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Estee Lauder


21 Reviews

Warm, Luminous, Feminine. A modern new definition of sensuality. Confident and elegant. A rich core of molten woods and amber, surrounded by atmospheric florals, warmed by a hint of pepper and a touch of honey. Estee Lauder Sensuous. Every woman wears it her way.

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Warm, Luminous, Feminine. A modern new definition of sensuality. Confident and elegant. A rich core of molten woods and amber, surrounded by atmospheric florals, warmed by a hint of pepper and a touch of honey. Estee Lauder Sensuous. Every woman wears it her way.

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  • ARIE02/23/2013

    A mild perfume, with a woodsy aroma, that lasts throughout the day by just using a very small amount. I have received many compliments wearing it.

  • ROSERED08/23/2011

    Its the perfume you wear when you don't know what to wear. Unoffensive, goes with everything, safe. It's buttercream and sandlewood, its a sweaterdrawer smell but then I like sweaters. Better in the fall. Wear it to pick up your kids or to that PTA meeting. Sensual its not but sometimes you just want to slip into your favorite sweater and pair of broken-in jeans and be comfortable.

  • BLONDIE04/17/2010

    Well, to each his own. IMO this is just like all scents with a kind of musky baby powder smell. I guess some people would find it sexy. Along with DKNY Cashmere Mist, I just find it icky.

  • LOVESFRAGRANCE09/20/2009

    I am very disappointed in Sensuous. I purchased the gift set to layer, however, this does NOT have any staying power with me. None. I can barely smell it after I've first applied :(

  • ARICIA04/26/2009

    Very sweet and warm fragrance, with a synthetic-smelling sandalwood note. My husband loves it.

  • ILIANA04/25/2009

    i love this fragance, I was always looking for a perfume to buy over and over for many years , now I have 27 and I dont know if I ll wear it all my life , but I think Ill wear it for so many year, cause I love it , cause smell like a fine perfume, and it last to many hours' Usually I dont feel the perfumes that i wear, but this one is different, I think this perfume is for grown people , not teens, for someone that can appreciate the glamourous scents. I totally recommend it :)

  • JAMIE03/08/2009

    This is the most beautiful fragrance I have ever smelled and I can't stop smelling my wrists all day long. I can't wait to see my lover to see if he loves it as much as I do!

  • LAURA02/16/2009

    For the first five minutes I thought I had sprayed myself with fly spray. It was that bad. I gave it another half hour and the scent softened into something that was non existant. Great if you want to smell like a baby's bath.

  • STEVE01/14/2009

    She's right. This is a good mens fragrance. I'm a guy and it suits my chemistry really well. The woods stand out nicely and mix with the honey note that is perfectly masculine. Awesome fragrance!!!

  • JUD12/25/2008

    I received a bottle for Christmas and it's an absolutely wonderful fragrance, but it just doesn't last on me. I love it, love it, love it, but sure wish it had better staying power.

  • JUDI W*11/04/2008

    for a mainstream scent, not bad. Like Barbara W* said, "not too fruity, or candy like," so that's a good thing. When I sprayed in on, two different times, I didn't go "WOW", but it's pleasant. It didn't seem too strong on me, so I wouldn't know if it would last. At least it's suitable for a woman, instead of all the teenybopper fragrances they have been putting out on the market, the past few years. I'm going to try it out, one more time, to see if I'd like it more.

  • ADRIANNA10/06/2008

    Very similar to Organza Indecence, but without the annoying vanilla dry down. I would not want to wear it but it is nice.

  • ME AGAIN10/05/2008

    I love this scent, but it does not hold on me. I wear it and get compliments for a couple of hours after I spray. It disappears after 2 or 3 hours. Bummer since I bought a big bottle of it and the body lotion. Oh well - live and learn.

  • ME09/27/2008

    I've been trying this since it was on the counter in mid July. I've finally just now bought a bottle and I do love it. I have to try and try a frag. before I can commit to it. This is great. I have the spray and body lotion. The shower cream will be my next purchase. It is very reasonably priced compared to some of the other frags. I wear. Not sure on the last power, I'll post about that later once I decide how it holds.

  • BARBARA W09/19/2008

    Sensuous is beautifully done. It's so nice to finally smell a mainstream fragrance that doesn't smell like fruit or candy - this is sophisticated and elegant, yet not so stuffy that a 25 year old woman couldn't wear it. While it doesn't "wow" me like some other scents, it's just so...nice. Dries down to a sexy skin scent. Subtle enough to be worn at the office, too - it would be a great, everyday "go to" fragrance. I can easily see some women making it their signature scent.

  • VONNIE09/05/2008

    I got to spray this fragrance on my skin the other day and let me tell you, I love it. So grown and sexy. It's like chocolate and champagne. I can't wait to get a bottle.


    This to me smells very manley. My favor of all time fragrances for women is... KL Langerfield that is and was the best sooo many compliments. Have never found a replacement. Can any of you ladies recommend any like it? Please?

  • WIZARDS OF AHHHHS08/13/2008

    Kate you hit the nail on the head! Sensuous smells EXACTLY like Amber Romance! At first I thought it was Vanilla Fields but when I read your post, I pulled out my AR and wham! That's it. AR lasts way longer on me. I was a wee bit disappointed in Sensuous...but it's still good.

  • KATE08/11/2008


  • HARLEY-MAMA07/29/2008

    I too love this fragrance. I got a sample from a generous friend and now I want to buy a full bottle. It starts out kinda strong with all the notes flooding out. Then it morphs into a gorgeous honeyed-amber and woody dry down. Silage could be better. This could be worn all year. Kudos to Estee Lauder!

  • SCENTAMIA07/25/2008

    This is the best ever! I can't stop applying the lotion. The perfume absolutely envelopes the air. Lasting power too! I have been waiting on this one since its review back in early January and was so excited when it arrived. I was not disappointed. I have tried many many many perfumes and this is the one I have been longing for. Sensuous is perfectly named. So pleasantly worn. This new perfume by EL is for women who are gracious, loves extravagant gifts, diamonds are her best friend. She doesn't need compliments but knows she smells delicious wherever she goes when wearing Sensuous!! Ladies, try this one. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  • BARBARA W07/25/2008

    A gorgeous, woody, creamy scent that is such a welcome departure from Estee's floral laden line. This is indeed a sensuous skin scent, but also has enough interest to keep it from being too boring (the pepper gives it a nice spicy kick). Need to wear it a few more times before making a final judgment, but so far - thumbs up!

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