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L`Interdit by Givenchy is a floral aldehyde fragrance for women. L`Interdit was launched in 1957. The fragrance was reformulated in 2003. The nose behind this fragrance is Francis Fabron. Top notes are aldehydes, spices, mandarin orange, peach, bergamot and wild strawberry. Middle notes are iris, violet, narcissus, orris root, jasmine, more

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L`Interdit by Givenchy is a floral aldehyde fragrance for women. L`Interdit was launched in 1957. The fragrance was reformulated in 2003. The nose behind this fragrance is Francis Fabron. Top notes are aldehydes, spices, mandarin orange, peach, bergamot and wild strawberry. Middle notes are iris, violet, narcissus, orris root, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lily-of-the-valley and rose with base notes of sandalwood, amber, musk, benzoin, vetiver and tonka bean.

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  • Y S OTEY12/22/2011

    I am looking for a Givenchy's L'Interdit perfume in rich red box. I bought it in Paris in 70's. Does anyone know where I can buy it?

  • GILL W09/18/2010

    Please can anyone at Givenchy start to produce the original 50's fragrance again. I've tried the new versions which are nothing like and cannot understand why it had to change. I have grown up with this fragrance, my Mum, Sister and me all used it and I have a tiny drop left which I I now treasure as it reminds me of my late Mum everytime I I dare to spray a little. Please bring it back asap. There are so many Women out there who agree with me and miss it so much.

  • SUEC10/26/2009

    Finally they are stocking the 2007 reformulation which is much closer to the original '50's scent. I have all three versions and you can buy this one with confidence. I doubt they will go back to the original one in the shiny red box, but this latest version is lovely. Thank goodness.

  • BRENDA DONEY06/15/2009

    I used this perfume for 30 years. When the orginal was taken off the market it was like losing an old friend. I still mourn the loss of this fragrance in my life. If anyone has any sway with Givenchy get them to put it back on the market.

  • SUE C09/05/2008

    Don't buy this unless you get the correct packaging which is a pale pinkish grey box and the bottle has a rectangular label in pinkish grey (see Le De). These are limited editions of the original formula not the awful rehash that was release in the dark dull reddish box a few years ago. I do still have a bottle of the original formula (with the gold label on the bottle and the shiny red box). The photo shown here is also not the original formula but L'Interdit II as someone else mentioned.

  • MICHELE02/11/2008

    The "original" L'Interdit (for Audrey Hepburn) was soft & lasting; light & warm. The women who wore this fragrance knew who they are and if you needed a change for fall/winter there was L'Interdit 2. L'Interdit was you. It was Audrey. It was classy, sexy - just right. The new one is an impostor and should never have the one of a kind name! L'Inderdit

  • LORRAINE01/03/2008

    Bring back the original...the revised version is awful. It does not do justice to the original and should not have the same name.

  • KATH01/01/2008

    This is Linterdit II. The original is still sold in the US. Just not on this site. You just need to do a little searching. Usually it is available in Department stores in November and December for the holiday seasn. It is disappointing that this site doesn't indicate this is II. I knew something was wrong when I saw the package. I was interested in the history. I've worn the scent for 20+ years but didn't know it was created for Audrey Hepburn.

  • SUE C11/19/2007

    Of course it's now 50 years since L'Interdit was introduced in 1957. That's why Givenchy have relaunched it, to celebrate. It's not clear whether the supply will be continued or whether production will cease when stocks run out. Remember to look for the grey packaging with little Givenchy symbols.

  • ALBA08/19/2007

    sadly, this scent is not at all like the original one. I remember it being more floral but not girly floral, more sharp and clean. The changed version is more powdery. It is not nice at all. Why do these perfume companies have to change the original scents. It is like the remake of the classic movies, never better when done a second time. There is a lack of creativity responsible for this.

  • MIMI07/21/2007

    Thank all of you who have let me know that the L'Interdit sold here is not the original. I had heard that was only available in France but apparent from another quote it is not! Also thanks to the person recommending Another fragrance that is similar to the original. I will try it!

  • BLONDIE03/21/2007

    The saddest thing about the awful change in this other than the obvious, is that it is widely known that it was created by Hubert Givenchy for the lovely Audrey Hepburn and was her perennial favorite. This new version smells nothing like the original and does not reflect the quality which I am sure were originally intended. I could NEVER imagine her wearing anything so ordinary and pedestrian as the travesty this turned out to be. I am appalled.

  • ANGIE P 08/23/2006

    disgusting disgusting Disgusting Bring back the old! I will not wear the new it stinks. why on earth chane something so beautiful, to something so revolting?

