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Jardins De Bagatelle Guerlain Image


Jardins De Bagatelle   

24 Reviews

Guerlain launched Jardins De Bagatelle in 1983 as a strong floral fragrance for women. One spray of this... close your eyes, you'll believe you are in an elegant, English garden in the height of summer, surrounded by beautiful roses, jasmine and neroli, we can almost hear the plink of the ice in the Pimms and lemonade!

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Guerlain launched Jardins De Bagatelle in 1983 as a strong floral fragrance for women. One spray of this... close your eyes, you'll believe you are in an elegant, English garden in the height of summer, surrounded by beautiful roses, jasmine and neroli, we can almost hear the plink of the ice in the Pimms and lemonade!

  • ROBYN PHD RN08/30/2008

    I'm an RN. I pay attention to smells. This makes me and my girlfriends smile in oblivio when we wear it. People come up to me just to get a sniff. smiles R

  • NOSESOUP08/21/2007

    OK: I pushed past my skepticism, and just got the mini EDP of this and want MORE! Now I get it. This is a scent, to my particular "nose", that is emotionally intoxicating. Give it a chance, as it is strong at first (not as lastingly strong as YSL Paris--but I find myself comparing the intensity and sillage, though with less overt rose, and more white floral essence), but I find that Guerlain's quality shines through. Right now I can't get enough of it, and am interested in the EDT as well to see if there's any subtle difference. While the initial strength and "sweetness" (that is not a bad thing to me--Jardins is not a headachey scent for ME, as is the beautiful spicy Samsara) make a statement, with it's lady-like sillage, it is not too much to wear comfortably without offending others. It is not a late 80's bash in your face floral. It is a lovely Guerlain, though without the vanillic/powdery drydown that one expects, but I'm giving it more time to see what comes of it. Guerlain's complexity is there, but I'm not getting the Guerlinade drydown yet. If you're reading this you are at least interested, so I'd personally consider it (at least a mini) and have patience, whatever your age. It is NOT an "old-lady" scent (HATE that term, but so many people relate to what it implies), and I don't believe it's dated, or dates the wearer. (However, I find that patience with most fine fragrances is a virtue.) The rose and jasmine come through to me equally, which is a good thing. Since I'm such a perfume junkie, I don't have a signature scent (L'Heure Bleue is desert-island worthy, though), but this is one I believe I will wear often. On an emotional level, it feels like a happy, florally-sexy scent, not limited to evening use.

  • LIANI04/27/2007

    Sorry, I can't stop plugging Jardins. As Nicole said, it is favored by Catherine Deneuve. I've heard that too. That is really the sort of mental image you get when you smell it---a hint of something subtle, French, timeless and classically elegant. An air of pure sophistication. It does NOT remind me of an English garden at all. In fact, it's named for the Gardens of Chateau Bagatelle, a private hunting lodge where the court of Louis XVI sported. Um, well most of the "hunting" and "sports" were the indoor variety. It was built on a bet between Marie Antoinette and Louis' brother. JdB reminds me of quality, luxury, "royalty" if you will. And, as with most Guerlains, there is something mysterious and utterly bewitching here that happens bewteen the first spritz and the drydown that can't really be put into words. You just have to experience it.

  • LIANI04/27/2007

    Perfect go with everything fragrance. Over the years I find that after trying loads of VERY expensive, unusual scents, this is my standby--the one I reach for on a daily basis, when I’m too busy to decide, as well the solution for those truly formal occasions where I want to be noticed for myself, not associated with and remembered by an ever-present cloud of scent that intrudes, offends and announces my presence well in advance. Yes, it’s strong (as in long lived), but it never screams “look at me!” so that people 10 feet away ask who’s wearing that perfume. The only comment I get is “Um, you smell so nice” by those who’ve moved in closer to talk. If you like Fracas, Joy, Versace Blonde, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, or Chanel Gardenia, this is a white floral cousin---except many people wear it! Hurray! As far as its sweetness, the honeysucklish neroli top note is quite sweet, but a jasmine-like powderyness in the mid note balances that out. I keep a teeny (5ml) mini of the perfume in my purse for Fashion 911. This one’s a classic. I really love Guerlain frags; if stored well, they just seem to improve with age.

  • SHARON12/21/2006

    Classy, distinctive, feminine - its everything a fragrance should be. I'd wear it myself if my beautiful daughter hadn't found it 1st and made it her signature scent

  • BERITANETTE10/02/2006

    I bought this for my mother, maybe that's why I this it's to womenly for me. A nice quality scent, but not for me

  • LIS05/22/2006

    Soft, beautiful floral ... gardenia is prominent, but not strong or in your face. Dry down is perfectly elegant! Light and youthful.

