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Antonio Puig


46 Reviews

Aromatic, Citrus, Leathery. Created in 1982, Quorum cologne is a sharp, woody, arid fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, cumin and lemon. The middle notes are: juniper, jasmine and pine and the base of the fragrance is: amber, musk and leather. Quorum cologne by Antonio Puig is recommended for casual and more

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Aromatic, Citrus, Leathery. Created in 1982, Quorum cologne is a sharp, woody, arid fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, cumin and lemon. The middle notes are: juniper, jasmine and pine and the base of the fragrance is: amber, musk and leather. Quorum cologne by Antonio Puig is recommended for casual and formal use.

  • JOHN SUTHERLAND04/16/2013

    I've been using Quorum for over 30 years. It's a great smell, pleasant, not over strong and quite long lasting.

  • DENISE11/13/2012

    Quorum is definetely a masculine, sexy smell ! It lasts all day, and isn't overpowering.

  • ANTONIO06/25/2012

    A great smelling cologne.

  • B.S.03/10/2011


  • THOMAS10/21/2007

    I aree that this scent is for the 40 plus crowd. Mature and masculine with a woodsy and citrus scent. Much lighter than Aramis or Hugo Boss. I find it is great for daily wear and I have been complimented often by the ladies. If you are in to strong and powerful scents, then this wouldn't be for you.

  • ROBMIA08/18/2007

    Very masculine and strong. I've used it for over 15 yrs and include it in my rotation. The price is great as well. It probably wouldn't be to the liking of those who prefer lighter, sweeter scents. Either a hit or miss with women -- at least in my experience.

  • RICHARD 05/05/2007

    This stuff is alright in the sense of duration 7-8 hour. However, this is not my style. It reminds me of Fendi. Too stiff and stale. I would think this is great for the over 65 set. Try this on before purchase!

  • MATT P. K.12/21/2006

    Kind of a champagne-taste version of the beer-budget Brut. Good, but not quite as good as Paco Rabanne in my opinion.

  • GARY PRUSAKOWSKI01/01/2006

    This is the best aftershave balm I have ever found that does not irritate my skin like so many others I have tried. The women go wild for it but the problem is I cannot find it anywhere in Cakgary, Alberta. The only place I have found that still carries any Quorum product only carries the spray. I want the Balm. If anyone knows where this product can be found in or near me please, please post the location on this site for me. Thank You Thank You

  • DAVE LIVESEY11/05/2005

    This stuff is pure class to be worn everyday, the ladies love it and i would give it more than 5 stars if possible.

  • CRAIG FRANK10/31/2005

    When I first smelled Quorum I thought it was nice and strong and that it would last the whole day. After about half an hour the initially strong topnote disappears into virtually nothing. Even though it seems like a strong, heavy and lasting fragrance it certainly is not. The harshness and pungency of the initial smell does not mean it's going to last; because it doesn't. Rating: smell 6/10 lasting 2/10 ave 8/20

  • E. DOWD09/28/2005

    This well balanced masculine scent can be worn anytime and for any occasion. The excellent deodorant and aftershave balm also last quite awhile without being too strong.

  • WAYNE09/14/2005

    I have love this one for years, being a teenager in the 80's this one always takes me back to my youth. Strong, distinctive and totally masculine - and very inexpensive. Tried a lot of others and always come back to this reliable one. Going to Spain next month so will definitely be stocking up - Recommended !

  • SAEF09/09/2005


  • KEVIN08/10/2005

    This was the first bottle of cologne that I purchased with my own money. I was 14, and it gave me a headache. Later, smelt it on other people, liked it, tried it again in 1998 at age 24, now it's 1 of few that I always restock. One of my favorites for over 7 years.

  • TONY T07/22/2005

    i smelled along with karate and boy oh boy... arid, atrocus, and awful.. my old man wore this but he does not care, he will wear anything he does not have 2 purchase

  • A PERSON06/01/2005

    I would like to disagree that it's for the mature gentleman, I'm 24 and this is one of my favourite fragrances. Very rich, but not overpowering. Amazing, I suggest it.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI05/21/2005

    Can't believe anyone actually likes this. Do yourself a favor and try it before buying. if youdon't like sweet or fruity fragrances and want something unmistakably 'manly' there are hundreds of far, far better choices from Dunhill to Minotaure to Roma, etc.

  • ED05/10/2005

    Twenty somethings will probably be disappointed in this fragrance because it's not (sickeningly) sweet. It's a well balanced classic scent, for the mature man, that can be worn at any time. Five stars and more!

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD05/09/2005

    This was the 2nd cologne my Dad gave to me as a teen.I wasnt into fragrances back then, so I dont remember what happened to the bottle.Now that Im a bit of a collector, I wanted to smell this for the sake of sentamentality.I cant say anything good about this one.It smells like one of my experiments of mixing several fragrances together,which turned out terrible.The first cologne he gave me was Pierre Cardin, which I still love today and is in my small collection.

  • STUWEE02/09/2005

    Quorum isnt for everybody.. Depends on the body chemistry of the person wearing it.. Quorum is definitely for me and MAY not for you..

  • SHARON12/26/2004

    Lots of people seem to be searching for this product...any luck? I'd love to find it too. It's wonderful on my man!

  • PHIL11/16/2004

    I can't say this is my favorite fragrance, but I do use it often. A very classy scent that goes a long way, and long lasting.

