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Created in 1974, Yendi De Capucci for women is a luxurious, gentle, floral fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of floral and fruity scents with a powdery dry-down. Yendi de Capucci is recommended as an evening fragrance.

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Created in 1974, Yendi De Capucci for women is a luxurious, gentle, floral fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of floral and fruity scents with a powdery dry-down. Yendi de Capucci is recommended as an evening fragrance.

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  • CAROL08/31/2015

    ...Never really found another perfume that made me feel as beautiful as Yendi...

  • YENDI03/20/2013

    My mom fell in love with this fragrance in 1978 and named me after it, guess i should be glad she didn't name me Capucci, lol, wow, 34 years later and it's nice to see that so many people still love it. I have never been able to find a bottle so i'm hoping to order once for nostalgic reasons.

  • CINDY05/01/2010

    Yendi is fantastic, I finally found some at. the fragrance factory they have a lot of rare fragrances.

  • JOAN04/13/2010

    I started using Yendi in 1980 - used it for quite a few years - then moved & couldn't find it. Thankful to find it again. Absolutely love it!

  • BRIGITTE02/17/2009

    I'm from France, and I discovered Yendi in 1978 when I was 18, and since then I always wear it. Yeah it's part of me, and as many said here, people often ask to know the name of this mysterious fragrance. Unfortunatly I can't find it anymore and belive me it's hard to feel comfortable with a new perfume when you're so used to one. So please make Yendi back

  • DEBBIE TEECE02/03/2009

    I have used it forever. I just love the smell its so fresh.

  • YENDI08/27/2008

    My mother found this essence about 20 years ago and fell in love with it. She was living in San Francisco, where other than Paris or on-line, seems to be the only place you can buy this parfum. At that time, she had decided to name her first daughter Yendi, and here i am at age 17 buying the fragrance for myself. Just wanted to let all of you ladies know that the smell you all love is actually my identity. Ha ha, so order more and more so they can keep making it!

  • NITSA06/25/2007

    I ordered yendi and was suprised to see that it came in a different bottle than the one advertised.The fagrance is close to what I remember it to be 20 years ago. I am glad to have finally found it again. Wish I could find the exact same fragrance like I remembert though.

  • SHARON12/06/2006

    I bought my first Yendi perfume (tiny bottle) in San Francisco 1974, and haven't worn anything since. At that time I had the body soap, body lotion, perfume spray, tiny...expensive bottle of dab perfume, and even the Yendi body powder. It was wonderful!!! It's getting harder and harder to find. Why? I agree with one of the other women's comment..."Men stop and ask what fragrance I'm wearing" and I'm not a spring chicken anymore. Sure wish it was more readily available...there's nothing else like it.

  • PEGJ08/30/2006

    Please order some more..I've been out all summer and I'm having withdrawal symptoms! Seriously I have been using Yendi since the 70's. When ever I find it I order several bottles. It's a wonderful fragrance. Men stop and ask, "what is that scent you are wearing". ;-)

  • KATHERINE08/25/2006

    I've been using Yendi since I discovered it in a Paris perfumery in 1977. I seldom use anything else - I have found no fragrance to compare to its subtle, complex, beautiful scent. I get many compliments and inquiries, and end up giving it as a gift quite a lot. Cannot recommend it enough.

  • GRETCHEN01/28/2006

    Such a lovely scent that makes me long for warmer days. I've read of several sites that this is now a "discontinued" scent. It doesn smell a lot like "Babe" not a clone certainly, has a bit more complexity to it. Nothing else besides "Babe" smells quite like it!

  • RITA02/08/2005

    Just tried this & I love it! It's very close to Faberege's Babe - only softer & less intrusive. I've been using the Estee lotion & Super spray underneath it to give the Yendi more staying power, although the eau de parfum is pretty potent on its own. What a shame that only great fragrances like Yendi can be found on a website. Thank god for Perfume Emporium - otherwise all old perfumes would become comepletely extinct!

  • PIA01/14/2005

    Sylvie, thank you so much for your information on Yendi and Babe fragrances. Sorry, I responded so late forgot to check and see if anyone had posted for me. I only miss Babe since it is a scent from my youth(was 18 when i began using it ). I have many lovely fragrances but would like to revisit babe if I can find it or may just try the Yendi instead. Imagine that, someone from Germany wrote me, isn't the internet great! Viva Perfume Emporium!

