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Karl Lagerfeld


89 Reviews

Lagerfeld by Karl Lagerfeld was designed in 1978. Lagerfeld is a refined, ambery, oriental, woody cologne. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, lemon and sage. Blended with notes of jasmine, orris and sandalwood, Lagerfeld is a formal type of cologne.

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Lagerfeld by Karl Lagerfeld was designed in 1978. Lagerfeld is a refined, ambery, oriental, woody cologne. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, lemon and sage. Blended with notes of jasmine, orris and sandalwood, Lagerfeld is a formal type of cologne.

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  • SID ROTHSTEIN12/07/2015

    women love the fragerance

  • RONALD04/09/2015

    Fantastic fragrance. I first used this product in 1979...It still has the fragrance that I remember...

  • LARRY07/28/2013

    I have been using this product since 1982, and still get complements!

  • BRIAN MISSO10/16/2012

    I have used Lagerfeld Eau de Toilette and After Shave for 30 years and favour its masculine and lasting fragrance.

  • DR. J.M.07/14/2012

    Still a GOOD Product at a good price!

  • LARRY07/09/2012

    Karl Lagerfeld is the best!

  • BWAER05/23/2012

    Been using this product 30 years now.

  • BERNIE TRIANO02/07/2012

    I have been using all of the Lagerfeld Mens products for many years. They are becoming harder and harder to find. Aftershave balm, deodorant, body wash, etc. are great products but a limited supply is frustrating.

  • JAMES E. KELLY01/03/2012


  • FRAN DAVIS11/22/2011

    It is simply the BEST ! ! ! After I bought it for my husband...all the girls in the family also wanted to wear it ! ! ! Delicious !!!

  • LETTE11/19/2011

    i remember the first time i smelled this particular fragrance. i searched high and low and for it to be a really excellent fragrance, it is real hard to find. i'll give my top dollar-if i could just find it. i only want the deoderant, and the cologne, the cologne really!

  • JEFF ZERBAN04/12/2011

    Remains a classic in my opinion. I'm not me without it.

  • JANE02/18/2011

    hey charley, have you an answer yet? ive been looking for years..hardly find it....nothing else compares to it...let me know..please.thank you....

  • SHARLI12/02/2010

    In the 80's I used KL. I am very sensitive to smells and it took me years to find a perfume I loved. I haven't been able to find any for years. Does anyone know if it still available anywhere?

  • MICHELE06/04/2010

    The Best soap ever I am trying to order at least 8 bars when will more be in.

  • PETER DIROSARIO04/30/2010


  • BEAR CAMPBELL04/15/2010


  • MRS. KING FRESH12/05/2009

    hello my husband is from jamaica he talk a lots about this fragrance that he love it that it is the only fragrance he could not find. so from me to you i got it for him it is very good......... thank

  • SHARON07/07/2009

    I really would like to find the larger spray bottle of Lagerfeld cologne for men? Where can I find it?

  • DENNIS06/12/2009

    i have had some luck finding lagerfeld products in perfume stores in outlet malls. but i can't find the after shave balm!

  • GAIL02/16/2009

    my husband loved the first bottleof the original lagerfeild AI bought him as a gift. We have continued buying until we are not able to find anywhere. is it still available? If so where?

  • RUSTY01/19/2009

    This is an old standard and I have worn this cologne since the late 70s and still to this day have it in my cologne collection. You can NEVER put too much of this cologne on and it has a subtle approach and a light and powdery sent. Hints of wood tones, musk, cardamon and baby powder make this a scent that everyone always comments on. You usually have to get close to someone to really smell this although when one begins to sweat the scent comes alive. It really smells great on cotton which seems to embrace the tones of this cologne. It will turn the heads of both men and women and is a standard that you simply can't go wrong in adding to your cologne collection. A wonderful winter scent but does well in the spring and fall too! The summertime seems to just melt this off me so I tend to wear more citrus colognes during that season like Joop. Enjoy this one is a MUST for ANY MAN!

