not for me. Too much strong.

  • OCTOBERGIRL10/21/2003

    I got a sample of it and I strongly dislike it. I can't find anything nice in it. This one lacks personality so desperatelly!!!!!

  • JOYCE09/23/2003

    My husband gave me this for Christmas many years ago. It remains a dear and precious remembrance of him and our life together.

  • BENITA09/07/2003

    This is the only scent I have used for many years. It is not too heavy to be annoying to others and I feel young and feminine when I wear it.

  • DENNIS/LE BON VIVANT08/18/2003

    I knew a woman in the 70's who wore this exclusively. She was slightly older than myself, yet I couldn't help but not follow her around everywhere. This perfume has a definite hypnotic effect on the senses. Makes you want to get closer, as it scents the skin uniquely. This is one perfume that will never smell exactly the same on any two women. Which is an even better thing if you are seeing more than one woman at a time. LOL ;)

  • MARY K.08/04/2003

    What a beautiful, classy fragrance this one is! Very distinctive; no one could mix this up with another perfume!! There are so many that smell alike these days! I hope this stays around forever!

  • LINDA05/23/2003

    I'm looking for the powder of this: L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci, pleasae let me know if anyone knows where it can be found.

  • GOLDENLADY05/07/2003

    This is a nice fragrance, if you like a spice note to your florals, but I have smelled it on so many women, over the years, that when I tested it again recently, it smelled like I was wearing someone else on my skin. Never would purchase, on account of that. Nice bottle, though.

  • JOY05/07/2003

    I love this scent. I wear EDP. I would like it a little stronger though. It's just so feminine and romantic.......


    This is a good, romantic, warm and sophisticated fragance, I would go down on my knees for a girl wearing it. Trust me.

  • TEDDY04/10/2003

    Have use for years. Use nothing else

  • TAMMY03/09/2003

    A soft delicate romantic scent. You are beautiful with this one behind your ears.....

  • SIERRA02/27/2003

    Classic and great fragrance!

  • APRIL02/13/2003

    Pretty powdery flora with carnations....

  • KATHY G.01/04/2003

    Here's the thing: I don't really care for this fragrance much. BUT.....whenever I have worn it, I got compliments galore from everyone. Men and women, the young and the old, all love this one on me for some reason. When I used to wear it in an office I worked in, one of the men used to come by my desk just to inhale this scent. He even used to send over other guys to smell my perfume! I had one of my daughters give me some for Christmas a couple of years ago, thinking that I'd start wearing it again since it's always been a sure fire hit on me. But I have so many other scents that I like myself, that I just don't get around to wearing this one much. I like a perfume that I can enjoy smelling on myself, and L'Air Du Temps doesn't cut it for me. Kind of ironic, huh?

  • JEANNE12/19/2002

    I started using this fragrance 37 years ago and I am still using it. Not many fragrances today that can be layered: bath gel, body cream, lotion,powder, toilette water & Parfum. It's the greatest!

  • MEGAN MARSTON12/07/2002

    This is a very feminine fragrance. However, my chemisty embraces the powdery note which smells like deoderant on me. My co-worker is obsessed with this scent and it smells more floral on her. She's lucky. I think L'Air Du Temp is really supposed to smell floral on its users not like Secret baby powder deoderant. L'Air Du Temps is the fragrance that one of Astrid's foster mothers wears in the novel White Oleander. She's lovely, refined, dreamy, feminine and fragile. Read this book if you get the chance. Loved the reference to L'Air Du Temps.

  • MARIE11/19/2002

    L'Air Du Temps real perfume in the 1oz Lalique (sp?)Crystal bottle with the dove on top was given to me for Christmas in the late 70's. At the time, I thought it was a "new" fragrance. Just learned recently that it has been around since the 40's?! What a true classic. I love it and the memories. It is spicier than I usually like but that makes it perfect for me for winter, Christmas, and/or evening-special -occasion wear. I think I might put this on my wish list from Santa. Oh, by the way, I still have that (empty) lovely bottle. It is one of my "treasures"

  • JASMINE11/19/2002

    The top notes come off quite strong and spicy so some may find it harsh if they don't wait it out. The drydown is light and airy, a good fragrance for a hot climate. Feminine and romantic.

