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L'eau D'Issey Issey Miyake Image

Issey Miyake

L'eau D'Issey   

188 Reviews

Earth's most precious element, water, is the central theme of this fragrance. It represents purity, serenity, movement and vivacity by blending the sparkling qualities of water, with the warm undertones of the earth. L'Eau D'Issey is a pure floral with musky and woody tones. A very complex fragrance, the perfume is made up of wide range of flower more

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Earth's most precious element, water, is the central theme of this fragrance. It represents purity, serenity, movement and vivacity by blending the sparkling qualities of water, with the warm undertones of the earth. L'Eau D'Issey is a pure floral with musky and woody tones. A very complex fragrance, the perfume is made up of wide range of flower scents including lotus, cyclamen, freesia and carnations, white lilies, with hints of amber-seed musk.

  • NORMA01/28/2013

    I was bought this as a gift and actually liked it.....however it took me two years of thinking I had an hangover every weekend until I had one mid week and had not been near alcohol. Turned out it was the perfume. The minute I stopped wearing it my weekends became my own again. Prior to this revelation I spent most of them in a darkened room with a migraine!

  • JOANNE STOLL01/23/2013

    This is my favorite perfume! When I wear it, I always get compliments from men & women. It is light and stays on until I go to bed without overpowering. It is like a gentle fragrance that wafts by you as someone walks by and you wonder what that was that he or she was wearing!!!

  • VERONICA02/16/2012

    I am pleased with the perfume, although at first I did not think it smelt authentic. After a while the perfume came good.

  • DAISY LIGHTFOOT04/02/2011

    I spent 10 years in 1980s (the era of heavy cloying perfumes like Charlie) smelling all the airport dutyfree perfumes trying find something like fresh air in the garden after rain - and Eau D'Issey is it! (tho only the original classic! I can only think there must have been a fake or copycat batch if it smelled bad in any way.

  • LIN06/16/2010

    L'eau d Issey smelled like a giant moth ball soaked in a flowery, cheap perfume...On me, this stuff is acrid, sour, foul, & just plain unappealing! I'm glad it smells like heaven on some of you because it smells like hell on me!

  • JENNIFER01/02/2010

    I used to absolutely LOVE the body lotion in the light bue bottle - lasted all day and smelled great. Now, the packaging has changed to a white (generic looking) and the scent has definitely changed and does not last as long. What happened? I can't find the blue packaging for lotion anywhere and the Issey Miyake site says nothing about the change - why or what. Very sad - I have worn this scent for 10 years and got a compliment every time I wear it, but there is something different now.

  • NSGBOSS11/18/2009

    This truly stinks. If you like this then I think your olfactory nerve is damaged.

  • AMY04/12/2009

    i've put off on this perfume because of the high price tag. if anyone can recommend similair scents, i'm most gtateful.

  • NATALIE01/03/2009

    I bought the perfume just because I read a lot of positive reviews. The smell is horrible, smells like really cheap perfume. My husband didn't like it either. I like such perfume brands as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Lancome, Givenchy. Not every perfume from these brands I like, but just to give you an idea. Their perfume smell expensive. This perfume smells like cheap replica from .99 cents store.

  • CRISPY12/02/2008

    I loved it when I smelled it for the first time, but now I think it gives me a headache. I have EDP and even though I always get compliments when I wear other perfumes, no person seems to notice this one.

  • MANDY08/11/2008

    wow- there is something about this perfume that is soooo familiar, yet ive never owned it before! i just received a free sample with an order and it is an unexplainable scent most definantly... super clean, almost like a soapy/ hairspray/ almost manly smell... but in a very good way. not sure if i would really wear it everyday, not a scent that i would crave to wear, but something that is very unique and noticable.

  • PERFUMELOVA07/04/2008

    oh boy, lol not all that, reading these comments made me think ok, mabey but , just as ordinary as the rest of them... oldies are always best, save ur money..

  • SHAYLA06/06/2008

    i believe this is the basic perfume everyone should have. its perfect for absolutely anything, anywhere! you can't go wrong with this one..

  • HEIDI05/03/2008

    I liked this scent when I first sprayed this on at the department store but the more I smelled it the more it reminded me of the soap that I use to shower with. Or maybe even a nice laundry detergent scent.

  • AUDREY04/05/2008

    I used to like it, too. Then I tried wearing it again after not for several years. I don't know if mine went bad. I tried Versace (signature) today and I think it is similar without the yuck. I love it.

  • CATHY03/27/2008

    I read a rave review in a magazine somewhere about this perfume and it sounded so fantastic that I couldn't wait to test it for myself next time I was in a department store. I was SOOOOO disappointed and thought it was absolutely revolting! To me it smelt cheap and nasty and I couldn't understand how anybody in their right mind would like it! Foul and definitely best avoided.

  • BLONDIE02/14/2008

    I know exactly how you feel. I cannot wear either D&G Light Blue or Shalimar. I love the way they smell in the bottle but on me they are beyond horrible. Ditto for Chanel Allure which I love to smell on other people as well as Miss Dior Cherie and a host of others. I love Issey Miake and Beautiful Love. It's all about the body chemistry and the dry down.

  • BLONDIE02/14/2008

    I have one other favorite besides this and it is Estee Lauder's Beautiful Love. Not original Beautiful but the new one. It's not exactly like Issey, but the same uplifting mood. Agree with previous post that Escape is also a good alternative though it is a bit less complex and stronger. Good luck!

  • BRUNA09/23/2007

    Try Polo Sport Women, Ralph Lauren. For me, it has the same scent as L'eau D'Issey.

  • ASHLEY09/08/2007

    I know that this parfum has been around for a long time, but I still find it INTOXICATING and so do the MEN!

  • LAURINHA08/24/2007

    Debbie, I sugest you to try L'Eau par Kenzo, Escape and Halloween - good luck!

  • DEBBIE08/21/2007

    I've worn (and loved) this for years and recieved compliments from everyone around me. Recently it just stopped working for me. I've been told that my chemistry may have changed. Has this happened to anyone else? If I need to take a break from it, does anyone know of a scent that is simular to it?

  • DEWY MIST07/03/2007

    I used to be in love with this scent....literally. I still like it, but it's not the same I don't know why. I'm not sure if it's my nose or body chemistry. I still like it...still up there.

  • GINGER 05/13/2007

    Jan, I have about 80-90 perfumes/colognes that I have purchased, Please let me know what you like and maybe we can work out something! My BF goes crazy with this perfume! That makes me very very happy!!

  • BARBARA W05/13/2007

    ...that fragrances should complement your looks and personality, just like fashion. L'eau D'Issey is a pleasant scent, and while I would wear it occasionally, I don't think it suits me. Being an earthy brunette, it just isn't "me". I enjoy perfumes with a bit more depth and mystery. On the right woman, though, this would be wonderful.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI03/11/2007

    Superb daytime scent. I suppose like all cads, I've got a thing for ingenues? Or I'm a sucker for feminine tuberose notes. Whatever, Get her phone number! Intoxicating indeed.

  • ABRIL03/07/2007

    so beautiful smell in her skin.. really nice floral/aquatic, an unique atmosphere, so femenine, soft, lovely water is it...

  • JW02/10/2007

    I love L'eau D'Issey and always get compliments, but I know how dissappointed you can get when everyone raves about a scent and it bombs on your skin. With me it was D&G Light Blue and Shalimar. On me, the first smelled like bathroom cleanser and cat pee and the other was a cross between embers burning and baby powder. It's all in the body chemistry. I now buy samples and minatures to test fragrances and then decide.

  • SEXY KITTEN02/05/2007

    rub the area you sprayed the scent on with a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol...soap and water etc are useless...about the scent however, ...I'm a firm believer that most scents need to be matched to your personality, looks and clothing style...a girl I used to work with wore Issey and it suited her nicely...she is tall and willowy and wears classic style clothing...even though I think the scent is beautiful, it's too "thin" for my voluptuous features and sensually flamboyant style of dress...I do better with samsara, casmir or spelbound.

