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Designed by Davidoff in 1986, Zino Davidoff cologne for men is a luxurious, oriental, woody fragrance. This masculine cologne contains a blend of fresh, herbal scent with sweet floral mid-notes and low notes of sweet powdery wood. Zino cologne is recommended as an evening fragrance.

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Designed by Davidoff in 1986, Zino Davidoff cologne for men is a luxurious, oriental, woody fragrance. This masculine cologne contains a blend of fresh, herbal scent with sweet floral mid-notes and low notes of sweet powdery wood. Zino cologne is recommended as an evening fragrance.

  • TIEMO01/31/2017

    I'm using this perfume for 30 years and still getting compliments for the smell. Excellent perfume!

  • SOLOMON O ODIGIE05/15/2011

    I Love this product it is best.I have been wasting money on other products.

  • ROQ12/22/2010

    Simply perfect and misterious. Not like all new rubish scents. Sexy and dark, almost gothic. Grab it before will be too late...

  • DEE11/27/2009

    I really enjoy this fragrance on my husband. He is a very manly man, so I guess I don't think of him as "light in the loafers" at all when he wears this. Quite the contrary! After the powdery florals fade, what I smell is a very soft, earthy, exquisite patchouli note. When it's time for romance, Zino is THE ONE! By the way, my other favorites for him are Vetiver, Yatagan, Chanel, and Fig Leaf and Lime by Zen.

  • DILLON04/20/2007

    Zino has an annoying SWEETNESS to it that far outshines its other redeeming qualities. Overall, it comes across as rather girlish.

  • DMA03/30/2007

    I'm a big fan of Cool Water, so I decided to take a chance on Zino without having smelled it first. I am pleasantly surprised at how much I like this fragrance! It's reminiscent of something I can't quite put my finger on -- it is not sharp at all, rather powdery-woody, quiet and subtle.

  • JUDE C05/10/2006

    Let me tell you this stuff is very good. I just have one main problem with it, it is not unreal and it smells so similar to Casual Friday by Escada. Zino is a quality scent, it is not quite as good as some here make it out to be, not that interesting. Not a waste of money, but deeper, more fascinating ones exist by the plenty - Ungaro III, Antaeus, all the Carons, Vetiver by Guerlain, Santos de Cartier, Kouros, many others. Overall Zino is pretty darn good, just a little let down, not unreal by any stretch.

  • KARANN04/26/2006

    I'm a woman but I love this on a man. My hubby doesn't wear strong fragrances but I may have to get this for him. If nothing else so I can smell it in the bottle once in a while. Next to Lauder for Men one of the best men's scents ever. Divine!

  • DUC03/12/2006

    Truly THE BEST from the designer right next to the discontinued Relax is a wonderful and sensual sweet woody/floral aroma that I hope never ends up like Relax.

  • JULIAN C. STRATUSON01/19/2006

    Without a doubt, this is truly the best from the designer with its florals & woodiness making it a rather luxurious and romantic evening fragrance.

  • J. YORK12/13/2005

    I sure hope this luxuriously fruity fragrance never gets discontinued like Relax did...............'CAUSE I'LL BE sad.:-(

  • HANDSOME12/05/2005

    i recently bought this cologne and i found that its nice and warming.its a nice cologne.long lasting nothin wrong with this one.if u ppl belive in the phrase "old is gold"....this is it :)

  • ROB H.12/03/2005

    Very close but comes in 2nd for me as far as Davidoff's fragrances go-Relax is my favorite from this designer. However, this fabulous fragrance is a timeless classic and is a very masculine, luxurious and sensual find.

  • ERIC12/01/2005

    I don't know about the greatest on the planet Sander but I do like it as well. Sorry to hear it's discontinued. At least I have my bottle. I'll try to get another and refrigerate and maybe it will give it more shelf life like coffee beans (seriously). I've asked women if they like it better than D&G and they say on me they like it better because it's spicier and warm and I've been told soooo many men wear Dolce & Gabanna so I'll take their word. I enjoy it. As for the negatives, you're also entitled, we all have opinions like we all have assholes (hopefully everyone here has one of those too - wouldn't want you to get all clogged up).