  • IMRAN11/02/2004

    Its a very strong, long lasting scent. Definately not for all tastes but I surely like it.

  • PETER05/02/2004

    Sat behind a guy at the movies with this on & in the end my coke & chocy peanuts tasted like Quorum, too stong & smells cheap, a low rent smell for the low rent

  • JOSE02/19/2004

    I feel this cologne is a great value for its price. It smells very nice and it lasts a long time. It might not be as modern as some colognes out there, but I feel we all need different colognes for different occasions. I would not wear this cologne to a party, but I probably would wear it to an interview. It has a smell of class and professionalism. It sometimes reminds me of Polo.

  • LLL01/05/2004

    I recently bought this for a man I am seeing. I sampled many, many men's fragrances before I picked this one. It's not an entirely original man's scent (which is hard to find--so many men's fragrances seem to use the same fragrance notes), but it's a rich, earthy, sexy man's fragrance done really well. I find it sexy as all out. And even if one reviewer thinks it smells like "grandpa"--well, that's a pretty sexy grandpa, I say. ;)

  • KAYKEI12/31/2003

    It confuses me kinda smells bitter and grassy but the dry down in ok i guess, there are other less confusing brands no need to rush this one, may work well for old men though

  • NOTSURE11/20/2003

    I was looking for something a little different and decided to pick up a bottle of this based upon the rating. I am not sure what to make of it. It has a high note of something sweet which is sort of nice. Mixed in however is something a bit harsh. This might be what gives it a masculine edge, but I'm not sure. I don't smell weeds/greens. I'm smelling the bottle as I write this. I think the thing about Quorum is that it smells like Cologne. It's like you smell like your wearing cologne. Someone should make a cologne that makes you simply smell good...not like your wearing a good cologne. I think most of us guys can wear this but this is one to go light with. It is strong.

  • URBANCOWBOY11/16/2003

    After reading a number of good reviews for this I bit the bullet and bought it. MAJOR mistake. This is perfect if you want to be smelling like Grandpa.

  • FERNANDO11/08/2003

    I was seriously thinking about buying Quorum but happily I had the idea of trying it first in a department store. I asked the lady to spray a little in my arm and what a bad idea it was. I thought it was way too strong and kind of gross. I know people sometimes write this in this forum, but I actually had to wash my arm. I can see that Quorum has many fans and I respect them for that. If you like Quorum, you probably will like Harley Davidson, since it is very strong too. A very manly scent, yet extremely classy is Memoire D'homme by Nina Ricci. It is leather based and totally awesome! I thought Quorum is definitey not for me, but if are interested in it, I strongly suggest you try it for yourself first!

  • MOONRAT08/23/2003

    This is a long lasting warm woody scent with leather undertones. Very refined and classic sent. A little goes a long way, but lasts and lasts. Good anytime, but really nice during cold days.

  • LB07/16/2003

    Great products and I refer to it as a lady killer. Women can't resist when wearing.

  • VARA07/03/2003

    Way back, in the 1980's I bought my husband a bottle of quorum. He wore it on special occasions and at lovey times. He died in 1993. there was a bit left in the bottle. From time to time I open and takes me back to him and to our special life together. God, I love that stuff.

  • ARNOLD R.03/26/2003

    The notes say it all, "leather, tobacco and greens." That is what it is. A funny experience, though; the dry-down seems to happen almost instantaneously. Dig: I don't particularly care for the way it smells in the bottle; there's this note in it that smells like wet paint, or something. And that note is prominent on my skin, when I apply it -- for about ten seconds. Then it dries down to this terrific Paco Rabanne / Aramis / Azzaro kind of a fragrance, and stays that way for the rest of the day. Really excellent stuff. I think it's "dressed up" enough for formal ocassions, yet masculine and "work horse" enough for office, casual -- whatever. I feel the same way about Paco Rabanne pour Homme (Paco Rabanne 1973) -- if you like Quorum, check out that one if you haven't already, you'll probably like it just as much!

  • LATINDJS03/16/2003

    Quorum is seriosly underated,that is the perfect cologne for a formal occasion,a wedding a restuarant and such occasions,it's strong yet elegant scent is just what goes right with a suit,for any shirt and tie occasion this is what I highly recommend.

  • JIM SAM03/05/2003


  • FREDO01/06/2003

    It costs cheap and it smells cheap. Also it smells outdated.

  • LEIGHANNE01/04/2003


  • PAT GATTO11/25/2002

    Where can we find this product - my husband "LOVES" it - I would really like to get a supply of it for him for Christmas.

  • FRANK C.11/11/2002

    I am also looking for the after-shave balm.

  • JOE10/06/2002

    Fellas, let me tell you that this stuff is great, seriously underated. It has a really pleasant powdery dry-down similar to Paco Rabanne with a masculine sweetness that is never cloying. It's a perfect office scent and the price for the value is fabulous. I keep it on the top shelf next to my Gentleman, Santos de Cartier, Salvador Dali, Dreamer, etc. It can stand up there with the Big Boys and never be ashamed. A true Best Value fragrance.

  • HESSEL GERSSEN04/14/2002

    am looking for the quorum balm after shave [email protected]

  • HESSEL GERSSEN04/14/2002

    I am looking for this balm

  • PINETREE03/20/2001

    I am looking for Quorum after shave Balm by Antonio Puig. My e-mail is [email protected]

  • B SERVOS11/14/2000

    I am looking for Quorum After Shave Balm. Can you help me? My email address is: [email protected]

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