  • SUE C04/05/2006

    I used to wear the original formula and I have an unopened bottle bought about 5 years ago, plus a bottle of the new formula bought from a discount outlet. The new one is 'modernized' i.e. watered down with the spice and character taken out, to me only the base notes are the same. It's a shame - why can't manufacturers trust the loyalty of devotees who appreciate timeless classics. If anyone wants a substitute, I recommend Le Dix by Balenciaga - unchanged since 1947 and in the same fragrance family - I think you will like it.

  • VIVIAN P03/13/2006

    Smells like one of those drugstore "Our Version of..." knockoffs of Chanel #5. Cheap and headache inducing.

  • CARLA FERRIGNO02/23/2006

    I agree the new L'Interdit is nothing like the old one and I have been wearing the old 35 years. Please keep carring the old one

  • LENA VIDAHL12/31/2005

    There was no finer fragrance than the original L'Interdit. Why anyone would want to change it is beyond me. I will never buy the new formula L'Interdit, as it doesn't compare with the orginal by anyone's stretch of the imagination. I have since gone back to Shalimar because it was my second favorite. I'd rather use that than ever use the new formula for L'Interdit. You have done your faithful customers a tremendous disservice by what you have done. I hate this new scent and will never wear it!!

  • ALMA ALICEA12/27/2005


  • ANNA E12/10/2005

    Thought I would be safe buying this in Paris! Alas,it's still the same phoney smell of the "good oil boys" petro base and not the original.

  • MARSHA07/26/2005

    I too am yearning for the original formula. Write the company that now owns Givenchy and complain. Givenchy is now owned by LVMH; Mr. Bernard Arnault owns and operates it, owning 48% of the stock. USA address for the Perfume Division is: LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics USA Inc., 19 East 57th Street, New York, NY (no zip listed). I will write and urge them to bring back the original formula. Will you?

  • JULIE 02/19/2005

    Instead of complaining to each other about the change in product, write or call the company with your disapproval. Someone behind the perfume counter told me alot of the companies are "changing" their formulas because it's cheaper for them to use synthetic ingredients instead of the original essential oils. I think they have alot of nerve to do that and still keep the same name and price. Speak up ladies (to the company) and maybe they will listen. Don't buy the new product, if enough people do that, sales will go down and they will go back to the original that sold better. If your going to continue to buy the new bottle why should they change it back...duh!!!

  • ALINE32802/18/2005

    I have gotten so many compliments on this perfume, my very favorite. Just wish it lasted longer.

  • MICHELLE11/10/2004

    I have a perfume bottle from the mid 80s. I purchased the reintroduced L'Interdit about a year ago. I am glad to read the comments that my nose has not deteriorated but rather the "new" version. Perhaps Givenchy has withdrawn it to return to the original. Anyone know if this is the reason?

  • JONI10/29/2004

    L'Interdit - I love it - and my husband is always quick to notice when I am wearing it. It was originally his choice - my Christmas and birthday present from him. I love it so much I would have stocked up had I known it was being pulled from distriubution. Givenchy, I think you may have made a mistake on this one.

  • CANDI10/11/2004

    Shame on you Givenchy. Bring back the original we BEG you For us & your reputation.

  • BARBARA09/28/2004

    I've used the original L'Interdit for 30 years. Please make it readily available.

  • BARBARA09/28/2004

    I've used the original L'Interdit for 30 years. Please make it readily available.

  • KIM N09/10/2004

    The original is much better but the new version is okay. I have both and find myself using the original a lot more often than the new.

  • CLAUDIE09/03/2004

    While it is not the worst smelling perfume ever created, it is just so-so. I remember the original L'Interdit which I recommended for a friend and which she fell in love with; she wore it for years afterward and always thanked me profusely for suggesting it. But this is far from that scent. Ms. Hepburn would be disappointed, as I think many of us are. It is definitely not the same perfume.

  • KATHLEEN A.06/02/2004

    The original Givenchy L'interdit in NOT available in the US. Nor is the bath powder, talc, or lotion I so loved. I can only find it online or in Canada. Please, please bring the ORIGINAL formula/products back into our department stores. We all loved the original version. The new version is so "cheap smelling!"

  • KATHLEEN PENN06/02/2004

    I totally agree that the new reformulated L'interdit by Givenchy is nothing like the original I've worn for 44 years. Wish I could find more of the original without going outside the US for my supply. I purchased the new version without knowing it had been reformulated and as so disappointed.

  • PATRICIA04/29/2004

    I was devastated when I found I could no longer get the original scent! Why were customers not consulted when they wanted to change it - they should be forbiddden to call it the same name

  • MARILYN04/14/2004

    Please bring back original formula.

