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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton   

40 Reviews

The Cologne defines the new rules of attraction with a fragrance of daring, combined with ultra-masculine quantities. The unexpected initial impact is a combination of open Sky Air accord, with tempting wet Fig Leaf and fearless Green Mango. All the senses are triggered from the first instant. The heart of this fragrance gives it momentum, with a more

Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDT Spray + 3.0 oz Body Wash + 2.75 oz Deodorant Stick
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Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDT Spray + 3.4 oz Shower Gel + 2.75 oz Deodorant Stick
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1.7 oz EDT Spray
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The Cologne defines the new rules of attraction with a fragrance of daring, combined with ultra-masculine quantities. The unexpected initial impact is a combination of open Sky Air accord, with tempting wet Fig Leaf and fearless Green Mango. All the senses are triggered from the first instant. The heart of this fragrance gives it momentum, with a high voltage encounter between elegant White Sage, energetic Juniper Bud and modern Hydroponic Basil. This carries the original seductive qualities of the top note. A promise of discoveries evolves, as the base notes unfold. Vibrant Moroccan Cedarwood, hypnotic Cucumber and primal Bare Amber create a deeply seductive blend. The fragrance evolves toward an uninhibited sensual dimension that is Paris Hilton Men. Now "That's Hot".

  • DON CORLEONE07/28/2011

    Paris Hilton's flagship men's fragrance is good stuff. I like the watermelony/cucumber vibe with masculine undertones. Parlux did a good job with this one. I really don't wear this by itself though. I always layer it with another fragrance by Jacomo called "Paradox Blue"... (see my review on this site for that one). They work exceptionally well together and draw compliments equally as well as heavy hitters such as Platinum Egoiste, Rochas Man, Body Kouros, and La Nuit de l'homme. This combo is my favorite to wear to work and draws compliments from customers and co-workers alike.

  • JEEZY 01/11/2010

    Paris Hilton Man is probably the FRUITIEST cologne you ever smelt. I smell apples, and a synthetic mix of others that I cant quite put my fingers on. Girls like it, Im allergic to this fragrance for some reason but it still smells nice. The Game even raps about it in Dope Boyz ft Travis Barker

  • JEEZY 01/11/2010

    Paris Hilton Man is probably the FRUITIEST cologne you ever smelt. I smell apples, and a synthetic mix of others that I cant quite put my fingers on. Girls like it, Im allergic to this fragrance for some reason but it still smells nice. The Game even raps about it in Dope Boyz ft Travis Barker

  • BRADW12/16/2009

    I'm in my 40s and sometimes wear this to work, especially in the summer. It seems more suited to a teenager because of the fruity notes.

  • ARIEL07/15/2008

    mmm quite modern, not too masculine but fresh its like a watermelon scent, i like it but my wife hates it...ariel from argentina

  • LUCK04/09/2008

    Excellent scent. It is exactly what I look for in cologne and gets compliments every time I wear it. Don't let the name fool you. Superb.

  • BRAD02/27/2008

    this cologne is perfect. it last all day, it smells wonderful, and it is indeed fit for a date or professional. I work at a funeral home and women smell this cologne and say "oh you smell wonderful". trust me guys if your about 14- 30 i think this is perfect. =]

  • DOC.T08/16/2007

    I do like the fruity scent that comes from this, but knowing that my money is going to one of the largest skanks in Hollywood? No thanks. If it was wasn't for that I'd buy it without hesitation.

  • JULIE03/24/2007

    I feel the same way as you & your wife do, I had commented on the fact, that I couldn't buy something from someone I have so little respect for, besides she is a twit & a spoiled brat. I said this on another perfume forum, and the Moderators of that forum, deleted all of my posts & scolded me, saying it is "off topic" how I feel about her, instead of her fragrance. Idiots! Thank you, for backing me up on this one..geez!

  • EPHRAIM11/19/2006

    Extremely fruity fragrance that smells like a banana and mango shake. I don't recommend this fragrance for serious and professional men, this smell remember me teenagers at mall movies or punk skaters.

  • MARIO GOMEZ08/28/2006

    Omg i love smells so good.. i love it.. i really recommend it... paris u rock!!!

  • #1 SEXY BEAST08/05/2006

    I have very little respect for the promiscuous little tramp, but I'm willing to set it aside for this fragrance. It's very light & sweet. Wife won't let me get it, though. She can't set her contempt aside like I can.

  • J.J.07/06/2006

    This is the best cologne ever made for the younger crowd! It's more of a daytime cologne, but it can work as a nighttime cologne too. The ladies absolutely adore this scent, constant compliments about it left and right. It's a real shame that they decided to discontinue Paris' line of cologne!! Get them and stock up while you still can!