  • JB02/14/2006

    Smells to me like a heavy sweet gardenia and tuberose airfreshener in a rusty spray can. Seriously, does anyone else detect a rusty note in this? To me it smells like they added rusty metal scent in the mix. And I know it wasnt because it was an old bottle or anything, I tested it from a new tester at a store. Overall this scent isnt horrible, just nothing I would ever wear or recommend. Although I guess I would recommend this if you like the scent of VERY strong VERY sweet flowers in a old rusty coffee can vase ;o)

  • CLARISSA11/12/2005

    This perfume is one of a few from Guerlain that repulses me. I enjoy most of Guerlain's perfumes but not this one. It has a very cloying white flower note that just spoil my appetite. I can wear much heavier perfumes from Guerlain like Samsara or Mahora. But this one is totally a NO for me. Maybe this is caused by the gardenia and tuberose in its composition because I don't normally get well with these two flowers. But, honestly saying, I don't sense a spirit of Guerlain in this fragrance. It doesn't smell Guerlain but just as common as most of the white flower perfumes in the market; though floral and feminine, it has no character.

  • BARB CLARK 09/20/2004

    Need the body creme, layering ensures a lasting all day fragrance.

  • SUZANNE03/25/2004

    Does anyone have any of this body creme? I would love to purchase some more of it, however I cannot find any store that has backstock of it.

  • KELLEY03/11/2004

    I wore this scent years ago when it first appeared and have received many compliments - from women. It's very different, very good for daytime or summer wear and it stays ... another winner from Guerlain. I have yet to try a Guerlain perfume I didn't care for.

  • ELISHA01/24/2004

    This is a really beautiful fragrance. It is a very rich floral which turns into a sweet musky drydown which is great. This one is a among my favs out of the Guerlains. I is a good fragrance for day or night also.

  • BARBARA01/20/2004

    My absolute favorite, honeymoon perfume, people stop and ask what I am wearing. I have been wearing since 1985.

  • LAURA07/30/2003

    I went looking for a new Guerlain perfume yesterday and wound up at the counter at Saks. I sprayed Jicky on one hand and Jardins de Bagatelle on the other. I wasn't impressed with either one, and so I left Saks empty-handed. Later in the afternoon, while sitting at my computer, I put my right hand up to my face and WOW! After the fragrance dried down and heated up, it was irresistable. I kept smelling my hand and then bolted for Neiman Marcus to buy a bottle. I don't think it's one of the all-time greats or unique enough to rate a 5, but it's definitely a delicious perfume for someone who wants to make a bold statement.

  • NICOLE07/09/2003

    Elegant, refined, floral, soft but at the same time present and tenacious. I will treat myself with a bottle in the fall as it is not really for summer. I just discovered it and noticed its class and quality. Softly sweet and woody. Guerlain holds on to its reputation but this is the only one I can wear. The others from Guerlain are high quality made but too overpowering for me. I should add that "Jardins de Bagatelle" is one of the actress Catherine Deneuve's favorite perfumes, a woman of class and elegance.

  • NAKEDCITY06/13/2003

    One spritz and you're in heaven, but only ONE spritz. Reminds me of the original Fleurs de Rocaille.

  • ELIZABETH03/22/2003


  • KAREN03/21/2003

    Beautifully sweet and feminine perfume. Stays true to scent even in high summer temperatures because it is made with white flowers. It has lasted 20 years on the market, a great Guerlain creation!

  • BETH01/17/2003

    This is a beautiful white floral, and much more subtle than most of Guerlain's fragrances. This is definitely my favorite of all the Guerlain perfumes

  • ANA09/23/2002

    Floral, sweet, chypre... not so extravagant like the most of other Guerlain's perfumes... and for me one of the most likeable Guerlain's fragrances ( I don't like most of them).

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    true, a great floral, too floral for me, I like just a little bit of spice in my perfumes, but a good perfume

  • SHANNA02/06/2002

    Exudes class! Greastest fragrance I've ever worn, and fragrance is my passion! Beautifully floral, but not heavy.

  • CAROLINE01/15/2002

    The first time I smelled this in the late 80's, it pleasantly reminded me of strawberry snow cones. I finally bought a bottle 4 years ago, and it is one of the perfumes, out of many that I have place on my vanity, that I have wanted to replace. It's definately a happy, fun, euphoric, classy fragrance.

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    classic floral scent. a bit sweet.

  • SERENALEAH04/08/2001

    This is an exquisite floral fragrance. Ultra-feminine, mesmerizing, and definitely gets a man's attention, men adore this captivating, romantically floral scent that reminds you of an english garden.

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