  • MAGIC_JAN02/03/2007

    I bought a miniature and tried it on,plus read a lot of review.thought I like it and dicided to buy a set that came with lotion.I sprayed one on my wrist,my husband said it was too strong.And I feel myself smell like steamed rice with unexplaination scent of cheap flower.anyone wanna trade with me is very very welcome.I will never use it again.very disappointed.

  • PERFUME NEWBIE01/27/2007

    This stuff is ghastly! Please do not buy it until you try it on your skin. My hubby told me he didn't think he could sleep in the same room as me because he could still smell it. I had showered twice! It smelt like lemon/ harsh citrus concentrate. So strong. Like I sprayed my wrists with Mr Muscle Lemon Power. And it wouldn't go away! Ugh. Yes, it's noticable, like how you would notice someone smelling like citrus cleaner but it in no way lives up to the rating of 4 1/2. It smells more like a men's cologne. Everyone avoided me.

  • VANESSA01/16/2007

    Purchase this scent in the eau de toilette. I have always stayed with it because I prefer the smell. This I believe is what most women buy in this fragrance. Again, if you like a fresh, clean almost aquatic smelling scent with a warm sexy undertone- go for the eau de toilette. Hope this helps.

  • R. SHRESTHA01/03/2007

    Are you my girlfriend? lol :) Those perfumes you mentioned are in her collection too. Harsh saying this, but L'eau D'Issey bores me these days though I used to love it on my girl. The thing with this perfume is that it's very popular with women and you smell it on women a lot of the time. I think women should generally wear this for outdoors/daytime events/activities (long drives, beach, etc.) and would go well paired with a white vest and jeans or just white outfits. Though I bet you will make great impression on other men, olfactory fatigue, that's what has happened to me with this particular perfume, I even grow out of my own favourites. Angel/Armani Code is what I like best on women. Girls, keep on smelling great, though you guys smell great naturally. ;)

  • LOOEEL12/15/2006

    I tried the mini EDT before i bought it. It smell amazingly nice on me. Somehow eventually i bought an EDP. I found it is really different with the one i wore before (EDT). The smell changed and no special than any other perfume. I'm so disappointed... Is it really the matter of EDT and EDP?

  • LULA-BELLE12/07/2006

    I own both the EDP and the EDT. At first spritz, I love the EDT and I just sort of "like" the EDP. However, after a few hours of wear (the EDP does last much longer) the EDP smells much better. I am in love with this fragrance (along with my other favorites: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle & Ralph Lauren Blue). I get SO many compliments!!! Men LOVE this!!!

  • AUDILIA12/01/2006

    i wear this perfume on special ocassion. this perfume is so great and sexy. combination of white lily is so me.. but this perfume is strong so i usually spray it once.. you shud wear it!!

  • JAIME-LYN!11/23/2006

    Whenever I wear this perfume I get so many compliments (especially from men). It smells very clean and fresh--but it is also a very sexy perfume. It gets you noticed, so if you're afraid of standing out I wouldn't recommend it.

  • ALISON REID11/21/2006

    Have been wearing it for ten years and it always draws compliments. The trick is not to splash it all over, but to tantalise - like any perfume!

  • BESS11/13/2006

    I love this fragrance. I also purchased the EDT and now I wonder is there a big difference? The EDT seems to be very long lasting and I noticed that almost everyone who uses this fragrance has EDT. Am I right ?

  • CHERYL 10/29/2006

    A friend of mine wears this and her boyfriend wears the mens version and before they even enter the room you can smell them coming it is so overpowering I feel like holding my nose when the walk up it just knocks you over. It is just an awful smell cloying and strong it is not appealing at all but they must think it is.

  • JAIME-LYN09/23/2006

    I bought a bottle for me and one for a friend today. I absolutely love this fragrance. The thing is, I purchased the EDT and didn't realize that I could get an EDP. The EDT seems to last long and smells amazing, but I wish I'd have gotten the other one--is there a big difference?

  • GREEKGIRL07/16/2006

    Hi there Miranda, I read somewhere that taking Vit.C helps improve the PH balance in your skin, therefore making perfumes last longer, and smell better, try it and see if it helps. See ya, Helen.

  • DIANE07/08/2006

    This gives me a headache! Cloying. It penetrates right into my head with some sharp notes. The scent itself is nice, but somehow when I wear it (even one spritz) it gives me a headache. There is something chemical about it.

  • MARE06/29/2006

    I seem to have exactly the same problem. It's very annoying. I am taking medications that I think may be causing this because I did not have this problem years before I took them. Everything wears off pretty quickly or does not get any compliments. I have to ask my doctor about this. If she knows the answer, I'll get back to you.

  • MARE06/29/2006

    it smells better in the bottle than on me. It takes a while for it to settle on me and smell pretty. I'm not sure I'd purchase again.

  • JANETHLU06/06/2006

    Not all perfumes smell pretty on everyone. Have you tried layering? Do you have a favorite body lotion or body cream that stays on you and that you know for a fact it works? If so, try to find scents along the lines of your body lotion and layer some little by little. I would suggest to start with something "airy/breezy". Citrus fragrances as well as fruity or too sweet will more often than not turn into pugnant smells that you can't get rid of. Hope that helps!

  • MIRANDA04/22/2006

    I love this perfume - on other people. My body chemistry seems to be very peculiar and perfumes that I think are absolutely wonderful on other people (e.g., L'Eau d'Issey; New West by Aramis; Happy to Be by Clinique) either get me no comments at all, or maybe funny looks and negative comments, even though I only use a single, small spritz of it. I can't even smell it on myself a few minutes after I've sprayed it on. Anyone else with this problem? If so, have you ever found anything that worked for you?

  • JULIA04/13/2006

    This Perfume is just disgusting: Too sweet by far, cloying, overpowering - instantly causing nausea. Moreover, the juice doesn't correspond with the abstract and clean design of the bottle: You'd expect a clean fresh scent - not this supersweet stuff.

  • BILLYE T04/10/2006

    I tried this because Vanessa (a good nose) recommended it and immediately fell in love! At first, I smelled it on a card and thought "so-so" but knowing I'm not made of paper I sprayed it on myself and WOW what a difference! I bought the big bottle. What can I can never be too rich, too thin or have too many perfumes. This one is a keeper!

  • JILL01/23/2006

    Issey Miyake is a wonderful attempt in the right direction, but it is too intense for me. Maybe too chemical. Just know that it makes me feel overpowered in an uncomfortble way.

  • VANESSA01/20/2006

    L'EAU D'ISSEY is a sexy fragrance, I have been wearing it for years and it is one of the best scents out there, but like so many other fragrances it truly depends on how it blends with your body chemistry. The scent on its own smelled from the bottle or on a tissue is nothing spectacular but on the body if it suits you it is really warm and sexy. Men love this scent, and I have had male co-workers, strangers, friends and boyfriends all tell me how great I smell, and afterall all this is why women where fragrance to appeal to the opposite sex. So I recommend trying it out to see how you like it and how others respond, if you don't receive a myriad of complements almost immediately from the opposite sex then this fragrance if not for you.

  • BROWNBOOTS01/11/2006

    wonderful, I rate this with Tiffany and the other top brands. People are all ways asking what perfume am I wearing.

  • TESSA T.12/29/2005

    Who ever says this perfume is any other than one of the best out there, is CRAZY. The men(and women), love this stuff. I can't wait till it get here!

  • ROSIE12/18/2005

    HI, since u like l'eau d'issey i'd recommend that u also try Dolce & gabbana light's a subtle fresh frag which won't give u a headache......let me know if u'll try it and if u liked it. :O)

  • HONEY12/14/2005

    I finished a bottle but I will not consider buying this again. It wasnt that bad but it's not a feminine scent.

  • MOLLY12/08/2005

    I bought this perfume a year ago after searching for quite a while. I get headaches easily from perfume, so it took me a long time to find one that would work. I loved the smell of this when I bought it, and I still do. I constantly receive compliments on it. In fact, I've never had anyone say they didn't like it. (Then again, I just put enough on that you can only smell it if you're close to me.) I'm trying to decide now if I want another perfume, but I can't find one I like this well. Anyone have suggestions?

