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Polo Sport Ralph Lauren Image

Ralph Lauren

Polo Sport   

51 Reviews

Aromatic, Fougere, Marine. Designed by Ralph Lauren in 1993, Polo Sport cologne is a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine scent contains a blend of seaweed, algae, mint and is accented with nutmeg, oakmoss and sandalwood making Polo Sport cologne perfect for casual daytime use.

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Aromatic, Fougere, Marine. Designed by Ralph Lauren in 1993, Polo Sport cologne is a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine scent contains a blend of seaweed, algae, mint and is accented with nutmeg, oakmoss and sandalwood making Polo Sport cologne perfect for casual daytime use.

  • PATT02/01/2012

    my son goes through this like crazy and my son in law also they both love it and in our area it sells out all the time you have to hunt around to find it

  • TIM03/20/2011


  • LISY05/20/2010

    I like it and always will!

  • CHRIS12/21/2008

    Well, the first time I smell it at top note, it does smell not good at all, but let it dry up to the middle note to bottom note, you will appreciate it. Its one of my must have fragrance in my collection now.

  • TONYGIO02/17/2008

    This one is obviously for casual use..but imo this is EASILY the best of all the polo scents, including ralph's latest knockoff of his own original green, which he calls 'explorer'. Yep - this one's still better than all the rest and the only polo I can wear. Just as the name implies, very sporty and fresh!

  • DARRSHAN01/05/2008

    to start with i feel that this fragrance is very original in smell and different, for a man to wear. thats why still people give good ratings

  • IVAN BLACKBERRY04/01/2007

    Sure, everybody and their mother has worn it, but the same can be said with Acqua di Gio. If everybody is wearing it then it must be decent no? This fragrance is very strong and 2-3 sprays is all you need for a full day of compliments and personal satisfaction. If I were stuck on a deserted island with a beautiful blonde and I could only have five colognes then this would definately be one of them.

  • MATT P. K.12/21/2006

    Strikes me along the lines of Cool Water, though maybe not quite as good. Kind of a variation on the theme.

  • SCOTT02/20/2006

    Both myself and my colleagues where i work all agree that the tester of this smells like a mens Urinals... someone asked me if i like their new aftershave the otherday - i knew what it was from a distance... either that or he had spent too long in the public toilets... Not for me im afraid!

  • LT12/22/2005

    I've had a couple of bottles of Polo Sport, I don't wear it as much now a days, but still rock it once in a while

  • 3DSTYLEZ12/14/2005

    I really love this cologne. It has a unique and, like it's name, a very sporty scent. A really nice change from the regular POLO scent. It's the cologne that I use most often on a daily basis, and if I may add, my gf loves it also. lolz.

  • SOMA11/16/2005

    If you don't have Polo Sport, you're missing out on a classic fragrance for men. And, that is not to say "classic" as in "lost and forgotten", rather Polo Sport is a timeless classic that should never be forgotten. It serves its purpose well, and it's become a classic for that very reason. Like Cool Water by Davidoff, it has its place in every collection. I purchased Polo Sport back in high school, some 8 years ago. Back then I was envious that a fellow classmate was attracting the ladies with an unidentified scent. Unfortunately, he divulged the secret to his dismay. Soon enough too many people had landed Polo Sport, but not to the dismay of the ladies who love this fragrance. More of an informal fragrance for those nice days when you're out and about. Very minimal spicy undertone combined with exceptionally fragrant, aquatic overtones and excellent staying power.

  • THE KYLE10/19/2005

    Polo Sport is a young, energizing fragrance which make you feel younger ;), but it does get old pretty fast. The scent isn't refined enough to use outside of casual events, so it can't be called very versitile, but i think it's worth a shot. - The Kyle

  • ZION6605/08/2005

    THIS IS CRAZZZZZZZY!!! i love this soo much man. this smell is really sexy n its not too strong to the nose. its just right u know~

  • DANIEL03/11/2005

    I,ve worn polo sport for a couple of months now and i seriously LOVE this smell, its one of the best ive ever smelled under abercrombie fierce and Polo Romance, but seriously it doesn't stay on u so if u wanna smell great for a date u better make it a quick one or just keep a bottle handy in ur pocket.

  • PATRICK11/28/2004

    True to its name, this is a very sporty fragrance that tends to smell like shower gel, and certainly gives that 'just out of the shower' aroma. Good to wear at the gym or when playing sports, whenever you want to smell fresh but not like you're wearing a cologne. I do think this is a little too casual even for a casual scent, but it's great as an expensive deodorant! Probably best for younger guys (early-20s and below).

  • ROB H.07/21/2004

    Haven't worn this for a few years but I remembered the reason why I quit wearing it was that it was too bitter overall.

  • NICK04/01/2004

    This scent is so common but I like it very much. it has a fresh sexy smell to it. I went to the bank today and the teller said "Wow u smell good..I want to attack you". No Joke..women love it but I usually like to wear scents EVERYONE doesnt have. Still this fragrance is a must in your collection!

  • MM02/06/2004

    I own a few men's scents cause I like 'em, however I got sick of this one pretty quickly. It's sporty but has that artificial smell, like a department store. It doesn't seem to blend with your own scent well, it just sits on top of it. A bit fake and icky.

  • RYAN07/29/2003

    This Ralph Lauren fragrance, true to it's name, is decidedly sporty. It is very deep, masculine, spicy, and clean. It will do wonders to mask unpleasant body odor and needn't be applied to clean skin. Any dry patch of flesh will do. I certainly am not a die-hard PS fan, however all of those who saw fit to deplore it gave no valuable insight as to why it was a poor choice as a cologne based upon its merits as a fragrance and its aroma, but rather they just discredited and sterotyped every owner.