  • WELTON LAWRENCE12/02/2008

    I would like to know if i can still purchase the photo cologne in the spray bottle or splash on,cannot find it at th

  • LARRY09/01/2008

    A number of writters have validated the "difference" between the older version and the newer, but perhaps weaker version "Classic". Does anyone know if there is anywhere to find the old original

  • DARYL08/29/2008

    Yes, the original "Cologne" was much nicer than the reformulated "Eau De Toilette". Lagerfeld still has a spot on my shelf. For the ladies that love this scent on your man, by all means, get him to try a little test spray of Calvin Klein Obsession. If you buy the Obsession, try a blend of mostly Obsession, with a dab of Lagerfeld here and there.

  • NELLIE01/05/2008

    My husband, John, totally loves this fragrance, it is his ultimate favorite, he will not wear anything else. He has been wearing it for years. I just wish it wasn't so hard to acquire!!!

  • KATHY12/16/2007

    I love this scent on my husband. I am also have trouble finding. I have him try something new but I always come back to Lagerfeld. Please make it easier to find, I would like to stock up on it also.

  • KATRINA12/12/2007

    Same here, when I met my husband over 22 years ago, he was also wearing this frangrance and I do not want to lose it. I noticed two different colors. Are the scents different? He only likes the splash and on this site, the splash is a darker color.

  • SUE11/15/2007

    Has anyone else that is a die hard lagerfeld fan noticed that there are two versions of this scent. I love Lagerfeld, but a lot of sites are selling the 'Classic' version as one and the same. Am I correct or just loosing my sniffer sense? Can I be assured that I will find the original scent here?

  • KAREN10/11/2007

    My husband had this on on our first date. We will be married 20 years on Oct 17th I buy him this every anniversary. I just love how it smells on him.

  • NDB09/24/2007

    I've been using Lagerfeld since 1978(among others) and it always turns on the ladies.

  • J.RIV09/16/2007

    This aint that bad... I dont like it but it aint putrid. Aight I lied It is bad but not horrible. I dont like the ambery smell in it. But this is far from the worst ever. Drakkar Noir is the worst ever... Trust me. Smells like old leather and old spice aftershave thrown on a 78 yr old. Everytime I smell it I think of an old dude with Flannel on his pourch with his double-barrel shot gun..

  • TONY T07/31/2007

    as air force one's. woody and smoky in the same category as cartier's declaration(very different though). anywho i am not 100% positive if i have this or kl. i only have a sampler that reads lagerfield but i believe it's this. definate head turner that will always be a classic.

  • JENNIFER07/26/2007

    I have had a mysterious, empty bottle of Lagerfeld talc on my cupboard for years, thinking I would someday replace it. Today I found this board an, thanks to Bonnie, found out that it's been discontinued--sad news. I'm also getting the impression that it's a men's talc. Hah! It smells good enough for me to wear it!

  • BILL E.07/23/2007

    For those of you looking for the excellent balm. go to the website. Coty is now distributing Lagerfeld in this country. Use their contact option to let them know (as I did) that you would really like them to distribute the balm again in the major department stores.

  • SILKY-SMOOTH06/28/2007

    The silky-smooth aroma envelops me like a warm blanket...Lagerfeld's not just a scent, it's an experience...

  • BRYAN KARNES06/20/2007

    I have been using this product for about 20 years and suddenly no one has it in stock.. Is it no longer being produced?

  • SERIEL06/06/2007

    I'm open when it comes to scents and understand that we all have different tastes, but this one made me smell like an old man's cigar. I could not get the strong tobacco smell out of my head for any entire day. It was really haunting. Thank God I only wasted my money on a mini bottle. I would rather put on cheap nasty old Jovan Musk than this stuff. Warning...this will make women gag and run like hell from you.