  • SUE C02/17/2004

    I've just tried the reformulated L'interdit and sadly, it is nothing like the original. That fantastic rush of spice and flowers has gone. Audrey would turn in her grave. Do not buy this new one, vote with your wallet. Bring out a new perfume by all means but give it a new name. The manufacturers have risked losing loyal fans just to gain a few sales in the fickle younger market by turning this classic into a bland, just-like-everything-else product. If enough fans complain, they may bring back the original. In the 80's Lanvin reformulated Arpege with a lighter younger scent in cheap packaging and for a cheaper price (someone gave me a bottle). It was nice, but nothing special. It must have been a sales flop because happily they returned to the original formula with the original beautiful bottle by Lalique. So, please put your complaints in writing to Givenchy and we might get our original L'interdit back. (Lucky I have an unopened bottle, I think I'll hang onto it just in case).

  • AMANDA02/12/2004

    I used to wear it occasionally more than 10 yrs ago, but I noticed at the time I wore that often people near me coughed or masked their noses with hankies!! I guess this perfume is too sickly sweet & rediculously powdery. (Givenchey tends to make very sweet perfume and doesn't give a damn about sexiness or subtleness!!) Besides, I can't stand Audrey Hepbern who was really manipulative!!

  • PHYLIS POWERS01/14/2004

    Romeo Romeo Where R Though My Romeo !! Purchased Two ! And Still No Romeo!! Does Anyone Know Where I Could Find My Old Friend ??L'Interdit!!

  • DANIELA12/30/2003

    i don't know if this is the original version audrey hepburn used to wear or not,but does it really matter? feel free to love it or hate it! i for one am crazy about it!

  • ELIZABETH11/14/2003

    I love the scent but it disappears almost immediately. Why is real perfume so hard to find these days? EDT never smells very good no matter what the fragrance.

  • DIANE11/04/2003

    Time to bring back the "original" scent, don't you think? Not only is the scent ENTIRELY different, but the price is higher...................BAD BUSINESS MOVE.

  • LUCY09/25/2003

    Beautiful scent. I put it on at the counter, but a half an hour later it was gone. I guess that could be a plus for some people but I want it to last at least through the morning.

  • AMY09/07/2003

    The new release smells like banana Runts candy! Smells pretty darn good!!

  • RITA08/18/2003

    The 80s version was more powdery, like Chanel No. 5. & Arpege, yet not so cloying & heavy. The revised 2003 version is nothing like the 80's version. I bought the 2003 version & it was like watered down lemonade. What a disappointment! I am more inclined to believe that the version of the 80's L' Interdit was the one that Audrey Hepburn wore.

  • MURKI07/29/2003

    Whatever Audrey's was, the most recent is a bit cloying. The more classic (?) CAN be found...just do an internet search.

  • PAM07/19/2003

    Nez--if the re-release is what Audrey wore, she got screwed! What we wore was so much better. Linda--I also have a "few drops in an old bottle that I open and sniff once in a while". I just don't want to lose it forever.

  • LINDA07/15/2003

    I bought my first bottle in Paris in 1966 and it became my absoute favorite. Every so often I got a new bottle and cherished every drop. Then the perfume version disappeared and couldn't even find it in Paris. I agree the scent is slightly different than the 1966 version which I also prefer. I would also like to buy it in perfume, not eau de parfum or eau de toilette. It would definitely last longer and therefore is worth the price. I am delighted to see that there are others out there who yearn for the "old" one. I have a few drops in an old bottle that I open and sniff once in a while. It always gives me a sense of peace and well-being.

  • NEZ06/30/2003

    The re-release of L'Interdit IS the version worn by Audrey Hepburn. The "original" version referred to in prior postings is actually the altered version released to the public years ago.

  • PAM06/13/2003

    please, please, please bring back the original l'interdit!

  • SHARI06/10/2003

    I've been wearing the original L'interdit. With the introduction of the "New" L'interdit - a pale comparison, I now find I can't find the original version to buy! I am so disappointed! The new version smells like a cheap drug store scent that wears off in no time! Where can one find the true original L'Interdit! Help! I think it is a travesty that they would change the scent...Chanel No. 5 didnt, Arpage wasn't changed, Shalimar remains the same, etc., etc., etc. What a travesty!

  • MURKI06/09/2003

    I was with a friend wearing this, in line behind an older woman at a diner and he thought it was her! I was upset, because of all the "old lady" comments I hear about this. Later, he agreed that it smelled much better and different than when I first sprayed it. Too bad it doesn't last long.

