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D & G The One Dolce & Gabbana Image

Dolce & Gabbana

D & G The One   

29 Reviews

D & G The One perfume by Dolce & Gabbana contains notes of mandarin, bergamot, litchi, peach, jasmine, plum, vetiver, amber and musk.

Gift Set - 1.6 oz EDP Spray + 3.4 oz Body Lotion
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Gift Set - 1.6 oz EDP Spray + 0.53 oz Glow Bronzing Powder
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Gift Set - 2.5 oz EDP Spray + 3.4 oz Body Lotion + 3.4 oz Shower Gel
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0.17 oz EDP Mini
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1.0 oz EDP Spray
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1.6 oz EDP Spray
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2.5 oz EDP Spray
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6.7 oz Shower Gel
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6.7 oz Body Lotion
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D & G The One perfume by Dolce & Gabbana contains notes of mandarin, bergamot, litchi, peach, jasmine, plum, vetiver, amber and musk.

  • RILEY H. MCINTOSH06/23/2015

    Great product; wife loves it and so do I; a very sensuous and captivating fragrance- helps seal that special moment(if you know what I mean).

  • JAN04/23/2012

    I really like D&G The One. Works well for me for daytime and evening.

  • VICCI02/01/2012

    This is one of my favorites! My boyfriend likes it even more than I do - but that makes me feel good when I wear it. I can get it here at a better price than at the department stores. It does not last very long on my skin so I use a lot of it. I also like the lotion.

  • FRANGIPANI12/22/2011

    Every time I wear this people ask me if I've been smoking.It's not too unpleasant though otherwise I wouldn't wear it.

  • APS10/02/2009

    This perfume smells amazing. My friend has it and it is inviting and perfect for evening wear. It does not stay on for a long time though!

  • SHARON03/19/2009

    i am very sensitive to many perfumes but, fortuntely, this does not bother me and smells wonderful

  • RHONDA03/18/2009

    I find that the new L'eau The One, last longer on my skin than the original! I like it better too!

  • MIRANDA11/17/2008

    I must say, this is a very nice fragrance. My boyfriend immediately liked it and nuzzled my neck...It is perfect for office wear or an evening out with that special someone. I have already received several compliments.

  • MARY10/23/2008

    My boyfriend loved this the first time I wore it. I have already received compliments after only wearing two days. Even though I forget I have it on and think that it has faded.... I must be wrong as other people notice and compliment it. I think this is a winner. It is a very lovely, soft and sweet fragrance... very pleasant and warm... and in my experience, men love it.

  • BEAUTIFUL09/22/2008

    This is a lovely fragrance but for some reason it does not last on me. I layer with the shower gel, lotion, and perfume and still it does not last. Oh well, I guess its just my chemistry.

  • NORMA08/31/2008

    This fragrance is the best by far that I have used! Love, Love, Love the fragrance, it's sexy, warm and sensual. The One, is the one.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/14/2008

    This is a lovely perfume. I sampled some today and it has great sillage (on my skin w/my chemistry). I wanted to buy a bottle, but purchased a Estee Lauder EDP instead. I have to save up more $ for this one...very nice job by D & G!!!

  • BARBARA W07/11/2008

    I really thought I had found a winner when I first smelled The One, but, like other reviewers, it did not last on my skin for more than half an hour. Enjoyed it while it lasted, though...

  • HOLLYC IN CANADA04/07/2008

    This is a very pretty fragrance that I smelled in a magazine pullout. Picked up some samples at a local perfume counter to try. It really is lovely, spicy, floral, citrus? I would have purchased it, but it lasted only about 10 minutes on me, I even tried putting oil on my dry skin to help it hold, to no avail. If this lasts on you, you are a very lucky lady and I envy you. Back to my search for my next love (perfume)!

