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Vanilla Musk   

46 Reviews

Created in 1994, Vanilla Musk for women is a refined, oriental, woody fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of natural vanilla, musk, sandalwood and cedarwood. It is recommended as an evening fragrance.

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Created in 1994, Vanilla Musk for women is a refined, oriental, woody fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of natural vanilla, musk, sandalwood and cedarwood. It is recommended as an evening fragrance.

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  • DENA03/24/2012

    I love this product....I have been using it for as long as I can remember...I have had the hardest time finding it in stores and so when I do find a store with it I buy as many as I can, I'm afraid that this is being discontinued and it's the only perfume that I will wear

  • BARBARA JONES12/10/2011

    Why can't this product be found in stores as a gift set? This the only perfume I wear and have a lot of problems finding it in stores. Gift sets are non existance in stores.


    This has been a favourite of mine for many years. Always waiting for someone to buy it for me, it has been a while now since my supply ran out. Now I wait on my order. Hooray!!

  • LAUREL SUMRALL09/03/2011

    I've been using this product ever since it came out. But, the last 2 times & this last time I purchased it (2 wks ago), there is something different. Did you change it? I liked the way it was and now something is not quite the same. Please let me know what it is. Thank you, Laurel Sumrall

  • BRENDA GEORGE04/16/2010

    I love both of these and almost out of the body spray. last time I brought a case and now I forget the name of the company I got it from.

  • KIMBERLEY08/14/2009

    I love this perfume. I usually can not stand the smell of musk, but this one is different. It has the right combination to undertone the musky smell i guess.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/21/2009

    This is so inexpensive, read: not "cheap" just inexpensive! and smells great to boot....a very earthy and rich vanilla. I like to mix this with other scents I own that can have a bit too much incensey on me....I like to mix it with my cinnabar (estee lauder) and want to try it with mauboussin body lotion when my order arrives. Cheers!

  • RONDA10/20/2008

    This is the sexy scent ever made. I get men stoping me on the street just to smell me.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/10/2008

    This is actually one of my favorite staples to have on hand, in addition to vanilla fields. Coty has done a few things right! If i ever want to "warm up" a perfume I am wearing I will spray a TINSY bit of this on the opposite wrist or nape of my neck. It works with a lot of perfumes quite well that I may not have cared for other wise.Try it!

  • BARBARA W07/10/2008

    This is much better than Vanilla Fields, with the musk and cedar balancing out the vanilla. Good choice is you're on a budget -price is great.

  • JANETHF312/10/2007

    I wish this wonderful fragrance would be placed back on the market...especially the perfume oil. I can hardly find it anywhere anymore...had an especially delightful encounter in Ireland a few years ago where a store clerk asked to wear some and promptly ran to a perfume shop next door to ask them to carry it.

  • ANN SMITH10/29/2007

    This is becoming really hard to find. I have been wearing it for upteen years, and not a day goes by that someone doesn't comment on the wonderful smell! Men especially like it!

  • CARINA08/24/2007

    Vanilla Musk smells suprisingly good for a vanilla/musk scent. I ordered some Coty perfumes because i was curious to see what some inexpensive fragrances smell like. I usually only buy expensive perfumes. I dont think Coty products are so inexpensive considering they are colognes not EDT and that the sizes are so small. I think Vanilla Musk is a great blend. It smells expensive, sexy, feminine, and a little high class raunchy at the same time. If you like vanilla and musk you cant go wrong with this cologne,

  • VIKKI08/16/2007

    This is a very nice blend of vanilla and musk. One of the nicest I've smelled. This is a great fragrance.

  • VICI3997@BELLSOUTH.NET01/24/2007

    i am looking for the vanilla musk OIL, powder and parfum. the oil is so wonderful. the fragrance is so sensual it definetely turns heads.

  • JVAN01/03/2007

    I'm looking for some too. Bought some once in a gift set. Still looking

  • SEXY KITTEN10/06/2006

    this is a fabulous casual fragrance when you're lounging around on the weekend...if you want to jazz it up a little it smells absolutely amazing mixed with little spritz of each, no more than that and you have a beautiful sultry fragrance...try it and see!