  • STEFF12/02/2005

    For too too many years I wore the same perfume. A few months ago I was in Athens waiting for my flight to Amsterdam and ended up at the duty-free perfume shop. I decided to try perfumes and really liked this one but didn't buy it. By the time I got to Amsterdam I LOVED this fragrance and was glad to find it in the duty-free shop there too. I bought two!

  • TRANG11/29/2005

    It's interesting that there are so many opposite opinions on this perfume. I'm thinking of getting a bottle for myself, but still debating between EDP and EDT. It's strange that for L'eau D'Issey EDT seems to be more popular than EDP. Could anybody give me an advice? Thanks a lot.

  • ROXOLANA10/30/2005

    Too strong can be a good thing for some people. I found this scent nauseating. Sprayed on a test paper and put it in my jeans, after I threw paper out, the scent was following me. Not the scent for me.

  • LEE ANN09/07/2005

    This perfume gives me a headache and I need 2 Advils to get rid of it. Lucky for me I do not smell it around me. People I hang around with do not wear aquatic/marine scents. THANK GOD.

  • TUSSIE08/19/2005

    This is really one of the few scents I have to call 'horrible'! It is simply sweet - and nothing else. I cannot even stand to work in the same room with a woman wearing this stuff.

  • SISLEY08/12/2005

    Love the top notes, but the dry down was too reminiscent of cheap perfume. Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers to be exact. I bought this wanting something more complex and unique, not something that would end up smelling like a grocery store perfume. Not bad, but was expecting something... more.

  • BIGG SEXY08/08/2005

    I went to a reputable dept. store and allowed the sales person to talk me into this godly awful fragrance. One of my co-workers asked if I was wearing Cool Water and I definitely hate that fragrance so I know I shall be returing this fragrance as soon as possible.

  • LAURINHA07/26/2005

    If you like sweet melony fragrances, try Halloween - J. Del Pozzo. It's aquatic and sweet at the same time, not too strong, what makes it good to use in the summer and in the winter ;)

  • LAURINHA07/25/2005


  • KRIS07/06/2005

    Have you ever tried Petite Cherie by Annick Goutal. It is beautiful and smells like pears but I heard that it doesn't actually have pear. Anyhow, it is very fresh and lovely without being "fruity".

  • ANDREE 200307/03/2005

    You can try Eau d'Eden by Cacharel (not Eden but Eau d'Eden). It has a similar refreshing, aquatic quality...a transparent, fresh, non-offensive fragrance nice for spring/summer.

  • GARDENIANGEL07/02/2005

    Smells good, but I wouldn't buy it for myself. The chemistry just wasn't there between us. Maybe it will be for you! It's a peaceful scent, I'm looking for something more fresh & energetic.

  • LAURINHA06/23/2005

    Does anyone know others scents similar to L'eau D'issey? I love this and L'Eau par Kenzo, and I'd like to try anothers that smell as fresh, as aquatic, like melon/watermelon. Please, help me!!!

  • LASSIE06/03/2005

    please do the world a favor and do not, repeat, not wear something "sweet and melon-y" as in the hot summer it smells like a rotten cantaloupe in the trash and makes people ill. Thank you. Oh, L'eau d'Issey? Not at all melony, for which we can all be grateful. Sort of a sharp, flowery oceanic scent, not too sweet, but different. I like it but don't love it.

  • SEPHIA06/03/2005

    What's e difference between e L'Eau d'Issey Alcohol-free Summer Fragrance and the classic ones?? Pls help.. thank you.

  • ANDREE 2003.05/04/2005

    Something more: Oui-Lancome is a simple, non-complicated fragrance, nice for spring/summer. It is fruity/melony. I also like Lalique - Nilang, sweet, fruity & exotic, but not cloying.

  • ANDREE 200305/04/2005

    Mandy, this is not particularly fruity. L'Eau d'Issey is a typical aquatic fragrance, let's say aquatic-floral. It is transparent, not exactly sweet. If you'd like to try something fruity-sweet-melony, as you say, try new Paco Rabanne limited edition (for summer 2005.) Ultraviolet- Fluoressence...Or new J'Adore (C. Dior) summer fragrance (it is a sweet floral, not too heavy).

  • MANDY04/29/2005

    How does issey actually smells like?? is it slightly fuity? im looking for a perfume that is sweet n melony.. any recommends?

  • DERMOT N. DONOVAN04/21/2005

    It's a fine fragrance, no question about it, but the fantastic, gorgeous Issey Miyake Blue is much better!

  • BEBE03/07/2005

    here comes the ocean down by the sea. luxurious. lastiing life mid way day. delightful. smooth bottle. very nice

  • SUSI02/19/2005

    I know a lot of people wear this. I usually avoid popular department store/designer brands, opting for lesser known, independent boutique fragrances or specialty products from overseas. BUT Issey Miyake is too superb to pass up. It is an extremely complex fragrance; every time I spray it, I smell the "heavier," woodsier, musky elements first. But a second later, I start to understand all over again why it's classified as a summery, light scent. Can a fragrance be woodsy and musky while also light enough to please citrus and fruit types like me? L'Eau D'Issey is. Even if you thought you only like sweet smells, EI will surprise you I think. It is a very sophisticated scent for a younger or youthful (any age) woman. It smells best on your collarbone and nape of your neck after you have freshly washed your hair in the morning.

  • SUSANN02/15/2005

    Please tell me--- a base note is carnation. Can you pick out the carnation smell at all? I am looking for a perfume that is carnation smelling with a floral spicy scent. Anyone got any suggestions?

  • PERFUMELOVER02/08/2005

    Personally, this is the best perfume of all, smell very nice, very light, smell like flowers (roses + one more kind..sorry don't know the name), I received lot of comments from gentlements and ladies. People would ask me "what kind of perfume are you wearing?" I bought a 2nd botter, I would rate 10 out of 10

  • ANNIE MAY02/02/2005


  • KRIS01/31/2005

    Soothing Night is a very beautiful and need I say soothing fragrance. Many people think that it is just a toilette of L'Eau D'Issey but it is not. The fragrance is actually a little warmer and can be sprayed all over your body since it is a little moisturing but not an oil. I think that all the products are very complimentary to one another and that is why Issey is a good choice for a signature scent. I tried to wear Angel for a very short time (it just didn't work for me) and wore the oil to bed. My husband couldn't stand it! Anyhow, I feel so feminine when I wear Soothing Night and it even relaxes me.

  • MARY01/02/2005

    Okay, I re-tried it and found out that it is fine if I only use a very small amount. Otherwise it is too strong for me and gives me a headache. Conclusion is that I do like it and appreciate the clean smell it gives. Just need to be careful with the amount. It is strong!

  • MARY M12/29/2004

    I've heard Soothing Night is more pleasant and less cloying. They don't sell it here. Has anyone smelled it yet? If so, what are your opinions? Thanks!

  • GABY12/27/2004

    I always got complimented, when I was wearing it, long lasting, but not intoxicating....

  • MARY12/25/2004

    I wanted to like this one, but it gives me a headache. It smells weird on me. Watery notes dont seem to work with my body chemistry well. I like smoother more powdery scents better. I also tried Cool Water from Davidoff and had a similar effect. Too bad.

  • SHARRIE12/20/2004

    like touched by an angel. heavenly scent,enchanting. delicous a a red apple. wonderful. awesome.

  • DAWN12/07/2004

    I have used l'eau d'issey for 13 years and have never gotten as many continuous compliments. It smells wonderful and does not leave you!

  • SHARRIE12/06/2004

    an unusual precious scent, intoxicating, nice sleek bottle as the perfume is. makes me wat to put more and more on luv it

  • SISI11/22/2004

    i think this perfume is very beatuiful. maybe someone like it, someone don't. but anyway. i have used it since i was 16 and now i'm 22 now. i don't neede to say more

  • M&M11/21/2004

    Anyone tried the pure perfume? What is it like (I can't find testers for pure perfume)? I prefer EDP to EDT, and most of all I like alcohol-free summer editions. Transparent, light, refreshing and sensual!

