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L'Or de Torrente   

58 Reviews

The Gold of Torrente is an invitation to discover the world of the Haute couture, a world of dream, imaginary and grace dedicated to the women. Audacity, spontaneousness and impertinence characterize this new female ultra perfume, with the image of the Torrente woman... Pink bays, tangerine, lichee, kiwi, angelica, absolute coffee, cedar on iris, more

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The Gold of Torrente is an invitation to discover the world of the Haute couture, a world of dream, imaginary and grace dedicated to the women. Audacity, spontaneousness and impertinence characterize this new female ultra perfume, with the image of the Torrente woman... Pink bays, tangerine, lichee, kiwi, angelica, absolute coffee, cedar on iris, invaluable wood...are as many ingredients which make this so particular fragrance. Mix delicacy and pleasure, envoutant and charmer, Gold symbolizes a new imperceptible femininity. L'Or de Torrent perfume bottle with the oval paces evokes the sensual curves of the woman. Decorated engraved sheets of gold, worked like laces, it becomes a as luxieux and invaluable object as a jewel.

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  • RENEE12/20/2012

    This is awsome stuff. I use to just jump online and buy it. Now this is really hard to find unless you want to spend way to much money on it. Bummer, why is it that every time women find something they really like it gets discontinued or over priced or just always unavailable! ARRRRRRGGGGGG

  • ANITA 08/31/2012

    Want so bad to buy this perfum. Excellent smell..:))

  • TINA08/12/2011

    I found this perfume by accident about 5 years ago and fell in love with it. I have been wearing it ever since.

  • KAREN07/11/2011

    Wonderful scent, why is it so difficult to get hold of? even getting hard to find online now.

  • JULIA02/11/2011

    My favorite purfume ever! Can someone out there tell us if it will ever be available again

  • VICTORIE01/11/2011

    I would like to buy this perfume

  • THOAI NGUYEN01/05/2011

    It's in the chemist: Park chemist 286 Seven Sisters Road London n4 2aa uk

  • DIANE12/07/2010

    i can,t find it any where in the uk. why is it so hard to find?

  • MARIE11/30/2010

    Why is this Product not widely available? This has to be one of the most provocative Perfumes ever. People keep asking where did you get it.

  • DIANE10/07/2010

    love this perfume a must buy,everyone comments and wants it!!

  • MARSHA05/13/2009

    I have been trying to get the body lotion for a long time...when will it be in stock!! I love this product!

  • MAUREEN11/12/2008

    it smells wonderful every one like the smell of this perfum mmm

  • DENISE08/16/2008

    This fragrance is definitely not for younger people, but for the more mature. This has become my signature fragrance. I know I'm wearing the right fragrance when strange men in grocery stores come up to me and want to sniff my neck.

  • SARAH06/01/2008

    I agree with most of the comments on here about this perfume, one comment that stuck out to me was the one where it said the smell at first is quite off putting but when it has dried it is a lovely smell. iv had many compliments from complete strangers, from both male and females, from being at work to standing at a bar in the pub, one of my favourite perfumes unfortunately just ran out, currently on the hunt for more!!

  • LEAH12/29/2007

    My all time favourite was Mesmerize by Avon. They have unfortunately discontinued it. I have been using the Rodier brand of perfumes as they don;t irritate me, as lLor de Torrente doesn't. It's a matter of trying before you buy. Avon's Imari may suit you.

  • LEAH12/29/2007

    I was very surprised that this fragrance suited me. Was never into spicey perfumes, more like soft and feminine. On trying Torrente ,seemed to be not my style, but as it developed and settled, I was intriguied by the distinctness of the layers of fragrance. Now I am sold. When in need of confidence, I choose my Lor de Torrente.

  • BARBARA W07/07/2007

    I recently pulled out my mini and tried it again, and was surprised that I actually enjoy it much more (maybe because it's aged a bit??). Whatever the reason, I think this is quite lovely. Soft and well balanced, with pronounced woods in the background. It doesn't make me say, "wow!", but it is quite pretty and refined. Has anyone tried the Rouge version yet? I'm curious to hear about that one...

  • AMY03/16/2007

    gorgeous bottle aw well as beautiful scent. i agree with the other review about this one smelling like L'instant by Guerlain. that one is also excellent!!

  • MARA01/26/2007

    I cannot believe that I have had this fragrance for more than two years and am just now trying it. I had tried it before and didn't like the first notes, so had washed it off immediately. Today I finally gave it time to dry down and it is gorgeous. Many of you compared this to Hanae Mori. I don't find any similarity at all between those two. The perfume that I think comes the closest to L'or is L'Instant by Guerlain. Of the two, the L'Or is much softer. Thanks for all the comments. I think we need to start a yahoo group just to discuss fragrances. What do you all think? Let me know by emailing me

  • ANN10/18/2006

    I am constantly being stopped by people in shops to ask me what my perfume is. I just LOVE L'Or - I have been using it for some years now and feel so good when wearing it. What a distinctive scent! Thank you. Any possibility of bringing back handbag size???

