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Estee Lauder


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Designed by Estee Lauder in 2001, Intuition is an elegant, refreshing, oriental floral fragrance. It begins with notes of citrus nectars, including Orange, Mandarine, bergamot and grapefruit. Then, the middle notes includes gradenia, petals and chinese rhododenron. Finally the skin-like warmth of amber, lower notes of sweet woods and vanilla, its more

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Designed by Estee Lauder in 2001, Intuition is an elegant, refreshing, oriental floral fragrance. It begins with notes of citrus nectars, including Orange, Mandarine, bergamot and grapefruit. Then, the middle notes includes gradenia, petals and chinese rhododenron. Finally the skin-like warmth of amber, lower notes of sweet woods and vanilla, its rich golden heart, is revealed. Intuition is recommended as a casual type fragrance.

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  • JHILL01/05/2016

    ...It maintains it's fragrance over a period of time and does not disappear as others do.

  • GLENICE10/09/2015

    Lovely spring summer perfume for Estee Lauder users.

  • NATALLIA04/10/2012

    A beautiful fragrance! Feminine and expensive. Indeed Association with amber. A warm, slightly bitter, more than in the base of a tree.

  • BLONDIE04/17/2010

    This is somewhat similiar to Coco Mademoiselle. If you like that, you'll probably like this. Frankly, I think this is nicer for the money.

  • JOANNAH08/23/2008

    It's just so much like so many other fragrances I've tested that work well with my body chemistry. I'm beginning to suspect that as long as the bottom note is vanilla, then it doesn't matter what the rest of the composition is, I just know that my body chemistry will like it even if I don't personally care for it. I've tried excluding fragrances with vanilla in them because I'm quite frankly fed up with them but they end up being fragrances that sit on a shelf or I liberally waste them away because I like them but my body chemistry doesn't. *Aaargghhh!*

  • BLONDIE02/09/2008

    You may be thinking of Chanel's Allure. They are surprisingly similar.

  • PERFUME PERSON11/14/2007

    Love this and it reminds me of another frag. I just can't place it. This is a vanilla and amber base. Lasts a long time and it works for me. Good in the fall and spring

  • BARBARA W07/21/2007

    It's certainly better than most other Lauder fragrances - softer and rounder. Don't like it enough to buy it, but wouldn't mind smelling it on others.

  • BLONDIE03/07/2007

    But not in the warmer months. For summer I like Pure White Linen, but both are some of EL's best IMO.

  • MARIE02/15/2007

    I am a perfume addict and wear many scents. This is the one that gets all the compliments!

  • ELAINE10/04/2006

    I had this purse size in my make-up bag and never used it until 2 weeks ago when I cleaned my bag out. What a beautiful discovery. Lots of compliments

  • TRINITY04/18/2006

    ...this smells just like CKs Contridiction to me. They don't share many of the same listed notes, but my nose (which is usually pretty fabulous at discerning perfume differences) says these two are the same. Well, no matter, I like them both and they both have their place and time---depending on the mood of the wearer. Not as hot as my beloved Spellbound, as classy as my Anais Anais, or as full of leather-whip moxie as my Fendi, but a good solid B for sure. :o)

  • MISSI04/10/2006

    I always got complimented on this scent and its good stuff. Another excellent scent is Dream Angel's Heavenly by Victorias Secret! Try's nakedly delicious=)

  • VIVIAN P03/14/2006

    Like many here, I'm one of those fragrance addicts who is constantly looking for something new and special...wearing a different perfume everyday...loving many of them but totally loyal to none. If I HAD to choose just ONE fragrance to wear everyday I think it would have to be Intuition. Gorgeous warm scent. Something in the middle and drydown reminds me of another of my favorites, L'or Torrente.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC01/16/2006

    that i wont be buying a second bottle of this. While it's an alright scent, i agree with other postings that its just not memorable enough and is in fact rather mediocre.

  • ROXOLANA12/29/2005

    I bought this for my Mom when it first came out. I remember smelling it and it seemed nice. Every time I smell it, it seems that I like it, but I can never remember its smell, not too memorable for me. Average.

  • WENDY12/16/2005

    My mother actually found this fragrance first. When I smelled I was very surprised. At the time it was the best fragrance I'd smelled. Because it belongs to my mother, I can't really get into it, because it's become her scent. I just wish that I found it first. The best to me now is Sensi. :)

  • BRITTNEE09/20/2005

    this one starts out smelling fresh and floral, but as it dries it takes on a warmer vanilla note that is just delicious. At the end of the day when I smell my wrist it reminds me of a warm vanilla candle. Vanilla isn't supposed to be the dominant note, but it seems to be more prominant as you wear it longer.