  • CHILI-O10/16/2004

    My father-in-law said I could take any perfume from his not-so-secret stash today. I took L'Eau by Kenzo and Cool Water but saw L'Eau D'Issey there too. I put on Cool Water and was quite pleased. But then I read most of the comments here and doubted myself. So I just went back, snatched LD'I and sprayed it on. It is more sophisticated than CW or perhaps it's just 'the scent of a more mature woman' (say 30ish not golden age girl). I liked it when I smelled it from the bottle but on me it is so flowery it reminds me of a funeral home or something. It's not really a gardeny, fresh scent, it's more like flowers of death (not to be mistaken by dead flowers). I do like it though, it's not excellent but very good.

  • KRIS10/07/2004

    I had a friend who purchased this Christmas 2003. She kept spraying it on me because she loved it and she thought I should too. I hated everything about it!!! Well, I came across the summer scent and wore it all summer (I had to confess to her). It has a very slight watermelon smell and the bottle is beautiful. I now love the original and notice that it is slightly warmer. To me this is a great everyday scent and I only wish I would have discovered it before my friend so I wouldn't have to listen to her smug remarks! I also feel that this is so much more sophisticated and has much more class than Light Blue. Also, treat yourself to the bath and body line. They are some of the best!

  • MAX09/08/2004

    Spray it gently into the air and walk through it. Gorgeous. Clean sexy flowery sweet but not overpowering if you don't drown yourself in it.

  • JODIE09/02/2004

    This scent was great about 8 years ago; now everyone and their mother wears it...way too played out and boring.

  • SHANNON08/24/2004

    I really wanted to like this one because of the great bottle, and because I'm normally drawn to clean fresh scents. This fragrance just seemed really "odd" somehow - like it couldn't make up its mind. I had to toss the spray card sample I was given into the garbage, because I found the smell so unpleasant.

  • MARY08/18/2004

    my aunt bought me this perfume from france and i hate it. it gives me a headache.

  • MARIA08/05/2004

    wow !!! the best perfume ever for me ^.^

  • LIZ07/13/2004

    Irene, because of the cost, I only have one 1.6 bottle of EDT. One good spray on each shoulder is all I need -- by the end of the day I'm enjoying the drydown which is still fresh and watery, just softer and more luxurious. You will not be disappointed with the EDP. I agree with all the other compliments posted here, this is a work of art for the fragrance world.

  • PAULA06/30/2004

    Light and clean yet sexy and sophisticated at the same time. One of my all-time favorites!

  • PAZZO06/27/2004

    I love it.Very unique scent.Long lasting too.It smells so clean.Full marks in my book.

  • J8205/31/2004

    This is an absolutely wonderful fragrance; elegant, clean, sexy, fresh... just about a dream come true!

  • ANDREA :)05/24/2004

    I highly recommend you the new alcohol-free summer limited edition L'Eau d'Issey Summer Glimmer Fragrance. WONDERFUL! Notes: Lotus, Freesia, Cyclamen, Rose Water, Fresh Peonies, Carnation, White Lilies, Precious Woods, Osmanthus, Tuberose, Amberseed, Musk.

  • DM04/27/2004

    I find this to be below average. Super gaggy sweet, at least on me. Smells like straight honey suckle. I could not smell any middle, or top notes, just sweet honey suckle. It smells no better than any pharmacy perfume. In this price range I expect a lot more.

  • AG04/21/2004

    So, in my opinion Cool Water is rather a sweet-fruity-aquatic fragrance, a bit lemony, fresh and sweet at the same time. L'EauD'issey is much more a green-floral-aquatic. For those, who say that Issey is strong: I cannot understand why it is a problem. You need less fragrance on your skin so one bottle is enogh for a long time.(Spray only ONCE, if this helps not than also keep the bottle not so close to the body )

  • ALIX04/21/2004

    Cool Water is a Floral-Watery-Fruity fragrance ("fruity" here means terribly synthetic and cheap smelling, headache inducing fragrance). It changes its smell after 10 minutes of wearing it. L'Eau d'Issey is top-quality, unique, complexive, brilliant Aquatic-Floral (best quality white lotus)-Woody composition, fresh, transparent and natural. IMHO - they can't be compared. L'Eau d'Issey is top of the line (but of course - only if you like aquatic fragrances!!!) and Cool Water is just average. Plus - in L'Eau d'Issey line you can choose between EDT, EDP, pure perfume, or Soothing Night Fragrance with less alcohol content (of course you can wear it during the day, too), and there are alcohol-free versions for you can decide what version is best for your taste. I don't understand how can anyone recommend you Verry Irresistible-Givenchy if you are interested in aquatic (marine) fragrances!!! (I.e. I don't like Orientals and never wear them but I can't say that Opium or Coco are awful fragrances, so if somebody ask me what's better - Opium or Must de Cartier or Coco I wouldn't say: "Why wouldn't you try L'Eau d'Issey or Aqua de Gio?"). 10 stars to L'Eau d'Issey and to maestro Issey Miyake. Thank you for a wonderful fragrance!

  • IN CANADA04/20/2004

    i love the fresh aqua smell. please suggest others like this that aren't as musky

  • LINDA04/20/2004

    at first it was wierd but then it was wonderful

  • MILENA04/19/2004

    My opinion:They are NOT similar at all. Cool water is fresh, clean, almost like unisex, but still very feminie. This one-Issey-is very sweet, synthetic and heavy. It is "light" scent, but I don't like it. I recomand 212 (C. Herrera-not marine, but very light and nice), Boss (H.Boss), Acqua di gio ( Armani), Very irresistible (Givenchy-which is rosy&fresh-not marine)... And as I said this is only my opinion. Hope this helps!!!

  • CANDY04/17/2004

    Can someone tell me what's the difference between this perfume ( l'eau d'issey) and davidoff cool water. both are aquatic so what's the difference?

  • NAZI04/16/2004

    This perfume is REaLLY great, after trying to use other perfumes (versaceS, gucciS, very irresistible my givenchy, nude by bill blass,lolita lempicka,boucheronS)for a while I came to this conclusion that I LOVE this perfume and cant change it, I think I'll never give up wearing issey and coco mademoiselle by chanel , I dont care if they are old or used by many women..and I do agree that men go wild for this scent. and they really have the right too;)

  • ANN04/02/2004

    I have never worn this without getting a compliment from men and they always want to know what it is!!!

  • JEN03/26/2004

    I wore only Beautiful for years, and then decided to find a new sent...I've tried Sublime, Shi, Rapture, Anais Anais, and Beyond Paradise, but...L'eau D'Issey is the one that I have been searching for for years!

  • PAULINA03/19/2004

    Although I love fresh fragrances I don´t like it, it smells really strange and green.

  • JILL03/17/2004

    This was the fore-runner of a whole load of smell-alikes; so many other fragrances have been made which are similar. For those who generally found perfumes to be too heavy and obvious for their taste; this pioneer of light, watery fragrances must have been a god-send. Personally, I think it's a bit dreary and wishy-washy, but hey! now there's something to suit everybody.

  • BELLE03/16/2004

    I'm lovin' it! I prefer the EDP over the EDT. EDP's have more staying power. This scent is a gorgeous floral combined with musky, woody notes(which is good----don't want to smell like a flower garden). I wear this day or night. Highest compliments from me!

  • ELLIE02/20/2004

    i like this perfume when worn lightly

  • MELANIE02/03/2004

    This is my all time favorite, I get MANY compliments.

  • IRENE01/14/2004

    Hello, I really like this fragance. To me it is fresh and it gives an expensive sensation. I would like to know what is the difference between the EDP and the EDT. is the EDT (eau de toilette) very long-lasting? please, answer me.

  • MARTHA01/09/2004

    Really nasty!!