  • DUDICAL DEREK07/19/2003

    This fragrance is kickin-rad, but it is more and more common among younger guys. I've worn it as my exclusive cologne from age 16-25, and finally I'm ready to start trying other stuff. But yeah, girls always liked the sweet smell(on a sweet guy). It's really the perfect cologne for school or at the office for a sporty guy. Only drawback is now some punk wannabes are seeing how well it works and they (over)use it giving all us polo sport wearers a bad name. Still, it is great stuff.

  • BIG T06/07/2003

    EXCELENT! VERY FRESH! 2 thumbs up

  • DAVE05/24/2003

    This one was not to my taste. WAY too strong, and the scent was too generic. Not bad, mind you... I just feel that there are better cool scents out there. Desire Blue immediately comes to mind.

  • GABRIEL03/26/2003

    It's very good for youngs. It's very sport. Perfect to be your 1º fragrance!

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    Everyone wears this stuff nowaways and it always seems like they are high school dudes who smoke weed and then spray this to cover it up. I think it is way to common, and guys if you are looking for a new fragrance to buy, please don't buy this one. Go for something more classy and sophisticated like "Polo" by Ralph Lauren.

  • CHRIS G02/22/2003

    I used to have this stuff back in the days(about 2 years after it was made) Thats when you could wear it and get positive it's just too easily reconized and dosen't stand out. But if u just want somethin fresh and cheap...don't look any further my friend....

  • LOLA02/22/2003

    Gott'a Buy Some

  • ERIC02/07/2003

    So much nicer than the original in the green bottle. Very harmonious scent.

  • JOSH01/17/2003

    This cologne is so different than other colognes. It is pleasant to the nose and enjoyable to wear. It seems more natural smelling than alot of synthetic smelling fragrances. Not overpowering,easy on the nose.

  • ELLE12/27/2002

    It is very sporty and manly. It is no wonder it is one of the most worn fragrances on men!

  • SM12/06/2002

    This scent smells so nice on a man. Very sexy scent. One of my favorite masculine scents.

  • DAVE11/19/2002

    This is one of the oldest colognes, but it's a classic. People dont like this cologne because the first tone is very strong and overwhelming. But if u just wait till time goes by, the finishing touch on this stuff will knock you out. Most girls i know put this one as their all-time favorite, why? Cuz they smelled this stuff at the right time when the finishing tone was powering, that's when u go crazy over this, trust me. So relax and be patient. Watch the wonders!

  • DONALD10/27/2002

    ehem...i'd hate to refer you to ralph lauren romance. Ever seen it? This fragrance is good too, for its purpose.

  • EXCELLENT!!10/26/2002

    It is great for activities and casual wear. Not for evening or day wear. It is refreshing.

  • CHERRI10/24/2002

    In response to your query, no the the U.S. cannot break out of the mold. They must continually put fragrances geared towards the baggy pants, baseball cap wearing little dweebs. Pathetic, just like them....

  • MAURICIO10/21/2002

    What is going on whit USA fragances, all of then are sporty and light. I wonder if an american designer can make an elegant fragance

  • MARIO09/24/2002

    unbelievably fresh and clean scent. Whoever thinks that this scent is for youths should try smelling it before categorizing it. It was great when I was 18...and it still 24.

  • JENNIFER09/17/2002

    My boyfriend has this perfume and I love it!

  • OMER 09/01/2002

    well this is one of the best colognes around basically mens colognes are woody based this is the best floral fragrance for men its a must have

  • JAMES R.08/30/2002

    This is a energy cologne. I put it on as much as possible cause the scent is so addicting. Very good for the athlete or good at the gym and is awesome after a fresh shower. I wear this at the office alot too and guys and girls like this scent alot. To me it smells like a floral mix , musk and ocean. Pure energy.

  • RON08/12/2002

    this stuff is really fresh it gives u a lot of engery

  • TNT06/20/2002

    It's horrendous. I don't think so.

  • BRIAN05/14/2002

    Another great fragrance by the makers of R. Laruen. The name for this is perfect. Finnaly a cologne made from florals that is good. This stuff will give yhu that extra boost of energy you need. A must have.

  • FROZEN05/01/2002

    After a whiff of Polo Sport scent will drive you to the nearest sink to puke

  • NICK04/15/2002

    Polo Sport is one of the best fragrances out there. Girls love it!

  • PHIL04/07/2002

    the generation wannabe fragrance that just smells like hairspray

  • ADRIAN03/31/2002

    Its an alright perfume, but there is nothing speciel about it.

  • SHERRYLN03/12/2002

    Every pre-pubescent boy and pubescent wannabe has this on his dresser. What a joke. Get a life.

  • BILL01/25/2002

    I got it as a X-mas gift. It has a nice clean sweet smell to it.

  • JAKE01/21/2002

    It does have a nice smell to it. But it you want a long lasting cologne, this isn't it.

  • TRENT12/28/2001

    This is a very good cologne. It has a very clean, pleasant smell and the ladies love it. Polo Sport and Polo are the very best.

  • RUDY09/21/2001

    It's a very "sporty" feel very fresh wearing it!! And best of all, ladies like it!!

  • JENNIFER03/25/2001

    This cologne smells so sexy on a man you cant help but smile and want to get closer when your near a man thats wearing it. And it smells good on any man that has it on!

  • BRIAN01/27/2001

    This does have a light clean fragrance, but the fragrance will not stay with you very long. If you are looking for a long lasting scent, go with Eternity or Tommy.

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