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Proctor & Gamble

Old Spice   

26 Reviews

6.3 oz Aftershave Splash (Classic)
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  • JKW12/10/2012

    The closest thiong to the Old-Old Spice is Envy by Gucci, but it's been discontinued. It was a very refined 'Old Spice'. JAVIER RONCAGLIOLO

  • RICK STONE05/14/2012

    This stuff they call classic is not even close to the real Old Spice I remember it is not even close it does't smell at all like the Old Spice of old get that sent back & then you can call it CLASSIC.Oh Ya remember Real Men Only Put On Real Original Sent Old Spice in the glass bottle with the big clipper ship on it that is how you could sell & call it CLASSIC thank you .

  • JOHN CHARLES05/13/2011

    it is available at wal-mart, k-mart,fred meyer, target and bi-mart.

  • TIM03/20/2011


  • JAVIER RONCAGLIOLO/ ZIP 91356 CA.11/17/2010

    I used to use this cologne in the 70s. It was very good parfum for men. I am trying to get it again, but I can find it, If somebody know where I can find it. Please let me know


    this is a timeless scent. When used on the right man, with just the right amount in the right places, it is marvelous. Like the once cheesy but true slogan, "It's how you use it!"

  • 70'S CHICK04/29/2009

    My college boyfriend wore this fragrance in the 70's and no other men's cologne has ever taken its place for me!! Has anyone else ever heard of it besides me?? I've searched everywhere!!

  • BUTLER GORE, JR.07/18/2008

    I used Old Spice Cologne for 35 years, but can't find it now. Can you help me find this cologne?

  • HERB06/26/2008

    I loved old spice musk, but they no longer make this fragrance and as for old spice original its so-so.

  • AIME CASAVANT12/09/2006

    Its not Ultimo but it is a good one. Have always kept some on hand through the years - I'm58. I have never heard a negative comment. Unlike Ultimo, I have been asked what the cologne is that I'm wearing, but Old Spice is so recognizable, other people know it instantly

  • STEVE10/09/2006

    It just goes to show how differently people can perceive soemething like a smell. To some it smells like rotting pie and to others its smells like Elysian Fields. I'm anything but stodgy, but throw me in with the Elysian Fields crowd. I only wish they had it in stock.

  • CHAD E WILLOUGHBY06/10/2006

    Old spice cologne is for a mans man. I have tried polo, Givenchy, and several other expensive brands. Old spice is better, cheaper, and much more refreshing. Old spice cologne is what seperates the men from the boys. If you want to smell great, don't hesitate. Go to Walmart and immediately stop smelling like a fart. Old spice cologne rocks.

  • NICOLE05/11/2006

    Not an offensive sent but not a overlty delicious one either. Like many colognes, it comes out strong from the bottle but dries on the skin to smell quite nice. Yes, it is pretty spicy but not in a bad way.

  • SNIFFER02/26/2006

    wouldn't reccomend the original stuff, but I notice plenty of guys wear the old spice deoderant, and it smells pretty good. *sniff*

  • DAVE LIVESEY02/09/2006

    It has a reputation of been of yesterdays fragrance, something gramps would wear, but gramps had taste, its not the best smell in the world but it smells fresh and clean and what the hell is wrong with that? Its ok, i wear Eau Sauvage one day old spice the next, both get good comments.

  • BILL01/31/2006

    I grew up wearing obsession,aramis,eternity, etc.. hey it was the 80's! Anyways, I started wearing Old spice aftershave a few years ago and it will always have a place in my scent collection. I wear the aftershave, apply as much as you want, it never overpowers as long as you use the aftershave not the cologne. Thats the secret the aftershave! Dont be conned into thinking you need to spend 50 bucks or more to get a good scent. I have meet many guys my age (30's) that wear old spice and most women i know love it.

  • LASSIE01/25/2006

    (sigh..) The smell of Everybody's Dad from the 1930's through the 1960's. If that floats your boat, go for it. If you wonder what it smells like, just look in the cupboard under the bathroom sink of any man 40 or older, there is bound to be a bottle of this in some form or other, an unused gift from Christmases gone by.

  • SAEF11/15/2005

    My Dad always had this for Christmas gift sets and when we opened the bottle we thought it was the way Dad smelled in those days, before Eau Savage and ZIZANINE, and PAUL SABASTIAN.THose were the good old days.

  • LALA10/11/2005

    I disagree that it smells like "12 year old boys". The smell reminds me of my father and my older brothers. Its a pleasant classic smell. Not a cover up.

  • SCHMOOPIE07/30/2005

    Smells like rotting apple pie (usually covering body odor.) It's just plain nasty, and is usually worn (by the gallon) by 12 year old boys who'd rather douse themselves with cheap scents than bathe! ICK

  • FRIEND07/19/2005

    This is the epitome of bad!! Smells like uncle lou coming home from the barber shop!

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