  • LIZZIE05/11/2005

    Well, it just goes to show you can't always tell . . . I thought Intuition was pleasant but unexciting. Wore it a few times because I was tired of all my tried and trues. In two days my husband and a female friend both buried their faces in my neck and said, "Hmmmmm!" So that counts for a lot in my book! It's growing on me.

  • LISHA03/11/2005

    hi all i just brought this from ebay today, i hope its a perfume that can become my signature scent,i waste so much$$$ on perfumes that dont last or just stank, so i hope i enjoy this one, Estee lauder pleasures this far is my #1

  • SHARRIE02/27/2005

    my instincts leads me to intuition. oh how heartful. the peeling of layers of notes. wonderful.

  • EMERALDGIRL02/09/2005

    This is one of the best oriental fragrances I've ever tried. You should try it!

  • ANGELA01/30/2005

    It is one of the best fragrances I have tried. I am using my second bottle, my siste, sister-in-law and friends all use one...smells wonderful on everyone. must try it!!

  • SUSAN01/28/2005

    I've love this fragrance from the first moment I smelled it as a sample before it was released for sale. It's fresh, clean and sexy at the same time. Many people have expressed the same opinion upon smelling it on me. This is MY scent unless something else comes along and changes my mind (which I doubt it will).

  • ELS01/01/2005

    intuition smells like a "classic" smells so good and warm! i don't smell the citrus in it at all... p.s. when this is worn with amber romance shower gel/lotion from victoria's secret...HEAVENLY!

  • TEENA SHETTY12/13/2004

    I would wear this fragrance with certain outfits in my wardrobe and only around my friends who would be gals.Men can't smell this perfume, it's a turn on and I would'nt dream of doing so.I have swimwear that would be perfect to wear it with. Too bad the pink pareo at Macy's in Manhattan Beach was not something I could afford.I need a sarong that matches it.

  • SHANNON11/12/2004

    If you're normally a fan of clean florals, this might be a good one to try if you want something slightly spicier and more sensual. This is a lovely soft fragrance that seems to balance everything just right. There is an initial burst of citrus, touches of floral, and then it mellows into a warm ambery scent (without being too vanillic - which I hate). None of these ingredients dominate, they seem to blend together nicely. The tester I tried seemed to work great with my chemistry, and if I buy it, I'm willing to bet it'll become a staple scent of mine.

  • SWATI11/07/2004

    My fiance bought me this fragrance 3 years ago and I absolutely loved it. The bottle, the shape, the colour, the scent, the name... it all fits in well with who I am- intuitive! It's so warm n fuzzy- and it stayss.

  • MARY08/25/2004

    are you kidding me?? this is the perfume that lasted the longest on me. usually when i use perfumes the scent fades after 2 hours sometimes in half an hour. this stays for a week when i spray it on my clothes, but again maybe you got the EDT, if you did then you should get EDP. by the way did i mention how amazing it smells!

  • JENNIFER08/13/2004

    Intuition is a great fragrance and it stays with you. I love it.

  • SMILEY06/26/2004

    One of my classmates wears it sometimes and I have to say I rrrreally love this BEAUTIFUL, WARM scent. I recommend it to every womanish, elegant woman.

  • BARB06/22/2004

    Does Not Last! I am so sick of that!

  • COLEY06/01/2004

    I have the fragrance veil in Intuition and I really like it. It smells wonderful.

  • SABRINA02/26/2004

    this is a nice and warm smell i were this when i first put opium satin bodyoil on and then the perfume just a spritz and i got to tell you dear girls this is sensual as hell!!! got to try this .enjoy!

  • HINA 02/05/2004

    Its a really nice perfume

  • ELIZABETH01/18/2004

    Hey Ally, you dont know how to smell right..the Intutions soo smell pretty alike floral not that johnson & Johnson noway.... Intutions smell soo alike light scents florals. it stay smell so good.. when i wore it..anybody asked me what im wear it.. i say its Estee Laurder from Intutions.. they say wow smell so nice lighter scents.. you should get it.. its my signature.!

  • ALLY01/04/2004

    Not sure about anyone else but this really reminds me of a more refined version of "J&J" baby powder and baby wipes. However, I'm truly impressed with the lasting nature of the parfum.