  • BONA01/04/2004

    I cannot understand the scent of this one. It's too strong and painful to my nose but smells good on clothes after a day. I won't recommend it though. Like the product description, it's complex ... your nose gets confused --- it smells good and bad at the same time. (that's the best I could describe the sensation I got the first time I sniffed it).

  • BRON12/19/2003

    I must confess I brought this on a time limit and was drawn to the awewome bottle....I probably wouldnt buy it again as the girls in the office kept asking me if i was wearing the "watermelon fragrance" again and that kinda put me off it.

  • MANDY K12/17/2003

    I am a huge fan of sweet, fresh, clean fragrances. This fragrance is exceptional. Crisp, clean, sweet & sparkling. It's been my favorite since first released in 1992.

  • MARY K.12/17/2003

    This seems to be a very popular fragrance, but I don't get it!! It is just not ME!! Not horribly nasty but not awe-inspiring either.

  • NOAH12/10/2003

    I have been worn Issey Miyake for almost 11 years now and still this perfume is by far the best i have smeeld for years! I love the aquartic notes and the soft woody notes! Nothing beats this!!

  • MILENA12/01/2003

    This is really horrible. I adore light scents but this is too much. It is sweet and heavy at the same time. I gave 3 stars to Glow by J.Lo. thinking that it is cheap and soapy, but if I compare it to L'eau... I think that I made a mistake. I got it last week and my first impression was-headache! I am happy because I gave it away.

  • FERN11/30/2003

    The scent of mermaids

  • SUE09/19/2003

    subtle, sweet,and magical on others weird and sharp on me:(

  • AMY L09/03/2003

    This stuff is a wonderful summer scent! Very unique.....I love it and so does my husband!!!

  • AG 200309/02/2003

    I can recommend the EDP. I had the EDT but the EDP is much better, soft, clean and aquatic (it is not so floral on my skin as most of you said). I like the summer's version Souffle d'Issey, too. Yet have to try the pure perfume (any opinions?). Thanks.

  • SUSAN07/09/2003

    what a lovely scent. it goes for all occassions. very refined. and the bottle is beautiful on the dresser... my kids smells like mommy...

  • ALEX06/24/2003

    One of my favorite perfume! Very nice from top to bottom note, nice and warm smell. Very elegant and soft. Can be used for casual or formal.

  • DEE06/10/2003

    do any of you hate l'eau d'issey and want to get rid of it? i am basically a broke student who loves this me at [email protected] and i will send you my addy and will pay for any shipping charges..

  • JANIE06/08/2003

    I really like this fragrance. It's one of my favorites.

  • KORI06/03/2003

    Am I the only one left in the world who is still using L'Eau d'Issey (there are not reviews for more than a month!) ?. Well, there are some news - there's a new summer alcohol-free scent: Souffle d'Issey, it is in a transparent blue bottle, but unfortunatelly it is not the same like the Sun Mist was. More floral, not so aquatic. So far, it seams that the Night Fragrance is the closest to the Sun Mist, lighter and softer than EDT or EDP. I think I'm going to use that for spring and summer hot days (not only for the nights). 3 stars for Souffle d'Issey, and 5 stars to the Night Fragrance. Hi!

  • KORI05/01/2003

    KBN, thanks for your answer... I just thought that they continue to produce Sun Mist, but if it is from old stock... I don't know (it was discontinued two years ago, I think, so isn't that stuff old?!). Thank you anyway. Maybe I'll email you if I change my mind. I saw the new summer version in a green bottle but I didn't like it much - it is too flowery, I liked this aquatic quality in L'Eau d'Issey and that was most obvious in Sun Mist. Thanks once again!!! :-)

  • KBN04/26/2003

    [email protected]

  • KBN04/26/2003


  • KORI04/18/2003

    Could you please tell me are those Sun Mists you purchased from old stocks or what? I think Sun Mist is discontinued...Someone suggested here that Soothing Night Fragrance is the same but it is not: Sun Mist was alcohol-free and Soothing Night Fragrance contains alcohol... Thanks!

  • NICO04/18/2003

    It reminds me of the soya green bug juice. Terrible.

  • KBN04/16/2003

    i recently purchased two sun mist and a lumieres and love them both... will use it in summer as i have said, edp is too strong for me in summer and i prefer to wear it in the winter... i have said the edp is oily but even the alcohol free versions seem to be on the "liquid soap side" in consistency, but still love it. have tried the pure parfum as well and adore it as well. i'm still an advocate for the original body products, the ingredients are richer... i have basically everything in the body product line, including the solid powder and oil bath beads. i have tried to post here where people can find sun mist and they won't post it... [email protected]

  • M04/16/2003

    I love this perfume, it's perfect for going out at night. I've gotten overwhelming compliments from many men I've been out on dates with about this perfume. Be careful though, a little goes a long way. With the price, that's a good thing.

  • KORI04/12/2003

    I've only used EDT and the discontinued Sun Mist (which was the best fragrance in this range). I've tried EDP today and it is sharp floral at first (more floral than aquatic) but has very clean, soft and nice drydown. I have to try it once again and then decide - I think it could be better than EDT. I'd like to try some body products... L'Eau d'Issey is a faboulous, special fragrance. I'm so sorry that Sun Mist was discontinued - this one was the best. I'd like to hear something about the pure perfume, too.

  • CAROLINE04/08/2003

    I want to like this fragrance. It brings back memories from the time when I was a flight attendant and a colleague of mine wore this. I got this as a gift because I told everyone how much I loved it, and now I hate it. It could be though, because I wore it within the fist few weeks of pregnancy when nausea set in, and now I can't stand it. I try it again and again but I can't get used to it. What a shame!

  • KATHY G.03/31/2003

    I know what you mean. I got some samples of this and tried it on. I didn't like it at all. It doesn't smell "fresh and clean" to me, like some posters said it is. It has a very dry, sharp aroma to me. It's not feminine, imho. But my boyfriend loves it on me. Go figure.

  • NIKI03/23/2003

    issey i rate ten out of ten, top of the range..... trust me im a person that gets sick of fragances two weeks max, issey changed that for me ... i just love it.......

  • NIKKI03/19/2003

    so glad i have !!!!!

  • YV03/19/2003

    I have to admit: this one has a very nice range of body products now. I've tried EDP recently but I can't say what is the difference between EDT and EDP. It seams that EDT is more longlasting on me - is it possible? But I've noticed the nice, soft and warm drydown of EDP. Could someone describe a pure perfume for me?

  • SLEEPER03/19/2003

    I love this stuff.... I can't help it. It is so fresh and clean smelling.

  • A MAN03/10/2003

    I don´t like it, the smell is too intoxicating and sharp. Almost gives me a headache. I can imagine some type of people might love it, but not me.

  • KBN02/21/2003

    i use both the body cream and the lotion but in the older version/packaging (tall flat bottles, with peach or black lids) land think they match the fragrance well. i happen to think they are more concentrated than the body products out now; they have changed the formula for the body cream three times. the oldest version you could actually feel the tiny grauals in the body cream and it had more parfum in it.

  • MAGGIE02/19/2003

    I have tried for a long time to like this scent. I bought it a couple of years ago and ended up giving the products to my neighbor. However, the have reformulated their body products and the body creme is wonderful. I use the reformulated shower gel as well and these with the Eau de Parfum (which by the way is very different than the Eau de Toillette in this line!) is beautiful. It is light, fresh and gives me a happy feeling! Give it another try with this combo!!

  • KRISTINA02/13/2003

    I don't know about other body products, but body lotion is nothing special (not worth of money) and spray deodorant is pretty bad and non-effective. Maybe I should try body cream or something else. I would like to see some more posts about the pure pefume because I can't find it in tester... 3 stars are for those body products, the scent itself is for 5 stars.

  • DEBRA B02/11/2003

    Amid all the raves and rants re: L'eau d'Issey, i don't find any mention of the fabulous moisturizers and shower cream offered. A word of caution, though: the body products don't match the scent of the perfume. They "go with" and complement, but are not the same. Just like, as several people mentioned, the EDT, EDP and parfum smell really different. The parfum is my favorite -- you get the warm drydown without so much heavy lily up front.

