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L'Instant de Guerlain   

87 Reviews

L'Instant de Guerlain by Guerlain contains fresh, amber notes, this luminous perfume touches your skin while awakening your senses and emotions. Dominant notes are Citrus Honey, Magnolia, and Crystalline Amber.

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L'Instant de Guerlain by Guerlain contains fresh, amber notes, this luminous perfume touches your skin while awakening your senses and emotions. Dominant notes are Citrus Honey, Magnolia, and Crystalline Amber.

  • KADY C11/11/2014

    Most amazing fragrance. Women like it, but MEN??? OMG, I have never gotten so many compliments about perfume from the men (sons, friends, boyfriends) in my life. Most importantly... I LOVE the perfume. Feminine, with an inner warmth. It has enduring, but subtle depth that I never tire of.

  • MAROUSSIA02/15/2011

    The customer service is outstanding with Perfume Emporium. The product was delivered so quickly, was well packed - flawless shopping experience!!! The fragrance itself is soothing and calmimg my senses, it is far different to anything I have smelled before. It is creamy, you get the feel of lemon honey with floral nuances. Excellent quality, gentle sillage and good lasting power. Even better on acrylic clothing! I will always come back to Perfume Emporium, the whole buying process went so smooth, they are an asset to the online fragrance market!!! And by the way - they have nothing to do with 'The Perfume Emporium UK' which were scammers and used Emporium name for their fraudulent online business!!!

  • JESSIE06/09/2008

    THIS IS THE MOST ELEGANT PERFUME ON EARTH. had it once as a gift from my ex fiancee then we split up he asked for it back.. i know sounds cheap. the only thing that i felt sad that i had to give away was this parfume. it took me a long long long time pick it.. but it is worth the time, money & effort spent. how on earth did gurlain make such a head-spinner??? will get mine soon

  • LEEYA05/03/2008

    I LOVE this. I got a 1.5 ml sample vial when I bought Champs-Elysees 3 yrs ago & believe it or not, I still have some left as I only wear it occasionally (& ever so sparingly!). This perfume is so simple in terms of its composition, yet so heartbreakingly beautiful-- you can hardly believe only three notes (citrus honey, magnolia & amber) went into the creation of this wonderful stuff. Yet it smells so heavenly & not at all cloying. The notes blend together in perfect harmony-- the honey is mouthwateringly sweet, the magnolia is deliciously creamy & the amber provides the perfect warm, fuzzy, wrapped-in-cashmere-sweater drydown. Mmmm... just makes me crave for it right now. Can't wait to get my hands on a full size bottle of this elixir!

  • HARLEY-MAMA10/24/2007

    Has anyone tried this one yet? Suppost to be launched in Sept.2007. Bottle looks the same but the juice might be a darker purple. I read that the first L'instant isn't affiliated with the "Magic" one. Notes include: Bergamot, Rose,Freesia,White Musks,Cedar,Sandalwood and Almond. Sounds Gourmand?!

  • NATHALIE09/24/2007

    I used to wear Nuits indiennes and when they change for Nuit I was really sad because that was my perfum from the beginning but I try L'Instant from Guerlain and I'm really happy I like because you can find also the body lotion, Shower gel and much more......

  • PINKI09/12/2007

    I have received nothing but compliments on this perfume. It is very subtle and clean smelling. Sometimes it reminds me a little of Baby Soft when I first put it on (in a good way). One of my friends demanded to know what perfume it is so he can get it for his girlfriend. I only like the EDP or pure perfume, not the EDT. It is expensive but lasts all day or evening, without being overpowering. My signature scent!

  • ELIJAH06/25/2007

    It smells good in the bottle and on people as well. BUT there are three ingredients sticking out from the whole - honey, lemon and magnolia, that get sickning after awhile. The scent 'instantly' appeals (and the great bottle...) but not enough to make me want to wear it as the above three notes are so prominent and potent that it gives a not-so-refined impression. As all the other brands in today's perfume industry, perhaps they spent too much budget on advertisement and bottle design that the scent itself was reduced to instant noodle quality. l'instant gives me the impression that the legendary house of guerlain is no exception to the reckless commercial pressure to create something perky, simplistic, appealing to the mass without the elusive complexity they were so famous of. This fragrance smells edible, but not classy.