  • TIGRUSHKA11/06/2002

    Every time I encounter this smell I start to sneeze, very violently, which is weird because this isn't very strong fragrance and basically I find it very boring.

  • JUDY10/25/2002

    I have tried just about every fragrance out there. I ALWAYS come back to this one. It makes me feel complete. I get so many compliments. I LOVE this fragance!!!!!!!!

  • DAWN10/09/2002

    I think the fact that it's been around since 1948 says it all. It's a classic, soft, floral, very feminine fragrance. And I do not believe, as some have stated, that this is a nice gift for grandma. It's a timeless and ageless fragrance - it's perfect for a young teenage girl as well as a more mature woman. I've been wearing it since the mid-80's and I wish I had started wearing it sooner!

  • KATHLEEN09/30/2002

    Makes me feel like a princess when I spray this on! So Pretty!

  • ROSE09/25/2002

    So Pretty...Soft,Powdery...delicate floral...carnations...heavenly...just love it...

  • DENISE09/23/2002

    She wore this all her life, I like it because it reminds me of her. I don't think the perfume deserves a special place in the world, though

  • VICKI09/15/2002

    This is my absolute favorite and has been since high school. The beautiful floral fragrance dances across mosses and woods. A totally enchanting French floral, I find that men adore it. So many florals have a drydown that sours after many hours. This one stays enchantingly fresh all day and into evening.

  • EMILY09/11/2002

    My grandmother always had a really pretty glass bottle of this on a tray in her bathroom (it must have been about fifty years old), and when I was little every time I went in there I'd smell it. I'm 20 and I still like it . . . although usually only on occasions when I'm trying to be really ladylike. :) It's a very timeless scent.

  • LYNN08/29/2002

    Nice gift for grandma,

  • MYRTLE08/18/2002

    Love this fragrance, others compliment me when I wear it. Would love to have an old based perfume or cologne in a small roll on to carry with me.

  • LINDA B.07/23/2002

    I have been using this fragrance since 1975, when I was 29 years old, and though I have tried other, more expensive brands, I always come back to L'air du Temps. It is the nicest, cleanest, softest fragrance I have found. It may not be just right for everyone, but for me, it is perfect. When I wear it, I always receive comments about the wonderful fragrance I leave as I pass by. I love the way I can trust it to still work hours after I put it on, and try this--use it just before you go out to work in your flower garden or anything that might make you perspire. No one will complain!!!!

  • NICOLE07/19/2002

    I learned to appreciate it after trying so many new fragrances that I am sure won't be around in 50 years. It made its proofs since 1948.... Now I have a bottle of it and I find it's great for the summer.

  • INES06/25/2002

    Can't help it - it is just horrible for me!!! I expected a tender floral, but all I can notice is a terrible artificial, synthetic smell. This is the first on my *top ten* of the worst perfumes.

  • IZABEL06/07/2002

    I love this parfume!j'aime bien L'Air Du Temps!Smells so unique and good!Every woman that wants to have succes on a date should wear it! It is also a perfect scent for a romantic night...

  • BETHANY06/07/2002

    Initially it smells good,clean,warm-like a high class floral should. The dry down (as some others have already described)ruins this fragrance for me. It really does smell synthetic after it drys down.Thank you to the people who posted about this-I wore this back in my teens and I thought I was just being overly sensitive. LOL! If the company could keep the initial smell and get rid of the synthetic dry down smell this would be a wonderful scent.

  • A.06/03/2002

    I love this scent. It's both clean and warm. Very sophisticated. There's gardenia in here, and it's just magic in combination with the other elements. EDP is better than EDT for true, rich scent. EDT seems a little chemical-y.

  • LISA05/07/2002

    Never cared for this one AT ALL...

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    don't like the peppery bit.

  • BARBARA03/03/2002

    My first bottle of L'Air Du Temp was a gift for which I'll always be thankful! The fragrance is the epitome of "classy lady". I'll always want to be just that!

  • LIZ02/27/2002

    This has always been a bit overwhelming for each his own

  • LINDA02/23/2002

    It's a classic and one of my very favorites. The one word "classic" sums it up--it has a large following of fans and that speaks volumes in itself. One beautiful, feminine fragrance! A classy fragrance for classy women. The new fragrances all seem to be taking a fruity theme. This fragrance is pure flowers and spices. It takes a refined woman to appreciate this refined scent. It's not for kids.

