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Ultraviolet Man Paco Rabanne Image

Paco Rabanne

Ultraviolet Man   

52 Reviews

Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne is a cologne on ambergris, a very rare and expensive mineral that possesses masculine, sensual, woody-amber undertones. This rich element is blended with liquid mint, organic vetiver, and moss crystals, for a cologne as unique as the man who wears it. Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne has notes of Ambergis, Liquid more

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1.7 oz EDT Spray
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Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne is a cologne on ambergris, a very rare and expensive mineral that possesses masculine, sensual, woody-amber undertones. This rich element is blended with liquid mint, organic vetiver, and moss crystals, for a cologne as unique as the man who wears it. Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne has notes of Ambergis, Liquid Mint, Organic Vetiver, Moss and Crystals.


    Something a bit adventurous. Thought i'd give it a go, and i'm very glad I did. Very fresh and woody, perfect for a sophisticated being like me ;)

  • RAI04/07/2011

    Agree with some of the reviewers that it does smell feminine. Powdery, mossy, minty and doesn't go well at all with my chemistry. The bottle design makes it look like it belongs in a futuristic sci-fi outing........say The Matrix movies.

  • JOEYBEAR01/24/2009

    Smells really different but delicious. A mixture of grape and vanilla maybe. Lots of compliments on this one.

  • KIMMM12/22/2008

    Omg... I Love It... My Boyfriend Got A Sample And Im Going To Buy Some Because It Smells So Good... Would Recommend It To Any Guy... The Girls Love It ;-P

  • KING12/15/2008

    I love this scent. I used to keep a bottle on my drawer. but lately found it has been discontinued. This scent is for clubbing... not for day time, or going to work

  • AARON01/15/2008

    my woman hates cologne as a rule. i had a mini tester bottle, & she said get this stuff now!!! she & i both love it from a man that never wears cologne & a woman that wants a "natural" smell on her man. if it does it for her it will do it for you. as they say.... try it you'll like it

  • BARBARA W07/11/2007

    I have to agree with Tony T on this one (though I think M7 is great). Ultraviolet is too feminine smelling. I like my men to smell! XS is much better.

  • SILKY12/29/2006

    I loved it at first. I got a sample of it with my order for a cologne and I wore it more than whatever that cologne was and i had to buy me a bottle of it. Then, it started to remind me of gasoline fumes and I can't get past that so it drops a notch on my scale.

  • SILKY12/29/2006

    I loved it at first. I got a sample of it with my order for a cologne and I wore it more than whatever that cologne was and i had to buy me a bottle of it. Then, it started to remind me of gasoline fumes and I can't get past that so it drops a notch on my scale.

  • MARC11/20/2006

    ok, i smelled this fragrance on a mate and just had to ask what it was. next day, straight to the shops and bought a bottle. its a head turning woman magnet. its amazing and the bottle looks ultra cool too.

  • RX-807/31/2006

    Good minty and mossy cologne for the late teens to late 20s bracket seems most appropriate for the clubs. Bottle is cool but at the same time..........kinda tacky.

  • ULTRAVIOLET DUDE05/11/2006

    I had a sample of this recently. It's not bad at all. Pretty good for evening wear.

  • JULIAN C. STRATUSON03/31/2006

    Different but below-average powdery & minty-green blend from a designer I KNOW who's had much better.

  • AKEN401/15/2006

    A truly unique fragrance. Sexy and classy. Cool bottle too. I get lots of compliments from co workers. The only thing better is pacos newest fragrance for men Black XS

  • ANDREW BYAMA12/15/2005

    Look no further than UV Man in your quest for a super, head-turning, sensual and sexy male cologne. Been using it for 2 years now, and trust me, the phone numbers have been piling up. Lovely scent.

  • J. YORK12/14/2005

    If I were in my early 20s or teens and loved going to the club, then I might just wear this very different but unsophisticated and somewhat sporty scent from PR who's definitely had better.

  • ONG-BAK12/08/2005

    Unusual but energetic scent is different than most Paco colognes and is most suitable for the below 30 bracket. Minty, green and good use of the organic vetiver.

