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Eau Sauvage Christian Dior Image

Christian Dior

Eau Sauvage   

59 Reviews

Yesterday's revolution is today's great legend. Absolutely modern. A token of good taste and refined virility, Eau Sauvage Eau de Toilette is more than just a fragrance. It is synonymous with absolute elegance.

Aromatic, Citrus, Fruity. Designed by Christian Dior in 1966, Eau Sauvage cologne for men is a refined fruity fragrance. It's fragrant more

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Yesterday's revolution is today's great legend. Absolutely modern. A token of good taste and refined virility, Eau Sauvage Eau de Toilette is more than just a fragrance. It is synonymous with absolute elegance.

Aromatic, Citrus, Fruity. Designed by Christian Dior in 1966, Eau Sauvage cologne for men is a refined fruity fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of lemon, basil and cumin. Blended with notes of orris, rosemary, amber and musk, Eau Sauvage cologne is recommended for daytime use.

  • MICHAEL04/15/2015

    I have been using the after shave & cologne for over 40 yrs. and still get lots of complements from the Ladies oddly enough the reason I use eau sauvage is because I like IT.

  • JANET FINGLETON12/23/2014

    My husband loves this scent.

  • M.GUGGINO05/14/2014

    I have been using this for over 40 yrs & I'm still getting many compliments.

  • STEVE AGORA08/11/2012

    Eau sauvage is the greatest mens fragrance ever created! Even if you don't "get" it,the compliments and attention you will receive will convert you. I've worn it since I smelled on alone night stand on Cape Cod in the summer of 1978!xxx

  • JOHN S01/21/2011

    Excellent scent for many years.

  • MONTGOMERY09/22/2010

    Lemony fresh, I always get compliments on this and puts me in a good mood to smell lemons on those warm days. After it's success, Dior introduced a more intense version, called "Extreme", which I had and wore also, but still prefer the original Sauvage for it's light and refreshing qualities.

  • RODERICK O'HARA12/18/2009

    best cologne on the market

  • BLAINE07/17/2009

    Just discovered Eau Sauvage. This is the ONLY cologne I will wear from now on. It has no equal.


    but not on my skin. Started off fresh and citrusy with a nice hit of basil. About 2 hours later, I was wondering what the heck smelled of bug spray- sniffed my arm, noo! I'm not faulting the scent, my chemistry owns that- therefore I won't rate it.

  • SWAYZE, MO02/12/2009

    In the realm of men's fragrances, there are certain axioms, and then there are wannabees. Dior's eau sauvage along with Rabanne's paco, and Yve Saint lauraint's YSL &Opium have been the legends by which others are measured as good emitators. Dior's Eau Sauvage is the axiom of any sitrus-based men's fragrance. The elegance, the classiness, the tradition, the time when luxuries mattered and counted, are all embodied in this classy men's luxurious fragrance. It is subtle and requires generous splashing to last all day. But you can't be in butt-level baggy geans and think about wearing this elegant cologne! You have to be a man with an elegant mind, manner and appearence to qualify. This is not a suitable cologne for men of the alternative life style.

  • LASSIE08/20/2008

    ...It was on a winding, stone stairway on a sunny blue-sky day. I clutched my child's sweaty hand as we toiled upward, in order to take a photo of the knockout view from the top of the old tower. And then, a 30-ish man in jeans and a white cotton shirt with sleeves rolled up came down the stairs and brushed past us, murmuring an apology in an accented voice, staring for a brief second directly in my weary eyes. He had a faint lopsided smile, and chistled cheekbones, and a long sweeping forelock of hair the color of golden wheat, and the bluest, sternest, October-blue eyes I've ever seen. The kind of man possessed of a mind-boggling beauty that you've never seem to have known, that you will never know in the future, that was as extraordinary as a cardinal in the middle of a flock of sparrows. And you smile back, faintly, wondering who this man goes home with, and why don't *I* know him, darn it!... That man was unmistakably wearing Eau Sauvage. Let's keep climbing, Junior, almost there......

  • TONY VASQUEZ07/01/2008

    No offence to the ladies and gentlemen who have posted here but seriously speaking this fragrance from the house of CD is completely out of sync from today's times. I can understand why it was pretty famous back in the 60s/70s, the age of old spice aftershaves and run of the mill colognes. There is nothing unique about its scent composition and to be honest it smells very much like a cheap alcoholic lotion that one can find at dollar stores. Please try it before buying and 'm sure you will keep your hands off from it. This is something that you should never even try at anywhere be it the workplace or the bedroom. Overall, a cheap smelling and lousy scent! Period. Peace to all!

