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Valentino is the signature perfume presented in 1979 and re-launched in 1986. It was designed by the noses of the famous Givaudan house. The opening consists of basil, citrus oil, green accords and peach, followed by carnation, cyclamen, hyacinth, jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley in the middle, settling at the base of cedar, civet, musk and more

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Valentino is the signature perfume presented in 1979 and re-launched in 1986. It was designed by the noses of the famous Givaudan house. The opening consists of basil, citrus oil, green accords and peach, followed by carnation, cyclamen, hyacinth, jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley in the middle, settling at the base of cedar, civet, musk and oakmoss.

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  • TANYA WEST05/08/2015

    My mother absolutely loves this fragrance, and receives many compliments.

  • ANNA-HELENE06/17/2014

    Best Perfume ever

  • CARMEN12/01/2013

    My wonderful Mami worn it when I was younger and the smell always makes me smile as it is very distinctive and elegant. A beautiful fragrance ...

  • SANDRA03/12/2013

    used to wear "VALENTINO NEW BY VALENTINO" no longer available would love to find somewhere that still has some!!

  • BINKY HENDERSON02/18/2013

    This Perfume is in a League of its own. Why is it sooo Difficult to get. It should be Enduring like Chanel No 5. It sophisticated and subtle and obviously I love it.

  • JOY02/17/2013

    Valentino by Valentino, excellent perfume.

  • V. BERNFELD10/29/2012

    Love, and have worn it for yrs. it arrived very fresh.

  • KYLIE06/07/2012

    Perfect! Discontinued product we never thought we'd find again.

  • CARMEN01/16/2012

    I bought this for my Mami who used to wear it over 30 years ago, it has been discountinued and when I found it again I gave her the surprise of her life. I adore the smell on her: t is elegant, womanly and stays on. Will definitely get her more.

  • MARISOL FROM SPAIN10/01/2010

    I have been using this Valentino perfume for 30 years, and nos I only can find it in web pages.... why??

  • ANNA P11/08/2008

    I bought a bottle of Valentino on Ebay and love it. It was a tester, about 3.4 oz, and with shipping it was $20. I'm really pleased with this feminine, lovely fragrance. I tried Cabotine but it was way, way too sweet for me. This one is understated, much more sophisticated, and has more fruitiness to balance out the white flowers. It's luscious :)

  • SYLVIE05/27/2006

    Hi PE-ladies, I like this fine fragrance. It's not a spectacular or loud perfume, but it smells beautiful and pleasant. Hard to describe. Unfortunately I cannot compare it with another well known fragrance. Staying power is excellent. It's a strong and elegant, unique floral scent. Not very fruity (no modern, delicious, edible smell). Refined, feminine, sophisticated and mature. Classy. In a good way "cool". No girly-sweet-fruity-vanilla-fun-fragrance (which I like). No ozonic/marine/aquatic smell (which I hate). I think it's a nice fragrance for elegant women. - Valentino by Valentino for Women. Year Introduced: 1977/86. Scent Type: Floral - Fruity. "Valentino is the signature fragrance from the legendary Italian couturier known only as Valentino. Launched in 1977, Valentino's first fragrance is referred to today as "classic" Valentino. The scent of Valentino is at once assertive yet feminine, like the best of Valentino's couture designs. A sumptuous floral heart of jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose is brightened with distinctive, fresh notes of melon, peach, and tangerine, while a soft base of iris, sandalwood, and vetiver finishes the chic composition. The fragrance is packaged in a vibrant shade of lipstick red, known in the fashion world as Valentino Red. Versatile and multifaceted, Valentino is a sophisticated scent designed to glide easily from luncheons to dinners with impeccable style. "© - Scent Profile by Jan Moran author Fabulous Fragrances II © 2006 -

  • OLIVIA12/18/2005

    This is a excellent fragrance that's been underrated! I tested Creed's Florissimo and Valentino and found them similar( at least on testing paper), but what a huge difference in prices! With the price for 1 bottle of Florissimo i can get three bottles of Valentino. When I went to The Bay later to buy Valentino, the sales lady is very ignorant, she doesn't know that her company even had Valentino as the first frag! And she doesn't seem to care either, when I told her it was launched in 1970's and relauched in 1987, her reaction was " oh my god, such an old one!" That's why I feel this frag deserves a lot more appreciation than it does now. Anyway I later bought my Valentino at a perfume whole sale store at a good discount price and i'm very happy withit.I feel sorry for people who miss out on this one. This is a classy feminie scent with some fruity notes but overall a light floral blend. It's non-offensive, one of my church-safe scents( I attend a Chines speaking church in Toronto,Canada, most people here have never worn perfumes in their lives! By being a perfume enthusiast I hope I can slowly encourage people to appreciate some beautiful things in life)

  • BINA09/30/2004

    To me it smells like a mix between a Peach and a Clementine. This is the closest I have ever come to describing it. It is truely feminine and subtle, yet one can't forget it.