  • PASSACAGLIA06/03/2007

    The first lady who wears this will be able to see me fall right in front of her cause this scent is making me crazy!!

  • ANNAMARIA05/22/2007

    I posted on here well over a year ago, how this perfume always smells good on me for a couple of days and then i start to detect a note that I don't like. Sexy Kitten even suggested I might be pregnant. But I wasn't! I have left this perfume alone for a long while, and then last night I had another try at it. I have been using it today, and so far so good. I am being a little lighter in my application this time. Let's hope it works this time. It smells wonderful right now.

  • BARBARA W05/20/2007

    I do like this, but not enough to buy. Enjoy smelling it on others, though!

  • LASSIE05/09/2007 some of these reviews. "This perfume is wretched, it makes me ill, it's too heavy - and it fades away so fast!!!" (Like that old joke about the restaurant that has the most awful food, and such small portions!) Well, I have to report I loved the first heavy, complex blast, but unfortunately after a very short time it faded to that plastic-vanilla smell so many scents have. I would be cautious wearing this in hot weather or enclosed spaces, because I DO like it, but I can see how it can make one feel ill.

  • VV04/24/2007

    I really like this one, it is soft and lovely. Very sexy on me and after I put some on my arms, the passengers on the train noitced me and they looked enjoying the secnt. I tried so many perfume these days and I can say this one is outstanding.

  • MARY ALICE03/13/2007

    I hope that PE will get Insolence soon. I tried it today and it is wonderful...a spicy fruity vanilla that lasts all day. It does Guerlain proud and fits in well with its other "sisters".

  • ELISABETH02/07/2007

    I personally do not prefer Guerlain scents as most of them are too overwhelming to wear daily - but this one is a positive exeption to me. An extravagant, still soft and creamy scent which I wear at times as an alternative to all my other more distinct scents (Coco, J'adore, Sira des Indes)

  • SUE C01/21/2007

    Hi. I finally treated myself to a small bottle of L'Instant EDP. It's just gorgeous. Hoping to put Insolence on my wish list.

  • GREEKGIRL12/21/2006

    You were right about the edt and edp being different, i didnt like the edt but love the edp. (L'instant).

  • GREEKGIRL12/21/2006

    Hi Sue, just saw you message now, thanks for getting back to me,i have since tried Insolence and bought it the next day, the violet notes are just lovely, im not usually into raspberry frags but in this one, the raspberry is not very strong and it blends well with the violet, i have not tried l'heue yet but have heard that its lovely so ill have to try it, thanks again and happy holidays, Helen.

  • SUE C12/06/2006

    I just noticed your message, I haven't posted on here for a while. You've probably tried Insolence by now. It is like a modern (and more wearable )interpretation of L'Heure Bleue (created 1912) if you are familiar with that one. They usually have a tester under the counter at Guerlain counters. Insolence is quite sexy and not for daytime.

  • SUE C12/06/2006

    Make sure you try both the EDT and EDP before buying as they are different. The EDP is the original with accents on the middle notes of rich magnolia and honey but the EDT has highlighted the top notes and added accents of fruits such as apple. Try also the new one INSOLENCE which is a very rich floral scent with violet (nice to see some violet in a modern perfume) and is a little reminiscent of L'Heure Bleu.

  • ALIASRED2212/02/2006

    I'm a big Guerlain fan! My favorite is Champs Elyses (I'm not much of a speller) and Samsara is a close second for those special occasions (even though I am not much of a vanilla girl - the scent is very nice). I didn't like this fragrance! I was excited about this new Guerlain fragrance, but when I tried it on I was very disappointed. I didn't "hate" the smell. But it was just so ...blahhhh... To be fair, the store did not have the actual perfume, just the EDT. For those of you who said it was similar fragrance to Paris (which I also like)...I am not sure I agree with it. Plus, it did not last very long on my skin. I remember on the same day I had tried another perfume on a separate hand, and when I got home from shopping...the other perfume still lingered...while this one had pretty much evaporated! Very disapointed...