  • FRANK12/27/2007

    absolutely fabulous - a must have - thoe who don't like it should state what they like, and that's only fair - this is not a fragrance that can be compared to anything there is out there (in my opinion) - you can never go wrong wearing this at the office, a get together, in a restaurant or party - it is a cologne that everone has admired since I have been wearing it through the seventies - it is nice that CD has reintroduced the original bottle and I wish they had also kept the old packaging pictured here - the new packaging does not render justice to the product - why change something that has sold more than any fragrance on the planet! - this is a classy fragrance that blends well and smells better as the day goes by - eau sauvage extreme can't compare - this fragrance will not torture anyone's nose - it is pleasant - truly a fragrance for all ages - very distinguished.

  • CHRIS12/14/2007

    the red label eau sauvage smells much better than the black label eau sauvage extreme - it is much smoother - a very classy fragrance indeed - it has been around for almost 40 years - but, keep in mind; many co's have tried to use the notes in eau sauvage at different concentrations to match or come close to it but none succeeded - this fragrance is best suited in mild temperatures - for colder temperatures try using stronger fragrances, such as calvin from calvin klein, and good luck if you can find that one - it sells out soo fast!!

  • TONYGIO10/23/2007

    strictly for older gents I'd at least 45 or 50 to pull this one off...

  • BARBARA W08/11/2007

    Crisp and classical composition, very elegant. When you're ready for a grown up fragrance, this is one of the best.

  • BRENT J06/08/2007

    This herbal/citrus classic smacks of yesteryear, but at least it offers an alternative to the candy scented femme colognes marketed to today's youth.

  • ALFIE03/01/2007

    Have you ever smelt "Neril hair tonic" from Granier? if you curious about this fragrance, It smells like Neril hair tonic. This fragrance type is almost the same as Fahrenheit, old dusty fragrance.

  • TODD195211/02/2006

    What I love about this cologne is that the scent is intriguing and complex, yet unoffensive and very fresh. A man who wears it doesn’t walk around with a 20-foot bubble of aroma surrounding him. You have to get near enough to detect it. It doesn’t burn or sting your nose, either. A lot of colognes for men today are aggressive, fill the room and I find them right unpleasant. I could name a couple that get up my nose and stay there in the most annoying way. Eau Sauvage is civilized, pleasing, attractive, and refreshing. It’s largely citrus in its initial effect, but there’s more to it than that, especially after the drydown. It’s classy in its subtlety. Too many perfumes nowadays for men (and women) are anything but subtle. Nothing rude about this one!

  • VANDAM07/11/2006

    i first started using eau savage when i was 17yrs old i am 47yrs and still prefer the scent of this true classic

  • DAVE LIVESEY02/09/2006

    This is one i started usin most recently after many years of thinking it belonged to a bygone age, well! you know the old saying "Style never goes out of fashion" it applies here, this fragrance is timeless pure class that is now 40yrs old and i love it and so does every woman who asks me what i'm wearing. Its fresh, lemony, clean smelling that lasts all day long, and as the hours pass it deepens into a very sensual fragrance.

  • PERFUMELOVER02/07/2006

    An old boyfriend of mine wore Eau Sauvage years ago. I loved it, but I am partial to fresh, classy scents and fresh, classy men. ;)

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD01/14/2006

    I smelled this awhile ago as I previously mentioned. I went back to my dealer to sniff this once again, but he had sold the bottle.This is definitely on my must smell again list.Some people are saying this is a simple lemon scent.This has me even more anxious to smell it again.I once thought this about one of my top guns, Masculine by Dolce and Gabanna.It is lemons, but more than lemons.Hopefully, Eau Savage is more than lemons.By the way, the women Ive let smell Masculine dont smell lemons at all.They just smell good.Strangely enough, all my girl smells is lemons from my Paul Smith, which is definitely "green". Oh well, Ive got to try some Creed fragrances. Exspensive,but willing to buy if lives up to the hype.Get back with yall.

  • JOHN12/13/2005

    Old but classic,unique&sincere. Surely it is one of creitable colognes of all.

  • JAVELIN11/29/2005

    Greetings! Enjoy the fabulous, ethereal, and elegant aroma of Dior's Eau Savage. C'est magnifique!