  • SUN MIST LOVER02/03/2003

    I adored L'Eau D'Issey Sun Mist (alcohol-free fragrance for summer, it was in a light blue box) which is - as far as I know - now discontinued. It was just perfect, the most fabulous fragrance for summer EVER!!! (but I used it sometimes in other seasons,too). It was much better than EDT or EDP (which is, by the way, incredibly oily - I don't know why!!!???). Other alcohol-free versions, i.e. last summer's limited edition "Lumieres D'Issey" can't be compared with my favorite discontinued Sun Mist, so soft, tender, sexy and refreshing, like light summer breeze (and men adored that, too, believe me!). So - I'm so dissapointed that for the first time after almost ten years I'm not going to purchase L'Eau D'Issey any more. I have to find something else. 5 stars for Sun Mist, 4 stars for EDT, 3 stars for oily EDP (does it leave stains on the clothes?) - haven't tried the pure perfume.

  • LIZZIE01/17/2003

    Very airy, fresh and energetic, then floral. Pure, elegant in its simplicity, optimistic. Modern. All of this makes it a good office choice. I happen not to like it very much: despite all the white flowers, somehow it reminds me of modern architecture.

  • ANITA01/10/2003

    Strong but smells great.

  • SYLVIA000101/07/2003

    Very exiot warm sensual scent. Have had many approach me to get a whisp of what perfume I am wearing. The comment mostly from men is how sensual I make them feel..

  • KATHY G.01/05/2003

    I tried one of my samples of the L'Eau D'Issey today. I was very lukewarm towards it. It wasn't offensive, but it didn't thrill me, either. It was just too "nothing" for my taste. I like to enjoy the fragrance I'm wearing, and this one didn't cut it. HOWEVER, my boyfriend *did* like this one. I have one more sample spray vial of it, and I'll wear it for him again, but after that, it's over with this perfume. This isn't a scent that I'd spend my hard earned money on. The fragrances I do own, love, and wear are: Angel ( original and Innocent), Lolita Lempicka, Marc Jacobs, Coco Mademoiselle, Wrappings, Hanae Mori, Pheromone, Tova and Tova Nights.

  • KAIA01/04/2003

    can anybody say what is the difference between eau de perfume and eau de toilette? is it only about the scent stregth. it seems there are 2 different scents :)

  • KBN01/03/2003

    Issey is my favorite fragrance. I see most people here saying they prefer to wear Issey in the Summer, but I only wear the EDP which I find to be heavy and on the oily side (EDP has more parfum oil than eau de toilette) , so I tend to wear Issey in the Winter. I've actually even gotten a irritation/rash from it on my neck in the Summer (likely due to the oil content and body perspiration) . My choice for the Winter, but my choice overall...

  • MALLE01/03/2003

    This fragrance is by far the most fab scent that has been on the market for years!! It's like they have put summer in the bottle!! I have been used for 11 years (since 92 when i was realesed!) and it's by far my signature scent! Like alot have been said,it is not a cheap scent and yes it does not smell good on everyone-it depends on your skin type...first time i bought a bottle was in Italy and my friend bought it 2-it smelld lovely on me,like if u sniff it on the bottle but on my friend it was horriable! So i don't always recomend this perfume for everyone,but if someone ask me what i'm wearing i say it but do warning them,that it can smell different! I mostly also only use this in spring/summer...but spitz it on even now and then in the winter just to remember summer :)!! I have 2 agree with someone that the only summer version that i liked 2 is the light blue with some yellow...i thought the other ones wasn't me! By the way,the night scent is lovely 2! And yes,many use L'eau D' what? It's adorable.......and those men i have been dating had love it aswell!! So go on buy it,if u are into aquatic scents and got headaces on the powdery ones...but then again different tastes!! Sorry about my crappy spelling...i am from Denmark...

  • MIKE01/02/2003

    When i catch a whiff,i feel like i'm a spring chicken again, with a crush on my second grade teacher. YIPPIE!!!

  • SAD BABY (HAPPY NOW!)12/13/2002

    YESSS!!!! Finally the answer for me! Thank you a lot, Beachgurlee! Yes, I've seen the new range - fragrance for night etc. but I didn't know it was alcohol free. Now I'm satisfied - maybe this could replace my favorite alcohol free fragrance (for summer). And I'm going to try new body products. Yes, I've been using only EDT, never EDP or the perfume, but now after reading your message I'm going to try EVERYTHING! Thank you!!! :-) I'd like to see some more reviews about EDP and the pure perfume... Sorry for my english. Bye!!!

  • BEACHGURLEE12/10/2002

    that alcohol free fragrance was a limited summer fragrance they put out, but the new night fragrance is also alcohol free and light...available at Nordstrom and will be in most stores in Jan. It isn't for everyone..but it is a classy perfume. If you've only ever used the toilette, try the EDP or perfume, warmer and more sensual..use it in the winter...and try the new reformulated bath products...yummy....

  • CYNTHIA12/07/2002

    Clean and fresh. Would wear this any time, any season. Wonderful.

  • MEGAN MARSTON11/24/2002

    I love to wear this perfume in the spring and summertime. I think it kind of smells like CK's Eternity but it is not as strong or offensive. The freesia in it is a refreshing smell. This is definitely not a winter perfume. This scent lasts all day and doesn't wear off. However, I do try to spray it lightly. A little goes a long way!

  • SHANA 11/22/2002

    Issey is one of the sexist frangrances I own. It's not to strong. I last all day, so there is no need to put more on. Also it is very appealing to men.

  • SHANA 11/22/2002

    Issey is one of the sexist frangrances I own. It's not to strong. I last all day, so there is no need to put more on. Also it is very appealing to men.

  • TAMAR11/12/2002

    The best way I can describe this stuff is to say that it smells like rotten cucumber or some other rotten vegetable. Please someone steel it from my sister!!! You might like it but it is certainly not my cup of tea.

  • DEE JOH11/07/2002

    This fragrance wasn't very inviting. To think...I almost bought this thinking that it just HAD to be wonderful because so many people loved it. I found it to be too sharp and strong. Not feminine enough.

  • Z11/07/2002

    this perfume makes me nauseous and gives me a headache

  • VI.G.10/30/2002

    I'm interested in the same question like Eva in the previous message. How do you like EDT and EDP, what is better? And one more question: anyone tried pure perfume? THANK YOU!

  • EVA10/23/2002

    does anyone know the difference between EDT and EDP other than the yellow flower in the EDP??

  • FF10/23/2002

    Still, after many years of searching, haven't find anything better for summer. But I didn't like this summer's limited edition "Lumieres D'Issey" without alcohol. The old one (light blue) was excellent, I don't understand why was it discontinued!!! I use EDT but I have to try EDP, too.

  • ERICA 10/22/2002

    I absolutely love this fragrance! It is so fresh and soft. I've been sniffing my arm all day!

  • LISA10/15/2002

    this is my favorite. i get compliments on it all the time, every perfume smells different on every person

  • SPONGEBOB10/04/2002

    This smells syrupy sweet. Wear this and you will have a swarm of bees following you everywhere. Overload on the fruit and flowers.

  • LIZZY10/02/2002

    Really, really nice

  • AMY08/23/2002

    I really love this one. My husband came home talking about this perfume he had smelled on a co-worker. I bought it without even smelling it (he rarely mentions any fragrance that he likes so I took advantage of this). I fell in love with it immediately. I liked it so much I had to buy the lotion too. It is very aquatic, fresh, clean and slightly floral.

  • LUCIA07/07/2002

    I got for a present new "Lumieres d'Issey" EDT alcohol-free and I like it a lot. It is soft, and just a little bit sweet, very nice. But it is not very long-lasting, :-(. Anybody knows is it only a limited edition or is it a new version of a perfume?