  • LAUREL JOHNSON11/28/2006

    EDT spray and perfume are completely different. EDT spray is not good.I have found can only buy small bottles of Parfum overseas. My hubby gets it duty free on airlines. Parfum is unsurpassed

  • GREEKGIRL11/09/2006

    Hi Lisa, well i dont know what the french ladies are wearing this year, but last year a friend of mines son was over there and the perfume lady told him that Amor Amor was a big hit there,(which is another fav of mine) a have a french friend that works in perfume, so if i find out, ill let you know, see ya, Helen. P.S. have you tried Amor Amor? it is a wonderful fruity delite, give it a try and let me know how you go.

  • GREEKGIRL10/23/2006

    Hi there, thanks for getting back to me, well sounds really good, now im really dying to try it, i luv Paris, and i luv vanilla and violets so i guess im def gonna like this, cant wait till its available, ill give you an update after i try it, thanks again, and have a purrrrfect day kitten, see ya, Helen

  • LISA10/23/2006

    if anyone's been to france recently...tell me, what are the ladies wearing there?

  • SEXY KITTEN10/18/2006

    the only way I can decribe the scent is that it follows a similar lineage to Paris...but with a bit of vanilla and raspberry thrown in...and the violet note instead of the predominating rose in Paris...very feminine and I layered it with a raspberry scented lotion and it was very husband LOVED really does scent your clothes nicely too...i had some lingering on the sleeve of an angora sweater I wore a week ago and I just had to was lovely...

  • GREEKGIRL10/17/2006

    Hello there, i see you both have tried Insolence and by your comments i am dying to try it, but it is not available here in Australia yet, could you please tell me if it is similar to any other frags, many thanks, Helen

  • SEXY KITTTEN10/11/2006

    Hi annamaria...your experience with this perfume was certainly strange...maybe you're pregnant!

  • SEXY KITTEN10/11/2006

    I took this one out for a test drive last week and WOW...I love it! It has this wonderful warm floral raspberry scent with the trademark vanilla in the mix...the effect is heighted when you wear all those terrific mulberry/purple/lavender colored clothing pieces for autumn...reminds me a little of l'heure bleu but only the violet and vanilla lingers nicely on clothing and really warms up those pulse points.

  • MM10/05/2006

    i am sooo excited to try those scents. i hope i'll find what ive been looking for.. thanks again!

  • GREEKGIRL10/05/2006

    Hi there, glad you enjoy Hypnose as much as i do! Hypnose and L'instant are very similar but not exactly alike, with L'instant you can smell the honey in it, whereas Hypnose smells more flowery on drydown, you might also like to try Herve Leger, which is also very similar to Hypnose but not as sweet, and Pure Poisons drydown is also similar to Hypnose, and they all last longer than Hypnose, you might have to try them first and see which one you like better, hope you have some luck, bye for now and happy sniffing, Helen.

  • SEXY KITTEN10/02/2006

    I love most guerlain fragrances...they have that trademark sexy, sweet can't get enough element that makes them so wonderful...however I sampled this one and though it's very nice, it doesn't have that mmmmm, ooohhhhh, purrrrrr factor that the others just seems a little ordinary like it could be easily confused with a few other fragrances that are out there...not a classic like samsara or champs etc....but if you're looking for a good quality, basic staple that's not likely to offend this would be a good choice.

  • MM10/02/2006

    hello, got so excited when i read your message here. are you sure this is something like hypnose?! ive been looking for a scent that is similar to hypnose. loving it sooo much but people cannot smell it on me. is l'instant de guerlain much better and long lasting?

  • SUE C09/21/2006

    Guerlain have just released their newest fragrance, Insolence. It is a very rich, sensual fruity floral containing notes of violet, red berries and iris. If you like L'Instant and Nahema, you will love this one. It's good to see a major perfume house steering away from the boring watery fragrances that have been so popular in the last few years. Also nice to find a perfume with predominant use of violets which I love, and haven't been around in a perfume for a while.

  • GREEKGIRL09/20/2006

    Just bought this one in mini, and now regret not getting a big bottle, its so lovely and classy and unique, bears a little similarity to Hypnose from Lancome but the honey note in this makes it different, GEORGEOUS!