  • DOUG04/02/2007

    never recieved so many compliments with any other fragrance...would the company consider bringing it back for a limited time so I can stock up

  • PEGGY03/09/2007

    I am also looking for the lagerfeld aftershave balm I love how it smells on my boyfriend

  • KNIGHTOWL03/08/2007

    This is a real man's fragrance with substance...nothing like the watered-down dreck that's pushed upon the masses today.

  • DENNIS LINDGREN03/04/2007

    I have looked everywhere for Lagerfeld Classic aftershave balm. Any suggestions

  • FRANK HARVEY02/20/2007

    this is the only cologn i will ever buy it has a sent of old spice and a blend of other things i cant explain. cant find it anymore but i just bought a bottle off of ebay for 35 dollers this really smells good was a good price to pay for this!

  • JUDITH ROBINSON02/17/2007

    What happened to that wonderful aroma and can I possibly find it somewhere? Please advise

  • RICK PERNELL01/25/2007

    I have looked in every dept store and mens shops for Lagerfels Talc. If anyone knows where to oder please let me know. It provides a wonderful companion to the after shave.

  • MICHAEL10/03/2006

    To me, this scent has a strong base of baby powder, on which several complex but light and airy spice layers rest. Lagerfeld is a very high quality cologne that should be applied lightly; overapplication will deaden the complexity and really ruin the effect. I've never had someone close enough for a good whiff fail to compliment it. Of all my colognes, this is perhaps the most reactive to body chemistry; it'll smell different on different people, but never offends. A true classic in every sense.

  • SHERI07/03/2006

    In addition to my man's good looks and special touch this is his cologne. He smells wonderful because of this cologne, and I love to cuddle up to this scent.

  • DICK B01/18/2006

    I agree with Bill, this is an outstanding product, but I can't seem to find it in any of the stores. Please let me know if it is still on the market.


    Bought this (big mistake) as an impulse buy by mail order. It's going straight back, awful fake smell,sweet odour, why any man would want to smell like this is beyond me. As Groucho would say "Christ this stinks."

  • MARK P12/08/2005

    It's a classic. A wonderful mature and mysterious fragrance. I love it. Women love to sniff your neck with this one. I don't mind!

  • JAVELIN11/26/2005

    This well-made cologne exudes comfort, confidence, maturity, and warmth. Bravo Lagerfeld.

  • BILL E.11/07/2005

    Lagerfeld aftershave balm is an excellent product, but is hard to find these days. Anyone know where it can be purchased?

  • NEALO11/04/2005

    I bought a bottle of this in 1990 and wore it briefly, until I came down with a particularly bad case of the flu. Sadly, whenever I smell Lagerfeld since then, I remember how sick and miserable I was at that time. Does anyone else have any illness-related bad memories of fragrances? I've seen several references to fragrances stirring unpleasant memories of annoying relatives or difficult situations in life.

  • ANNEMARIE10/22/2005

    I Love the smell, It has a clean and sexy smell my husband and i enjoys when he waers it.

  • WILL E.06/02/2005

    Although this is not a summertime fragrance, Lagerfeld is still a great masculine scent for cool weather. Five stars plus.

  • GQ03/22/2005

    lagerfeld classic is up there with the best of them, D&G,Lacoste pour homme,Versace blue jeans, John Paul Gaultier and John Varvatos, these are the top fragrance out there period.

  • SHARON02/13/2005

    I'll never forget the first time I smelled Lagerfeld. A co-worker passed by me wearing it and stopped me dead in my tracks! "Whoa!" I said. "WHAT is that fragrance you're wearing?!" Needless to say my husband has been wearing it ever since.

  • SAM WALTON02/13/2005

    Just took delivery of Lagerfeld classic. I bought it by mail order, all I can say is thank God they accept returns, this stuff is awful. I bought it after reading good reports on this board.It goes to show you really need a sample of any scent before you buy.

  • LILLIAN02/07/2005


  • BRIAN01/08/2005

    This is the first cologne I ever bought when I was 15! It's a shame but it's hard to find these days. When you do find it here in the UK, it's really really cheap. I bought the 240 ml bottle today for £20 (about $35). I love it. It's spicy, warm, classy and very 80's power dressing!!!