  • SAD BABY06/27/2002

    Please help! Anybody knows if L'eau D'Iseey without alcohol (it was in light blue box and light blue transparent bottle) still exists!!?? I used it in summer, because it was - as I said - alcohol-free and softer than EDT (very tender scent, absolutely wonderfull). I saw new alcohol-free version "Lumieres D'Issey" (it is in red bottle and box) but the smell is quite different (sweet with some pepper or something like that). I'm crazy about this light blue alcohol-free version, anybody knows where can I find it? THANKS A LOT!!!!!

  • DIANE06/10/2002

    This is the best ever fragrence for me. It's fresh and clean aroma last and is pleasent to most people and creates an atmosphere of happy contentment.

  • MS.CORRECT06/10/2002

    Politically correct perfume? Ha-ha. In which country? I didn't know Issey Miyake was a politician. But, most important of all - this stuff is correct for my skin and for my nose (and for my sense of well-being).

  • PERFUME JUNKIE06/09/2002

    but this one does nothing for me. It's one of those politically correct new scents that cost a lot and don't smell at all. A total rip-off. Or maybe it's just not for me.

  • NICOLE06/05/2002

    I just discovered Eau D'Issey this year but have been using "Eau de Rochas" for 20 years in the summer. It is neither cheap or trendy. It was created in 1970. It is citrusy mixed with a soft flowery scent. Very fresh and not expensive, price is below average. I even use it after my shower at night when it's humid. Of course, it is not as lasting as Eau D'Issey but if you spray it 3 times, it will last a good part of the day. Besides that one, I have to say there is no other summer scent that attracted me. Some I found were unbearable.

  • I.T.06/03/2002

    The summer is here and I'm really desperate about perfumes. I suppose this will be the tenth summer I'll wear L'eau D'Issey. Simply can't find another nice, fresh, long-lasting scent that not seems "cheap" and just "trendy" (for 15 years old)... So, I'll wear L'eau D'Issey again...Any help or suggestions, girls?

  • NICOLE05/30/2002

    I tried Eau de Parfum in a store. It is fabulous! I prefer it to Eau de Toilette. The saleslady told me the difference in EDP is that there are yellow flowers. It gives nice surprises after a few hours. It's great for the summer. I bought a bottle the same day.

  • ILIKEISSEY05/04/2002

    I completely agree with Bobbi. Polo Sport Woman and L'eau D'Issey has some similarity (light, fresh, aquatic, melony fragrances), and I like both, too... Both are very fresh and nice for hot weather. (L'eau D'Issey is a bit better, of course). I've just purchased my new bottle of L'eau D'Issey for the summer (and their body lotion - it's great!!!), and thank you Bobbi for reminding me - I think I'm going to buy Polo Sport, too... So, the heat can start!!! CIAO,Bobbi!!!:):)

  • BOBBI05/01/2002

    After reading your post I tested out my bottles of Polo Sport versus L'eau D'Issey and I must say that they do indeed smell VERY similar. But unlike you, I happen to like the similarity and think that they are both pretty scents

  • JAN04/23/2002

    Is it me or does this smell almost exactly like Polo Sport---this is not a good thing btw

  • NICOLE04/17/2002

    Great for the summer!! That's what I will use alternatively with Eau de Rochas. These are my two summer scents. I find that Eau D'Issey lifts the spirit, gives you the feeling you're in the ocean. It is outstanding. I don't care if everybody has it, I like to have it too...

  • AVG04/11/2002

    Yes, it's very popular and *everybody* knows for it, but I don't care. I don't want to be *original and unique* with some stupid, low-quality fragrance. I use L'eau D'Issey since 1992. (mostly in summer and in hot weather). I haven't find fresh, transparent summer fragrance that I enjoy so much like L'eau D'Issey. I'm going to buy it for next summer again, and I like the body range, too. Absolutely my favorite, a wonderful, great fragrance!!!!!

  • AVG04/07/2002

    YES, EVERYBODY HAS IT, EVERYBODY KNOWS IT... And I'm going to have it AGAIN this summer - it's marvellous, THE BEST for summer!!!!! I just can't wear anything else in summer, can't stand any other perfume!!!!!

  • CARLA04/01/2002

    weird smell

  • FANI03/20/2002

    Absolutely perfect for me and on everyone else I smelled it. Only problem is that I don't know a single woman who doesn't own it, so there is no chance that someone will ask you what you're wearing because they all know.

  • ISSEY ON HIS BEST!!!02/26/2002

    I really love this perfume! It's the best next to j'adore by CD. It's so fresh and luminous, that everytime I wear it, somebody would always ask me what I'm wearing! I can recommand this perfume for both youth and more mature women, because it matches everybody!!!

  • MICHELLE K.02/21/2002

    This is okay. I bought a purse size to try it out and it's too citrusy for me.

  • AIDA02/13/2002

    Maybe you have some other problems that make you think about can't be L'Eau D'Issey! L'Eau D'Issey can make you think about sunny day, summer,sea breeze... CHEER UP!

  • FELECIA02/13/2002

    I bought my first bottle in 1998 in Boise Idaho at The Bon Marche'. If they sell it there, you can get it just about anywhere!!

  • JUDY02/09/2002

    it is good,but it reminds a little bit me of a funeral,dont know

  • JEERIE02/07/2002

    Today I wore L'eau D'Issey for the first time in several weeks. The first encounter of the day involved a man stopping me on my way to work as I was crossing the street who asked if I was wearing Issey Miyake. I told him "Yes," and he said, "Ahhh." The second episode was at work. I walked in, began conversing with two co-workers, one male, one female when the male co-worker asked, "Ok, who's wearing Issey Miyake?" I said, "I am." He said, "My ex-girlfriend used to wear that...but don't worry, it's a great scent." Encounter three of the day involved another co-worker who I was helping move a computer. She said to me suddenly, "What ARE you wearing??" I said, "Issey Miyake." She said, "That is one of the most lovely perfumes I've ever smelled before." Encounter Four, yes, of TODAY! I was at a formal dinner this evening when I got up to say hello to an acquaintance at another table. We had a little bit of small talk and then she said to me, "That is a GREAT scent you're wearing! What is it?" I said, "Issey Miyake!" with an enormous grin! She likely had no idea what stemmed the grin! This is a powerful one, ladies!

  • JEERIE02/07/2002

    Men go wild over this one. In fact, I recently had a man I had known only one week say to me that if I continued to wear L'eau D'Issey that he was going to have to marry me. I quickly moved to Canada 'cause I wasn't about to part with this winner perfume! This scent has a very sensual quality with a sophisticated, yet playful edge. I love it, my roommate loves it, and several of my friends have recently purchased it as well after asking what we were wearing! It's hit the top of my perfume list!

  • MICHAEL02/03/2002

    my ex wore it; she was chinese living in london at the time. it is definately first class and suited her beautifully. i recently purchased the men's version and i enjoy it. i didnt intend for it to remind me of her but i cant help it. fabulous.

  • SOPHIA01/25/2002

    i loved it on my friend, so she gave it to me for my birthday. i wish i could wear it, but it gives me a headache. never happened to me before with other perfumes. bumer s

  • CHARYL01/18/2002

    Pure Romance, I love it,I discovered it on a cruise. It's by far the best.

  • ELODIE01/07/2002

    EVERYONE wears it? I don't think so. It seems to me that everyone else wear Gucci-Rush,and these kind of agressive stuff. That's popular today. L'Eau D'Issey is *first class*.

  • ANOTHER SUSAN01/02/2002

    I have to agree with the ladies who say "What is the big deal with this one?" I found it boring, nothing special about it at all, and I did receive compliments, however I do wear fragrance to please myself. I didn't like the fact that everyone was wearing it, it got to be too much...

  • LIANE12/31/2001

    This is my fave fragrance. An ex bought it for me. The perfume has lasted, but he hasn't! It's light & fresh, not overpowering at all. You'll like it!

  • LATY12/30/2001

    Rate: 5 out of 5 :)

  • LATY12/30/2001

    It is melony, aquatic (marine?), transparent, fresh, and definitely does not stink!