  • ALLISON R.09/11/2006

    Sadly this perfume ended up being too much for me to handle. I was immediately taken w/ it on first whiff. Smelling very beachy and it seemed to have more presence than say Bobbi Brown's Beach. I had to stop wearing it because the fumes just over took my senses, making me uncomfortable. I've now found my replacement for it though. Organza(the original) by Givenchy. It has a lot of the same characteristics of L'Instant, but much softer and smoother on my skin. I'll be wearing that one this Fall. I still think L'Instant is a fine choice for most people. I have very oilily skin, and I live in a hot/humid climate being so close to the beach.

  • CAMELIA PETERSON08/20/2006

    I got a sample of L'instant when it first came out.It immediately became one of my favorite fragrances.The smell gets better and better after you put it on and lingers for a long time.If I had to describe this fragrance in one word it would be:comforting.

  • FRAGRANTONE07/23/2006

    L'Instant is by far my favorite Guerlain, though I like Shalimar very much as well. L'Instant is sweet, deep and sexy. I have had compliments from men, but my husband doesn't care for it. My only problem with it, is that it does not last more than a couple of hours on me. I have to carry my precious bottle in my purse for touch ups, so I don't wear it as often as I wear other favorites.

  • ELLA05/31/2006

    This is my signature smell. It is very sexy and sensual and it drives all men wild.

  • BISCUIT05/01/2006

    Everyone comments on how lovely this fragrance is and it drives my male friends WILD! I think it is a very feminine but sexy perfume! On my second bottle! I'd wear it every day if it wasn't so costly.

  • SUE C03/15/2006

    This is really an evening fragrance, but if you are looking for something lighter for daytime, I suggest MaxMara - it has a predominant note of Magnolia and the sweetness of sugarcane, with a light touch of Sicilian lemon and ginger. Gorgeously chic and feminine and not very common like so many other popular perfumes.

  • PERFUME LOVER02/20/2006

    I was walking through the mall and receive a card with this scent sprayed on it. I had no intention of buying any perfume because I have a ton of it at home. I fell in love with it and bought it two days later! It is very warm and sexy smelling.

  • ANNAMARIA02/13/2006

    I bought this just before Christmas and thought it was so lovely and warm. Then suddenly, one day about a week later, I smelt something sharp about the perfume, that I had not been able to smell before. It was just horrible, and I felt quite ill. I left it out in the bathroom and my daughter had a squirt which made me feel so sick to the stomach I hid the perfume. ...Then last week I tried it again and once more it smelt lovely. A few days later - yes, you guessed it, the sharp, bitter smell was back. So I conclude that different noses smell different things, and my nose gets used to this perfume and then detects newer notes to it - which I hate the smell of. I dare not wear this again because the bad smell I detect is absoultely disgusting, and suppose OTHER people smell that every time. Be warned ladies - there's something very strange about this perfume, and it's not a good thing.

  • HELEN02/13/2006

    I try so hard to find a fragrance that I like and I have never loved one as much as this. The men seem to like it too!

  • TERRI02/10/2006

    This has to be the most beautiful perfume ever!!!! Like pure golden honey.Its a perfume that people only smell up close to you. No one i know has discovered it. All the more for me.

  • TAWANA PARKER01/20/2006

    This fragrance smells beautiful. I love the powder dry down. I highly recommended it .

  • MARGARETA12/29/2005

    Got a sample of this one, and did love it from the very first moment! Got it as fast as i coud. Now I´m on my second bottle. The very best of Guerlains perfumes. Long-lasting, interesting and delicate but not heavy at all, it has everything! I find it very classic and female yet modern. I wear L´Instant on evenings, as it is a really beautiful fragans, and also when I need to be cheered up.

  • SUE C11/12/2005

    If only this gorgeous scent wasn't so popular - last time I was in a restaurant I could smell it on at least two other women. It's a wonderfully feminine scent for evening. The new eau de toilette version is slightly different - there are added fruity notes such as apple. See which one you prefer.

  • KALILA11/10/2005

    L'Instant de Guerlain by Guerlain contains fresh amber notes. This luminous eau de parfum touches your skin while awakening your senses and emotions. Dominant notes are Citrus Honey, Magnolia, and Crystalline Amber. L'Instant is not too sweet and not too heavy, just perfect. Very elegant and very French. Long lasting and delicate.

