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J'Adore Summer Fragrance Christian Dior Image

Christian Dior

J'Adore Summer Fragrance   

14 Reviews

3.4 oz Eau D'ete Parfumee Spray Tester w/ Cap (No Alcohol)
SKU 18770
$93.00 $76.99
3.4 oz Eau D'ete Parfumee Spray (No Alcohol)
SKU 4521
$93.00 $76.99

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  • VANYA08/16/2006

    There is also alcohol-free version of J'Adore (this is not a Summer fragrance reviewed here which contains alcohol too)... I think that I'll give it a try. It is a lighter and softer notes are maybe too sharp but it mellows to a soft and nice refreshing summer scent. There is also new dry body oil with gold particles that is probably worth trying. Dior usually make very good body range for their perfumes.

  • PATTY06/03/2005

    The perfume is just ok. Maybe too light for me. Its one of those perfumes that when u try it it smeels like any other. Seems real similiar to everybody. Theres nothing special.

  • KYLEE STARR10/01/2004

    I have had more compliments on J'Adore than any fragrance I have ever worn. I should sell it because I have introduced so many other women to it that just love it.

  • GLORIA GARCIA09/22/2004

    i have bought it at the airport just for 36 euros!! nice smell, fresh but not everlasting.. and a bit "pegajoso"

  • SJ06/13/2004

    This is a lovely, light fragrance...much fresher than the original. Perfect for summer!

  • KHON THAI01/28/2004

    how's different between Jadore & Jadore Summer?

  • CHERIE FONMOA-KEAN12/09/2003

    Daytime perfume with hints of freshness & coolness.

  • XX-PERFUMELOVER06/25/2003

    Top notes are better than in original J'Adore, but it doesn't last: middle and base notes are artificial, too. Better than original J'Adore but not so longlasting. Anyway I don't like any of them.

  • PATRICIA04/26/2003

    J√°dore eau de toilette:girlish,cloying and headache maker.

  • INES12/13/2002

    I wonder does it match with J'Adore body cream or lotion (because the summer scent is slightly different than the original scent), to improve it's staying power which is not good. I like Summer Fragrance a lot, and I don't like J'Adore at all... What a funny thing. I think I'll buy the Summer Fragrance for the next summer but I don't know how to make it more longlasting!!???

  • CRUISTIN12/04/2002

    as Tori said heavenly but not nearly as good as J'adore!

  • DORI09/25/2002

    Light, soft, sensual, subtle, aquatic, refreshing... It is not limited edition, as far as I know Dior produce it every summer (for two or three summers till now). As everyone said - not longlasting, that is the only bad thing about it.

  • RAIN09/18/2002

    what u said is fully discribed jadore summer!

  • A.G.09/10/2002

    Please,could someone answer me is it only a one-season fragrance (a limited edition) or C.Dior is going to continue to make it?

  • LUCKY08/27/2002

    I agree with Tori: J'Adore Summer Fragrance is much better than original J'Adore: softer, flowery-aquatic, great for summer. But I also noticed that unfortunatelly it has not very good staying power.

  • TORI08/21/2002

    This perfume smells great, light, watery, fresh, with a lovely floral scent. I think that it's actually better than J'adore but that might be because I live in Singapore which is tropical so summer scents smell better and suit us better. The only complaint I have about this perfume is that it does not last very long. Only 1 hour at max. and it fades away and even for that 1 hour, it isn;t very obvious so if you don;t bathe in it, no one will know that your wearing it... BUT I STILL LOVE IT and I hope that Dior will come up with a more lasting version. J'adore!

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