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XS Black Paco Rabanne Image

Paco Rabanne

XS Black   

18 Reviews

XS Black cologne by Paco Rabanne is a masculine scent that opens up with mint, coriander and bergamot. The middle notes include juniper berry and wild flowers, finishing off with sandalwood, musk and cedarwood. XS Black cologne is recommended for evening wear.

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XS Black cologne by Paco Rabanne is a masculine scent that opens up with mint, coriander and bergamot. The middle notes include juniper berry and wild flowers, finishing off with sandalwood, musk and cedarwood. XS Black cologne is recommended for evening wear.

  • SYNERGY05/27/2011

    Nothing like the original but indeed a sensually sweet-woody aroma and women seem to really like it on me.

  • STEVE EMLENTON02/20/2011

    Hard to believe this is a black sequel to the original which was a great scent for the price. A totally different approach than the 1st but still a wonderful sweet sensation and seems to last long.

  • ALBATROS08/13/2010

    A very underrated cologne... which is great because not many men have it or wear it. So when a lady is far from where you are and then comes closer and closer to you to ask "What is the name of your cologne?" (Trust me THIS WILL HAPPEN) you can answer "Why don´t you tell me your name first then I tell you the name of my cologne" and the play starts! PROS: It is Paco Rabanne. Long lasting 8-10 hours. You can use it at any season of the year. Cheap compared to other "Chick Magnets" fragrances. Ladies melt on their knees when they smell it, do I need to say more? CONS: Strong fruity strawberry smell, so if you are not comfortable with your "feminine side" this is not for you (Too bad because ladies drop their panties with this smell. TRUST ME) OVERALL: Buy it!!! Or at least try a sample at your school or office and you will see the results and that I am not lying about the ladies attention. Recommended for ages between 20's-30's or 30's to 40's if you are Hardcore at body but Tender at heart. Peace!

  • RANDLE08/20/2008

    Both sexes love when I wear it, I smelt it on someone and just fell in love with it... then him!

  • PLOWBOY08/01/2008

    If you want something will attract men or women buy this fragrance. 100% percent of people that i come in contact ask what the fragrance that i am wearing and always compliments how good i smell

  • ROBTHEJOB01/23/2008

    I also like the fact that not too many people have it and can identify what it is

  • ROBTHEJOB01/23/2008

    wore this and get nothing but compliments from opposite sexes. chocolatey smell thats better in the night, it comes out of the bottle a little too strong IMO, and the nozzle is a bit hard to spray... but it lasts today a girl said i smell "fantastic"

  • BIGNUTZ08/26/2007

    Sleek and sexy version of the original is woody-sweet and seems to have some good longevity. I like it, the babes love it. That's all good!

  • CRISTIAN08/06/2007

    Not suitabale for men IMO. Smeels like berries gem,i don`t know why i even bought it..maybe i was hungry at the time. Smell it before you buy it.

  • TONY T07/25/2007

    i am a hater. this is unbearable and not sexy. of course it's a dark scent, my bro jude c's fav but not mine. not sexy or even tolerable imo.

  • JUDE C05/18/2007

    Not so sure about this one. This was a little bit of a disappointment. It has potential, but it does smell like berries. I do not like the fruity smells, so not a big fan. It has decent staying power, but nothing compared to Paco Rabbane Homme from the 70's, that stuff blows this fruity junk out of the water. Overall, not a waste, but not my style - go with Joop, Bel Ami, Kouros, Third Man, Santos, and many others I have commented on. Not as good as the reviews would have you believe, in my opinion.

  • A. BOREALIS04/25/2007

    Rather sensual and long-lasting minty/woody aroma has a pleasant sweetness to it that has turned plenty enough heads. Ironically I've never even tried the original or its sequels prior to this one.

  • IRON02/13/2007

    really nice notes, first the base is strong with the citric notes.. then, you will find a creamy and sexy base.. very sweet, but unique.. not a big hit to me, but a great fragance to that nights ..

  • TANINHA BRAZIL01/17/2007

    i loved your better review on xs black ... i fell in love with this scent , for myself... i would love to sniff this on my man anytime ... but for now , i will wear it myself ... it takes me somewhere nostalgic , mystical ... but it too drives me crazy( in a good way )... i feel sexy when i wear it !!!

  • KAKA2212/26/2006

    I find myself in the little village of Odense. Wooden houses with early century heritage are celebrated amongst a backdrop of modern tramlines. The purple sun spares only a few more moments of majesty. In the corner of my eye, I spot a local fruit store. My six year old niece Mina steers us towards that cabin. At my feet I am greeted by beautiful lemon grass and black cardamon The little girl rushes to open the pallisander door and there is a lush explosion of patchouli. I take a little stroll the different sections, my attention switching multiple times between such exotics such as kalamansi and calabrain lemon. I immediately felt younger than my true years. We leave the store Mina, now exhausted from such exhilaration, rests her chin on my shoulders. Her hair smells of the aroma of amber from the store. The sun has now disappeared as she plucks away at her praline éclair. This is Paco Rabanna Black XS.

  • KAKA2212/21/2006

    I'd say this perfume is a more playful kind of scent that rates well with the ladies. Tonight was my first night wearing it out and i asked three different ladies (all aged in mid20s). They all liked it... I'd think this type of smell is more suited for evening wear... probably out at the clubs or something... For that crucial first dinner with a hot date I'd probably pick a more delicious Dunhill Desire over this... But this smell more unique and turns more heads for sure.

  • J12/01/2006

    Awesome fragrance Playful, clubbing scent, stil...very elegant, smooth in such a manner that girl only wants to go down on you, mates!

  • RYAN FROM CURACAO12/01/2006

    Definitely for the young and the young at heart. It's been a while that has been such a unique fragrance out there. The smell of the decade ! Cool rockin' website too.

  • SHANE11/14/2006

    i recently bought this cologne and i find it very pleasing and delicious.same catagory like dunhill desire red.yummmmmmmy. worth a try.soothing kinda smell and im sure women as well as men will love this one .

  • JASON09/26/2006

    It smells like cotton candy! I would say it's in the same realm as Angel for men. Very good.

  • ROB H.09/19/2006

    BOO-YAH!! Kinda like the original except more minty than salty and with some sweet fruitiness to it. Paco's best to date and awesome compliments from all!

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