  • TONY T11/17/2005

    i am sorry but i can't tell a lie. i like some of the the more femalish orientals such as aceberg twice and jaipur but this and m7,buddy your mind's playin tricks on you. sure when you are clubbin most women will compliment a monkey,s scent just as long as he does not smell like cigarettes so what does that a believe my bro mario said(how to get a chick even tho you smell like one) is this cologne's motto

  • N2DBLU11/15/2005

    I wouldn't wear this particular fragrance for just any outing but for the club.............most definitely! Hot women of all ages compiment me whenever I visit Chicago and kick it at Excalibur and I KNOW you've been there. Stay with the dominant crowd here, fellow cologne fanatic!

  • TONY T11/09/2005

    or as we in the perfume world say unisex. no way a guy should wear this ultra feminine parfum. the only good thing about UVM is it is long lasting but this is right up their with M7 as being the 2 worst fragrances ever created..

  • SELVAN10/25/2005

    A very good one.I had quite a few very good compliments from women.Good job Paco.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE10/19/2005

    Seems rather youthful but it's a killer for the young ladies at the club and I've had some REALLY good compliments on it!

  • ALEXANDRU08/26/2005

    ultraviolet man is the longest lasting edt i've ever had so far...i've never had an edp(like jaipur or opium) because they're hard to find.i'm a big fan of overwhelmingly long lasting scenses like this so if any of you could reccomend me another long lasting bomb like this,i would really appreciate it.thanks

  • K. WIMPINO08/13/2005

    Interesting scent and smells very different than almost any fragrance I've ever smelled, period. It seems to have this minty and powdery feel that makes it most appropriate for the nightclub. Rather youthful and upbeat.

  • K.W.07/09/2005

    This is the best scent I had the pleasure of wearing. It is the Bomb!! Iam always being asked what the name is. Great!!!!!

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI06/13/2005

    Not bad, just bland and boring. BTW didn't ambergris come from whales? It was supposed to have no smell of its own but add power to whatever it was mixed with--or perhaps that was the 19th century equivalent of today's pheromenone hype? I dunno but in any case in this rather generic/mod cologne it's synthetic , of course. A bit too sweet, too.

  • HUSSEIN03/20/2005

    I have never had a smell so good as this one.i always buy 3 together,not to run out.its da best and am gonna keep buyin it over and over

  • JAMES M.02/14/2005

    I have used many colognes but none like this one. It's a must have for every man!!

  • UMUT11/04/2004

    Smells good and gentle, but doesn't last long..

  • R.J.09/09/2004


  • W.B.08/27/2004


  • DAVE08/04/2004

    Not many like this one - excellent!

  • THE MAJORITY06/14/2004


  • JEFF06/13/2004

    Sorry cowboy, but get to know your colognes a little better. There are colognes that are ok to wear to work, and there are colognes to wear out to dinner, movies, clubbing etc. At work, remember to keep it light.......very light. If not, someone will eventually give you a very embarassing reminder of this rule. No way should anyone subject his or her co-workers to 8 hours of this sweet scent, no matter how great YOU think it smells.

  • ROB H.05/21/2004

    I can't really think of the words to describe this highly unique and amazing scent. I lost count of the number of times I heard "WHOA, what are you wearing!" the first couple of times I wore this at work. This extremely aromatic scent is indescribable in a positive way. I find it practically magical. Paco, you've definitely out done yourself this time!


    this is one of the greatest colognes i have smelled in my life females love it and a unlike most colognes if you spray too much on if wont gag anyone since ultraviolet has that light touch add on the high tech pimp looking bottle and it all makes sense. peace.

  • KING CHOOFER05/12/2004

    THE BEST SCENT IVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF OWNING! CLASSY! SMELLS GREAT! better than anything else on the market!

  • OMID11/25/2003

    This is a very nice scent. I bought two bottles while in the UK and couldn't wait to get it at home. Finally I found some on-line.