  • JON06/16/2006

    I really love this scent. I feel like the mango smell sends me to a tropical island in the pacific. It's strong when you first spray it on, but then it settles down and is beautiful.

  • RX-805/08/2006

    This woody-herbal & super fruity 1st-timer from the hottie is a hit and the ladies love it on me. Not necessarily all that original but utterly sensual and long-lasting at a reasonable price.

  • JON03/15/2006

    I tried this scent out, because a friend told me to it smelled of cucumber and melon. Well I wasn't disappointed, it smells great. It does smell a little musty when you pray it at first, but the true scent smells great, once it is identified after a few seconds.

  • M.R.02/26/2006

    With the description of the notes which sound unique, overall this is a youthful, exotic, sensual and extremely "fruity" fragrance that's a good first-timer from the hottie. Great for the under 30 bracket.

  • NIKITA 02/17/2006

    That was the reason I didn't buy it in the first place is because I thought it smelled good but average (REACTION). And as I said before--like Ocean Pacific--which to me smelled like girl. I am probably going to stick with the 4 stars and stop obsessing over it. It's iritating when people change their mind when they have already posted before. The only reason I have done that in the past is because I get home and find out that a smell that I like does not smell the same way it did on me in the mall when there are other smells coming out of different stores. Paris Hilton is light enough though where you can spray a gang of it in hot weather. Also it has a better drydown than Reaction but don't get me wrong it is not better than Reaction. Reaction has better top notes but the drydown is Old Spice High Endurance Soap. Those lime melon notes disappear. Neither Reaction nor Paris last long at all on top of that. Lastly I don't know but Paris Hilton just works on me. It does not smell girly. I just cant think of anything bad to say. Not like it is Issey or anything but it is straight to me. I can tell they did rip off Reaction but Reaction has more of a man smell in it.

  • NIKITA02/17/2006

    This cologne is the bomb. I am discovering more notes in it as I wear it more and more. Maybe I was confused or something when I was smelling all these dfferent colognes at the store. This cologne will not disappoint anyone. It won"t make anyone sick no matter how much you spray. Almost perfect for the young crowd. You will not be disappointed trust me.

  • NIKITA 02/13/2006

    In my review I hope I didn't sound mediocre. It just wasn't what I was looking for at the time. It's usually the fragrances that you like-but-end-up-buying-something-else-but-get later that become classics in your collection. Last summer I was in the store trying to decide between this one and Reaction. I liked them both and was totally confused. I didn't have enough money and a 1.7 oz. bottle of Reaction for $20 was a steal. But I kept thinking I gotta smell that Paris Hilton again. I went to the store numerous times after that and when I left the mall I was like damn! It smelled too good! It was light and smelled like the skin of green grapes. I get so many comments on it. I finally got my first gift set of this for $50 at an outlet and am pleased. You get a big bottle of PH along with a deodorant, shower gel and a mini.

  • ALWAYS SEARCHING01/30/2006

    This is a good first effort. This will probably end up being another very popular and overworn cologne. I've received many compliments.

  • BIGNUTZ01/13/2006

    Sexy and very fruity and sweet/herbal fragrance is a great first hit from the diva and I look forward to seeing more to come from her. Strictly for the under 30 crowd.

  • TONY T01/06/2006

    girls that like you will majority of the time like you. it's that simple, but i will take a guess and say you are under 25 and maybe a teen. no disrepect but paris is righteous for your crowd. girls will love it and it won't hurt your pockets. before buying sample op juice and desire blue also bro.

  • DARYL01/05/2006

    I read somewhere that it has pheromones- the stuff they put in AXE to make it attractive to the ladies. WOuld girls like this melony fruity scent? or would I be better off getting Desire (by dunhill) or By (Dolce and gabanna)?

  • GQROCKER12/29/2005

    I'll agree w/some of the posts about this being too fruity. Went to a party a few months ago & overheard a guy say something smells like cucumbers, but women like it. I get lots of comments when I wear it. Now I want to try her new one for men called Just Me.

  • THE #1 STUNNAH12/18/2005

    I never bought a fruity smelling cologne till this one...I like it,chicks like it...but It didn't last long enough for me.

  • STEVE YOUNG12/11/2005

    Very sexy fruity young guys' fragrance is a hit for first timer diva, Paris. I love this one and I hope she has a good future as far as mens' colognes.

  • RN12/09/2005

    This smells a little like KC Reaction, only its a lot more frutty, strong and totally unprofessional. Should be worn by kids or used as Air Freshner, because it smells just like that.

  • N2DBLU11/28/2005

    I was actually amazed with this fruity/sweet fragrance from popular modern diva Hilton. Decently priced and actually lasts pretty good.

  • STEPHANIE11/27/2005

    wow i didnt know Paris hilton had a mens fragrence. i love the girls one though so it must smell hot.