  • HOLLYC03/20/2008

    love this fragrance. I smell tangerine and tea. It is very cheerful and uplifting and beautifully feminine, but it doesn't last. . . . at all! Gone in about 20 minutes and before that, I can only smell it by smooshing my nose into my wrist. Please fix this D&G. There's no need for such a high end fragrance to underperform so badly. I would love to buy this, but there's no way. If you're lucky enough to be able to wear this and have it last, I envy you.

  • HOLLYC03/19/2008

    Sooooo disappointed that this fragrance's cheery uplifting citrus scent that morphs into a soft veil of femininity completely disappears in about one minutes. I love but won't torture myself by wanting to stay with something that doesn't want to stay with me. (same applies to men LOL). Can anyone tell me if there is a citrus scent that will stay? I have looked at many sites and it seems to be a common problem with the citrus. Thanks ladies. . .

  • BRANDY02/07/2008

    Sensual and sophisticated. It's like a good woman- sexy yet refined. It doesnt invade other ppl's aura and doesn't come off as cheap and trashy. My fave scent for the winter.

  • BARBARA W02/05/2008

    Very elegant and classy. The opening reminds me a little of Light Blue, but this is warmer and sexier. I didn't find the lasting power very good, either, so be prepared to spritz frequently. This is a good all-around fragrance, perfect for the office as well as nights out.

  • BARBARA W02/03/2008

    The One reminds me a little of Light Blue in the opening notes, then the vanilla kicks in and gives it a sensuous warmth. A nice overall fragrance, good for both the office or nights out.

  • DEBK01/29/2008

    I had this on when I went to the gym and after an hour on the EFX It was still strong!The staying power it strong.You are not suppose to smell it on yourself,if you do,you are wearing too much!Just because you can't smell it doesn't mean other people around you can't!

  • FIORELLA01/22/2008

    It is one of the most beautiful frangrances out there. Dolce and Gabbana had Giselle in mind when they developed this frangrance. I have never gotten more compliments especially from men. Go for it!!!

  • PEETJE01/17/2008

    Strang that it hasn't on everyone a staying power on me it does and also on another colleague of mine. I will smell the scent the whole day so it's about your own body chemistry i think. Try to spread it on your clothes or hair the staying power is much longer then

  • GIA01/02/2008

    My husband got me this for my birthday. I love the way it smells, but it dissipates into nothing as soon as I apply it. I can't smell it at all! That's so disappointing.

  • BILLYET12/27/2007

    I layered the lotion and the EDP and in about an hour the scent was so faint that you could barely smell anything and then only if you put your nose directly on my wrist or neck. I asked the SA if there had been other complaints and was told "YES!" that the scent does not last. So, buy the big bottle because you will need to reapply often. Love the bottle. Love the will be very unobtrusive because no one will know you have it on.

  • KIMBERLI12/11/2007

    This is the most beautiful fragrance I have ever worn. After many loyal years with Ralph Lauren, I have found a new favorite that makes me feel fresh all day each time I get a hint of it. Many people compliment me when I wear The One...and the hugs last longer ;)

  • JASON1312/05/2007

    Very feminine, very sexy, top notch perfume! Among the best of the new releases.

  • GAYLA/DALLAS11/15/2007


  • PERFUMEGIRL8210/31/2007

    I tried this on at the store yesterday and I loved it! I love sweet perfumes and this smells clean, sweet, and sexy. I will definitely by the lotion and perfume when I can afford it!

  • I LOVE RAIN10/27/2007

    This is great sweet fruity-floriental scent! It is a little bit on a Sicily way (but not soapy and heavy) - it is sexy, some people smell sweet plums - yeah but very well composed. Try it with body lotion, much better staying power then. Very femminie, sexy. modern, youthfull. I like it a lot!

  • LIPI10/26/2007

    Hi, I haven´t bought it yet but I will try the scent. I don´t know but something invites me to try this new perfume.

  • PEETJE10/16/2007

    You must try you will love it!! This scent is for me the number 1 among the perfumes. It's very sexy and it will attract a lot of men. it's a very warm, sweet seductive scent. I love it it's definitely my favourite. The best Dolce & Gabbana compliments!!

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