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD11/19/2005

    I just wanted to give a shout out to you because you mentioned the Taj Mahal, my namesake.Anyway, I smelled this awhile back along with Armani.Eau Savage smells better than Armani but it didnt smell special to me.As it seems that my tastes are constantly evolving, I will definitely have to sniff this one again.Im currently looking for something that is not sweet.I heard that this is not sweet.I guess if it has "essence of shit"(civet), it cant be too sweet.Can anyone recommend something that lasts for a person who does not have a good chemistry? My fragrances dry up and fade away in little time. I have to constantly reapply.

  • JAVELIN08/29/2005

    The Indian Prince who built the Taj Mahal most certainly must have used Eau Savage. Glorious building, glorious cologne.

  • AARON07/20/2005

    This is one of the few scents that can cross generations without loosing a step. I know that it has been around longer than I have but I have never found any cologne that I like better or get more compliments on than Eau Sauvage. It is a spring and summer scent though, just so ya know, but nothing is better than a strait razor shave followed by a splash of it on a warm spring morning in March or April.

  • LAURA06/20/2005

    Classic, timeless and still after all these years very sophisticated. Please never stop making this.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI06/03/2005

    So let's grab some lemons and frolic in the basil patch . . . It's elegant, light JUNGLETIME, people. Have fun.

  • TONY T02/20/2005

    i bought this solely based on the great reviews along with cristobal. only pleased with this one though. at first it reminds me of my barber but this one is very versatile and long lasting. very unique and while it is lemony it is not overpowering. i am 25 and trust me this is not just for old guys but guys that like smelling apart from everyone else. classic stuff guys but if you have just got into fragrances this will not be for you, try anything by liz,coty or mr. klein. p.s. this stuff last all day.

  • THE NOSE KNOWS02/19/2005

    This has been around a long time. I was given a bottle as a gift many years ago. I used it a couple of times, but it just doesn't work for me.

  • SEBASTIANO12/18/2004

    Eau Sauvage is a scent I associate with my late teen years, and brings me back there, and keeps me there, on the shores of Southern France or the Italian Riviera, inhaling its summery bergamot and herbal aromas, and the warm Mediterranean air I grew up breathing. Talking about Proust, here...

  • R.J.06/29/2004


  • DENNIS06/11/2004

    You just can't go wrong with Eau Savage in the warmer weather. It smells crisp & clean & leaves you smelling just showered - not overly perfumed & reeking in cologne. I find that it adapts very easily to one's own body type. One of the few citrus based scents that does not smell like a whole orchard full of lemons or limes.

  • TOMMY. A.04/06/2004

    Smells clean and classy. Could drink it on a hot day!.


    a perfume for kings

  • W.B.01/21/2004


  • STEVE-O12/19/2003

    I too was a little dissapointed with this when I first tried it (based on reviews). I guess it smells cheap because so many cheap colognes have copied this one (or certain notes) over the years and we tend to accociate those notes with cheap. After a few minutes, it just smelled better and better. It's much more complex than a lot of scents. Fresh, yes. But also bitter and dry. NOT sweet at all (you want sweet, shower with cream soda!) Very natural and subtle. I just bought a big bottle. This scent will probably be in my collection for the rest of my life.

  • DAN GARRETT12/10/2003

    Absolutely the best fragrance I have ever worn. Fresh and subtle. Never lingers onto the next morning..

  • ADAM12/01/2003

    I purchased this fragrance after I read the comments on the bulletin board. At first I was almost furious and angry, as I thought this was a cheap eau de toilette with a weird scent. After a few minutes I thought it smelled good, and after a few days I thought it was the most exquisite eau de toilette one can buy. I wonder how this one never caught my attention. Buy it, you will never regret it.

  • JONATHAN09/27/2003

    I disagree with Yarno. I am 22 years old and my father gave me a bottle of this, which he wore since he was 14 years old. All my friends have a bottle of this, and our girls simply love it. Tommy smell like "pee"

  • FRANCOIS09/27/2003

    Nothing will steer you away from this one. Women of all ages love this. I have 40 different fragrances, and this one has always been my number one choice.Try eau sauvage extreme for the cooler seasons.

  • FRANCIS09/14/2003

    Eau sauvage is by far one of the most distinguished and elegant colognes on the market today. I find Eau Sauvage to be more pleasing than its younger brother, Eau Sauvage Extreme. This cologne can be used any time, and for any occasion. It is simply a great pleaser.

  • HNS07/03/2003

    have worn 100's of perfumes in recent past , old and new, i can confidently say that this one is the all time greatest, you may get tempted to try other perfumes, but you will come backand use this forever.My #1 for all time.