  • SANDER11/20/2005

    ... on the planet. Seriously. This is the greatest men's fragrance ever made, without question.

  • JEFF11/16/2005

    I still can't believe this one is discontinued. Grey Flannel, Paco Robanne, Quorum, Polo, and other classics live on.....but Davidoff is killing my Zino. And I just despise Cool Water. OK, Davidoff....a lump of coal for you this Christmas.

  • SHANNON11/01/2005

    An ex use to wear this and I was so turned on by the scent. He use to be able to buy it at dept. stores but I haven't seen it in years. I am picking up a bottle for my husband and I guarantee he'll be more than pleased with it.

  • ALBERTO10/05/2005

    I have had enough feedback to tell you I will keep this head turner in my cologne set for the rest of my life. Set as the trademark scent for this 40yo Latin man. I still consider it one of the best colognes I have purchased in the islands. It still brings a smile to my wife in the morning when I kiss her (still sleeping) and she reaches for my neck to get a second smell....need I say more? Ah,

  • LORI09/03/2005

    i absolutely LOVE this cologne on men!! i'm buying some for my son today and will take that nasty CURVE out of room!

  • CARMEN08/31/2005

    I asked my husband not to tell anybody the name of his cologne since took lots of research and perfume shoping to finally run into this willdly masculine wonder.

  • TONY T07/29/2005

    similiar to gucci envy.. this came out 1st so you be the judge.. up to around 25 bottles of juice and this & magnetism will be my next two purchases along with aquaman

  • DAVE12/23/2004

    Absolutely the finest cologne out there, very refined, sexy -- think "Gianni Versace". This will always be a timeless classic.

  • MISTER WILSON09/23/2004

    this will get you serious attention from women...all you add is a smile.

  • W.B.09/07/2004


  • GIAN FROM BRAZIL08/15/2004

    Hello W.B. How are you? About your question, Zino is very, very different from Antaeus. Zino is the strongest perfume ever made. Smell like wet wood. Your clothes will be smelling during weeks, but it´s wonderful in winter in my opinion. The drydown is fantastic and put 2 sprays only, no more. Regards. [email protected]

  • W-RYAN06/22/2004

    I apply it sparingly but still get lots of compliments. I prefer to wear it for nice events, as it's a bit too formal for casual summer days. It's harder to find than the lesser Cool Water but worth owning.

  • RAJ04/27/2004

    A joke, smells like old wood. For 50$, I suggest looking into Bvlgari. This was a nice try.....

  • ALONZO04/27/2004

    Terrible, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Look into Gucci ency, much better. This is by far the most terrible scent from davidoff.

  • R.J.03/26/2004


  • W.B.03/26/2004


  • FERNANDO02/04/2004

    I tried Zino some days ago and had actually to wash my hand after a few minutes. It is sure high quality and long-lasting, but I thought the smell was sort of old-fashioned and it was extremely strong. I would certainly never use this cologne, but lots of people love it, so if you should definitely try for yourself first.

  • KATSIX01/22/2004

    At first I didn't really know what to think. I thought it smelled good, but a little complicated. Boy did my opinion ever change, this stuff smells great. I didn't even know if I wanted it at first, I usually buy more modern fragrances. I admit it, I was wrong, this is better than alot of today's fragrances. This is a very sensual scent, can't wait to wear it.

  • WONDROUS.12/31/2003

    It’s funny; I don’t see “tobacco” listed in the notes, but Zino smells to me kind of like a dark, rich, sweet pipe tobacco, cured with vanilla liqueur and honey, and kept in an ornate, dark-stained cherry-wood jar. You know? The kind Gandalf probably smoked! Elegant, delicious, and smooth as silk, the 80’s are all over this baby; it really knocks your head back. No doubt about it, this is a gorgeous fragrance. It belongs on the top shelf. Lasts forEVER as well, with a drydown exactly like the rest of the fragrance – Excellent.


    Fantastic cologne, pefect for winter...funky, smells like a dog, come on dave give me a break..

  • DAVE10/21/2003

    Too thick and syrupy. Smells funky. Smells like dog.