  • RAÃƑ­ZA05/31/2003

    L'interdit, is not nothing comparison LE DE GIVENCHY. This yes that it is perfume. I do not understand it difficulty in finding. He arrived almost at the orgasmos, when he placed in my skin.

  • MURKI05/14/2003

    Smelled the new, then the old. The new smelled a bit like overripe melons. Completely different than the old. Bought the old. Yes, it's a bit dated, but it's like wearing a vintage dress. Everyone knows it's older, but it still can be beautiful.

  • ANNA 05/11/2003

    this scent was made for audrey hepburn i guess.....i like alot ...

  • WHO-S-THATLADY04/15/2003

    The estate of Givenchy should be ashamed of what THEY market as L'Interdit. I broke down and bought a bottle a week ago at a special promo at a local dept store. It went on beautifullllllllllly...even a bit strong...the fragrance was sooooo alluring. HOWEVER, about an hour later....WHERE DID IT GO??? It seems Givenchy is all about the bang, but there's no real substance to this fragrance. And worst of all, to intentionally market a product under its former excellence is just plain malicious!! It is a total disappointment.

  • DEBRA B02/10/2003

    It's a shame Givenchy named this wonderful fragrance after the original, which had its own character and a strong following. The "re-released" L'Interdit is very different, and deserves to be judged in it's own right -- just as siblings who go to the same school deserve to be seen as individuals. From the comments I've read, women who loved the original are disappointed, but those who did not know the original seem pretty satisfied. I like both the old and the new -- for their differences as well as for their similarities. The scent of fresh hay beneath the floral topnotes is still unique!

  • PEB02/05/2003

    This is so glamorous and sexy. At first it isa little strong, but it dries down to a nice soft scent with a deeper note to it,

  • OLATZ01/30/2003

    This is one of my all time favorites (very romantic) and I was so happy when I heard that it had been re-released. So, you can imagine my dissapointment when I tried a sample of this new re-formulated version. The House of Givenchy should be ashamed. Hubert de Givenchy has retired, and therefore, probably had no say in this. It is very sad - we'll never again experience the original, which by the way was one of the most beautiful fragrances ever created. This new version pales by comparison.

  • WHO-S-THATLADY01/26/2003

    Uptown Girl...I totally agree with your problem in wearing L'Interdit. I am also very scent-sensitive, and most beautiful fragrances smell like BUG SPRAY on me after a while. So, I, too am VERY particular. This is what leads me to Maya and 2010 Woman... I am sooooo disappointed with Givenchy for altering the original fragrance. WHY? "If it ain't broke, don't FIX it!" If the original was good enough for the beloved Audrey Hepburn (also one of MY favorite stars), then it's GOOD ENOUGH for ME! She symbolized easy elegance and earthy sophistication...I am reminded of myself IN her style. I'm glad you were honest enough to share this information about "pleasing the masses". I WAS going to purchase a few bottles. Now, I know to stick with my true classics....Chanel #5 and Arpege. I definitely don't go wrong with EITHER of them. Soft, powdery, distinct fragrances...."oldladyish" (smile) to some....CLASSICS to those of us who know better (smile)!

  • ANGELA01/05/2003

    Many of my memories of people and places come to me via smells rather than through visuals and so I always remembered L'Interdit because it was a fragrance that a favorite aunt of mine wore when I was a kid. Even as a teenager I understood that I was not ready for such a fragrance and then eventually I forgot about it. It was so wonderful to know that it had been re-introduced and better yet to know that now I was ready for it. I spritzed myself with it in Nordstrom's and walked around for awhile until the fragrance settled was wonderful and I bought it along with the body veil (lotion). This really helps seal in the fragrance and makes it last. I often just use the lotion during the day and "refresh" it for evening with the spray. L'Interdit ranks with some of the best fragrances from CREED like "Fantasia de fleur" and "Fleurissimo" which was created especially for Princess Grace for her wedding day. Although I understand the gimmicks that all companies play in order to market a product we should just focus on making a scent our own rather than worrying about how it smelled for a celebrity...we are our own celebrities!

  • UPTOWN GIRL01/03/2003

    My friend gave this fragrance to me as a gift, and I tried so hard to like it since she is a dear friend, but I had to be honest and tell her that it just did not agree with me. It smells too much like flowers. In my opinion, too oldladyish (is that a word). It got me sick, and I was lucky my friend understood. I traded it for Light Blue by D & G.

  • HELEN12/04/2002

    Years of searching have finally come to an end...

  • MARILYN12/03/2002

    Love it, but doesn't last!