  • BILL EVANS12/31/2004

    This remains one of the best and most masculine of fragrances- a true classic!

  • DEB12/08/2004

    this is the best smell since I don't know what. I wear it all the time - men love the smell on me and I love it when a man goes by and I smell this scent. It's perfect

  • BOB10/18/2004

    the good: durable, masculine, extremely complex, unique. the bad: overpowering if recklessly applied, ill-suited for warm weather and casual occasions the verdict: a timeless classic best worn in cooler weather at night best worn by men over 30. this fragrance warms both the wearer and his audience by virtue of its warm spices and musky undertones, particularly over time. interested? if you are, be advised this is far removed from the citrus-based scents of the past 15 years, and buyers seeking yet another member of that family should avoid this at all costs. others looking for something different should be richly rewarded by giving it a close look.

  • ED05/06/2004

    This is a timeless classic I started wearing in the early 80s, and still occasionally use. Too bad the excellent talc and shower gel are apparently no longer available.

  • TONI FINISH02/22/2004

    Classic- in the full meaning of that word. In fact, this smells more like a classic than any other scent in the whole world. Fragrance is so wide and rich, that you can´t name any single notes in it. It´s just smells like a...classic. Tip: If you want to look cooler an more masculine than anyone in the neighborhood, get your black jeans and black polo-shirt on, wear black shades, and Lagerfeld Classic. And, try to look serious;)

  • SABRINA :)01/23/2004

    My boyfriend wears this and it smells wonderful! It makes me want to snuggle up close and just breathe in....

  • SHARON STONED01/23/2004

    As a brand-new breathtaking sweet, spicy oriental fragrance in the year 1978 LAGERFELD EDT was a real shock! It needs courage to wear this sexy special stuff. Now in the year 2004 it's a classic - but ever since unique and a "ladykiller". Dear Karl Lagerfeld, thank you for your excellent taste in fashion and perfumes. Five stars and more...

  • DANIEL01/14/2004

    this stuff smell just like my feet when I haven't taken a bath for days. I wouldn't recomend it to anyone especially if you want to get that girl!

  • JUDE C12/11/2003

    this cologne is a sad story. It smells very good, musky, manly. However, the problem is: it simply does not last. The scent dies quickly, but it is good while it lasts, old school scent, new school staying power - or lack there of. It dies quickly, and that is a shame, because it smells very manly and powerful.

  • JASON J11/01/2003

    No matter what I try, I always seem to return to this. Lagerfeld is very classy, a little 80s in style and more suited to the set of Dynasty, but hey, a little 80s glitz can be fun!

  • MATTHEW09/07/2003

    A black trench coat, a red silk scarf, a few dabs of Lagerfeld: this is the formula for the seductive loner, the mystery man who sets women trembling all around him. Women love it. They love it love it love it. It has so many layers that it never gets dull.

  • DENNIS08/18/2003

    In the 70's, all the guys I knew who wore this (most were in my band-lol) smelled like chicks. Whic explains why they only attracted one another. lol So-so scent which I borrowed whenever I ran out of Vetiver.

  • TONY BOLOGNA05/10/2003

    I forgot 2 facts: First, Lagerfeld smells identical to sandalwood (oriental, heavy, and thick). Second, Lagerfeld has tremendous staying power. i sprayed some on me early this morning and i can still smell it on me now late at night.

  • TONY BOLOGNA05/10/2003

    Lagerfeld is a thicker oriental fragrance, one of which I am not personally into but others may like it. It's much more of a winter scent and is more formal than most citrus or oceanic colognes. It's also too much of an 'old-man' cologne, one I might find in my grandfather's house but not mine.