  • LEONARDO10/24/2003

    THE BOTTLE! If you like bottles or you care about modern decoration this is as good as it gets...for now :-)

  • LEONARDO10/24/2003

    I bought this cologne about two days ago and most people like the way it smells on me. It isn't anything special. Is sweet but manly. I guess the femenine goes with whom wears it. This might help: My favorite cologne is Dolce and Gabanna man, but I also wear Egoiste platinum, By, Claiborne sport for the gym, and Le Male from Gaultier(not so much anymore) If you like this colognes you might like Paco. And once again: a lot of people really like it. I personally like it so so but because of the compliments I got I'll give it an escellent rating :-)

  • FERNANDO09/13/2003

    I think ultraviolet smells too sweet and a bit boring. Actually, it sort of smells as it looks; a sweet purple scent like cotton candy. Maybe because I am not really into sweet fragrances, I thought it was kind of sickening. I think Eau de Cartier is a much better version of what Paco Rabanne tried to make here. But I see many people like this fragrance, so I am writing this as my personal view. This fragrance isn't horrible, but I wouldn't buy it. As I said before, I think Eau de Cartier would easily take the place this one should fill. Try for yourself.

  • KHALID09/11/2003

    The most common phrase i use everyday is "go for gold", it means go for the best, and i went for gold when i bought it....have no take it away from me you have to knock me out buddy....this fragrance has so much power i turn heads when i walk pass anyone,not that i'm good looking but cos i have such good taste, i dig it....

  • KEVIN06/17/2003

    After smelling and owning so many colognes over the years this one I found last night to be the best ever. It's sexy, masculine, dominating and potent. It is also very fresh smelling that is so addicting to smell. The scent actully changes to 2 different scents on your skin. It's weird and that is why I like it. Good job Paco.

  • SAM IRR04/17/2003

    excellent. fresh but in same time sweet, longlasting. for winter and low temperatures days or for summer evenings.

  • DRE04/09/2003

    Aboslutely intolerable!

  • NENAD04/02/2003

    It is GOOOOD! Very GOOOOD! But when I felt it for the first time my first thought was NEW ROMA (by Laura Biagiotti). Longlasting, perfect perfume. As I said-Roma in new "suit"-for younger generation.

  • SUNCHEESE03/28/2003


  • SNIFFI MC SNIFF12/28/2002

    I finally got down to the neighborhood department store to check out this scent. It is very manly, very personal. It is bold enough to impress a date, confident enough to bolster one's self-esteem and unique, yet safe to wear in the workplace. I found that the top note fades quickly, taking the honeymoon away from the experience, but the base and heart share their golden years with you faithfully. I'd suggest that if you really enjoy this scent, consider a gift set to add foundation to the EDT.

  • MAC12/17/2002

    Girly scent...ONLY if you're exuding estrogen and progesterone. Real men: give it a try.

  • FRANCISCO11/05/2002


  • DAMIAN10/17/2002

    girly scent

  • TONEV09/21/2002

    it's sexy....

  • ANAN08/14/2002

    this ultraviolet is just the fragrance that i was looking for and believe me once you put it on you'll know what i mean!!!!

  • TORRASQUE07/13/2002

    Excellent Fragrance & Style

  • FAZAL05/07/2002

    i saw the promotional ad and imagined myself in place of the model in the voilet space....i just knew i could not afford, not having this fragrance....and believe me..imagining yourself ultraviolet lady-man while wearing this fragrance, gives you very feeling!!!and as my friend pointed out.. it really makes you feel so my actually feel the heat..experimenting is believing...

  • TUM05/06/2002

    Sexy.This is the lighter versoin of Rochas Man

  • JERRY04/28/2002

    Great new bottle design, this should win an award. Stays on all day, very warm and intricate, supposedly has a base that attatches to your skin, but whatever it is is works. It is worth the extra money for this men's cologne.

  • MARIUS04/26/2002

    Sensual! Sexy! Erotic! The night opens to you. We are in 2200. The new club is open. Laser lights, neon, ultraviolet colors everywhere; that's where u should wear Ultraviolet man. It smoothes the hi-tech era.

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