  • SYLVIE11/20/2004

    Hi Pia, I know Yendi very good and I read that it match with Babe 50%. It's only similar. I smelled Babe in the Seventies. Babe is American style and if I remember correctly it's a very long-lasting, linear scent. Yendi is more subtle and not very long-lasting. But a wonderful, complex and feminine fragrance. I found a perfume subscription for Babe: Floral. Top Note: Aldehydes, Raspberry, Hyacinth, Bergamot. Middle-Note: Lily of the Valley, Honey, Rose, Orris, Carnation, Jasmin. Base Note (dry-down) Vetiver, Musk, Sandelwood, Amber, and Moss. Subscription for YENDI: Floral. Top Note: Aldehydes, Bergamot, Hyacinth, Peach, Raspberry. Middle Note: Rose, Honey, Lily of the Valley, Cyclamen, Clove bud, Orris, Orchid. Base Note: Sandalwood, Musk, Cedarwod, Amber, Styrax, Vanilla, and Moss. The ingredients are similar, but the fragrances are different. Same olfactory family: Estée Super by E. Lauder (1969), Moon Drops by Revlon (1970), Yendi by Capucci (1975) and Babe by Fabergé (1976). I think you cannot get wrong with Yendi, but please do not expect a Babe "clone". Greetings from Germany.

  • PIA11/08/2004

    I would love to try this fragrance if it is similar to my favorite from the late seventees, Babe,Faberge. How similar is it? Would be great if it is very similar since Babe is so hard to find!

  • ANNE04/26/2004

    This is the most elegant fragrance I've ever worn--is Capucci an Italian house? Please help--thanks

  • SYLVIE04/21/2004

    I found this information for you: Yendi by Capucci Parfums for Women. Year Introduced: 1974. Scent Type: Floral - Aldehyde "Designer Roberto Capucci charms with Yendi, a classic 1974 fragrance. The powdery floral bouquet is tinged with rare aldehydes from the perfumer's palette to give Yendi a unique personality. Peach, raspberry, and hyacinth form the fruity opening, while rose, orchid, and lily of the valley combine in a honeyed heart. A musky base of sandalwood and vanilla lingers in an elegant, lasting impression. Rich and complex, Yendi is a fragrance for the art of living, and a tribute to the art of perfumery." Yendi is not popular here in Germany and so hard to find. It's a secret tip!! I love individual, rare, unique and "old" perfumes very much :). Yendi reminds me on ESTEE SUPER by Estee Lauder. Same fragrance-family and both from the Seventies! Please compare ESTEE with YENDI. Both perfumes include a raspberry-note. Maybe you will agree with me. Very classy, ultra-feminine and powdery scents. Enjoy!!

  • NOAM02/11/2004

    My wife likes to try different fragrances, but the only one that drives me wild is Yendi. The scent smells great hours later . . . MMMMMMMMM Good!!

  • JULES09/14/2003

    For what it's worth, I think it smells like "Babe" by Faberge.

  • CHRIS06/04/2003

    A soft floral fragrance wtih a subtle powdery dry down. I adore powdery dry downs, and this is an extremely lovely fragrance. I LOVE it!!!

  • TERRY05/12/2003

    I enjoyed wearing Yendi by Cappucci in the late 1970's/early 80's and always thought it was lovely, my favorite. There is still no fragrance like it, even today. Thanks to P.E. I can still purchase it!

  • DORIS NIEHAUS04/25/2003

    I wore Yendi body lotion years ago but can't find it anymore. Do you use it? If so, where do you get it?

  • ROBBY04/03/2003

    This is the fragrance! If you want a different, sexy and unique frangrance to your girl stop your search and buy it now.

  • MEMARKLEY01/02/2003

    This is a very pure ladies fragrance - I have worn for over 20 years and cannot find a replacement in a fragance which makes me feel more lovely. Also, pure because it has no metallic top notes found in cheaper "fad" fragrances - smells just as lovely hours later.

  • LABRUJA10/06/2002

    This was my favorite perfume in the 70s. I like it almost as much today & bless the internet that has finally made it available to me again! A unique & lovely scent. The shape of the original bottle made using it easier. The current bottle is awkwardly wide in my hands. The real perfume is sold in one of the ugliest, drabbest & tackiest bottles I've seen. Shame, shame.

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    Deodorant soap.

  • NONI09/08/2001

    men love this fragrance i am not sure of course but yendi causes yours and his hormones to kick in.

  • ANDIERUT09/04/2001

    Did you ever find anyone to purchase Yendi for you?

  • D. NAYLOR10/08/2000

    Trying to find a place to purchase this product over the phone or in person. Cannot find it. Can anyone help?

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