  • MA11/28/2003

    best perfume ever.the smell lasts for a week on my clothes

  • CHRISSY11/25/2003

    After all the marketing at the time of release..I really wanted to like this scent. But I find it too light and I cant smell the vanilla on me.

  • ANGAL11/04/2003

    Saw add in a magazine tried it and liked it went out for a sample and really liked it. I got alot of compliments off of it and men seem to really like it I have to agree it is a man magnet! I also was drawn to the name.

  • ELIA10/27/2003

    This is a weird scent. Combination of citrus and oriental scent in it is repulsive IMO.

  • LINDSEY10/16/2003

    I really like this perfume and have worn it for one year. All of a sudden, it is making my skin red and itchy. I tried to use other E.Lauder scents too and the only one I did not react to after a bit is Pleasures. I can't wear Dazzling Silver either and I wore it for a couple of years. I'm going to have to give my Intuition away or see if I can exchange it for Pleasures at the store.

  • COLEY10/09/2003

    Actually I purchased the fragrance veil and it is really nice and light, and it leaves a nice shimmer to your skin.

  • SANDY08/15/2003

    If you like Intuition, try the Summer Frost version. It is really nice and light for summer. Doesn't last as long as regular Intuition. I love both! Good everyday scent, but sensual.

  • GRACE08/14/2003

    At first its strong, then fades. A nice smell after i stop sneezing. I don't like when i spray a perfume on and the first thing i smell is the alchohol in it. Always makes me sneeze.

  • MELANIE08/08/2003

    When intuition came out a couple years ago,I had no interest in it until I tried a sample. I find it very light and not overwhelming like other perfumes I've tried in the past. I even managed to turn a few heads wherever I go.

  • AUDREY07/10/2003

    A fresh, clean and classy fragrance. I haven't purchased it, but spray it on when I'm in the mall. I can see myself wearing it to work. Surprising for Lauder who created such monstrosities as Youth Dew and Knowing. Thumbs up for Intuition.

  • AUDREY07/10/2003

    A fresh, clean and classy fragrance. I haven't purchased it, but spray it on when I'm in the mall. I can see myself wearing it to work. Surprising for Lauder who created such monstrosities as Youth Dew and Knowing. Thumbs up for Intuition.

  • MIAOR07/02/2003

    cuz I talked about intuition with my boyfriend recently, so I bought it, love it very much, just like my intuition for him~

  • ANDREA06/25/2003

    When I was younger, I was a fan of Vanilla Fields, which is still a wonderful fragrance but now that i'm more mature, I felt I needed a "grown up" perfume. "Intuition" fit the bill perfectly. I find that people, men in general, tend to find a way to get closer to you. I like the way my husband looks at me when i'm wearing it.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE04/12/2003

    I really like this because it is not overpowering. I recently bought it for office wear. It is similar to Chanel's Allurre, but not as sharp. Allure does not smell as good and Allure (only certain times) can seem pungent on the dry down.

  • MIHAELA03/12/2003

    This fragrance is wonderfull and keeps on my skin long time and all men are after me!

  • LILLIAN02/03/2003

    Pretty floral the roses in this...

  • 2010WOMAN01/09/2003

    I am not really impressed with this one because it reminds me of Chanel's Allure which I don't like at all. I'm not impressed with fragrances that are really fruity smelling and this is defiantely one of them. At least it smells really fruity on my skin. I don't like smelling like food, just one of my pet peeves. But if you ladies like this one you might want to try Allure.

  • QUEEN ANDREA12/20/2002

    I was given this scent for my 20th Birthday. This scent was my ticket from teenhood to womanhood. Now if I could just find a scent to make me really young again!

  • AMELIE12/11/2002

    Like Shalimar but much more subtle. The gardenia is there but not "in your face." Lovely fragrance, very sensual and elegant. Potent and long lasting, so use sparingly.

  • SUSAN09/25/2002

    An amber oriental appropriate for winter.

  • JUDY09/10/2002

    Intuition is a wonderful fragrance. Very sexy, yet light.

  • PEB06/13/2002

    If you want to smell sensual and sexy you will like it. It isn't too overpowering.

  • BUNNY06/05/2002

    Sadly, the lingering scent in this perfume is terrible. I don't know what it is, or who decided to put it in there, but my friends and I all smelt it and were turned off big time.