  • ILGIN09/30/2004

    It is very heavy..I think it is not suitable for day time (and for the age up to 50)..

  • PIA07/12/2004

    Very nice! A good all around fragrance. I like the smoky undertones, reminds me a bit of Ciara.

  • ALEXIS12/23/2003

    this perfume has such a sweet and delightful smell to it, i just can't get enough of it!

  • OLIVEASUDDEN07/24/2003

    Has been my favorite for fifteen years or so. Been using it on my hairbrush for many years...caught my co-worker sniffing my hair!

  • NICO04/17/2003

    I've been using it for 20 years and it's still my favourite perfume. It's easy to find it in Italy, obviously.

  • VANI01/31/2003

    I bought it thinking it to be for casual use ,but it is very strong and after an hour or two it starts getting on my nerves ,otherwise a nice perfume which one can wear to a party but not for all day use

  • KERRI08/19/2002

    If you are asking for the valentino i beleive the one that is most outstanding is VALENTINO RED the others are nice but VALENTINO RED is the one that i remember the most; a beautiful fragrance, when will you get this perfume?

  • BETHANY07/14/2002

    Hi Carla. I was curious too after reading all these good, enthusiastic posts (which really didn't explain anything;-) Here's what I found out regarding Valentino via the Internet. Category:Floral Top Notes Include:Peach,Basil and Citrus. Middle Notes Include:Jasmine,Rose, Lily Of The Valley and Carnation. Base Notes Include: Oakmoss, Musk, Cedar, Civet (this is supposed to be a musky smell). Hope this helps a little. Please post what You think of this scent if you ever smell it. Happy Hunting :-)

  • MARTINE04/19/2002

    I love Valentino too. I found it in Spain last year.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    I understand it is really good.But what does it smell like?

  • LINDA02/06/2002

    You only list the cologne. Is there a perfume by Valentino?

  • KAREN HOFFMAN02/03/2002

    my husband gave me valentino on our first christmas - 11 years ago. i know it is easier to find in canada. i did some research and was told, incorrectly, i believe, that valentino wasn't making it any more. The only other place i have found it is in the perfumania type places in the airport or at a mall.

  • SHARON02/02/2002

    I am looking for the perfume along with Florence Bingham. When will you carry it?

  • OLIVIA 12/20/2001

    This is a response to Liz's question regarding the teen scents:I don't know much about this Valentino, but I would recommend Les Belles by Nina Ricci.It has the upper notes of bergamot,citrus,peach;middle notes of lemon, honey,orange blossom; the base notes are vetiver,oakmoss,sandlawood. It's such a green, fresh scent. Fresh in the begining with a bit softness as the afternote. It's very unique because I don't think many teens know and wear this one. If you want special, try this one! Les Belles is discountinued at many retail stores, but it's available online-at a much lower price too!I hope you really try and like it like I did 2 years ago,I'm still in love with it!

  • SHARON12/02/2001

    SOO wonderful - TOO HARD to find

  • AL11/29/2001

    I tried Valentino many years ago when I was a student in England and I loved it. But now I'm back in the Far East, I have not managed to find it anywhere.And unfortunately, the perfume shops on the internet does not send or sell any item to the FarEast.What a shame cos the fragrance was really unique and memorable.

  • LIZ10/18/2001

    is this, or do you know of any good teen scents?

  • FLORENCE E. BINGHAM05/06/2001

    I love Valentino perfume. I have the cologne, but would like to purchase the perfume. I have tried, but never can find it.

  • KATHY03/27/2001

    I too, LOVE this perfume. My first serious boyfriend bought this for me years and years ago. What great taste! As far as I know it is not sold in stores anymore. I am very happ to see it available on the internet. For bath gels, check out or

  • CHRISTY STEWART03/23/2001

    This is one of my favorite fragrances. I am trying, also, to find the bath gels etc. I used to have them too. It looks like no dept store carries it anymore.

  • RITA02/19/2001

    I LOVE this perfume. Where in Utah can you purchase this? Though I will definately purchase this perfume from this site, I am taking a business trip in the near future and would love to see the products in person. Thanks in advance for all your help.

  • ANNIKA11/17/2000

    I just LOVE this perfume. It is not easy to get hold of so I is there anywhere in New York you can buy this perfume?

  • FLORENCE BINGHAM08/27/2000

    Where to buy this fragrance in Utah

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