  • BLK_KNIGHT197009/29/2003


  • DA RUSSIAN09/26/2003

    My favorite colognes are D&G, Dreamer and BLV. I heard alot about zino, and so I finally got a bottle myself. Im 20 years old, and at first it seemed like I was maybe little too young for this scent, but 20 minutes later I reliazed the true Zino. Perfection! PS: this cologne is for man, not kids.

  • MICHAEL THOMAS08/26/2003

    I agree with all the positive things others have said about this beautiful fragrance. It's rich and deep, and stays that way as it develops. It has a woody sweetness to it. . . maybe a tobacco note mixed in with some vanilla. It's definitely different and certainly classy.

  • BRIAN07/09/2003


  • CHELLY06/27/2003



    Bought a bottle after not having had zino for years. Put some on and it's just fantastic, and lasts too. I guess it's too masculine of a scent to be wildly popular, and I for one am pleased with this development..

  • MARIUSZ04/09/2003

    Best pheromone, I ever had. I love this scent. I`ve bought two bottles. If you are fun of Davidoff colognes, try also RELAX! Really shocking scent!

  • JAMES04/05/2003

    I had a bottle of this years ago and loved it. I believe it is similar to tuscany forte which is my particular favorite; can anyone reinforce my memory here on that? I used to collect several brands but have embraced a minimalist philosophy, and think that is best. Though I do side on the older more masculine colognes it seems, as opposed to any from the last 10 or so years really... Not available stateside unless online which confuses me, it's hands down better than davidoff's goodlife..

  • NOIRWEST03/28/2003

    Sophisticated, complicated, interesting, and ever so classy, all the things I'm not!!! I even wear this one to bed alone as it simply smells exciting.

  • PATRICK03/01/2003

    This is by far the BEST amber-based fragrance I've ever tried. Very hard to find though.

  • GLORIA02/13/2003

    I know a man who wears this and this fragarance makes your knees weak!

  • WALT02/02/2003

    The scent of class. Gimme cognac and a Davidoff cigar while I chill with my Zino.

  • JULES G.01/27/2003

    My husband wore Zino while we dated and when he wears it now, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It is hard to find in Chicago, can you believe it! Try it, it's sexy!


    My friend Deborah told me about Zino. She thinks that Zino is the most sexy and best perfume for men. Immediatelly I bought one for me. Deborah was right. It is long lasting, strong and seductor.

  • ANDREW06/13/2002

    smells musty. like rotten wood on a rainy day with maggots crawling all over it. musty.....

  • LISA06/01/2002

    been looking for this for years i was asking for fino first bought it in spain about 15 years ago

  • MUFTI05/27/2002

    this one doesnt waste any time on introductions... it gets straight to the point, very direct, very self-assured... has an unmistakable 80s quality that you can smell in the likes of YSL's JAZZ... this is a man's fragrance, the man who knows he's one

  • KIM05/18/2002

    Zino is the best smelling men's fragrance. It should be illegal!

  • GAIL02/11/2002

    I smelled ths cologne on a guy one time and had to ask what he was wearing so I could buy it for my husband! It smells sooooo good!!

  • NEIL01/06/2002

    Zino Davidoff is a very pleasant and long-lasting fragrance. It starts out fresh and then a very pleasant vanilla note gives the fragrance depth and character. I have always received good comments about this fragrance.

  • GENO12/10/2001

    Not a sweet "me too" like the other colognes. Still trying to understand why Davidoff discontinued selling Zino in the States.

  • ARIS11/23/2001

    This is a great scent! Not piney like so many men's cologne's. If you are looking for an up-to-date Polo that you won't smell on every other Joe in the office...this is your scent. Women really like it too because it is unique.

  • SHANT08/29/2001

    I was introduced to Zino back in the late 80's when my cousin brought a sample from France. I have been using it ever since. It's just totally different from other perfumes with a woody scent that stays with you for a long while after couple of sprays here and there. Try it, because that's the only way you'll love it.

  • ALI A.08/26/2001

    WHY DID THEY STOP SELLING zino davidoff IN THE US ......AAB

  • DEBORAH GREEN07/28/2001

    i would like to order this for my husband with the 20% discount i received but i don't know how to process this order. i want the zino that is 39.99 less the 20%

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