  • N.N.11/01/2005

    Try a pure perfume, please. It is so much better than edp or edt. Guerlain usually send testers for L'Instant pure perfume extract to stores... Go and try: perfume is creamier, warmer, rounder without a synthetic notes of edp and edt. Very feminine and original, new, unlike other perfumes out there. I have heard that body products are very good, too (body cream, lotion, body powder etc.).

  • KRISTINE10/18/2005

    I actually discovered this in February while visiting Epcot in Florida, in the Franch section. A true winner! My mother ravs about it and it is all she will wear.

  • ARIALIS09/30/2005

    It's a wonderful fragrance! You should try the new limited edition... I love it!

  • KAREN09/28/2005

    I really like this one and know it suits me because I can't smell it on me. Does anyone know what's in it.All I've managed to find is honey, magnolia and crystalline amber (whatever that is!) There must be something else too.

  • LE NOSE09/18/2005

    Alas...a sweet scent that's not of asian or orient design. Finally..thank you Guerlain, thank you. I don't always like to smell like everybody else.

  • MICHELLE09/16/2005

    Smells like something very old, for very, very old ladies only. Not sexy at all, a very offending musty annoyance.

  • PATTY HARRIS09/04/2005

    One of the most exclusive one on one scents that everyone seems to enjoy, yet not noticable on everyone. It's one of the most popular yet provocative scents yet. Way to go Guerlain

  • PATTY09/04/2005

    One of the most beautiful, sexy femine fragrances ever made I LOVE IT

  • ALLISON R.08/12/2005


  • ALLYSA08/03/2005

    This fragrance is pretty feminine and luxurious.The scent isn't a cheap scent.Different from other fragrances.

  • S07/03/2005

    L'Instant is truly one of the most feminine, classy, and beautiful fragrances I've smelled. It even smells expensive! It's a mixture of citrus honey, magnolia, and amber...absolutely stunning and blended so smoothly together. The bottle is even a work of art! Lasting power is superb. I love this stuff... be prepared for tons of compliments.

  • COURTNEY06/08/2005

    Funny thing, I feel exactly the same way-- Flower Le Parfum # 1 L'Instant # 2 Then, tied for 3rd, are Pamplelune by Guerlain, and Rockin Rio by Escada (a departure, I know)

  • CLAUDIA T.05/21/2005

    Not good at the beginning cause it is way too sweet and thus lacks depth. However, the later the better. Very sensual and joyful, my mind is cheered up~

  • ANDREA 0105/16/2005

    I'm not the fan of Guerlain fragrances, and when I first tried L'Instant I was not impressed: it was too sweet, very artificial...Some months later I found a pure perfume tester and tried it - it is completely different story: warm and soft, very feminine luminous fragrance. I highly recommend to all of you the pure perfume.

  • TRACI05/16/2005

    it is very elegant and very French. Not overpowering with just the right hint of fragrance. It is a keeper in my book. I have long searched for something like this and at least now my search is over (as long as they don't change the formula)

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/12/2005

    The second I smelled this fragrance, it reminded me of a scent I used to wear long ago, but I can't put my finger on which one it reminds me of. Any of you posters get the same feeling? At any rate, I love the honey/ambery blend of L'Instant. The longer I have it on the more I like it. It really lasts on me too which is a real bonus. I have good luck with Guerlain fragrances, so I'm not surprised that I love this one too!

  • AMANDA04/27/2005

    This is so fresh and beautiful, but if you like a scent that follows you around and announces your presence from two feet away, this is not for you! Men love this because they smell it only when they get close!

  • RAE03/10/2005

    Second only to Kenzo Flower le Parfum (red one), this is the BEST . A tad powdery, so only if you like that kind of thing. So soft, but not at all too sweet or cloying. I really LOVE this one.

  • BEBE03/03/2005

    one step forward l'instant. great spirits. delight. very nice.

  • COURTNEY02/22/2005

    My husband and I agree that as far as non-rich fragrances, this is "IT." It has a slight sharp grapefruit note, almost indetectable, blended with a lot of honey and amber. Very unobtrusive, and subtly sexy. I just got it-- it was a bit pricey, since I did not buy it here, but worth it. Great for office or evening. Especially great as an alternate fragrance if you generally wear something rich, heady, or woodsy...say, Dune, Shalimar, or Addict.