  • DEE10/01/2006

    Can anyone tell me if this brand of perfume comes in a pur perfume as opposed to EDT or EDP

  • JULIEANNE09/01/2006

    This is divine ! A very classy femimine scent. Pity I can't lovate a Body Cream !

  • KATHY Z.07/05/2006

    L'Or de Torrente. Beautiful scent. Very distinctive. Very different from all other perfumes. I can't say I can pick out the coffee part of the scent, however. I've owned this scent for months, but have only worn it occationally. Yesterday was a warm, humid summer day and when I put this on it smelled heavenly to me in a way it never had during the cold winter months. (Personally, my reaction to scents is very seasonal.) I found this to be long lasting also, but not overpowering. Also, the bottle is beautiful.

  • PATTI07/02/2006

    This is a great perfume. I get stopped by strangers all of the time asking me what perfume I have on.

  • MAUREEN06/12/2006

    This is a GREAT perfume! I've just received it in the mail and I can't say enough about it. This a beautifully well-balanced fragrance with the top notes of coffee and roses perfectly revealing themselves while wrapped up in a 'creamy' aura. If you don't like sweet or ultra-floral perfumes, like me, THIS ONE is for you. Sophisticated, yet warm, L'or de Torrente is for women only - trust me on this. Enjoy!

  • AILEEN05/09/2006

    I was bought this scent years ago by my mother and would never use another! It is for a real woman and where ever I go in life I leave a scent trail with the most beautiful, provacative lingering smell that fills the air. I have lost count of the number of men & woman who follow me just to ask what is that perfume your wearing...xAx

  • DORIS02/21/2006

    It smells heavenly leaving a trail of pure elegance, it has become my signature fragrance!!

  • VIVIAN P02/10/2006

    This is one of my favorites. I love it so much it's often the bottle I choose when I'm home alone and want to enjoy a fragrance either before or at bedtime. My indulgence.

  • MARY K. 10/25/2005

    Very unique and interesting scent...not exactly my favorite but it does get attention when I wear it!

  • PAULINA09/04/2005

    This Perfume became one of my favourites. It smells so delicieux and fine, just wonderful. I love it.

  • *BARBARA W*06/02/2005

    I was looking forward to trying this because some said it smelled like Hanae Mori Butterfly, one of my favorite perfumes. I didn't notice much similarity at all. I purchased the EDP's ok, but too much floral, too "powdery" for my taste. I was surprised at some of the reviews that described this as "modern" reminds me of some older French perfumes, like L'air du Temps. If you love florals you will probably enjoy this one, just not my style.

  • SYLVIE03/12/2005

    What a wonderful bottle!!! Divine! Feminine! Romantic! But a beautiful bottle isn't all and did not impress me too much...Don't judge a perfume by its bottle. - I smell a difference between the Eau de Toilette and the Eau de Parfum. It's not the concentration, it's the mixture! I can't detect the coffee-note in the Eau de Toilette version, but I smell coffee in the Eau de Parfum! L'or is a modern fragrance. So I'm always sceptical, even though the bottle looks so pretty, because I normally love legendary and old-fashioned, classic fragrances. Many modern scents smell very similar and not very unique :-(.Test L'or de Torrente Edt/EdP before you buy. For my nose the EdT is fresh and sharp, but the Eau de Parfum is warm, cozy and very pleasant.

  • KELLY01/05/2005

    Fruity, sweet, sophisticated, not for the little girl, defitintely womanly.

  • SHARRIE12/24/2004

    true elegance. realm of the senses heavenly. divine. royal and classy. beautiful as its bottle. wonderful

  • KRISTIN MCKNIGHT10/06/2004

    OMG...I absolutely LOVE this! May be my favorite so far.

  • HELENA09/28/2004

    I love L'or De Torrente, I recently bought the bottle (it's smells like cofee, vanilla and roses on me and is a very long lasting and interesting) and I also recieved Boucheron's Trouble as a gift, which is divine. Trouble is very sweet, vanilla with cedar and is a very long lasting also, it's strong and nice, the drydown is wonderful. Paul Smith London ? Is it something new ? I know only Paul Smith and P.S.Extreme, the original Paul Smith I remember liking a lot.

  • BELLE09/21/2004

    Some people on here have said that this is similar to Hanae Mori. I have Hanae Mori. I like it. I like vanilla scents. I also wear Brit by Burberry. This one has coffee in it and cedar. Are those notes prominent? I'm a little hesitant to try. I've never smelled this perfume before, but almost all the comments on here are good ones. I'm getting ready to try "Trouble" by Boucheron. Any comments on it as well for those of you who have tried that one would be appreciated. Last of all, has anyone tried Paul Smith London? What about it? It's hard to find.