  • ARNOLD R.02/24/2003

    This is one of the classiest men's fragrances that I've personally come across. Smells like what you wear when you're all dressed up and going to the opera, the theatre or an expensive, fancy restaurant. Defenitely "evening wear." It comes across as something perfect to have on when it's cold -- nighttime and wintertime -- it seems to call for a room panelled in dark wood with a blazing fire in a brick fireplace, and some kind of drink with Bailey's Irish cream in your hand. The word "classy," just keeps coming to mind. Classy and elegant and sexy. Beautiful drydown as well: exotic, dry spices. All in all, a beautiful fragrance, and one of the all time greatest.

  • SIDNEY01/11/2003

    I purchase this for my boyfriend a few years back and he hated it, he thought that it smelled very synthetic and it gave him a head ache.

  • VIVIAN12/11/2002


  • ESTEBAN12/03/2002

    This is the best men's fragrance out there - bar none. Most of the new scents I've sampled are for sissy-boys. It is getting harder to find in stores but it's still available however I am finding the after shave splash difficult to locate.

  • DARYL11/07/2002

    Lagerfeld is my favorite cologne. It is a CLASSIC. All of the women I've encountered love it. Buy It Guys.

  • LOLA10/23/2002

    I figured enough time had passed since my traumatic experience with the decaying dwarf who happened to be my boss.(THE ONE who used to drown himself in Lagerfeld but didn't bother washing).HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!As soon as I smelled it, all the nasty memories came back. But then both my sisters walked in, wrinkling their noses and wanting to know what could possibly stink like that.They both agreed that the odor was a mix raw meat gone bad, Dimetapp and curdled milk.OK,I'm sure that there is a huge chemistry element,there,but man,this stuff is revolting,it's evil,and and my cat's litter box isn't nearly as offensive!! And to all those who like it,hey,I do understand that it's all in the freedom of choice and all,but please have mercy,when you wear this... stuff,don't come near me,because I could react in the most impredictable and unpleasant manner.And the worst part is I KNOW I would have no control over that whatsoever...BAAAAARRRFF!!!

  • BONNIE09/27/2002

    I called the company two years ago. They said they had discontinued the talc. If anyone finds any somewhere, please let me know.

  • APHRAEL07/10/2002

    Heavy,cloying,too sweet,even when applied with a light hand.To me,it would seem that a man wearing this can only be trying to compensate for some other deficiencies... He would drive a big,tacky,flashy car,dress like a gigolo,talk loudly about nothing but himself,his possessions and his(imaginary) conquests,have a heart made of stone and a brain the size of a peanut.Wow,the images that scent can conjure,in some of us...

  • A.06/21/2002

    I bought a miniature of this, being told it was for women. Nope. And, as a men's scent, it's nice, but it's not one that I can wear and feel good in. I think, if ever my fiance wants to dabble in scents, I'll dab a bit of this on him.

  • LOLA06/17/2002

    girl,you read my mind!!this morning he came too close,so i shoved my knee where it counts,then while he "limped"(tee-hee)to the men's room i snuck in his office and sprayed his jacket with Must de Cartier,"lost"an earring and a tube of lipstick in his briefcase and then left a letter of resignation on his boss desk.then i walked out.but,oh,to be a fly on the wall when the creep goes home to his wife,and has to explain the smell and the goodies,not to mention the sudden loss of his only full time employee...

  • UH...HUH06/16/2002

    Ooooookkayyyyyy....You Go girl. Actually, the next time he trys that, crush his jewels leaving him curled in a ball in the hall.....Same with the step. Then you'll have wonderful memories of the feld.

  • LOLA06/13/2002

    o.k,you're probably not too far off the mark...but let me explain:first,my evil,dysfunctional,psycho,control-freaking step-father wore this.also,a while back i started to work for a total monster(he made my step-father look like a pussycat)just imagine,if you can,a twisted looking troll,foaming at the mouth,on a once-a-week shower schedule,who doesn't even suspects the existence of toothpaste,trying to corner every female he sees in the hallways...well,that THING comes to work every day after pouring half a bottle of lagerfeld on his head!!!so,sure,i don't deny that lagerfeld is a very nice,high quality,men's scent,but since the sense of smell taps so intimately into memory banks and emotions,it is easy to understand why i gag every time i smell it...luckily,there are quite a few others who make me swoon and put an idiotic smile on my face...