  • LINDA K.02/20/2002

    Just love it! My husband chose this scent for me as a anniversary gift 28 years ago. I've worn it ever since, and although I wear other scents occasionally, I consider L'Air Du Temps my signature fragrance. Over the years, I've received numerous compliments from men and woman. No matter what other scents I've worn, I never got as many compliments as I did wearing L'Air Du Temps. It's light, fresh, feminine and subtle. To be honest, I just cannot find anything I like better.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    Seemed like all the older ladies wore this fragrance in the 70s. I never cared for it.

  • PAREE02/06/2002

    I have worn this fragrance for many years and always come back to it; received many many compliments on it from men and women; it is light and clean, fresh smelling; always reminds me of springtime!!

  • GAIL01/30/2002

    I've always thought this perfume smelled good. It reminds me a little of Windsong, but much better!!

  • KRISTINA01/16/2002

    I'm sorry to say that, Caroline, but I'm very sensitive to fragrances, too, and I CAN'T STAND L'Air Du Temps. For me it is an extremelly harsh, agressive, unpleasant smell...and I'm so surprised about the posts about how soft it is! On me it is just opposite.

  • CAROLINE01/15/2002

    I highly recommend this fragrance for people that have very sensitive noses but want to wear perfume. This has been my mother's signature fragrance ever since I can remember and she is very sensitive to smell (she's so sensitive she won't eat food with garlic in it). When I sold fragrance, I recommended it to a woman who complained about her sensitive nose and she kept coming back for L'air. My friend also is VERY sensitive and this is one of the few perfumes she can stand to wear.

  • LINA K.12/29/2001

    I got my first bottle of L'Air du Temps when I was 17. I got it from my mother, and I loved it. The scent is so sweet, floral, romantic and sexy - it's just adorable! I have worn many perfumes before and after this first encounter with L'Air du Temps. Among these perfumes are Anais Anais, Chanel 5, several Estee Lauder products etc.. And guess what. Most compliments I've got, I've always got when wearing L'Air du Temps! Both men and women seem to love it. Several people have complimented it.. no wonder..! I have 2-3 favourite perfumes, they keep me coming back to them and wearing them again and again. L'Air du Temps is one of these. I may use a bottle of something else, but in the end I think that there is nothing more feminine, sexy, soft and romantic than L'Air du Temps. It suits me, it's like big celebration of femininity. If you are a feminine woman, sophisticated and sweet and kind and soft, then buy this one. It doesn't suit to a person who is tough, cheap, harsh and aggressive.. No no..

  • OLIVIA12/24/2001

    I was allured by its name first, and this type of bottle was inexpensive so I bought it. It was said that after the World War II, Nina Ricci realized that women's lives were changed, they needed a new image which show their confidence and yet soft enough to heal their wounds after the war. But to me, L'Air Du Temps doesn't fulfill this role. It's powdery floral, and doesn't last on me. It's disappointing.

  • THINK PINK12/20/2001

    Right Aimee: glue and hairspray. I can't stand it!

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Aromatic; Red wine; herb; Elmers Glue; hairspray.

  • NONI12/19/2001


  • ANDREA G.12/09/2001

    Some of you like it, some don't. That's normal - that is why there are so many fragrances today in the world (lucky we!) - so that we can choose. I don't like L'Air Du Temps. It is harsh, overpowering, terribly artificial floral, very unpleasant to my nose. I would never buy it as a present to anyone, not even to my grandmother. AND YES - I BELIEVE THAT Ms. Kennedy deffinitely wore some other fragrances, too. Don't be so fascinated about the thing that she got that for a present! She got many perfumes for a present!


    It's the only fragrance I keep coming back to again & again!

  • PAREE12/07/2001

    Light, spicey, floral, clean smelling; received so many compliments over the years. This one is tried and true. Always love it.

  • PAREE12/07/2001

    Chauncy: This IS the net; for Patricia; I too just like Carolyn, have worn this fragrance for many years and received many compliments on it. To each her own; but this one is tried and true; Jackie O. had excellent taste and that is good enough for me as well.

