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Byzance was created by Rochas in 1987 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of citrus, vanilla, musk, and white floral notes of jasmine and lily of the valley. A light and luminous scent composed of eastern and western flowers and fruits, with top notes of Mediterranean mandarin, cardamom, a heart of Turkish more

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Byzance was created by Rochas in 1987 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of citrus, vanilla, musk, and white floral notes of jasmine and lily of the valley. A light and luminous scent composed of eastern and western flowers and fruits, with top notes of Mediterranean mandarin, cardamom, a heart of Turkish rose, jasmine, tuberose, lily of the valley, and the woody-ambary bottom note of sandalwood, musk and vanilla.

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  • LESLIE NORMAN04/16/2016

    I have been using Byzance for over 15 years now. Obviously love the product...

  • RITA03/05/2015

    I love this perfume.... it's my signature perfume...

  • VIRGINIA01/09/2013

    Please bring byzance back! Out of all the perfumes out there byzance is the only one that rocks. It holds such good memories and is so sexy. Please reconsider!

  • TESSA DOEBELI12/13/2012

    I am now 65 and Byzance became MY PERFUME many years ago. Friends tell me that even in a darkened room they can "smell me out". It is a very important part of my life. It's me. I'm an adict. When I still had some, I'd dab it on b'day cards to my grand children so as they would recognise my aroma. Those days are gone.... How very sad.

  • DI12/13/2012

    Please bring Byzance back I wore it for the first time on my wedding day and it takes me back every time i wear it

  • ELAINE. LONDON UK11/21/2012

    One of the few perfumes that works for my cool skin so I've worn little else for 25 years. PLEASE bring it back!

  • BERNIE09/14/2012

    my understanding is that the l(iquid perfume) in the bottle is suppose to be pale blue when you dab a little on and then it turns clear this is the byzance that is made in France when i purchased the 3ml bottle it was brown when i dabbed some on????

  • BEVERLEY JONES09/08/2012


  • KARIN06/14/2012

    Please bring it back into our lives. Byzance is the only perfume that I have worn the last 30 years. I cannot find it any more in Pretoria South Africa I desperately need some!!

  • NATALIE05/22/2012

    Bring back Byzance PLLLLEEEASSSE

  • DENISE OHS05/03/2012

    I have worn this fragrance for years and was so dissapointed when I couldn't find anymore as I live in New Zealand. I was delighted to be able to get some here as it is a truly beautiful perfume. Hope I can get some more and stock up!

  • LAUREL04/02/2012

    I live in a sub tropical climate so at the moment this is a bit heavy. It is spicy and exoctic and I enjoy the dry down in preference to the initial application. Better for evening wear. It has very good staying power and maybe in winter I will like it more.


    I was pleased to find a Byzance Product still available and haven't been able to find anything similar to the perfume, since it was discontinued. The samples are very small and dont last as long on my skin as the original Byzance, but they are close enough to it to please me. Unfortunately the scent doesn't last very long on my skin and seem to be watered down with another substance/The product arrived in reasonable time thankyou.

  • MAEVE11/18/2011

    Please bring back Byzance. It is the most gorgeous perfume. It is totally unique. :)

  • AUDREY10/16/2011

    wonderful perfume iam desperate for more what s happened

  • CARM08/27/2011

    This is a lovely scent - one of my absolute favourites. Hopefully it will be available SOON!

  • CAROL SMITH05/26/2011

    i so miss this perfume !!! what happened to it ???? have worn it for 15 years !!!!!

  • MELANIE05/22/2011

    Loved this perfume, my all time favourite. Please make it again!

  • DIANA04/27/2011

    I have been using Byzance for over 20 years, and now I can't find it, I have been to Mexico, Honduras and I look for it in every perfume shop. What happened??? This is just a great fragrance, my husband bought me the first bottle in the Bahamas and he says that is my signature aroma. He wants it back!!!

  • CHEYNNE09/13/2010

    I hate this perfume, every time I smell it on a women I instantly fall in love with them! or maybe its just gorgeous women that wear it!, a truly intoxicating perfume, but please don't all go and buy it it would be too much to bear...