  • MOM 2 BOYS11/23/2005

    Ohhhhhhh my goodness I didn't even know she had a selection and I am glad I purchased it. Surely worth the cost. I love the scent. Now truly that is "Hot"

  • IKE G11/18/2005

    lots of compliments. lasts a long time. Very modern. I have about 20 or so different colognes and I place this one in the top three with Black by Ken Cole and Soul by Curve. If you want a chic magnet pick this one up. It smells fruity for a man but who cares if women think its sexy on you.

  • J. YORK11/16/2005

    Decent fruity-sweet and youthful scent is fairly priced and the ladies seem to like it.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE10/19/2005

    Somewhat youthful but I must say it's rather seductive stuff coming from a female I'd love to slap the sh_t out of.

  • TONY T10/17/2005

    this or reaction..hmm.. 2 very fruity scents and i must add 1 to my collection. i found a tester of this for under $20 so i gotta get this

  • SYSCO KID09/28/2005

    Wore it for the first time today and never had so many people ask me what I was wearing. IT was retarded. Fruity, Fruity, I thought it was like honey dew, but I guess that is mango. Will buy again once it is gone!

  • JH09/28/2005

    Its really sweet and feels really cold and cool. I cant' get enough of it! if it wasn't named "PARIS HILTON" it probably would become the bestselling male cologne of all time.

  • ROB H.09/20/2005

    A rather seductive and youthful fruity-sweet fragrance and good first attempt from one of the most popular queens of Hollywood publicity. It will never happen, but I wouldn't mind slippin' into THE Paris Hilton someday.

  • 4 YOUR EYES ONLY09/09/2005

    Love this one. I bought it for my honey and it drove me wild when he wore it. i COULDN'T KEEP MY HANDS OFF HIM. i RAN MY FINGERS THROUGH HIS SOFT LOCKS OF HAIR AND THE NIGHT PROGRESSED FROM THERE. Need I say more. Thanks and again, you can't beat the name. THERE'S NO PLACE MORE ROMANTIC THAN PARIS, EXCEPT OF COURSE Monaco (but remember it's all about the right scent).

  • MIKE T09/06/2005

    i bought this when it first came out at macys. i was on my lunch break. i like to buy seasonal scents. i liked it, it smelled hella good. i went back to work and told my coworkers and they laughed. after awhile, they say it smellet good. so dont let the name fool you. its a delicioso cologne. just go out and buy it. dont let the let the name fool you.

  • MAURICE09/02/2005

    This is a wonderful fragrance for people who enjoy "fruity" scents. It works wonders at formal events and casual occasions! I have yet to find another cologne that excels like this one. The fruity blend is very addictive, and is full of youth and vigor. A MUST BUY!!!

  • ^_^08/08/2005

    Wow, I just can't get enough of this sweet cologne! It's so fruity and I get complimented all the time! It smells good enough to eat! Smells like a fruit smoothies with melon and mango LOVE IT Highly recommended!

  • THE GODFATHER07/25/2005

    Smell like Mango and it's very strong. Besides, it smell nice because it's very fruity

  • SMELLGOOD06/20/2005

    I'm a big fan of fruity male scents (not so common I guess) like, Kenzo L'eau Par, Kenneth Cole Reaction, DKNY Be Delicious, Burberry weekend etc and this new Paris Hilton for men is surprisingly great! I personally don't like the socialite too much, and I was hesitant in supporting already a spoiltly rich Paris, but I just couldn't resist the fruity burst of melons, mangos and peachy smells. Could have been marketed for women, but I mean, I personally don't believe there should be a borderline between what scents are for women than men..This fragrance will I guess give some men the opportunity to smell 'feminine' with the excuse of it being a 'male' scent. Seriously, if you only care about smelling good (which is the reason why u use colognes!) get this..It sure does 'smell' good...Forget about the Paris image..I can't believe she is so bold enough to put in a cheesy line 'FOR THE LOVE OF PARIS' on the BOX! That's another issue....Like that really convinces ppl to buy this product lOl

  • NIKITA 06/14/2005

    Was at the mall trying to decide between this one and Reaction. The lady kept saying . At first smell I was like Ocean Pacifcic or something. The drydown has a Subtil or Gap Om note in it, the same notes that they used in this one cologne called Touch (not the one by Burberry). I don't know which. It smells clean and chic but i would expect something more flashy coming from Hilton. Smells like something I have nothing groundbreaking. . Im glad that it is lightthough

  • BAD MOTHA FUKER06/14/2005

    wow, this cologne is amazing. I smelled a sample on one of those mailing samples, and i was blown away by this scent. Smells amazing, extremely sexy. ONe of my girlfriends smelled it and was like oh my god that smells dam good. Its an amazing cologne definitely a must buy.

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