  • MAYA11/04/2002

    You're right,it's not the original formula,and it sucks that Givenchy got so sneaky about the marketing. It has to do with the fact that , when a fragrance is created for a particular individual,that person controls the distribution of the fragrance thereafter.When the original L'Interdit was released,way back when,the formula was already slightly altered,so that Ms Hepburn would always have her very own signature fragrance.Since the name was associated with her legally,she controled the length and amount of the product's distribution back then, and called the shots when the decision was made to pull it.The law says that in cases like this,after the contract release between the celebrity and the product,the fragrance house can do as they please and choose to release the product again.But there was no contract release between MsHepburn and Givenchy.So,after her passing,they could release the fragrance NAME,but not the original formula.The same thing,by the way, happened with the formula of the floral fragrance Pavlova. The scent available under the name and packaging of the Russian Ballerina is not quite the same as the one she wore on stage.

  • 2010WOMAN10/23/2002

    Dawn, I have never smelled L'Interdit, but I have read that this is not the original formula that was created for Audrey Hepburn. They changed the original notes to be more bold and less powdery. I'm sure the original L'interdit was supremely feminine and soft like Audrey herself. It's a shame they have to change the original forumla to suit "market" demands. Instead of following the trends they should concentrate on making classy and timeless fragrances.

  • YAMATO OTOME10/19/2002

    Nothing like this! in the market. Best scent from C.Dior. Unique! What do you think?

  • YAMATO OTOME10/19/2002

    smell like...the mixture of "amarige" and "L'Air du Temps",then made it L'INTERDIT.Not powdery, Not fruity.Modest&refined..

  • NINA10/13/2002

    my mum loves this fragrance, she got it form my dad when they got engaged. It is a classic fragrance, sweet, powdery (that's what I say, my mum calls it fresh), flowery. Jasmin and roses, I think. Something in it reminds me of Chanel No.5 (what I call powdery and my mother calls fresh - same thing ;-)). A warm, mildly spicy background (cloves, maybe?), with a touch of wood (sandalwood, I guess), and maybe amber. There is a touch of bitter almond in it. (I sprayed some on the back of my hand and keep sniffing it while I try to describe it.) A hint of lily-of-the-valley? And something exotic I can't put a name on, it blends in with the rest -gardenia maybe? This note makes me think of Fidji by Guy Laroche. Flowery, clean, ladylike. It doesn't push forward, but gets noticed nonetheless. Good signature scent, as few women wear it - too hard to get. Not for everyone, it smells different on different skins, but give it a try, should you come across it.

  • STACY10/11/2002

    Classic, soft yet sophisticated enough for office or evening. I love it. In response to previous post asking for parfum, I just bought the eau de parfum at Lord and Taylor, so it is out there. The scent lasts a long time on me. The sales lady explained to me that L'interdit was first created for Audrey Hepburn in the 1950's. She was the only one who had rights to it. It was later released, with her permission, to the public under the name "Forbidden" (which is what "L'interdit" means). Now, it has just been re-released for Givenchy's 50th anniversary under the name L'interdit in a more contemporary scent.

  • DAWN10/08/2002

    I originally purchased this fragrance because Givenchy created it specifically for Audrey Hepburn who is my favorite actress. I was disappointed with it because I'd always thought of her as pretty, soft, elegant and this scent was none of those things to me. Thought it was too heavy. I ended up throwing the bottle away.

  • WKN10/07/2002

    Very light,smell good. It does not stay on all day. It wears off within three hours after spraying on entire body

  • BETHANY09/27/2002

    Lovely daytime/office wear perfume. Cool, elegant, powdery. Light floral notes with a little bit of spice. Very good.

  • NURSE PEBBLES09/15/2002

    Ok..I did find out that L"Interdit is different than "L'Interdit 2.....the "2"scent seemed much stronger and not as powdery...L'Interdit smells very classic and nice but agree with other poster that it seems to wear off quickly...keep the bottle handy:)

  • TOOTS09/15/2002

    I have been wearing this perfurme for over thirty years (selected it as my perfume on our Honeymoon) Just wish I could get it in perfume not eau de tolette.

  • KATHY09/13/2002

    Ok it does smell good but its very light and wears off quickly. My boyfriend couldn't barely smell it even with his nose touching my wrist. But anywho - it does smell good.

  • NURSE PEBBLES09/13/2002

    I see both of these perfumes listed..are they one in the same or different perfumes..thanks

  • KATE09/04/2002

    It is sexy, rich and classic. Finally Ive found my signature scent.

  • PATRICE09/03/2002

    I've heard that this perfume was made with actress Audrey Hepburn in mine, but I have no idea what it smells like. Could someone please help me with this? Thanks.

  • RONALEE S. SIMS08/30/2002

    Ronalee S. Sims

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