  • ARIADNE02/14/2005

    Very average scent, especially if you have on mind it is Guerlain. A bit too sweet and synthetic. But I highly recommend L'Instant Body Lotion, very moisturizing and wonderful body milk!

  • MARY02/02/2005

    It is an exciting, sweet scent. Bit heavy. Lasts very long on my skin. It is meant for evening, and romantic wear, rather than daytime, as it makes one dream away their time.

  • SHARRIE01/27/2005

    l'instant in time. whispers one moment at a time. one of the nicest of geurlain. wonderful.

  • CRISTINA01/24/2005

    It's a subtly combination I use Halloween body lotion and a few drops of L´Instant only on my neck.....I don't mix the two....the result is so nice and unique;)))

  • VIV12/28/2004

    To me, sensi smells more like Flower by Kenzo, and L'Instant is quite different from those two. I'm happy as it happens to be the first scent by Guerlain I can enjoy.

  • SUSANA12/22/2004

    ...bijan with a twist, which i give preference since it is not as sweet

  • VONNI12/11/2004

    This one smells a lot like Murmure by Van Cleef & Arpels, and it turns out I can't wear either of them. They both have a nice floral element and the honey-ish touch is nice in L'instant, but they also both smell like stale cigarette smoke is mixed in. I don't mean musky tobacco, I mean dank cigarette smoke! So when I wear them I smell like a smoker who has on a magnolia-based scent. Uck!

  • HAMPWIFE12/11/2004

    this perfume smells like sensi. its very light and smells really good!!

  • APHRODITE12/10/2004

    At first I didn't like it that much on me but after awhile it grew on me.

  • PERFUME CRAZY12/05/2004

    I'd like to put this on my Christmas list, but does it last? I'm tired of buying fragrance that flees in 2 hours. I know Guerlain has high standards, but this one sounds so light.

  • MELH11/30/2004

    I don't like it! I know that it's quite succesful, but I can't stand that smell on me. As I long-time Guerlain wearer I think that L'Istant is not even Guerlain. I like almost every Guerlain, even those I don' wear like Mitsouko. They started doing stupid things with Champs-Elysèes (nice but pungent) and then everything else. They discontinued Aroma Allegoria Exaltant and introduced a lot of new waters without personality. Maybe they are trying to be trendy and modern... The bad thing is that L'Instant has given an excellent "excuse" for many other brand to make similar fragrances. There must be a nausea-provoking ingredient in these ones.

  • SENA10/24/2004

    I like the amber note. Already asked a friend of mine to buy it for me on my birthday. The lotion is also great. For sensual people!

  • SWEET ANGEL10/10/2004

    Thid is the perfume i will wear at my wedding, in a few days! I think it's as perfect as that day should be! Not too sweet not too heavy, just perfect

  • SARAH09/10/2004

    This perfume is the only one i can wear, everything else smells so sickly, even the classics, this is very sophisticated, not at all like the cheapy stuff you wear once and then feel sick when you smell it again

  • KRIS08/31/2004

    The magnolia in this fragrance is way to heavy for my taste. My whole family screamed for me to return it to the store where I purchased it.

  • SHANNON08/27/2004

    I tried L'Instant on a test card and was intrigued by the softness of this one. Unfortunately on me, the note that came out the heaviest was the honey scent. I wound up smelling like baked goods! I like the fact that Guerlain has such a long history, unfortunately I just can't seem to wear any of their scents.

  • DIANA08/14/2004

    I tried this one on at an aiport shop in Italy last winter and have been searching for it ever since...Finally got it, needless to say i love it. I wore it for the first time yesterday and already got a compliment from a man. Thumbs up to this one.

  • SCENTS07/26/2004

    Beautiful, a classic. Is long lasting and delicate. Has a unique powdery smell to the drydown, but not to powdery. I find this to be their best!!!!Love, Love, Love this perfume. And I am a very hard person to please when it comes to fragrances. 5 stars is not enough for this one. Destine to become a classic. Can't wait to try the lotion.