  • JENAE06/18/2003

    All I can say to anyone suggesting this is an "old" scent is this: To this day the mere thought of catching a whiff of Eau Savage makes me a panting fool. I had two boyfriends who wore this in college (not too long ago) and I definitely recommend it to any man I'm interested in.

  • EDWARD06/04/2003

    This is a very fine scent in a great bottle. It's all about quality with this product. Especially if you collect, you should have this one.

  • YARNO03/10/2003

    The smell is very "middle aged and above". Definetely a classic for the perfect gentleman who doesn´t want to take risks, but not a good choice for most younger men.

  • DENNIS03/05/2003

    Calvin Klein comes on a bit too lemony for me. Eau Savage has just the right mix of herbs, spice & citrus & just the faintest hint of musk. Very refreshing on a hot summer day!

  • DAN01/26/2003

    Can we say no? Smells like herbal tea w/basil.

  • JENNIFER X12/09/2002

    I don't think so there scooter. I have dated many hottie's my age (27) and younger, they ain't no oldie's and they smell of unaduterated seduction. Your off by about 7,000 miles....try again smiley.

  • MAURICIO10/31/2002

    Not bad, but i think this is aperfume for people older than 50

  • DEXTOR10/22/2002

    Rancid on the drydown on my skin.

  • MICHEL10/12/2002

    Going back to Eau Sauvage, after nearly 15 years, I wonder why I ever stopped using it. Still one of the classiest, quality fragrance!

  • IMRAN LILANI10/02/2002

    An all time classic. A must have for hot days. Light and clean.

  • JIM SAM08/15/2002


  • THE BIG R07/08/2002

    This is just one of the best that you can buy, period. One of the definitive masculine scents. A classic product.

  • JONA JACKSON LUCAS I07/01/2002

    It's start fresh as the sunrise, then it involves in a tendre warm as life, ..., it's great in its semplicity, it's just like your real deep soul, open like a dream that became reality through your heart! Try it, you'll never be disappointed! ...have a good and savage!

  • CBC05/10/2002

    I love it, very refined and complex. It starts out with a citrusy freshness (bergamot & lemon then goes into a fresh floral heart (jasmine, iris & carnation) then finishes out with a clean mossy base (vetiver & oakmoss), the great thing is you can still smell like citrus and floral notes even after wearing it all day. It doesn't shout it whispers. This stuff isn't in your face like Azzaro, Cool Water or's soft and gentlemanly. It lasts all day on me but is never strong smelling. One of the all time greats!

  • FAZAL05/07/2002

    i am sad because i just want to praise this fragrance in words that would truly justify its fantastic smell but could not find...i use eau sauvage extreme and honestly speaking, i have 15 world class fragrances like bvlgari creed, armani, ferragamo etc. but i would never like my fragrance collection to be without might be the favourite of my fresh...just so really gives you inner feeling of freshness..whether jump in cool beach water or wear this fragrance..its the same water would definitely loose the name 'cool' if compared with eau sauvage extreeeeeeeeeeme

  • TUM03/23/2002

    Unbelievable,it had been produced 10 years before I was born. It still impress me.

  • WHITEHALL02/20/2002

    I love putting this on in the morning - the citrus has a subtle snap while the vetiver has a long pull throughout the day and does a good job of fixing the top notes so they last too. Another of the most complex fragrances which most people will equate with quality.

  • SHARON12/12/2001

    I have purchased Eau Savage the past several years for the most important men in my life. I look forward to seeing them just to be in the presence of this timeless and beguiling fragrance.

  • J. HILL12/11/2001

    I love its lemon freshness on my skin. Not sweet at all (I don't like sweet, Oriental fragrances): it is sober, not exuberant, with a kind of slightly bitter, dry, woody smell to it. Perfect for any occasion and for all seasons (and indeed for all ages). Long lasting, but not overpowering (unlike Eau Savage Extreme, which I find a bit too strong). I could spray my whole body with it! Born in 1966 and still going strong: a timeless classic that will never die (have you ever wondered how many fragrances become obsolete in five or ten years?). I've been told that they make a 1 litre splash-bottle: that tells much about its success, as well as the fact that in France it's been the most sold men's fragrance from 1998 to 2000 (according to ).

  • LORI09/27/2001

    This is a very nice smelling scent for ANY man!

  • MGARIS08/30/2001

    I've worn this scent off and on, for twenty-five years. I always come back to it, because it's fresh, lively, masculine, and smells as good in January, as it does in June. Fabulous!

  • JUANITO01/24/2001


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