  • LISA09/29/2006

    this has incredible staying power for a cologne spray so I think it's great value for the doesn't have the complexity of similar scents like toccade but simple composition can still be good...all the men I'm around LOVE this...two in one day stopped me on the street to tell me my scent was great is that!

  • GAYLA09/21/2006

    One of my co-workers started wearing this to work and I had to ask her what she had on! I found it so hard to believe it was an inexpensive Coty fragrance!! It smelled awesome. However, I own Tocade and I do not consider them to be in the same ball park. Tocade is very woody smelling with vanilla and it lasts a very long time. I think this Vanilla Musk is pricey at $15.00 for 1 ounce and it's cologne not parfum or toilette! Can't wait to see how it will smell on me. I used to wear Jovan Musk and after awhile it didn't compliment my body chemistry and started to smell like sweat. Yucky. I will rate Vanilla Musk excellent because it smelled so great on someone else.

  • MAHOGANI82109/01/2006


  • LISA08/16/2006

    this is a great weekend or going out scent...I went to the drugstore with the intention of buying coty french vanilla after reading all the great reviews but came home with vanilla musk instead...I found french vanilla kind of synthetic and cheap smelling...sprayed french vanilla on one wrist and vanilla musk on the husband and I both preferred the latter...sweet and warm...a cuddle up fragrance!

  • TRINIGAL04/05/2006

    Hey,I keep hearing about this Vanilla musk so many times and yet I see no image of it here. What does the bottle look like and does it smell anything like Dark Vanilla cuz that one's my favourite too. I am a fragrance diva from the Caribbean and I crave sexy fragrances too.

  • KIM02/01/2006

    I wore this one about 8 years ago when it first came out and I got so many compliments, and why I ever quit wearing it Ill never know. I bought this again last week because it was marked half off and everything beautiful about this fragrance that I remembered from so long ago came to life again! Finally everything made sense. I realized that I have spent years buying only the expensive perfumes thinking that they smelled the best! They dont even come close to smelling this good or lasting this long! It was time to finally wake up and smell the coffee or I should say the vanilla musk! Now the compliments are rolling in again especially from my husband.

  • ANNIE01/28/2006

    I bought this for half price in the drugstore in a post-Christmas sale. After drydown, on me it is almost totally sandalwood. I like the scent of sandalwood but this is too much for me to stomach, and almost no detectable vanilla and musk to my nose. Makes me feel a little queasy after a while. Just my particular chemistry I suppose. It probably does different things on differnt people. Not a bad fragrance at all for the price, but wish I could get more of a balance of wood/vanilla/musk, rather than the sandalwood bomb.

  • AUBERGINE12/31/2005

    At first the vanilla scent smacks you upside the head, but give an hour or so for the overpowering top notes to fade and it's lovely.

  • B11/06/2005

    I bought it on Friday because it was on sale, big mistake. I really hated it at first. . . . so I gave it to my mom who loved it. . . now it's kinda' growing on me. Nothing compares to my all time favorite perfume Hot couture by Givanche.

  • SHERIDAN10/26/2005

    some people can pull this off, if they use it sparingly and have the right body chemistry. I personally won't wear it and don't care for the smell, but certain people can wear it without offending those around them.

  • SOMUCHWOMAN08/24/2005

    I so agree with you, Michelle, this IS a sleeper. I was given a bottle as a birthday gift in 1997 and at first sniff, I thought 'meh', nothing special here. But much to my surprise EVERYONE loved it on me. People know me as a fragrance diva, so I often get compliments on a perfume, but this one had them coming out of the landscaping to tell me how great I smelled! I had a very very nice summer that year.

  • SYLVIE06/22/2005

    I agree with Lindylou! Tocade, Vanilla Fields, Vanilla Musk (and Casmir by Chopard) smell similar. Synthetic vanilla scents. I miss something special and complex in all these fragrances.

  • MICHELLE06/12/2005

    This is a *sleeper* sort of perfume. Overlooked and undervalued by many. I always get plenty of compliments when I wear this, more so then even some of my more expensive perfumes. A winner!