  • NAN02/02/2008

    "July 18, 2006 Rochas's Fashion House To Fold Rochas owner Proctor & Gamble is shutting down the French fashion house, according to a report in WWD. P&G will continue to sell fragrances under the Rochas name, but has decided . . . . . "

  • NAN02/02/2008

    "July 18, 2006 Rochas's Fashion House To Fold Rochas owner Proctor & Gamble is shutting down the French fashion house, according to a report in WWD. P&G will continue to sell fragrances under the Rochas name, but has decided . . . . . "

  • BARBARA11/25/2007

    This is an excellent choice as men seem to notice it first.. can not find the eau de parfum anywhere - most sites try to sell eau de toilette and it is not the same! Not falling for it! From Paris No. 03 2160 00 is registered there and on bottom of the box!

  • ARLENE06/20/2007

    My husband purchased this parfum for me 16 yrs. ago and now I can't buy it in the USA. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase the parfum. I can find the toilet but need to buy the parfum. Please help me locate Byzance parfum to purchase. Thank you kindly

  • LISAANDTHEWORD05/21/2007

    Loved it over 10 years ago, then it seemed too sweet. Now I try and love again! sim to Boucheron but less loud, mello wood helps it. fits well. My choice when I want a big powdery Amber/vanilla scent.

  • PERFUME NEWBIE01/04/2007

    My bottle of Byzance sprays blue as well. Then instantly disappears and dries clear. I am assured by the dept store I bought it from (huge chain of chemists) that it is authentic. The scents lasts almost 2 days through showering etc and has incredible depth and complexity. I wouldn't like to spray it onto a white dress because of the blue. Is this what the other reviewer meant by spraying blue? And do others experience the same? Surely counterfeit perfumes wouldn't have this amazing depth and lasting power.

  • PERFUME NEWBIE01/02/2007

    Do yourself a favour. If you see Byzance at your perfume department spray a little on your wrist! Just next time you're shopping around, try it. At first spray, the top notes were harsh and I immediately thought of bug spray and was disappointed. Then within 3 minutes it changed to this amazing sweet, earthy musky scent. And when I say amazing, I mean it. This perfume does not sit on your skin, but merges your own unique scent into its' own and the dry down is similar to Enigma for me because of its earthy, classy, sweet musk, exotic, hypnotic notes. Of course, Enigma wasn't for me because it smelt like an older style fragrance to me. But Byzance has that tiny touch of maturity to it. Elegance, class and beauty. As I continued walking out of the shopping centre at least two men's heads turned to watch me go and this amazing scent just wafted up all around me. I don't know how I kept missing this wonderful fragrance. Like I said, see the blue bottle, give yourself a quick spray on your wrist, not on a piece of card!

  • DOUWLENE07/29/2006

    I live in Africa an Love the smell of Byzance Perfume, but it doesn't get imported to South Africa any more (or so I'm told...) Can anyone help me as to where I can buy it Locally...

  • ANGELIQUE07/04/2006

    If you like: First (Van Cleef) Feminine (D&G) Cheap & Chic (Moschino) and POSSIBLY (a long shot here) L'air Du Temps (Nina Ricci) You'll like this. Although I'm not a perfume expert, to me there's a common note in all the above scents which Byzance contains. Jasmine perhaps? It's subtle, feminine, soft and floral. It's definitely not over-bearing or too powerful, yet has lasting power. This scent has the kind of notes I like, and although not for all tastes, I'd put this up there with my favourites. I prefer scent's that blend in well with my own chemistry, rather than those horrible suffocating scents that shout "Hey look at me I'm modern/different/daring!!!!!!!!!", and I love the way this smells on me. Although I received one or two compliments after spraying it on myself, it's the way I feel whilst wearing it that makes it special. I won't be wearing it as my signature scent just yet as I'm still on Moschino's Cheap & Chic (which at the moment I love too much to stop wearing). It's a shame some of you feel it smells 'cheap'. In my opinion it neither smells cheap or expensive - just beautiful!

  • JACQUELINE02/05/2006

    I am so thrilled to find a bottle of Byzance again. It's a beautiful hypnotic perfume, like no other and reminds me of Summer holiday evenings overseas. My bottle ran out some ten years back and I was only left with the lingering smell in the bottle, so hynotic that I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away - finally I can replace it and enjoy wearing it once again.

  • JUDY S.12/10/2005

    If I recall correctly, the sample of this was very pleasant. I plan to get another sample to be sure my memory is correct on this one; better than most.

  • DONNA10/25/2005

    I have been wearing Byzance for a long time and it remains my favourite. I have heard that Rochas will be discontinuing this fragrance and I am so disappointed. You can no longer buy the bath soap or body oil(to my knowledge.) It seems women have had a problem finding this fragrance since its birth. Women either love it or not. I can't get away from it! It's a devine scent, surely reserved for Goddesses.