  • CHRISTINA07/23/2004

    I think it's sad that you feel that way about the quintessential fragrance of all time - Chanel No. 5. In my opinion, most of the newer ones the younger women prefer are so vacuous.

  • CHRISSY07/15/2004

    I thought this smelled so nice on a test card..but on the skin..its nothing special. Faded very fast. Love the packaging though..Oh well.

  • MARIE07/12/2004

    I love so many Guerlain scents, but was dissapointed in this one.

  • RAMO07/10/2004

    I got L`Instant de Guerlain as a present from my boyfriend, together with a whispered ''I love you''. For me, this fragrance it`s magical.

  • KELLY06/18/2004

    A friend of mine brought this back from New York City recently and I gave it a whirl. I have not made up my mind on it yet. I do feel as though it is a classy scent. Nothing young or trendy here. It has a very intriguing powder scent that is somewhat heavy when it dries down. It is very long lasting. The thing that bothered me the most was that i could smell this on myself for hours after I sprayed it on. I worry that others may smell it along time also. Could be an ok scent if sprayed very lightly or walked through.

  • JULIA B.06/12/2004

    L'Instant de Guerlain one of the best perfumes ever! Very refined and powdery. Just as I imagined Chanel No. 5 to be - before I found out how that really smells (like an old hair spray, though). L'Instant is my signature scent (after years of searching I finally found it) - for office and romantice use. Only for sports and relaxation I use to wear Clinique's Simply: L'Instant is so very sophisticated, I can't run around in a pair of jeans or sports clothes!

  • MARION06/05/2004


  • EMMA05/09/2004

    beautiful and feminine nice powdery dry down a classic

  • ITALIAN GIRL05/09/2004

    I'm extremely picky when it comes to fragrances. There have been only 3 perfumes that I would ever wear. L'instant is at the top of my list now. It's very feminine and soft, yet not at all boring or powdery.

  • JUNO04/23/2004

    its ok. I like the top notes but the base note is cheap smelling.

  • FORMULA104/22/2004

    it is the best in the world. Not too sweet and perfect for women!by italy

  • SYLVIE04/16/2004

    Samsara (1989) was imo the last great Guerlain perfume! After Samsara nothing comes close to the masterpieces of Guerlain! Shalimar, Jicky, Nahema, L'heure Bleue, Mitsouko, Chamade, and Vol de Nuit are so wonderful and unique perfumes. Mahora smells horrible - the bottle was horrible too. This brandnew L'Instant is a very special and unique scent. It is not similar to any other perfume I know. Maybe some women will like it. It's a modern fragrance and I can't say if I like the scent or not. The bottle is lovely and the advertising campaign great. The future will show us if this L'Instant de Guerlain will be a winner.

  • BL04/11/2004

    Awful. I developed a headache, nausea etc. Too heavy and too sweet. Do not wear this fragrance to the office as you will offend many co-workers.

  • SZARADA04/09/2004

    Smells of synthetic honey, is too sweet and has weird sharp unpleasant note. Of course it trendy and probably sells well but it doesn't mean anything to me.

  • LELA04/07/2004

    I really like it, but my husband's comment sold me. "Oh my..." and then followed me all over!

  • TLOC04/04/2004

    Beautiful simply beautiful, I can't wear this fragrance enough. The body lotion is one of the finest I have ever used, very smooth and luxurious.

  • SELENA03/25/2004

    It's resinous and a little sweet. Very long lasting. Overall a nice fragrance.

  • SUE C03/23/2004

    Jean-Paul Guerlain has finally retired and his children do not work in the family business. This new scent is the first from Sylvaine Delacourt, the new 'nose' for Guerlain. It is exquisitely beautiful, a gorgeous floral with notes of magnolia, amber and honey. It has the Guerlain trademark quality and I'm sure it will be a huge success. It's definitely on my wish-list. I've had enough of the current fad for sporty marine scents that smell alike and sharp 'urban' florals. This scent is luxurious, very alluring and feminine.

  • TAMAR03/18/2004

    Tried it on at a store in Israel a couple of months ago and it didn't suit me in the least (like all Guerlain perfumes). Overall: sweet heavy scent.

  • SILVY0103/17/2004

    A bit too old fashioned and heavy. Lots of powder in it.

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