  • V.V.12/28/2001

    No, you're not selfish, Zekiye, you are right. That's the wish of every woman: to be unique, original and have her own, special perfume. But... Eau D'Issey is really so good, and what can we do - so many woman like it. Congratulations to Mr. Issey Miyake! Happy New Year!

  • ZEKIYE12/26/2001

    I am being selfish :)

  • V.V.12/24/2001

    Zekiye, you're right - like you I'm not very happy about the thing that so many people wear L'eau D'Issey! But I can't help it - I LOVE it, and feel so good when I wear it. I always buy it for summer ( I don't wear it now in winter when it is so cold). So many people love it and buy it (and it is not cheap) - so, it speaks something about this fragrance. It is unique and beautiful. So,we have to share this experience with so many other women - we can't have everything!

  • ZEKIYE12/23/2001

    whenever I go into Sephora, it is always ranked as the best selling perfume. Call me a snob but I really don't want to wear something everyone else is wearing. Other than that, I think it is a very fresh and sensual product at the same time. I don't know what Aimee was thinking when she wrote "melony stink". She may not like it but it definitely does not "stink". Certainly, not like some "angelic" perfumes who shall go nameless!

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Melony stink.

  • MELISSA12/13/2001

    can you refill tahe 3.4 oz bottle of issey? thanks

  • STEPHANIE12/09/2001

    I have trouble finding it, thanks for carrying it on this website

  • MELISA M.12/05/2001

    First time I tried this perfume back in Europe, I fell in love with. I had to buy it right away, no matter what!! I love it, and I hope whoever gets one, enjoy it! Men go crazy about this one:))

  • JEN11/27/2001

    I recently went on ebay and purchased a set of Issey sample sprays. When I put it on I couldn't place the scent...until I read through the messages was a hint of Sunflowers...toned down...not as in your face or as overwhelming...I love it! My new favorite... I've been in the market for a new scent and Issey is it...Thanks!

  • SAMANTHA11/25/2001

    I thought of one more that was not mentioned: "L' Eau Par Kenzo by Kenzo".

  • VANESSA11/25/2001

    Very fresh modern scent. It's not a sexy perfume but I like wearing it to interviews and business meetings. It wakes me up in the mornings

  • TRUEBLUE11/23/2001

    Jen, I want to add something to Kelly's message: among all this Marine-Aquatic fragrances L'Eau D'Issey is absolutely the best.It is so clean and fresh, in the same time luxuriuous and sensual. High-quality, classy fragrance, not the cheap one. And the body and bath range is very nice. There's no better summer fragrance for me, but I wear it sometimes in winter, too. When I'm down or tired, it *lifts my spirit*.

  • KELLI11/21/2001

    Jen, you're right. L'Eau D'Issey is classified as a "Marine/Aquatic" fragrance. Similar fragrances would include: Kenzo D'Ete, Aquaflore by Herrera, Acqua di Gio by Armani, Ocean Dream by Giorgio Beverly Hills, Charlie White, or perhaps Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden. Hope that helps you.

  • ASCHROEDER11/13/2001

    I purchased this perfume in Paris, and have had so many compliments on it. I had never heard of it before, but I swear by it now. I am so impressed by the subtle scent. It is a slight mixture of floral and citrus. One of my students said that it smells like bottled sunshine.

  • JEN11/12/2001

    Could someone compare the scent to another, so I can determine if it's worth checking out? I have read in the magazines that it is 'sharp and aquatic'???

  • SUSAN10/18/2001

    I tried this once. My sister swears by this perfume...she wears it ALL the time. I mean even to BED! So when I picked up a bottle of it for her one day I sprayed a bit on my wrist to see if my husband would react...and BOY DID HE! I found that he HATED the scent on me...I'll be sure to stay away from it because of that encounter...I'm sure it was mostly because it didn't match my chemistry. However I will say that everyone I've ever met who wears it...they all enjoy the scent and it does smell rather nice on them.

  • ANDREA10/05/2001

    Ha-ha, Deb! Are you out of your mind?

  • DEB10/04/2001

    I dont see what all the hype is about. Its just another floral

  • V09/24/2001

    This is real! I simply love it! I enjoy the compliments when I step in a room. I like to turn heads.

  • VIKI09/17/2001

    Maybe it was a trend 5, 6, 7 years ago, but L'eau D'Issey is today deffinitely a (great) CLASSIC. I adore it, especialy alcohol-free version (Sun Mist) that is very hard to find. It's so refreshing, tender, uplifting. When I'm tired and put it on I immediatelly feel better. I ADORE IT, I LOVE IT. I also love creator Issey Miyake, think he's very brilliant and special men.

  • KATHY09/14/2001

    Sue- Candy is from Wisconsin --- The cheese state!!!!!!! Get it. It's humor! K-

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    I agree with Karina. Although I think L' Eau D'Issey smells really great (very fresh and clean), it is far too trendy these days. Practically everyone I know has a bottle of it! There are so many other unique fragrances out there that have more personality than this one.

  • KARINA07/19/2001

    I don't think you guys got the humor, or the truth, in Candy's comment about this fragrance! The fragrance itself is not offensive,exactly, but come on, everyone and her mother wears it! Here in New York, it's impossible to walk down the street and not catch a whiff of it. It's overused, cliched, and not at all a personal scent-thus, it's "cheesy".Basically, it's become too popular, especially with the wannabe- fashionista set. With all of the truly original and interesting fragrances available, why wear something so trendy and generic and smell like the flavor of the month?!

  • COOL07/04/2001

    Is this the real issy?

  • SUSAN07/03/2001

    I am taken with the leau d Issay---every time I have tried it, I receive numerous comments on the fragrance. I am partial to oils, so if you know of any way to get them, PLEASE let me know--thanks, Susan

  • LOLA06/28/2001

    where can i get some? i live in thev armpit of america beaumont, texass

  • COURTNEY05/20/2001

    This fragrance is beautiful, and very classy! It is my favorite perfume ever. I don't understand how anyone could NOT like this fragrance. It's so light, refreshing and clean smelling. I don't think I could ever get tired of it.

  • JUDY SABHA05/15/2001

    I remember the Oil they had. My husband gave me it when he came back home from a visit to his parents in the UAE(middle East). They have the Oils that you can buy. I LOVE THE SCENT. EVERYONE ASK'S ME WHAT IT IS AND THAT THEY JUST LOVE THE SCENT ALSO.

  • ISSEY05/07/2001

    I love this scent. I use to have it in a pocket size bottle in pure perfum oil so that I could put it in my handbag, but they dont seem to sell it anymore. I am referring to those that are 100 percent alcohol free full metalic silver bottle. Does anyone knows where to get it? Currently, they only sell the pocket size with alcohol content in full metalic chrome bottle.

  • JANE04/22/2001

    It has such a fresh water scent. It reminds me of the ocean. I'm working on my third bottle of it!

  • RACHEL LYNCH03/20/2001

    This is an amazing perfume v. attractive

  • SUE01/23/2001

    well with a name like candy how much class do you expect, she must be very bored to be reading about a fragrance she hates, Probab;y love Tabu or works ata club by that name ...

  • SUE ORLANDO FLA 01/23/2001

    anyone needing it will be glad to get it and ship to you it is in lorda a taylor and high class stores

  • SUE01/23/2001

    I frist started wearing this prior toit even being sold in us, I bought it in St. Martin Island in Lower carribean, it is french ,they have deodroant and alot of fragrances not yet in U S and sets and things on sale we never have sale on perfume here, some is 40% off worth the trip to get all the makeup and fragrances cheap, give for holidays and birthdas, I own time share and shop when Ii go ...Love all the stores with nothing but perfumes sue

  • ANNA01/17/2001

    Does your comment imply that you go shopping for your perfume in the grocery store next to the cheese? that's pretty sad because this is a beautiful scent!

  • DEBRA01/11/2001

    Hey, Candy. If you dislike it so much, I'll buy it from you! Write back.

  • CANDY12/21/2000

    You can find it next to the cheese aisle at your local grocery.

  • MARY LOU DESOTELL11/21/2000

    Would like to know where you can find this in Green Bay,WI.

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