  • SUE C09/08/2005

    I bought this lovely scent the other day and can't believe I ignored it for years, maybe I was too young to appreciate its beauty. Byzance contains rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, white stock, Mediterranean mandarin, musk, vanilla and sandalwood. The musk base is soft and powdery and not at all heavy. Byzance is glamorous and feminine and one of the few oriental (amber) scents meant to be worn all year round. Wear it with jewel colours and cyclamen pink as on the bottle. It shouldn't stain, so perhaps Alicia's is not genuine.Like all Rochas scents, this is a top quality fragrance.

  • DENTRY09/05/2005

    Totally unlike any other fragrance in that you will keep returning to it over the years. It doesn't push itself on you, it just waits for your return. But hard to find. Anyone have a good source?

  • DEBBIE08/29/2005

    I always get compliments from this perfume, especially from me. Whoever said this smells like dime store perfume has no taste at all. obviously.

  • SOPHIE05/07/2005

    I really like this scent, and have worn it off and on for years. (It would be rare for me to give 5 stars). To each their own on perfumes, but I wonder about the blue staining of which you speak. I've never noticed, and therefore wonder about the authenticity of the source for your bottle.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    Wow! Can't get much better than this one! Of course, with over 75 fragrances in my collection, how silly that must sound! This is mostly a fall/winter scent for me that I must admit, I have at times gotten away from. But, I always come back to it! It's an intriguing scent that is very alluring, unique, complicated and totally Mediterranean. Appeals to me on multiple levels. P.S. Tried the body lotion-YUCK! Smelled like old socks! Perhaps it was a bad bottle?

  • JENIFER04/28/2005

    This is the best fragrance ever! You can wear it to work And out at night. Very light and yet people can smell it. I used to get the parfum but can't seem to get parfum any more. Someone recgonized the similarity to Ysatis, and it's true! But Byzance is even better. And No, it doesn't stain your clothing! Been wearing it for many years. Best fragrance ever.

  • ANDREA03/04/2005

    Those of you who hate this perfume must have no taste whatsoever. Whoever said we must not be used to much - let me tell you - I have hundreds of perfumes and I have been wearing this one since it's launch. I always go back to it and now all my other fragrances have been shelved. This perfume ALWAYS gets compliments. I'm always being told how nice I smell. It's true - it is a man magnet! Nothing will ever come close to Byzance in my book.

  • LOLA12/16/2004

    I agree with the reviewers that say this smells cheap. Truly horrible, I had to wash it off.

  • BRON08/04/2004

    Most fragrances get lost on me and fade quickly. This has lasting power, the dry down is when I receive compliments and I am suprised that they can still smell it.

  • LLL07/16/2004

    This is a great scent: it's complex but understated, oriental but soft, earthy but light. Great! Yummy! SO glad I bought this. I only wish there were an Eau de Parfum.

  • ALICIA05/23/2004

    It sprays blue. Will stain your clothing. Smells cheap and dated...also too musky.

  • JUDEANN WILLIAMS05/08/2004

    I bought it in San Francisco when it first came out and I think this is one of the best that I wear, why, because I get the most compliments from men.

  • JULIE04/07/2004


  • JILL03/07/2004

    Sweet and yummy without being at all cloying. Clear and light, but deepened and balanced by a slight oriental touch. I've noticed a similarity to Ysatis on some people, but Byzance is much nicer.

  • S.S.03/04/2004

    Very underrated fragrance; the average person hasn't even heard of it. It's the only soapy oriental fragrance I've ever found -- somehow manages to be both clean and powdery, but not baby powdery. Soft and soothing, elegant and understated. A keeper.

  • VIOLETTA11/06/2003

    This has been my favorite for quite a few years but I was looking for a new smell for my wedding. I got so many compliments for this one but my boyfriend doesn't seem to like any perfume at all, just my own body smell.That frustrates me so I decided to look around. I ended up trying Sensi (pretty nice) and vera wang (hardly notice any smell) but I guess it will be back to good all Byzance for the wedding! You can't beat a winner. Such a warm, inviting smell, just yummie. On the lesser days a bit soapy though.

  • 00109/01/2003

    One of the softest, sexiest fragrances ever!