  • BONNIE09/12/2004

    I bought the "mini" size of this fragrance because I wanted to try it first. Wonderful, fresh scent. Feel so feminine when I wear it. Definitely on my next list of purchases.

  • SANDY09/04/2004

    Total stranger (a woman) in movie, sitting next to me: Mmm, is that you who smells so good? Me: Yes Stranger: What are you wearing? Me: L'Or de Torrente Stranger: Am I glad I'm sitting next to you!

  • PENELOPE09/02/2004

    This is a wonderful fragance. I needed something new and this is definately it. I'm so glad to find I will be able to reorder on-line. This is so lovely. Thank you.

  • MARY08/25/2004

    i just bought this perfume for my mom and it smells amazing. smells better on her than on me . on me i feel like the coffe scent is too strong at first but then dries down to a beautiful scent

  • MARI9808/24/2004

    I was really curious about this fragrance, so I finally got it through Sephora online(they had a great deal on this one..) It is a beautiful addition to my fragrances collection: classy, subtle and oh, sooo very French! Beautiful, love it!

  • THYME04/14/2004

    I wore this scent out for the first time the other night and I have never received so many compliments about how great I smelled. now I am going to get the lotion too!

  • TAMMY02/19/2004

    I get compliments all the time! Strangers will stop and ask about it! Not too strong, not too weak and has all the subtle notes you could dream of.

  • RHONDA01/12/2004

    I have never received as many compliments on a perfume as i have with L'or

  • CAROLINE12/03/2003

    Wonderfully elegant fragrance -

  • NAJLAH10/29/2003

    For me it's like a more sophisticated version of JPG classique, which I used to wear as a teenager. Although, L'Or is not as strong and girly as JPG. I really love it. It became one of my favourite scents. Not too sweet but deliciuos anyway.

  • CANDICE10/06/2003

    This perfume has a very distinguished smell. It is very classy. I have received several compliments since I purchased it.

  • SUSAN07/19/2003


  • SZARADA05/26/2003

    I have some doubts about the lasting power but on the other hand my skin is strange - it absorbs most of fragrances. That means many scents are very weak on me. I suggest you try it yourself, that will be the best test.

  • SZARADA05/26/2003

    Thank you for your advice, I'll be trying to find Hanae Mori although it may be difficult - I live in Poland and haven't seen this perfume here... Maybe one day in duty free. If it is just a little bit similar to L'or it must be wonderful.

  • H.05/20/2003

    Elegance in a bottle ... if it works for you. Works for me.

  • RHONDA05/15/2003

    Is this fragrance long lasting?

  • LUCIA05/11/2003

    Minty stench, followed by a very pleasant spiciness.

  • BJB05/05/2003

    Great fragrance -- my favorite.

  • OLGA04/29/2003

    To the previous reviewer: try Hanae Mori, I believe they have something in common. Although Hanae Mori doesn't have coffee notes, it's very good, too (won a FiFi award some years ago).

  • SZARADA04/15/2003

    I have just finished the bottle. I was truly impressed by L'or - the scent was classical but very original I think it was because of coffee note. Because I never buy the same perfume - can someone please inform me about any similar scent ? Thank you.

  • MARYMAGS04/04/2003

    I wore this yesterday, and I must have forgotten I was wearing it because I kept smelling something so yummy, and I realized it was me. I absolutely love this perfume.

  • CAREY03/31/2003

    This just makes me feel so great to be a woman. It has a little bit of everything ! Love it!

  • JEANNE03/01/2003

    I got a couple of vials of this to try cuz the description sounded good. If you are a floral person or a clean, fresh, sweet person like I am, you won't like this. Its deep, fruity, not floral or fresh.

  • KATHY G.02/03/2003

    I received a sample of L'Or, and I love it! It reminds me a lot of Burberry London, another favorite of mine. I just ordered the mini of L'Or from this site. I'll get a larger bottle soon, too. This is the type of fragrance I like best: smooth, feminine, slightly sweet, with vanilla and soft spicy notes. Definitely a winner! ( And the bottle is gorgeous.)

  • BUNNIE11/23/2002

    A rich, sparkling fruity floral. Beautiful, yet subtle.

  • P.L.11/20/2002

    I just received a large bottle of this fragrance and on me it is delectable, rich and no too sweet. Very light and fruity top notes drydown to a warm, soft vanilla haze with a creamy coffee base. The bottle is exquisite and my husband adores this scent on me already, he was bowled over when he first smelled it on me. I highly recommend this one to vanilla and fruit lovers.

  • CKG11/18/2002

    AI love this fragrance and so does my husband. I bought it in London a year ago and am so glad to be able to get it here. I was being quite frugral with it. It's woodsiness is wonderfaula mnd a nice change from many of the florals. The other reviewer may feel that it dries down to the scent of a rabbit cage, but that is probably just her chemistry.

  • SHAUNA11/02/2002

    This is a beautiful bottle and initially a decent fragrance but once dried down smells like a rabbit cage.

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