  • DM 05/22/2002

    I don't like pleasures at all either, but I don't think it smells like pleasures. Pleasures is too floral, intuition is more softly sensual

  • MAGGIEMAE05/21/2002

    I'm using a sample of the Intuition lotion and gel the Macy's SA gave me and I'm sure glad I sampled it first before buying it. Smells exactly like Pleasures on me....definitely giving me a headache.

  • DM05/21/2002

    I thought it wasn't so great smelling it out of the bottle, but it smelled nice on my skin. Very sensual, yet light and fresh too, not heavy at all

  • JAKQUA04/20/2002

    My mother and I were shopping and she sprayed some on as we were heading to the shoe section. I whiffed it on her and it smelled so good that when we finished shopping, I purchased a small gift set of it. The next day, I got ready to go out and sprayed it on and I thought.....yuk!!!! what have I done?????? I hate this mess, I am a fragrance "conissour", so I kept smelling it then realized why I did not like it, it smells like a sheer version of Obsession, a fragrance I have never liked....

  • FANI03/20/2002

    I bought this perfume immediately after I tried it on and smelled lovely at the time. After half an hour though I couldn't smell anything: it was as if I never used perfume that day. I gave it to my mother and when she asked me how I found it on her I realized I couldn't smell it on her either! Perhaps it's too ordinary as some people mentioned so my nose got used to it very soon, who knows?

  • ST.03/18/2002

    Interesting smell, a lit bit on the citrusy side, nota lot of depth.

  • DEPUTY@SNET.NET03/09/2002

    i went out trying all new fragrances, the smells really got to my sniffer. like michael kors yek... this is so sexy i give it a 5 stars. thank you, for letting my husband enjoy the smell..

  • REGINA02/28/2002

    Intuition actually gave me a headache. I guess it all depends on your body chemistry.

  • LIZ02/26/2002

    This is a classy scent..very nice..not too overpowering

  • LILLIEN IMO02/12/2002

    This perfume is mellow enough for me, yet distinct and long-lasting - works just right with my pheromones. And it's name? I love it! This is truly Estee Lauder - sophisticated. But it needs a little more oomph.

  • TRISH02/03/2002

    This smells delicious. It smells of floral, musk and sweet grapefruit to me. Anyway, it may not appeal to everyone but it clicks with my body chemistry. I would recommend it.

  • ANNE01/30/2002

    i loved the sample, bought a large bottle and still love it! it is a bit more musky than I normally prefer, but I love it. Very long lasting.

  • LONELYSTAR12/17/2001

    I love intuition perfume. It smells like floral.

  • MELISSA11/29/2001

    This perfume is a man magnet. I recently was at a party with a friend. She was wearing CoCo Madmoiselle and I was wearing Intuition. She said to a male friend of ours that we haven't seen for years, "how do I smell?" He took a smell and said "good." I said, "smell me." His eyes about rolled back in his head and he said, "REAL good!" It's a man magnet. :) And it really doesn't smell citrusy to me.

  • SANTA FE11/23/2001

    i got the man I wanted the big draw? INTUITION!

  • DEB11/19/2001

    it's nothing great. a little similar to other scents not really unique and a little strong

  • KARINA10/28/2001

    Very nice new fragrance from Estee Lauder- warm florals, citrus and musk. I don't think I'd go out and buy a whole bottle, but I am enjoying the sample I got very much! And, like all Lauder scents, it is very, very long-lasting.

  • NONA ANN09/18/2001

    I've been an "Opium" user most of my life, but my work mates find it too much. I like the lightness of Intuition and Mania. And allergic reactions to both are kept to the minimum. However, Intuition's fragrance lasts much longer than Mania's. And costs less as well.

  • DEB09/10/2001

    I just purchased Intuition and I really like it.The fragrance lasts for quite awhile.

  • HRBETTYBOOP08/29/2001


  • WENDY08/25/2001

    I liked it enough to try it and got a compliment the first time out. Also everything goes too sweet on me, but this doesn't. I love Obsession (sp) for men and this is similar in a cozy kind of way.

  • CATARINA08/23/2001

    Citrus and woods. Nice if you like stuff like that. I don't.

  • MARIA BRIONES08/19/2001

    The fragrance "Intuition" by Estee Lauder smells really good!

  • MICHELLE08/15/2001

    You should go by your intuition and not buy this fragrance. It smells.

  • NORMA04/11/2001

    This wonderful new fragrance can be purchased online at Estree Lauder or at several of the "Perfume sights"

  • NADINE PERRY04/07/2001

    I am trying to find ,this Estee Lauder cologne.

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