  • BRYANA12/03/2001

    I agree with others that it is a fresh scent. The reason I tried it is because it has jasmine, gardenia, carnation and sandalwood in it. I can definately smell the carnation. This is not a sickly sweet smelling floral. I did find it a little strong. I'm pretty sure that my grandmother wore this perfume or something similar. Because of this it makes me think of this perfume as a great one for older women. I asked my husband if he liked it, and he told me that I had worn other perfumes that were more suited to me. I have to agree, but I do believe this one would be great for some others.

  • MELISSA11/25/2001

    This has a very clean, lotiony smell that's perfect for those who don't want a sweet, strong or flowery fragrance. In a way it reminds me of White Linen, but L'Air du Temps is much more refined. It dries down to a pure, powdery base. Very nice if you like a clean scent.

  • TAJANA11/14/2001

    soft. musky. would better suit a older person .

  • PATRICIA10/06/2001

    I'm sure that Jackie tried many other fragrances. You should try, too. Especially if you use only L'Air Du Temps and if this is still your favorite!

  • CAROL VAN HORN10/06/2001

    I have worn this perfume for years and it is still my favorite. I have always received many compliments from men and women. Several men liked it because it was not so overpowering and heavy like other scents. It was first given to me by a boyfriend many years ago and he told me that this was the scent that De Gaule gave to Jackie Kennedy when she visited France and if it was good enough for Jackie it would be good for me:) Carol

  • VIKI10/05/2001

    It seams that I'm the only one here who don't like it. I couldn't believe that one typical floral can be so overpowering. It's kind of sharp and heavy on me, and I don't like it at all. For me it is the worst of all the famous, well-known old fragrances.

  • EVONE09/29/2001

    This was the first nice perfume I ever received. I got it as a high school graduation gift. So this fragrance even though I no longer wear it is very sentimental to me. It was sweet and nice... perfect for me at that time. (ha ha)!

  • ELLEN09/24/2001

    L'air Du Temps is a beautiful,classic fragrance. It's never too heavy, and although light, it stays with me, and all of the products, i.e. body lotion, are wonderful. It has that little hint of spice-carnation-and is perfect for day and evening. I grew up with this fragrance and still love it, today.

  • MARY09/22/2001

    how can you not want to wear this scent? light, yet lasting...a scent that definitely leaves an impression. has been my favourite for many, many years. i have powder, bath lotion and body lotion. a scent one can immerse themselves in without becoming "overwhelming."

  • MJ. RYAN08/28/2001

    have been wearing nina ricci for 24 years. Du Temps is favorite.. love it always.....

  • MJ. RYAN08/28/2001

    have been woring nina ricci for 24 years. d' temps is favorite.. love it always.....

  • ANNE08/26/2001

    My brother brought this home to me when he was in Europe YEARS ago. How did he know that it would become my favorite....instantly! Soft, clean, sexy, and feminine.I have been stopped countless times and asked "what am I wearing?" men and women. To be honest, some of the men (they were already taken) shouldn't of "tarried" so long at the back of my neck!

  • VICKI07/17/2001

    Nice Clean Awesome Smell. I love it

  • LINDA05/06/2001

    I have been wearing this purfume since the 70's. I always have men come up to me and ask, would you be upset if I asked you to let me smell you up close? At first, I thought? WOW!!They are sick puppies!! But as the years go on, I guess, it is because it smells good.I had a guy at work tell me that it has a clean fresh smell. He wanted to know what it was ,so he could buy it for his wife..

  • ROZELLA DAVIS03/27/2001

    Dear Readers: Like you, I love this fragrance,its one of my favorites. It's sexy and drives the man wild. Thanks

  • SUE01/23/2001

    I have worn it 20 years, and many women now wear it that smelled it on me and won,t change and everyone including me it seems to make men like a love potion!!!!

  • AMBER01/09/2001

    A scents that lasts throughout the years, like it's name says, because it can be worn by young and older women. A light flowery smell, but with character.

  • SANDY11/30/2000

    This is a soft floral fragrance worn by three generation of women in my family. I started wearing it when I was sixteen and won't wear anything else. I consider this my "signature" fragrance.

  • DEB11/21/2000

    This is a demure, innocent fragrance; sort of a combination of powder and flowers.

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