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Kelly Caleche Hermes Image


Kelly Caleche   

15 Reviews

The unexpected caress of leather among flowers. Mimosa, iris, tuberose, and climbing rose. A floral perfume touched by leather.

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The unexpected caress of leather among flowers. Mimosa, iris, tuberose, and climbing rose. A floral perfume touched by leather.

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  • NANCY12/10/2009

    I love this fragrance !

  • MIU08/11/2009

    My cousin began to wear it at first. But when I felt this soft and quiet scent on her, like walking in a woods with fresh flowers after a rainy day, I just decided that I had to get one too! I don't like perfumes with strong or spicy scents, they give me headache but this one doesn't. Anyway, This is the best scent I have!

  • CLK04/02/2009

    Smells okay at first, but then dries down to a dusty old "English Leather" kind of smell.

  • NANCY03/06/2009

    This fragrance is so nice. It has a sophistciated smell, the floral is kept underwraps by the leather scent. I love it .

  • MIIKE11/27/2008

    either you're carrying an hermes leather handbag while wearing pretty, dainty underthings... or you're carrying a pretty, dainty handbag while wearing LEATHER underthings. (riding crop optional). it's the inherent mystery that makes this perfume so special.

  • ELSIE11/17/2008

    this perfume is AMAZING...warm and fresh at the same time. i think it has similar qualities (not a similar fragrance though!) to stella, another favorite.

  • MONIKA11/11/2008

    I LOVE IT!

  • JIMMIE10/19/2008

    The opening is great with honey and beeswax. Then it plunges to something less unique, but still interesting. The far drydown is quite sour, synthetic and a bit harsh. Sillage and longevity above average. I'd rate it 4 stars based on the opening notes.

  • PERFUMEJUNKIE07/27/2008

    Ver nice, leathery scent. Very classy and ladylike (NOT 'old lady'). Something I would definitely buy.

  • SP06/11/2008

    I bought this on a whim because I liked the scent so much. I took it home and was disappointed to find out it was a leather(it smelled like a really good tea at first). So I didn't use it for a few days and tried it again. I really love this scent. It is warm, inviting, and kinda racy. It still smells like tea when I first put it on but about 30 minutes later it is a light leather with some floral, which is surprising and very nice. I wear it during the day because I dont think it is heavy enough for night.

  • SMELLIE KAT05/31/2008

    Kelly Caleche is a masterpiece - there's no way around it. There are critics, and some of what they say is true. For example, it's not leathery enough for those looking for Bandit (which is amazing). Neither is it floral enough for white floral lovers. Nevertheless, Jean-Claude Ellena was inspired with this formula: a tart, mango top note, then a white floral phase, quickly followed by the finest leather you can imagine. Kelly Caleche is elegant, sophisticated and DIFFERENT. I recently wore Kelly to an outdoor wine tasting at a mountain resort. It perfectly replicated the essence of a clear,early summer afternoon without interfering with the fragrance and flavor of the wines. It simply draws you in. Close to the skin, with medium sillage, but very long lasting. Brilliant.


    Smells like a mix of fresh cut grass and bug-spray. I don't smell any florals or the supposed leather. Definately not worth the asking price- Hermes or not.


    For the price you pay, you get a perfume that has some florals and no leather that I can detect. It dries down to something that's a mix between fresh cut grass and bug spray. No bottle worthy!

  • BOREALIS04/14/2008

    Smells good generally, I found opening very citrussy, and dry down is not softer either.. A man could wear it, not very feminine.. But good in general..

  • OLESYA03/15/2008

    Sophisticated scent. Very aristocratic and elegant. Smells sexy and keeps the distance at the same time...

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