  • CHERRI06/08/2002 is Trrrriiipppinnnnnnnn'..... This gets me soooo hhhottt!!!

  • LOLA05/23/2002

    to me this smells rancid.every time i smell this on a man i imagine a tasteless gigolo who forgot to shower.i think that Creed makes much better men scents.

  • WINNIE01/27/2002

    We've been having problems finding the 8 oz non-spray, deodorant and shaving baume lately. Are most big dept. stores discontinuing these? My husband will be very upset if he has to change fragrance. Thanks!

  • MOKOKOS01/14/2002

    It is a great fragrance. Truly original. I wore it when I first met my wife and she didn't want to wash her hand after she shook hands with me. She wanted to smell it as long as she could.

  • BRIAN01/03/2002

    I miss the cologne. The EDT just doesn't have the punch the colgne had. Although I will use it, I wish they would have dropped the EDT instead of the cologne!!

  • EDDIE12/20/2001

    Sophisticated and formal. Most Women go nuts over it. A classic.

  • RON11/23/2001

    I live in LA, and I'm having problems locating the Talc. Not allot of luck Online either. Any suggestion?

  • C.SCOTT10/19/2001


  • BDU09/29/2001

    Bob, As far as I know the department stores in large cities (I live in Charlotte, NC, which is now larger than Atlanta, GA) still carry the full line of Lagerfeld products. I will check with some of the "better" department stores here in Charlotte and post another message in a few days to tell you what I have discovered. I don't usually do this, but if you want to call me at home (I am a writer, so most of my work is "at home,") my phone number is (704) 393-8912.

  • DAVID09/29/2001

    EDT stands for "eau de toilette," which is traditionally slightly more diluted than real "cologne." Actually, EDT is used many times to mean cologne (which is a milder form of "perfum"). Lagerfeld EDT doesn't seem any different to me than when it was called cologne. Lagerfeld is a wonderful, "standard" fragrance for many men. I love it, and have used it for years. It's based on a vanilla-extract type base with LOTS of undertones that make it different from every other cologne I have used. Some guys do not like it, but I have never met a woman who didn't think it is wonderful. Use sparingly -- it can be OVERPOWERING. It is clean, fresh, masculine (unlike its "copy," CK's Obsession, which is much too sweet). Obsession makes me like a maple tree: full of sap. :)

  • DAVID IN CHARLOTTE09/11/2001

    If I could have only ONE fragrance, Lagerfeld would be my choice. It is NOT sweet, but it uses a vanilla-like base with a few other "undertones" of musk, spice (and NO "leather," thank God). I have worn Lagerfeld for years, and I still love it. By the way, EDT stands for "eau de toilette," the French phrase for cologne (which is a "diluted" form of "parfum"). Be careful, though. Lagerfeld EDT is NOT a "subtle" (diluted) fragrance. It is powerful and long-lasting. It is a clean, vanilla-extract-type scent. It smells good enough to drink. (Don't do this -- cologne NEVER tastes good.)

  • PAUL07/14/2001

    Really not more I can say! I have also smelled this on women and it also works well on them too!

  • MIKE07/02/2001

    The recommending e-mail said up to 70% off. Hah....this looks like retail to me.

  • BARBARA P. SMITH06/22/2001

    What does EDT stand for? Thanks!

  • GLEN06/10/2001


  • H.05/31/2001

    This is the best!

  • PATRICK CORDOVA11/18/2000

    Lagerfeld has a very sweet smell that all can enjoy.

  • BOB10/07/2000

    does anyone know where to get the talc powder at anymore

  • ZIGGYZEIS@AOL.COM09/30/2000

    Does the company make Lagerfeld for men in the non-spray, 8 0z. bottle? If so, where to order. Thx

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