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Jovan Musk   

29 Reviews

Created in 1973, Jovan Musk for men is a luxurious, gentle, musky fragrance. This masculine scent contains a blend of spices, lavender and citrus. Jovan Musk is recommended for romantic use.

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Created in 1973, Jovan Musk for men is a luxurious, gentle, musky fragrance. This masculine scent contains a blend of spices, lavender and citrus. Jovan Musk is recommended for romantic use.

  • ROLEN JOHNS11/17/2017

    ...I've used Jovan Musk for 40 plus years and its still the best.

  • CARL BURTON03/28/2011

    the jovan musk afthershave cologne has a light quality scent that actually sweeter than the cologne wich formula scent coty ever since he took over the jovan musk has change the afther shave better and sticks

  • CARL BURTON03/11/2011

    when the jovan formula correct it creat a nice dry sweet smell and is one of the best ever since cody took over the formula to make it it is not quite the same only the afther shave cologne smells some what like it

  • B.S.03/06/2011


  • JIM01/20/2009

    Musk may be good for some of you, but it couldn't touch Andron. Alas... it's no longer in production by Jovan.

  • ERIC04/07/2008

    One of the first scents I ever remember smelling besides Halston 1-12. Someone on the school bus wore it and it smelled good on him but I couldn't wear it. All the trailer trash comments are just funny to read. Yes you can buy it anywhere at any drugstore but it's the first cologne I can remember besides Bristish Sterling which I got as a gift and gave away because it stank to high hell. I liked Jovan Musk so I must be trailer trash I guess (lol).

  • LOW PLAINS DRIFTER04/10/2007

    There are other musks out there that smell better than this, but also don't cost much. I recommend Cabots musk oil...a fine subtle fragrance. Just do a Google search.

  • MUSK-A-TELL12/03/2006

    If you want a real musky cologne check out some MUSC KOUBLAI KHAN, by Serge Lutens. It's not easy to find in North America but I know you can find it on eBay because that's where I got mine. It's not for the squeamish and it's not cheap. It's worth the search, if you're looking for a real musky cologne.

  • COMMON SCENTS08/24/2006

    For those considering this affordable scent, don't be deterered by those status conscious designer fragrance snobs who think you must spend a fortune to smell nice. Does a Rolex wristwatch tell time any better than a Casio wristwatch? Of course not! If you appreciate the aroma of a particular cologne and it works well with your skin, then enjoy it. The same folks who are criticizing this scent are probably the same people who would rush out to buy it if it was being sold at a boutique for $70 a bottle and endorsed by a big celebrity. Remember, an inflated price does not always guarantee quality. As far as this fragrance is concerned, I like it. It has a strong masculine aroma and a clean scent. Its probably best suited for casual occasions and it works well when applied very lightly.

  • VICENTE SOSA03/13/2006

    I really like it, since I smelled from my mother(she wear the womens'),I wear it almost everyday, I'm an Highschool boy(17). I recommend it for Winter.

  • ZAYIN01/13/2006

    I remember this stuff from when I was in the 8th grade. I wore it up until my sophomore year in high school. Not bad for a cheap scent but if you're over 16 I don't recommend it.

  • FF01/06/2006

    The odor of this is not that great. Apply very lightly and it's OK, but not great. There are other much better smelling items out there.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI08/28/2005

    Along with those who use Coty Musk. Yech. Well, if we must musk (sorry) there's Houbigant's "Monsieur Musk" available on this site. Good stuff. If anyone knows a better one, please post--I suspect that since musk has been around longer than Bay Rum in men's cologne there may be something out there . . .


    Forget about buying hunting scents to mask human odor. Just rub a little of this citrus delight on your neck and hope the deer you are hunting doesn't try and eat your ear.

  • DAVE01/15/2005

    This stuff is right up there with the other dated, cheap "in your face" odors from the 70s.It should be used as a measuring stick to peoples' judge of character (or lack thereof). A valid replacement for police pepper spray, and probably far more effective.

  • SAM WALTON10/30/2004

    run of the mill, does not last long, dries down to a spearmint smell, very very average.Mass produced tosh.

  • TAJ09/22/2004

    The floral scent in this is great.It adds contrast to the musk.You can buy a 3.4 oz bottle everywhere for under 20 bucks. I get as many compliments with this as with any.

  • LEFTY07/24/2004

    This stuff screams cheap.A girl smells this on you and she'll be thinking how cheap you are unless she's from a trailer park or something. I can't say it smells bad...but not recommended for anyone over 18.

  • GILBERT ,N07/09/2004

    hi i have used jovan musk for a number of years and it wiil stay on for the whole day and night without fading, i live in a tropical climate country and, i,only use this product and ngr ginseng

  • RAMONE ROJO02/12/2004

    This isn't bad for teens. I recommend older men stay away because it smells cheap.

  • HENRY J12/01/2003

    Jovan Musk is my most favorite mass market fragrance. I alternate it between Boss (the Original) by Hugo Boss and Missoni for Men, which have some similarities but are much pricier and harder to find in the U.S. market. Dollar for dollar nothing gets me more complements than Jovan Musk. I always get EDT - never After Shave, the fragrance rendition lasts much better and longer. This is a fragrance you can't go wrong with.

  • ROB11/27/2003


  • MR. LEETHAD03/30/2003

    jovan musk is a classic. a few mentioned that it doesnt last but this a fragrance that undergoes a scent altering process so in several hours it smells quite different from when first applied. i have wore this for over 14 years and after hours on the dance floor it still is kicking. it also will stain clothing and will leave a scent on washed clothing as well. the trick is to apply this when your pores are open and it will ride with you all nite. Also the jovan ginseng is a light scent that will have 'everybody' saying you smell soooo good. this fragrance has been seemingly diluted over the past three years though.

  • ARNOLD R.02/20/2003

    It's a decent enough scent. I quite like it, my girlfriend does too. But... it just doesn't last at all. It dries down to virtually nothing within an hour. Too bad. They should make a longer lasting EDT, but I don't think they do, I've never seen it. So... all in all, it's a good enough scent for be-bopping around the house or going grocery shopping, but Prash is right: Not for formal occasions.

  • MICHEL10/12/2002

    Musk is made to attract certin type of wild animals (four-legged ones). It is absolutely disgusting on humans. And one can smell it hundreds of meters away...unfortunately. It is puky!

  • STACY08/30/2002

    Alan Navarro wore this in high school. He wore it on the bus and I would try anything to sit near him to smell this on him. I think of him and him alone when I smell this. Never had him but God he smelled good.

  • HUGH06/08/2002

    This is an oldie but goodie. One of the most refiend and best fragrances on the market to date.

  • MIKE12/21/2001

    I wore this in my early 20's and it never failed me!

  • PRASH10/09/2001

    Has a very very strong scent. Doesn't last long though. Good for regular daytime use, but not for formal occasions.

  • GILBERT L. CLABORN06/16/2001

    Jovan sells Jovan Musk in a plastic travel bottle but no one will sell it retail. I do not know why.

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