  • JOY05/27/2003

    I just got a mini EDP of Byzance. It is just beautiful. I like EDPs if possible to get; much less diluted. Just fabulous....

  • KITTI05/20/2003

    This perfume is a male magnet, espcially sophisticated men. I have the bath gel, the lotion and the perfume and I wear it all at night and the men go wild. They always tell me how good I smell.

  • LINDA 05/11/2003

    hauntingly unforgetable

  • MIKE02/07/2003

    a very elegant perfume

  • NICOLE02/06/2003

    Excellent. Very refined, subtle, light. I adopted it as my everyday fragrance. In the summer, I'll switch to Eau de Rochas which is from the same perfumer "Nicolas Mamounas". Therefore, I tried Madame Rochas and Tocade and I couldn't tolerate them. So, Byzance fits my sensitive nose.

  • SWEETIE01/22/2003

    Gosh you girls sure must not be used to much. This smells like cheap perfume and It smells like an old lady too. I gagged when I first put it on and my husband hated it too. Thanks a lot for recommending this one! Boy did I waste my money this time! It reminds me of youth dew perfume by estee lauder. Yuk!

  • MARIE11/22/2002

    I have been wearing Byzance for 16 years. I have tried other perfumes but I always go back to Byzance because I love it! It makes me feel awesome. It's my favorite and I have always received compliments when wearing it. It has always interested men - they find it sexy. Since I have moved to the U.S., people always ask me what I'm wearing and when I tell them it's Byzance, they have never heard of it but they love it too. Not easy to find it in this country.

  • ACHIKA11/09/2002

    Byzance is a wonderful scent. I first found it on my way back to Tokyo from Paris.

  • A.06/03/2002

    First tried this in S. of France 13 years ago. On me, it wasn't as spicy and heavy as some have described. It took on a refined quality. Balanced, glamorous, intriguing, this scent is a compliment-getter, but not my favorite over-all.

  • ELIZABETH05/27/2002

    Very sexy and men love it. -alot heavier than the description and lasts a long, long time--I consider this a "cold weather" scent. Spicy. Smells good on men too!

  • LINDA03/23/2002

    I almost don't want to tell other women how wonderful this scent is, because no one has ever heard of it. I first tried it when it debuted about 15 years ago and it is still my favorite, but is hard to find. It is very spicy, sexy, with a heavy eastern accent. Definitely not something that every woman will wear well.

  • STEPHANIE03/05/2002

    I'm afraid this just doesn't sit well with me; it ends up smelling like candy. Fortunately it looks like it works well for many others though.

  • DJ02/26/2002

    This is a very sexy scent. My husband gets freaky over this one. Worth checking out.

  • MICHELLE01/30/2002

    Try this beautiful scent, you will not be disappointesd.

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    1st try: sweet; gingery; light; green; youthful. 2nd try: warm spicy jasmine and rootbeer. Boyfriend's comment: hot metallic sodder.:\

  • LISA09/30/2001

    I cannot begin to tell Debbie how many men tell me how sexy I smell when I wear Byzance! Poor Debbie must really have a bad 'whiffer'. She will obviously never know what she is missing.

  • NURSE PEBBLES07/18/2001

    Yuk..this smells just like Elizabeth Taylor's "Passion" to me

  • SUE07/02/2001

    What is the difference between EDT & EDP?

  • KATHY06/05/2001

    Right after the birth of our 2nd daughter in June of 1990, my ex-husband was working in Paris for 3 weeks. He asked what would I like to get from there and I said "why perfume of course". He brought Byzance back to me. I still love Byzance, but I divorced him in 1992. Some things are worth keeping! LOL

  • JULIETTE MORELL05/04/2001

    This is by far the most incredible fragrance I have ever found. It has been my favorite since 1988 when I found it in St. Baarts. The compliments are endless.

  • ANASTASIA DEVINE03/19/2001

    I have loved this parfume since the first time that I smelled it! I can't seem to find it anywhere. I bought it in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 14 years ago and have not seen it since. HELP!!!

  • RHONDA03/14/2001

    I've been wearing Byzance perfume for over 12 years and an having a very difficult time trying to find the perfume and other assorted items anymore. Why is it not being imported along with other Rochas products anymore? This is the only perfume I have been able to wear without mega allery reactions. I love it because I get frequent compliments on it, mostly from men, and no one else has ever heard of it!

  • MICHELLE ENOS01/03/2001

    I would like to know if you sell byzance perfume?

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