  • L PLANK05/01/2005

    Best perfume for me ever, I receive so many compliments when wearing this cologne!!

  • LINDYLOU08/05/2003

    Vanilla Musk and Tocade are identical twins...except for the price. Tocade by Rochas is a much higher priced fragrance with the same notes. If you don't believe me, please do a sample test. Vanilla Musk is a deal and a very nice fragrance at a reasonable price.

  • MICHELE06/26/2003

    Delicious! My trademark scent!

  • SIDNEY04/17/2003

    Sprayed this while at Wall Mart and while I do like some of Coty's other fragrances this Vanilla Musk has to be the worst scent I have sample in a long time. It has that annoying vanilla smell that alot of people like, but the vanilla smell soon fades and your left with this foul burnt plastic smell.........not musk!

  • PETRINA03/31/2003

    this was one of my earliest fragrances...a gift in my early teens, didn't like it at first, liked it, then my tastes changed, i guess, but i still sniffinf if off the bottle and scenting my closet with it!... really warm and sweet..

  • JANET OF N C03/28/2003

    This is my absolute all-time (Lifetime!) favorite fragrance. I get so many comments from strangers. Vanilla Musk Oil is the very best of the product offered. How can I get more? Very difficult to find in retail stores now.

  • KRISTEN12/09/2002

    I wore this when it first came out in the early 90s (?), and am just here to confirm that I also got non-stop compliments from both men and women, on how great I smelled and what was that scent? After a while I did start finding the scent kind of "common" and "cheap," so I stopped using it, but there are still people today who wistfully ask me why I had to stop wearing Vanilla Musk-- which I find incredible. I think of it as a fresh, sweet spring and summer scent.

  • D.MARIE09/19/2002

    all colognes smell different on each person. Your body chemistry effects how good a cologne smells. It smells great on me. It's the only cologne I wear and I get continuous compliments on how great I smell.

  • MJ09/17/2002

    I am a man who is heterosexual. Ladies, if you have any hope of getting a man DO NOT WEAR THIS. It is among the worst scents I have ever smelled, period. Cheap perfumes don't have to smell cheap.

  • HOLLY09/17/2002

    I first smelled this fragrance on a lady @ my place of work. I asked her what it was and I was amazed that it was Vanilla Musk by Coty--I thought it would've been something much more expensive. That was four years ago, and it's been my "staple" everyday scent ever since! I have every product in this fragrance!

  • SEIKO08/11/2002

    vanilla musk has been my favourite for the past 5 years.. i dont have it here .. i live in the middle east,, so whenever i hear someone is coming or going to the states i ask to get me atleast five!!

  • ALLISON07/26/2002

    I absoulutely love this fragrance, layered with vanills body lotion. It is to die for! The only one better is Tommy Girl, my absolute fave! What could be better?

  • MEGHAN CAVANAUGH07/25/2002

    Does any fragrance scream Gross or Trailer Trash louder than Vanilla Musk? I think not. Vanilla-Okay Musk-Okay. Together. An abominatable fragrance (if you can call it that) that never should have been made. Coty should be ashamed-Vanilla Fields won a Fifi Award. This one wins the So Bad It's Not Funny Award. There Are good fragrances that don't cost a lot of money. This is not one of them.

  • ALANA T.07/24/2002

    I always try hard not to upchuck when I smell this fragrance. It is the worst cheap smelling fragrance out there.

  • SARA06/04/2002

    I also get compliments (men & women) EVERY time I wear this. Great inexpensive fragrance.


    Can anyone tell me where I can find Vanilla Musk Dusting Powder? I live in the metro Detroit area.

  • KATHLEEN04/21/2002

    the vanilla with just a hint of musk,soft,subtle,hinting at sexy.Lots of compliments from men and women when I wear it.

  • H.02/26/2002

    Vanilla & Musk -- beautifully put together.

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    Starts out with insecticide/jungle green with a hint of citrus. Softens to vanilla cream soda. Lasts a long time.

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